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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> right now on fox 25 i am trekking clearing skies and cold temperatures overnight. to some systems in the head. at six burned out, several people have to find a new place to if i register their home this afternoon. what firefighters same it is hard to battle. and a recount the latest pushback on the efforts to recount votes in key states. a heartbreaking find in a dumpster. kratz now this is just disgusting. >> the renewed efforts to destroy some dignity.
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>> sunlight flurries moving through western and central massachusetts today before clearing out. west and our meteorologist is here now, we finally got some sensei believe rain this week. >> a lot going on this week. a couple of storm systems we have to keep track of. but let's start with the satellite and radar. there is a disturbance coming here right now that looks like we might have some flurries towas well offshore and instead, we managed to generate some of the flights over the higher terrain out west. and they have pretty much moved south. now there around southbridge, it may be a flake or two in the air. let us know if you saw any. there goes the disturbance living out overnight. any clouds we have now clear away and that with the temperatures drop. have light wind so we will not have a windchill in the morning but it will be crisp and
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boston and plymouth. the wind is still gusting on the cape. it is beginning, to calm down inland. it is a sign of where we are headed tonight with lighter wind and clearing skies.i did expect temperatures to drop through the 30s here. throughout the rest of the evening. we are headed down to the freezing mark in boston. get to the suburbs though and we will be getting into 20 for the coastal will look at neighborhood temperatures and talk about the two systems that could be rain. ? only with six check out this video of a car fire. crews are working to put out the flames. this happened around four this afternoon. police say no one was hurt and only one car was involved. the commuter rail is forming an action committee to study if it is on the the private company that operates the lysing of the worchester line is averaging an online performance of 61 percent based on last 30 days pay this in the
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conditions which has caused some delays. but they will also be examining the schedule and requires dedicated to that line. police are asking people to be on the lookout for a suspicious car. officer say someone used a gaming device to try and learn the child toward their car saturday. according to police the child did not approach. police say the car is a burgundy four-door largest island park. with two red bumper stickers. at this point there only driver about the. police say they have found the car that was involved in a hit and run caught on camera. this video here, you people the carpets them and tossing him into the air. police say the governor stop. we spoke with the bar owner says his heart goes out to the victim in the family. >> i need to say my praise for
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5 man in the still in critical condition in the boston hospital. police have not yet released his name but we know he is from brockton and his family is flying in from cape verde a. they are asking anyone for information to call them. tonight state was trying to piece together what caused the car to conduct expressway in dorchester killing the driver. a viewer sent in this video of the scene. police say a car was driving on the expressway early this morning. it went off the road, over t guardrail and slammed into an suv. the 50-year-old man driving the car died at the scene. the driver in the suv was hard but we are told they are expected to be okay. by people are without a place to call home tonight after this home went up in smoke and flames today. the fire broke out this afternoon in dorchester. that is where fox 25 jim is near the home on harlem street. this four alarm fire is certainly requiring a big response.
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in around noon. the city were multiple calls coming in all at once. that indicated to them that this was indeed a severe fire. this was the house that was burning and it was a severe fire. it quickly exploded into four alarms. but relatively speaking it was quickly put out. still, the damage was already done. >> the one for flow one octave flow three and then up to the attic. >> today there was a rapidly moving fire that ultimately >> people are displaced. quest although the fire caused no injuries the disruptions of life was huge. the displaced hugging each other as firefighters engaged in a operation some two hours after the fire started. >> the cause of the fire is unknown as of this afternoon. but the rapid spread is attributable in part to the design of the house. >> sort of like a philadelphia
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stairways are likely the reason the fire went to four alarms. >> the open stairway rights to the second floor. >> is virtually windowless in the house is a total loss. >> loss is estimated at about $350,000. this fire was considered relatively uncomplicated. but i will tell you what, for the people displaced this is absolutely huge they do not want to talk about it. that we are seeing that the red cross is here helping them out so that hopefully they can get back on their feet relatively in dorchester, fox 25 news. chris thinking of this family. and police are they arrested a man that they say around a t.v. bank just before noon. less than a mile away they found him trying to start a minibus.
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had the clothes scene in the surveillance pictures and cash. in a young child was airlifted to a rhode island hospital after a crash. this was the scene saturday. you can see an suv on its assigned another car next to it with a crumpled hood. we are working to find out how the child is doing. and his deputy checks a man under a man dies in hawaii. the voices are old timothy o'sullivan was water after someone reported he was unresponsive. autopsy scheduled for tomorrow to determine the cause of death. one person is dead and nine others hurt following a shooting in new orleans. it happened in the french quarter which is it was after the bayou football game. they are working to find a motive. >> we were able to make two arrests on the scene. one of victims was in possession of a firearm.
