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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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police department last year. he's an alum. university confirming the student identified now is abused and abandoned due artan captured out the attack that killed 11 people. he is an 18-year-old somali man who came to the united states as a refugee and was granted legal status as a resident. campus police say before 10:00 a.m. this morning, he purposely drove over a curb and into a group of people on a street corner. he jumped out of the car and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. that's when th killed the teen. >> we had a dynamic, well-trained professional today save the lives of many of our residents and students. >> the reporter: all 11 people hurt are expected to recover. the motive behind the attack is still unclear, but investigators are not ruling out anything at this point. that includes looking into whether this was a terrorist attack. ohio state student newspaper just did profile on the suspect
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transferred from columbus state, he's muslim and was concerned about the number of places on ohio state campus for him to pray. we're continuing to gather more information. we'll have another live report coming at 6:00 p.m. live in newsroom, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: more details now, the run, hide, fight message sent to students was actually part of the response, recommended by the department of homeland security in an active shooter situation. in march, fox 25 investigates took a closer look at how local companies are conducting active shooter training, so will know what to do in these situations. you can find our story on >> mark: police are now questioning a man who says he was the driver involved in a hit-and-run over the holiday weekend. the victim died from his injuries earlier this morning. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux is live outside brockton district court with details on the man who turned himself in. stephanie? >> the reporter: and mark, i just checked this with the plymouth county district attorney's office, who told me, charges are still pending.
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arraigned here at brockton district court, again, because he hasn't been charged just yet, the earliest he could be arraigned is tomorrow. and this comes as family and friends of the victim are still trying to understand why this happened. a heartbreaking turn of events for the family of 25-year-old sergio lacone, hit by a car early friday morning. the plymouth county district attorney's office says he died from his injuries early this morning. captured by the spot bar and loun crossing main street, the car drives down the road, hitting laconia so hard, he flew through the air landing feet away. the driver never shot. the owner of the bar told us on saturday he's never seen anything so devastating. >> it was a bad impact, as you probably all have seen the video. bad impact. >> the reporter: police say they towed a 2012 jaguar sedan from the scene, but didn't find the driver. today, the d.a.'s office says
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in for questioning, but until they officially charge him, they aren't releasing his name. sam said this isn't the first time someone has been hit outside his bar. he told us, he'll now have his security guards walk customers across the street for their own safety. >> we're a community here, and while i know i can't control everything, it happens on -- that happens on the streets, i'm responsible for my patrons. >> the reporter: we've also learned that moved here from honduras. his wife and three young children still there live. i spoke with one of lacone's friends and what he's sharing with me about lacone and his family. >> vanessa: a mother is facing charges, months after she was found passed out in a local store. we showed you this disturbing video of her young daughter, trying to wake her up, in september. tonight, mom is charged with
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bob, you tried to talk to her on the way out of court. >> the reporter: yes, i did. you know, the state was seeking a high bail in this case, they wanted to hang on to her, keep her in jail on $10,000 bail. it was a bail that the defense lawyer said that she couldn't possibly meet. but the prosecution told the judge that this mom has a history of addiction that stretches back more than a decade. >> are you clean now, handy? mandy mcgowan, covering her face with nothing to say, as she walks out of the front door of lawrence district court. this is how we last saw her and it is shocking. on september-inch 18th, mcgowan passed out on the floor of a dollar store. her 2-year-old child seen crying, trying to revive her mother. it would take two shots of narcan to bring mcgowan back.
