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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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cloudy temperatures. look at this into the 50s coming up this afternoon especially south of boston. it will be breezy as well and heavy rain will come in and we will not be able to get out and joy those above normal temperatures. julie has more on traffic. >> julie: half an hour before things start to pick up as far as volume is concerned. i do want to bring to your attention this road closure on the lynn way in lynn blocked between shepherd and report in just a few minutes. pike moving along fine. expressway looking good through the naponset area. the cameras i am watching for you this morning. here are your live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. 18 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 128 south from peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. we start with breaking news in lynn this morning where police are investigating a officer involved shooting. >> sara: in the last ten minutes, the police chief confirmed that the officer shot a suspect in responding to an armed robbery.
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now and the lynnway is still shut down for this. >> in both directions between commercial and shepherds street and it looks like that could be the case for at least the next while. a long while indeed. the police chief just confirmed that an officer involved shooting did occur here around 4:00 this morning. and you can see still a large police response here. this truck just ended up blocking our view of several evidence marker the sidewalks here on this part of the lynn way. the police chief says an armed robbery of the gas station down the block prompted this police response and some series of events that haven't been detailed to us have occurred that resulted in this officer discharging the firearm. the subject is in surgery at mass general hospital. the officer according to the police chief was not hurt.
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questions at this point. as you can teller with working hard to get those for you. as soon as we do, we will have that update for you right here on the fox25 morning news. live in lynn, michael henrich, fox25 news. there is also breaking news overnight from south america. a chartered plane with dozens of people on board have crashed in columbia. five people have survived. five players from a brazilian soccer team were on board as well. daniel miller joins us with the latest on the rescue mission. new information. search crews have been suspended for now because of heavy rain in the area. five of the 81 people on board this plane were found alive. the plane crashed late last night from bolivia to the international airport in colombia. 72 passengers and nine crewmembers were on board the plane. here rm some of the pictures we are getting into the newsroom at this hour. you can see some of the wreckage. we have video of an ambulance arriving at the airport with
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colombian news reports say that at least one of the survivors was from the soccer team and conscious and talking. japanese brazilian soccer team was on board the plane. they were expected to play in the finals tomorrow night. the south american futbol federation has suspended the tournament and the group's president is headed there. the plane's flight was headed by a small air flight lamejia and they reported electrical problems as they got closero from some of the members on the soccer team. they tweeted out before the plane took off. we will be bringing that to new this hour. in the newsroom this morning, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. and developing this morning, one person is dead after a rollover crash in east boston. it happened late last night on route 1 a north just past logan airport. it reopened just before 4 a.m. we are working to find out if
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developments throughout the morning. a woman in her 90s is hospitalized after she was hit by a car, her neighbor's car. it happened in westwood. the woman driver in her 70s lost control of the car and hit the woman. the victim was flown to the hospital with serious head injuries. >> it was an area that the driver was familiar with. we don't know why. for some reason almost at the final destination the vehicle eemd >> they believe a medical issue may to be blame for the crash. it is still unclear if any charges will be filed. a driver accused of hitting and killing a man in brockton has turned himself in for questioning. no charges have been filed. we showed you the surveillance video. the car plows into the 25-year-old victim on north main street and kept going. sur geo lacona died from his injuries. la conia moved to brockton from honduras where his wife
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released. a 2-year-old girl in new hampshire has been named a homicide. the girl was rushed to the hospital after another child called 911. an autopsy revealed that madison dana died from blunt force trauma injuries. no one has been charge and police are investigating. a man that broke into a boston shrine and stole valuables is being arraigned. eric an charged with larceny and breaking and entering. surveillance video helped track swanson down. people to frequented the shrine recognized him as a member of the homeless community. investigators spent hours searching the home of an 18-year-old college student who attacked 11 people at ohio state university. this morning, the fbi has joined the investigation into the attack and are digging into the student's social
