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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> announcer: this is fox 25 news at 10:00. first at 10:00 we begin with a live look at the radar. as you can see question are tracking some weather in our area. good evening everyone i'm jacqui heinrich. >> i'm chris flanagan. fox 25 storm tracker weather meteorologist sarah wroblewski. there's some rain and also some fog out there tonight, sarah. >> yeah, watching the visibility very carefully if you are going to be headed out. we have a few scattered showers too shower will continue even into our weekend. we're down to less than a mile in places like bedford and fitchburg down to half a mile. just take it easy if you will be heading out this evening. we have temperatures in the zpliz 40s. down across the southeast we are scattered showers out there right now. a closer look at the cape and islands you can me steadier downpours near ptown where have you that darker shade of yellow. then as you head over bourne you are seeing some
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breaking apart but have you that fog out there, too. we are tracking those showers and the areas of fog. what we'll be watching is a system developing to our south. that will get going through the overnight into tomorrow. most of the moisture is going to stay to the south but it will clip parts of southern new england tomorrow with the rain. ville the full-time line of that as well as how much rain you can expect and when we will finally see the sunshine in a few minutes. >> to track the weather yourself in the comfort of your own home make sure to downad tracker weather app. it's free and available on any device. we're following breaking news out of tennessee. investigators are now saying there were several complaints about a chattanooga bus driver's behavior behind the wheel weeks before it crashed and killed six children two. written statements by students complaining that walker's driving was erratic. with one said the driver would stop the bus and make students who were moving in their seats hit their heads and others said seat belts
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the designated bus route killing six elementary students monday. developing now out of framingham a woman was hit by a car along route 9. this was the scene near prospect street earlier this evening. police say the 50-year-old woman was brought to the hospital but is expected to be okay. we're still working to get the latest on her investigation. right now though people are without power and their thanksgiving day leftovers are spoiled all because an 18-year-old girl was driving too fast with friends when sh car then hit a power pole. fox 25's robert goldston is in norwood with this story new at 10:00. >> reporter: the car was coming around this corner speeding and lost control it and took out two parked cars and power to the entire neighborhood. >> loud enough to get your attention. it was loud. >> reporter: this is what ed joel in norwood looked like right after that crash. >> the telephone pole was down my car was parked
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>> reporter: police say an 18-year-old woman was behind the wheel with two other teens in the car when she lost control because she was going too fast. >> for a second i thought the transformer blew up. that was kind of the sound of it. like a big boom. >> reporter: after she hit the first parked car she hit the poll taking it down then hit a second parked car. >> she must have been going pretty quick. the utility pole and transformer came crashing homes had no power. >> i had to park down there because i couldn't get near the driveway because of the weiss. >> reporter: leaving some families with last minute changes to their holiday weekend plans. >> three kids, night off no, movie night now but we'll be okay. >> reporter: crews brought in a new utility pole just after dark and the town was able to start getting people reconnected. >> at least no one got hurt. >> reporter: police say the 18-year-old driver will be charged with speeding and negligent driving. in norwood, robert goldston,
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have made an arrest in a gas station robbery that was caught on camera. we first told you about this incident at the gulf gas station in newton last week. police say the man you see here matthew skinard turned himself in this afternoon. according to police, a 33-year-old asked the clerk to please open the register pointing a long gun at him. skinner has been charged with armed robbery. also new tonight, transit police are looking for this woman wanted for questioning related to an assault and battery dudley station earlier this move. it happened around 3:00 p.m. at the duncan -- dunkin' donuts. the victim sustained substantial burns. new tonight a man is in jail after he tried to get away from police in dorchester crashing his car off interstate 93 off ramp in the process. this is the aftermath. boston police say they began chasing the man in
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the suspect was detained we're waiting to hear back from police on the charges he's facing. >> the man accused of dragging two police officers and hitting two more with his car appeared in court this morning. the dangerous encounter happened earlier this week outside of dorchester bar. fox 25's jason law spoke to the suspect's family. they say police have the wrong guy. >> reporter: vincent weekes tried to hide his face in court. first with his hood and then behind the gas divider. the 34-year-old from boston police officers to the hospital after investigators say he tried to run. >> he -- >> reporter: his mother says investigators have the wrong man. that weekes was with his girlfriend in her apartment at the time of the struggle with police. >> when i spoke to him that night when i at work i was on the phone with him. so he didn't do what y'all saying he did. >> reporter: according to police report, officers were called to the dublin house a few minutes before 1:00