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on $10,000 cash bail. >> for several minutes, that 2-year-old child was trying to get her mother's attention and crying. since the defendant deliberately ingested the drugs that did render her unconscious and left her child unattended, officers -- unattended in a public place, officers did charge her with reckless endangerment of that child. >> the reporter: mcgowan's lawyer argued against bail of any kind, telling the court, mandy is getting help at a program. >> she's entered a program, she is 67 days into the program. she is not able to post the became. that will set back all the progress she made pushed aside. >> the reporter: well, a friend picked up mcgowan after she walked right out the front door of this courthouse and presumably, drove her right back to that treatment center in wilmington, massachusetts. now, among the conditions that have been placed on her, mcgowan
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that daughter now in the care of relatives, but in custody of the state of new hampshire. reporting live from lawrence, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: a nice day to run along the charles river. hope you were able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. hopefully, i cleaned up the leaves from the last time this winter. all right, tomorrow, of course, rain moves in. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here now, and kevin, you and shiri spear will be tracking this closely between now and the morning. >> kevin: yeah. ist going done a close handoff, because the showers will be gh morning. mark, i've cleaned my yard up twice and ready to go again, so i totally know what you mean, but now with rain moving in, it's all going to get smooshed down and that rain is coming. 37 worcester, 37 in fitchburg. when you take a closer look in between the main reporting stations, you'll find places like pepperell, kingsborough, 38. hollis, 35. freezing cold already in rindge, new hampshire, 32 and southward into worcester county. why is that important? because when the rain first
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there can be spots of ice and that's why the freezing rain advisory is in plagues, all these areas in pink. be aware of that. it's not going to be a widespread icing event or ice storm, but there will be spots first thing in the morning and that's before the heaviest rain arrives. i'll show you the timeline for that and the next one after that. >> vanessa: this time tomorrow, we could know who will be secretary of state. president-elect donald trump will meet with former massachusetts governor, mitt romney tomorrow. romney is skuicih considered, but prestigious post is meeting up. former new york mayor, rudy giuliani, has made no secret of his desire for the position an reports are outtold saying former c.i.a. director, david petraeus is also a possible alternative for secretary of state. it has been 20 days since presidential election, and the state of michigan has finally declared a winner. it's donald trump, by 10,704 votes over hillary clinton. the news comes as green party candidate, jill stein, calls for
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and as president-elect donald trump raises questions about potential voter fraud in places like new hampshire. crystal hanes live in new hampshire with reaction to all of this. crystal? >> the reporter: well, i can tell you, reaction has been swift here in new hampshire. elected officials say, trump's tweet simply isn't true. >> they're all states where the margin was just razor thin, and in which the outcome was unexpected. >> the reporter: lexington election recounts in three states at once has never been done, but she's willing to spend the time, and the money to do it. the green party candidate has raised over $6 million to pay for balance to be recounted in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. >> there are real concerns have been raised about the voting technology and voting irregularities and hacks that took place over the course of the election. >> the reporter: there are 46
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those three states, with donald trump leading hillary clinton by over 1,000 votes. over the weekend, clinton's campaign came out in support of stein's recount efforts, sparking trump to take to twitter, claiming widespread voter fraud in virginia, california, and new hampshire. all states he lost in. i took that claim to new hampshire's deputy secretary of state, david scanlin. >> we don't have any evidence, and no evidence has been provided to us, that would voter fraud taking place in new hampshire. >> the reporter: a spokesman for governor maggie hassan tells fox 25, his tweet is completely unsubstantiated, and claims of voter fraud in new hampshire have earned him plitifacts rating of pants on fire. >> if president-elect donald trump has new information, he needs to share it with us, because you're entitled to your own opinions, you're just not entitled to your own facts.
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hampshire's former attorney general. why he says, the granite state has its problem, but voter fraud isn't one of them. reporting from concord tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: following breaking news right now out of westwood, where a person has been hit by a car. sky fox with a view of the victim being airlifted from hanlin school within the last hour. we do not know that person's condition. the accident happened in the area of adams street and weatherby deprive and we will let you know as soon as we get any newde hampshire has been ruled a homicide. 2-year-old madison dana was rushed to the hospital on saturday where she died. investigators say an autopsy done today revealed that dana had blunt trauma injuries. a child who lived at the home with her in berlin called 911. so far, no charges and no other details have been released. >> mark: new hampshire man is behind bars, accused of having sex with a child. 21-year-old david carr was arrested on friday in merrimack, facing felony sexual assault
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carr posted his $10,000 bail. he'll be back in court in january. >> it appears the lowell mother who was killed in front of her son died after getting run over by a car. the "lowell sun" reports the initial autopsy on gloribel orengo shows me likely died by a ruptured aorta, caused by a car. orengo died over a week ago when she was attacked at a party she was attending. a woman admitted to bottle of hennessey before taking off with another man. that car may have been involved in a high-speed chase that night. the woman was charged with assault and battery last week. police are still looking for the suspect who was driving the car. the driver accused in a hotel shuttle crash over the summer, finally appears in court. >> mark: their car rear-ended the shuttle and sent two people flying to their deaths. tonight, we are pouring through court documents. what we've learned about the suspect's prior arrests and what he admitted to doing before the crash.
