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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> the eye-opening information we just confirmed in the past hour about a violent attack on a high school girl. >> plus, a father's powerful message. >> all i ask is that you think twice before you do it. >> the lessons he says everyone can learn from his son's death. >> clearing out and mild for now but i'm tracking colder air with rain or snow this weekend. >> video captures an school fight club is. >> who the boy says is threatening his classmates with violence. >> an accused sexual predator and the backlash the mayor is now facing after the community in quincy heard about it. brand-new details about the 14-year-old girl violently attacked on her way to catch the
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>> and i'm vanessa kel can. malini basu is standing live for us in borne where you just confirmed the suspect is a high school football player. >> yes, the 18-year-old is a football player and within the last hour that suspect there just posted bell, he is now -- he posted bail and now resting at home waiting to face a judge in the morning. >> reporter: fox 25 cameras were there as 18-year-old was just released from jail. his family member dropped him off. one week ago a 14-year-old girl was affected wild walking to her school bus stop on puritan and cranberry homes. police say allen attacked her from behind. >> she was walking to the bus stop, the male came from behind her and brought her down to the ground. >> reporter: luckily another student at the bus stop saw what happened. >> another individual called out
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area. >> reporter: fox 25 has learned allen is a senior at cape cod regional technical high school. he plays fullback for the school's team. allen is now facing attempted aggravated kidnapping and strangulation charges. and also the school superintendent tell fox 25 that safety for the student and faculty is their number one priority and in the meantime allen will face a judge first thing tomorrow morning at falmouth district court. i want 14-year-old victim, also her mother and they tell us that they still are so scared right now and they just want to be left alone. for now, we are live in borne tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. they are disturbing allegations. three teenaged girls recused of physically and verbally assaulting a woman on a red line train. fox 25's john monahan is live for us in dorchester. john, the d.a. says the teams didn't like the victim's accent. >> no, they didn't like her
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and it escalated from there. as the victim tried change her seat, she was beaten up. those three teens are now charged with hate crimes. >> well, i think that it's terrible. >> reporter: the reaction from each person the same. >> that's so sad. it's just sad. i don't understand it myself. >> reporter: people who live in savin hill disturbinged that a woman who boarded a red line train at 7:30 in the morning last monday was mocke and all of it because the victim appeared to be an immigrant, according to suffolk county d.a. dan connely. the d.a. says in a news release that three 15-year-old females started making fun of a 49-year-old woman, for her accent and difficulty with english. at one point telling her to go back to her own country. >> it's an insidious feeding of anger and hatred of the people. i don't get it? then as the woman tried to leave
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one of them repeatedly punching her and hitting her in the face with a cell phone. >> i think it's very horrible that any person should be attacked on these trains. >> reporter: a witness pushed the train's emergency button to alert mbta police. another witness says the three teens were celebrating as they got off the train. chief of police showed boston public school officials a picture snapped by one of the witnesses. the juveniles were id'd, arrested and charged with civil rights says being an immigrant is part of our dna, he continued saying we want to make sure that everyone feels safe and secure. no matter who they are, where they're from, how they speak, or how they define their families. there's no room for behavior like this. period. >> besides civil right violations, all three teens also face assault and battery charges. they are due back in court on
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john monahan, fox 25 news. developing at 10:00, a person is recovering after they were hit by a cab in jamaica plain. this was the scene near boylston and lamar teen streets. boston police say the victim has non-life-threatening injuries. the driver who was behind the wheel of a metro cab did stop. we're working now to find out if the driver will face any charges. developing tonight out of wellesey, a person was hit and killed by a commuter rail train this evening. it happened about a block from the wellesey square station. transit poce man walked into the outbound tracks of the worcester line when he was hit. police are investigating but tell us they do not suspect foul play. one man is dead tonight, another in police custody after a shooting late this afternoon in dorchester. this was breaking news at 5:00. police were called to the scene of the shooting in west cottage street around 4:30. they say the shooting happened after an argument broke out between the two men. >> i don't know if it was a home invasion, clearly from everything we know, these
