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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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credited with saving many lives. ohio governor john kasich said a short time ago, this community will bounce back. >> we are a strong, tough resilient community and when we think about as we like to say now, the ohio state university, it's just not the students who go to school here that count. it's anybody who ever touched this place. who will think by what happened today. ohio state student newspaper said they interviewed artan on the first day of class back in august. he told the newspaper, he had just transferred from columbus state. he said he was muslim and concerned there is no place for him to pray on campus. meantime, classes at ohio state were cancelled for rest of the day. but we just learned they will be back in session tomorrow. live in the studio, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> mark: following breaking news in westwood, over the last 90 minutes, a person hit by a car
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sky fox actually captured crews loading the victim into a medical helicopter from the hanlin school just after 4:00 p.m. and we are told the person was walking down whetherby drive when they were hit near adams street. the driver involved did not appear to be involved in any way and will most likely not face criminal charges. nearly a month after election day, new hampshire is seemingly still plays a big role in national conversation. >> vanessa: donald trump lumped in the granite state with two others, implicating the results aren't serious. voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire -- crystal haynes live tonight in new hampshire, and crystal, this comes as green party candidate, jill stein is calling for recounts in three states. >> the reporter: the lexington candidate tells me, green party tells me, that she understands this is going to be a massive undertaking to get all of these
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deadline. green party candidate, jill stein, tells me, all it took was a news release and a westbound page to raise over $6 million in less than a week to pay for ballots to be recounted. in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. >> the hack ridden election with voting machines that are very friendly hand wide opening to tampering, so you put those two things together and it makes for a lot of insecurity for voters who are feeling and not happy with our election system. >> the reporter: over the weekend, hillary clinton's campaign came out in support of stein's recount efforts, prompting president-elect donald trump to take to wit en, claiming widespread voter fraud in virginia, pennsylvania and new hampshire. maggie hassan says his tweet is completely unsubstantiated and claims of voter fraud in new hampshire have earned him
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fire. >> this is a state as you know that takes elections very seriously. it's like our statewide report. >> the reporter: former attorney general tom rave took to twitter himself, to set the record straight. >> we run the first in the nation primary, the whole world is watching, so it's not easy to pull a fast one on new hampshire election officials. deputy secretary of state david scanlin tells me new hampshire's same-day voting law also puts them under a microscope. >> we don't have any evidence and no evidence has been provided to us, that would voter fraud taking place in new hampshire. >> the reporter: now, an attorney for the clinton campaign said over the weekend, that they did not find any evidence of hacked voting machines, but they do support stein's recount efforts. reporting in concord, new hampshire, tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: governor charlie baker said he would turn down any job offer from the president-elect. baker said he spoke with
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congratulating him and wishing his family a happy holiday. the conversation was polite and lasted no more than five minutes. the governor does not believe his critique of trump in the presidential campaign will lead to any retribution toward massachusetts. final votes are in, however, from the massachusetts secretary of state's office 3.4 million voters cast ballots. 1.1 million voted for trump-pence. 77,000 voters left their ballots blank in presidential race. >> vanessa: this unconscious on the floor of lawrence, went viral in september. today, she faced a judge and outside of court, our bob ward asked her about this case. >> the reporter: what about your daughter? >> vanessa: that mother was let out of jail today on personal recognizance, and as you saw, fox 25's bob ward was there. bob, the d.a. says that this woman has been battling addiction for more than a decade now.
