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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now at 4:30, a car sliced in half by a commuter rail train. two people get out and start running away. the reason police are searching for them this morning. plus a new the detail that had police across the state on the lookout this morning. a young father killed on his birthday while on vacation in jamaica. his twin brother trying to cope. >> the worst day for the rest of my life. >> daniel: the bureaucratic holdup that is stop this family from getting closure. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 station.
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november 17, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. good weather moving in for today and tomorrow and you better enjoy it while it lasts, meteorologist shiri spear in the station storm tracker weather center, shiri, tracking winter-like weather coming in for the weekend. >> shiri: only part of your weekend not the whole weekend. temperatures running in the 30s from boil our top stories to 39 and barre to 33. a ton of 30s. grafton at 40. 41 in hollis, new hampshire. lower 40s from mansfield down to boston. hull, 47 degrees. 47 in hanover. 41 in falmouth to 33 on the vineyard. cloudy cloud cover that is a feature in your boston area forecast. at 6 a.m. 46 degrees. a few clouds out there. you will see plenty of sunshine as the sun comes up. nice and colorful keeping things partly cloudy and 55
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school. how long it stays nice and bright and what time the rain and snow moves in. julie is up now with live drive time traffic. >> looking good right now, shiri. things nice and quiet up the expressway. pike wide open from 495 to 128. live drive times. 9 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. 4:32 right now. developing this morning, investigators in revere are working to figure out why a the train tracks right on the path of a commuter rail train. fox25's jessica reyes is live at the scene this morning. jess, surveillance video overnight that shows the impact. >> reporter: right, daniel. it pretty much cut this car this half. it is a miracle that anyone made it out of this car alive. missed them by a cup of inches.happened at this railroad crossing in revere last night in just a matter of
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watch closely right here. you can see the car drive past the flashing lights on to the tracks and almost immediately the train barrels right into the car cutting it completely in half. now the car is barely recognizable at this point, but seconds later, you can see a woman come running out and another person coming right after her. they took off from the scene last night, and as of this morning, police are still trying to figure out who they are and where they went. we do have a look at what is left of the car now. pretty much mess, and looking at this, it is hard to believe that anyone made it out of here alive. of course, a really scary situation for everyone on board that train. it was stalled here for quite some time after this, and some of the passengers heard scraping on the bottom of the train before it finally came to a stop. thankfully it does not appear as though anyone on board that train was hurt last night. now we know the transit police, they are now handling this investigation, and the top
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figure out who the two people are who took off from the scene and where they went. another live report from the scene coming up in 30 minutes. for now we are live in revere this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. there is a new twist surrounding the murder of a woman jogging hear her mother's home over the summer. the worcester county da's office is looking for a dark-colored suv that witnesses place at the scene where vanessa marcotte's body was found and where the murder occurred in august. they believe the small clue may investigators actually know about the car and its driver. fox25's bob ward has been following this case closely and reports this new piece of the puzzle fits in what he learned from a former fbi profiler. >> reporter: this new information from the district attorney's office about the vanessa marcotte murder actually corroborate what is he were told by noted fbi profiler mary ellen o'toole. i interviewed her a few weeks ago in virginia and she tells me she believes based on her review of the evidence and her
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vanessa marcotte's killer was someone from the area or familiar with the area. she also told me she believed the killer is a predator and that vanessa was the wrong place at the wrong time. this person was actually out looking for victims. >> what you are dealing with is someone that is very much engaged in predatory behavior, which we thought they were out looking for victims and when it happens, they are ready to go. tells her that the killer was familiar with the area, comfortable with the area, and willing to do what he did knowing that he wasn't going to get caught. he was comfortable with that area, had command of that area and he believed that this person is a psychopath, someone who could lie about what happened and gone home and went back to his family after vanessa marcotte was murdered. very interesting what the da is
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reporting from boston, bob ward, fox25 news. massachusetts environmental police tweeted out these pictures of new york and massachusetts state police dive teams searching a pond in beckett yesterday. state police say they are searching for the remains of a teen that disappeared 24 here's ago. he was 16 when he vanished in 1992. convicted killer lewis lent suggests his remains can be found in a pond. police searched it as part of a promise to his family. nothing was found during yesterday's search. >> detailed and graphic confession tape gary lee simpson gave to massachusetts state police right after his arrest. yesterday a jury heard sampson's chilling 911 call as the death penalty trial got under way. >> killed a couple of people. >> okay. when did you kill someone? >> i killed two people in massachusetts and another one in new hampshire the other day. >> daniel: he dueled turn
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at the time he just murdered three men as you heard after a week-long crime spree across new zealand. jurors decided he should be sentenced to death. for the first time showed video of him trying to stab a corrections officer with a sharp end of a broomstick at a indiana prison in 2011. fox25's bob ward has been covering this case since it started, and he will be in court today. look for his reports starting this afternoon at 4:00. now a northborough man has been missing since friday. now searchers are combing a local lake after his car was found nearby. the last time anyone saw 22-year-old brian karen was with family. it is not uncommon for brian to be gone a few days and his parent were worried when his called saying their son's car was found next to the pond. they searched the water and dive crews were sent in but police are still looking for clues. 4:37 right now.
