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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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waking up with us, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and get outside on what will be the nicest day of the week. shiri spear is here with much-needed rain this week. >> shiri: and we need it. it will be a most of the week thing in fact. just not today. so today, we do have dry conditions in place. 28 degrees in worcester right now. 35 in boston. 30 in nashua, new hampshire. 33 in norwood down to new bedford. temperatures teetering around degrees at 7 a.m. 9 a.m., 35. late this morning at 11 a.m., we should hit about 40 degrees. and we could see highs peaking in the midden-40s and the whole picture ends up changing as we get into your tuesday, your wednesday and thursday. look at those rain chances. they are 100%. imtime out some of the heaviest showers in a couple of minute. we track traffic and weather
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moving along nicely from the braintree split to columbia road. no complaints. north of the pike route 1 and 93 south are clear. i anticipate things to stay nice and quiet at least for the next hour, hour and a half. those live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. single digits on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. new this morning, we are working to get more information of this crash in chelsea. our photographer on the scene says bus collided at eastern avenue at bellingham street down the street from the 24-hour shuttle stop. the car's engine caught fire and also a small diesel leak from the bus that was contained quickly. three people went to the hospital. no word on their conditions at this hour. the crash is under investigation. happening today, the swampscott man involved in a crash that killed two people at logan airport of a shuttle van will be arraigned in a
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facing two charges of manslaughter. prosecutors say he was going 80 miles per hour at 1:00 in the morning when he rear-ended the shuttle. two people from texas were killed in that crash. investigators say his blood-alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit. police are searching for the driver of this horrific hit-and-run accident in brockton that left a man in extremely critical condition. >> you can see the victim crossing the street with a group of friends when he is struck by a speeding this was all caught on surveillance outside of the bar where this happened. fox25's jessica reyes live outside that bar in brockton where police have actually recovered the car but are still looking for that driver, jess. >> reporter: they were, sara. a horrifying scene outside of this bar right after this happened. the victim's family we know they are from cape verde and they tell the enterprise that the victim is braindead and in
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video around friday morning. a group of people leaving the spot bar and lounge crossing north main street. you can see a car drive down the street hitting a 25-year-old man in the air so hard that he was in the air and landed feet away. the bar owner says his heart goes out to those hit and their families. >> i need to say my prayers for this guy. a bad impact. if you all have seen the video, a bad impact. >> reporter: police did tow it in police custody, and this morning they are searching for the driver involved. at this point, they are asking anyone with any information about that driver to give them a call. live in brockton, i am jessica reyes, fox25 news. this morning, state police are released the name of a man killed in a crash in dorchester yesterday morning. investigators say 50-year-old daniel lee of chatham plunged off the expressway and hit a suv on mores see boulevard. two people in that car were hurt. they are expected to be okay. the cause of that crash
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after a father says his children were approached on their street by a staged man. this happened saturday near baldwin and main street in leicester. the father who asked not to be identified said his 12 and 7-year-old sons were selling popcorn for the boy scouts and when the car pulled up next to the older boy. >> he was at the end of the driveway, a car comes down the road, stopped where he was, waved him over, didn't open the car door or windows, show >> reporter: the father said the man then pulled away. the suspect is believed to be in his 20s thought to be driving a large burgundy car with two red bumper stickers on the back. a new hampshire mother remains in jail after being arraigned on fem knee investigative charges related to the well being of her children. samantha greiner is accused of criminal restraint and two counts of endangering a child. her arrest came of a her
