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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, three people are sent to the hospital after a fiery collision between a logan express bus and a car. details we are learning as police investigate. donald trump is defending his victory even as he claims millions voted illegally. he should have won. and -- >> bradenton pass -- touchdown! >> julie: touchdown, history made for tom brady as he leads the pats for another victory. we will tell how tv 12 credits for his 200th career win. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone, 4:00 on november 28.
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>> jason: i am jason law in for daniel miller. today start out the same way, grab your gloves but the sun will still be shining but a little chilly. shiri spear is looking at when things will change and the lane come in. >> shiri: gloomy thing happening tomorrow. and enjoy the clear skies. 28 in worcester. 35 in boston. 29 in plymouth and 31 in nashua, new hampshire. a little that will not last us very long. what you will find is that we clear on out. your hour-by-hour forecast for burlington. it does apply for most of news that freezing dome at 6 a.m. with few clouds at 8 a.m. 31 with sunshine. noontime back in the lower 40s and highs in the mid-40s this afternoon but the rain chances will go sky high tomorrow. time out showers in future cast tomorrow. julie has live drive time
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nice and early. thinking everybody be home taking advantage of cyber monday. no issues on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound approaching mass avenue. single digits on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. new this morning, we are working to get more information on this crash in chelsea. our photographer on the scene says a car and logan express bus collided. at bellingham street down the street from a 24-hour airport shuttle stop. you can see some of this video. the car's engine caught fire and a small diesel leak from the bus and quickly contained. three people went to the hospital. no word on their condition. the crash sunday investigation. this morning, the investigation continues into a suspicious incident involving a young boy in leicester. a man in car tried to motion the boy over to him holding up a video game system at one point. the boy's father told fox25's
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still shank up. >> reporter: this father asked him not to identify him for the safety of his children, but he tells me he is very concerned about this incident and his neighbors are alarmed too. >> i am concerned, of course. >>reporter: leicester neighbors uneasy as word spread that a strange man approached a 12-year-old boy while he and his 7-year-old brother were selling popcorn for the boy scouts in the neighborhood. >> i find it rather strange somebody would do that no mat heart intention was. >> reporter: near baldwin an green street saturday afternoon. the father who asked not to be identified said his 7-year-old was at his friend's front door. the older brother at the end of the driveway. >> a car come down the road, stop where he was, waved him over, didn't open the car door or window. waved him over again. decided -- something happened. my son didn't go anywhere near him. he decided to go down the road and we called the cops from
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a description to police. the suspect in his 20s driving a large four-door burgundy vehicle with two bumper stickers on the back. >> everybody is doing their best keeping the eye out. >> reporter: the older boy is nervous in his own neighborhood. >> the oldest one had the biggest interaction between the two of them and he is a little hesitant to be around and playing outside, especially up and down the street right now. >> reporter: leicester police put out a broadcast to other local agencies asking them to keep an eye out for this suspect and the vehicle. have any information to come forward and call them. in leicester, christine mccarthy, fox25 news. now 4:04. a new hampshire mother remains in jail after being arraigned on felony and misdemeanor charges related to her children's well being. samantha grenier is charged are reckless endangerment of a child. her husband was also arrested. couple's young children were
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the 4-year-old boy was even tied to a bed. before her acongress, samantha greiner told fox25 she knew her son was being restrained but couldn't do anything about it. he is held on bail. james greniev out on bail. the children with their grandparents. a 25-year-old man is hospitalize after being hit by a car in brockton. police are still looking for that driver but have the car involved. the crash was captured on surveillance video won't show out moment of impact. the car slams into group of people throwing one man in the air and down the street and then the car keeps going. it happened friday morning outside the spot bar and lounge. this is not the first time someone was hit near his bar and he is planning to have a security team escort people across the street. >> while i know i can't control everything that happens on the street, i am responsible for my patients.