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afternoon, but first things first, where some freezing rain could occur in the morning.
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>> vanessa: prison officials say it's a dangerous problem. illegal drugs are pouring into new hampshire prisons and getting into the hands of those already struggling with heroin addiction. >> mark: but soon corrections
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new detection tool. only on fox 25, kathryn burcham got an exclusive look at the new team that will my out the probable -- sniff out the problem. >> the reporter: new hampshire prison officials say 85% of the inmates have a substance abuse problem an even on the inside, they're still getting access to a heroin derivative, that's why they're pinning their hopes on two specially trained dogs, they hope will be a powerful weapon in the war on drugs. >> this is dutch. has arrived. >> dutch, an 18-month-old belgium dog, his partner are the new line of defense against illegal drugs, pouring into new hampshire prison, including this heroin derivative. >> it is directly related to the opiate use with heroin on the outside of the facilities. >> the reporter: inmates will swallow packets of the drugs. >> there's actually some heroin. >> the reporter: making it incredibly difficult for
5:16 pm
but that's where dutch's powerful nose comes in. >> there's really been no technology up until now, that's able to duplicate what the dog's nose can do. >> the reporter: fox 25 got an exclusive look at the k-9 unit, the first of its kind in the state undergoing a nine week training program to sniff out drugs and cellphones used in the drug trade. can this be dangerous for the corrections officers? >> when drugs are introduced serious safety and security concern. >> the reporter: jeff lion says his officers are seizing large quantities of the drug, which can be hidden in paintings, drawings, even on letters to inmates. but they're fighting a losing battle. >> it causes gang activity, it's criminal activity, that's happening on the inside, it pushes addictions along. >> the reporter: so they're hoping that dutch and his partner can do what they cannot.
5:17 pm
things that we're not able to find. >> the reporter: prison officials tell me they're at critically low staffing levels, so the ability of dutch and the other k-9 to do the work of many employees is critical to their safety. dutch will graduate in three weeks, and will immediately go to work inside the state's three prisons. in new hampshire, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the man accused of breaking into a boston shrine to steal valuables has been arrested and arraigned. being held on $2,500 bail, charged with larceny and breaking and entering. police say surveillance video at the st. anthony shrine helped them track down swanson. people who frequent the shrine say they recognized him as a member of the homeless community. the director of the shrine says it's a less on in forgiveness. >> people are either desperate because they're hungry, desperate because they're tired, desperate because they're on drugs, and lots are homeless.
5:18 pm
slow to judge on this. >> vanessa: the executive director tells us the place was a mess, so it took a while to figure out that nothing valuable was missing. >> kevin: temperatures are failing cool, for this time of night in november, but just barely below average. it has dropped into the 30's back here to the north and west. look at orange at 33. there are some spots back here that are closer to freezing, even aft freezing, like rindge, new hampshire, at morning, where there is a freezing rain potential. it's not going to be heavy rain that moves in first thing in the morning, so i believe this will be a spotty ecurrency. later on in the morning, steady precipitation will cause ice and snow north for you in new hampshire hand maine hand northeast vermont, but for us in massachusetts, north and west of 495. southwest new hampshire should be included in this too. a freezing rain advisory, just for the potential for some spots of ice during the first part of the morning.