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here with a gun. officerssy what they approached the suspect and ordered him out of his car the suspect fought back and then drove off dragging two of the offers with him. the two officer were dragged 20 feet before they were thrown from the car. investigators say weekes then hit two other officers who were running over to help. all four were treated and released from the hospital and are expected to be okay. weekes was arrested around nine hours later. friday morning, his family was in court to defend him. >> my brother's a very person. as far as the whole incident i couldn't tell you. >> reporter: court records show weekes has been arrested several times before convicted of drug and assault charges going back to 2005. a judge set his bond at $75,000. jason law, fox 25 news. a roxbury man in court charged with driving drunk when he caused an accident that injured a trooper. he is being held on $5,000 bail. this was the scene last
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on 93 and boston. a trooper was brought to the hospital we are told he is expected to be okay. he is due back in court next month. >> we've learned the identity of the man killed in a horrific crash in plainville on 495 yesterday. 22-year-old james keating was from norton. he was killed early on thursday morning in the southbound lanes. state police say keating was driving the wrong way on the highway when he hit a car being driven by a 21-year-old woman from barnstable. she's in serious condition at a rhode island hospital. under investigation. new tonight, police are asking for the public's help in locating the teen in this photo. take a close look at your screen there. they tell us 16-year-old lee has been missing for a week. his family says they haven't heard from him at all in that time and this is uncommon for the teen. if you see him contact your local authorities. another local family was forced to spend thanksgiving without their loved one. this is teresa corle who was murdered in bellingham back in 1978. her killer has never been
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several stories with the family and tonight her family and the community came together in an effort to find justice. tonight dozens of teresa's friends and family, including her sister came out to celebrate her life and raise money for a private exhumation. >> i think she's here in spirit. i think her spirit is with us. >> reporter: can corle's brutal murder has haunted her family and baffled state she was 19 years old when she left franklin bar after getting into an argument and walked out. she was picked up by three men and sexually assaulted. after running out of the apartment corle ended up hitch-hiking but never made it home. her naked body was found two days later in a ditch on the side of route 495. a private investigator and cold case analyst working with the family. >> it's just so critical at this point to do that second autopsy. get any information that
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first time around. >> reporter: there's hope that modern forensic science and d.n.a. testing may provide a significant breakthrough. it's happened in other cases the family hopes it will happen in teresa's case, too, so they can get closure. >> we want you our answers. this is our endzone. >> reporter: teresa corley has created a facebook page called justice for teresa corley. of hate spray painted in front of a local high school. new at 10:00, fox 25's christine mccarthy is in harvard where a group of seniors will come together tomorrow to display an entirely different kind of message. >> reporter: the hateful words and symbols are now physically gone. a tarp now covering that rock but the effect is still being felt in this small town. swastikas, homophobic symbols and racist messages
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harvard. >> the rock is a symbol to the school. it's something they've done for decades. it's important symbol to the town. >> reporter: that sacred space for self-expression and acceptance among students in grades 6 through 12 defaced. several residents outraged to find the graffiti friday morning and called police who are now investigating the case as a hate crime. >> it will be investigated in combination with the attorney general's office and will be prosecuted if we head in that of public works has painted over the rock and covered it with a tarp. >> there was evidence that was collected found at the scene as well as a possible video evidence that was found as well. >> reporter: meanwhile an effort has begun to repaint it with messages of tolerance and hope for the future. >> all of these symbols of eqailt -- equality and tolerance were already on the rock now we've had this negative response to it and then the kids are going to have a chance to volley again. >> reporter: harvard
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is helping organize the repainting saturday afternoon. co-ordinating with students and offering money and supplies. i really wanted to support the kids as they addressed their space and fronted the hateful symbolism head on. >> reporter: she and police agree these messages do not reflect the values of this small town. they hope the experience starts an important dialogue. >> something really good is going to come out of this moment and the outcry in the community is just going create a platform for something really positive to happen. >> reporter: many believe that this is a bad decision made by kids that we don't yet know if that's the case. but if so, adults need to start recognizing their hurtful language that they could be using in fronts of children because kids do listen. now the superintendent's office sent me a statement condemning this act but also saying that the diversity committee and other school leaders are going to work to bolster the school curriculum to make sure that
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as for the repainting of this rock that will happen between 1:00 and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. in harvard, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. tom brady returned to practice today after missing the last two with a knee injury. ahead at be 10:00 it's what he didn't say at this press conference that has experts wondering if he'll be healthy enough to play on sunday. president-elect donald trump went shopping on this black friday. looking for fresh faces to fill his team. all new next at mitt romney why why mitt romney may have to apologize if he wants a space his team.
