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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 23, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> daniel: lines at airport to get where you're going on time. >> jessica: search is other for suspect dragging 2 officers and what police asked him to do right before he took off. >> julie: big blow to the obama administration. keeping americans getting boost
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holidays. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: cool and come day i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. >> shiri: starting out day before thanksgiving on cool note, 33 many burlington, still freezing in sharon, just above it, kind of frosty, if yo at 36? and still upper 20 on the map in central mass and into southern new hampshire. barely over that threshold into the lower 30s, 35 from plymouth to sandwich, vineyard now at 37? and how about the sunshine today. even better how about i tell you it is going to last through wednesday here. 11:00 a.m. 41?, by 1:00 p.m. 43 and somerville on the map right here but for much of new england
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when we hit the evening hours and show you when it does drag in cooler temperatures, potential for ice and those details coming up and live drive time traffic. >> julie: this is look at expected volume and great time to head out the door, you will be all alone out there, later this afternoon starting at 1:00, 2:00, where things really start to slowdown and fine and few accidents 128 southbound right after route 3. however, volume so light it is not impacting drive times. as you can see you're flying past the gas tank on the expressway. here are live drive time, 23 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 11 minutes on the expressway, 20 minutes on 93 south approaching the zakim bridge. >> >> daniel: we continue team coverage frost logan airport and passengers heeding advice to
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record 27 million americans are expected to fly home for thanksgiving this year. >> julie: fox25 catherine parrotta has been monitoring the crowd. what's the mood like there this morning? >> moods pretty light because people aren't getting clustered and observation and massport official do anticipate a million travelers will fly into and out of logan airport during the thanksgiving travel period first flight trying to beat the rush. >> headed home to buffalo. >> travel with family and get out of cold and sunshine for a couple days. >> catherine: travelers have something in common, taking to the skies, busiest travel day of the year. what are you expecting today?
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official expect million peaks to fly in and out of logan and thanksgiving travel period and 27 million to take to the skies between november 18 and get -- twenty-ninth. >> make sure get here enough time. >> catherine: you will likely want to build in extra time if you're traveling over the river and through the woods by car. there's traffic and check live drive time camerason -- online and be flexible and tsa has increased staffing to prepare for the volume and getting through the line and into the holiday plans. >> they know it is busy too. people here moving as quick as they can and doing what they can. >> catherine: looks like the extra tsa staffing paid off and not seeing the big lines going through security.
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probably missed best window of opportunity. mass dot said between 6 and 7:00 this morning, roads are expected to be very congested between noon and 5:00, specifically around the 3:00-hour and tweak travel plans if you're able. for now live at logan airport been catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: 4 police officers were hurt during a traffic stop. this was the scene in dorchester where 2 of those officers were dragged down theo be okay and driver able to get away and jessica reyes live in dorchester with description of the car police are looking for, jess. >> jessica: it is gray or silver, possibly chevy, possibly with connect plates and working to get update the next couple hours and still working on that and know this started 12:30 last night at bar you see behind me here on stoughton street in dorchester. police say actually got a call
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with a gun and when 2 officers approached the car apparently took off and took officers with them. seconds later just came inches away from hitting more officers but did not hit those 2. last seen taking off columbia road and seen in the video, it is a huge scene here last night, huge response from police. they were out here for several hours and spoke with superintendent right after this happened and didn't elaborate whole lot on extent of the officers injuries but he that he is very thankful all 4 going to be okay. >> 4 officers that went to hospital subsequent to injuries, nonlife-threatening which we are thankful for that considering what's going on in the world across the united states right now. >> jessica: last check, last seen going down columbia road and waiting for updates from boston police on situation and let you know as soon as we get