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asking for a high bail for this mom. they say they have concerns not just for the mother, but for the child as well. but the mom is in rehab and today, she walked right out the front door of this courthouse. >> what about your daughter? >> the reporter: this is 36-year-old mandy mcgowan of salem, new hampshire, today, walking right out the front door of lawrence district court, free on personal recognizance, but this is mandy mcgowan back in september. authorities say, overdosing and dollar store in lawrence has her 2-year-old child helplessly cries and tries to revive her. in lawrence disdistrict court, mcgowan hid her face, as she is charged with reckless endangerment of her child. and a prosecutor sought to have mcgowan held on $10,000 cash bail, saying, mcgowan has a history of substance abuse, stretching back more than a decade. >> i think that just goes to show the power of addiction, and that this is an individual who clearly has a severe substance
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point, there is nothing ordering her to get any treatment. >> the reporter: mcgowan's lawyer told the court, mcgowan is already on the road to recovery. that she enrolled in a rehab facility in wilmington, massachusetts, just days after the incident in lawrence. jail, he said, is wrong place for her. >> she's entered a program, 67 days into the program. to not hold her on $10,000 cash bail in a jail, which is clearly not going to be able to have that hall set back and all of the progress t pushed aside. well, mcgowan has to stay in that rehab center for the duration of this case. she has to keep clean, she has to be substance clean, no alcohol, no drug abuse at all. and she also has to stay away from her daughter, her daughter is living with family, but is in the custody of the state of new hampshire. mcgowan due back in court next month. reporting live from lawrence, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: turning now to the
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our cameras on the common this afternoon, showed several people there out enjoying a nice walk. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz here now, hand kevin, you are watching some rain that's on its way in. >> kevin: fortunately, vanessa, it's not arriving right now, because with the clear skies overhead, temperatures have dropped significantly. for instance, it's 31 in norwood. plymouth at the coast at 32 degrees. i'm not concerned with icing in the morning, the rain is not going to arrive there, until temperatures warm up significantly. certainly will above the freezing rain advisory is in place, starting at 4:00 p.m. i don't expect rain to arrive until likely 6:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m., but there can be spots that will fall into some icy air and cause some of that glaze ice out there. that's why the advisory is in place. i'll show you where the worst of it is going to be and the heaviest rain will arrive for tomorrow. >> mark: an injury for rob gronkowski. >> vanessa: sports director tom
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you saw gronk after the game. >> it was jarring, the man hobbled to walk through the cop course as his teammates were celebrating a come-from-behind win against a division rival. the patriots at this point have to be conservative as they try to manage his return to the lineup. the pats had plenty of reasons to be happy, after yesterday's game. the jets led early, reclaimed the lead late in the fourth quarter, and the patriots responded. a breakout game formal come mitchell, who scored a pair of touchdowns finishing it off by forcing a fumble on the final drive. 9-2 with five games left to play. >> it was a great win for our team. we did not play as well as we wanted to, but we made the plays when we needed to. >> the reporter: turn the page to sunday, the patriots and rams play right here on fox 25. we'll kick off our coverage sunday morning, live from gillette stadium, dawn of a dynasty, it's a look back at the championship season of 2001, as we get you ready for sunday's
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los angeles rams. hope you can join us at 10:00 a.m. coming up in this newscast, we're going to hear from malcolm mitchell, who in his mind went from goat to hero in a matter of minutes in the fourth quarter. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> mark: local cities are scrambling to rework budgets in the event the trump administration cuts millions in federal funding. during the campaign, president-elect donald trump vowed to cut funding to sanctuary cities. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is live in boston and all new at 6:00 p.m., kerry, there's a reason that could impact the nonprofits. >> a lot of those nonprofits get that federal funding directly, they rely on it and it affects the city's boss tom line. cities like boston and cambridge are not adjusting their attitude toward immigrants in their city. >> we're looking at a $14 million hit if it were to happen and we lost all our federal money that comes residentially to us. $14 million, that cambridge
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everything from affording housing to heating assistance to special education. >> it goes into a lot of areas. we would prioritize them, where we would reduce some if we had to or how it would work out. >> the reporter: it's a scramble now that some of that federal funding could be in jeopardy, if president-elect donald trump holds true to a campaign promise to cut funds to sanctuary cities or cities that don't question a person's immigration status if stopped by police. despite the threat, stance. boston mayor marty walsh doubling down and taking that message abrood, telling the irish times, boston is a city of inclusion, welcoming diversity. we are a global city and we are going to stay that way. we're not going to stop being the city that respects immigrants, both documented and undocumented. boston now technically a sanctuary city, offers similar protections to immigrants. what about the federal funding
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>> you know, i don't know if the federal government can actually cut funding back. the money is appropriated by congress. >> the reporter: we did ask the city of boston how much funding could be in jeopardy here. we're still waiting on that figure. speaking with cambridge, they say they're not ruling out the possibility of a slight tax increase, if this becomes a reality next year. live in boston, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> mark: horrific deadly crash over the weekend and tonight, there are new developments. >> vanessa: its entire thing was -- the entire thing was caught on surveillan now police have someone in custody. >> the reporter: the victim of this disturbing hit-and-run has died and the driver has turned himself in. what we're learning about the victim and his family. >> kevin: i'm tracking rain that's heading hour way. it's much needed rain, but it's the first part of it, may end up being icy in some spots. >> mark: this year's drought is affecting holiday cheer at ?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving,
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can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit >> mark: man accused of breaking into a boston shrine to steel valuables is caught, thanks to surveillance video. 33-year-old eric swanson is being held on $2,500 bail, charged with larceny and breaking and entering. police say cameras at the st. anthony's shrine helped track him down. people who frequent the shrine, say they recognized him as a member of the homeless community. the director says, it's a lesson in forgiveness.