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be affiliated with the event was arrested in possession of a firearm. >> the victim's range in age from 20 to 37. no word yet on the condition of the survivors. the human flag remains at half staff at the embassy in washington tonight.meanwhile cuban exiles around the world celebrate the death of fidel castro. as we report tonight, leaders in our nation's capital now wonder what castro's death means for the future of relations between united states quest in the short term the future of us cuba relations will largely be decided by republicans and particularly president-elect donald trump. racing of the lastly is the obama initiation had taken steps to open political and economic relations with cuba. but this morning incoming white house chief of staff send mr. trump plans to renegotiate the us agreements with cuba once he gets into office. is what this deal is just to be determined but they will have
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with the united states. >> and marco rubio is another harsh critic of this castro regime. he said he does not expect to see any dramatic changes from the communist nation. >> the bottom line is from day-to-day affairs the transition happened about a decade ago. so this is a historical milestone, and i imagine a psychological one for a lot of people. but but from a practical standpoint cuba today is governed exactly the same as >> on the other side of the aisle this morning senator bernie sanders argued it is important for the us to work with them and defending president obama's statement that offered the castro family his condolences. with united states of america has relations with china, relations with other dictatorships all over the world. the goal right now is to see what we can improve. and to do what we can to improve their economy. and to make sure the younger
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older generation. >> with funeral is scheduled for december 4. we are still waiting to hear who they are from the us will be sent as an official representative. in washington, fox news. >> in the wake of fidel castro's death congressman mcgovern is calling for the removal of all restrictions between the us and cuba. the massachusetts democrat has long pushed to normalize relations between the two countries. he says now is the time for the us and cuba to work and find common ground. quest to busty men facing weapons charges after police possible gang dispute. officer stop two cars in the city last night. they found a revolver and a sock filled with bullets in one car.the other car sped off and crashed into a freezer. officers said they found a semi automatic handgun inside. all six were getting a look at the devastation caused by several floods in italy. this is video from the northwest part of the country. a torrential downpour because a landslide and destroyed several homes. hundreds of people have been
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passions running strong in western massachusetts. initial pride. >> still to come on the mayor within. quest is because of our veterans, the many who have given the ultimate sacrifice. and their families. that we are able to leave the lives that we lead. >> my one college in amherst >> a seasonably chilly day today. but get ready for some milder temperatures. we will show you why they are moving in and how much rain we
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>> continued coverage of the 2016 presidential election. three key states got backing from the campaign this weekend. and the latest from hillary
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as a president-elect when he is saying. >> other cleansing officially joining the fight to revisit voting totals in wisconsin. seeing her team is participating because they have an obligation to the voters. the recount effort is being led by candidate joe stein. but clinton's camp now is saying it is also on board and they also follow through three requests in michigan and pennsylvania. two other states have built to donald trump's victory on election. this will likely not change the results of the election. quest it's a process and will see what happens. it is not a big deal on think anybody thinks this will be a profound change. we will see what happens. quest parts of the lesson because it was an emergent majority of his voters believed election surveys. a minority of clinton voters believed that they elections were read. let's show the people that it's not. ? donald trump is calling the process a scam.
