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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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special needs was with her and he witnessed the entire accident there. >> reporter: relatives identify the 44-year-old more killed as a mother of four children who worked as a home health aid worker. >> i want justice. >> reporter: her son spoke with fox 25 he tells us his mother and 28-year-old brother who has special needs were at a house party with long-time friends when they got into an argument. that argument escalated into the parking lot of the the mother died. >> she actually fought inside but you don't have to throw her outside. >> reporter: it happened saturday night on pawtucket boulvard. april is the victim's daughter-in-law. she describes what her son saw and how he also got hurt. >> if you ask him what happened. he says. fight girls. hit mom. blood. blood. for him to have to go through that is unbelievable.
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to defend his mom. >> reporter: one witness was so scared she didn't want to be identified. >> the woman just like collapsed to the ground and i never seen her get up. >> reporter: the family tells us they're so confused and want to know what really happened. >> for instance they say she got into a fight then a car ran over her. >> for them to sit there and take her life away over something because an attitude or something everybody knows these girls. they're a pack of wolves. >> reporter: so again tonight the family tells us three are so confused they don't know what happened. they are hearing there could have been some sort of an accident. but tonight the family is also telling us that her son that son with special needs was holding mom in the parking lot he kept saying mom get up, get up. i love you. again tonight no arrests have been made. for now live in melrose, fox 25 news. we are switching gears
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berkshires. a few flurries even the spotted here in boston right here in dedham. >> the system though not done quite yet. snow, sleet, still falling from the great lakes to maine. fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski is tracking conditions for your monday morning commute. >> we're watching this storm begin to pull away but there's just so much energy it with that we're still seeing some scattered showers across our region and the winds so the great lakes they're expected to see over a foot of snow some some spots. now, scattered snow showers have made their way all the way to the coast as boston has hit freezing. 32 degrees first time this year. 28 in worcester right now. so we've got some really cold conditions out there along with some scattered snow showers north of the city as you travel up along route 3 into parts of new hampshire. you can see there in nashua getting some reports in new hampshire that it is
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also along the mass pike going to see some scattered snow up through the berkshires, too. down across the south shore getting some light snow. expecting to see anywhere from a coating to an inch and from higher amounts further north and west you go. not much across our eastern areas. but we're also talking about winds very strong. i'll show you how they'll affect temperatures and how strong they'll gust coming up in just a few minutes. all day we've heard reports of wind gusts causing some big problems. our cameras are there minutes after a tree a home in waltham. crews the started repairing downed power lines in mansfield. >> fox 25's jim morelli spoke with a tree specialist. >> reporter: it is the climatelogical that just keeps on giving. this tree fell this morning in waltham. >> the drought at one point was i believe nine inches behind what we needed to be at the time. >> reporter: patrick is a
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garden center in winchester. he says there has been some recovery from the drought since summer. >> i would say you will probably have a lot of branches down first. those will be first then some trees coming afterwards. >> reporter: those trees also likely fall, pairment says, because the lack of water has forced them to extend root systems far from the trunk. problem is those roots aren't providing much in the way of anchorage. >> there are some root systems that can go out to 100, 125 feet six to eight inches deep. >> reporter: fox 25 meteorologists are predicting the worst of the windiness to hit on monday, when westerly gusts could whip up to 50 miles per hour. parent says the one silver lining to the wind storm it's occurring after many trees have already lost their leaves, which will reduce the surface area potentially affected by the wind. as for what can save trees in the long-term well, you probably don't want to hear it. >> really the one thing we can hope for is a lot of snow to get some of the
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not only moisture but also lair of insulation to protect the roots that goes for trees and shrubs as well as perennial plants. so you can bet that the plants are saying it's not the rest of us let it snow. inor wood, jim morelli, fox 25 news. battered, bruised and lying on the ground that's how two good samaritans found this woman after a hit-and-run. that family called fox 25 because they're des operates to find whoever did this. ted, this woman was on h when she was hit? >> reporter: and tonight, kerry and chris, this woman is in the hospital with serious injuries. she has cuts and bruises and broken bones all over the left side of her body from a hit-and-run driver that struck her near where she works. >> i was terrified. i thought that the one person in my world was gone. >> emily ponce reveals to
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morning her mother kim longmore at beth israel hospital in boston. the victim of a hit-and-run. >> she was walking across the block where she goes every morning which is well lit and someone hit her. they continued to drive and she was left there for about an hour. >> reporter: boston police say the happened at the intersection of cory road and washington street in brighton near the brookline line two. good samaritans found longmore unconscious and seriously injured near the fox 25 her injuries include a ruptured spleen, broken femur and ribs and a fracture to her recently replaced left knee. >> she was hooked up to every single machine you could think about. they had to give blood to her because she lost so much blood because of her spleen. i thought she was close to being dead. >> reporter: longmore works as the head secretary at driscoll elementary in brookline. and on sunday, puts in a 12