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amount. >> the identities of both men, they have yet to be released. we are told the man in custody is being questioned by detectives but so far no charges have been filed. officers say the public is not in danger. president-elect trump continues to assemble his administration and tonight we learned retired lieutenant general michael flynn has been offered the national security adviser position. the namesur positions are some a little more surprising as some of the candidates whom sparred with trump in the past. >> reporter: some of the loudest voices during the republican debate... >> nominating donald would be a disaster. >> reporter: now singing a different tune. >> i'm getting ready to get on a gigantic airplane that has donald trump's name painted on the side of it. >> reporter: potentially for good reason. >> donald trump right now isn't looking to figure out who supported him and who didn't. if you are the best person for that job, then he wants you as part of his team. >> reporter: governor nikki
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>> i taught my two little ones that you don't push people around. >> reporter: now being considered for secretary of state. another option for the job, m.i.t., who blasted trump during the primaries. mitt romney. >> here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: but after the election tweeted best wishes for our dually elected president. saturday the former republican nominee and the president-elect are scheduled to meet. >> this man is a pathological liar. >> reporter: the man trump list for attorney general and another texan who in 2011 couldn't remember the government agency he would eliminate. >> commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. >> reporter: rick perry may potentially head the department, the department energy. >> as the team takes shape, the president-elect is expected to go back on the road, dubbing it the thank america tour. the prudential building lit
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of world pancreatic day. it's gonna be a bit cool come this weekend, right? yeah, temperatures have cooled off. boston's at 46. new bedford at 43 degrees. yeah, it's cooled down quite a bit but it's also cleared out. finally got rid of those clouds. we've been dealing with them for the last couple of days. some places had plenty of sun today but southeastern massachusetts in particular had more clouds. and a few more back in tonight, those will be leaving overnight and we'll be back to sunny skies mo look at the storm out to the west, out here in the rockies, it's producing snow and there's a storm moving our way this weekend. how it will impact your weekend plans and the forecast straight ahead. sal dimasi has been ordered released from prison two days before thanksgiving. the 71-year-old was charged with corruption. he served roughly five years of an eight-year sentence. dimasi's health has declined after two separate cancer diagnosis. middlesex county sheriff peter catuson has been a
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he says it's important to treat inmates with respect. >> if it appears that they're hurting so much that they need the type of medical care that we cannot provide to them, then we should be able to get them to a place that can be provided for them. >> reporter: the judge who granted dimasi's release says the corruption sentence should serve as a lesson to other politicians. the judge writing... >> a new athletic field in north dedicated this weekend but not without controversy. a member of the family resigned from the position in the '80s accused of inappropriatedly touching students. fox 25's jacqui heinrich joins us live from the field now, jackie, the mayor is standing by the decision. >> vanessa, lawrence creeden was never charged in that case but did resign from his superintendent position back in
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ledger he did later admit to sexual assaulting a homeless woman, pleading guilty to sexual assault in order for the rape charge to be dropped. it left the community wondering how that name will hang over a place where children will play. >> reporter: creeden field named for the createdden family. a distinguished long line in quincy with as many contributions. the first father an immigrant from ireland. he and his son firemen, the son served in world war i a his children became educators. two of them serving as quincy superintendents. but that's where the water get muddy. >> lawrence creeden resigned from his position of quincy superintendent schools in 1984, amid allegations he inappropriately touched students. we asked mayor coke if it would be insensitive to name a field after that family, a field where students would play. >> his answer? the superintendent served 16 years as a superintendent. he served the united states navy.
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quincy football. so there was a lot of good accomplished, as well. >> people in the area are shocked to hear the mayor is backing the decision by the parks department. >> i feel like with such kind of a mark associated with the name it wouldn't be a good idea. >> absolutely not. right. what kind of precedence do we want to set. >> reporter: but the mayor saying the stain on one person's reputation shouldn't tarnish that of the whole family. >> they served the nation, they served the community. they lived in that area, all went to north quincy >> now, there was a public meeting when the parks department decided on that name. the one would have had an opportunity to speak on the issue, however, i'm told nobody showed up to that. folks that we talked to said now that they know they have to look at meeting agendas for issues like this one they'll be more vigilant about being involved in their communities. i'm jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. a video of u-mass boston's men's soccer team is going viral but not for any goals they scored.