5:19 pm
to be falling at 4:00 a.m., there's always a buffer put around the advisory teams, just in case it comes in earlier. don't want you to be caught off guard. this is where the winter weather advisory is for the sleet and snow to come in. maine is in a freezing advisory, just like central massachusetts and western massachusetts are for the morning. so we're clear tonight. that's the satellite picture for right now. this is the cloud activity through eastern pennsylvania, moving into western new england in the next couple of hours and then there's the steady rain. we've seen very av that to come here that. they need it in the southeast and we need it in the northeast, they're getting severe weather, some tornadoes spotted out there today. we don't want that part of it. we'll be ok. we'll be getting the heavy rain without the severe weather, but look at this. see the spots of rain that show up well ahead of the main batch back here. that's the concern for the morning. if any of the spots start to pop up in new england, whether temperatures are still cold, that's whether you can get some spots of ice first thing in the morning, not because of the
5:20 pm
those initial little spots of rain. that's what you're seeing here. see temperatures generally in the 30's, but you're going to find towns in between some of the bigger cities that will be at or below freezing first thing in the morning, when it rain arrives. that's why this pink color here, showing up on our computer model data, futurecast data, showing us just the risk for some icing that can occur northwest massachusetts, notice of 495 and -- northwest of 495. here comes the steadier rain in look at the bright colors popping up here. that's the heaviest rain coming through the evening as temperatures are at their warmest in the 50's. 40's and 50's back here for high temperatures. on wednesday, we'll do it all again. start out quietly, not the freezing rain potential, not at all, wednesday morning, but another batch of rain moving in for the evening drive or in wednesday, so two shots for some substantial rain in the next couple of days, tuesday and wednesday, by thursday, we'll start to dry things out, that will continue into friday and the first part of the weekend
5:21 pm
day at jordan's furniture. on saturday, back with a new timeline on the rain. >> mark: new background checks are coming in just weeks for uber and lyft drivers. the ride hailing companies have agreed to perform comprehensive background checks on all of their drivers. start january 6th. drivers will have three months to get the new requirement done. it stems from a law approved this summer, that called for a two tiered system in which drivers would be screened, both by their company and their state. fox 25's reported owned issues with the safety of drivers on uber and lyft. look for his report on fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. >> mark: the mbta is addressing problems on the poorest computer lane, the -- it shall commuter line, the worcester line. part of the problem they say was slippery conditions created by leaves this fall, but the group talked about adding more conductors to busy trains to speed up boarding and also considering changing some
5:22 pm
for former cuban president fidel castro who died over the weekend. the brighter future some residents are hoping fratch his death. >> vanessa: complaints were
5:23 pm
5:24 pm
>> mark: patriots improve to 9-2 with a win over the jets yesterday, but once again, there is concern about rob gronkowski after he left the game early.
5:25 pm
saw gronkowski working very gingerly through the concourse. the back injury is not serious, but the all pro tight end was in clear discomfort. the previous chest injury and back injury. it is expected the patriots will be very conservative as they look to get gronk back on its field. patriots are on fox 25 this weekend. we're excited about it. we have you covered, leading up to game at 10:00 a.m. right after our morning news. tune show, dawn of a dynasty. butch stearns and tom leyden will be looking back at the pats first super bowl win 15 years ago and have interviews with some of the players from the team and get you ready for sunday's matchup with the rams and at 11:00 a.m., fox nfl picks up the coverage, starting at 1:00 p.m. >> vanessa: a tennessee community said goodbye to another young victim of a deadly school bus crash.
5:26 pm
loved ones poured this to the funeral this weekend. the bus driver, john walker, will be in court tomorrow, facing vehicular homicide charges and we are learning new details tonight about complaints filed against john walker in the weeks before the crash. a principal expressed concern about his driving twice in the last months. students claimed, he was trying to injure them and a parent threatened to beat walker up, after hearing he cursed at children. investigators say he was speeding on an unapproved bus route at the time of the crash. all of your holiday gifts on black friday, you still have about six and a half hours left to shop on line on this cyber monday. >> coming up at 5:00 p.m., we are checking out some of the deals, what you need to learn before you click so you don't fall for a scam. >> mark: teenagers are rescued on a mountain. >> when the chopper saw it, it was a moment of pure joy. >> mark: they were very high on that mountain. the one thing surrounding them that kept them safe and alive during two frigid nights. >> vanessa: and months after two
5:27 pm
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>> vanessa: more on the breaking news from ohio state university. the university says the student, identified as abdul artan was behind this morning's attack that left 11 people injured. sources tell fox 25, he's an 18-year-old somali refugee who came to the united states and was granted status as a legal
5:30 pm
a group of peel, standing on a -- people, standing on a street corner and jumped out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. a campus police officer shot and killed the teen. police are not sure of a motive right now. >> mark: following breaking news in westwood, within the last 15 minutes, we have learned a pedestrian hit by a car is in serious condition. sky fox captured crews loading victim into a medical helicopter from a hanlin school just after 4:00 p.m. the accident happened in the area of adams street and the driver involved did not appear to be impaired. john monahan is working to talk to investigators and witnesses and will bring you any new details, as soon as they come in to our newsroom. new details are emerging about one of the drivers in this violent crash over the summer. >> vanessa: a car hit a hotel shuttle van near logan airport, killing two people inside and the suspect was in court today. our heather hegedus is here with details. >> kevin: we've learned from the
