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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  November 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight, florence henderson. >> all of my heart. >> new details about tte death of a hollywood legend, as the brady kids mourn their tv mother. the exclusive new intervugs with her tchb children. >> she will be loved for a time. >> thanksgiving with her backup dancer? and what we just learned about the break-up negotiations, getting even nastier? >> honey, we deserve so much more than that. "e.t." with victoria secret models. maybe it's not as good as it sounds.
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this is entertainment tonight. "e.t." spent nearly four decades with florence henderson. the unforgettable mom, remembering mrs. brady. >> we are the only show with three of her brady kids, starting with marsha. >> here's the story of a tv icon who is part of all of our family. >> what was your immediate reaction when you heard the news? >> just total disbelief. just total disbelief. i had just been with her. i had just seen i think everyone was shocked. >> maureen fought back tears this morning remembering the woman who played her tv mom. and became one of her best friends. florence was even texting her love as she competed on "dancing with the stars." >> she said, hi, sweet maureen. i got so many calls and messages saying how wonderful you were last night. thanks so much for dinner. >> and her actual very last television performance was for you. on "dancing with the stars."
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marsha, marsha, marsha! >> marsha, marsha, marsha! >> what was that moment like? >> it was amazing. it was so great to be with her. >> i'm so proud of you. >> and then just one week ago she was in the audience for the show's finale. three days later on thanks giving she passed away at cedars-sinai medical center. the cause of death was heart failure. no word yet on funeral plans. we showed maureen the interview with florence. >> what were you feeling then? >> well, you know, i know what maureen's life has been like, and all she's been through. and i still feel like she's mine. and so i love her very much. >> i'm hers, she's mine. how lucky, how lucky i am. how lucky we all are. florence's heart wras so good. you know?
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she played this mother that, you know, many people joke about, and say, oh, it's so sweet and everything. but you know what, she was that sweet. she really was. >> she was a lovely lady they sing about in the brady song. >> she was the loveliest of ladies. >> if you could say anything to florence right now, what would it be? >> thank you. thank you. i love you forever. >> maureen certainly isn't the only brady kid feeling the loss. >> i think it's important to know that many people share this loss. she will be remembered, she'll be loved for a long time. >> barry williams who played greg also emotional and christopher knight who played peter broke down. >> regrets, you know.
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>> someone i could have expect more time with. it's a huge shock to everyone. we all lost her. not just myself. we all had her as a representative of mom. and i had her kind of as my mom. of my mom died 12 years earlier, on the same date. we lean on each other right now. it's very challenging, again, because it's still f from the time that i met her, i had a great affinity for her. and an attraction to her. she's played so many different roles in my life, as a mother, as a professional, as a mentor. and she was of inspiring to me as well. >> barry has been open about the crush he had on his tv mom. florence was 36, barry 15. >> as a teenager growing up, i think she knew that i had a crush on her.
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amusing. and we went out to dinner one night to talk about music and that side of show business. so i use that as an excuse to pick her up in the car and take her out in the car and try to steal a kiss. which i did. >> she's the kind of mom you want. she's had a very important role in my life. i'm a good deal of who i am because of hadder. >> it will be quil awhile before it processes. >> for so many of we'll take you back to the brady reunion show with her tv husband, and you can't forget about alice. that's all about 15 minutes away. it was a wild and lucrative thanksgiving weekend for mariah carey. wait until you hear how much she was paid for this performance in hawaii where she was joined by her ex, nick cannon. and, oh, yes, that backup
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minimum rate? $1 million. and that's just for one or two songs. so you can imagine the full 85-concert was -- that also comes with mariah's bryan tanaka. offstage, the 33-year-old was conveniently at the same hotel with mariah and her entourage. which also included ex nick cannon and the twins. so mimi has her supportive ex on one side, her dancer on the other. plus a little scandal in between. but what about billionaire james packer and that $50 million inconvenience fee she's charging him? >> why do you think you're charging an inconvenience fee? >> we deserve more than that. >> negotiations are, quote, at a
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as for who gets the engagement ring? the source told us, quote, they're leaving that alone for now. >> we get to see in the first episode you in your gorgeous wedding dress. how emotional is that for you? >> look, you just have to focus on whatever you're focusing on and keep it moving. >> i would call that my monday motivation. keep it moving. >> while thanksgiving weekend on stage, kanye remained hospitalized. >> you know, a week ago today kim's husband was rushed to get medical help. there are alarming reports about his condition today. >> is kanye okay? >> yesterday a car that we're toll was carrying kim kardashian was seen leaving ucla medical center. our first sighting since a source close to kanye said he was admitted for exhaustion, but another source claimed it was a,
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a source tells "e.t." kim spent thanksgiving with kanye at the hospital. and later joined her family at kylie jenner's home. kim had been by kanye's side 24/7. they claim kanye is suffering from paranoia, our source agreed, labeling it severe. quote, he was thinking that people were out to kill him. he was not speaking correctly. it was gibberish. the most recent album, he raps about the lexapro. he was hospitalized just two days after going on a paranoid rant over many topics, including his friend, about eonsay and jay-z. >> i've been sent here to give you my truth. even at the risk of my own life. just call me. >> yesterday while out to lunch in malibu, beyonce and jay-z
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>> while our source tells us that it affected the whole family. we've also been on royal watch this thanksgiving weekend, because meghan and prince harry are on the move. prince harry's official two-week tour of the caribbean continued toddy with a stop at grenada. and while he's on duty, meghan is enjoying down time. on friday, the "suits" star was all smiles at dinner, posing for a pic with a "quantico" star. and trimming a tree with close friends. prince william is shooting down reports he disapproved of a statement released by harry
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a spokesman for kensington palace said the duke supports the need to support those closest to him. inside the "dancing" pro's wedding. the details on the bride's gown. secrets from the set of the new "hairspray" live. so many divas. >> we cried a hundred times today. >> what dolly parton is telling to paris with victoria secret models turned flight attendants.
