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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> daniel: i'm daniel miller. >> julie: julie grauert shiri spear says. >> shiri: worcester still going down and now to quarter mile visibility at the airport and that's dense fog there, fog in bedford and nashua, new hampshire and probably a little bit misty here where we have the otherwise just clouds, 51? in boston and cloudy, 52 in plymouth, 49 in nashua, new hampshire. so upper 40s in lower 50s. i have to say that is a pretty mild way to start off our wednesday in november. hour-by-hour forecast now for somewhere like leominster,
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late-morning, keeping things cloudy this afternoon we do get highs in middle 50s and town by town and take the forecast all the way into the weekend coming up in just a few. julie back here for live drive the zakim and leverett connector. 37 minutes on pike eastbound and half hour on expressway, nearly hour on 93 south from andover to the leverett connector. >> daniel: we continue to follow breaking news this hour in roxbury where police are on the scene investigating serious pedestrian accident in columbus ave and malcolm x boulevard right in front of the roxbury community college. police tell us woman was hit by car and seriously injured around
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this is active investigation and if you can avoid the area near the community college you should >> julie: huge police presence was there for hours last night. right now we know one person is in custody. we are working to learn how the person is connected to the victim and more about what happened. >> daniel: 9:02. follow developing news out of newton where police are searching for armed robber held up a gas station last night. suspect reportedly showed a large gun before demanding cash. fox25 jason law has more from outside the gulf gas station on beacon street where the crime took place. actually going through the receipts trying to figure out
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with. >> jason: fingerprint powder on the cash register and hours after dusted for prints tuesday night. says a man came into a shop around 9:00, pointed a gun at him and demanded cash. you muflahi been -- must have been scared. he wasn't hurt and robbery lasted a few seconds and gunman about 5 feet eight jacketed and hat with a white bandanna covering his face. >> don't know if rifle, bb gun, don't know at this time. >> jason: lieutenant said they are back to the gas station to reveal surveillance tape and if you have any information you're asked to call newton police. jason law, fox25 news. >> julie: this morning the d.a. trying to determine whether criminal charges should be filed
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who's accused of assaulting a student. jessica reyes live outside the lowell high school career academy and where 16-year-old victim was disrupting an assembly when the officer stepped in. jess? >> jessica: officer has been a pool resource officer here at academy for several years and last friday allegedly assaulted the 16-year-old student. we understand the officer's name is david pender and he is been with the lowell police department for more than 30 years. now, the they do confirm an investigation is underway but beyond that they are really not saying whole lot more about this. this morning lowell sun this all started last week during an assembly the student was arrested during assembly and that somehow led to officer assaulting the student and not quite clear what all transpired here at this school but we know this is not the first time the officer has been placed on
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after assaulting his wife and dropped by his wife a short time later. reached out to the lowell police department and media relation person waiting to hear back from the chief before they put out statement. as soon as we get the statement we will pass it right along to you just as soon as we get it. for now live in lowell, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: under the influence of drugs and school employee says mary ellen shay was acting strange when took her and went to investigate. police say shay failed several field sobriety tests. police arrested her, charged her with driving under the influence and reckless behavior to child. shay's friend says she is going through difficult time but always puts her child first. >> she is a good mom and doesn't -- never been in trouble before. this is a big mess. she has always done the right thing and her child is most
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for her back and going through a divorce. dcf is investigating. >> julie: happening today lawyers for new hampshire man convicted of unh student formally appeal the life sentence. seth mazzaglia's lawyers trying to get lizzie marriott sexual history admitted as evidence but high court denied the request. mazzaglia convicted of strangling the native in 2012 and her body was never found. hearing and bring you information as soon as it is underway. drug lab scandal connected to thousands of cases. former state chemist annie dookan falsified drug tests and aclu asking to dismiss 24,000 cases dookan was involved with. they argued trying each case individually would be impractical and take more than two decades and supreme judicial court rejected similar motion
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trump's transition team and elizabeth warren speaks out against the president-elect's choices. trump trying to promote a sense of calm about his transition team and tweeted late last night very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i'm the only one who knows who the finalist are. the meetings have been ongoing in trump tower since the election. cnn says they have multiple sources that trump's son-in-law jared kushner is at center and wrong way in recent effort to purge the transition team with chris christie. christie replaced last week by vice president elect mike pence. jared kushner's father was prosecuted and then put in prison by christie in 2004 for tax evasion. among the people out former congressman mike rogers who was advising the transition team on national security. rogers told cnn anderson cooper the problem is there's no clear chain of command.