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are still investigating. the patient's name has not been released. an investigating a deadly cause of a crash in plainville that happened early thanksgiving morning. james keating was driving on the wrong side of the road when he hit another car head on that happened along route 95. keating was killed. the college student in the car he hit remains hospitalized with a broken ankle and fractured pelvis. she spoke to fox25 from her hospital bed. one detail of the terrifying crash recovery. nearly three weeks after election day, the controversy continues surrounding the results. the clinton campaign is joining the green party in getting a recount. we have how the president-elect is reacting to the news. >> reporter: hillary clinton officially joining the fight to revisit voting totals in wisconsin saying her team is participating because they have an obligation to the voters. recount effort is being led by green party candidate jill
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it is on board if stein follows through with recount in michigan and pennsylvania, two other states pivotal to trump. the staunch's democrat insists this will not change the results of the election. >> it is affecting the process. we will see what happens. it is a legal right. not a big deal. i don't think everybody -- secretary clinton thinks there will be pro pro-found changes. >> because of what donald trump clinton people believe that the elections are rigged. let's show the american people that it is not. >> president-elect is pushing back against the plan to recount calling the process, quote, a scam. mr. trump unleashing a string of angry tweets sunday morning saying hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. >> why in the world can't the democrats, quote, september election result. president obama and president-elect trump speak
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they spoke yesterday at length. they are trying to move on and form a government. it is high tie that hillary and her supporters do the same. >> reporter: the clinton camp said they will have representatives monitoring the count as well as lawyers to represent them in court should it come to that. deadline for petition of a recount in michigan and pennsylvania are later this week. in new york, brian yennis, fox news. >> julie: even as president-elect donald trump denounces the recount, he is also claiming voter fraud. this is the message we want to show last night writing, quote, in addition to winning the electoral college in landslide. i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people that voted illegally. you see. trump claims it happened in new hampshire, virgina and california. and he calls the media pie yased for not reporting it. trump haven't offered any explanation for his claims. a celebrity is defending herself for suggesting trump's
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youngest son may been autistic. the video shows clips from 10-year-old barron trump on the campaign trail as a supposed evidence he has autism. o'donnell's post as a message. if it is true it will be amazing opportunity to bring attention to the disorder. o'donnell was charged to bringing the child in her ongoing feud with the president-elect. o'donnell defended herself saying she has been reteaching autism and this has nothing to do with her thoughts of trump's father. the pass and it is caught. touchdown! >> jason: not the blowout that everybody predicted and came down to the wire at metlife stadium in new jersey, but tom brady and the pats get it done against the jets. they seal it late in the fourth quarter. the win cements tom brady's. tied with peyton manning with
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not a good sign when rob gronkowski left the game with a number of issues, this time back issues. finishing the 80-yard drive to malcolm mitchell and a big strip sack from chris long. the patriots go on to win 22-17. >> he has won a lot. it's good. glad he is our quarterback. >> a team sport. individual awards and things like that means i have been part of great teams with great coaches and great teammates and a lot of great support over the years. >> reporter: 9-2 with a two-game win over the dolphins in the division. they are back here to take on the rams sound. you can watch that game here on fox25. the big question, how will gronk be feeling. will he be ready and on the field. we are live with more on his latest injury. michael joins us live in the next 30 minutes.