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last game. straight ahead a number of other questionable incidents we discover while looking into the team's past. >> a teacher encouraging students to fight, caught on
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a loaded gun seized from a
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determine if charges will be filed. christine mccarthy is live for us tonight in nashua where a medical call led to the discovery of that weapon. police tell us that the student seemed to be suffering from a seizure and when school officials jumped in to help him, they realized this student had a gun in his position possession. >> reporter: the incident happened at nashua high school south. school administrators helping the 17-year-old, who appeared to be h to figure out if the student had ingested something when they opened his backpack, they told officers and ended up finding that loaded gun and contacted police. later the principal called parents informing them of the incident and promising the school district's priority is safety. >> you think that they're safe in school? yes. >> now i don't even want her to go to school, you know. so it's scary.
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his condition. they have not not said what charges, if any, he'll face but do say that this incident is still under investigation among members of the police department and the school district. we're live in nashua tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. investigators are hoping new tips will come in after identifying a vehicle of interest in the vanessa marcotte murder case. the worcester county district attorney is looking for information about a dark colored suv. they say that suv was spotted near the area where marcotte's body was while jogging in princeton. sources tell fox 25 police believe the man who killed her lives in princeton or frequents this area. residents say this new information is still too vague to put their minds at ease. >> hopefully they will be able to find like a make or a model of a vehicle and if they could put that out hopefully that will be able to close up more of the case. >> in the suv on brooks station road on august 7th, should call police.
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vanessa's killer, call this tip line... and remember, all tips are anonymous. fox 25 has obtained the 911 calls placed after a car was sliced in half by a train. it happened in revere around 10:00 last night on oak island road. here it is right here. amazingly the two people inside that car were able to get out and walk away. transit police have also identified the driver of that car. listen to the calm demeanor. >> a car was just hit by the train. >> a car was just hit by a train? >> yes. that's correct. >> the driver was involved in a crash before they tried to beat that train. the driver has been called to court and faces several charges. new at 10:00, the main woman convicted of driving drunk, then hitting and killing a quincy teacher, has been sentenced to prison. carolyn lee from york, maine will serve three years behind
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24-year-old emily sarnok and leaving the scene back in august of 2015. lee will serve four years probation when relied and lose her driver's license for 10 years. soarnok's parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against lee asking for $3 million in damages. this horrific car crash killed a college student nearly 17 months later the victim's friend pleaded guilty to motor vehicle homicide. he admitted to driving drunk. our ted daniel was there, and ted, tha father very emotional when he spoke outside of comfort today. >> yes, vanessa. and if what craig sampson's father had to say about drinking and driving doesn't resinate, i'm not sure what will. he spoke right here outside after the young man responsible for the crash his son was killed in was sentenced to three and a half years. >> getting into the car to consult his friend. >> reporter: in his voice and on
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vermont father, the guilty plea does little to ease it. >> any sentencing. from our family -- from our family is not desired to be any kind of retaliation but all we wanted was that perhaps a message would be sent. >> do you still wish to waive your right to trial on these indictments and proceed with this plea. >> reporter: 20-year-old joseph cass thanh oh entered a guilty plea on 2 charges connected to the apr sampson the third. casta?o's blood alcohol level three times the legal limit when he lost control of the speeding bmw. >> his car slammed into a pole on the passenger's side, slammed into a pole, killing craig sampson. >> reporter: it happened near endicott college in beverly where sampson was a student. casta?o had come to stay the weekend with sampson. the two best friends since childhood.
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our loss is pain -- as painful as it is, can maybe prevent somebody else from having the same loss. that's all. >> casta?o will serve his sentence in a house of corrections instead of prison and put on probation after that. the family said they wished that he had gotten more time, but they are at peace with the sentence. reporting live in salem, i'm ted >> tough for both of those families. >> just heart breaking. tonight potentially dangerous people are on the streets as a result of the braintree police department's evidence room scandal. >> straight ahead, the expert we spoke with who believes this is likely happening in other departments. >> plus, all new at 10:00, a massive brawl outside of a bar caught on camera.