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clearly make a decision. if you make those decisions by a committee, i don't care how small it is, just adds to the difficulty and i think they are going to get through this. remember, this is all kind of new, there's a lot of folks that don't have any experience in what this might look like and that's no-fault of theirs. as a matter of fact, many ways it is a plus. >> daniel: meanwhile senator elizabeth warren warning trump insiders for of trump's transition team with ties to wall street and elizabeth warren says demonstrated records of failure during the 2008 financial crisis. trump's campaign did not specifically comment on warren's letter. meanwhile donald trump tweeted this morning to dispute recent reports that he is trying to get his kids top level security clearance. trump says the story was false.
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be in jeopardy. after closed door meeting some of the 76-year-old supporters says it is time for serious soul searching in the dick -- democratic party and they will delay until after thanksgiving. tim ryan has emerged as possible candidate. paul ryan was chosen unanimously to serve a second term as house speaker. >> daniel: created. >> julie: kerry for gov says it is the best candidate to beat charlie baker. so far kerry has not commented on petition and turns 73 next month. as for charlie baker he has yet to formally announce the re-election bid but recent poll shows he has a 70% approval rating. >> daniel: apartment building in new york city getting new name. more than 1300 people currently live in trump place towers and that's making some uncomfortable. residents started a petition to
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following the president-elect controversial comments on women and race. the community says the change will make the environment more welcoming. >> people of all different races and obviously women and should be a place that is accepting of people. >> daniel: company that owns the building kept the original name when they bought the building in 2005 and replace the name with the street address. >> julie: weather together every ten minutes. >> shiri: we have a warming trend and sixties back by friday and tracking potential poor snow over the weekend and break down the timeline next. >> on child's wish list and run down of the year's most dangerous holiday gifts including this stuffed elephant. >> first marathon bombing survivors and families attend
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and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. >> daniel: police calling shooting at oklahoma city premeditated targeted attack saying he new the schedule and routine and walking between a crowded terminal and employee parking lot. the shooting was later found in his truck dead from apparent gunshot to the head.
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air lines. his son plays for the kansas city chiefs and police have not released motive for the attack. >> julie: this morning new york city responding to terrorism threat to the annual thanksgiving day parade. yesterday we told you magazine published by isis recently said the parade is an excellent target. the terror group called on followers to use trucks for parade goers for jammed streets during the celebration and encouraging people to still come and enjoy the speck tagle saying not to worry the big apple is prepared. >> target attacks and tempts and by in large and more than 20 cases we have managed to uncover, prevent and stop those attacks. >> police say part of the preparations include going to places that rent trucks in the area and asking them to report any suspicious behavior. >> gene: >> daniel: hbo bombing
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night. >> makes them monsters. >> daniel: vi screening marathon was held at should better -- shubert theater in the city. >> seen couple times with few different audiences. it is sad, tragic, powerful, funny at times because recovery is all of those things. >> daniel: documentary will be avai starting on monday. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. things slow going on expressway northbound as head from the braintree split to columbia road. still waiting for the accident to clear eastbound at the pike and this is near weston tolls. and then 93 south still seeing some residual delays on 93 right before spot pond in stoneham. things looking a lot better on the zakim bridge though. a lot of space between the cars.
