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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 28, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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. it's november 28th. time for great viral videos right this minute. rescuers try to reach a wounded elephant who is in a pit. >> with her 3-month-old calf. >> see the amazing effort to get baby and mamma out. a high speed survival story after a cop is thrown from the car. man down. >> he's the terminator. >> imagine leaving your home to live in safari tents designed by a world famous pet designer. now meet the couple who realized this is right up their alley. >> my gosh. so stinking cool. >> we are breaking down the best on the web including how a couple's motorcycle trip lead to inspiration. >> you know what i'm going to
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wedding out of nowhere. >> see the long and winding road to become a surprise bride. >> that woman is genius. >> officials in indiana have an earthmover out because they were in the midst of an eight-hour rescue. see the bottom of the pit is a mom. >> is mom okay? >> mom is not okay. she is injured and down there with her 3-month-old calf. what happened was a herd of elephants was walking through the area. that calf broke off the mom and a male went after it. the male was able to climb up but mom wasn't. they fear she has fractured leg so rescuers are in the pit and trying to get her out. >> heart breaking! >> baby. >> mom. >> yeah. >> yeah. the calf just crawling all over her trying to get her up. >> that calf trying to wake mom up saying wake up. mom's trunk is moving. mom is breathing.
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this rescue elephant was sent down there to help pull her out but, unfortunately, that does not work. you can see right here that rescue elephant on the ramp that they have cut into the earth to help get mom out. finally they get some ropes around mom and able to use equipment to pull her out. >> i like they tried using the rescue elephant first. you know? something familiar, something not so noisy and scary. >> mom is she is in serious condition but veterinarians are taking care of her. they want to stabilize her. >> incredible, right? >> one of the tag lines for our hip we get stories behind the video but i think add another one a show has videos you wouldn't believe if we didn't have the actual video. first off, these ones right here. first one from russia. >> i believe it.
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>> mate early in the morning front' see this -- this has refused to stop the vehicle come speeding through the shot. camera switches and go through at this intersection. nobody around but as a police vehicle approaches at speed and tries to do the same thing. suddenly from the side, bam! >> rolls over! the policeman is thrown from the car. >> the officer on his knees going, woo. >> well, that happened. >> shake >> back up to his feet. >> he is the terminator! >> were they okay? they were. one taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries and female driver of that other car involved in the accident also minor injuries. now, they got away but able to catch up with the 24-year-old driver who had apparently 41 previous offenses. they have video from inside the police vehicle as well. i am shocked to see that they were both wearing seat belts. i thought for sure because he got thrown out he didn't have a belt on. >> it must have just been the
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that everybody walked away. >> next video comes to us from the uk. this pursuit of this white van involved 20 officers and two choppers went through two counties. inside that van four jewelry thieves. the crazy part of this one as they approached this roundabout here and go the wrong way. you can see here one of the jewelry thieves is thrown from the back. >> thrown or jumped out? i. i don't know what happened. capture that point or if he caught. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> you know i'm an avid person who loves my pet but imagine giving up your dream home to live in tents. david munson of a leather company decided to make that very decision. they found some land in north texas and were designing their dream home.
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tents built for them and found they would only live in temporarily until their dream home was finished. but these are the tents they are living in. >> so we are in the living room right now. they moved into last august and now they really love this experience. >> they are permanent tents designed by a world famous tent designer named rob flowers. he has designed multiple safari tents that you may see in africa and the british military. they have the mod the houses, really the thing that is different are the walls. >> here we are in our kitchen. we are often asked if we can cook or if we have running water how do i do dishes? >> it's beautiful. >> isn't it nice? tell us a little bit more about what it's like to move the entire family into tents we got dave and suzanne joining us this minute. >> thanks for having us.
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>> we enjoyed it and got land out here. the kids are outside all the time. the only freaky thing we see rats or mice outside. >> i lived in texas a couple of years and weather gets pretty extreme. you get very cold and wind and a lot of heat. air-conditioning, are you prepared for that? >> yeah, actually. we have air-conditioning when it gets below freezing it gets a little nippy there. but pretty much it's very comfortable. >> just a little. >> this is something that people would think about for people who have lived through a disaster and need to set up temporary housing as opposed to mobile homes maybe something like this will work? >> yeah, absolutely. people set them up for weekend homes and cabins. >> it turned out to be a great idea. you guys are making it work but when you first told your friends and family you were going to do
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>> what happens when a tornado hits? i said what happens to your house if a tornado hits? they told us not to do it. >> they have gotten a lot easier on us as time goes oo. >> if you were building a house the equivalent of size what is the percentage difference would you get? >> if you had one of these tents and put it on a level ground. probably be around 25,000 or so. it's very reasonable. can you take it with you when you're finished. >> he like that. >> i want one. >> do you plan to stay in this? >> we even our kid are not interested in moving into a home at this time. they love it here. >> regardless of how ridiculous go to great lengths to pull off trick shots and to do really cool things. in this case they hand over in switzerland. they took a 20 hour flight and said it took lots of practicing and planning and dreaming.
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>> any idea? >> they notorious for -- there is going to be some sort of ridiculous. basketball. football. i don't know. frisbee shots. >> they are not wearing parachutes so i don't think any jumping. >> no jumping but you are on to something. >> about ten seconds. >> time for the big moment. >> miss miss miss. >> of course err editing things. they always show this once. but it only took them three times. >> get out of here! no way! >> they say it took them three times. >> they have now set a new guinness book of world record.