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weymouth helping adults with special needs. for her daughter the how and why make a difficult situation much worse. >> i'm sure they know they hit her because of how much force and how much damage is done to her body. >> reporter: so the boston police department has launched an investigation into the hit-and-run. in the meantime, the family they're trying to raise money for all the medical expenses. if you would like to learn more on that you can log on to our website reporting live in weymouth, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. ted, the driver accused in another hit-and-run crash in chelsea is expected in court tomorrow. police say 25-year-old arnold hernandez hit a 72-year-old woman then drove off friday. that victim is expected to recover as well. dramatic video shows a coast guard rescuing six people from a sinking boat off the coast of new bedford. they were pulled out of another boat one by one this morning. the fishermen called for
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scallop boat started taking on water about five miles from show. the water needs to be pumped out of it before it can be repaired. the coast guard is trying to determine if the rocks in fact caused that boat to start taking on water. on monday lawyers for gary ley sampson will make their case to spare his life. last week the government finished calling its witnesses to the stand. sampson has admitted he killed two during a crime spre jurors will decide if he should be sentenced to death. a third man was killed in new hampshire but that was not a death penalty eligible crime. four cases of mumps have been confirmed on harvard's campus, that according to the hard -- harvard crimson. it also spread back in the spring. it's not clear yet whether the new cases are connected to the priest outbreak. state and local health officials are keeping an eye on the situation. tonight we're hearing from the wife of the man killed in a tragic
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duxbury. 28-year-old jason sanderson was killed when a saw kickback striking him in the neck while working on a water main. >> fox 25's christine mccarthy reports this husband and father of three wasn't even scheduled to work when this accident happened. >> just why? >> reporter: jen sanderson wants the world to know who her husband was a beloved father of her three children. a true family man. >> he's just an amazing afternoon off tremont street in duxbury. 28-year-old jason cutting pipe in this trench to build a water line for new homes when the d.a.'s office says his circular chop saw became bound and kicked back. the blade cutting his neck. co-worker sam told fox 25 on saturday he tried to save jason. >> we tried to apply pressure. we tried to keep him upright and do everything we could so -- until the ambulance
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it hit his artery and they cried to control the bleeding -- they tried to control the bleeding. >> reporter: duxbury police and osha have been investigating but jen still has questions. >> why did this happen? i mean, why. >> while grieving these also trying to figure out how to care for nine-year-old dylan and twins colin and a single mom. >> this one has a lot going on with a rare genetic disease. he's on a feeding tube. >> reporter: meanwhile jen says she's grateful for those who did everything they could to try to bring her husband home. >> thank you for everyone that tried to save him and revive him all the doctors and nurses. >> jen tells me she's a part-time nurse but in order to take care of her children she's not going to be able to return to work that's why her family members will be
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tomorrow. they're hoping that donors will come forward whether they know them or not and contribute to this fund so they can help out these children financially who no longer have their dad. the freezing mark for the first time this season we have some snow to go along it with. i'll have the latest timeline of when the showers come to an end plus, look at how long that cold and blustery wind ?? why do banks treat you and your money like this?
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>> developing in north carolina north carolina a tense standoff against the dakota pipeline. authorities say about 400 protestors are involved in what they're calling a rye. on protestors claim the project will hurt the environment and destroy in some historic native american sites i right now they are trying to block protestors from crossing a bridge in that area. there are reports that police are spraying at least one person has been arrested. president-elect donald trump confirmed today that his wife and youngest son will not move to the white house at least not right away. melania and his son will stay in new york at least until the end of the school year. the 10-year-old is currently going to a private school there in new york. trump told reporters he will be moving into the white house. it was a very busy weekend for the trump transition team as the president-elect met with a handful of top
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positions. >> among those still being considered massachusetts governor mitt romney we have this report. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump kicking off another day at his private new jersey golf club meeting with high-profile figures. trump tweeted early sunday that numerous patriots will be coming to bed minute ster as he continues to fill his administration. among those new jersey governor chris christie who was removed as head of trump's transition team. and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, set to be on the short list for secretary of state. the same role romney who met with the president-elect on saturday is also being considered for. >> the president-elect was very grateful that the governor mitt romney came in. they had a good meeting it was a warm and a substantive exchange and i know he's under active consideration to be the secretary of state of the united states along with some other very distinguished americans. >> reporter: as the transition team continues to sort through viable candidates trump has already made a few selections. kansas representative mike
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director. alabama senator jeff sessions as attorney general, both of with whom still need senate confirmations. and retired army lieutenant general michael flynn for his top advisor on national security. president obama wrapped up his trip in peru where he met with several world leaders. he met with leaders of asia pacific countries talking trade and what donald trump's victory means for trade. russian president vladimir putin also met with president obama. the two four minutes apparently discussing the syrian conflict. after days of attacks from russian and syrian forces right now there are no fully operational hospitals in the rebel-held section of aleppo. air strikes took out last remaining hospital on friday. warplanes bombed five separate hospitals. one of those hit was a children's hospital forcing staff to evacuate babies to safety. hospitals are desperately needed as an estimated 250,000 people remain trapped there under the