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three games yesterday after a scoreless first period. they got their first goal in the second. colin miller folks it in the net and moore past tampa bay's goalie. power play goal makes it 2-0. jimmy hays rips it in and rips monkey off his back. the first point in 35 games. bruins with the win 4-1 over tampa land play the flyers in we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> julie: looking at our drive time on the expressway, single-digit territory from the plit to columbia road. shiri. >> shiri: 35 degrees in boston. middle 30s through the next couple hours. i have initially clouds this morning. when we clear and when the rain is back tomorrow coming up in less than 10. >> julie: all right, shiri. the united states navy making good on the final wish of a veteran. the special reason he will be
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this morning, we are getting new details of a massive fire in dorchester. the herald reports the house on harlem street went up in flames because of a short circuit in the first-floor power strip. jim morelli reports no one was
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home. >> floor one, to floor two and floor 3 and into the attic. >> reporter: scene of a rapidly moving fire that destroyed a three-family house. >> five people displaced that we know of. >> reporter: although the fire caused no injuries the destruction to life was huge, with this place hugging each other as boston fire fighters engage in a mop-up operation from two hours after the fire started. this rapid spread attributable in part to the design of the house. style -- stairway goes different ways. >> reporter: the stairways likely the reason that the fire went to four alarms. >> went in the walls and went up the stairs -- the main pathway was the open stairway. >> reporter: all floors windowless. the house a total loss. jim morelli, fox news. four people have a court date accused of breaking into a school, stealing visitor passes and damaging students' projects. it happened in marblehead.
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off around 1:00. when they got there they found two people on the property. investigators say two more were also involved. that group is accused of tearing down artwork and knocking down signs. all four suspects are adults. their names have not been released. we check traffic together every ten minutes. a lot of green on my map right now. it is early so expecting to stay light until about 6:30. things are look good on the expressway as we head from the braintree split to columbia road. route 1 and 93 here are your live drive times. 11 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. you know for most of us, we are coming off a four-day weekend trudging back to work slowly, and yesterday was a great way to wrap up a weekend, a beautiful day >> the sun came out. felt great outside. and the nice thing -- today we have less wind and -- >> jason: that is the key. the wind is really a key. >> shiri: the wind chills
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week. the seven-day forecast, i have to admit today will be the nicest one you have coming at you in the next seven days. calm, sunshine conditions today. the potential for icy roads in western massachusetts early tomorrow morning. i am not seeing enough ice to cause power outages or anything, but just slicken some of the roads out there. i think it is warm enough when it gets to us here. tomorrow, wednesday, thursday that we are just talking plain rain, central and eastern mass and most of southern new hampshire. here is how the day we have 20s. we have 30s on the map. lawrence at 35. boston at 35. norwood at 33 test. a little bit of a chill in the air and nothing unusual at all for this time of the year to. plus these early clouds won't last us. you can see 6 a.m., a cup of lingering clouds and 28 degrees. we are still freezing at 8 a.m. in norwood this morning. the warm-up really starts to take off after that. by 10 a.m. back to 40 degrees. 45 here at noontime.
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worcester. high of 42 degrees there. 47 in fitchburg, framingham and norwood today. boston 45 degrees. portsmouth, 43. with that sunshine, i am telling you it will be really nice out there. and tonight, lows back in the 30s and increasing clouds. tomorrow bringing in the rain showers. highs 48 to 54 degrees. so for some, it is going to be a milder rain, especially boston and points southward. to the north and west, we have a cup of spots that are on in fitchburg or 40s in southern new hampshire and going to tend to be a colder rain there. now as for the timeline on the heavy stuff, early tomorrow morning around 8 a.m., i do expect the first drops to start falling in central massachusetts, arriving a little sooner in western mass which means we are coming into town while it is still chilly and watching out for icing out west. here at home passing showers in the morning around noontime, a little bit of a
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yet, but heavy stuff will hold off until the afternoon in place for the evening commute. evening commute for me is looking messier than the morning commute but due to just plain rain. after that wednesday morning you wake up to clouds and then we have more showers in store for your afternoon and again, the evening commute is going to the one that will be most impacted here. seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. 45 and mostly sunny today. we are at 50 here tomorrow with developing rain lasts us the heaviest stuff in the afternoon and early evening. wednesday will start dry and we have developing rain that goes overnight into thursday morning. temperatures get into the middle 50s here, and i am still going to have us at about 50 degrees on friday with partly cloudy skies. into the weekend 47 degrees on saturday. and we are collecting coats in natick at the jordan's furniture and would love for to you come and bring some of your coat donations. i will see. and it looks like the weather
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between donald trump taking office and fidel castro's death, new concerns of the future of cuba and united states. the comment from trump that is adding fuel to the fire.