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desperate because they're tired, desperate because they're on drugs and lots are homeless. there's reasons to be slow to judge on this. >> mark: the executive director tells us the place was a mess, so it took a while to figure out that nothing very valuable was missing. if you're getting your christmas tree this week or this weekend, well, there's a chance you may have slim pickings. >> vanessa: many farmers are chris flanagan spoke with local farmers how they're dealing with the drought. >> the reporter: not all tree farms are affected, the ones that are are making sure you get the tree that's perfect for your family. this. >> this is not normal. this is drought damage, you can see the needles are falling off. >> the reporter: mark is trying to weather the drought at a stowe christmas tree farm. >> you can see the damage that the drought had on the new growth. this yellowing here, this tree
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but obviously, it's not very healthy, it's not doing well. >> the reporter: he owns mistletoe christmas tree farm. he planted 1200 christmas trees on his 11-acre farm in the spring. and lost about 1,000 of them. >> our trees just didn't seem to grow as well. we had a lot of drought damage and trees that we thought we could sell, because they turned yellow on the inside, they couldn't and we're hoping they'll fill in a little bit. his farm is not alone. the massachusetts christmas tree associio affected farms are on the eastern and central part of the state. like abbott tree farm in charlton. it posted on its facebook page, that it's closed for the season, because of the drought. hard net's christmas tree farm is fairing better, thanks in large part to a plan b. >> what we're doing this year, specifically, is supplementing with a lot more precut trees, from farms up in northern new hampshire that didn't get affected. >> the reporter: the drought is not only impacting his farm now, but years down the road, as
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area, with this drought, is in six years. those of us who planted trees last year will have fewer trees than six or seven. >> the reporter: harnet is selling his trees $15 lower than a typical year, because of the browning on the inside of the trees. not all christmas tree farms are affected by the drug. it really depend on the location, topography, soil, and what not, so are you guys more of the precut or go out and cutting the first time this year, new england tradition, we had a great time. i did notice a lot of the trees had the brown on hem from the drought. >> mark: there is a fear for going forward for this, but this could be a lasting impact. >> the reporter: six years down the road. >> vanessa: kevin, do you buy your owns? >> kevin: we used to cut them when the kids were smaller. now, they don't have time for that anymore. >> vanessa: they're not home. >> mark: there you go. i'm with you.