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missed. abdul razak artan drove a car into a group of people, jumped out and started stabbing them with a butcher knife. a nearby police officer shot and killed artan one minute after he started attacking people. officials are investigating the attack as an act of terrorism. they say they found at least one anti-united states facebook boast linked attacker and say artan have the makings of someone who is self-radicalized. he came to the u.s. as a granted citizenship. the 11 people who were hurt are all expected to be okay. and that is thanks to ohio state officer alan horujko. the university hailing him as a hero this morning. they say he was responding to a nearby gas leak when the suspect's car jumped the curb. 6:06 today. massachusetts governor -- former massachusetts governor mitt romney will meet with president-elect donald trump for a second time. romney being considered for secretary of state. but not the only person that
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petraeus met with trump to discuss the prestigious position. >> he basically walked us around the world. showed a great grasp of the variety of challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. >> gene: last year petraeus pled guilty of passing information to his former mistress and biographer. he was sentenced to two years' probation avoiding jailtime. president-electon nominate tomorrow price to lead the department of health and human services. he is an orthopedic surgeon and a leading critic of obamacare calling it a threat to quality and affordable health care. baggage handlers, fast food workers and uber drivers are some of the massachusetts workers planning to rally for higher pay. this is part of a nationwide movement to push for a $15 minimum wage. workers in more than 340
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the nation's highest minimum wages when it is increased in january to $11 an hour. those rallying today hope to convince legislators to pass a bill to raise the state's minimum wage again to $15 an hour. today is the first day for deer hunting at the blue hills reservation in milton. the department of conservation and recreation say the hunt is aimed at keeping the deer population under control. the event will be taking place until tomorrow and will happen again on december 6 and 7. in order to hunters have to enter a lottery on the department's web site. we check traffic and weatherer ten minutes. the first live pictures in lynn. this is the road route a.that is in lynn between commercial and shepherd street because of police activity. you can see there was an officer involved shooting and roads are still closed. we will have more details in just a few minutes. first here is jason.
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rain out of worcester county and closer to norfolk where temperatures are 32 in franklin and 30 in framingham. there is that brief risk of a couple of drops freezing up on the cars. likely not on to the roads. but a freezing rain advisory north and west of 495. get through this morning. more on that and heavy rain on the way today straight ahead. 6:09. two weeks away from recreational marijuana being legal in massachusetts but one town is saying, not so fast. the late-night vote that could cause a ripple effect throughout the state. an elderly man catches fire moments after his house went up in flames. >> i was on fire at the doorway. she was yelling and screaming. >> reporter: how a neighbor was able to run to the rescue. ing on top of two big breaking stories. skyfox over the lynn where parts of the lynn way were shut down as police investigate an shooting. the officer wasn't hurt. michael henrich is on the scene and will bring us updates throughout the
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welcome back to fox25 morning news. i am getting reports of ice in greenfield in southern new hampshire. new boston even over to mahe watch out for the light icing this morning. more back to the west. i have a timing on the ice threat and heavy rain threat thereafter in just a little bit. a fire in tewksbury sends a man running from his home. neighbors say the 84-year-old had flames shooting off his back before he was rushed to the hospital. jessica reyes live outside this house where there is heavy damage, jess. >> reporter: a lot of damage to the homes especially in the back.
6:14 am
happened last night just watching out for hot spots, and we understand that the 84-year-old man who lives here, he did have pretty serious burns, and he is still in the hospital this morning. terrifying moment for a family in tewksbury. moments after this house caught fire a man ran out engulfed in flames. >> pretty much on fire in the door way. his daughter was yelling and screaming. >> reporter: nick lives next door and came running to help. >> took his shirt off and stuff. >> reporter: when fire crews got here, they saw flames coming from mainly the back of the house. the man that lives here was flown to the hospital. his daughter hospitalized for smoke inhalation. the fire department said the man's burns are severe, but he tries and does everything himself. >> he is a neighbor and does everything. plows the driveway, mows the lawn, 84 years old.
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>> reporter: taking another live look at the house now. crews are trying to figure out what exactly caused this fire but once again we do know that elderly man, he was flown to the hospital with pretty serious burns. we don't know his condition this morning but we know he remains in the hospital this morning. live in tewksbury, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. 6:15. hundred of people packed the rural roads in tennessee trying. there are several fires burning near gatlinburg and pigeon ford. most of gatlinburg is under mandatory evacuation and searching for campers who have not heard about the evacuation. 30 buildings caught fire overnight and burned. evacuations in nearby pigeon forge started early this morning around 3 a.m. officials ordered a mandatory evacuation for 300 people. fires moved to the edge of the dollywood property. all guest cabins have been evacuated and park is closed down today. it is rescheduled to reopen tomorrow.