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93 south and 42 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: forecast has been gray, gloomy day today. >> shiri: here is what we have, trying to sleep through most of it, measurable yesterday and we had about an inch of rain inches in worcester, but when you look at the month as whole, we got rainfall deficit and it is nearly an inch short what we should have had at this point in november. we only get the drought updates once a week. that update comes tomorrow at 8:30, so see if there's any improvement. i have a feeling probably going to stay as it is. coastal flood advisory again today from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from midday high tide and going to impact eastern mass, eastern new hampshire for
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similar to what we had yesterday, probably a little bit less, 51 in boston right now, mostly cloudy skies ruling across the area, we have 51 in fitchburg. i want to go out to fitchburg real quick because we have a little bit of green on the screen there. not really getting much in the way of any kind of rain report, 51? now, cloudy skies now. we inch into the upper 50s -- middle 50s. don't want to give you couple degrees i can't deliver on. mid-50s with some broken cloud cover this afternoon. i'm not going to get all that excited about the going to have to claw its way out. but it probably ends up brightest in southern most new england as well as western parts of new england like connecticut, that's where we are going to bust out into the sunshine today. somewhere like boston 56?, partly to mostly cloudy, clouds even thicker as head northward into portsmouth, new hampshire at 56, worcester a little cooler at 52. we got a mix of sun and clouds spots like plymouth, hyannis, the vineyard, all about 57?. future cast here really just
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through the morning hours. noon comes along though and you can see connecticut brightening up already into the afternoon as system gets farther and farther away, we are allowing more and more of the breaks in the clouds to work their way in. 5:00 p.m. it is already dark and at least it is going to be a clearing out for the day tomorrow we have a little piece of energy that's going to push through the area and push through clouds morning and middle of the day and we get right back to the sunshine in the afternoon. so all things considered tomorrow to me is pretty bright day. we have 40s, we got 30s overnight tonight. there's going to be a kind of normal chill in the air, not a little bit warm for this time of the year when you wake up to those tomorrow morning and get to the highs and mid and upper 50s. 7-day forecast weekend always in view. we got 60 on friday, warmest day of the 7-day forecast, mostly sunny skies and into the weekend big changes brewing and partly cloudy and 56?.
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it is going to be a chilly day with all day 40s, windy as well. but there is the chance for some snow mixing in. it is a little too warm for that snow to actually stick locally, best bet for any sticking would end up being across western new england or in the mountains, but the chance for flurries will continue into the monday. back to you. >> daniel: fox25 investigates uncovers how people are stealing water leaving others with big bills. >> really don't want to go into details but people pretty crafty. >> rasmussen water cheats breaking meters and using homemade hookup. how much it is costing some customers and what's being done to plug the leaks. still ahead on the fox25 morning news. incredible story of survival in new hampshire where a woman flipped her new car and ended up trapped overnight. person who finally discovered that wreck eight hours later and why that woman is considered very lucky. >> julie: first a disgusting
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>> daniel: woman in manhattan says she went home with more than a dress after shopping at store in connecticut. she claims she was wearing new outfit when smelled disturbing odor and felt like something was scratching her leg.
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mouse sewn into the hem of the dress. she plans to sue the company claiming she was diagnosed with roadent borne disease and suffering from emotional distress. no word how the mouse ended up in the dress. daniel: for years job at brewery came at free beer for life. it is cutting back and taking retirees off and gives 200 free drks every year and free alcohol given to active employees and that policy will continue. >> julie: stuffed animals to sling shots and released list of ten worst toys. and mouse infested outfits are not on the list and elizabeth hopkins includes from famous companies and all of them could put children in danger. >> this particular one is gun
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>> elizabeth: guns, sling shots and all on bad toy list. >> three minutes could have a toy related injury in united states. >> do not assume toy safe because it is made for a do not assume it is safe because comes from favorite store. >> elizabeth: doll sold with spoon that could be a choking hazard and dinosaur with a sharp
9:25 am
daily. parents should read warnings carefully and look for common safety traps and long cords or leashes and soft pillow like toys especially if they are for infants. >> daniel: catching baby brother fell from the changing table and look at video from the baby monitor and you can see infant follow off the changing table in matter of seconds and
9:26 am
>> felt like something came and pushed forward and can't carry my brother. >> daniel: incredible. friend encouraged her to make the video public to help moms that have gone through similar thing. >> julie: police say woman heard a weird noise gun and loaded it and confronted two burglars inside her home and the men saw the weapon and ran and three suspects didn't get very far. >> neighbors able to give description of the vehicle and pulled it over. i don't know why they selected the house but picked the wrong one. >> police found two guns inside the suspect's car along with
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>> shiri: minor coastal flooding into the biggest weather concern and timeline on these next. >> michael: police release surveillance video in i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball.