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antonio, texas, are searching for the person who shot and killed a police officer. san antonio police say detective benjamin marconi was killed while writing a task be ticket. this happened just outside police headquarters this morning. police say marconi was sitting in his cruiser when another car pulled behind him. a man then walked up to the officer and fired two bullets in his head. police have released a photo of the car they believe the suspect was driving. detective marconi a 20 year veteran of the force. a train derailment killed more than 14 coaches of a passenger train derailed 3:00 a.m. their time. over 100 people are injured. rescuers spent hours getting the passengers who were trapped inside. authorities are investigating the cause. >> remember when it was 60 on friday, not many people. as we have some scattered snow out there snowing pretty much all day across the berkshires. now seeing our first
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this beautiful picture, dedham, too, some flurries out there. it looks like molly isn't too happy with the snow. you can see it starting to accumulate on some of the decks as well as on the grill here in holden. just a dusting then in londonderry you can see first snow of the season. thank you so much for sending in your reports sure enough we saw some higher snowfall reports into vermont where we picked up over half the foot of snow over a foot in that's what we still had the winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories in place through tomorrow as we're expecting to see accumulating snow. could create some tricky travel out there with the blowing snow, too, with near zero visibility. just take it easy if you you are going to be traveling out to the west if you are going to be headed into new york be aware of the lake effect snow showers that are just going to continue to produce some very low visibility across that region. counterclockwise winds
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right across into our region dropping temperatures but as this system begins to purpose to the north and east we will see some improvement. tonight we still have a lot of energy in the upper atmosphere so that's why we have some widespread clouds and temperatures have dropped back to the freezing mark in boston. below freezing in places like worster and we're seeing the 30s now for parts of the cape and islands. so we will see the risk of a few passing scattered snow showers overnight but when you wake up tomorrow morning a snow will be up through the higher elevations for the north and west you go. in fact may even see a few breaks in the cloud cover tomorrow. winds are going to be whipping and sure enough it will be pretty cold out there as we go on through the day. as for the expected snowfall not looking to stick across our eastern areas. you can see a coating up to about an inch across the higher it rain and an additional one to three inches across parts of the
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tomorrow. a wind advisory in place for this entire area of southern new england as we are expecting to see wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. that goes until about 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. so winds are going to be cranking tonight. they're already gusting over 20 to 30 miles per hour right now. that's adding a chill. i showed you temperatures at the freezing mark. and that trend will continue so when you wake you up tomorrow morning and check in with shiri spear this is what you will be waking up to. wind too much through the day. staying in the teens some some locations and only getting into the 20s. actual overnight temperatures back below freezing in the 20s with a lot of clouds out there. come tomorrow struggling to get out of the 30s. very cold day headed our way. we will watch this area of low pressure begin to pull away. we will see breezy conditions on tuesday. the chances of snow will begin to diminish we'll be talking about a nice day for
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community. brought in a thousand dollars and brought in 550 toys for toys for tots that's more than double last year's donations. nicely done. some local readers kicked off this thanksgiving week giving back to their communities. we went to boston today where an army of volunteers made it all possible. >> reporter: thanksgiving came a little early to town boston sunday. boston mayor marty walsh among the volunteers of the boston rescue mission annual day of thanks. dozens of volunte staff and local leaders assembled baskets complete with thanksgiving dinner for families in need. >> feeding folks that many of them are homeless you know, saw about a dozen kids in here today. >> reporter: mayor walsh says this is what the holiday is all about. >> even though we have a lot of good things happening in you our city there's a lot of need. >> reporter: over in roxbury -- >> about 23 tons of poultry came in and will move out. >> reporter: city councillor
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tito's turkey giveaway. an army of more than 300 volunteers awaited them. >> we want to make sure that people who are dealing with issues with food instability and just need a little extra help this year are able to get the help that they need. >> reporter: paying it forward connecting with the community kicking off thanksgiving week. the boston rescue mission says they need help throughout the holiday season and beyond to find out how you can donate or volunteer head to 'tis the season, right. >> good work done there. so bundle up tomorrow it will be cold. >> oh, yes. shiri spear will be tracking some of those wind chills it will be feel brutal out there and be blustery, too. highs getting close to 40 but likely going to feel much colder than that. then we get brighter and better for tuesday and wednesday but thursday looks as though for thanksgiving we'll have to watch a track of a storm system could bring us the risk of some
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early on. >> thanks, sarah. >> thank you for making fox 25 your choice for news. >> don't go to bed yet tom leyden is here for "sports wrap". >> now it's our turn to do our job the "sports wrap" jam-packed with insight and opinion tonight across the board. butch stearns watched the game from santa clara and talking a little bruins dave joining us in studio and for jimmie johnson an incredible seven sprint cup series championship. i'll show you how he won this one just remarkable. we'll take you to monday. so grab a snack, grab a drink, text a friends tell him or her to flip over to fox 25.
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great to have you with us tonight. i'm tom leyden and the boston globe is here to talk some hockey. that. he visited the studio this week. butch stearns is in santa clara we'll join him momentarily to get his thoughts on a 13-point victory win when a 13-point win over the 49ers a team that hasn't won since week one of the season. today's story not just about tom brady playing for the first time in san francisco, but also bill belichick and chip kelly. short field for the pass. first time they got it easy


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