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overnight gray or silver car with possibly connecticut plates that they are looking for this morning. live in dorchester, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: we are following developing story in cambridge right now and large power outage inman square and 4,000 customers in the dark and right now police directing traffic but signals are out and eversource expect to have the power back on within the next 20 minutes or so by 9:30. it is unclear what caused the outage. walgreens on warren street last night. the car was in the parking lot with the window shot out. man inside the car was taken to the hospital and 2 men were seeing fleeing from the scene with small silver handgun. >> julie: boston mayor marty walsh says it may be time to get monitors on all possible school buss and allegations of sexual assault between students on a bus. some parents are outraged after
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6-year-old boy. 37% has adult monitor and reeved for students with special needs. >> do you think it is time? >> certainly look at it and issue renaissance a lot deeper and a lot of other bus monitors sad situation what's going on in the school. >> julie: renaissance school failed to notify department of is required of all charters. >> daniel: president-elect donald trump picked nikki haley to be the next ambassador in the united nations. she did not support trump right away. she endorsed both marco rubio and ted cruz during the primary. this morning we are getting clearer picture of some of the people that could make up donald
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favorite to be secretary of state. that's according to the wall street journal retired marine james matis considered for secretary of defense and ben carson reportedly asked to lead department of housing and urban development. during a sitdown with the new york time yesterday trump was asked about republicans who didn't campaign for him, including kelly ayotte. trump said the new hampshire senator would love a job in his administration but he said he told her no thank you. re-election bid to governor maggie hassan. after the election she was briefly rumored as candidate for secretary of defense. meanwhile the president-elect is now officially on vacation. mr. trump arrived in palm beach last night where he will spend thanksgiving at the club. transition staff says trump will not be conducting business while in florida. >> julie: this morning former house speaker sal dimasi is almost a free man and back in
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years. dimasi's plane bought him to logan last night and he ridership in wheelchair and was emotional as talked about plans. >> it has been a trying and difficult experience for me and i'm looking forward to just being reunited with my family and my community, my friends, looking forward to regaining my health and taken care of by doctors. >> dimasi was convicted for taking $65,000 in kickbacks for steering software contracts to massachusetts. a judge granted a compassionate release 5 years into 8-year sentence as he deals with health problems related to past battles with cancer. he will be under house arrest for 6 months. >> daniel: new hampshire college will no longer be flying flags on campus after a flag flap. students lured the american flag to half-staff after the election. the flag was later found burned on veterans day. the school in amherst then
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to fly american flags on campus at all. >> the tough thing here is trying to maintain 2 competing ideas at once. >> daniel: intense backlash over the school and it will be looked at next week because staff is on thanks break. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. expressway still nice and quiet, single digits, we rarely see that unless in also means things will be slowing down later today. shiri? >> shiri: skies and weather across the nation, travel plans minneapolis and spot in the u.s. where seeing some delays because of ice and snow and delays are actually getting longer. delays in houston are off the map but i think upper midwest and pacific northwest spots that you have to watch today got more in local forecast next. >> daniel: we have a lot more coming your way.
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the new look for las vegas. >> julie: police accused of
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>> reporter: federal law was supposed to go into effect next week, december 1st. it would have made an additional 4 million workers eligible for overtime pay. but texas judge delayed the rule from taking effect while he weighs a challenge to the requirement. the rule released by the labor department in may and who is eligible for time and a half wages for each hour they put in beyond 40 a week and make overtime pay available to time salaried employees earning up to $47,000 a year. 21 states challenged overtime exchange arguing that the labor department doesn't have the authority to require employers overtime. consumer advocates and union groups praised the rule saying that it was a win for low and middle income workers. before the labor day's move in may, this rule haven't been updated in more than a decade.