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4:22 in monday. a sea of red, white and blue filling a local college. the patriotic display set up in protest of hampshire's college recent decision. made national headlines and took down the american flag after the heated election season. kerry kavanaugh reports this morning that yesterday veterans arrived to the cool with flags of their own to protest. >> blood, sweat and tears. red, white and blue. that's what it is. that is what this flag represents. >> reporter: our american flag, it stands for many things. >> raise your flags, everybody! raise them high in the air! >> reporter: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> stands for all the veterans around the whole nation, everybody who fought for this
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>> reporter: and it also stands for freedom of expression. administrators at hampshire college say that's what they are doing by removing the flag. >> the symbol was raising the temperature of the controversy, that disagreement in getting us away from the underlying values that we wanted to discuss. >> reporter: it all started after a contentious campaign season, the flags flying on the hampshire campus was lowered to half-staff. later someone burned the flag would remove old glory from campus all together. >> stand up for something, but you don't need to take a flag down to do it. the flag of our united states of america. >> reporter: uproar spiraled. a group from the vf w held a demonstration and ended up in a sea of flags for this protest. >> i will die for this flag. i fought for this flag. i lived for it. you all live for it. >> reporter: veterans shared their story of fighting for
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cost. christopher fought for this country alongside his brother. >> my mom got this at his grave site the day he was laid to rest. >> reporter: in flag represents his family's patriotism and sacrifice. that's why he is speaking out. >> too much blood has been shed for our country, for our freedom ? god bless america ? ? my home sweet home [cheering] >> reporter: kerry kavanaugh, fox25 news. >> jason: the school's president tells fox25 he stands by the decision to remove the flag, but promises of talks of what the flag represents will continue. the united states navy is honoring the final wishes of a veteran after his death. captain paul rogers will be laid to rest at the bottom the ocean 200 miles off the coast of new england. the move will fulfill his
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buried at sea. he lives with survivor guilt. she was supposed to be on the uss thrasher and was taken off last minute and the ship went down killing everyone on board now his ashes will be placed near where the ship placed. the purple heart is a symbol of courage and bravery and one of the esteemed medals was found inside a dumpster. a purple heart and other medals were found tossed in the trash. rightful owner. the name of the recipients were printed on them. looking for jim c. carter army veteran or his family. >> we want to be able to give back to the family so that way they can have it and still cherish these stories that their grandfather, great grandfather. julie kennedy has reached out to organizations and possible family members but no luck. a college student faces a
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crash on thanksgiving morning. now her family is rallying around her. >> hopefully this had help remember mentally and emotionally.
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lergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. now at 4:30, police have the car but not the driver. this morning, the investigation continues into a camera. plus, the president-elect is gearing up for another round of meetings as he puts together his cabinet. we will tell you which person very close to donald trump not happy about one possible candidate. boston police may soon have a new crime to fight crime. the soft ware that the department may be buying that has some people concerned. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. happy monday, it is november 28.
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>> julie: i am julie grauert. the week is off to a chilly start and at least the sun will be out. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center. shiri, the sun is not sticking around for long. >> reporter: no, about two hours and will brighten up and a fun-filled day. get ready for the clouds and showers this week. 30 in bourne and also up in marshfield. patchy fog at boston at 35. lowell at 32 degrees. clouds won't las as the sun comes up, there will be plenty of sunshine. 28 degrees to get you out the door in worcester. 32 in town send and 33 in keene, new hampshire. the forecast in the boston area. it still have clouds at 6 a.m. 42 and sun at noontime. we have highs in the middle 40s today. milder air though along with the showers as we get to the middle of the week. we will time out the warm-up and the wet weather when i am back but in a few.


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