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greiner was also arrested. the couple's young children were discovered in human waste and inside a filthy apartment. police say the 4-year-old boy was even tied to the bed. before her arrest, samantha told fox25 she knew her son was being restrained and couldn't do anything about tampa samantha greinev due on bail. he is out on bail and the children are with their grandparents. the holiday season is you off to a disappointing start in boston where a bra burglar vanldlizeed a church and stole a sound system. catherine parrotta is live outside the st. anthony shrine where surveillance video helped track down that suspect, catherine. >>reporter: there came as a shock to this community at st. anthony's shrine and police have announced they have made an arrest. arrested a suspect in this case, and those surveillance images helped police do bad. these are some of the images captured during the theft that boston police say happened
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friday. this is 33-year-old eric swanson. he has been charged with larceny over $250 and breaking and entering over nighttime. police say that swanson stole a amplifier, incense dispenser and electronic giving system off the wall. boston police officers were patrolling the area when they heard someone matching swanson's description. when police searched him, they found several of the missing items from the shrine, and accordg swanson is reportedly a homeless man and some of the people at the shrine said they would have helped him if they would have known he was someone in need. here in boston, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. now 5:06 this morning. the suspect behind a violent armed robbery remains on the run. dartmouth police have released the surveillance picture of the man and they robbed a customer friday night and then beat the person with a gun. the victim had to be taken to the hospital. this is the scene early friday night at the shell gas station on the corner of state and
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police brought k-9s to the scene to search for the suspect and didn't find anybody. the suspect is expected to be okay. a short circuit in a power strip if started a fire that gutted a two-family home. it happened before noon and ripped through three floors and the attic. it caused $350,000 worth of damage. five people are out of the home but fortunately no one was hurt. four people have a court date a school, stealing visitor passes anding students' projects. it happened at veterans middle school on saturday. the school's alarm system went off at 1 a.m. when they got there they found two people on the property. two more people were also involved. the group is accused of tearing down student artwork and knocking down signs. all four suspects are adults, but their names have not been released. protesters in westport plan to call for two members
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a widespread animal abuse case earlier this year. nearly 1400 animals were found living in squalor in july. a state official have already revoked the animal inspection duties of the two workers over allegations that the pair didn't properly inspect the farm in the months before the conditions were discovered. patriots get the win against the jets, but of ron gronkowski is of concern. walking off the field and never returned. it happens he has a back injury on the heels of the chest injury in week 10. tom leyden is live -- michael henrich live outside gillette stadium with what we know. >> reporter: good morning, gene. any injury involving gronk is not food news for the patriots. gronk was not certain to play coming into the game and he was listed as questionable after missing that week with the chest injury.
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ended up start against the jets yesterday and did not last long. he left late in the first quarter with zero catches and this apparent back injury. now fox25 sports director tom leyden was down in new jersey for this game, and he saw gronk with his own eyes in the concourse about 90 minutes after gronk left the field, and tom leyden said gronk was walking very gingerly as he had his sweatshirt hood over came over to ask how he was doing. pro-football cites an anonymous source saying that gronk's latest injury is not that serious and we will bring you whatever official injury update comes from the team as soon as it is released. yesterday's win was still a win though, and it was brady's 200th overall. you will hear reaction from him on the milestone coming up later in the hour. for now i am live in foxborough, michael henrich,
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fox25, they will be playing the los angeles rams in foxborough and you can watch that game right here on fox25. it all gets started at 1:00. people around the county are getting up a bit early to snatch up cyber monday deals. online sales are going strong with shoppers drop being $2 billion even before today. amazon is rolling out more than 75,000 sales all weekend long. electronics tend to be big sellers on your next vacation. slow summer travel sales should result in big air fare and hotel deals today. some of those sales could last all week. trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to be pretty cheap. we are now getting a look at how much money americans spent on black friday. the annual shocking -- shopping spree raked in $3 billion. much of that online. researchers say $1 billion
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data also shows sales at physical stores dipped 5% over the past two days. it is now 5:10. we have a lot more coming our way as cuba mourns the death of fidel castro. and an american football player come under fire for his remarks.