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jacqueline fell, fox 23 news. >> daniel: local college graduate may lose her arm after a violent crash with police at the dakota access pipeline. she recently graduated monday night and standing with protesters when things turned violent and she was hurt when police threw concussion grenade at unarmed protesters. >> police officer hit right in forearm and forearm. >> daniel: police have denied using any explosives and say they actually found propane canisters by the protesters including 1 near the site where sophia was hurt. police say the bomb exploded near vehicle pinning sophia underneath. >> julie: update 4-year-old
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a crash. we learned little girl from odessa can be texas is paralyzed. she was involved in a car crash this weekend. first responders at the scene never noticed her in the car. hours later a tow truck driver discovered the girl and called 911. >> daniel: look at this site over florida monday night. police got over 100 calls, some as far away from north carolina, georgia and alabama. experts say the bright flash was most likely meteor which is also known as fire ball. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. revisit travel hot spots. pike eastbound at 84 sturbridge and burlington and route 3 southbound in segment between braintree and hingham and all of those heavy, steady volume at 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon and right now everyone moving along fine and a lot of people are prepping for drive later today
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on 93 south or route 1. here are live drive times, 13 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south, 22 minutes 128 southbound peabody to the weston tolls. >> if you are developing out in the car i guarantee you're wearing sunglasses but when you step out you will need a big coat on. >> shiri: don't pack scraper for tomorrow. a little bit of course, today. >> no travel weak from the weather department and headed low, mid-40s, worcester, only 39? and hey, if this is the weather for 1 of the busiest travel days of the year, i think we are in great shape. plus the winds that we have right now actually end up subsiding as we get into the afternoon. currently 34 and 35? in plymouth but because we have some wind
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story deal with all week and feels like the 20s, felt like the teens so far this morning and wind chill in effect. this afternoon lower 40s sunshine with decreasing wind, we are in great shape, a little bit below average but not terrible for november standards and 5:00 keep getting colder and colder with increasing clouds tonight and thanksgiving and early tomorrow morning for those 10:00 a.m. football games, i will keep temperature close to freezing here, slight risk we freezing drizzle and a little bit of snow on the map and risky for slippery travel conditions during the morning hours, 1:00 p.m. at lunchtime, many towns running dry but still seeing hints of very light precipitation and inland. it is going to be in the form of some snow, light and scattered rain and snow showers into dinner time as well, and reason that we are not really obsessing over snow totals is it is not a
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takes a coating of know or touching freezing drizzle to make a mess of the roadways. that's why travel to extreme care especially during the morning hours and see high temperatures expected in the low, even mid-40s along the coastline and inland towns and cities and pessimistic and running a little too warm, could actually see temperature hung up in the 30s and about 40? in framingham or lawrence or margin, new hampshire, member allowing lightix day or even a little bit of light snow. i know future cast isn't showing a lot here, so sarah wroblewski and i got the latest information and agreed there could be light precipitation, line icing creating slippery roads. not for everybody but kind of patchy out there. more intense stuff will hold off until the evening hours and see a changeover from snow inland to rain for all of us, and that
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there for early friday shoppers but with temperatures close to freezing we are actually going to have to watch out for pockets of ice as well and 2 straight
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new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region.
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and the communities we serve. ?? ever new england. eversource. >> daniel: elden degeneres receives medal of freedom at final medal of freedom ceremony.
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president obama allotted them for helping push america forward and inspiring millions but before the tears there were a lot of laughs. ellen degeneres tweeted out photo stuck outside the white house. secret service hasn't let her inside yet because she forgot her id. i don't think she needed it. >> julie: president obama took chance to crack a few jokes about the long list of achievements. >> we should never travel with tom hanks. i mean you think about it, you got pirates, plane crashes, got marooned and airport purgatory, volcanoes and somehow can't resist going where he wants to take us. >> >> julie: diana ross and michael jordan were also there.
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working on bringing back flip iphone and designs is in the patent feature touch screen that can fold in half. now, it is still unknown if feature worked into a new iphone but apple's patents give a glimpse into the company's future products. facebook wants you to help find wi-fi and looking at new feature that will identify open internet connections through mobile app located and whether it is free. >> julie: laughing major league sports team has a name. vegan golden nights will play first game when hockey starts next year. announcement was made yesterday in front of thousands of new fans and they awarded the expansion team in june. it has been the first time it
9:27 am
flurries and potential of a little bit of ice here, no accumulation and timing of threat and which towns are at risk next. >> daniel: recalled dangerous toys are in the shelves but still be sold online. what you should do before stocking up on toys on the web. >> michael: police make arrest
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>> julie: 9:30 and taking live look at skyline downtown and back bay to be more precise and that blue sky. packing up c >> shiri: mother nature being our friend. thanksgiving we got some troubling things brewing in the forecast but right now winds gusting 23 miles per hour in boston and nashua 24 in providence, 18 and so far this morning these are some of the lower reports early this morning we had gusts much lower to 35 miles -- 30 miles per hour and still wind chill are in the 20s.