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president-elect donald trump went black friday shopping today. >> he added some members to his team and we're also finding outside former massachusetts governor mitt romney may have to apologize to trump if he wants to become the next secretary of state. >> reporter: the next white house now has its top lawyer. don mccann is white house counsel. mccann is said to know a lot about government ethics making him a valuable asset to an incoming president who pledges to "drain the swamp." he also made k.t. mcforwardland of the anti- terror strategy who had been in the pentagon
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outlined the dangerous international chessboard awaiting the next president. >> whether it's china, russia, north korea, radical islam a new president always gets tested but all these countries are lining up to test this new president. >> reporter: eight more potential administration members will visit the president-elect on monday. among them milwaukee sheriff david clark, former s.e.c. commissioner paul atkins, and lou bartelta. it's looking at many of the people for multiple positionses, and as trump prepares to take over the u.s. government, the russian government is trying to position itself as a leader in syria with a spokesman saying that "if washington cannot or does not want to fight terrorists, it should not get in the way." disputes like this one will be handled come january by the next secretary of state, and the names floated as
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mitt romney and rudy giuliani have the transition team taking sides so much that the incoming administration may now be looking elsewhere for top diplomats. according to reports in "the new york times". trump insiders tell fox news romney may need to apologize to trump as if he wants to come on board. it's basically campaign against trump in the primaries. amazon facing criticism for the make america great again hats made famous by donald trump's campaign. make america great again ornamentnc is now listed as currently unavailable. the reviews on the site have made for a place to criticize the president-elect. as of this morning it had 1.7 stars out of five from customer reviews. some still being filled by private vendors. new at be 10:00, the effort to recount votes in three key states is picking up steam. former presidential candidate jill stein a former lexington town meeting member has raised more than $4.5 million for a
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that's after voting security experts alerted hillary clinton's campaign to the possibility of hacks. that's in key counties in wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. >> we're not doing this to the benefit of one candidate over the other, we're doing this for the benefit of the american public so that we can trust that our votes are counted. >> statistical websites say claims of hacking don't check out and there's no clear evidence that the the on the votes. a u.s. service member was killed in an explosion in syria. this is the first time an american has been killed in that country since they were deployed there to fight isis. it happened north of isis' self-controlled capital of rocca. operations to take that city from the terror group will begin soon. an estimated 300 service members are currently operating in syria. the woman who played the family mom on the brady bunch died of heart failure
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to be known as america's move. fox 25's daniel miller looks back on her life and legacy. ? here's a story of a lovely lady ?. >> reporter: that lovely lady is florence henderson who played america's favorite mom carol brady on the brady bunch but her real story wasn't so ideal. born in 1934 in dale, indiana, henderson grew up poor with an alcoholic father and a mother who left when she just 12 henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and help make ends meet. >> i remember every member not singing and i would sing and pass the hat. i would sing for groceries. >> reporter: her big break came in 1951, when she landed a starring role in rogers and hammerstein's oklahoma. the singer turned actor then took her talents to tv. in 1959 she was nbc's today girl, and she became the
10:20 pm
"the tonight show" in 1962. then in 1969, henderson became carol brady. >> i created the kind of mother that i wished i had had and i think everyone longed for. >> i get so much fan mail from all over the world and everybody wants a hug from me. >> yeah, and i hug everybody. >> i get so much affection. >> reporter: henderson continued to act and sing on tv for decades after the brady bunch. living rooms in 2010 dancing with the stars. henderson had four children with her first husband ira better than stein and then her second husband undergoing treatment for stage five and a fear of flying. >> people used to kid john and say you hypnotized her. >> the treatment worked so well henderson became a hypnotherapist herself. she became a patient of a different kind when at the
10:21 pm
started to lose her hearing. >> you can't imagine for someone who makes their living doing music when you all of a sudden don't hear that piano or violin light instruments it's the most terrifying feeling in the world. >> doctors discovered she an ear disease but after multiple surgeries henderson's hearing was restored. >> i have -- i can cook in my ears nothing sticks to them. >> reporter: henderson always seemed to look on the bright side. >> if you're not having you shouldn't be there. >> good night florence. oh, good night everyone. >> she will be missed. henderson passed away at a hospital in los angeles she was surrounded by friends and family. florence henderson was 82 years old. early this month massachusetts voters decided to legalize recreational marijuana. >> next at 10:00 why the start date for stores to sell it might get pushed back and for how long. >> plus, tom brady hits the practice field for first time in three days.