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>> julie: good morning, everyone. 9:30 and looking over the common and back bay and cloudy conditions out there right now, kind of dreary. >> daniel: dreary. much different morning compared to what we were prepared for yesterday morning. >> shiri: now no crazy rain coming and yesterday evening commute that turned real nasty out there today and today we will find improvements as we get into the second half of the day. 51? in boston right wrentham, 52 in lawrence and 50 in framingham and it is cloudy for you folks, we got 46 in worcester, fitchburg 47 and temple, new hampshire a little drizzle nearby, 48?. also got some of the thickest fog impacting these communities on the map right here. southeastern mass clouds a little bit thinner, temperatures a little bit warmer in the lower 50s and here is game plan in boston. late-morning through noon time,
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for questioning. >> michael: face completely covered jumps to side door and prize open. >> shocked to see how he did it. >> michael: members of the islamic center say someone broke into the mosque twice in matter
9:33 am
you can see the man walking out with large steel donation collection box. another time the man stole nearly $3,000 worth of audio equipment. despite a rash of zenophobic attack in the country in the wake of the election, members of this quincy mosque say no physical damage took place and they believe this was about stealing valuables. >> it has nothing to do with the election, not vandalism. this is really people trying to steal donation box. >> michael: quincy police released image of scooter with series of burglaries in quincy avenue, rash prompting concern from area businesses. anyone with information encouraged to call police right away. fox25 news.
9:34 am
shot and killed man in easton. two boys found daniel smith in the woods and he was alive at the time but later died in the hospital. later they charged michael noguera accessory after the fact and noguera and smith knew one another and traveling across the country at the time of smith's death. they discovered smith's car in hotel parking lot in north carolina and at the time police have not said who they think may have been >> daniel: steven chastain serve four and a half years in guilty last month and didn't know chastain and leather jacket he was wearing at the time of the attack likely saved his life. chastain told police he was high
9:35 am
attack. >> julie: according to the lowell sun david pender and student at career academy and disrupting an assembly in alternative school and officer pender has been on the force for more than three decades. 2013 he was ordered to work without pay after arrested on domestic violence charges. the charge were later dropped by his w release more information later today. >> daniel: parents and children on alert when stranger approached a ten-year-old boy and police asking help with this man and officers got out of the car and walked up last week and child was able to turn and runaway. police say the man drove a block vw pass at similar to the one you see here in the photo and driving away from the incident
9:36 am
>> julie: many including the massachusetts aclu are concerned about privacy. police will be able to control the cameras in real-time and focus in on areas of interest. city councilors support the cameras saying they will only be used to watch crimes. >> if you have nothing to hide you shouldn't be worried about it. i'm certainly $500,000 and hope to have them installed in january. >> what sparked fire that ripped through school on monday. 500 students, 70 faculty were able to get out of the school. the lawrence school district says students can pick up belongings at the school today between nine and four. lancaster turkey farm that lost thousands of birds in devastating barn fire back in july is back open for business. the owners of bob's turkey farm says it is selling turkeys from now until thanksgiving and
9:37 am
the family that owns the farm credits the community with helping to get them back on their feet. they say volunteers came out in droves to help them rebuild. last year 7,000 young turkeys were killed when heating lamps mal functioned, sparking the massive fire. >> julie: new hampshire woman trapped in car for hours expected to be released from the hospital later this week and stretch of 27 in epping monday night when lost control and car was brand-new and only purchased it the day befo what it looked like after. the car ended up so deep in the woods that it wasn't seen until early tuesday morning when a passerby called police. woman lost cell phone and fortunate even though it was cold at night it wasn't
9:38 am
appointment at garden remedies. the founder told us the staff will help patients that want alternative treatment for pain and other symptoms. >> some people fortunately had to buy the medicine illegally in the past and those people not educating the patients on how to use it properly. everyone very well trained in educating patients and answering questions. >> daniel: garden remedies the state's 92 marijuana dispensaries. daniel: denver now first to approve marijuana use at bars and other public buildings but doesn't come without catches and complete support before letting people use the drug and if approved and won't be able to smoke inside buildings and only
9:39 am
>> julie: avoiding second strike at harvard in under a month and agreement gives workers at 12.5% raise, premium free healthcare and commitment by the school to create more full-time jobs. voting on tentative contract is expected to start tomorrow. julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. expressway northbound right now 25 minute ride from the braintree split to the exit for the pike >> shiri: 52 to 58?, a little bit of patchy fog that i'm following this morning and this afternoon promising breaks in clouds and time them out for you next. >> daniel: local actress joining him in spinoff of the ocean's 11 franchise.