9:31 am
the 30s right under the feels like temperature, morning in the 20s. 10 aim temperature 39?, noon time 41, low and mid-40s for highs, sunshine continues and into the evening we finally start pull in the clouds and not until tomorrow threat for a little bit of light rain, light snow, even icing concerns in and around the boston area. i will break it down with future cast when i'm back with you in 10. julie back now with live time traffic. >> julie: glimpse where expecting heaviest volume. this morning things moving along nicely. it is this afternoon and this evening when things really slow down starting as early as 1:00. tomorrow though anybody hitting the roads actually on thanksgiving should be fine. this is what looking at right now. expressway not even seeing any red traffic flows. route 1 and 93 south clear, live drive time single digits on the expressway, 20 minutes on 93
9:32 am
northbound westwood to the weston tolls. >> daniel: travelers being told to arrive early but as you could see it is pretty dead right now. >> julie: 1 of the busiest days of the year and things will likely get more chaotic later today. >> catherine: passengers maybe expecting some travel headaches today and massport officials expect million travelers will be flying in and out of logan airport during the thanksgiving travel period and because of that official here in boston and also across the country they are warning travelers to build in extra time, make sure arrive in plenty of time at the airport and, of course, also try to check in online ahead of time if you're able to do that and
9:33 am
27 million travelers to take to the skies november 18th and 29 and get if you're flying out of logan additional silver line mbta service today and tsa also increased staffing to prepare for the higher volume. we did speak with travelers heading out on first flights of the day today and here is what they are expecting. >> first time traveling on wednesday before >> i was expecting more clouds but not bad so far. >> won't be only busy spot and roads will be congested today as typically on this day and telling drivers to use the live traffic cameras online and be flexible when it comes to travel timing and this afternoon the busiest times on the roads they are supposed to be between noon and 5:00 and busiest hour being about 3:00 this afternoon and tweak travel plans if you haven't already.
9:34 am
wait in any long lines, at least right now. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: family of lowell mother demanding justice for her murder. woman arrested but not facing murder charges. what was a emotional day in court. michael? >> michael: emotional day and worcester apartments in lowell where this victim, this mother of 4 who was killed here not only mourned the loss but also expressed frustration that the person arrested was charged with assault and not murder. emotional vigil tapped off gloribel orengo. >> she was adorable person and it hurts. >> michael: family and friends
9:35 am
of murder charge against amirilies huertas-perez in 1st 1st court appearance thursday. group of people beat orengo to death outside a party saturday night. >> knowing she should be charged with murder and other kids that are still on the run. >> michael: hit orengo over the head twice with a full liquor bottle and reported earlier this with special needs saw it all. >> he is traumatized. he can't sleep and blaming himself and pointed to barrel and right there, mommy died right there. >> black suv crashed into northborough home after a high-speed chase and prosecutors now say after the beating hopped into the passenger seat and stolen black suv led police on
9:36 am
in northborough and she and driver ran away from the scene. due back in court on december 19th and prosecutors say charges could be upgraded at some point. right now she is the only person arrested in this case. live in lowell, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: police got call about a person with a gun police stopped car that matched the description on stoughton street in dorchester when officers asked the driver to get out, police say hit the gas pedal dragging 2 officers and naker low missing 2 -- nearly 2 more and disappeared on columbia road and all the officers are expected to be okay and keep following the breaking news for you and give you more information. following on trump transition, south carolina governor nikki
9:37 am
ambassador to the united nations. this story broke during the 6:00 news when we found out president-elect donald trump had chosen her for the position. haley said she had always intended to serve position as governor but accepting nomination because of the sense of duty and haley first woman who has been tapped to be in the president-elect's administration >> julie: disturbing trend in the city, homicides up 20% this year. new numbers from the boston herald show the cit homicides this year compared to 33 during the same period in 2015. boston police have also reported the 54% uptick in shooting for october and november. community activist that talked to the herald and recent surge on gang violence. >> daniel: horrific case of child neglect. children 3, 5 and 6 wearing diapers and unable to speak. donna turned herself into
9:38 am
