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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and plus a big announcement -- pardon me -- from the president-elect as former governor mitt romney sits down for another trump tower visit. good morning, everybody, 5:00 on this tuesday morning, november 2829. we appreciate you being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. a busy morning of breaking news. but first get to the weather. a freezing rain advisory is in effect until 10:00 this morning. check in with meteorologist jason brewer who is in for shiri think morning good morning. >> jason: good morning, sara, gene, light icing this morning. light rain. doesn't make much to create a problem on the road. we are watching that light freezing rain over the berkshires now touching the western edges of worcester around athol, around brattleboro, vermont. a closer look at the track of that straight ahead and you see the temperatures in the 30s and 20s outside of the city. certainly cold enough. by 10:00 in the morning, we
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southern new hampshire. freezing rain threat will end, but for that morning drive in those spots, do take extra care and watch that radar carefully. by noon, some showers becoming more likely in the greater boston area, but it is especially the afternoon drive time. that is where we have the washout conditions on the way, but temperatures do rise into the upper 40s and the lower 50s today. and back with more on how much rain could fall over the next couple of days. julie has traffic. >> julie: the only things coming up on m is colors on the lynn way that we mentioned in lynn because of police activity. we will have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. otherwise a lot of green on my map. pike moving along fine from natick through newton to the allston-brighton. even the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 20 minutes on pike eastbound. 19 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. and we start with breaking news in lynn this morning. >> a large police presence has shut down a major roadway for
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fox25's michael henrich live on the lynn way with the very latest right now. michael? >> reporter: we are working hard to confirm the exact nature of this investigation both on scene and calls to the lynn police department. as of now here is what we know. it is what we are seeing right here on the lynn way, both directions shut down by shepherd street. the police tape is up blocking certain sections, all the parts of the road that are blocked off to traffic. several officers are talking here as, again, lynn police are investigating some sort of situation that occurred within the past hour or so. when we first arrived on scene, about 25 minutes ago, there was what and to be a building alarm going off repeatedly just actually turned off in the last cup of minutes, and what relation that has to the investigation, again, remains unclear. this is early in our reporting
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we will continue to work hard to continue to get you the facts. in the meantime, i am live in lynn, michael henrich. breaking news -- pardon me -- overflight south america. a charter plane has crashed in columbia and five have survived. players from a brazilian soccer team were on board as well. daniel has the latest on the rescue mission. >> daniel: the latest on the search efforts have been suspended for now because of heavy rain in the area. but as you said plea h people on board were found alive. the plane crashed late last night on its way from bolivia to the internation airport in colombia. 72 passengers and nine crewmembers were on board the plane. here are pictures from the crash site that we are just getting. you can see some of the wreckage here. we also have video of an ambulance arriving at the airport with one of the survivors inside. core lomb bee ians news
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team and was conscious and talking. they were expected to play in the finals tomorrow night. the south american futbol association has suspended the tournament and the group's president is heading there. the plane reported some electrical problems as it flew through a mountain use area and there was bad weather the time. the search efforts have been called off in colombia because they are having a hard time getting to the site. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. developing this morning, one person is dead after a rollover crash in east boston. it happened late last night on route 1 north just past logan airport. the road was closed for several hours while police investigated, but reopened just before 4 a.m. we are working to find out if any other cars were involved. of course, we will update you on any developments throughout
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life-threatening injuries after she was hit by her neighbor's car. the accident happened on adams street in westwood. a driver, a woman in her 70s, lost control of her car and hit the woman. the victim was flown to the hospital with serious head injuries. >> it was an area that the driver was familiar with. we don't know why. for some reason almost at the final destination the vehicle just seemed to accelerate. >> reporter: police say they believe a medical issue may be to blame for the crash. it is still unclear if any the driver accused of hitting and killing a man in brockton has turned himself into police for questioning. so far no charges have been filed. we showed you this surveillance video over the weekend. the car plowing into the 25-year-old victim on north main street and kept going. sergio lacona died of his injuries. he moved to brockton from honduras where his wife and three young children still live. the drive's name has not been
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death in new hampshire is now being investigated as a homicide. the berlin girl was rushed to the hospital after another child called 911. an autopsy was done yesterday and revealed that madison dana died from blunt trauma injuries. so far no one has been chargepolice are still investigating. a man accused of breaking into a boston shrine to steal valuables remains in custody after being arraigned. eric swanson is being held on $2500 bail charged with larceny and break and entering. police say sve helped track down swanson. people who frequent the shrine say they recognize him as a member of the homeless community. investigators spent showers searching the home of a 18-year-old college student who attacked 11 people at ohio state university. this morning, the fbi has joined the investigation into the attack and are digging into the students' social media accounts. shortly after 10 a.m. yesterday, police say abdul razak artan drove a car into a
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with a butcher knife. a nearby police officer shot and killed abdul razak artan one minute after he started attacking the people. officials are investigating the attack as an act of terrorism. they say they found at least anti-united states facebook post linked to the attacker, they say artan has the makings of someone who sass self-radicalized. he came to the u.s. as a somalian refugee and later granted citizenship. the 11 people hurt are all expect thanks to ohio state officer. alan horujko, and the university is hailing him as a hero this morning. they say he was responding to a nearby gas leak when the suspect's car jumped the curb. 5:07. former massachusetts governor mitt romney will meet with president-elect donald trump for a second time. romney is being considered for secretary of state, but he is not the only person who wants the job. retired army general david petraeus met with trump to discuss the prestigious position.