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>> daniel: business booming at the post office and fast. agency looking to hire 500 full time letter carriers here in the bay state and reason to replace an aging workforce and wave of retirements and third of postal workers from boston to worcester in the cape and islands who are now eligible to retire. u.s. postal service also says a
9:43 am
available to meet the demand to deliver more packages. u.s. postal service told the globe their biggest challenge right now filling routes within 128 and city of boston. so how much is postal service paying? here is what we know right now. postal workers start as hourly employees earning about $1,600 an hour with no guarantee of 40-hour. most are eligible to become permanent employees in about a year with starting pay around $37,000 a year or hour. postal service officials say the pay rate can approach $60,000 a year and overtime opportunities can bump pay much higher. the manager says they also have a challenge. about 40% of new hires in boston area quit within the first three months of the job. they depend on public transportation and don't have a driver's license, the agency also gets preference to veterans who they say currently make up
9:44 am
community leaders joining forces with dea. called dea360 is multilevel approach to crack down on drug dealers and educate the community. they are working with boys and girls club to talk about the battle between heroin and fentanyl and they plan to charging dealers who die from overdose. one mom told us the education piece could have stopped her son from developing an addiction. >> i would thought that maybe if he had that education known not to take prescription pills. >> julie: it is five cities in the united states picked for the program. >> daniel: blaming years of improper maintenance and poor safety standards for the duck boat in seattle. shows moment of crash when duck boat and tour bus collided and
9:45 am
fractured axle housing. ntsb says the duck boat never completed safety fix on the equipment. >> this crash demonstrates what can happen when manufacturer does not follow rules on safety defects. >> daniel: in april we reported duck boat hit and killed a woman while she was riding eye scooter in boston's back bay and bill setting new regulations to makesures safer. >> julie: it is now 9:45. water worries still on the minds of state they want to make sure children are drinking clean water at school and clean water truss got extra $750,000. funding in addition to $2 million in april. since then high levels of lead or copper have been found in 240 schools. work is underway to replace a fixture and lead and copper contamination. >> daniel: games in new season and celtics not script five-five and green are still trying to
9:46 am
at the garden tonight. there's a chance and return to line-up and will be a game time decision that is and recovers from concussion. >> daniel: former robbing named manager of the year. current red sox is hoping to pick up hardware today and american cy young award. the sox won 22 games this year and had throw point earned run average. justin verlander of the tigers and indians klueber also
9:47 am
>> julie: hit that did it in sunday's game against the seahawks. tight end and according to reports this morning gronk has perforated lung which isn't as serious as punctured lung and still likely means number 87 will miss sunday's game. both players involved in the play tweeted each other yesterday, saying nothing but respect for gronk, one of the best lined up against hoping to see him back on the field sooner than later and gronk followed up respected mutual man, you got the best of me on that showing fans a real football hit. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. noncontact sport here in the studio. shiri and i usually try to keep to respective green screen and traffic wall but right now expressway a little bit slow head to the braintree split up to columbia road. route 193 south wide open and moving over to zakim bridge with ease. here are live drive time, 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin.
