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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 23, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, several boston police officers sent to the hospital after being dragged by a car. the request that had a driver gunning the gas pedal. for months he called it the biased media. now donald trump is working to set the reset button. senator in the process. a woman without heat for three weeks during one of the coldest night of the season. the mistake the utility company made that broke her furnace. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4 a.m. on this wednesday, prethanksgiving, november 23, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert. it will be a busy travel day on the roads and the airport.
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weather is cooperating. >> daniel: right now. >> julie: right now is the disclaimer. shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center. things are changing into the who will say. >> not better if you have to hit the roads. sustained winds in the teens and 20s. sustained winter storm at 20 right now boston. breezy day. temps starting off 34 in boston and down to sharon in the lower 30s. upper 20s in central massachusetts into vineyard. i need to tell if you you are close to freezing. starting off pretty chilly. hour-by-hour forecast for somerville. little bit of patchy cloud cover at 6 a.m. temperatures close to freezing. we don't have much of a warm-up. upper 30s. and plan on chilly travel conditions today and i had no low 40s for highs today with all sunshine.
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rain in the next 24 hours. julie has live drive time traffic. >> julie: if you were leaving between now, that's great and 7 a.m., i think it will be medium, pretty moderate volume. this afternoon when you will be hitting the worst stuff. thursday morning if you were traveling on thanksgiving. you should be okay. right now route and 93 south. expressway moving along fine. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. approaching the zakim bridge. 4:02. we are following breaking news police are looking for a car that sent four of their officers to the hospital. police got a call of a person with a gun. matched the description on stoughton street in dorchester. police say they hit the gas pedal dragging two officers and narrowly missing two more. the car was a chevy with connecticut plates disappeared
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we will keep following this breaking news for you and bring you an update as soon as we get more information. with millions of people heading home for holiday, mass dot crews are working for the holidays. robert goulston with a state inside the operations center where there are a teen of people watching the roads all over the state. at mass dot's highway operation center, they are watching for incidents that could bring the biggest traffic all year to a standstill. some holiday travelers >> i was the last seat on the bug. just missed an accident. >> reporter: mass dot say the roads are not pretty. they are urging to use live drive time traffic cameras available on the web. >> if you can find out where the congestion is and make your plans flexible enough instead of sitting in it you can work around it. >> reporter: using saturation patrols on the mass pike where the toll plazas were just removed and many holiday
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with the construction zone. >> we will have our speed enforcement out there and visibility in those locations and that will curtail some of the speeds. >> reporter: logan airport is running extra staff for a million passengers expected to come throughout airport this weekend. tsa telling us that they are scheduled to be at full staff during peak travel times on tuesday and wednesday and then again on sunday. >> i am kind of concerned. i am not sure how this is going to go. >> reporter: roxanne made the post and now in a rental ca to connecticut. >> reporter: the double whammy you had to get on a plan and now get in a car and sit in traffic. >> yeah, for sure. >> julie: construction will be on hold so the roads will be clear for the holiday rush. 4:04. donald trump's team say the president-elect wants to hit the reset button with the media. he met with the reporters from
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had a great respect for the newspaper but popped their treatment of him have been, quote, very rough. the meeting came one day after he got together with broadcast executives. >> he said in a measured tone you guys didn't tell the truth about me. may it be a check on all elected officials. >> daniel: trump has long been a critic of the new york times. on twitter he often slams what he calls inaccurate reporting on him. >> julie: during the sitdown he was asked did not campaign for him. a blunt assessment of kelly ayotte and she would love a job in the new administration but the president-elect said no thank you. ayotte lost her reelection bid. during the cam wane she called trump a role model and retracted that statement. she refused to campaign for him. after the campaign she was briefly rumored for secretary of defense. he is leaning toward mitt
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state. retired marine corp general james mattis is likely to be labeled secretary of defense and multiple reports that knick haley will be announced as ambassador to the united nations as early as this morning. in a turn around, former presidential rival ben carson had wasn't interested in a cabinet position is considering leading the department of housing and urba list of being the head of the department of veteran affairs. he said he had a great meeting with trump on monday and back in new hampshire on tuesday and he talked of his priorities if he gets the job. >> we need to focus on suicide and get the people with mental health issues immediate treatment. >> daniel: brown spent for decades in the army national guard. he expects trump to make a decision after thanksgiving. this morning, former house speaker sal dimasi is a free man and back home in boston for
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dimasi's plane brought him to boston logan. he arrived in a wheelchair and was emotional as he talked about his plans. >> a trying and difficult experience for me. and i am looking forward to just being reuniteded with my family, friends, looking forward to regaining my health. >> julie: dimasi was kickbacks for steering software contracts in massachusetts. a judge granted a compassionate release six years into his eight-year sentence. he will be under house arrest. made case to spare his life in boston federal court. sampson at builted to killing three people during a crime spree in 2001.