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this man is wanted by federal authorities for at least four robberies. the fbi says a man robbed banks
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they say he's 6'1", 160 pounds with dark hair. he is in his late 30s or early 40s, and in every case the fbi says he writes the word robbery spelled with only one b on the back of a withdrawal slip. new at 10:00 surveillance video shows a group of men fighting in tampa when all of a sudden the car hops a curb into a local bar. here comes the car. most of the men were able to he refused any treatment. no one was inside the bar at the time and the driver got out and ran away. he's still on the run. police believe alcohol was a factor. tonight fox 25 investigates exposes claims of abuse inside a daycare. allegations that children were shaken and force-fed. jason law is in hingham tonight where dcf is investigating.
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call from his daughter's daycare that gave him chills. >> we got a call on monday that there was abuse going on at the daycare. for the last 10 months. >> reporter: sheehan met with the hingham police department where he and his wife filed a complaint against the daycare wednesday. shealan said he was told by management at bright horizons his 10-month-old daughter was one of seven children who may have been abused by two workers. sheehan said the allegations included shoving food in the kids' mouths and using a hand to he said he was also told the workers are accused of shaking the kids to get them to fall asleep. >> it was tuesday we found out that they said that she was rocked aggressively to be put to sleep. >> reporter: bright horizon's web site says the center cares for infants, toddlers and preschool aged kids. the daycare is inside this blue cross/blue shield building? hingham. we tried to speak to the workers inside, they referred us to their corporate office in watertown.
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>> reporter: sheehan says he decided to speak out because his daughter can't speak at all. >> these kids can't speak for themselves. she don't have a voice. >> bright horizons issued this statement that reads in part... the department of children and family also confirmed to have an open investi not talk about specifics. for fox 25 investigates, i'm jason law. >> school directors who were supposed to oversee allegations of abuse and neglect rarely visiting schools in person. >> fox 25 vets uncovers just how often they're doing these investigations. and major celebrities who loves a boston university student helps pay for college. a storm out in the rocky
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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attacked the girl in borne is a high school football player. john allen turned himself in today charged with attempted aggravated kidnapping. one week ago a 14-year-old was attacked while walking to her school bus stop. fox 25 learned allen is a senior at cape cod technical high school and plays fullback for the football team. allen will now face a judge in the morning. week. refs handed out two red cards in the team last last game and this isn't the first time the team has been accused of stepping out of bounds. >> reporter: last year the team made national headlines for a twitter war the former new england revolution player about concussions. three players were disciplined in that incident, now more trouble for the team following last weekend's ncaa tournament gamed.
10:31 pm
to advance to the sweet sixteen. after a player pulled out a u-mass player, that u-mass player kicked the ball into his opponent's face. the referee immediately issuing a red card meaning that u-mass player was thrown out of the game and suspended for the next game. the referee did not call this one. the player is getting back in a position when a u-mass player throws a shoulder and head-butts that again, no penalty was called. but there was here. late in the game, check out u-mass' number 77ocane williamson, appears to elbow his opponent and then grabs a player around the neck and throws him to the ground. the referee in the green shirt immediately issues a red card. williams is thrown out the game but not before head cutting that ref. you can see him hunched over in
10:32 pm
seeing someone head-butt a ref, that's unacceptable. >> we reached out to u-mass boston on this incident and they would not go on camera but issued a statement saying in part the actions of a few players on this field sunday were unacceptable and cannot be condoned in any way. we have taken appropriate disciplinary action toward the players involved in this incident and met with all players on the team to convey the gravity of the situation and our response. >> again, u-mass boston will have two players saturday's play-off game against activities. in the control room, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> so much to talk about. not all is good news in the weather department. let's start with something happy. fox 25's pick tour of of the day. as always use that hashtag. looks like people shopping in south boston. thank you for the shop. let's talk weather.