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great grasp of the variety of challenges out there and some of the opportunities as well. >> last year petraeus pled guilty of passing classified information to his former mistress and biographer. sentenced to two years' probation as part of a plea deal. trump to make another pick for his cabinet. trump will nominate georgia senator tom price for the department of human services. price is an orthopedic surgeon who chairs the committee. also the leading critic of obama care calling threat for quality and affordable health care. baggage handlers at logan fast food drivers and uber drivers are some that are planning to rally for higher pay part of a nationwide movement to push for a $15 minimum wage. workers in more than 340 cities will take part in the strikes. massachusetts will have one of the nation's highest minimum wages when it increases in
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those rallies are hoping to have legislatures pass a bill to raise the state's minimum wage again to $15 an hour. today is the first day for deer hundred dollarsing at the blue hill reservation in milton. the department of conservation say the hunt is aimed at keeping the deer population under control. the event will be taking place until tomorrow and will happen again on december 6 and 7. in order to participate, hunters have to enter a lottery on the department's web site. we track traffic and weather to if 93 south is part of your morning commute, right now you are flying. an easy 19-minute ride from andover down to the zakim bridge. jason? >> jason: right now i am watching the leading edge of the light rain making its way across western parts of worcester county and some of this will be evaporating before it gets down. a freezing rain advisory in this location and won't take much to create problems in the roadway. this is west of 495 this morning. a live update on those radars and a town-by-town look at
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a fire in tewksbury sent a man running from th shooting off of his back before he was rushed to the hospital. jessica reyes is live outside that house where there is heavy damage. jess? >> reporter: neighbors describe a very serious scene here last night. and if you look at the house, there is a fire and they are watching it. watching out for hot spots. and behind that you can see pretty serious damage to the house especially on the roof, and the worst of it, we understand, is in the back of the home. that victim is 84 years old and he has severe burns.
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the fire broke out around 7:50 last night. when fire crews got here. they did show up to have flames coming from the back of the house. a neighbor sought 84-year-old man come running out of the house all of it on fire and ran over to do whatever he could to help. >> just ran over and pulled him out and put him out and took his shirt off. >> reporr: hospital for smoke inhalation and she is expected to be okay. the 84-year-old man was flown to the hospital with severe burns and remains in the hospital this morning. live in tewksbury, jessica reyes, fox25 news. hundreds of people packed the roads in rural tennessee to evacuate resort town notice smokey mountains. several fires burning near gatlinburg and pigeon ford. most of gatlinburg is under mandatory evacuation and they
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30 buildings caught fire and burned overnight. evacuations in nearby pigeon forge started early this morning at about 3:00. officials everybody ud a mandatory evacuation for -- issued a mandatory evacuation for people. evacuations have moved to a dollywood property. it is scheduled to reopen tomorrow. new drone video show the devastation caused by heavy rain in italy. days of severe weather and torrential devastation in a number towns and landslides that destroyed homes. hundreds of people have been displaced in the northern part of the country. others are being asked to evacuate. seems to be no end in sight for those living in the region. more severe weather is in the forecast for the coming days. good morning, everyone, we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. the issue right now is in lynn. os continue to the lynn way which is blocked right now
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i would hop on 107. use 129 to 107 to get around this air why in route 1 a. shifting westbound. route 1, 93 south moving along fine. south, noysh ewes on expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. live drive times, 12 minutes on route 1 approaching the tobin bridge. nine minutes on the expressway. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. jason brewer in for shiri spear this morning, and jason, you are keeping an eye on breaking conditions north and west of 495. >> jason: got to watch, julie. most of us will be dealing with rain. ice threat north and west. also some fog will be impacting commuters, but really rain the vast majority of it will be impacted that by later this afternoon and ponding of water on the roadways with heavier downpours coming in by the afternoon drive time. right now it has been very light, but with this situation, it doesn't take much to create problems on the roads, the sidewalks, make put a light glaze on your car.