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should we just be leaving the trees up and getting artificial trees, due to climate change. it makes more sense to keep the trees growing. there are sprays you can get. we can make our cars smell like pine trees. 33 in bedford. 32 in fitchburg. 31 in keene, new hampshire. orange, 28 degrees at this hour. kind of easy. there's nothing falling from the sky here and there will be spots out here, from northwest middlesex county, beyond 495, on route 2, out to west, through greenfield, there are going to be spots that can be icy, not a widespread event. he'll keep cautioning you that's a possibility for you. southern new hampshire, the paining areas was the freezing rain advisory, this is a winter weather advisory. a little different because snow and sleet can mix on in. one of those two should be in place in southern new hampshire
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slippery spots there as well, nashua and westward, particularly. so it's clear out there now. the clouds are rolling into eastern pennsylvania, through allentown and through philadelphia, and in to new jersey. the rain, the main body of it is way back here. the coldest part of the storm in the snow is back to the west, not going done an issue for us, not in southern new england. but it's this stuff out in front of the heavier hours, spots showing the potential for icing and just the little places. we're not talking about a early part of the morning. when we look at this high resolution futurecast model, you're looking at the darker green. what i find is typically the lighter green. lines up with the heavier showers. when you get to the dark green, you're almost certainly looking at rainshowers. this is 7:15 a.m. morning low temperatures are going to be below freezing back here, like they are right now. they'll be starting to rebound, but still cold and that's why here in northwest portions of
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in to northern worcester county and points westward, into southern new hampshire hand vermont by the way, you'll have icing. these are the low temperatures. they will be rebounding from these already by 7:00 a.m. in morning, but getting down into the 20's, we're already seeing that in some towns right now hand below freezing all the way to coastline in the morning, where you won't have the rain during that time in the morning, comes later for you. in fact, by lunchtime, we're seeing the steadier rain move on through and to the coastline with heavy rain especially in southeastern massachusetts, for the evening drive and pushing t eventually make it into the 50's but stay in the 40's in many towns, where the icy spots are possible in morning an wednesday, we'll start off dry, another batch of rain is on the way for wednesday evening in to late wednesday night. seven-day forecast shows you the two chances for rain, both of them needed beneficial rainfalls, end up between one and three inches of rain across southern new england. that would put a moderate dents into our drought situation before we dry out end to end the week and the first part of this weekend. >> vanessa: thank you, kevin. new at 6:00 p.m., m.i.t. police
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parking tickets, with toys. if you've got a ticket from campus police in the past year, instead of paying the fine, you can set you will up with a new unwrapped toy. you'll need the receipt from when you bought that toy, and it has to be worth the same amount as the ticket if not more. >> mark: horrible crash sent people flying out of the back of a hotel shuttle. tonight, new details about the driver accused of causing it. >> i'm head hedge. come -- i'm heather hegedus.
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>> vanessa: massachusetts is touting new tougher background checks on ride share drivers and the changes are coming sooner than promised. drivers for companies like uber and lyft will be getting a state background check, no later than april. >> mark: allea rasmussen has been uncovering cases of registered sex offenders, driving for uber and new at 6 p.m., top manager with the state told you they are closing that security gap. >> the reporter: this afternoon, the chairman of the department of public utilities told me they hope to catch those potential drivers who might have somehow passed a private background check, despite still having a criminal history and now huber and lyft have agreed to start that process earlier than required.
6:25 pm
massachusetts, is supposed to be getting safer come spring. the public needs to know in april of 2017, when they get in to one of these cars, that is has had a full comprehensive background check done by the commonwealth of massachusetts. >> the reporter: in july, fox 25 uncovered a registered level two sex offender, stopped at logan airport, driving for uber. we found another still held an active account with uber in august, despite a child rape conviction. that same month, governor charlie baker signed a new law, setting up a state-run background check system, b to be fingerprinted like taxi drivers. the department of public utilities created a new division to do the job, starting in january. >> we have to check all the drivers. that includes the existing drivers, plus the, you know, the hundreds or thousands that come on -- are on board every week. >> the reporter: dpu, the same agency that licenses school bus drivers, working to close a loophole after fox 25 investigates found one accused of a serious crime against a child was able to keep his
6:26 pm
these drivers aren't falling through the the cracks. by doing the types of background checks that we are doing, again, its tnc companies themselves are performing background checks and they'll give us those names. when we check them and we do a look-back at the sex offender registry, the registry of motor vehicles and the quarry check, it will catch those drivers. >> the reporter: thousand, this new law, included a deadline of november, next year, to work out the new background check process, so the state is ahead of schedule, involving pricing, and how vehicles are marked and inspected are still being worked out. eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> mark: drug use on the inside is a problem for prisons around the nation. >> vanessa: there is a new way to detect and stop it in new hampshire. still ahead on fox 25 news. >> the reporter: addicts struggling drugs into state prison. the new line of defense to sniff them out and why prison