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toll a destination wedding took on a local family. a father was killed in jamaica when he was hit by a truck speeding by. only fox25's malini basu spoke to the man's heartbreaken family. >> reporter: at 33-year-old, christopher lee loved his family more than anything. his three kids will now grow up without a father. his five siblings and mother are now forced to go on without him. >> i love him so much. proud of me. >> reporter: he was in jamaica for a friend's destination. they were going to a cafe when wild animals got in front of the bus. a speed truck going by hit and killed him and the bus driver. >> there was the driver, and he tried to push my brother out of the way, and unfortunately they were both struck.
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they did cpr and compressions trying sustain him. >> reporter: it was too late. >> he asked all three of us a hundred times a day is it okay if i go. i told him yes. >> he said i didn't think i should spend that much money on myself. >> reporter: he died on his birthday. his twin. >> the worst day for the rest of my life. >> reporter: wade said his brother took care of him when he was in a coma. >> reporter: all the family wants is to bring him back home, but they can't. they tell us that the jamaican government is making them pay for all of the medical expenses before they release his body. >> just be patient.
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and we are coming to get you, brother. no matter what we have to do. >> reporter: malini basu, fox25 news. it is just about 4:40. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. right now on 93 south, a 19-minute ride. 19 to 20 minutes as you head from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: we can handle that and 54 to 60 partly sunny. above average temperatures for cup of days. i am timing out the weekend cooldown in just a cup of minutes. still ahead, a fire fighter on vacation jumps into action when he sees someone in danger. the gesture that brought the
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it is 4:43 right now. plan to bring general electric to helliport. fox25's catherine parrotta is live in south boston at one of the proposed sites and this is a busy and noisy proposition not everyone wants in their back yard. >> reporter: it's true. and this is the area being eyed for this -- for this potential project here and behind me the music pavilion in south boston. the site they are eyeing. not set in stone but the topic of a public meeting in the seaport tonight, and this could be become a helliport equipped
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part of a $120 million incentive practice for general electric if the company relocated to boston. last night, three possible locations were definitely ruled out, four point channel. the area being looked at near dry dock 4 east of the fish pier. some question the use of money on this project when there are plenty of issues to deal with already on the ground. >> pretty significant transportation issues, and i do resources toward this. >> reporter: and it haven't been determined if the hellipad would be on land or flirting and officials don't have any confidence. last night was the first public meeting on this topic where they kind of narrowed down the area where it could be right behind the music pavilion. three more of these buildings are expected. live from the seaport, catherine parrotta, fox25. governor charlie baker calming fears over president-elect donald trump's
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>> global community. we are a global town involved. people need to feel welcome here and i can tell you point-blank as governor, that i will continue to work with my colleagues in state and local government and with others to ensure that everybody feels welcome here in the commonwealth of mass. >> daniel: the governor said the state will not tolerate acts of violence against anyone. he urges everyone if you see something it tell police. if you are not for donald be for you. they will reissue these bumper stickers. they say don't blame me. printed in 1972 when richard nixon was arrested. massachusetts was the only state candidate that george mcgovern won. four weeks before marijuana is legal in massachusetts, boast leaders are learning from another experience implementing recreational pot. they met with officials from
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get feedback. it has been legal in colorado since 2014. massachusetts was the first law to bring marijuana edibles to restaurants and bars. the kids on the block. >> julie: they are headed to fenway. >> daniel: i am excited. you are excited. >> julie: they visited the fox25 studios. >> daniel: to announce their new tour. boyz 2 they told us what it is like to play at fenway. >> fenway park was not in our dreams. it is like beyond our dreams. just amazing to be at fenway park and see all of our family and friends out there enjoying the moment with us. >> daniel: tickets for the show at fenway go on sale this week. >> julie: they were out and about in the studio nice guys. best of luck to them for that concert. route 1 and 93 south are clear.
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to 128. and then into the allston-brighton area. things are quiet out there and i expect them to stay that way for at least the next hour, hour and a half and 6:30 start to slow down. from 128 to the tobin, 19 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, shiri. thanksgiving, a week from today and we have a 50-degree temperature this week. any more in site? >> shiri: today will be tough to get up to 60. i expect more on your friday, saturday. sunday, let's stand by, because it all goes away. the sun coming up at 6:38 this morning. after it does, we will see a lot of colors out there. we get partly cloudy skies. normally we would hit a low in the morning of 38 degrees and get up to 51 in the afternoon. a little good news for you here. temperatures running above average so you will find 7 a.m. temperatures. mostly in the 40s across eastern mass and new hampshire.