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question he did not answer
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lawmakers are in talks to push back the opening date by a few months. from january 2018 to mid-year 2018. they say this will give them more time to make sure local governments are prepared to regulate marijuana sales. pot will become legal to use and possess starting december 15th of this year. new at 10:00, police say drunk driving was the reason for this thanksgiving morning crash. this is on new boston road in you sturbridge. according to police after the driver crashed someone came over to help him but he allegedly threatened that sturbridge man is facing several charges, including o.u.i. and intimidation of a witness. new tonight no one was hurt when flames erupted in this truck in medfield on north street around 9:00 this morning. crews were able to control those flames quickly. pats q.b. tom brady returned to practice today after suffering a thigh injury but he would not commit to playing this weekend against the jets. fox 25's butch stearns joins
10:26 pm
playing patriot games with the media. >> reporter: chris, that would be a first. patriots never play games with us in the media after missing practice on both wednesday and thursday tom brady was asked on the field ask asked if he will play against the jets on sunday. he did not say yes he said we'll see. the last time brady missed two practices in a row was six years this week, thanksgiving week he played on thanksgiving day 2010 and had a perfect passer rating points. while brady won't say he's definitely playing this sunday he sure sounds like he will. >> like i said everyone is dealing with just some bumps and bruises it's just part of football. it's football season i'm not the only one dealing with them there's a lot of guys dealing with a lot of stuff. i feel like i've got a lot of football stored up if you can't practice then do you the best you can do.
10:27 pm
been in tryptophan induced coma for the past few days and he just came out of it this morning. chris. >> butch. he wouldn't be alone with that coma. i think many of russ in it. a restaurant worker gets attacked from behind and it's all caught on camera. new at 10:00 that surveillance video showing the violent encounter after a robber puts a gun to the worker's head. and fog may slow you
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black friday shoppers going strong. >> the you the about those savings came at the cost of braving crowds and going without sleep. >> reporter: at the south shore plaza shoppers didn't waste a second the season's hottest deals only on shelves as long as supplies lasted and those sticker prices with an expiration date of saturday. >> we were packed to the gills when we opened at 12:01. >> reporter: hundreds of door busters had parents and kids alike sacrificing sleep in the name of savings. >> i think it was fun.
10:31 pm
because it's cool. >> reporter: past your bedtime? >>. >> yeah. >> reporter: legacy place in dedham prepared for crowds. >> we have a bunch of activities including a terroristing tent from 11:00 to 3:00 and live jazz music and carollers and the shoppers took advantage not just with the activities but those sales. >> a few, mostly on things for me not for my family which is why i came out. >> i got 50% off. >> reporter: and even though black friday is nearly over, the savings aren't stopping. small business owners are getting ready for the big shopping day in their name starting tomorrow. small business saturday. >> shop small for the little guys we have the unique items and i think people like what they see here. >> reporter: for more information on the best black friday deals that might still be available head to you our website an on-line shopping from thanksgiving day is expected
10:32 pm
that by 5:00 yesterday afternoon. a 13% increase from last thanksgiving. that number reached almost $2 billion by midnight. that's about 16% more sales than last year. 137 million people are expected to shop either on-line or in stores this weekend. instead of black friday governor baker is pushing everyone to jump on board with green friday. governor baker declared today green friday encouraging people across the state to buy christmas tree, holiday plants wreaths at local farms. baker says the nursery industry is a driver of the economy and that residents can make a big difference with these small purchases. black friday shopping check, and yes, i did go to a local farm to buy a wreath for my
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you can see the clouds still looked like autumn in the city of boston. a little bit milder for parts of the cape we did see some measurable rain. not too much but as you travel north and west places like 1/2a that's where we saw about .2 of an inch. we still have some scattered showers out there at this hour right now. taking a look down across the southeast the cape and islands that's where we're seeing the scattered show 40s. 51 on vineyard. back to the north and west we're back into the 30s as well as the lower 40s. some clouds, some fog, too likely going to slow you down. but we've been just dealing with this unsettled mess throughout the day today. rain and snow for parts of northern new england. but temperatures above freezing down across our area. i want to widen out the shot because what we're going to be watching is down to our south just getting going this area of clouds. it's going to be an area of