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?? ever new england. eversource. . back here at 5:14. president-elect donald trump pushing back against the growing movement to recount election results in some key states. trump tweeted yesterday that he would have won the popular vote if not for millions of illegal voter. jason law joins news the newsroom. trump is claiming voter fraud in three states including new hampshire. >> jason: turns out the election dram is far from over. donald trump doesn't believe
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vote saying a lot of people voted illegally. he is receiving criticism because he made those claims without evidence. >> reporter: this start and twitter. the president-elect tweeted in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. trump is the president-elect despite losing the popular vote by 2 million votes. no evidence of any kind of massive voter fraud. over a weekend in a move unprec president-elect, trump unleashed a series of angry tweets of a vote recount effort spearheaded by the green party jill stein. the clinton say they are going to participate without protection the results. kellyanne conway slammed the efforts. >> the idea that they are going to spread this out despite the fact that he has been magnanimous to the clintons and steins is
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>> reporter: the move coming after day security experts raised concerns over discrepancies of areas that use paper ballots versus electronic. an effort incoming chief of staff reince priebus calls a total waste of time. during an interview on fox news. >> it is ridiculous. this a fund raising, note right driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in which which to president-elect who won 1.4 million. >> jason: the recount in wisconsin week and could go on for a while because recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. president-elect's former campaign manager is warning that trump voters would feel betrayed if he tapped mitt romney as secretary of state. kellyanne conway says her opposition to romney reflects what she has been hearing from trump supporters. >> even around the globe doing something on behalf of the united states of which we are unyou a ware. also party unity but i am not
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with a secretary of state position. >> some people speculate the highly public process of choosing a secretary of state could be trump's attempt to humiliate governor romney who opposed trump throughout his campaign. well, cuba will begin its official week-long mourning period following the death of fidel castro. castro's ashes will be brought to the plaza of the revolution this morning. thousands of cubans are expected to go to the plaza to reflect on castro's life today. his ashes will then be brought across the country for other large memorial ceremonies throughout the week. the former leader's funeral will happen on sunday. castro died friday at the age of 90. meanwhile, there is concern of the future of u.s. concerns of relations with cuba in the wake of trump's presidency and with fidel castro's death. incoming chief of staff reince priebus tells fox news sunday that the president-elect plans to renegotiate the current agreement between the u.s. and cuba. >> what that deal is yet to be determined but there will have
5:18 am
in order to have a relationship with the united states. >> over the last few years, the obama administration took steps to reopen both political and economic relations with cuba. republicans are saying they don't expect to see any dramatic changes in the wake of castro's death. san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick under fire for making comments in support of fidel castro. he allegedly praised the former cuban leader for his choice to invest in education rather than prisons. colin kaepernick was booed miami a city with a large population of cuban hearns. he said he was misinterpreted. he made headlines this summer when he refused to stand for the national anthem. good morning, we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a lot of green on my map. no issues route 1 or 93 south. pike wide open from 495 to 128 then through newton and the
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i don't things to slow down until 6:30. 10 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and we are starting off with some chilly conditions out there, shiri. >> shiri: chilly but nice and clear and we are in store for a calm, sunshine day. icy areas in western massachusetts, but tracking plain rain an thursday locally. getting things started this morning at 35 degrees in boston. 28 in worcester. 34 in manchester, new hampshire. and 33 degrees in worcester. few early morning clouds. do not worry about those. they will be clearing out as the sun comes up. so at 7 a.m., we have patchy cloud cover and 30 degrees. 9 a.m., 36. 11 a.m., 42 degrees. and we end up peaking in norwood and across much of the area in the middle 40s this afternoon. 45 in boston up to 48 in
5:20 am
or fitchburg. hyannis, 45. portsmouth, new hampshire, 43. but we soak up the sun today. tonight, clouds are moving in. a lot of 30s on the map and spots close to freezing. i do not expect the rain to make it in here when temperatures are still that low. so tomorrow's forecast, just plain rain. highs 48 to 54 degrees. so here is the timeline on those showers. 8 a.m., i do have rain across western new en have to watch out for lingering cold pockets and the potential of a couple of icy roads. it will really be moving into the worcester and the boston area. between about 7 and 10:00 in the morning kind of favoring that later timeline of future cast is slowing things down slightly here, but we find things turn wet during the morning commute. showers going at noon north of the mass pike here and the heaviest rain moves in during the mid to late afternoon. this in place for the evening
5:21 am
tomorrow which is going to be your wettest and your sloppiest time day wednesday morning. waking up to clouds and we are not done with the rain yet and find on wednesday afternoon. another batch of rain moves in and the potential for downpours. here is the rainfall forecast between tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we are looking at a widespread 1 to 2 inches of rain. i know it is a soaker and a pain in the neck for the commute and we need that rain. in the middle of the extreme drought. 40% in massachusetts and we ground we can with the rain showers over the next couple of days. i told you today would be the prettiest. 50 with rain tomorrow. wednesday afternoon through thursday showers. friday, partly cloudy and. and here on saturday, we have a drop-off day in nay take from 10 to 2 and would love for to you come on by. aged be with you the rest of the station stormtracker weather team and sunday also shaping up nice. back to you, guys. boston police could soon
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to stop criminals in their tracks. still ahead this hour, the debate over new software that could find and monitor threats on social media. less than three weeks, massachusetts will be the first state on the east coast to legalize marijuana.