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devastation caused by hisy rain in italy. days of severe weather and torrential downpours cause flooding in a number towns and land slides that destroyed homes. hundreds of people have been displaced in the northern part of the country. others are being asked to evacuate. there seems to be no end in sight for those living in the region. more severe weather is in the forecast for the coming days. a group of teenagers in connecticut using flash mobbing for crimes. the teens caught con camera storming a gas hartford. they only took -- they made a mess and took candy but concern of the $damage done to the store. police are investigating the robbery and they don't know what caused the kids to ransack that store. >> julie: that's too bad. good morning, everyone, take you to the live pictures from skyfox. the lynn way is closed in both directions between commercial and shepherd street. you can see flashing lights, so we have a strong police
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and will bring you more details. 107 your best bet to get around the area because closed in both directions, route 1, 9 3 south moving along fine. things are slow around morrissey boulevard on the expressway. live drive times. 16 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 25 minutes on the expressway. 32 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri spear this morn for slippery spots to the massachusetts area northwest of 495? >> jason: yeah, out here, julie, we are watching the light rain moving in and the air is certainly cold enough for those drops to be freezing up. that's where we will start northwest of 495 this morning. freezing rain advisory continues. this is until 10 a.m. a lot of times it will take longer to scour off colder air than you what might think. some of the model forecasts. until 10 a.m., we will tart to
6:18 am
right now i have seen the ice in greenfield. reports coming in to our weather service chat account. and to new boston that is where that light icing will be possible. wyndham, nashua, watching out for this. some of this extends all the part into northwest middlesex counties this morning. 49 near lawrence with a few drops, but, again, just doesn't take much to create a problem. we can get problems with a trace amount of ice, and that's where we will be watching, possibly even parts of the strik freezing with that little batch of light rain going overhead nothing more than a few drops. don't be surprised. 32 degrees in rindge, barre, leominster, manchester, londonderry. still around freezing. either side of 32 degrees. that little batch of light rain comes in, again, just going to be a few drops, but i will be watching that one little narrow band closely.
6:19 am
upper 30s and harwich and falmouth in the lower 30s. good news we will be rising above freezing in most locations by 8 to 9 a.m. certainly by 10 a.m. futurecast, you see areas down to the pike in the 40s and near 50 by noontime today. north, it will stay cooler longer with a better chance of rain. it will really be the afternoon drive time and we are all impacted by the soaking rain. this 5:00, and lower 50s. so it is a chilly rain but not as bad as it could be as southeast winds keep us on the mild side and see kevin at 10 and 11. so travel, i am putting a fair on it this morning. tuesday afternoon, it will be going down to 4. on wednesday morning, we are back up to a good travel weather, but then by wednesday afternoon, it is starting to go right back down hill again because we have yet another round of low pressure on the way.
6:20 am
rain once more. wednesday afternoon on into the night. i think it will clear out pretty early on thursday, but something that we will have to watch through 6:00 in the morning. and on friday, dry, cool, breezy once again, temperatures are getting back in check. weekend falls view, back to the mid-40s which is typical this time of the year. overnight lows in freezing and into precipitation in our coats for kids drop-off day is saturday from 10 to 2 over at jordan's i collect 300 coats to clean out the closets and help us out. we will bring those umbrellas for the day today. that is definitely needed gear. back to you. we have a lot more coming your way. police say the driver to caused a deadly car crash on the pike was drunk and high behind the wheel. coming up, the man's lengthy driving record that suggests a reckless past.
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z26moz zknz y26moy ykny 6:23. the driver in a deadly tennessee school bus crash will be in court.
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charged in the crash that killed six elementary school students. in the weeks leading up to the crash, the school's principal expressed concern.walker twice. principal said that students claim that walker was trying to hurt hem. walker was accused of swearing at kids that had one parent threatening to beat him up. walker was speeding on an unapproved route at the time. jury selection will continue in the accused gunman of a deadly south carolina church attack. yesterday a federal judge granted represent himself at trial. this comes just days after dylann roof was found competent to face charges in the charleston attack. roof is accused of opening fire on a prayer meeting last year. nine people were killed. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. the thousands of people, that is, that line the streets of cuba to say a final goodbye of fidel castro. mourners fired 21-gun salutes and lit candles to remember the former president. not everyone was upset about his death.
6:25 am
exiled from their home country cheered the end of this chapter. people reflected on the moment as they boarded the first commercial flight between cuba and the united states in more than 50 years. >> i think it is a once in a lifetime experience to get to experience the culture in a clearly different way. castro was such a polarizing figure and it will be interesting to see how people are responding. >> gene: cuba's official period of mourning is through sunday when castro's funeral will take place. have their first case of zika virus spread by mosquitoes in the state. the woman infected is not pregnant and lab tests show she no longer have the virus in her blood. has not traveled anywhere where gleeka is circulating. the center of disease control is working to find out where in texas the virus has spread. florida is the only other state where mosquitoes are found to carry the zika virus. a big investment in an even bigger mission.