5:31 pm
the driver have two times the legal level of alcohol in his driver and he had thc in his blood and urine, the activity ingredient in heroin and it wasn't the first time -- in marijuana and it wasn't the first time he was arrested. he also had an oui in florida. the impact of the crash was so severe, two people were ejected out of this hotel shuttle and pronounced dead on scene. now, almost three months to the date from when it happened, the marblehead man, who allegedly struck and killed those innoc passengers, was called to court. >> how do you plead to those two offenses? >> not guilty. >> the reporter: a grand jury indicted 27-year-old steven byronbalm klugman slaughter for the death of two people from el paso, texas. the pair were here for a visit to northeastern with a student. two other passenger and the shuttle's driver suffered minor injuries. toxicology reports found buy
5:32 pm
system, the active ingredient in marijuana, but you told investigators a different story. >> he admitted that he had one beer and takes aterol for his adhd. >> the reporter: both vehicles lost control and struck the roadway barriers. he claimed it wasn't his fault. >> mr. gonzalez spoke to a passenger in after the crash who told him another car struck him from the rear. video evidence, as well as other statements, there's been no evidence that a third vehicle was involved in this crash. >> the reporter: neither the man for his attorney would answer questions about the facts of the case after the man was released on bail today. >> we have no comment. i'm not going to comment on the evidence. >> the reporter: and late this afternoon, the hanson inn issued a statement to us that says in part, we are still deeply saddened by this tragic accident and our thoughts and prayers are again with the families of all of them impacted. the safety of our guests has been and will continue to be our
5:33 pm
the suffolk county district attorney is now using this case as part of an urgent call to lawmakers. reporting live in studio, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the driver of a car that collided with the logan express bus in chelsea early this morning, now faces charges. police say speed played a role in the crash on eastern avenue, not far from an airport shuttle stop. the force of the crash caused the bus' fuel tank to rupture and the car to catch fire. the bus driver was alone on the bus at the time. the driver of the other car and two passe injuries, but are expected to survive. what a view here on top of mount washington today. this picture from the mount washington observatory. the summit had just cleared out of the clouds, making room for an awful lot of sunshine there and here back at home, another sunny day, but we likely won't see the sun again, kevin, until the end of the week, right. >> kevin: not much of it, that's for sure. the picture you showed was
5:34 pm
mountain. we call it overcast. we all that undercast. windchill, minus 2. in the 30's, freezing cold temperatures to the north and west of 495. hollis is close at 33. pepperell is 37 degrees, but off to the west today, we saw rindge, new hampshire, 32, down to 29 already. that's why in this part of the world, northwest of 495 and northwest of new hampshire, there is a potential first thing in the morning for a little bit of ice as the rain arrives. it would just be spotty, but enough for here from the national weather service, between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. i'm not expecting a widespread event, but there is a potential for spots of ice and that's what we're talking about with this storm moving in. when the heaviest rain arrives, it will be much warmer. i'll show you that timeline. >> mark: the woman who survived a deadly wrong way crash on route 495 thanksgiving morning told us she is on the long road to recovery. 21-year-old taylor mcbarren spoke with us by phone from her hospital bed. she was on her way home to the cape in this white s.u.v. when a car driving of the wrong way hit
5:35 pm
the other driver was killed. taylor suffered broken bones, cuts, and bruises. she tells us, she called 911 herself, her friend set up a gofundme account to help taylor pay her bills while she recovers. 40-year-old brookline man has died after crashing on his bicycle early sunday. brookline police say the man was riding on cold chester street in the direction of chapel street. witnesses found him lying in the road here the curb with serious head trauma. police are investigating what caused the crash. >> vanessa: transit police are asking for help, finding a woman accused of assaulting a dunkin' donuts worker. a customer allegedly ordered tea at the dudley square station and threw the hot drink at a worker. it happened earlier this month. and the employee suffered serious burns. transit police are asking anyone with any information to give them a call. a new hampshire man is accused of stealing a woman's purse, while she was attending mass. police say they found david hill hiding in a pile of leaves deer
5:36 pm
after a parishioner told police she caught hill red-handed with her wallet in his hand. the woman says she placed the wallet inside the church before mass. >> mark: thousands of people lined up in cuba today to pay their final respects to fidel castro. right now, cubans are a planning a week of mourning. while some are in mourning, others are relieved, he is gone. >> the reporter: tyrant, dictator, fidel castro was many things to many people. he died over the weekend, leaving his country at least officially in mourning. at 9 a.m., a 21 gun salute honoring the former president, the first of many public displays across the i've land. castro hadn't held power since 2008, when sickness forced him to transfer power to his brother raul, but his passing undoubtedly marks the end of an important chapter in cuban history and leaves many cubans wondering what might change without the man who led the
5:37 pm
many cuban exiles in miami cheered fidel castro's death, so many families were forever separated. they hope it leads to a brighter future on the island. >> we believe that after this moment, many things are going to change in cuba. >> the reporter: but in havana, no one is celebrating. on saturday, students at the university of havana where castro once studied, chanced, i am fidel, in honorof >> he was not only example to cuba, he was an example to american latino and an example to entire world. castro was cremated on saturday. mourningers began paying their respects monday morning, lining up in the square. his ashes will be taken east to santiago, cuba, where his funeral and burial will take place. >> mark: a new report is taking a closer look at hour tax dollars are being spent.