5:17 am
southwest new hampshire that includes nashua up to manchester, points westward from there and does include northwestern middlesex county. 495 at hudson. areas west of that point, spencer to barre and north and west of worcester we have to watch for that icing potential. show you the radar into brattleboro vermont with the light rain coming down and icing up. moving at 30 miles per hour. i just put a tracker on this so it will be up to antrom of 6:30. begins to have some light rain getting down to the ground and freezing up. in worcester not too concerned. temperatures above freezing and as soon as you get wet, we have the potential for ice, places like southbridge and over to leominster 32. rindge at 30 degrees. and numbers down to the lower 30s all the way through the stroh west neighborhood into plymouth county. in boston at 38. now temperatures are above freezing the city.
5:18 am
freezing, but the good news is, we don't have any rain coming from the clouds before temperatures rise above freezing. all the way to south shore, cape and islands, upper 30s and lower 40s this morning. a cloudy and chilly start and we see future cast showing where you that best potential for light rain will be. 10 in the morning knot and west of boston that gets the better chance. you will need the petroleum for the morning drive. at noontime, better chance for at least some light rain to get into the greater boston area up to the seacoast. and then for the afternoo drive, going to be tough for any of us to get missed by the rain. that's where we have00% on the seven-day forecast because everyone gets -- 100% on the seven-day forecast because everyone gets bet. heavy pockets for the coast, cape and islands. rain totals. half an inch to an inch possible just today. then we have another batch of low pressure coming through tomorrow afternoon and early thursday that adds on another half an inch to possibly an inch on top of that.
5:19 am
still have that extreme drought highlighted in red for you right around the pike into south new hampshire 8 to 11 inches below normal. a needed rain event and we clear it out friday. saturday our weekend always in view. our coats for kids drive sticking off at 10 a.m. weather looks great and dry. all right, we have a lot more coming your way. police say the driver who caused a deadly car crash on the pike was drunk and high behind the wheel. coming up, the man's lengthy driving record. a big investment in an even bigger mission. up next after the break, the billion dollar deal headed to congress to fund years of billion dollar deal headed to congress to fund years of cancer research
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. 5:22. this morning, the driver in the deadly it be continue school bus crash will be in court. johnothony walker is charged in the acrash that killed six
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expressed concern. students said that walker was trying to hurt them. walker is accused of swearing at the kids that had one parent threatening to beat him up. the crash is under investigation but officials say that walker was speeding on an unapproved route at the time. jury selection continues for the accused gunman in a deadly south carolina church attack. yesterday a federal judge granted the man's request to represent himself at trial. this comes just days after dylann roof was found competent to face charges in roof is accused of opening fire on a prayer meeting last year. nine people were killed prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. thousands of people line the streets of cuba to say goodbye to fidel castro. mourners fired a 21-gun salute to remember the former president. not everyone was upset about his death. cubans living in america exiled from their own country
5:24 am
people boarded the first commercial flight between cuba and the united states in more than 50 years. >> a once in a lifetime to experience the culture in different ways. castro was such a polarizing figure, and it will be interesting to see how people are responding. >> cuba's official period of mourning will be sunday when castro's funeral will take place. texas officials say they have their first case of the zika virus spread by mosquitoes in the state. the woman infected is not pregnant she no longer has the virus in her blood. she has not traveled to anywhere where zika is circulating. the center of disease control is working to figure out where the virus was spread. florida is the only other state that mosquitos have been found to carry the zika virus. a big investment and an even bigger mission. congress will soon vote on the plan to commit to years of funding and billions of dollars to the cancer moon shot proposed by the president during the state of union address.