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sampson's older brother showed family photos of the killer and talked about sampson's struggle in school as child. the trial will resume monday after the thanksgiving holiday. transit police are investigating how one of their own officers got hurt at the suffolk down t station. we are hearing the officer may have broken his arm. t police say he was not hit by a train but the injury did delay blue line commuters. 4:08. a community is getting an outpouring of support deal with the death of five young children in a school bus crash. parents, teachers and students came together in chattanooga and release bad loons to remember the five killed and others who were critically hurt. a make shift scene. the difficult task was reunited kids with their parents because many were so young they didn't know their parents' full name or so hurt they couldn't
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with five counts of vehicular homicide. one parent said she complained on the bus driver saying he slammed on the brakes on purpose making all the kids hit their head. the cold snap has been tough on disabled woman in south boston. as fox25's ted daniel shows us this morning, the woman claims that an utility company pwrong her furnace. >> reporter: a small space heater the only source w with temperatures outside in the 30s, warmth is a relative turn. >> candidates everywhere and lights to bring more heat into the house, but my medical condition is making it ten times worse. >> reporter: shirley shares the o street wouldn't her dog, niece and adult son. she say the reason she has no heat is because her furnace is broken and she blames new england's largest energy provider eversource.
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repairs so you may have momentarily outages. >> reporter: on november 1, an eversource crew did work on the street outside her home. while the work was going on her power went off and came back on again. >> i went to the countryton could be, the oven don't work. i went to open the fridge, the freezer was broken. >> reporter: shirley believe a surge is to blame for her oven, fridge and furnace failing at the same time. she said eversource has to pay for a new fridge, but after repeated requests, she said they haven't done anything about the furnace. >> how long gli without heat while this is being processed. >> reporter: we were rolling when an eversource executive called shirley. the executive told shirley that her claim has not been processed. >> we are not saying we are looking for payments. fix what you broke. >> reporter: by e-mail a
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damaged heating system we had a plummer who was unable to make repairs because of the age and condition of the system. we are continuing to try to help with the heating system repairs and offered to put her up in a hotel while this situation was rectified. shirley takes issues with at that statement saying there was never an offer to put up up in a hotel and she first notified eversource about her furnace day ago. reporting in south boston. we track traffic and weather ever ten minutes. single digits right now but enjoy while it last because thanksgiving traffic will be moving in. shiri. >> shiri: i want to give you a couple heads up watching for travel delay including the upper midwest and pacific northwest here. looks like we will be track degree lays as we get into the morning weather.
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of pete frates. at the smithsonian museum. and a driver blamed for this crash that cost tens of thousands of dollars and
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it has been nearly a month
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a truck sending the truck careening into cars in the back bay. digging into the major headache for the owners of the vehicles that were damaged. bob ward says there won't be enough insurance money available to pay for all the damage. >> reporter: a horrific halloween crash in the back bay. a boston fire trucks with its emergency lights blazing collides with a car that wouldn't stop in the intersection of com ave in dartmouth. the fire truck crashed into a row of parked cars causing tens of thousands of damage. the drive of the chevy equinox was working for the drive site lyft and police have cited him. the owners of the cars are in for a big headache. may not be enough insurance damage to pay for the damage. lqf, it said because he was in on mode the insurance is limited to $25,000 for the entire crash. the boston fire department told
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its 20-year-old reserve he thinks begin that suffered a bent frame is worth $50,000. an owner of a luxury car show his car was valued at 14,000 and curd a total loss. those two vehicles alone total $64,000 well above lyft's $25,000 limit. with the number of luxury cars damaged or destroyed the number could easily top $100,000. mayor walsh say has been a problem from the beginning. >> when legislation was passing we were concerned of the litigation and car sharing and we don't have that abilityle in the city and one of the checkmarks that we look at will be insurance. >> reporter: the city of boston tells me it is reviewing its options. not sure what it will do to try get its money back but know it is scrapping that fire engine. i spoke to several of the owners of those vehicles that
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at their options and it doesn't look good. it looks like they are going to be out money. reporting in boston, bob ward, fox25 news. committed in a massachusetts-based ponzi scheme that robbed local people tens of millions of dollars he was sentenced to 11 years in prison. how this convicted criminal is working on the public dime. >> do you think that a convicted criminal is somebody who should be helping students? >> fox25 investigates found him working as a career university. tonight at 10:00, fox 25's heather hegedus tracks down answers from the university. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. looking at the south of the pike, things nice and quiet on the expressway and 128. north of the pike route 1, 93 south moving along fine. live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes, we just gained another minute. up to 13. i am distracted easily as the
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21 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. coming up on 4:18 this wednesday morning. prethanksgiving meteorologist shiri spear joins us. a busy travel day for a lot of people heading to family and friends house and the weather is cooperating. >> you are welcome, julie. locally the roads weather-wise i am not going to have any pains of the neck to the travel forecast today. tomorrow -- i am so sorry. tomorrow a little -- because i know so many people locally traveling tomorr here is what i have for right now i have 30s, 20s on the map. nothing usual for a november start. 34 currently in boston. 33 in lawrence. 28 inform worcester. going out there, starting off pretty chilly. your wind chill is 17 degrees. it will teal like the teens for many of you as we get things started. a little cloud cover. not to worry. mostly sunny skies today. at 8 a.m. stuck in the 20s.