5:38 pm
money. >> mark: and cancer patients and those struggling with opioid addiction could soon be getting some extra support. still ahead, the massive new bill that is going up for a vote this week.
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to the victims of the pulse night club massacre, orlando's new mls soccer stadium will feature 49 rain doughed colored seats, a nod to each of the victim to the attack this past june. the stadium will open next year. new at 5:30 p.m., a 12-year-old girl is talking about how she fought off an attacker. the girl was grocery shopping in other coney island neighborhood whether the man approached her. she tried to ignore him, until he cornered her in to a concealed passage way. >> he started taking off his jacket and i'm like, what are you going to do me and that's where i tried to escape and kicked his private parts. >> vanessa: after she kicked the man, some good samaritans came to her rescue. police are still looking for the suspect. >> mark: we are getting a new look at the devastation caused by landslides in italy. drone video shows the startling perspective of the damage. days of torrential rain caused
5:42 pm
forecast for the coming days. new at 5:30 p.m., 2 teens are talking about their story of survival after spending two frigid nights in one of colorado's highest peaks. the boys got stranded on the mount of the holy cross peak, with only the rocks to protect them from the icy wind. they say, faith kept them going until they were rescued. >> when that chopper saw us, there was just a moment of pure joy in a heart t were going to get out of there and we were going to be ok. >> mark: the teens are in the burn unit at university of colorado hospital being treated for frostbite. >> kevin: tracking rain moving in and where ice could be a problem, first thing in the morning.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
>> vanessa: it is sigh we are monday and by the end of the day today, millions of people will
5:45 pm
holiday deals. >> mark: fox 25's elizabeth hopkins joining us now and elizabeth, this is also a prime time for a scam. >> the reporter: we went to the experts to find out how to spot a deal, and avoid any scams. whether at work or at home, if you were tempted to log on and shop today, you're not hey lonely. >> they're expecting an increase this year. modest increase. >> the reporter: edgar is founder of consumer he says from black friday to the day back to lot of great details' retailers push consumers to push their brands first and not all cyber monday deals are worth the hype. >> i'll give you an example. last week, sears had their own brand of jeans on sale for $9.99, which was a crazy low price. today, they're double the price, but there's a 25% off coupon. you're still paying more. consumers have to sharp smart hand strategically. >> put an item in your basket,
5:46 pm
keep going back and check your basket and you'll see how the price changes. >> the reporter: shopping smart doesn't just extend to maximizing the deals. phishing emails are a scam that looks like a message from a legitimate brand but isn't. >> you might not be going to a retail site. you might be going to the bad guys. >> the reporter: from coupon code officers to tracking a package, shoppers should go directly to the site they're interested in and n protect your real credit card number. >> use what i call a virtual credit card. citibank and bank of america, for example, let's you get a one-time use credit card number. >> the reporter: if you missed out on the best deals, hang on a little longer. >> the day after christmas is certainly a big day to get half off. >> the reporter: he has one other recommendation. if you're led to a site that seems a little too good to be true, can you always visit
5:47 pm
find that link on our web site, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: good advice. lily, thank you. we are just getting a look at how much money americans spent on black friday. the annual shopping spree raked in $3 billion, much of it on line. researchers say about a billion came from shopping through mobile devices. data also shows sales at fiscal stores dipped 5% during the past few days. >> mark: gas prices in boston dropped again this past week, according to gas buddy. unleaded in boston, $2.15 a gallon, that's down 1.3 cents from last week. it is nearly 4 cents per gallon, higher than prices last year at this time, but gas prices typically fall in december. >> vanessa: new at 5:30 p.m., most of us are still recovering from our thanksgiving meal, but time is running out to enjoy the leftovers. health experts say you should eat what's left of your turkey in three to four days and pies should be refrigerated for three
5:48 pm