5:25 am
for years. other diseases like alzheimer's will benefit as well. the bill will budget $1 billion for state grants to address the opioid crisis. republican leader also hold a vote this week. but democratic leaders haven't signed on and say they are still negotiating a final deal. and right now, i am tracking your up to the minute radar with peterborough in the path of light, freezing rain this morning. parts of south new hampshire and even western parts of worcester county already seeing that threat for some ice. i have where that is headed next straight ahead. if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, there is still time. still ahead, a local doctor says this season has the prime conditions of an uptick of the nasty virus.
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now at 5:30, two breaking stories this morning. part of the lynn way shut down right now as police investigate a large crime scene. what we are seeing officers do at this hour. and breaking news in south america. a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team has crashed. but there are some survivors. >> one local community has voted to put a break on shops trying to sell marijuana at least for now. hear opinions on both sides of that issue. plus allegations of sexual assaults parents outraged. why a meeting for moms and dads left many of them with more questions than answers. good morning, everybody. 5:29 now on this tuesday morning, november 29. we appreciate you being with us. hope your morning is off to great start. >> sara: thanks for joining us. jason brewer in for shiri spear. tracking some rain. >> reporter: rain is on the way sara and gene. problem is cold air is here.
5:30 am
these are the lovely shots that we have through 10:00. take a while to scour out the cold air. be extra causus and watching that light rain indicates freezing rain by the pink colors you are seeing there and moving toward peterborough very soon it will be moving over, say, gardner and athol and near barre and look at this the radar indicating light rain near barre. the temperatures running at 31 degrees. just want to play it safe. you can see ice on your roads as well county this morning. cloudy in boston. lower 40s at 9:00 in the morning. not concerned about freezing here. at noon 45 degrees. breezy and cloudy and light rain on the way but then from 3 to 7 p.m., i do expect heavy rain on the way. we will talk totals coming up. and. >> julie: -- julie grauert has been watching the roads carol leave. good morning. >> julie: good morning, jason. so far so good. i want to bring this to your attention, breaking news we
5:31 am
commercial street. we will have more details in a live report in just a few minutes. expressway moving along fine from the braintree split from naponset to columbia road. live drive times 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 128 south from peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. we continue to follow breaking news in lynn this morning. >> a large police presence has hut down a major roadways a investigators comb the crime scene there. fox25's michael he michael. >> reporter: the lynn way is shut down between shepherd and commercial street here. a large police presence behind me, and you can see now that it started to put down yellow evidence marker pieces down throughout the sidewalk area here of the lynnway. just a couple of minutes ago on the other side of the street, i saw a handful of officers walking in a line with flashlights combing the
5:32 am
possible evidence. as far as what it is evidence of, that is an unanswered question at this point. i have asked officers on scene, called the department as well. the lynn police department is not confirming the nature of this investigation thus far. with that said, it is serious enough to block off a very major roadway this morning and we are working hard to find out those answers for you. we will have an updated report in about a half hour. for now henrich, fox25 news. developing this morning, one person is dead after a rollover crash in east boston. it happened late last night along route 1 a near route 145. you can see on the video that the car rolled over. the road was closed for several hours overnight while police investigated, but it has reopened in just the past 30 minutes. we are working to find out from police if any other cars were involved, and, of course, we will be sure to update you on any developments throughout the morning. and just weeks after
5:33 am
refusing to issue permits to pot shops at least for now. fox 25's catherine parrotta live in ashland where a special town meeting was held last night. catherine? >> reporter: and it was an overwhelming vote, if you can call it a vote, it was a hoe of hands, but people here in ashland did vote to keep pot shops out of town at least for now. this is something that has been weeks in the making. of course, we know statewide, voters voted to marijuana back on election day, but ever since then, ashland officials started drafting a plan to keep pot shops from opening in town at least until 2018 when the retail sale of pot becomes legal in massachusetts or until the town passes zoning regulations for such shops. as the vote indicated many residents agreed with the idea. >> were you surprised by how many people voted for this moratorium? >> no, i wasn't. i wasn't surprised at all,
5:34 am