10:34 pm
going to turn into a coastal storm. now there's still some uncertainty exactly where this track is going to go. but what i can tell you we're going to stay fairly cloudy overnight tonight's. could see some areas of drizzle some scattered showers. but as this area of low pressure gets going by tomorrow you will notice that we'll still have the clouds in place and best chances of seeing any rain will be down across the south as well as the east as we head through the afternoon and into the evening hours. but that's what the track of this area of low pressure at this location. if it doesn't just scoot to of rain going to shift to the north and west. it pushes a little bit further out to the south and east a lot of us will dodge some of this rain as it comes on through. but currently, we're going to keep south and eastern areas in play for that chance of rain. for the north and west and you go you could even find a few breaks in the cloud cover during the afternoon. but it will be a mostly cloudy day. even in the city of boston i would be prepared to see scattered shower or two but it won't be a washout as we
10:35 pm
heaviest rain closest to that center of low pressure. this area of low pressure lifts to the north. so by saturday night we begin to dry out. we could see a few lingering showers even a few snowflakes early on sunday. but then the clouds will break apart it will turn breezy and cooler and sunday looks to be your brighter day but it will be much cooler. travel conditions this weekend if you're travelling on sunday looking okay. tomorrow we have to watch for a few of those rainshowers. tonight is a night i'm really looking at poor conditions w getting some reports from the viewers out there thank you so much for sending this in. this is from steve in uxbridge can't even see the supermarket which is 100 feet away. fog dilemma. sure enough we have pockets of fog changing visibility fitchburg down and we're going to continue to see the visibility changing as we go through the overnight hours. fog and clouds pockets of drizzle. temperatures fall back into the 20s and 30s. to north and west be aware as temperatures are near that freezing mark could see
10:36 pm
by tomorrow back into the 40s near 50. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. best chance of the rain definitely down across the southeast. some of the forecast models show not much wave precipitation but as you get further to the south and east this is a trend that i'm noticing that we could see some steadier amounts down. there as for this weekend you can see temperatures in the 40s pretty much both days a little bit cooler but a little bit brighter as we head into into your sunday. we'll hold on to some su bring back the risk of some rain as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday as we warm up. over to you. >> we'll keep an eye on that one. >> there were no winners in wednesday's powerball drawing now tomorrow's jackpot has reached $403 million. >> not bad. if there is a winner tomorrow jacqui they can get the installment or cash payout of nearly $244 million. by the way, last time someone won powerball was back in september.
10:37 pm
. >> take it and run. >> there you go. flames ripped through an apartment building trapping an elderly man inside. >> new at 10:00, how a group of firefighters who had never met before teamed up to save the man's life and the reunion you have to see. plus, a woman goes for a jog and doesn't come back. leaving her children and husband thinking the world. it's never it's the worst thing ever. >> next at 10:00, where police found the mother tied up and alive.
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fast-food employee fights off an armed thooempt a man enters the backdoor of this popeye's restaurant in minnesota and grabs a worker from behind. the worker as you can see fought off the man but was pistol whipped by the robber. police still searching for that man. a federal judge has ruled diffian roof is competent to stand trial. he's accused in the shooting deaths of nine people at an african-american church in charleston, south carolina, last year. the judge halted jury selection in the ca could undergo a competency evaluation. the psychiatrist examined roof and witnesses testified about the matter in a hearing this week. if convicted he could face the death penalty. jury selection in the federal trial is scheduled to resume on monday. after three long weeks of waiting and wondering a missing california mother has been reufwhightd her husband and children. that mother went for a jog and got kidnapped. >> reporter: a family's
10:42 pm
was found alive early thanksgiving day morning the mother of two went missing while jogging in northern california. police say she had been freed by her captors and left on the side of the road in yolo county. that's about 140 miles from where she was last seen. according to police, she freed herself from restraints and flagged down a passing motorist. days after she went missing her husband broke down as he spoke about what it was like to live through this nightmare. >> the worst thing in the i've, it's never it's the worst thing ever. >> reporter: community members who helped search for her were overjoyed at the news it. >> was just a rush of relief and a lot of tears and in realizing that it was over and the best possible sentence. >> reporter: but officials say it's not quite over. shasta county sheriff says the alleged kidnappers are still at large.