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mornings" philip clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. >> white in the world can't the democrats accept their election results? president obama and president-elect donald trump speak regularly. he spoke yesterday at length. they're trying to on and mcgovern. it is time hillary and her supporters do the same. >> they still have representatives monitoring account and lawyers to represent the mccourt. should it come to the deadline. reports in new york, fox news. donald trump tweeting out late today quote in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, and then the popular vote it should be noted down some did not offer any evidence or explanation for the claim. he also wrote it would have been much easier for me to any so-called popular vote than the
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four states instead of the 15 states that i visited. i would have one even more easily and convincingly with small estates and i forgot to request him into custody after providence police say he led them on a short chase that left a traffic mess. police say call for shots fired last night. it came to an end when the suspect hit another car and ran away. the driver of the car says he is thankful because this quest could have been a lot worse. >> is very lucky against two still you his way to the scene. this is known either crash was seriously hurt. so far no charges have been filed. we are now on for a search of a man that shot people in a parking a crib is a window shot in the leg and the other in the stomach. the mayor ordered a hearing to
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his initiating was gang-related. >> we are not going to tolerate this. i'm going to continue to make clean sweeps. to keep these people out of the city of springfield. >> they are revealing surveillance video and talking with witnesses. disabled victims are expected to survive. and the best and bravest firefighters here in massachusetts will be honored this week. the 27th annual fire the year awards. the fire marshal will also be honored at the ceremony as long career in leadership. let's check this out. the average high this time of year is 48 degrees. rounded out at 46 officially in boston. we'll call it a seasonably cool day today. and right now i am watching
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nova scotia continue to scan the chillier northwest breeze down and we even manage to get a couple of flurries out of this. over western worchester county. this is a three hour loop here. this is the storm track the reader and you can see right there, right across the western side of the health we managed to get a couple of the late late in the air. but those have moved out and the disturbances moving with. it brings our attention to a chilly night tonight. we are parts of southwest new hampshire. western mid-30s, right now some of the 30s and this area. boston officially 41. some clouds of heaven right now. let will limit how quickly temperatures drop. but as the wind dies off and clouds go away will be at the sinking feeling. the wind gusts continued to taper off. 25 miles of the northwest.
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midnight or so. that will continue in the overnight hours. in the lower 30s in the greater boston area. will have 20s as you get into the burros tomorrow morning. could have a project from start to but air is drying out a little bit. we probably will not have quite the frost potential like this money. mid-20s and worchester to start tomorrow, low 30s in boston and over to the cape cod area we will see some freezing temperatures as well. of course light northwest wind and clear skies. and in chilly night. the wind chill is not much to talk about. tomorrow plenty of sunshine and high temperatures running a lot like today. i think it will feel a little bit warmer for most of us. over the next couple of days monday is the big day. look at that, sunny and 45 degrees. tuesday here comes the rain.
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temperatures are going up because we have a warm front coming through with the rain. behind that we will see rising temperatures for the rest of the week. let me show you where we have, part high-pressure intentional monday.we see some high clouds but rain does not arrive until tuesday. right now it looks like we could get some light rain here during the morning drive time. it will be very light and could be some spots north and west that managed to get a bit of icing. could be freezing winter brief sleep. will not have cold air locking all day. the rain will be coming in, air warmer will be coming over. and it will shut down any ice potential. it is a low risk. this is something we are watching carefully.tuesday afternoon drivetime looks like a washout. then we have more rain on the way behind that with another wave of low pressure by the end of the. look like half an inch of rain or more judge on tuesday. we need the rain because you
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is the extreme drought. 11 inches, another round of one half interest or better by wednesday night into thursday. and will clear out with your weekend. >> thank you. a message for the holiday season.
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for isis fighters after they say they ambush their troops. there were reports in jerusalem tonight about the new engagement of the military power in the middle east. israel has largely been unaffected by an zip income avoided by being pulled into this war but only occasionally getting involved in trying to but early sunday morning isis affiliated rebels open fire on an israeli patrol. the israeli commandos say they successfully repelled the attack and four militants were killed. israel has generally named close eyes of syrian rebels. while there has been many cases of sunday's attack is one of the first time isis affiliated
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it is not yet clear that if this is part of a new strategy by isis to try to draw israel into the syrian civil war. this comes as backed by russian just continue to push into the eastern part of aleppo. the government offensive sending thousands of civilians fleeing. in recent weeks rebels have lost two territories in aleppo. as government forces have divided rebel areas this would eventually break the backs of the opposition. my family and friends said goodbye to one of the young girls felt killed in a school bus crash. funeral service was held for the nine-year-old saturday. she was one of six children killed in the crash. loved ones say they will miss her huge smile and big heart. >> i was really blown away by
6:26 pm