casseroles and mashed potatoes, three to five days. if you need any of your other dishes to last long, you have to put them in the freezer. i don't know, the second day, it takes almost as good if not better than thanksgiving day. day. >> kevin: i agree. they've got to be gone by now. >> mark: when you put it in sandwich mode, you get another day. >> kevin: half that the casserole. >> mark: then it becomes mow not miscellaneous. every day everywhere. even turkey pizza if you want to do that. let's talk about the situation coming up tomorrow with some weather. going to be chilly out there this evening. 34 already in bedford. 33 in orange. even up to 128 in bedford, temperatures are approaching freezing and therein lies the issue first thing in morning, for instance, in gardner tonight, going down into the upper 20's under clear skies this evening. clouds roll in later on and the temperature starts to row rebound. freezing at 5? a. a and that's the danger zone. that's when you start to see showers, start to make their way
5:49 pm
freezing rain advisory, i do not want you all to get too worried about this being a big ice event if you're northwest of 495, but i want you to be aware of it first thing in the morning, if there's rain falling outside your window, check the temperature, better get gingerly test the puddles out there and make sure it's not rain on your walkway and driveway and roads heading out the door. farther north, risk of snow and sleet from the system. that's were the winter weather advisory here. the problem is cold sit in certain locations, particularly along that route 2 corridor and not get scoured out as the milder air moves in. you'll see that more in just a moment. there are the clear skies tonight. the clouds making their way eastward through pennsylvania and in to new jersey and back to here is the heavy rain. severe weather today, as well as tornadoes from this system, so it's a potent front that's coming our way, with a lot of rain attached to it. but look more closely at this. you see the main rain event is back here, but there's some spots rain here.
5:50 pm
you see the color change, where there is rainshower activity making it to ground level in cold temperatures, actually changes to freezing rain or snow hand that's the issue in the morning. not that there's heavy rain coming in when it's ice cold out, but that you can get a couple spots of it. and any one spot can become icy, because of that. and you'll see it here on futurecast data. the rain starts to move in, just near freezing, brattleboro at freezing. nashua, 31. that pink color, that denotes where the potential for freezing rain is according to the towns at or below freezing when rain just starts to arrive, so again, not a long duration freezing event, just enough to really get our attention and make sure you're aware of it in the morning. through 8:00 a.m., still happening, southwest new hampshire, northern worcester county, this pushes to the north. notice the temperatures here, they don't rebound as quickly, just not getting scoured out. the winds start to come to the south and will warm up in southernmost new england, 50's, but still 40's back in here. here comes the heaviest rain
5:51 pm
and wells. eventually the heaviest rain moves out tomorrow night but that's one storm this week. high temperatures in the boston area, eventually into the 50's, boston to quincy and braintree, off to the north and west, the harder time of getting into the 50's, staying in the upper 40's, even during the opening when the heaviest rain gets here, gardner to athal. wednesday, clouds and break of sun, a break or two any wave and the rain starts to arrive again for the afternoon and another evening commute. here's your seven-day forecast, showing you the couple dry days leading into the weekend with temperatures starting to go back down the other way to more cooler by the weekend. new information come in this hour, i'll update the timeline on the rain. >> mark: singer song whiter james taylor is coming back to fenway park as part of the summer ballpark tour. fenway will be taylor's final stop, he'll play at nationals park, wrigley field and that park in san francisco. that about covers it. it will be the third year he will play at fenway. special delivery in the nation's
5:52 pm
christmas tree arrives. the 80-foot spruce complete add 4,000-mile cross-country journey from idaho, made 31 stops along the way, garnishing thousands of signatures and tons of attention on social media. >> people love the capitol christmas tree. they get so excited to see it it's the most popular christmas tree based on the number of photos posted on facebook and instagram. >> the reporter: speaker of the house paul ryan will lead the annual tree lighting ceremony on west capitol's front lawn. >> vanessa: allegation of widespread voter fraud from the president-elect are coming under fire from new hampshire. coming up tonight all new at 6:00 p.m. >> the reporter: president-elect donald trump said there was widespread illegal voting on election day here in new hampshire. tonight, why the former attorney general says, that just doesn't happen here. >> vanessa: plus, local cities vowing to protect immigrants regardless of their status. also new at 6:00 p.m., the effect it could have for funding
5:53 pm
another child on a public school bulls. tonight, parents of students at that school are pushing for answers. what the school is doing in response. capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ?? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees. and a top-rated app, let's you bank right here.