6:27 pm
best technique next. >> mark: a. >> vanessa: parents are outraged after a sexual assault was reported on a school bulls. what's happening right now in
6:28 pm
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>> mark: tonight, we are getting our first look at the ohio state
6:30 pm
then started stabbing people. the university student newspaper, the lantern, interviewed abdul artan in august, he said he was muslim and concerned there was no place for limb to pray on campus. sources tell fox 25, artan is a somali refugee, granted status as a permanent legal resident of the united states. the campus police officer shot and killed him. all 11 people who are hurt are expected to recover. >> vanessa: a little girl's death in new hampshire has been ruled a homicide. saturday where she died. investigators say an autopsy today revealed dana had blunt trauma injuries. a child who lived at the home with her in berlin called 911. so far, no charges, no other details have been released. >> mark: a lawrence mother is facing child endangerment charges. fox 25 was there shortly after a judge released here this afternoon. the charges stem from a cellphone video that captured the woman passed out from an overdose at a lawrence dollar
6:31 pm
trying to wake her up. she's two months into a rehab program and her daughter is in state custody. man hit by a car outside a brockton bar over the weekend has died. the driver of that car has turned himself in to police for questioning. >> vanessa: fox 25's stephanie coueignoux spoke with one of the victim's friends by phone and she reports the victim's wife and three children all live in central america. >> the reporter: this afternoon, i spoke with a friend of sergio lacone and he recently moved here from honduras to brockton, but his wife and three children under four years old still live there. a friend of sergio laconia didn't want to go on camera, out of respect for his family, but he told his friend was surrounded by loved ones when he died early this morning. lacone was rushed to the hospital early friday morning after being hit by a car on north main street in brockton, just outside the spot bar and brown. the bar owner spoke with us on
6:32 pm
while i know i can't control everything that happens on the street, i'm responsible for my patrons. >> the reporter: sam shared this surveillance video with us. police towed the car from the scene, a 2012 jaguar sedan. the driver though, nowhere to be found. this morning, the plymouth count district attorney's office says the driver later turned himself in for questioning, but so far, he hasn't been charged and the d.a.'s office hasn't released his name. sam says, he's never seen such a probably all have seen the video. bad impact. >> the reporter: lacone's friend says lacone's wife is still trying to get a visa, so she can fly here to massachusetts. he assaulting, thankfully, lacone does have other family in brockton, all were whom at his bedside when he passed at just 25 years old. once the driver is officially charged, he'll be arraigned here at brockton district court, and that could happen has early as tomorrow. but until that happens, the driver's name will not be
6:33 pm
fox 25 news. -- stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> mark: an annual tradition as we ring in the season with rest of you. sky fox showing our satellite dish is lit up for christmas, holiday season is officially underway. we go to fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and kevin, it won't be a good morning for sky fox to be up in the air, but tonight, gorgeous site. >> kevin: clouds in morning and precipitation will move in. let talk about the threat for the morning commute. not so bad if you're in much of massachutt northwest of 495, where temperatures are going to be cold, as the precipitation arrives, you can get some spots of ice. it's cold enough it would be icy down to cape cod and plymouth county, but that's not where the freezing rain is a possibility. it's back here, it's where the initial drops will nall, so freezing rain advisory from western and central massachusetts, northwest middlesex county, points northward should be included in here has well. that's a winter weather advisory from the maine national weather service office, controlled by
6:34 pm
data showing where the highest probability of ice is to form in the morning hand that includes portions of northern worcester county. we'll talk about this hand the timeline on the heavy rain as well. >> vanessa: a 40-year-old brookline man has died after crashing his bicycle early sunday. the man was riding on cole chester street in the direction of chapel street. witnesses found him lying in the road near the curb with serious head trauma. police are investigating what caused that crash. happening right now, parents of students at a charter school boston are demanding answers after a young student was accused of repeatedly sexual assaulting another child on the school bus. christine, parents are furious. >> the reporter: yes. some of them sure are, vanessa, and right now, dozens of parents have arrived, they're now inside of the boston renaissance charter school behind us, and they're inside a private meeting. that's because the school has
6:35 pm
some parents are calling for action, after they say the school was slow to notify them of allegations of sexual assault on a boston public school bus, parents began learning of the alleged sexual assault not from the school, but through facebook earlier this month. now the person who posted that on facebook said her friend's son had been sexually assaulted by a 6-year-old, and that post was shared thousands of time. the department of children's and families was notified but the department of s elementary education, said they did not report to them within the two day time franklin elementary that is required. now school officials tell me we had to stay off the property, we're not allowed inside, but they did say that they want to keep us up-to-date as to what goes on inside the meeting. we're told that they're going to be bringing us a press release later on with exactly what was discussed between parents, administrators and teachers. we have talked to a number of parents who were arriving testify private meeting.