>> that is why it passed? >> yes. >> reporter: last night's vote came after the majority of ashland residents voted in favor of legalizing marijuana. other communities also held meetings regarding marijuana last night. in dudley the selectmen created a committee for recommendations regulating retail marijuana. in spencer, disposed of having medical dispensary. and it is possible that the law legalizing marijuanaay because it still needs to be certified by the governor's council and the secretary of state said that the earliest that happened will be in mid-december. would certainly happen by the beginning of 2017, but it is supposed to be legal to use and possess pot starting on december 15. live in ashland, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. a lawrence mother is out of jail released by a judge charged with child endangerment. we last seen 36-year-old mandy mcgowan passed out after an
5:35 am
family dollar store. her young daughter begging her to wake up. a witness recorded it on her cell phone. mcgowan's attorney arked for her release saying she is taking steps to get clean. >> judge, shortly after this happened as i mentioned on the 23rd. she entered a program. he has 67 days into her recovery. >> gene: mcgowan has been ordered to have no contact with her daughter. the little girl is living with a family member and under the custody 69 the driver that hit a hotel shuttle killing two people back in august was allege -- allegedly drunk, high and a had long list of dangerous crashes. 27-year-old steven biere nba um was going 76 in a 40 mourlz zone when he hit a hampton inn shuttle killing two. his blood alcohol limit was nearly twice the legal limit and he had marijuana in his system. according to the state, he had
5:36 am
and lost his life four times over the past year. 5:35. police are training dogs in the growing fight against opioid addiction. the new k-9 unit was to sniff out drugs includes a form hevrn that is popular in prison. the dogs' powerful noses will help to find the dump trucks hidden in paintings, drawings letters to the maints. >> it can be a serious concern. gang activity, criminal activity happening on the inside and pushes addictions along. >> the dogs are currently in the middle of a nine-week training program land graduate on december 15. new rules for a new year. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, how soon oober and lyft drivers will need to undergo state background
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5:39 am
let's check traffic and weather together. we do it every ten minutes. >> sara: we do. the expressway in one direction is looking pretty slow julie the people headed into boston slowing down on the expressway. even though it is an hour before things typically start to slow down. an 11-minute ride from the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri spear.
5:40 am
traffic and weather together is northwest of 495. >> jason: we are already seeing threat for ice, julie. very light rain and only takes trace amounts to create a problem on the roadways. you see what i am talking about, places like gardner, north and west where we are seeing the pink on the radar and that is the freezing rain that is being indicated. you see the light showers, all rain over worcester where temperatures are above freezing, but you see also the concern, places like nashua in the path of light, freezing rain this morning. i have got a timeline on the heavier coming our way straight ahead. well, winter is coming, and so are the questions about whether the mbta red line is ready. this after the trains running between braintree and jfk reported delays last week because of -- because of residual dew that froze on the rails. governor charlie baker plans to meet with t officials next week to get an update on winter prep. mit police have an offer that is tough to refuse. they want people to settle up their unpaid parking tickets
5:41 am
instead of paying the fine, you can drop off a new unopened toy that will be passed on to a child in need. this is a look at what they have collected so far. the only catch, it needs to cost the same amount as your ticket so you will need to bring along your receipt as proof. bruins are on the way to the city of brotherly love as they take on the flyers. zdeno chara out of the line up with a lower body injury. and horford jake crowder is picking up the slack. isaiah thomas and bradley, 18 on the night. and banks are open monday night in miami. jay crowder, lay it is up and in. third quarter isaiah thomas doing his thing. he had 25 on the night as did marcus smart, a good night too. up by 10 in the 4th. the play you just saw.
5:42 am
garden tomorrow night. sunday's patriots game against the rams. you will see it right here on fox25. our coverage kicks off at 10 p.m. dawn of the dynasty. you will hear from many of the guys as they return to town, butch stearns, tom leyden and matt lyght. and new drug that is seven times more powerful than heroin. coming up new at painkiller never tested on thums now has made its way to the streets.
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all right, back at 5:44 this morning. a look over the city of boston. temperatures from around the area. 39 in cambridge, not to sad. 32 in ashland. 31 in lawrence. jason will have a more details on those temps and when wet weather will be moving through this morning. we continue to stay on top of two breaking story. one international and one closer to home. we start in lynn where there is a major police presence that shut down part of the lynn way this morning. officers are searching the area for evidence, but the there. michael henrich is working to get that information and we will have an update in 15 minutes. now to south america, a plane carrying 81 people including members of a brazilian soccer team has crashed in colombia. five people have survived and one was a soccer player taken to the hospital conscious and talking. the trump transition team continues its work from trump tower. former face headed back to new york.