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want to back in on cape cod yet again this evening this so the west is troubling. a storm system here, the area of low pressure is right about there and it's moving off towards the northeast. ahead of it there's a cold front, that's this line of clouds. you get warm air and there are warm tempts because winds are coming from the south like this. that's how circulation goes around an area of low counterclockwise. those southerly winds are bringing the warm temperatures. as you might guess behind a cold front with northerly winds, you get cold temperatures and this time of year it's really a battle. we're in between seasons going toward winter, i realize, but they're still trying to hang on to a portion of the season with the warm air coming from the gulf of mexico. here's the cold on the backside of this system that's producing some snow back here. now, this you a wants to track off toward the northeast like
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but even if it does that, it has to drag that cold front through southern new england and that's going to bring some big changes our way. changes that look like this for the keystone outlet out in colorado. they retweeted their tweets of the snow they're getting today. nick tweeted this out to denver today, so that's kind of storm system we're talking about. it means business. it's not going to bring that kind of snow to boston and likely not to worcester but certainly to the mountains of new england we'll be dealing with that by the end of of weekend. temperatures tonight 46 boston. lower 40s in the suburbs. we're watching temperature fall in boston through the 40s in the suburbs and sunshine when i wake up will start to warm you
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>> we we'll see that here. the bottomline is we've got a huge change on the way and it's coming on sunday. here's what's happening. that cold front moves towardis on sunday and it's gonna bring some clouds and eventually some rainshowers to the area. >> through the weekend we're looking good. clouds try to back in off the ocean saturday night into sunday morning. here ce sunday. by the time jason is with you sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. he'll be tracking these showers into our area. behind the rain as a cold front comes by, the rain changes to snow back here in the berkshires and to our west. the cold air will continue to track in here and eventually bring some of those flurries into the worcester hills, particularly by monday morning. and by monday we're still windy and chilly and watching things
10:36 pm
le. >> new information coming in right now, take a look at it. i'll update that situation for the weekend plus we'll be looking ahead to thanksgiving and possibly some rain for that holiday just ahead. >> a very special award by the ncaa. freighties has been fighting als since 2012. the ncaa says the award is presented to a person confronted with a life altering situation uses perseverance, dedication and determination to overcome the event and most importantly now served as a role model to give hope and inspiration to others. he and the standingly have led the charge raising more than $ 115 million for als research from the ice bucket challenge. >> incredible. parent its of these conjoined twin boys flew more than 6,000 miles to get them
10:37 pm
>> what they believe is truly a testament to a miracle. >> what the doctors expect the boys to eventually be able to do now that they're separated. if you're hitting the roads this upcoming holiday, listen up. the travel alert from the state
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a corps mine has collapsed killing three workers and trapping several others. turkey has had a history for safety conditions, for miners especially after a fire inside a mine killed more than 300 workers in 2014. an arizona police officer is off the job after this video right here surfaced, showing him
10:41 pm
flagstaff police say the officer was trying to arrest a woman yesterday for a warrant. things got heated wednesday she asked to see it. police say they've launched an internal investigation into the incident. in the meantime, the officer has been taken off duty. >> new at 10:00, an american astronaut is set to become the oldest woman in space. a rocket carrying nasa astronaut peggy witso the international space station. he she will celebrate her 57th birthday aboard the spaceship in february. this will be her third mission. angry parents in chicago are demanding answers after seeing cell phone video of there children fighting at an afterschool program. after locking the door you can hear a supervisor not just egging them on but telling them
10:42 pm
videotaped the entire incident. one boy threw the other to the ground and pinned him by the neck. the boys are actually friends in the fifth grade. the supervisor told them to make sure they stayed friends after the fight. >> when we was in the classroom, the teacher forced us to fight. >> forced you to fight? >> yes. and then she said if we didn't fight we was gonna get beat up. >> by who? by her? yes. >> one of the boys had a swollen black eye after the the supervisor. police are now investigating, and parents are hoping charges will be filed. a widespread evidence room scandal involving stolen money, guns, and drugs. what braintree's new police chief has been doing to fix a problem that's already comprised more than 100 cases. but first local schools facing accusations of abuse.