6:36 pm
fashion. we did talk to some people who had a different take. one man in particular says he has confidence in the teachers and administrators, has one child here already and will be sending his second child here. we will be bringing you the interviews at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: happening tonight, town leaders in ashland will discuss delaying the opening of recreational marijuana shops. there will be a vote on a temporary hold, at a special town meeting tonight. earlier this month the town manager told fox 25 the selectman wants an extra year to study the new law. >> it does give you the ability to regulate it to the extent that it's for the best of the community. >> mark: dozens of cities and towns across the state approved similar holds after voters passed medical marijuana in 2012. fox 25's ted daniel will be at tonight's meeting. look for his live report on fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. the driver who rear-ended a local hotel shuttle bus has been charged in the deaths of two people who were killed in a
6:37 pm
fox 25 has been covering this case since august. our heather hegedus reports tonight. police didn't just find alcohol in the driver's system. >> the reporter: the impact of the crash was so severe, two people were ejected out of this hotel shuttle and pronounced dead on scene. now, almost three months to the date from when it happened, the marblehead man who allegedly struck and killed those nancy pelosi sent passengers, -- those innocent passengers, was called to court. >> how do you plead to the two offenses. >> not guilty. >> the reporter: a grand jury byronbalm on seven counts in the deaths of two people from el paso. the pair were here for a visit to northeastern with a student. two other passengers and the shuttle's driver suffered minor injuries. toxicology reports find byronbalm had a .15 alcohol level as well as thc in his system. the active ingredient in marijuana, but he told investigators a different story. >> he admitted that he had one
6:38 pm
>> the reporter: investigators say he struck the back of the shuttle, going 76 miles per hour in a 40 miles per hour, causing both vehicles to lose control and struck the barriers. byronbalm claims it wasn't his fault. >> he told investigators another car struck him in the rear, however after review of surveillance video, there was no evidence of a third door byronbalm nor his attorney would answer questions about the case. and with legalization of recreational marijuana, about to go in to effect next month now, the suffolk county district attorney is using this case as an opportunity to urge lawmakers to come up with an established impairment level, or a means to test for thc. byronbalm will be back in court next year. >> vanessa: tonight, the driver of a car who collided with a logan express bus in chelsea
6:39 pm
police say speed did play a role in this morning's crash on eastern avenue, not too far from an airport shuttle stop. the force of the crash caused the fuel tank on the bus to rupture and the car to catch fire. the bus driver was alone on the bus at the time, the driver of the other car and two passengers are being treated for serious injuries, but we are told they are expected to survive. a new hampshire hand is behind bars accused of sexual assaulting a child. 21-year-old david carr was arrested on friday in mayor he's facing felony child sexual assault charges. he posted 10 thousands dollars bail and will be back in court in january. >> mark: thement is addressing -- mbta is addressing problems on the worcester line. an action group met today to discuss the line's 61% on 9 performance average. part of the problem was slippery conditions created by leaves, but the group talked about adding more conductors to busy trains to speed up boarding. they're also considering changing some routes.
6:40 pm
new hampshire. 50 firefighters battled the flames at the home on park road in barnstead. early reports said that people were trapped inside that home, but the fire chief tells us the man and two children in the home were able to get out safely. he described the house as gutted by the fire. >> mark: deer hunting will return to the blue hills reservation for the second year in a row. about 130 shotgun and bow hunters will be allowed to take deer during a four-day hunt. the first two days are tomorrow and wednesday hampshire will soon have a new law to contend with. >> coming up next on the fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. >> the reporter: a special k-9 unit, now sniffing out illegal drugs in state prisons. the danger for corrections officers and the creative ways
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>> vanessa: prison officials say
6:44 pm
new hampshire prisons and getting into the hands of those already struggling with heroin addiction, but soon, corrections officers will have a powerful new detection tool. >> mark: only on fox 8 live, kathryn burcham got land exclusive new team that will sniff out the problem. >> the reporter: in a state ravaged by the opioid epidemic, new hampshire prison officials say 85% of the inmates have a substance abuse problem and even on the inside, they're getting access to a heroin derivative, that's why they're pinning their trained dogs they hope will be a powerful weapon in the war on drugs. >> this is dutch. >> the reporter: the cavalry. >> dog in. >> the reporter: has arrived. dutch, an 18-month-old belgium dog, him and his partner are a new line of defense against illegal drugs, pouring into new hampshire prisons, including a heroin derivative.