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>> all you can do is press for because once the ball leaves your hands. >> why are you pressing for this? where are you able to practice for this? >> don't ask questions. >> an artist gets to work to transform. >> it's really, really clever. >> why you want to hang around to see this masterpiece. and baby in the back seat. not happy. >> throwing >> see mom's simple trick to
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then the shading she does around the edges here to give it that perspective but doesn't look two dimensional. >> she is a wizard. >> we have a number of lining videos. we have done it a lot on "right this minute." but i think now we have the theme for all of these videos. this song is sung by this way on
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nature and basking in the sun. ? sky walker i see the pole ? when you're falling from the inside ?? >> you can't have, like, a rock song or rap song or country song. it has to be something strong and smoothing so they can find their center and i wonder what came first? >> i think the line came first because not only is this guy doing it. you see later on i that chloe had a bit of a slack liner. it's one of those cool videos. it's very calming to watch. >> pleasant to listen to and lyrics are kind of cool but very fitting to the activity. >> never underestimate the power of the selfie. in this video pull over to show the power of the selfie.
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watch this. >> tantrum in the back seed. quick! everybody run for cover. >> mom's trick move. >> loves it. >> works every time. >> oh, wait. put that on facebook. >> everything you do and say will be recorded and uploaded to social media and he is like, you know what? you got me looking ugly out all in the public? >> i don't want that. >> even like the head tilt? >> this power of the selfie and the selfie stick because they hand her the phone and the selfie stick. she is like, wait a minute, how does this thing work here? she is balancing and this is how it works. smile. up, down. funny face. i think a future spielberg. >> and she is learning to take a selfie. >> next session she will learn
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>> #giggle. >> buried alive for one hour. the incredible stunt. >> how does he pass the time? >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a helicopter and a jet ski face off to deliver a bottle of champagne. see who wins the race and gets the party started. plus a snowman gets scary. see the hilarious prank that is
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it may look like a trailer for the newest mission impossible film but, no, this is the latest team super tramp video. we have got a race through new york city. a par course. a helicopter and a jet ski are all going to go at it. the mission? to deliver a bottle of champagne to a cruise ship. it races on. here is the par course through the park. >> imagine that. >> the helicopter picks up the guy with the football. or in this case a bolts of champagne. >> they look more millennial than bond. >> the first to get knocked out of this case, surprisingly not the par course, thankfully not the helicopter. gets into it with another jet skier. boom. he's out out. now up to the par course to intercept this top secret mission. >> okay, so it is docked. the par course did have a chance. i was wondering if he even had one. >> in case you haven't figured this out the money for the video put up by the carnival cruise
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down. the repel line. boom. heres comes the par course closing in. trying to intercept the guy with the champagne but, no, despite all of the effort to thwart this! for sure. what is this all about? that champagne is needed to christian the ship. >> there you go. >> brand new spanking lovely carnival cruise ship. of course, they put together check that out. check it out using your mobile. ? it's the most wonderful time of the year because charity went turn up in 3-2-1 ?? >> oh, my god! >> okay. i don't care how many times,
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except -- look happy. >> they took the snowman down to columbus, ohio. a few ohio state buckeyes got a little jumpy. >> no way. >> they say something cute. it just turns into this. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> that was awesome. nicely lon. done. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> i was just about to start dancing. . [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> good thing i have my depend on. >> cut! >> this one is my favorite because these people want to take a picture of the snowman and then get into a tiny conversation.
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>> i love this. every year, they do this. i get amusement every time. >> a couple's cross country adventure takes a romantic turn. >> she had absolutely no idea. >> see why the road to a surprise wedding was definitely the way to go. >> that said okay. >> okay, fine.
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yourself like that, i want to go! >> it reminds me of this and you know how i feel about >> thank you. from down under but in america because on a massive journey. seeing some of the best natural beauty that this great country has to offer. you can see them at rivers, yellow stone national park and got themselves involved in their very own rescue. >> a deer has got itself caught in a fence. >> what a surprise! they saw it happening and pulled a biker over to help and you can
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>> eventually they were able together and lift it over and set it free. >> this is an entirely different video. i should take you back to the moment that stacy said this to danny. >> going to be surprise. >> he heard that and said i'm going to surprise her with a wedding out of nowhere. he put his plan into action where -- then his two kids and 18 guests have flown secretly from australia to reno, nevada. he then has a 600 miles in one day to make it to reno, nevada, so that ta-da, look is here. >> she said no. >> but you know what? >> do not surprise me with a wedding and then she got it. >> you can see people showing up and having fun and getting ready. look what is going on?
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so much effort went into this happening that now they have got a wedding and a wedding story that will be just a fantastic story to tell. you can see stacy right here walking out beautiful dress. got the flowers. she is beaming smiling and she may have said don't surprise me the smile says -- >> okay, fine. maybe he did a good job. >> that's it. that's all. "right this minute".com has more
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they take on this mountain and what happens when the mountain fights dirty. >> hang on. >> talk about bad criminals. he is the armed intruder who could not hit this man. >> why the internet is mocking the worst aim ever. >> he missed every single shot! >> time to >> people have been seeing this on social media and sharing. saying i want to go. >> see where your food order can float on out. and some sisters who -- the moment mom delivers the big bad news. >> i'm going to -- with another person! >> you may not think that georgia is the place to go


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