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tonight fox 25 investigates uncovers just how little some state investigators are doing to check out reports of abuse and neglect at schools serving kids with special needs fox 25 has been looking into how the state monitors residential schools which receive taxpayer money. >> investigative reporter eric rasmussen found investigators with department of early education and care are rarely visiting these schools in person after serious incidents. >> they are often doing it all by phone. these are schools serving kids with emotional and behavioral issues. when fox 25 looked at investigations of abuse and neglect at two schools going back to 2014, it revealed eec
10:46 pm
school once in person. >> reporter: a school for kids with learning disabilities and emotional challenges. >> they put on a good face for the parents. >> reporter: sue meyers says she filed a complaint after her daughter ivy said she was abused in a dorm at chamberlin international school in middle bureau. she told fox 25dcf couldn't verify those allegations, but the disability law center found multiple reports of neglect and abuse including inadequate supervision and and excessive force, allegations the school strongly denies. >> i think it's very serious. something really bad could happen. >> reporter: while dcf shows up to investigate individual allegations of abuse, fox 25 investigates found state school inspectors often are doing their work by phone. nine investigation reports over a year and a half reveals someone from the department of early education and care visited chamberlin in person just once. allegations of abuse, a school
10:47 pm
with a student, another student dizzy and disoriented and hospitalized after taking the wrong medication. all investigated by interviewing the school's assistant director via phone. >> right now what are you doing to keep kids safe? >> reporter: eeg commissioner said his investigators make on-site visits as necessary. but records for another residential school evergreen center in milford show a similar pattern. out of 17 reported appears an eec investigator only visited the site once after police filed felony criminal charges against a staff member accused of abuse. evergreen declined to speak on camera but told fox 25 it overreports safety issue in an abundance of caution and said other state agencies also reviewed the allegations and dismissed the majority of them. >> is that enough to get a real sense of what's going on? we make a decision on the basis of the nature of what has been
10:48 pm
determination about how to best approach the inquiry that we're going to make in that investigation. >> reporter: webber and eec are also facing questions from lawmakers on beacon hill, reveal that this hearing, the state agency has just five investigators to oversee some 9,000 daycares, afterschool programs and residential schools across massachusetts. >> that's akin to telling new york city police department you only need 100 cops. >> reporter: state representative paul tucker says 25 investigates uncovered that state school investigators are doing so much of their work by phone. >> this is a very vulnerable population that's being served, and i would think that there's no substitute for going on the ground, being there, seeing it with your own eyes. >> it didn't seem like there was much oversight going on at all. >> reporter: sue myers' daughter is no longer at chamberlin. in an email the school said her commentary is irrelevant to the cases reviewed by fox 25 because her daughter left chamberlin three years ago.
10:49 pm
the school said the proper state agency investigated the report on site. myers says that hasn't changed her concerns for the students here and across the state. >> they deserve a lot better than what they're getting. there aren't enough people involved in overseeing what the school is doing, and there should be. it's inexcusable. >> now, in several case where is investigators made those phone calls, they found no evidence of wrong-doing. the state's child advocate is these schools are monitored. eec is now promising annual visits to each of these schools starting next year. for fox 25 investigates, i'm eric rasmussen. >> if you have a tip you'd like fox 25 investigates to look into, email us at or call 1-877-fox-25-news. the chair of the federal reserve says it's almost time to raise extra rates. janet yellens testified before congress today. she says a gradual increase in
10:50 pm
inflation figures as reasons why the u.s. economy is ready for the increase. she also warned delaying them any longer could actually do more harm than good. >> retailers around massachusetts are expecting another solid holiday shopping season. experts are predicting a nearly 4% increase in sales compared to last year. they say low unemployment, rising wages and continued low gas prices explain why people are choosing to spend more. >> talk about an idea of paying off, one woman is through college thanks to an accessory that's become one of oprah's favorite things. hopkins found out she's doing it all out of her dorm room. >> it's not exactly your typical corporate headquarters. >> i would just put charm on them and then once i moved to key chains it basically was just a bigger form of the bracelet charm. >> reporter: but from inside this boston university dorm room, emma johnson is building her entire. >> from my dorm room it's a lot of answering emails and working
10:51 pm
answer more emails, orders. i do trunk shows all around boston. >> reporter: it began in high school. emma started a jewelry line adding charms to fabric from her grandfather's wardrobe. her friends liked it, eventually stores like it and then came the big break. >> it's the most coveted holiday gift guide there is out there. >> reporter: last year she sent her chains toed toes of many email to find a message from the oprah'sle creative director. >> it said to me, everybody needs this, people are gonna love it. >> reporter: freaked out because emma knew the kind of attention the magazine would win her. orders came in from he wherever. >> i made 10,000 key chains with my family in an assembly line. >> reporter: in 2015 emma had become the youngest business owner to be featured.