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pipeline protesters have no plans to leave the north dakota land they have been camped out. the army corps of engineer sent a letter to the group telling them to leave before december 5 or forcibly remove anyone citing harsh winters and conflicts as reasons. protests over pipeline and the impact on drinking water has been going on for months. the inspection of the pilgrim nuclear plant in plymouth. a team of 20 people will conduct a three-week review of the city. the safety rating was downgraded and review will
5:26 am
staff performance. what steps the owners must take before closing the plant in 2019. ashland is the first community to try to delay the opening of recreational marijuana stores in the state. the town will meet to discuss a temporary moratorium. if approved shops will not be able to open in the town and will give the town more time to study the plan for the new recreation at pot laws. several moratoriums were enacted following the passing of medical marijuana in 2012. and heris so we have over a two and a half-inch rainfall deficit for the month boston and 1.3 inch snow fall deficit. we will make up a lot of ground this week.
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. now at 5:30, the survivor of a deadly wrong-way crash is talking about moments she called 911. what we have learned this morning about her recovery as the community mourns the loss of the football player who died in the thanksgiving tragedy. hundreds of people form a sea of red, white and blue. how the contentious election season is sparking protest on a local college campus. tied for the most wins of >> his job is to win. he has won a lot. >> reporter: what tom brady had to say after racking up victory number 200. and good morning, everyone, thank you so much for joining us at 5:30 on this monday rrng november 28. are you ready to start your post thanksgiving day diet? >> gene: i better be, because there will be problems otherwise. my goodness. start doing this a lilt bit. meteorologist shiri spear is
5:31 am
hit reset as if the weekend never happened. >> and all wearing something with a little extra room today. temperatures starting out this morning right around the point where we are in the lower 30s in falmouth and bourne. you find that we have a little bit of early morning cloud cover. 35 in boston. 32 in waltham. 31 in lowell right now. and 30 in pelham, new hampshire. clouds help us how cold that little bit of heat. worcester down to 28. town don't think temperatures will drop off that much more and will hold steady the neck cup of hours 37 boston, 37 degrees at 7 a.m. a few of those clouds and they clear out right after that, so at noontime, 42 degrees. 44 here at 3 p.m. the sunshine not budging today, but sure does for the day tomorrow. we have rain moving in. i am timing out the heaviest shower and be back but in about ten. julie grauert is live are
5:32 am
from 495 to 128nd into the allston-brighton area. route 1 and 93 south also clear. 22 minutes on the pike eastbound. 11 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 128 south as you approach the weston tolls. back to you. a local college student spent a thanksgiving holiday in the hospital after she was hit by a wrong-way driver on 495. as you can see from these crash pictures, she is so lucky to be alive. the 2ye home to the cape when she was struck head-on. fox25's jason law joins us live with more on the call she made to 911. >> jason: gentlemen, mcbarron was making her way home for the holidays when she was hit head-on. she is still in the hospital but she considers this the best thanksgiving ever. >> i am so happy that i didn't even -- >>reporter: hard to put into words how this crash on 495
5:33 am
the phone from her hospital bed. she spoke about how this did end. >> i made it. >> reporter: in this white suv on her way home to barnstable after a waitressing shift. 22-year-old james keating of norton was driving the wrong way and hit taylor head-on. he died at the scene. taylor never lost consciousness. >> i was still in the fast lane after the crash, because that's write ended up. so -- and cars were still and i didn't know if anyone else had known, so i called 911. >> reporter: at the hospital, taylor learned she suffered a severely broken ankle and fractured pelvis in addition to cuts and bruises. her friends were learning she was involved in the crash they had seen on the news. >> it was definitely very shocking. >> reporter: for taylor's best friend, emma mcman. >> we are as close as you could possibly be for two separate people. >> reporter: it was very upsetting.