9:48 am
and 27 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: meteorologist joins us now getting some interesting pictures about flooding >> shiri: watching for coastal flooding and this is what i have for weather threats today and find that there's fog and drizzle, something that i'm watching now though and basically like fading as we speak. central mass, southern new hampshire, merrimack valley and minor coastal flooding and turn our attention next. boston at 51?. we have only had trace amounts, really little amounts of rain since midnight goes to show how
9:49 am
clouds and 11:00 a.m. 54? into the afternoon and we get into the mid-, upper 50s, in and around the boston area and there you have it, we got some sunshine poking through the clouds. it just taking a little town to get there, my friends. clearing does continue overnight tonight. this is our area of low pressure, come up from the south yesterday, brought us all the heavy steady rains in the evening commute and rain over maine and kind of left with lingering clouds in the meantime and did have drizzle early this morning and really winding down wh where we got the fog out into the worcester area like i said southern new hampshire. noon time shaping up mostly cloudy here and holes in the clouds and grow as we go so by 6:00 this evening, what a difference a day makes and heavy rain today and sun going down just after four so going to be dark here the drive home and going to be quiet. temperature highs mid to upper 50s for the most part, overnight it is going to be
9:50 am
overnight and waking up to the temps and cooler when you wake up tomorrow morning and high temperatures back in the mid and upper 50s. but this time around finally got nice sunny day and probably be a few clouds tomorrow and then we jump ahead to sunday's forecast. and next time have inconvenient weather starting and ending day with couple scattered showers and most looks like negative rain and everything to the north and we be potentially facing some snow and looks like areas like the mountains here, green and white mountains in particular, gown to the berkshires, that's where we could see measurable snow. locally we could get a couple snowflakes mixing in, right now the forecast too mild for it to stick and very close eye on forecast before today mostly cloud and he 56 and sunshine and 60s on friday and saturday pick of the weekend 56? and
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>> daniel: very important before taking a single guy climbed into restaurant for air vent but on the way down his pants ripped off and took off the rest of the clothes and tried to tie them into a long cloth. his trouble didn't end there though. after half hour of ransacking the place he didn't come up with a single dollar. >> disconnected and there's nothing in it and tried to open this one and didn't open it but
9:55 am
>> daniel: after striking out in cash register it wondered through the front door and find him after clear picture of his face and everything else. >> >> julie: matt damon will have a cameo in ocean's eight with female cast. damon will also be join fellow cambridge native mindy kaling in the film. love her. the movie expected to be out in 2018. julie: star wars not coming to the granite state. huge fan. website is falseically claiming manchester will be the setting for new planet in upcoming film. officials say this isn't the first time new hampshire has been targeted by film rumors. in 2014 government offices spent weeks fielding calls about james bond movie after the onion
9:56 am
filming in the state. >> daniel: safe off dangerous ledge. the small family was trapped whenault land around him gave away leaving 10-foot parcel of grass surrounded by ditch and pretty incredible. crews were able to reach cows and safely get them off the dangerou together. stay close. >> daniel: everything around them just gave away except that part there. >> julie: little spot and they came in and saved the day. >> daniel: i want to figure out how they did it. >> shiri: i do not know. i do know the forecast today. that's good news. we have temperatures in the 50s, we got mostly cloudy skies. gets a little brighter this afternoon and into the week
9:57 am
because it looks cold, looks windy, got rain, maybe a little snow. >> daniel: 60 on friday, we will take it. >> shiri: let's enjoy it while we can. >> daniel: thank you so much for joining us on wednesday. >> julie: watch fox25 news at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. let's start googling it. >> daniel: let's see what they find.
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it's november 16th, time for now viral videos "right this minute." >> what's this? there it goes, boom, 18 years, gone! >> a guy releases drone footage of what he says is his wife, claiming he caught her cheating on him. >> only a few blocks from my home. >> why the story the web has a lot of people saying this is unreal. >> i'm with you. dr. matt helps a little fur ball in terrible shape. >> the eyes have to be removed. >> why that's not stopping kitty one bit after one remarkable transformation. it's a sneak peek for a movie with -- >> urban snowboarding movies. >> how you can see the method behind the madness. >> oh, my gosh, you're about to die.


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