5:46 am
today. and the president is expected to make another cabinet announcement today. sara, over to you. >> sara: >> sara: parents are blasting a city charter school for lack of communication. they said they were told about an alleged sex assault that took place on a school bus, and some of those parents are vowing to send their kids to somewhere else. a meeting that was held last night, daniel. >> daniel: parents left that meeting from renaissance public charter school furious. be kept safe over allegation that's a 6-year-old boy sexually assaulted and threatened another boy on a boston school bus. the incident reportedly happened november 3. the school immediately notified the affected family as well as police and the department of children and families. the department of elementary and secondary education say they were not notified within the required 48 hours. parents fox25 spoke to were upset of the response on what happened. they found out about the incident two weeks after it happened and in a facebook
5:47 am
us who were hurt. it was more toward defending that kid. i know he needs to be defended, but what about my child. >> i am taking my son out of here. this is not a school where you want your child to be. >> daniel: some parent are upset and others have faith in the school. in a statement, the school acknowledged parents' concerns about notification and said, quote, we want to emphasize that the families of the affected children were contacted immediately and decision to notify only the families were m the very young children. we have also immediately put in place safeguards to protect the safety of all renaissance students. if you would like to read the full statement, we posted it on our web site at in the newsroom, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. all right, 5:47 now on this tuesday morning. and get ready for some more cold. >> yeah, getting ready for
5:48 am
>> jason: the cold with the rain. ice possible northwest of 495 early this morning. want to be extra careful. just got a report from green field in southern new hampshire and that is where the ice is beginning to form on the cars. a viewing reporting it not going on and sticking to the ground, but areas like overpasses and elevated services where you will find some ice for sure and be extra cautious. takes a trace of ice to create some problems. let me show you the freezing rain advisory issued by the naon really the whole purple area will be under the possibility of some ice this morning, but the greatest risk the farthest north. until 10 a.m. where the air is coldest. from peterborough, jaffrey, all these spots are going to be dealing with some ice as we start the day. now around gardner, and then back toward petersham, a spot under a freezing rain advisory and even though the radar is saying there is some rain there, it is cold enough for
5:49 am
watch out florida. worcester, airport temperature in the upper 30s. not a concern for ice. just a little bit of light rain coming by early this morning. 37. rindge, leominster down to 32. any of these spots, hollis all the way to manchester will be in the path of some thighs morning. currently upper 30s in boston. lower 30s in natick, medway, mansfield as well. freezing temperatures to start. cloudy, a dreary cold start to the day. freezing even on the cape, we are not concerned about any ice. just a good soaking rain on the way. just track this with futurecast. latest informing show spotty light showers coming in through 10:00 this morning and this is where you have that chance to get wet. you go south and east of boston, not much of a risk of rain for the morning time at least and you see the temperatures rising above freezing at 10 a.m. freezing rain advisory will likely be expired. there is noon, a better chance
5:50 am
metro west neighborhood. let's go over to 5:00. yeah, it will be a wet one out there and some fog and low visibility with rain. heavy rain at time, especially the south coast, cape and islands through the evening. you see kevin tonight at 10. we will still be tracking a little rain on the radar. let's talk rainfall today anywhere from half an inch to an inch of rain is certainly likely and clears out wednesday morning. look more rain is coming by wednesday afternoon into early thursday. we w notch an inch on top of what we already have and we need every drop because we are running 8 to 11 inches below normal. worcester and boston to date. seven-day forecast. weekend falls view. that's when you will be drying out. look at these mild temperatures the next few tes. in the low 50s today. middle 50s on wednesday and thursday and back with a new look of the radar coming up. and we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. the issue i am still seeing right now is that breaking news we have been following.
5:51 am
closed between shepherd street and commercial street because of police activity. take 107 to avoid this area because you will be turned around. as we shift slightly west, things moving along route 1 and 93 south just fine. south of the pike, expressway, no issues from the braintree split to columbia road. live drive times, 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 14 minutes on the expressway. 27 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. a warning from doctors now is the time to get your flu shot. experts say a potential outbreak could be just around the corner. one doctor tells us there are a number factors creating a perfect germ storm. >>. >> fever, achy, nausea. >> reporter: massachusetts residents might remember what getting the flu feels like. >> unbelievable. it just knocks you out for a week. >> reporter: that is not necessarily translating into efforts for prevention. >> have you gotten your flu shot yet?