5:34 am
to be for her friend and set up a go fund me account to cover taylor's bills because she won't be able to work for several months. >> i knts put your bones back together and make you feel better but hopefully this can help her feel better mentally and emotionally. >> it has made everything to be a little easier. >> reporter: allows her to focus on her recovery. >> after i can walk again, i won't need anything else after that. >> jason: she won't return to the final semester. the young man killed in the crash james keating the sixth bridgewater university student to die since april. the senior was a football player at the university. the investigation continues into why he was on the ride side of the road. jason law, fox25 news. three young children have been taken from their manhattan apartment after their mother was found dead inside. boston police responded to the call on bismarck street on saturday afternoon. they thought they were responding to a home invasion
5:35 am
not the case. officials found the apartment door forced open if a few haven't heard from her and they are the ones that forced the door. so it want a home invasion. it looked like -- they forced the door. they went in and found the young lady. >> gene: out in kids were checked out at the hospital and are expected to be okay. police do not expect foul play in the woman's death. they are still awaiting the results of an autopsy. transit police are asking for help finding this woman. they say she is a suspect in an employee earlier this month. a customer allegedly ordered tea at the dudley square station and threw the hot drink at the worker. the employee suvrld serious burns in the incident. transit police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. boston police department could soon have a more effective way to fight crime buying new software that scan social media for the threats. not everyone thinks it is a good idea. robert goulston takes a closer
5:36 am
look at how the software works. >> it is kind of invading the privacy. and security. >> reporter: along boylston street in boston, people are all over social media. when we got their take on police possibly monitoring it more correctly. >> it shouldn't be much of a problem. >> reporter: the boston police department is looking into buying technology that will help them better monitor social media for potential public safety issues like terrorism. >> sometimes people post crazy stuff on social media that will give it is important. >> reporter: the aclu of massachusetts says the bpd didn't appear to initiate any public conversation about its plan to spend $1.4 million in taxpayer dollars on a surveillance system designed to monitor online speech and associates. the civil liberties group goes on to say a peculiar way for community policing oriented apartment to spend so much money and chill online freedom of speech and association that
5:37 am
the aclu will continue to follow the issues closely. the main concern, of course, is terrorism, but boston police say other criminal activity on social media that is important to them, everything ranging from gang activity to prostitution. boston police telling us that the technology will be used in accordance to the strict policies and procedures within the parameter of state and federal laws and the information looked at already is what is publicly available. >> i think that the police are entitled to do their job and protect people of this country. >> reporter: the city has not made a final decision on using the web monitoring technology. in boston, robert goulston, fox25 news. it is inevitable. delays on the commuter rails tend to go up as the
5:38 am
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we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will do r on the tobin. >> julie: zakim a nice silhouetted look where you see things moving along fine. drive times still in the green, a 22-minute ride from 95 in andover down to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a look at the bus stop forecast. a cold one out there. >> shiri: chilly. dress for the 20s and 30s. give the kids a nice warm jacket early in the morning.
5:41 am
sunny 3 p.m. temperatures in the 40s. sunglasses a must today. unfortunately it is umbrellas here for the day tomorrow. i will time in the incoming showers at 10. sara. we are coming off a big weekend for a the box office. disney's animated adventure "moana" smiles first place. it made an estimated million almost beating "frozen". "fantastic beasts and where to find them" came in second place with a strong weekend with $45.1 million. ll bean is kicking it up a notch as demand for the iconic poot continues to grow. according to"usa today,"they have leased a building to double the size of their operation and hire 100 more workers next week to make the boots. a third molding machine to manufacture the rubber soles
5:42 am
annual sales have grown from fewer to 100,000 a decade ago to more than 600,000 this year. it appears that tennessee is one lucky state. the second time in less than a year someone from the volunteer state has won a mega lottery jackpot. saturday's only the $421 million ticket was sold in lafayette, tennessee. the winner has yet to come forward. the winning ticket in the $1.1 billion powerball jackpot was sold in munford. that family too than half a billion dollars. the controversy continue to boil over college. how recent protests haven't
5:43 am
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we are back at 5:44. a live look at boston a very cold morning. 28 in worcester. 29 in wrentham and 31 in burlington at this hour. shiri will update all of the temps in a cup of minutes. we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories. from his brockton are searching for the driver of a car that hit a group of people. they have already found a car that was involved thanks to surveillance video. the 25-year-old man is in the hospital in critical name. and the other big story of the day, rob gronkowski did not last very long in the game against the jets. he left in the first quarter with a back injury and sources say it may not that be serious and we don't know for sure. tom brady's 200th career win. michael henrich joins us live in gillette stadium and brady now tied with mr. peyton manning with the most wins. >> reporter: a cup of big
5:46 am
200 victories, the most all time for any quarterback tied with peyton in all -- in all of the nfl's history. >> brady's pass is caught! touchdown! >> reporter: that 8-yard pass to take the lead over the jets with less than two minutes to go sunday, tom brady led the patriots to victory for the 200th time. tying him for the all-time lead with peyton manning. >> quarterback's job is to win. he has won a lot. it's good. glad he is our quarterback. >> reporter: brady's career-long patriots quarterback called number 12 the greatest situational football player he has been around. in classic form, brady deflected credit for the accomplishment. >> it is a team sport. individual awards and things like that, it means i have been a part of a lot of great teams with great coaches and great teammates and i have had a lot of great support over the years. >> tight end bennett in his first year as braid''s teammate joked about the win.