in sight of the table by himself and she went over and made friends with her. she was the first one to talk to him.>> police say the bus went off the road and slammed into a tree monday.police charges 24-year-old driver with multiple counts of vehicular homicide. a troubling mission. >> still succumbed tonight on fox news news at six, the items found in the dumpster. they belong to in the us veterans heartbreaking realization. said in the making his list. where he was spotted today girls. >> neighbors on be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
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>> now at 630 we are watching america runs on dunkin'. the remnants of some storms moving out of the region. >> tomorrow looks nice but the rest of the week i guess is dicey. >> that's a good way to describe it. a couple of systems are coming by. lots to keep track of right now we have clouds around.there have been some flakes on the radar in western worchester county. but those have dried up and moved on. then we focus our attention to this rainmaker back here in the midwest. coming our way it will bring two rounds of rainy weather and
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we are running the mid and upper 30s in the suburbs. on the partly cloudy skies. we do clear the skies overnight. it will it temperatures jumped on his the 20s in the suburbs. you're waking up in the morning with crisp and cool air. good news, the wind will be very light out of the northwest. and over cape cod there were about 5 to 10 but i expect light wind in length. here is on time-to-market skies, winter means light. when the to upper 30s. then monday morning or afternoon, just west you will see some clouds moving in. that is ahead of the next big rainmaker on the way. i will have more on that system and one behind that coming up. >> thank you. a child push for estrangement offering a video system has police and neighbors on high alert. >> will join life tonight. christine calmly spoke with the
6:31 pm
safety of his kids.>> that's right, this guy tells me he is concerned and his neighbors are to as you can imagine. they are on high alert keeping an eye out not only for the vehicle but for one another. the dad says that his son, seven and 12 years old they were out saturday afternoon in the area of baldwin and greenstreet selling popcorn for the boy scouts. the seven-year-old was at his friends house at the door from his older brother the end of the driver when a vehicle dr the driver, the 2 it waved him over showing him a playstation board game console. >> is at the end of the driveway and the car came down the road. stopped where he was, waved him over and he opened the car door, showed him a ps4 box. with them over again and decide you know, something happened my son didn't go anywhere near him but something happened and he
6:32 pm
>> the dad tells he does not exactly know what the intention of this man was but he is a little fearful. he says his 12-year-old son, the one who had the interaction with the man is a little bit nervous especially about playing outside right now. the 12-year-old and th70 brother able to provide a rough description to police. this the man driving the car is somewhere in his 20s , and was driving a larger four-door dark purple or maroon, maybe burgundy vehicle. they say stickers on the back bumper. one in each side, both right. they tell us that they are looking to talk to this driver. they don't know what his intention was either but they asked to give any information or perhaps if you were the driver please come forward and give them a call. we are live, fox 25 news. chris got a good description of the car thank you christine. for alum fire leaves five people without a home. this home on harlem street went up in flames around noon. two families were looking
6:33 pm
the cause because the flames quickly spread through the home. >> it went right up stairs, >> crews were able to put the fire out two hours later no one was hurt. and they are protesting the college decision to take on the american flag. this is after several incidents involving the flag following the presidential election. because leaders then voted to stop flying any flag on campus. veterans along the springfield march decision. they argue it is a matter of respect. >> it is because of veterans that many were given the ultimate sacrifice and their families that we are able to leave the lives that we lead because of your efforts. the same goes for the college. class the college says students can still fly their own flags on campus. police say new hampshire man and some with the knife outside of a pizza shop.
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pulled a knife on someone outside of the pizzeria for annette. he tells the 27-year-old then drove off. they caught up with him down the road. police charged with making threats and disobeying officer. >> police are searching for a suspect and cash in connection with a robbery. it happened at northern exposure restaurant in october. officers are still searching if using a call please. >> police say they are following some tips. police did not know if the man was armed with this and he threatened a clerk and got away with cash. the clerk was not hurt and we're told the suspect is said to be between 60 or 70 years old. a 22 yard man is fighting for his life tonight after being stabbed at a providence
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lounge early this morning.the victim took off running after he was stabbed and police defined him a few streets away. he was reportedly uncooperative with officers. they are working to find out if any arrests were made. a man wanted in a shooting in maine was shot and killed by police overnight. police in casco say the man was killed during a confrontation with officers. he was wanted for a shooting at a campground where man was shot four times. nearby town where police say he started shooting at officers. no officers were injured. we are working to get more details after they say and the woman was be in. according to density as it happened in the first floor of a triple-decker this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive. workers will be joining others from around the nation calling for a minimum wage of $15 an hour. browser plan at the statehouse,
6:36 pm
square in cambridge on tuesday. the group raised up massachusetts as his community, religious and leaders will join workers in pushing for higher wages. the state's minimum wage is among the highest in the nation. it is scheduled to rise from $10 to $11 per hour on january 1. massachusetts democrats are turning their focus to 2018. that top priorities will include reclaiming the governor's office from the republican charlie baker. and they want to serve as the governor will also be up for reelection and can be challenged by the former red sox pitcher. the mayor says the city and have a memorandum of understanding in a cambridge-based economy. we told you earlier in the week the company plans to start testing of cars in south boston for the new year.