6:26 am
and billions of dollars to the cancer moon. shot proposed by the president. the bill is in the works for a year. other diseases like alzheimer's will also benefit and the bill will budget $1 billion for state grants to address the state opioid crisis. republican leader also hold a vote on the final deal and democrats leaders haven't signed on and say they are still negotiating a final deal. good morning, radar pretty quiet yet and watch to make its way in out of the berkshires and across parts of southern new hampshire, west of 495. the concern this morning and then the heavy rain threat on the way as we go through the day. much more of futurecast coming up. well, if you haven't gotten your flu shot, there is still time. still ahead this hour, why local doctors say the season has a prime condition of the uptick of the nasty virus.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: now at 6:30, we are staying on top of two breaking stories part of the lynn way shut down as police investigate a officer involved shooting. what we have learned about the suspect. and breaking news in south america. a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team have crashed and there are some survivors and now we are learning more on who they might be. >> reporter: one local community has put the brakes on shops wanting to sell marijuana. coming up both sides of the issues. allegations of sexual assault on a school bus have parents outraged. a meeting with moms and dads left many of them with more questions than answers. >> gene: thank you for being with us on this tuesday
6:31 am
hope your morning will be you off to a great start. >> sara: yes, we do. keeled morning with some freezing ice. jason brewer in for shiri this morning. >> jason: a freezing rain advisory issued until 10 a.m. for these spots. so we have some rounds of light rain that have been trying to come in and put a dent in the dry air. right now watching the light showers making their way over concord. this is an area i am concerned of icing. down to the south evaporating and their way eastward over 495 and milford. drying up near quincy. we have to watch this carefully over next few hours temperatures are at or below freezing. a southeast wind that will bring temperatures up to 50 degree by 3:00 and that will come along with heavy rain for the evening drive.
6:32 am
how much rain could fall straight ahead. julie is updating us on the roads. >> julie: want to head back out to the live pictures from skyfox over lynn way which is still closed between commercial street and shepherd street for an officer involved shooting. things looking okay on 93 south. south of the pike, expressway a little slow from the braintree split through naponset. live drive t half an hour on the expressway. about half an hour on the pike eastbound. 30 minutes on 128 south from peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. we continue to follow breaking news in lynn where an administer shot a suspect in an armed robbery. >> sara: the chief of police tell us the officer was not hurt but that suspect is now in surgery. fox25's michael henrich live on the lynnway with the very latest now. michael? >> reporter: the lynn way continues to be shut down in both drinks between shepherd
6:33 am
was an officer involved shooting. and you can see the investigation continues here. the chief among that group of gentlemen standing right by those evidence markers and yellow police tape marking off parts of the lynnway from traffic and anybody walking through the scene. now this happened around 4:00 this morning when the police chief says officers responded to an armed robbery call at the gas station down the street. it was that armed robbery shot by a police officer then rushed to mass general hospital and that man, that suspect is undergoing surgery this morning and police chief did say that no officers were hurt during this morning's incident. and were working to find out more about exactly what took place in the lead-up for that gunfire being discharged from those -- that officer's weapon.