5:47 am
never won nine games in a season before. so i am like, we are 9-2. hell, yeah. let's go. he has 200 wins, [bleep] my whole life. [ laughter ] >> reporter: bennett's reaction was the best. it was really funny there. all right, so we will continue to cover brady's accomplishment throughout the morning as well as this latest injury. so gronk will tell you what tom leyden saw in the concourse at the stadium after the game coming up in 15 minutes. for now michael henrich. >> gene: brady tries to pass peyton manning's all-time wins mark. host the la rams at gillette stadium. game kicks off at 1:00. celtics looking to be on the winning side of thing as they play the struggling heat. a busy stretch for the green against for games this week. bruins and lightning at the garden. scoreless in the first, and bruins break off, dominic
5:48 am
one on the way by and 1-0 in favor of the bruins. great reach by moore as he gets the bruins on the board early to take that lead. go up 2-0 when it happens. jimmy hays actually got a goal. the first 35 games. his last goal came all the way back on february 24. that called a drought, people. tuukka rask with 30 saves. bruins win it 4-1 over tampa at the garden. all right, 5:48 now on this monday morning. great to see you guys after this long vacation. >> gene: great holiday for everybody, i trust. >> very good. >> shiri: the skies cleared up yesterday and it turned really nice. >> gene: it did. >> shiri: one day of clear skies. >> sara: my goodness. >> shiri: the rain itself is not bad news. we are in a drought right now. yesterday's rain -- yesterday was a gorgeous day and an inch
5:49 am
but that leaves us with about a two-inch rainfall deficit. the crazy thing is, we are looking for totals we are expecting in the next couple of days. we could make up all of that rain between tuesday, wednesday and thursday of this week. it is going to be an absolute soaker starting tomorrow. today, though, we have got clear, we have dry conditions. we have high pressure driving. look what is out to the west though, this mess is what will be moving in for the day tomorrow. a second side of it, kind of a southern side of it that is wednesday as well. so right now 35 degrees in boston. we have to the a little bit of wind that is really not a big deal today. not expecting any kind of uncomfortable wind chill. feels like 29. it feels cool out there. winds only 5 to 10 miles per hour. it is not bad. temperatures are going to essentially stay still until 8 or 9:00 this morning. we do clear out the clouds and will end up being beautiful. lower 40s by 11:00 in the boston area.
5:50 am
and 45 in boston. 44 in lawrence. 45 in nashua, new hampshire. 43 in worcester. couple of upper 50s in fitchburg and norwood and plymouth down to 46 degrees. not terrible. they are pretty normal temperatures this time of the year. as you get into your tuesday, you are watching western massachusetts for slight risk of ice. i don't see it in central or eastern mass and we do have fog and heavy rain that is going to be moving in tomorrow. so first thingn the morning. we have rain focused across central and western new england. notice that he with little pink on the map. notice. it could be freezing with then a rain moves in and that is the risk for icy spots. traffic for the morning commute north of the mass pike at lunchtime and all those gaps here, those breaks in southeastern mass gets filled in during the afternoon. gaps in the 50s and going to
5:51 am
steady at times throughout mid afternoon. evening commute, dinnertime tomorrow, boston, 53 degrees. south of boston, and mid- to upper 50s. a little bit warmer of the rain. cold rain with highs barely getting up to 50 degrees. the seven-day forecast with the weekend also in view, the nicest -- 50s tomorrow with developing rain and another batch of rain here wednesday afternoon. straight through thursday morning and t 50 degrees here on friday and partly sunny. and our coat drive at jordan on saturday as well as sunday, i will keep things partly cloudy with highs in the 40s. julie grauert with live drive times traffic. 3 south of town. things are moving along fine. bright green on my map from 228 in rockland up through hingham, weymouth an over to braintree. 24 and 95 also clear shifting slightly north on the expressway.