6:37 pm
in three continents. including a taxi service in singapore. during the test run the economy will work was with them to evaluate safety procedures. if approved by the state and city, these will be the self driving cars to hit public roads in massachusetts. police from fort worth and dallas headed to san antonio to say goodbye to one of their own. the funeral for polly detective benjamin marconi is scheduled for tomorrow. we report attending did not know him personally but they are going because of the bond that they share. >> we just want to let people know that we are there for them.right where they are at. >> for at least the 10th time this year, fort worth police officers are getting ready to attend yet another funeral for a fellow officer. >> there has been way too many. any are too many might need. his officers are headed to san antonio to pay their final respects to detective benjamin
6:38 pm
antonio pd. investigators say marconi was ambushed. shot and killed while writing a traffic ticket in his squad car nearly a week ago. 30 when you're old tyrone mccain was arrested for the murder. mccain said he was angry over child custody battle and last out to request another must new detective marconi personally. if the bond, the brother had. and lisa can do is pay our respects to him and his family and community and the police department. >> is somber fort worth officers know all too well. fresh off attending five funerals last summer for the fallen officers in july's ambush in dallas. >> fort worth officer started a nonprofit called the brotherhood of the fallen. specifically for trips like this one. and gel families of officers injured or killed in the line of duty. >> to give the ultimate's the least that we can do is honor and respect
6:39 pm
>> that is for fort worth texas. according to the website they gave money in honor of another officer killed in may of this year. no word on how much money was raised in on small business saturday which is a big economy booster. according to the small business administration nearly 96 percent of all employers in the state are small businesses. that means a little bit of local support can go a long way. only encouraged shop locally but he locally as well. >> if we can shift 10 percent of the purchases we in rhode island make a big box stores to local stores, purchases already made a 10 percent shift. a kid at over $300 million to the local economy. >> the small business and ministration estimates 96,000 small businesses in rhode island. and a new restaurant with no prices on the menu.
6:40 pm
to pay what you feel and possibly pay it forward. >> is fired by restaurant while traveling in australia, >> david decided to adopt this philosophy. serving food. with no set prices on the menu. he started food karma. what started as a pop up stand quickly grew. >> i bought a trailer. it business. >> three years later, food karma is a place to call home. and there they officially opened up for business this past week. >> it will be open six days a week. >> they say there were people that believed in the vision that helped this happen. not just the employees but the loyal customers who have been there since the beginning. >> my family has been giving
6:41 pm
started. >> also believed in karma cafe 's mission. >> is the concept of taking care of each other. >> david says running food karma and karma cafe has really confirmed his belief that people want to do good. >> most people are fair and honest and want to contribute. >> and they found the generosity that it is relative. >> even if someone's homeless are struggling, they still want to contribute or pay first he says some days are but the reason he continues to do it is very simple. >> giving people a place, a safe place where they can come and have something to eat. >> that is in new mexico, certainly a cool concept. very unique. >> an unsettling discovery in a dumpster has a us veteran now on the hunt. christ to come tonight on changing as it sits. >> we need to find the missing piece of the puzzle.
6:42 pm
of service that needs a new
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> the purple heart is a sign of bravery. but wallace found in a trash dumpster. >> now as we report, an army
6:45 pm
the rightful owner. >> this is just disgusting. >> disgusting when a metal representing someone's military sacrifice. >> somebody worked hard for this. >> completely disregarded. >> the honor. >> an army veteran received a call from the ds w and milind about a purple heart and other metals found in a dumpster. because you only receive one purple heart for each time you are shot. if you do get shot at went into harm's way and means he was shot by the enemy. >> a small box but inside years of veteran service. >> now he is looking for who jc carter is good world war ii veteran who served in the army. his name, printed on the metals. >> we just need to find the missing piece of the puzzle. >> it is unclear who discarded
6:46 pm
organizations and possible families. these carry valuable piece. >> we want to be able to get this back to the family so they can have it and still cherish these stories that their grandfather or great-grandfather have. >> people are making sure trips overseas have plenty of reasons to get into the holiday spirit. a care package i was this afternoon. people donated items ranging from toiletries to snacks and books. and the organizers of today's event say she was inspired after the sun went to the marines goodness and has not been deployed but she wanted to get back in his colleagues overseas. >> we knew it was going to be a huge turnoff but it is a lot bigger than we expected. and it just goes to show there