investigation and another suspect nicholas emery has been arrested in arizona. police tell fox25 they were legally responsible for the children and kids found in home in daniel son, connecticut. police say they were underweight, had missing teeth and rarely left the house and never enrolled in school either. >> daniel: firefighters in new hampshire have saved 800 people from drug addiction from unique recovery program fire station called safe stations and from there they will be brought to 28 day recovery center. now it is part of national program being tested in cities across the country and so far participants say it is working. >> when i was in active addiction, i didn't know there was so much support behind the disease. >> daniel: framingham --
9:39 am
going to nashua and new york. >> julie: 1 month ago engine parked cars not enough insurance money to pay for all the damage. driver responsible for the halloween crash works for the ride-sharing service lyft. the company tells us because he did not have a passenger in the car and not picking anyone up at the time of the crash, the insurance is limited to $25,000. we have learned that damage can be over$100,000 for cars and fire are looking at all the options and says it is going to be scrapped. >> daniel: 3m making fire extinguishing systems the town claims made way into the water system and threatening the health of thousands of people. town wants the company to pay for the testing, treatment and monitoring of the water systems. new sign had drivers scratching their head in dartmouth as you could see here, contractor
9:40 am
instead of cape cod. crews took it down monday as soon as it was brought to their attention. massdot apologized saying workers are responsible for double checking signs for any errors before they go up. julie, you always check to make sure your traffic words is correct. >> julie: i do double-check but i guess i can't judge. don't throw stones at glass houses. 93 southbound right now, moving along to zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: to be perfectly clear traffic system she uses and weather system i use there's no spell check. tell me how that makes sense. good travel conditions today starts going down hill starting for thanksgiving and right into the weekend and time out rain, snow, ice next. >> daniel: local woman waking up from night in cold after she says utility company broke her furnace.
9:41 am
heat? >> daniel: cameras were there and pleads for help to get her heat back on.
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>> daniel: nintendo classic gaming system. >> i don't know what they are. shop kings. i guess that's hot toy. >> if there's a toy that's very popular, you can be assured that someone is going to try to counterfeit it. >> daniel: extra to movie tie-ins and march dice and shipping containers these toy cars that had fake bmw logos and hubcaps fell off the toy when it was pushed and toys that don't meet u.s. safety standards. >> from distance somebody could think this is real. >> daniel: tips that could be pushed in easily and let's people know it is a toy and not
9:45 am
officers find issues by checking paperwork and using expressway screening machine to look for anything unusual. if they see anything suspicious well open the contain and her examine the content. across the u.s. there were nearly $1.4 billion worth of fakes confiscated in 2015 and most of them come from china and hong kong and too big concerns about counterfeit toys electronic. >> no guarantee about the safety. >> who wants child playing with something that could special low
9:46 am
criminal and. >> daniel: importer reputable company and working with customs and fix the issue with the loose plug. >> julie: meanwhile recall toys are still available to buy online. u.s. public interest research group found dozen 44 toys recalled over the past 2 years those include toys recalled for serious dangers like overheating chargers and high level of lead. it is confident toys sold in stores are safe but says to double-check any online deal that seem too good to be true. >> daniel: nfl named tom brady the offensive player of the week for performance against 49ers on sunday. brady grew up in the bay area and first time playing in san francisco as professional.
9:47 am
season tv 12 has been named player of the week and twenty-seventh time in his career tying him with peyton manning for most all time. number 18 colts. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. accident 93 and 128 southbound at route 2. volume so light that it is not causing any delays in drive times. expressway moving along the problem issues times when everyone heading out the door anticipated 1:00 ask 2:00 this afternoon and then you will be in heavy, steady traffic to 6:00 p.m. and 13 minutes 128 to the tobin and 20 minutes 93 south and 23 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. shiri spear joining us now and
9:48 am
>> thank you for travel plans today. absolutely golden in the northeast. i think though for any local travel tomorrow is when it gets very, very ivy out there because we will have some problem spots. here is breakdown. slippery thanksgiving travel. this is still a moderate concern of mine, especially for inland towns and cities for spots north of the pike, looking at potential for a little mix or a little bit of snow or perhaps even a little freezing drizzle to start off so that's thanksgiving. black friday, for inland towns and cities and watching saturday showers for now it is in slight risk category because it is mostly rain and classic situation where if it cools down enough we could see flipover to snow so we are watching that very, very closely, ton to iron out with the weekend forecast. we have clear skies, basically anywhere to drive today looking good and give you thumbs-up and afterwards the great lakes looking into rain and snow and rain extends all the way down into texas.