6:45 pm
facilities. >> the reporter: inmates will swallow packets of the drugs. >> there is actually heroin. >> the reporter: making it incredibly difficult for corrections officers to detect. but what's where dutch's powerful nose comes in. >> there's really been no technology up until now that's able to duplicate what the dog's nose can do. >> the reporter: fox 25 got an exclusive look at the k-9 unit, the first of its kind in the state, undergoing a 9-week drugs and cellphones used in the drug trade. can this be dangerous for the correctionings officers? >> -- corrections officers. >> when drugs are introduced into the prison, the drugs can be a safety concern. >> the reporter: they are seizing large quantities of the heroin derivative. but they're fighting a losing battle. >> it cause gang activity, it's criminal activity that's happening on the inside, it
6:46 pm
>> the reporter: they're hoping that dutch and his partner can do what they cannot. >> and they can do the work as many humans and they can find things that we're not able to find. good boy, prison officials tell me they're also at critically low staffing levels, so the ability of dutch and the other k-9 to do the work of many employees is critical to their safety. dutch will graduate in three weeks, and will immediately go to work inside the state's three prisons. in new hampshire, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. gay player is. coming to the commonwealth to share his life story. michael sam was drafted by the rams in 2014, and had brief stints with the cowboys. the defensive end will deliver a lecture at clark university tomorrow. from hitchcock high to the nfl will chronicle sam's experiences as a water boy in high school to an all-american playing career at the university of missouri to his draft selection. >> vanessa: new at 6:30 p.m., the bay state could stand to give a little more.
6:47 pm
a list of the most charitable states and massachusetts ranked near the bottom. but our granite state neighbor scored in the top ten. the web site calculated things like volunteer rates, income donated and percentage of sheltered homeless people. on the global scale, the united states was the secondmost charitable country. >> mark: it's not christmas in copley square without the annual tree lighting. >> vanessa: mayor marty walsh lit it reindeers and rudolph. carolers got the crowd this to the holiday spirit. this year's holiday stamps were also unveiled tonight. >> kevin: well, chilly if you're going to be out there checking out the tree tonight. temperatures dropping down through the 40's in boston, but in the 30's in the suburbs, even
6:48 pm
so ideal cooling tonight. actually if you had snow on the ground it would be even better. but with clear skies and a wind, a lie wind, you can get temperatures to -- light wind, you can get temperatures to drop quickly. we know we have the light winds. back to the west, a storm system lurks, that's what we've been talking about since last week. last time i talked to you before the holiday on wednesday, we talked about how it would be cool for the weekend and rain would arrive but with warmer temperatures. here's a caveat for that, it won't be warm everywhere when it first gets here. this is it severe weather, there have been tornadoes in the deep south. it's much more in knockous, but look, you can see the spots of green in here, that's because a little bit of rainshower activity out ahead of the main body. and that's the stuff that would get here first, it just takes a little tiny bit to produce some icing. pay no attention to the lighter green. when we look at the futurecast model, i know from using it over an over again, that's not going to be rain falling. what you look for is the darker greens, but that's still
6:49 pm
5:30 a.m. still cold back to the west of 495 and we have a stripe of rainshower activity that wants to move on through. we'll get heavier rain as the day goes on. temperatures in the upper 20's and low 30's, that you can have some icing, that glaze that can form on your walkways and driveways. be careful of that first thing in the morning. that's the reason why there is a freezing rain advisory in place, reaching 4:00 a.m., though i don't expect any before 6:00 a.m. it's something w make sure you check with shiri in morning here on fox 25 on our morning newscast, she'll let you know what's going on out there. mattresses to north, it's a winter weather advisory, expecting some snow up that way, some sleet to mix in too. this is our model data, showing where the potential, highest potential for icing is in northern worcester county and southern new hampshire. doesn't mean it will just be in these spots, but if gives you the idea we're going to have to watch for this in the morning, even if it's not going to be a widespread event.
