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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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has twice been hit have to say about the thefts. plus, a woman gets trapped in the mangled wreckage of this car. the reason she had to wait eight hours in the dark for rescue. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good wednesday morning. now 4:30 on november 16. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. a wet start to the morning but the heavy r meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center with when we dry out for good, shiri. >> reporter: heavy stuff when i am gone, but i am still left with the mist and drizzle and it tends to sneak under radar. even though boston looks dry right now. a kind of damp, murky morning on your hand. 53 in the city. 50 in burlington. 49 in framingham, in fact. a little batch of sprinkles toward worcester and auburn in the upper 40s.
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and low to mid-50s. and same deal here. we have some fog. we have some clouds. a little bit of mist. i don't have any heavy showers in place. so here is the forecast for the boston area today. 53 degrees at 6 a.m. a little bit drizzly still. we have a lot of clouds to get through this morning and keeping it mostly cloudy straight through lunchtime, 55 degrees at noon. highs in the mid- to upper 50s today with the sun slowly coming out this afternoon. i will time out the improvements for you coming up in a couple of minutes. julie is back drive-time traffic. >> reporter: so far so good things nice and quiet on the expressway. pike wide open from 495 to 128 to the allston-brighton. single digits on the expressway 8 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. a lowell police officer says he has nothing to say to us about the suspension from the force. confirmed that officer david
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according to the "lowell sun" involves accusations that pender punched a 16-year-old student at the lowell high school career academy. it allegedly happened when student was arrested for disrupting an assembly at the alternative school. officer pender has been on the force for more than three decades. in 2003 he was ordered to work without pay after he was arrested at his lowell home on domestic violence charges. those charges were later dropped by his wife. lowell police say release information later today. this morning one person is in the hospital after being seriously you were in the a domestic incident in the huntington avenue area hyde park. a huge police presence was there for hours blocking off part of the road. right now we know one person is in custody. we are working to learn how that person is connected to the victim and more about what happened. developing this morning, newton police are searching for the suspect in an armed robbery at a gas station. it happened last night around 9:00 at the gulf station on beacon street not far from busy
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looked like a rifle or shotgun. officers, state troopers and transit police all searched for the suspect and that person got away. working to see if investigators will release any surveillance video of the suspect. 4:32 right now. a local mosque targeted by crime twice in just a matter of weeks. surveillance video capturing the thief into action here. fox25's michael henrich live in quincy this morning. michael, mosque leaders are planning to tighten up planning to tighten up security. >> reporter: they say this happened multiple times and they are hoping to put an end to it right away. they hope this surveillance video will help. look at your screen to get a good look at it. you will see a man on a scooter pulling up to the iman islamic center near quincy avenue. he jumps down with his face completely covered to a side door and uses a screwdriver to pry open the door. members of this islamic center said someone broke into the mosque twice in a matter of
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steel donation collection box. despite a rash of xenophobic attack in the wake of the election, members of this quincy mosque believe no damage and they believe this was really about stealing valuables. >> this has nothing to do with the election. it is not vandalism. it is really a theft. people that tried to steal, you know, for money. that's why they wanted the donation box. >> reporter: if you look at the still picture, the image of the scooter series of burglaries near quincy avenue. anyone with information about this case is encouraged to call police right away. live in quincy, i am michael henrich, fox25 news. controversy on the brown university campus in providence after someone began trashing american flags that were set up for veterans day event. the incident was caught on camera that you see here and now this video was being seen across the country short clip
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of american flags, tearing some and tossing them on the ground. other students were seen grabbing the flags and tossing them in the trash. it happened after members of the school's rotc set up the flag for veterans day event. several veterans witnessed the disrespect. >> students were walking behind us tearing up the flags -- tearing up the flag, breaking them, stomping on them. i am very disappointed unfortunately. i have seen way too many people come home under the investigating the incident. a woman was trapped in her overturned car for eight hours is expected to be released from the hospital. driving through the stretch of route 27 in epping when she lost control. the car was brand new. only purchased it the day before and look at these pictures. it ended up so deep in the woods that it wasn't seen until early tuesday morning when a passerby called police. >> she just hunkered down and hoped for the best and hoping
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took a little longer than she expected. >> julie: how scary. her rescuers say the driver was fortunate because it was a cold night it wasn't freezing. police are looking for a taxi driver who hit a police cruiser and took off. it happened before 3 a.m. on comm ave in berkeley. two other vehicles, a light pole and fence were also damaged but no one was hurt. now 4 :36. a local mom is accused of being under the influence of when she dropped her child off in school. mary ellen shea said her daughter was acting strange. that employee told police who went to investigate. shea failed several field sobriety test. she was charged with driving under the influence. her friends say she is going through a difficult time but always puts her child first. >> she is a good mom and she has never been in trouble before. this is a big night.