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and again that is for 7:00 this morning. on and off clouds here. meaning on and off sunshine. not a bad day, partly sunny here at noon. temperatures widespread in the middle 50s in southern new england and temperatures for that drive home from work teetering right around 50 degrees and actually going to continue to brighten up through the afternoon. all those dark at 5 p.m., it will run mostly clear. high temperatures today. 59 degrees and norwood. beverly up to nashua, new hampshire. 52 in worcester and mid-50s for the cape and islands. keep in mind we have got a drought situation pretty widespread. i was just checking some of the numbers. this drought monitor comes out at 8:30 and only updated once a week and currently an extreme drought for 28% of massachusetts. the interesting fact here, you see how nantucket and martha's vineyard. the shade something a little different. the 1% of massachusetts that is
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right now. so it is extremely widespread. we need a little help. i do not have rain in the forecast for the day tomorrow and i have 60s and sunshine. i am sure you are not frown being that. i have much-needed rain in the forecast monday. too bad it is not enough. showers in the wee hours of sunday morning. a little bit of rain here but as this cold front comes through and pulled through. really cold and windy air. a little changeover and snow. a little too warm for anything to stick locally so my snow concerns are as low as they can get. i want you to be aware. a little bit of mixing here. moderate threat for scattered rain showers through your sunday and we are watching the wind because it is going to be incredibly windblown for sunday and monday. cooler temperatures from inland towns and cities. these are your saturdays and sunday highs. for many of us sunday will be days in the 40s.
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and mostly sunny friday and saturday with highs around 60. turns windy and colder on sunday with all-day 40s and some scattered showers, possibly a little snow mixing in. i am keeping flurries and wind in your monday forecast with highs still just in the 40s. 46 with sun on tuesday. and watching that wednesday travel day right now developing showers on the way. back to you. >> julie: all right, shiri. christmas is right around the corner and gift the way. the new product that amazon is adding to keep it secret. a navy vet who fought in world war ii hoping to go on a new journey.
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a first look at a proposed development near the most a developer plans to build 600 apartments and 50,000 square feet of retail space. they also want to build a park on top of the existing mbta station lot. the project will likely go before the city's planning board next year for an approval. an iowa politician is tired of trump protests across the nation and wants people to suck it up. this anti-trump protest stopped traffic on a major interstate on iowa.
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putting his constituents' lives in danger and most of the protesters are in college and schools should be fined by wasting time with cry rooms. people say suck it up buttercup. sort of an over the top thing to say and so are the protests that are happening. >> julie: so far his politician is not fans of the idea saying it threatens freedom of speech. using the overhead bins if you bayou nighted airlines new basi competes with low cost car yes, sir like spirit. and with the ticket only buy one personal item. and you don't get to pick your seat. it is automatically designed on the day the plane leaves and that way no way to guarantee who books together will sit together. friends and family are raising money to send a 91-year-old world war ii veteran to the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor. fox25's catherine burcham had
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veteran. >> the day i turned 17, i was sworn in. >> reporter: when pearl harbor was bombed, the cause was burned on his heart. >> 50 miles off the coast of japan when we got hit. >> reporter: on that day in 1945, he was on board the uss bennett manning the gun as a hot caseman when the bombs came raining down from a cam casey sinking it >> the plane came in with two bombs. that could have hit us, and we would have joined the other two on the bottom. >> reporter: one of his many close calls on his four-year tour during world war ii. at home waiting his bride melda that he met. >> the letters kept me going. she wrote almost every day. >> reporter: ed has a new pen pal, a 4th grade student who lives in hawaii and can't get
4:56 am
to meet for the first time. >> so many of the guys said if i am able to, i want to do it. >> reporter: started a go fund me page to fly ed to hawaii for pearl harbor's 75th anniversary. on his first night there, he mans to have dinner with dominic. a member of the greatest generation of the youngest. he said he will be there no matter what. >> last year a 100-year-old guy there. 100 years played taps at the ball on a harmonica. now if he is 100 and going, i am 90 something and i will go. >> reporter: ed and his family will leave for hawaii on november 30. in south boston, i am catherine burcham. >> daniel: donovan will learn first-hand history by meeting him. >> julie: beautiful story. thanks do catherine for that. thanksgiving quickly
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headed out of town. coming up, the best and worse times to hit the road. we are following developing
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complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news >> gene: developing now at 5:00, a commuter train and car collide slicing the car in half. surveillance video captured the whole thing including how two people inside the car were able to run away from the wreckage. it has been months since a jogger was found murdered in the woods just feet from her mom's home. now police have a new clue they hope will crack the case. the help they are hoping to get from people living nearby. and hillary clinton makes her first public appearance since learning the race for
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tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. >> reporter: words of encouraging she had for so many disappointed by the election. good morning, everybody, 5:00 on this thursday morning, november 17. thanks for being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. waking up to 30s and 40s this morning. meteorologist shiri spear says we have a few warm afternoons headed our way and the fox25 stormtracker weather center with a timeline of those increasing temperatures >> shiri: yes, starting out a november morning in the 40s is kind of a treat. 47 in boston, plymouth, and portsmouth, new hampshire. down to 40 in worcester. much, much cooler out across western mass and temperatures at or below freezing in a couple of spots. and it is our chilly spots in western mass, western new hampshire where we have visibility. visibility a okay with travelers across eastern and central massachusetts. check on framingham. your hour-by-hour forecast,


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