6:50 pm
steadier rain moving on in. it's going to be chillier to the north and west, hard to get the cold air out of here this time. year. it will be in the 40's, but jumping well into the 50's in southeastern massachusetts, with this heaviest rain as it goes on by, and we'll break up the clouds a bit, to start wednesday morning. there are your high temperatures. 40's back here, but it takes all day to get there and 50's with the heavier rain in the afternoon in south other than -- southeastern massachusetts. a couple breaks in the cloud but a mostly cloudy day and more rain arriving in the afternoon for the beyond, wednesday. much-needed rain, 1-3 inches likely all across southern new england from this, the only potential for flooding, despite that much rain, is where those of you who have not cleaned out the storm gutters an you have all kind of leaves clogging them up. get out there and clear them up before the heavy rain arrives. >> ahead in sports, malcolm mitchell from goat to hero in a matter of minutes. what he had to say about tense moments on the sideline.
6:51 pm
?? and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> >> mark: concern when it comes to the tight end. >> vanessa: gronk injured. >> and hobbling. slowing moving through the concourse yesterday. it was jarring to see. he's the best tight end in the game. rob gronkowski's biggest challenge over the last few seasons has been staying on the
6:54 pm
the physicality causing issues for gronk. this is the play we believe he was injured, only targeted twice in first quarter against new york and then escorted off the field visibly struggling to walk on the concourse after the game. he was clearly in a lot of pain. well, you know, what a difference a few minutes makes. malcolm mitchell learned that firsthand yesterday, by his own account, dropping a sure touchdown pass in the back of the end zone on one drive, a play that inside. he really felt he had blown it, but moments later, tom brady showing faith in the rookie, going right back to him for the game-winning touchdown pass. mitchell's second touchdown of the game, it was his third in two weeks. >> we have a team full of great people, because they kept me encouraged. of course, i was down, because it should have been a catch. all the players had me encouraged, so they have a lot more football to play. play. ironically, i got another
6:55 pm
reacts, and you saw what he did today. it was excellent. >> he was excellent. the patriots game against the ram, live on fox 25, our coverage kicks off at 10:00 a.m. a special pregame show. dawn of the dynasty, the patriots will be celebrating the 2001 championship season. you'll hear from so many of those guys as they return to town. butch stearns and mat leyden will be at the game. celtics and miami to face the heat. al horford will miss one he and his wife segregating their second child. the numbers don't lie, this is a different team with horford out of the lineup. 4-5 with adam, 5-2 when he's in there, 15 points a game, 7 rebounds will do for you. celtics and heat, first tip tonight at 7:30 p.m. as always, a few wild plays in the nfl yesterday, like the game-winning field goal for the chiefs. a lot of people didn't know if that was good or not, but it was, but it wasn't the craziest play of yesterday.
6:56 pm
seconds left, punt formation, everybody hold. there's no way that cincinnati is going to get there and baltimore is not punting. flags all over the field, the clock runs out. ultimately, it is a safety, but the game ends on the officer ofe penalty and two points for cincinnati, so john harbaugh with a very smart play there, but could you imagine, had the patriots tried that? >> >> mark: there they go, bending the rules again. >> kevin: well within the rules. tomorrow morning, you may have be dealing with this. rules of the road apply here. >> mark: ice. >> kevin: a little bit of icing possible, northwest of 495, first thing in the morning when it's cold out. first showers arrive. the heaviest rain arrives when it's warmed up plenty for the afternoon and evening. we need the rain, we got a couple days of it coming.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, florence henderson. >> all of my heart. >> new details about tte death of a hollywood legend, as the brady kids mourn their tv mother. the exclusive new intervugs with her tchb children. >> she will be loved for a time. >> thanksgiving with her backup dancer? and what we just learned about the break-up negotiations, getting even nastier? >> honey, we deserve so much more than that. "e.t." with victoria secret models. maybe it's not as good as it sounds.


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