10:43 pm
colored s.u.v. with two hispanic females armed with a handgun. >> reporter: police don't know the identities of the two women and they still don't have a possible motive. but for papini's family all that matters is she's finally home. i'm yassin hammer reporting. >> she was treated for smidgies but did not specify the extent of those injuries. the story certainly hits home as a search for vanessa marcotte's killer continues. she was jogging mother's princeton home in august when she was murdered. they believe her killer may be familiar with the area. a kblompt panic and uncertainty when firefighters realize an elderly man is trapped inside a burning building. next and new at 10:00 the
10:44 pm
executed to save his life.
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new at 10:00 auburn police senus everyone take it slow out there. this rollover crash happened earlier and thankfully everyone inside was okay. the man seen here was caught on camera breaking into a shrine in boston this morning. it happened between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. if you recognize this man you are asked to call boston police. this cell phone video shows flames ripping through a new york city apartment building. a fire forced first
10:47 pm
life of an 81-year-old man trapped inside. sadly one person did die, and 15 others were injured including 11 firefighters. >> but the daring rescue to save an elderly man's life is now being called the miracle on 93rd street. >> this is the type of job you see once. >> reporter: as the manhattan apartment building members of the fdny raced toward it. these five men among them. >> the roof was on fire. there was fire coming out of the shaft. there was fire like all around us. >> reporter: the firefighters never met before but that day an 81-year-old man trapped in his home brought them together. >> frank called me and told me that we had a guy at the window. >> my thought was possibly an all fire escapes but as you saw there was no rear
10:48 pm
fire tenement. just grabbed the roof that's when andy and steve came up and joe and we just went to work. >> reporter: a rope rescue is a dangerous technique which hasn't been attempted by this department in five years because it's considered a last resort by firemen sanders. but one they knew they had to do. within seconds jim lee was being lowered down scaling the burning building. go to your right jimmy, go to your right. >> he was burning at yelling i'm burning. i just remember seeing him look at me and i just said to him let's go. >> reporter: with the rope holding them beginning to burn. >> okay, lower it down nice and easy guys. >> reporter: the team of firefighters successfully lowered the two men to safety. >> good, we're down. down. >> reporter: seconds before the rope snapped. >> looking back up and seeing the fire out the windows and the rope was on fire.
10:49 pm
i mean legitimately a group of guys worked together in seamless fashion and saved this guy's life. what a feeling. >> reporter: that feeling came again. >> you look familiar. >> reporter: when the firefighters met the man they saved jim duffy. >> i said, thank god. it was a miracle. was i call it miracle on 93rd. that's a great catchphrase. >> we deal with a lot of through the course of a career more tragedy than you would like to ever see. this is definitely a win for everybody. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> what an incredible rescue. investigateors say an overloaded electrical cord caused that fire. the building will have to be torn down. the firefighters have set up a fund-raising site to help mr. duffy find a new home once his rehabilitation is complete. customers have filed a lawsuit against the bank over its fake account
10:50 pm
the bank asked the court to force dozens to resolve their claims behind doors closed. wells fargo argues customers sign an agreement requiring them to handle bank disputes outside of court. the bank is being sued for opening as many as two million unauthorized accounts. wells fargo has since apologized for the with wrongdoing. new at be 10:00 divorce rates here in the u.s. have dropped to a 35 year low. there could some americans are foregoing marriage to stay single and live alone or go has been at a time with their partners without tying the knot. president-elect donald trump twitter game has made headlines many times. he's tweeted more than 30,000 times to his nearly 16 million followers. as doug reveals some skeptics believe his social media habits could jeopardize foreign relations. >> reporter: president obama may have ushered the
10:51 pm
age but president trump could bring it all to a new level. he's called people dopey, losers and of course crooked. and soon he will be handed the reins of @podus at some trump skeptics see potential trouble ahead in the event of a foreign policy crisis. >> his ability to control this side of himself in such a crisis, if it comes l are have a lot to do with just about everything else he's trying to achieve. >> reporter: trump has promised to be more restrained as since he won the election he has been back and forth sometimes lashing out sometimes sounding magazine man now -- magnanimous as much as they may -- soon to be first lady melania trump will make a cause of going after cyber bullies. >> bullying has been around for a long time. cyber bullying is relatively new it's not a new topic she has to introduce it's a new aspect. when you go with kids you can't go wrong. it's a great topic to try