5:52 am
discoloration and 23409 quite in the 6:00 hour. so not worried about your commute on the expressway. live drive times. 11 minutes on route 3. 16 minutes on 24 approaching 128. and still an easy 14 minutes on the expressway as you head from the split to columbia road. back to you. now at 5:52. the commuter rail is forming an action committee to study issues on his poorest performing line, the worcester line. keolis who operates the commuter rail is just based on the last 30 days. keolis is blaming some of those delays on slippery conditions based on leaves on the tracks. now the action committee will be examining the schedule and resources dedicated to that line. the cs are hoping to improve service with in machine. the boring device went into service at a mbta maintenance facility in everett. it can cut metal and operate
5:53 am
machine helping employees save hours. a safe red, white and blue. hundreds of people including veterans gathered at hampshire college to protest the school's decision to stop flying the american flag. >> blood, sweat and tears. red, white and blue. that is what it is. that is what this flag represents. >> our american flag, it stands for many things. >> raise your flags, everybody. rais >> reporter: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> stands for all the veterans around the whole nation, everybody who fought for this flag. it is more than just a symbol. >> and also stands for the freedom of expression. administrators at hamp hire college say that is what they were doing for removing the flag. fox25 spoke to the school's president jonathan lash last week. >> the symbol was raising the
5:54 am
that disagreement of getting us away from the underlying values that we wanted to discuss. >> all started after a contentious campaign season. the flag flying on the hampshire was lowered to half-staff. later, someone burned the flag. the college then announced it would remove old glory from campus all together. >> stand up for something, but you don't need to take a flag down to do it. the flag of our united states of america. >> an uproar spiraled. group from the amherst vfw organized a demonstration at into a sea of flags waving in protest. >> i would die for this flag. i fought for this flag. i live for it. >> reporter: veterans share their story of fighting for the american dwraem mo matter the cause. christopher dupont fought for his country alongside his brother. >> a flag his mom got for his grade grave site the day he was laid to rest. >> reporter: the flag represents his family's
5:55 am
speaking out now much. >> blood has been shed for our country. for our freedom. ? god bless america ? ? my home sweet home ? [cheering] >> sara: the school's president tells fox25 he is standing by the decision to remove the flag, but he is promising talks about what the flag represents will continue. thousands of american troops will be spending holiday overseas, but thanks to some generous people in brighton, they will still be getting holiday chair. the pub and restaurant held a care package drive, to collect toilet trees and book for those deployed. organizers of the event say sample way to give to those who meant so much. >> we want to say thank you and we haven't forgotten them and everybody really cares. >> the restaurant used raffles
5:56 am
shipping the care packages. families are thankful for everyone remembering the military this season. ? ? ?. a big crowd turned out in quincy for one of the biggest and oldest christmas parades in the nation. marching bands and christmas-themed floats made their way through the streets for the 64th annual parade. this year's theme was "traditions of christmas." instancy's mayor told fox25 he was pleased with >> a great event that people come from all over to see, and still has that homey community feel to it. >> reporter: the parade wrapped up a weekend of fest 80s this began with the annual tree lighting friday night. >> gene: for retirement to have very nice old car to go to the parade and drive in them. you. >> sara: how cute. i can en station will. >> great day for a parade. always a good one. concern in one community
5:57 am
approached by a stranger. the toy that the man tried to use to imagine a world where the holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness.
5:58 am
it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays
5:59 am
complete new england news coverage begins right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: now at 6:00, caught on camera, a car is seen on
6:00 am
people. the search for the driver is under way as the young man fights for his life in the hospital. police crash a brazen thief. the item he stole that made weekend mass difficult. a new injury takes rob gronkowski off the field. what our fox25 sports director witnessed in the done course after gronk left the game. plus, hillary clinton joins the movement to recount voting totals as the presid the new claims from donald trump that millions of people including some here in new england voted illegally. 6:00 on this monday morning, november 28. we appreciate you being with us this morning, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. get outside while you can, because today will be the nicest of the day week. let's check in with fox25 meteorologist shiri spear who is in the storm tracker weather center with the windy, much-needed rain -- when the much-needed rain moves in.


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