6:34 am
to you. until we are live in lynn. developing this morning, one person is dead following a rollover crash in east boston it happened route 1 a. you can see in the video the car rolled over. the road was closed for several hours overnight while police investigated and it has reopened in the past 30 minutes. we are work fog find out from police if any other cars were involved. we are sure to update you on any information throughout the morning. just weeks after massachusetts voters approved question 4, one local down is refusing to issue permits to pot shops at least for now. fox25's catherine parrotta live in ashland for a special town meeting was held last night. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning. after that town meeting, there was a late vote, if you can even call it that. it was really a show of hands but showed that residents were overwhelmingly in support of not having these pot shops at least for now. >> i think it is terrible
6:35 am
there are too many flaws in it. too many holes in it. >> it has been in done in other states. they haven't had any traumatic events. scare tactics. >> reporter: election day has come and gone and in massachusetts brought the legalization of recreational marijuana. when it comes to selling it, the town of ashland says not so fast. ashland residents voted at a special meeting last night passing a temporary moratorium on pot shops. it blocked businesses that want to sell marijuana applying for zones when the retail of the sale of marijuana becomes legal statewide but the deanything was not unanimous. >> looking for small businesses to help our economic growth. i see no reason for a smoke shop or whatever you want to call them wouldn't be part of that. >> enough people say they want it, you have to respect democracy but i think what you have to do in your political and public service is you have to make sure it is the best
6:36 am
legalizing marijuana could be delayed. while it is supposed to be legal to use or possess marijuana, the law still needs to be certified by the governor's council and the secretary of state says the earliest that will happen is the middle of december and the law is certain to be certified by the beginning of 2017. delay or no the, one thing is decided. consumers won't be able to buy pot in any ashland stores at least for now. >> reporter: not just looking at this issue in dudley selectmen vote odd an committee to make regulations regulating some of these shops. in spencer, a cup of concerned residents who doesn't want a medical marijuana dispensary met with selectmen to voice their concerns. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. 6:36. a lawrence mother is out of jail released by a judge, but charged with child endangerment. we last saw mandy mcgowan in
6:37 am
family, that store. her young daughter begging her to wake up. recorded it on cell phone. mcgowan's argued for her release saying she is taking steps to get clean. >> judge, chartly after this happen on the 23rd, she has entered a program. she has in that program ever since. she is 67 days into that recovery. >> gene: mcgowan has been ordered to have contact with her daughter and the little girl is with a family member state of new hampshire. this morning we are learning that the driver that hit a hotel shuttle killing two people back in august was allegedly drunk, high and had a long history.dangerous crashes. the suffolk county district attorney said 27-year-old steven bierbaum was going 76 in a 40-mile-per-hour zone when hit a shuttle killing two. investigators say his blood alcohol limit was twice the legal limit and he had marijuana in his system.
6:38 am
according to the states, bierbaum had four serious crashes and lost his license four times over the last four years. new hampshire police are training dogs in the grows fight against the opioid epidemic. was used to sniff out drugs including a form of heroin sawed suboxin, popular in prisons. the dog's powerful noses will help find the drugs hidden in paintings, drawings and letters to inmates. >> when the drugs can enter concern. it causes gang activity. it is happening on the inside. it pushes addictions along. >> dogs are currently in the middle of a 9-week training program. they will graduate on december 15. new rules for a new year. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, how soon uber and lyft drivers will have to undergo safe background [ bell clangs ]
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meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri spear and you are watching rain that is causing slippery conditions. >> jason: rain into the cold air and west of 495 where we have a chance for icing on the roads. you see this pink color here. one batch come across southern new hampshire this morning, and that one is making its way eastward closer to portsmouth and around concord. likely light rain falling and getting into that cold air creating ice on the car. toable ably the roads. greenfield. we have ice here this morning and that batch is keene. i am here to watch that. temperatures running 30 to 32 test and a lot of those locations and that's where we have the concern. into the greater boston area, not concerned about ice and rain will be more of a threat midday into the evening drive times as temperatures climb to near 50 degrees before the end of the day. i am back with a timeline on that and how much rain could fall coming up. well winter is coming and so are the questions of whether the mbta red line is
6:43 am
jfk reported delays this week because of residual dew that froze on the rails. governor baker will meet with officials to get an update on winter prep. an offer that is tough to refuse. wanting people to settle up their unpaid parking tickets by donating a toy. instead of paying a fine you need to drop off a new unopened toy passed on to the child in need. collected. the only catch, it needs to cost the same amount as your ticket so you will need to bring along your receipt as proof. bruins on the road paying a visit to the city of brotherly love to take on the flyers. chara out of line-up with what is described as a lower body injury. and al horford became a dad for the second time. a ten-point game, isaiah thomas.