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important thing to her. >> julie: shea told police she was taking muscle relaxers for her back and she is going through a divorce. dcf is investigating. we are learning more of the shooting at the airport. a premeditated target aid tack knowing the victim's schedule and routine choosing to attack when the victim was walking from a crowded terminal and a employee parking lot. the shooter was later found dead who the head. the. the victim's son plays in the nfl for the kansas city chief. they have not released the motive for the attack. families for the sandy hook victims plan to dismiss their lawsuit against remington. last month a judge cited a law that protects gunmakers from suits in response to the criminal use of their products. a father of one of the young victims says the law needs to
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environment for our society, you would not write in law. unnatural in the level of protection against the gun industry. >> the family's lawsuit claims that remington arms violated the law by aggressively marketing the ar-15 to the public. policy changes under the trump administration from some cities to calm. he threatened to cut sanctuary cities. kirtone says they are sticking to their policies. >> i have no intention from from running from who they are. >> daniel: in chelsea, the police chief wrote on facebook business as usual for their apartment and wants people to come forward if they are victims or witnesses to a crime rashedless of immigration status. police and industry leaders
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are joining forces with the drug enforcement with a pilot program to fight addiction. the program called dea 360 is a multilevel approach to crack down on drug dealers and to educate the community. the dea is working with boys & girls clubs and city schools in the battle against heroin and fentanyl. they will start charging dealers who provide drugs that lead to an overdose. one momta an addiction. >> i would like to know if he had that education he would not take a prescription bill. >> manchester one five cities in the united states with the program. the massachusetts gaming commission reported yesterday that plain ridge park casino pulled in gross revenues from its slot machines in october down $200,000 from september and the third monthly drop in a
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many top managers at the t are making less than their counterparts in other cities. according to their report, the mbta paid 25% less than comparable transit agencies. officials say that makes it hard to attract and keep hard candidates. the t says it is beginning to boost salaries for several key hires now. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. taking a look at our drive time on 93 south. 20 minutes from 495 in andover to the shiri. >> shiri: the temp is 53 degrees. not going to move much for the next couple of hours. clouds and sprinkles. we will walk you through it hour by hour and when we will get the sunshine through futurecast. planning for 2018, the pick for some democrats hoping to
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since donald trump's election, requests for long-term birth control has soared across the country. erica ricci went to burlington after learning that a local organization received hundreds of requests in less than a week. >> we have definitely seen annotateable increase. >> reporter: in the weeks after the election, planned parenthood booked appointments for iud insertions.
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that is no coincidence. >> i think it is a reflection of people's real concern of fay ability to access the health care that they need. >> reporter: historian tom whalen say they are based mainly on donald trump's campaign promises. >> president-elect trump and his surrogates were talking about particularly in the primaries planned parenthood. >> i think people are concerned that his administration will repeal t a >> reporter: but in massachusetts the impact would be minimal whalen says because health care reform has been in place since 2006 providing women coverage for contraceptives. >> the affordable care act went even fartherer in that it ensured that fda -- most fda approved forms of contraception would be covered with no co-pay. >> reporter: what is happening with contraceptives here now is similar to what whalen said of
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and tighten gun laws. >> a lot of people were going to the gun shops to clear them out of rifles and ammunition, and it was kind of a panicked move. and it turned out to be thoroughly unjustified and i guess could you say some connection here, but that remains to be seen given how events will play off. >> reporter: whalen and planned parenthood point out even if obama would be repealed in the trump administration, will take a deal of time years before results will be felt. a new medical marijuana dispensary in newton is now open for business. the product is grown at a facility in fitchburg. the founder told fox25 it will help patients who want an alternative treatment for pain and other symptoms. >> it is not as addicting and doesn't have any dangerous side effects. no lethal dose. a lot of people who are using narcotics to control their
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option. >> reporter: garden remedies is the state's 9th medical marijuana dispensary. the company is a nonprofit for any money made will go to medical research. money worries are on the minds of state leaders. they want to make sure children are drinking clean water at school. the clean water trust got an extra $750,000. the funding is in addition to $2 million approved in april. since then high levels of lead or copper has been found in 240 we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now taking a look at our maps, you can see a lot of green out there. it is early so not seeing a lot of volume on route 1 or 93 south. we have eastbound lane closures on pike through the ted tunnel. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. well, the king tide paired
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ocean up and over the coast of several towns. boston's long wharf was practically submerged. you can see a fox25 viewer casting the extreme tide. and beverly road was flooded and dorchester road. it was higher than last month's king tide and in scituate the water flooded the area around the harbor. >> speak coastal flooding, meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and we will do it all over again and the roads will be the most susceptible. a couple close to the coast. may take in a little water in the basement. i thought it would be a little less than yesterday. fog and rain is what we are getting through morning. these will be little weather headaches here. not a pretty start to the day. minor coastal flooding will be our bigger concern and no damage expected similar to what we had yesterday. took little bit less.