10:52 pm
>> reporter: and when president trump takes over @podus it will be something of a step down. trumps account has around 16 million followers @podus has just over 12 million. both are far behind singer katy perry who is approaching 100 million. clocking in at a paul industry 1600 or so i'm doug luzader. fox news. first lady michelle obama kicked off her final decking of the halls to tradition since 1966. first lady watches as the official white house christmas tree for the blue room is delivered. the horse-drawn carriage brought this year's tree to the white house. boston is also getting in the christmas spirit. macy's and downtown crossing lit up their tree tonight. mayor marty walsh helped kick off that event before tonight's lighting macy's had plenty of activities for kids with face painting and also of course the chance to
10:53 pm
40s they're still in the 40s. but we're still tracking if you you are going to be travelling down to less of a mile visibility. and fitchburg and orange, as well as nashua just very low. take it easy waking up to temperature in the 30s and 40s tomorrow and look at this another chance of some showers. ville that timeline of when to expect that week rain at 11:00. >> thanks, sarah. all new at 10:00 where this whole lot of problems for
10:54 pm
?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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er month. new at active this active volcano in mexico is causing problems for a new bear city. the volcano has spewed ash. they have more than 300 low
10:57 pm
health warnings have been issued because of the light ash in the sky. tickets for the latest star wars movie go on sale monday. disney announced the beginning of advanced ticket sales today. "rogue one a star wars story" is a spin-off and a pre quell -- and a prequel. it debuts in theaters on december 16th . this is a great story. a family out in arizona share their thanksgiving meal with a complete stranger all thanks to a text mix-up that went viral. >> such a wanda texted her thanksgiving invite to the wrong person even when they figured out the mistake she told him to still come over for dinner and he did. >> oh, yeah perfect. >> a bird in the oven. >> guests arriving from out of town it's the family social event of the year. but this thanks to social media the table is set for thanksgiving unlike any
10:58 pm
jamal. >> reporter: for a big family. >> how are you? >> growing by one more. thanks to a text message mix-up and an unintentional invite that grandma wanda decided to extend to jamal hinton anyway. >> this is our home. >> reporter: a simple gesture that gave everyone the feels and won over the internet. >> i to look over what does it mean hashtag. >> reporter: hashtag can i get a plate, hashtag everybody's grandma. no one is more thankful than kindness. >> she wack welcomed me into her house that shows me how great of a person she is. thank. for blessing in disguise. >> it's come from god above he's just using us as tools and vessels to bring a message to others. >> reporter: two strangers that made the world smile with their selfies now standing together smiling over a friendship that's sure to last a lifetime. >> that is a fantastic story.
10:59 pm
catherine parrotta reporting. >> no it was not. but still worth reporting. i saw that when it first came out and she's like grandma feeds everyone. it's so sweet. >> that's what holidays are all about. great story. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 11:00. first at 11:00 this is what's facing drivers right now. also chilly temps all across the region hi i'm chris flanagan. the chance for showers this weekend and sarah not too much to worry about? >> we're watching a coastal storm it looks like most of the moisture will be offshore. but tonight it's all about the fog out there. low visibility down to less than a mile in many spots. just take it easy. it's changing hour by hour. the winds fairly calm so
11:00 pm
on out of here. so we'll be watching for fog through the majority of the night. could see some improvements by tomorrow morning. you have to check in with jason brewer he will be tracking some fog as well as some scattered showers that we have right now. most of this should also push off of the coast as temperatures are in the 30s and 40s right now. a closer look where we up to ptown up towards plymouth and bourne, too. also south of providence. but we are anticipating to watch a coastal storm develop overnight tonight just s track is really going to determine how much rain we do see. best chances will be down across the southeast. we'll take a look at that full-time line over the week coming up in just a few minutes. >> we're working to learn more about a pedestrian hit by a car in framingham. this is the scene in route 9 earlier this evening. police say the 50-year-old woman was brought to the hospital but is expected to be okay. officers have not said if the driver of the car is facing any charges. people were without power for several hours


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