10:52 pm
jewelry. >> it's going to the cause of me going to a private university and wanting to not graduate with $250,000 in debt. and so that really struck a cord with people. >> reporter: when she does graduate, emma will have done in a few years what takes many a lifetime. >> emma is also on this year's list of oprah's favorite things. you can find a link to her web site on our web site, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. new at 10:00, surgeons in tennessee successfully separated conjoined twins from the 18-hour surgery happened last week. the twins were attached at the lower half of the body. doctors are calling the surgery a success and say the family's faith was inspiring. >> it was always very encouraging to talk with the family, because they were indeed faithful warriors and i think, for me one of the foundations. >> doctors say the twins should some day be able to walk and live normal lives. for now they're expected to stay at the hospital for several more months. >> wish them the very best.
10:53 pm
they're able to do that, and it's such a risky surgery and we've had several of these and they've all been successful. >> they have. and we wish them much success going forward, as well. these operations take so long, too. the teams of doctors, the last one was 18 hours in length. >> adorable babies, too. >> incredible modern science. >> well, one of the state's newest police chiefs -- >> when you have a case that's dismissed because the evidence has been comprised, the po
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upper 30s. coolest off in worcester county. but sunny this time, the clouds were so tough today.
10:57 pm
sunshine. acknowledging mistakes. >> when people trespass... >> the evidence scandal involving guns, cash and
10:58 pm
already led to more than 100 cases being thrown out. >> when you have a case that's dismissed because the evidence is comprised, the potential is you put a dangerous person back on the treated. >> reporter: bruce gordon a former police state major was hired to do the audit that uncovered the braintree issues. his evidence auditing company finds these discrepancies more often than you think. >> i think it's common for the chief to actually -- [ indiscernible ] and they get a response it's okay. >> reporter: braintree has already addressed some of the major issues like designating more than one evidence officer and requiring more evidence entry training. the new chief wants to set the bar higher and use advance tracking software. >> you should be able to have 100% accurate inventory. records the chief also wants to relocate the evidence room to the pd's lower level, which is surrounded by concrete. >> this is a secure section of the building.
10:59 pm
you're gonna be discovered. >> reporter: the evidence tracking software alone will run about $300,000. but the chief says in this line of work you can't afford not to get it right. >> standard, it has to be the best. >> braintree new evidence handling system should be in place by next june but the chief really wants to have it in place in half that time. in braintree, robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. if you're hitting the road for thanksgiving plan ahead, the masspike tow project is e trouble. it will stop on wednesday and not start up again until monday. all work zones are now in the second phase which means most of the toll booths have been torn down. first at 11:00, a 14-year-old girl violently attacked on a way to the school bus stop. and late tonight the school superintendent confirmed to fox 25 the suspect is a high school
11:00 pm
>> and i'm mark ockerbloom. >> malini basu is in borne where the football player will face a judge first thing tomorrow morning. >> mark and vanessa, the school superintendent confirms for fox 25 that john allen is a football player for the school. in the meantime, john allen just posted bail within the last two hours. he is home right now resting before he faces a judge first thing in the morning. >> reporter: fox 25 cameras were there as 18-year-old john allen was just released from his family member dropped him off at his pure tan road home in borne. it was one week ago when a 14-year-old girl was attacked while walking to her school bus stop on puritan and cranberry roads. borne police say allen attacked her from behind. >> she was walking to the bus stop, a male unknown to her came up from behind her, brought her down to the ground. >> reporter: luckily another student at the bus stop saw what happened.


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