9:49 am
but wind chill is 26 and blustery morning and winds subsiding this afternoon and sun low and mid-40s and temperatures dropping back into the 30s in boston by 7:00 this evening and really the rule, low and mid-40s across southern new england and worcester higher elevations a little cooler, 39, and we have had colder novembers, this is a little bit below comparison to past thanksgiving it is not all that terrible. tracking drizzle out across the cape and islands, once we get into boston, north shore, south shore, that's where we got to watch for a little bit of light icy mix and points north and west, closer to 495, merrimack valley, southern new hampshire, worcester hills looking at very minor snow accumulation and expect to be patch and he under an inch locally. snapshot tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. and temperatures close
9:50 am
precipitation we have ahead of this and future cast may not be picking up on superlight stuff and sprinkles could boil down to icy roads, couple flakes may fly in the worcester hills or southern new hampshire and even as we head toward noon mosthy dry here and going to see dry and cloudy conditions and going to be couple very light snow our rain showers out there and still going bedford and see changeover to all rain and temperatures mild enough if you get a little mix you should see transition over system drizzle with temperature at 43 for your thanksgiving. north and west i just don't think we will warm up that much. i think it is going to be a struggle and some of you will get stuck in 30s. black friday shopping, beware of the black ice in the morning and otherwise widely scattered rain showers and back on track with
9:51 am
sunday that's the storm system that i'm saying requires ironing out because i have the potential for both rain and snow. right now looks like mostly rain and focus across the coastline but if it comes down hard enough and cools down enough we will see it change over to snow. a lot of details to work out, should clear out by monday and tuesday of next week. back to you guys. >> daniel: 4 people are dead after outbreak of asthma. these are monday's asthma rain break up pollen making it very small enough to get stuck in the lungs. more than 1900 emergency calls were made in 4-hour period as the storm hit. the city deployed 60 extra ambulances and still do not have enough vehicles to respond to
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> daniel: woman has been without heat for 3 weeks and she is talking with fox25 and
9:55 am
building fired components on november 1st and when it happened eversource crew work outside her building and eversource replaced oven and offered to pay for new refrigerator but no idea if or when she will get the heat back. >> candles everywhere and lights to bring more heat and medical condition making it 10 times worse. >> daniel: when she called eversource they said had not been processed yet. spokesperson tells us a plumber was unable to fix the furnace because it is too old and offered to pay for hotel while the situation is rectified. >> julie: skeleton of cow could help learn more about pilgrims. bones were likely sitting on early settlement. this is 1 of the first discoveries that helped peace together the day-to-day lives of
9:56 am
how everything was used. >> daniel: consumer product safety commission annual turkey fire demonstration there. be safe this thanksgiving especially when frying the birds and tips don't overfill the pot and make sure you use pot handles at all times because the sides can get dangerously hot. >> julie: tight around new york city for the macy's thanksgiving day parade and heavily counterterrorism units and bomb-sniffing dogs will be loon the entire route and first time ever more than 80 salt and sand trucks will be parked at every single intersection of the route to prevent possible car bombs from infiltrating. >> talk about cold. it is going to be frigid. >> shiri: cold out there now and cold stretch even into the weekend, we have below average
9:57 am
enough we could be dealing with a little bit of icy mix on roads in the morning and i think it is going to be really patchy, really light if we see it and a lot of you waking up to dry conditions but since the threat is there it is my job to mention that you may run into icy spots in the morning. steadier stuff will come in a little later in the afternoon and evening hours and mixing or
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it's november 23rd, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a woman's clothes are smeared with fake blood before she's posed by cops who staged this entire murder scene. how it led them to an arrest in a chilling love triangle. >> they are like, got ya. >> don't block him. don't block him. just wait. >> dangerously close to traffic. >> he's really, really scared. >> what it takes to corner a dog named mozart. >> it's okay. a woman married to a plastic surgeon takes advantage of the body benefits. >> he's the only one that's ever performed procedures on me. >> meet the couple keeping nip and tuck in the family. plus bonus give away means a shot to win an ipad mini or flat screen tv. as christian, oli, charity,


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