5:52 am
>> reporter: are you planning to? >> i am not. >> reporter: in fact so far vaccination rates from the state of massachusetts at least by one measure remain somewhat low, despite a plethora of places to get the shot. the latest day from the department of health and human services show the vaccination rate for one group of medicare beneficiaries at 21% in massachusetts. >> it concerns me. thing is the time when we should all be vaccinated. >> reporter: dr. martin hirsch is a infectious dis specialist at massachusetts. he says getting vaccinated is the most powerful way to keep the flu at bay. >> even in the good nears 50% to -- 60 to 70% affected but those who get the flu even after getting the vaccine tend to have milder cases. >>reporter: there week the center of disease control and reprevention reported a uptick of flu cases in new england, but worst of it is likely still to come. the holiday season is prime
5:53 am
influenza likes its chances in a crowd, many of whom could be unprotected. and it is definitely not too late to get a flu vaccination, but keep in mind it takes two weeks for the shot to have maximum protection. three massachusetts hospitals have been cited by regulators for failing to report patient deaths. mass general, umass memorial and brigham and women's were among the 17 hospitals nationwide inspected by the mass general failed to report the deaths of two patients. umass and brigham women's each failed to report one death. all uber and lyft drivers will have to go through back ground checks to keep their jobs in here in massachusetts. part of a new law passed this summer that calls for drivers to be screened by both their employer and their state. the ride-hailing companies have agreed to begin a comprehensive background checks beginning january 6. drivers will have three months
5:54 am
something on cyber monday, you are one of 122 million people who shopped the sales. to give you aen idea of how busy online shopping was yesterday, amazon said it shipped 629 items every second. the final numbers are not out yet, but early sales are set to surpass the industry's initial estimates. expectations were set around $3.4 billion. and 'tis the season and the tree in copley square is lo fox25 was there for the annual tree lighting last night. >> 3, 2, 1! [cheering] >> gene: there it is. mayor marty walsh lit the christmas tree with the help of his friends santa and rudolph. he is very close with both of them. carollers on hand to get people in the spirit. mark your calendars james taylor coming home to boston. the red sox fan will bring his
5:55 am
fenway. the third year in a row that he will be here. boston will be taylor's final stop on that tour. tickets will go on sale friday. that show is scheduled for august 11. always -- always a great show. >> sara: always great to see a show at fenway park. >> gene: talented, james taylor. a group of teens storm a new england store. it is all caught on camera. why the owner says the stolen items are not his biggest storm. breaking ns
5:56 am
5:57 am
visit a place where siblings become friends, parents become kids, and neighbors become family. great wolf lodge. everybody in. visit
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now at 6:00, waking up a freezing rain advisory. tracking early chance for slippery conditions on the road and when temperatures start to climb to near 50 lynn. we just confirmed that a police officer shot a robbery suspect on the lynn way. part of the road is shut down. a live report coming up. also breaking news overnight. a plane with 80 people on board crashes over colombia. just five people survived. what made the search effort so difficult and what we know about the soccer team on board. former governor mitt romney sits down for another visit at trump tower.
5:59 am
thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, november 29. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. certainly a busy morning of breaking news. but first get to weather. a freezing rain advise radio he is in effect until 10:00 this morning. check in with meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri this morning. jason. >> jason: good morning. the greatest concern is west of 495 where the air is coldest and the showers have been moving in here gradually increasing this morning. let me show you the live storm tracker view from manchester to concord right now back i am detecting light, freezing rain. report from greenfield of the ice coming down on the cars. concord down 93 amherst, peterborough, ashby, pepperell, gardner and some spots with the light rain over the worcester airport and in the 30s not kvrnd. some of the pockets in the lower elevation could get a couple of drops that freeze up on contact.
6:00 am
cloudy temperatures. look at this into the 50s coming up this afternoon especially south of boston. it will be breezy as well and heavy rain will come in and we will not be able to get out and joy those above normal temperatures. julie has more on traffic. >> julie: half an hour before things start to pick up as far as volume is concerned. i do want to bring to your attention this road closure on the lynn way in lynn blocked between shepherd and report in just a few minutes. pike moving along fine. expressway looking good through the naponset area. the cameras i am watching for you this morning. here are your live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. 18 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 128 south from peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. we start with breaking news in lynn this morning where police are investigating a officer involved shooting. >> sara: in the last ten minutes, the police chief confirmed that the officer shot a suspect in responding to an armed robbery.


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