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?? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. ylan polin
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5:56 pm
poof. >> mark: billions of new dollars devoted to finding a cure for cancer. it's just one of the professor visions of a bill congress is expected to vote on this week. >> vanessa: justin gray reports from washington that the legislation could be the final bill, president obama signs into law. >> kevin: it's. >> the reporter: it's a big investment and an even bigger mission. a bipartisan plan from congress for the cancer moon shot that president obama proposed in the state of the union address. >> this bill actually will provide money specifically for the moon shot. >> the reporter: congress hand working on what's called the 21st century cures bill for years. republican leaders say they'll hold a vote this week on the final deal. it provides $4.8 billion in
5:57 pm
cancer, but also other diseases like alzheimer's. >> what this bill will do is create a whole new slug of funding for research and disease, especially cancer. >> the reporter: the bill would budget $1 billion for states to address the opioid crisis and help to get new medicines to market more quickly. that's the provision that concerns critics. >> it pushes the f.d.a. approve products more quickly, but not to make sure that they really work. >> the reporter: we've learned democratic negotiators still haven't signed off on this deal. sources tell me, they're pushing for last-minute changes. those changes focused on concerns the bill hours f.d.a. standards for new medicines. >> you need to have standards that matter. >> the reporter: the bill last deals with mental health, providing a host of new resources and investments for those suffering from mental illness. reporting in washington, justin
5:58 pm
dementia rates are dropping in the u.s., and a new study found dementia rates in people over age 65 has actually fallen, 24%, between 2000 and 2012. now that translates to about one million fewer americans suffering from the condition. scientists think the decrease is a result of rising educational levels monday american and better heart health. researchers will start testing a new h.i.v. vaccine in south africa this week. it will be the largest and most advanced h.i.v. vaccine clinical trial to take place in that country. thousand people are infected with h.i.v. every day. doctors will be studying 5400 sexually active men and women over the course of the next year. >> mark: chaos this columbus. tonight, 11 people are in hospitals around ohio state university, after a student went on the attack this morning, he was later shot and killed by
5:59 pm
ockerbloom. >> vanessa: and i'm vanessa welch. this story broke around 10:00 a.m. this morning, when a man broke a car this to a crowd of students and then started attacking them with a large knife, fox 25's chris flanagan has been following developments for us all evening. >> the reporter: during a news conference that we aired live on fox 25 at 4:00 p.m., ohio state confirmed a student identified as abdulartan was behind the attack the he's an 18-year-old somali refugee who came here to the united states and was granted status as campus police say he drove a car into a crowd of people on a street corner, then jumped out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. this hall happening just before 10:00 a.m. this morning. the 11 people hurt are expected to recover. ohio state's police chief shared this surveillance picture of a rtan's car, he was in the car by himself, but investigators are looking into whether anyones was involved and if this was a terrorist attack. within a minute of getting to the scene, campus police officer
6:00 pm
credited with saving many lives. ohio governor john kasich said a short time ago, this community will bounce back. >> we are a strong, tough resilient community and when we think about as we like to say now, the ohio state university, it's just not the students who go to school here that count. it's anybody who ever touched this place. who will think by what happened today. ohio state student newspaper said they interviewed artan on the first day of class back in august. he told the newspaper, he had just transferred from columbus state. he said he was muslim and concerned there is no place for him to pray on campus. meantime, classes at ohio state were cancelled for rest of the day. but we just learned they will be back in session tomorrow. live in the studio, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> mark: following breaking news in westwood, over the last 90 minutes, a person hit by a car


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