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additional .03 of an inch of rain. we have advice beability issues dealing with fog an mist. no substantial rain in the forecast. don't be surprised with these thick clouds this morning if do you get a couple of raindrops, you may want to grab that raincoat as you head out. 63 degrees. temperatures in the low to mid-50s through noontime. into the afternoon we should gain a cup of degrees and those clouds. that's what i am planning. an area of already and all the heavy rain over maine in our area in time for the evening commute an absolute soaker. on the back side of this whole thing. more so tomorrow. so futurecast through at least 7:00 this morning. the fog, the mist, the patchy drizzle on going north of the mass pike here.
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a mostly cloudy look at your lunch hour and during the afternoon, you can see the clouds lightening up here and there. will not be full sunshine and will be brighter here to end the day and the sun is down by 6 a.m. and you can see what an easy drive home especially when we compare it to yesterday. this afternoon 56 in boston. mid-50s over to lowell, maynard and nashua, new hampshire. and cooler at 51 degrees. 56 in brockton. 56 in plymouth and 55 in chatham this aftno upper 30s and lower 40s. your wake-up temperatures tomorrow morning and from there, similar ties to today. mid- to upper 50s. i like the way tomorrow is shaping up bright we are a few clouds around during the first half of the day. afternoon featuring that sunshine. friday we will go with sun and 60 degrees. over the weekend, we have some changes brewing. my pick of the weekend pretty obviously here will be saturday at 56 degrees because sunday, we are looking at rain showers
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the day. nothing that is sticking because a little too warm. mid-50s. upper 50s, followed by 40s to only 50 degrees on sunday. a cooler day and a very wind-blown day as well. and chill knee your monday and cool enough that we will have a couple of flurries around with the wind by tuesday of next week. it is nice and are bright again. back to you, guys. new zealand is facing another disaster. the island nation is seeing widespre sunday's massive earthquake. thousands of residents are still stranded in towns cut off by sunday's 7.8-magnitude quake. emergency centers that were set up, doubling shelters for shelter victims. >> a double whammy. just waiting for the locust coming next or the plague. >> daniel: damage estimates from the quake is in the
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welcome back, everyone, soon american gold star families will be able to tell
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member who died serving our country. passed the gold star family voices act. the act will allow family members to share thoughts and memories of loved ones who died in battle or missing in action. >> if gives our fallen children the voice they no longer have, and when you think that they have so much to contribute that can go into the library of congress that captures the essence of war. >> julie: the recordings will be saved in the library of congress as part of its president's desk for a signature. 4:54. the shortcut to work is the double edged sword. people love it and people on the local side streets, they don't. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins spoke to one neighborhood that flames apps for the increased rise of traffic on their road. >> this really needs to be addressed. >> a major problems. >> the days of playing street hockey or touch football is long gone. >> reporter: a problem on the streets of quincy.
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>> worse than it has ever been. >> reporter: to and from boston are avoiding traffic by exiting named highways and going through neighborhoods. >> driving through a residential area with kids walking home from school or riding their bikes around the neighborhood and it is not meant to handle the volume. >> reporter: camp counselor say it is has been issue for years but drivers using traffic apps find quincy as a shortcut. >> turn right. >> reporter: google maps and waze are using precious spim. >> waze is taking you through roads you never thought of before that you never knew existed. >> reporter: a commute southbound into boston and congestion along my route. all you have to do is turn on work aze, and it will guide me around traffic, unfortunately guide me around a residential neighborhood like this one. public roads are to be used by all citizens.
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reason but the waze algorithm will not create a traffic jam where one doesn't exist. they are looking to put in an ordinance to ban travel during rush hour. but cities and towns will do what they can, but he believes the problem will be fixed when state and federal government improve roadways and mass transit options. >> time to think outside of the box. >> reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. ride-sharing company lyft is moving into boston. op charlestown. they will staff the office with 15 employees to start but they expect the group will grow over time. twitter is cracking down on hate speech. the next few days the company will curb online harassment. they are extending the mute feature to let people filter out words and phrases they won't want so e. also reporting where you can
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student that sparked a criminal investigation.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: >> gene: now at 5:00, a long-time police officer suspended accused of assaulting a teenager. the connection between the teen and the officer and the other blemish on his record. this morning, police continue to look for an armed robbery suspect >> the suspect had some sort of long gun. >> reporter: coming up, more information from investigators so you can help police make an arrest. turmoil continues this morning for president-elect's transition team. the personal grudge some are saying is spark fights at trump tower. and a local woman rolls
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trapped for hours in frigid temperatures. what rescue crews said made it so difficult to find her. good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this wednesday morning, it is november 16. we appreciate you being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. the heavy rain from yesterday is gone, but it is cloudy and misty this morning. very gray day. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with the gray dress. >> shiri: absolutely. matching my forecast. temper in boston and bedford. upper 40s in worcester and nashua. not a lot of green on my map. just a little batch moving from worcester up to fitchburg and there you will find a little bit of drizzle, but outside of that batch, we do have these misty conditions this morning. that will encounter fog out there too. just a lot going on here with the forecast as we travel through the day ahead. let's check out visibility because this is also that i am keeping a close eye on. we have dense fog in worcester. cloudy conditions off to the


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