6:47 pm
and get back to our troops request they also sold raffle tickets to help pay for overseas shipping. organizers said hope to get the packages together this week so troops will get them as soon as possible. a big crowd and opted for the biggest and oldest christmas parade in the nation. marching bands and christmas themed floods made their way through the streets of the city by the 64th annual parade. this year's theme was traditions of christmas. today was an all-around great day for th come from all of the sleep but it still has that community feel to it. >> the parade wrapped up a weekend of festivities that began with the annual tree lighting friday night. >> is a nice sunny and breezy day for a parade. low pressure moving away and we are underneath the drying skies right now. a couple of flurries. yesterday they look like they maple over towards the cave but will we ended up with were a
6:48 pm
worchester hills and berkshires. spilling over into four western worchester county. so if you saw a flake it was pretty short-lived. publishing the numbers right now. we are running down to the freezing mark and as well as new boston. mid-30s as a get down further south.back closer to the metro locations resting upper 30s to near 40 is 37 and 38 already close knuckle a bit. you can see them pretty thick your over parts of the south shore and the cape and the islands. we are seeing a low 40s and a little slower to fall there due to a thicker cloud blanket. we will have better skies market right now wind speed at 10 to 5 miles an hour. still a little higher in some areas. but we're starting to see, when the overnight hours. and the clearing skies. temperature is dropping down to
6:49 pm
midnight. and continue to lose a few more onto that too at sunrise tomorrow. 20s in the suburbs as we start to market cold and crisp start but notice the wind is only at five or maybe 10 miles an hour and particularly like the further inland you go. a lot of windchill. high temperatures tomorrow in the mid-40s x-ray. but more ascension over all and lighter wind out of the west and northwest piercing of uniform temperature profile with low 40s. beverly and norwood as well. rain chances are nil tomorrow. tuesday is all the way through the roof. looks like a watch out for the evening commute. then wednesday we could have more rain for the evening drive. thursday looks like the morning drive. could be wet that's what i have another we will be fine-tuning that. tomorrow is depicted.
6:50 pm
temperatures. starting to go upward. despite simmering on the way. a warm front will be coming it will bring southerly wind and warm things up around here. meantime is a cool day of high-pressure tomorrow. this height is not locked in so the rain approaches and warm front of perkins on tuesday is high gets kicked away. there will not be that steady supply of cold air as we not concerned about widespread icing. you can see the models with some possibly freezing sleet. this is early tuesday, totally depends on how much we moisten up and how quickly. as we get to tuesday afternoon, pretty much she slammed junk. after the rankings out of here temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 50s with gusty westwind. some spots down south could see
6:51 pm
cooler friday. it is a busy day for the patriots in new jersey taking
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6:54 pm
manicure after the skin. >> definitely an elevator. >> a pretty good day. >> you spent your money anytime going to the garden and it was worth it. that's what happened. they were at the garden this afternoon looking at a three-game losing streak trying to do one third game in a row. recovers from a low body injury.
6:55 pm
snap redirect. take another look at this on. he just reaches back and snaps it past bishop. one zero bruins. and then, haley's comet, a backhand pass and jimmy hayes, dorchester takes it in, takes the monkey off his back. the 1st:35 games. did you know that gas prices were under >> i just wanted to make a few jokes. it seemed like a century. we had made a couple of jokes. but no go. >> patriots in new jersey taking on the jets as we speak
6:56 pm
injecting a physical slugfest. started in the first quarter patriots travel game 17 13. the jets take the lead.then the patriots score. the drift just scored a touchdown. tom brady exceeded 60,000 yards passing the game. and we will break on the entire game on sunday night sports wrap at 11:30 p.m.. and the rivals are not going down without mcquay with a nice cut back and the bills tie the jacket seven. in the fourth quarter, a great touchdown. the jugglers of one. but the bills when this one. a great catch. this to justin hunter. that was special. buffalo is six and five. they are at the raters next raters next sunday. here is a touchdown making 31 14 over the 90s.
6:57 pm
seven point game.decides to kneel in the wrong place this time. get it, he kneels? miami is at baltimore next sunday. don't fit to join us at 1130 four sports. i will go one on one with former patriot and patriot hall of famer mcginnis. and we have the brilliance and high school super bowl preview. >> that's big on the jersey. >> engine is the forecast. >> yes, sunny tomorrow. it will be nice up there. tuesday went to be safely less to say rain. >> you give us one good day. >> the weekend is always in view.
6:58 pm
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(gasps) (sighing happily) (gasps) (exclaims) (groans) (grunts) okay, ellie, i got her. (gasps) the christmas rock.


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