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afternoon close to 40 degrees. a lot of spots hit 40, boston, plymouth, 44. ipswich to lawrence, 43. lawrence and new bedford, 46. same in bedford at 43 and manchester, new hampshire. worcester about 40 for you. getting into thanksgiving, i think the worst of the roads will be early in the morning. the 10 a.m. football games. temperatures will be very close to freezing here which means we are going to be tracking a little bit of very light snow, rain, and freezing rain. temperatures warming. that means sprinkles off the coast and inland snow. the takeaway, a cool day with 30s and lower 40s. any kind of precipitation we see is very light. very scattered. as for the snowfall forecast, that shouldn't be the focus of what we are talking about. accumulation is so minor. under an inch of accumulation. best bet worcester hills and southwestern new hampshire. not the amount of snow but
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the road and maybe a little ice in the morning that will make for the slippery travel weather. temperature in the afternoon lower 40s from ipswich to boston to plymouth which is why we will see that transition over to proposals in the afternoon. worcester, 38. keene, new hampshire, at 39. freezing but cold enough for it to fall as a little bit of light snow. futurecast into the day tomorrow. here is where i am struggling. futurecast under doing the chance of light precipitation early in the morning. between 7 and 10, we wil probably see couple of sprinkles and with temperatures close to freezing it could freeze up on the roadways even in the boston area. inland we are talking the potential for a couple of flurries. a couple of light snow showers. down across the cape and island a little drizzle. things start to pick up. inland towns and cities. as we see rain replacing any snow. the issue friday morning become more freezing temperatures out there and potential for ice early on. luckily i think a lot of
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above freezing so just going to be a little bit of rain on friday. inland, shoppers on friday morning, that's where you will need to watch out for icy conditions. temperatures only in the 40s through the weekend. more rain and snow possible both on saturday and sunday and again not looking at too much in the way of accumulation, back to you, guys. >> julie: all right, shiri. a special game for one bruin. david beck is squaring off against his former team, the solution blues. pure poetry to start this one at the garden. bacchus gets in and scores his fourth for the season. bruins shorthanded in the second period. doesn't care that they are down a man, breaks a 1-1. the blues had a pretty impressive second coming back and taking the lead and then holding it until the end. bruins lose 4-2. 4:21. sign troubles. do you see that? the simple mistake on a local highway that had drivers
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4:24. hampshire college will no longer fly flags because of a flag flap. they lowered the flag to half-staff. that flag was later found burned on veterans day. the school has replaced the flag but decided not to fly any flags on campus at all. >> trying to maintain two competing ideas at once. >> intense backlash over the decision forced schools to block comments on is facebook page until next week and social media staff is on thanksgiving break. the football field at lawrence high school that was trashed is now ready for the annual thanksgiving day game against central catholic. skyfox blew over veterans memorial stadium to check out the new turf. there it is. the field was damaged over the brazilian festival. glass was embedded in the turf making it unusable.
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the actual bucket that started the ice bucket challenge inspired by pete frates. it will hang in the smithsonian as part of the ghiving america exhibit. >> this iconic bucket is the symbol of hope. >> one simple bucket. >> what it has done is ripped this disease out of the shadows, brought it forth. >> reporter: one crazy challenge >> the simple act of pouring ice water over your somebody who is struggling. >> reporter: now preparing to be on display at one of the nation's most coveted museums, the smithsonian, as part of a new permanent exhibit called "giving in america." >> we are honored. >> reporter: john and nancy frates' son, pete, to help the ice bucket challenge go viral. pete was three years into his battle with als and working hard to raise awareness when the video came to his attention. >> he was just waiting for a vehicle.
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i am just waiting for the vehicle. >> reporter: the vehicle it was. the ice bucket challenge spread like wildfire. and when the fun stopped being counted in december 2014, $220 million was raised for als research. that is why the challenge symbolized by the bucket was on display by the smithsonian because it investigates the exhibit's goal of how philanthropy has shaped our country. >> it symbolize today me is hope. that one person can change the world. ne fighting. >> reporter: erika ricci, fox25 news. >> daniel: nancy frates is exactly right. it will go on exhibit at the smithsonian on tuesday. >> julie: what a strong family and support group they have. >> daniel: i agree. saving lives. a new program that is turning fire fighters into a different
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working now at 4:34. boston police officers sent to the hospital overnight. the search right away for the car and driver that took off after hurting them. plus, man is shocked by 20,000 volts of electricity while putting up christmas lights. the gust of wind that sent him to the hospital. a candlelight vigil for a local m local mom who was beat to death. her accused killer not charged with murder. the missing piece that forced a judge to drop the charge. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: 4:30 on this wednesday, november 23. thank you for joining us, i am daniel miller. >> julie: and i am julie grauert.


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