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performing at the recovery center in florida in support of
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mark ballas is a married
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love bc jean tied a knot in malibu over the weekend. mark's best friend, derek hough, was by his side. the bride wore an embroidered gown complete with a headpiece and they posed for pics in front of an old-fashioned carousel. >> derek can now concentrate on rehearsals for hair say >> take a deep breath. >> i know, i'm counting down. i'm going to venture there's never been a live television production with this much music talent. >> we've cried ten hundred times today. the two of us are basket cases. it's such an emotional journey for everybody. >> ariana told me they're becoming close with matty.
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she's the sweetest person. >> oh, my god, a dream of a lifetime. >> we're excited, man. costumes are incredible, the hair, the wigs. it's amazing. the cast is incredible, too. i love them. >> the nbc production is taking live musicals to a whole new level, with 18 different sets. shooting almost half of the show outdoors. but don't miss the duet. >> i'm a fan. >> how do all these big voices meet in the middle in this production? i mean, all you all are power singers. >> i think we just are thinking about doing the parts, right? it's not about what we're doing in our separate kind of things, now we're coming together and
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i can't stop. there will be a lot of guest stars on this show, to. sean hayes, and billy exner. >> amazing talent in the show. no matter what you think of her, she was talented. florence hender sop, how she almost missed out on her most iconic role. >> carol brady had been cast to a victoria secret fashion show in paris. closed captioning
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not even one iota. are. >> once again, the most exclusive flight in the air.
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angels to paris. i'm going to show you what happens when the doors close on this flight. things get crazy. >> are you ready? >> are you ready? >> i'm so ready. >> ready for paris? >> yes. >> not as easy as you think. >> there's a whole party happening in the front of the plane. >> what are you doing? >> do not mess with me.
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>> this year's victoria secret show is the biggest ever. here's the breakdown. 51 models all traveling first class on a jet provided by mark cuban with five security guards. lady gaga, the weekend, and bruno mars will perform. then there's the thousands of gemstones. $3 million. wearing it on the runway, that honor goes to jasmine. >> also onboard, kendall jenner. meanwhile, bella's sister ji ji also working in the show. but she missed the flight. as for me, this trip was nothing short of heavenly. one of the things i have to do -- [ inaudible ]. >> excellent idea to keep them busy. kevin, behave yourself.
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voice" tomorrow. >> singing "jolene" with miley. >> it won't be the first time we hear miley perform her godmother's song. she gave an impromptu performance with a contestant earlier this season. >> she sang great. i think she's doing wonderful. i think a lot has to do with miley being on the show. >> country on "the voice." we saw tim mcgraw come on as an adviser. >> miley is really a pro. no matter what you think of miley, sh eis so talented. and she is so natural. >> i love it. very true. well, we have much more with dolly tomorrow. you have to hear the exciting new plan she has to tell her life story.
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florence henderson spent decades of her life with "entertainment tonight." in fact, we had only been on the air 11 days when she made this appearance back in 1981. how touching it is to remember the precious moments with the tv icon known as everybody's mom. ? it's the story of a lovely ladies ?? >> i rarely watch anything i've done. i believe in the present and moving forward into the future. but i do realize the impact that it's had all solve any problem. >> i have answered all my mail, ever since i started in this business. every piece. i still do. and the letters that i've received from young people saying, could you come and get me, would you -- my father's abusing me, i have such an unhappy home. kids who want me to come and help them. >> there's an old saying,
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>> but tv history could have been entirely different. florence wasn't the studio's first choice for the part. >> carol brady had been cast already. >> after her screen test, the producers changed their mind and florence would embrace the role for the rest of her life. >> it's never been a curse for me, because i don't allow it. there are a lot of actors, they do something, they become very well-known for it, and they hate it. they hate what they were paid. they hate everything about the i don't hate t at all. it's part of my past. i cherish it. >> the cast would reunite for tv movies in 1988. we were on the set. >> my kids grew up with these kids. instead of having three children of my own, i felt like i had ten children, just like my mother did. >> lots of love there. that's fantastic. >> nice. that's it. >> the show was even briefly brought back as a series with
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back, and you get on the set, and all the energy's there, it feels good. >> any opportunity to be around her tv family, florence was there. >> we're very protective of the brady bunch. we don't like people to make fun of us. this hair do now, which don't ask me how i created this at the time, but a lot a mannequin. >> kind of cool. seeing that old footage. here's something you may not know, 1962 florence became the first woman ever to guest host the "tonight show." >> thought only a lovely lovely but a special lady as well.
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tomorrow we are with oscar winner. >> amazing transformation. >> bye, everybody. >> we are behind the scenes with natalie on the set of jackie. >> it was very scary to take on someone that people know so well. >> expecting baby number two a good luck charm? >> i am superstitious.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: nick cannon has thrown -- drawn a line in the sand. he says planned parenthood is population control. >> that's an unbelievably irresponsible statement. nick cannon walls so fun before as a host and i liked watching him. and now i never want to see him again. >> he can't even come out and say he's pro-life. that's his business. >> i'm going to burn my bro line [laughter] >> kanye west is still in the hospital. he's suffering from severe paranoia. but kim kardashian has been his rock through all of this. >> you don't give her credit for stepping up. harvey: you do give her credit. >> for what? being a wife? harvey: she's an emotional wreck from the robbery. >> time to move on. >> time to move on. you lost a race and a gun in your face. >> britney spears. she's on a sushi date with this guy. he was the co-star in her new


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