6:44 am
and still up by 10 in the fourth, terry rosier to marcus smart. celtics wins it 112-104. the cs host the pistons tomorrow night at the garden. and patriots game against the rams will be live on fox25. our coverage kicks off at 10 hoe clock in the morning. a special pregame show, don of the dynasty. guys, butch stearns. kickoff is set for 1:00 here on fox25. now 6:44 this morning. a new warning about a drug that is several times more powerful than heroin. coming up new at 6:00 or at 7:00, pardon me, the painkiller never tested on humans that made its way to the streets. plus parents outraged
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welcome back to fox25 morning news. i am tracking the edge of some light, freezing rain. looks like it will be athol and gardner over the next 20 to 30 minutes. southern new hampshire northwest of 495. that is where we got to watch for the light icing this morning and update straight ahead. and we continue to stay on top of two breaking stories. one international. one closer to home. we start in lynn where police are investigating an officer involved shooting. a live look at the lynn way in lynn. that is closed down and still closed down. we are told that an officer shot a suspect while responding to an armed robbery. the suspect is in surgery. the officer was not shot. michael henrich is getting
6:48 am
now. in south america, a plane crashed carrying 81 people including member of a soccer team crashed. five people survived including a soccer player who is conscious and talking. the trump transition team is working from the trump tower. mitt romney will meet with donald trump today and the president-elect expected to make another cabinet announcement today. sara, over to y. parent in boston are blasting a city charter school for lack of communication. they say they were never told about an alleged sex assault that took place an to school bus. and now some of those parents are vowing to send their kids somewhere else. fox 25's daniel miller joins us with more from a meeting that was held last night. >> reporter: sara, parents left that meeting last night at boston renaissance charter school demanding their kids be kept safe following allegation that's a 6-year-old boy sexually assaulted and threatened another boy on a
6:49 am
happened november 3. the school immediately notified the affected family as well as police and the department of children and families. the department of elementary and secondary education say they were not notified in the required 48 hours. parent we talked to are upset about the school's response about what happened. they say they found out about the incident two weeks after it happened in a facebook post. >> nothing was geared toward us who were hurt. it was more for defending that kid. i know he needs to be defended what about my child. >> i am taking my child out of here. not a school where you will want your chimed to be. >> reporter: the school acknowledged parents concerns about notification but said, we want to emphasize, however, that the families of the affected children were contacted immediately and decision to notify only those families were made to protect the privacy and well being of these very young children. we have immediately put in place safeguards to protect
6:50 am
students. if you want to read the much tire school full statement, we reposted it. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. all right, 6:49 on this tuesday morning. we have rain and lots of it. >> sara: yeah, lots of it. and time to break out not only the warm coats but the warm winter boots. >> jason: do you get the sorrells out at this point because they can serve as rain boots as well. >> jason: i think you could. start in the 20s in a couple of spots and cold enough for that rain to freeze up and that is the problem. we have ice threat this morning of 495. a fog threat that will develop later today as rain begins to come in and saturate the air. we have low visibilities inside of the heavier rain showers that will be coming in for the afternoon drive time. it is light for the morning drive, and many of us will be dry for the morning drive. north and west and we will have that icing problem.
6:51 am
one batch of light rain falling into the cold air over southern new hampshire. come by and likely produce a little bit of ice willing and this next -- coming up across 91. east northeast of 30 miles per hour. that will take it over to athol, peters happham, templeton by 7:00 and watching light icing possible. and temperatures, 32 in leominster. lon continue to derry and manchester. brookville at 32. number you will get that potential and any rain coming overhead at least on the cars, possibly on the overpasses, even on the roads and sidewalks. be extra cautious. in boston 38 degrees. leking ton, reading at 32. 34 in natick. 32 in norton. 36 in duxbury. and temperatures have been coming up a bit over sunrise as a southerly wind begins to influence the temperatures. and it will be a fairly mild afternoon and won't be able to
6:52 am
track that with future cast through 10:00 this morning. the best chance is well north and west. by noontime, though, you see this chance of light rain moving into the boston area. and really going to be the afternoon drive time where we are all getting soaked by widespread rain and embedded heavier pockets. down at the pike especially where you have heavier totals on the order of an inch of rain. by 11:00, still rain south shore, cape to possibly an inch of rain. you see the one-inch amounts. and another inch almost on top of that is possible early afternoon into thursday. this is needed drought help. we are in extreme drought where you see the red colors. 11 inches below normal in boston right now so a couple of inches we can certainly take. watch for localized ponding of water on the roadways. dry it out friday. the weekend only in view.
6:53 am
back to the winter codes once again. all right, back to you. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. take you back to these live pictures from skyfox showing the lynn way. the lynn way is closed in both directions between commercial and pause of an officer-involved shooting. we have several police cars on scene. we take to you the map, you can see 107 is your best bet to take you around that area. not seeing residual delays the door. on 93, things slowing down slightly from medford to somerville. slow going from the braintree to morrissey boulevard. live drive times. 35 minutes from route 1 from 128 to the tobin. half an hour on expressway. 46 minutes on 93 south approaching the leverett connector. back to you. a warning from doctors this morning. now is the time to get your flu shot. experts say a potential outbreak could be just around the corner.
6:54 am
germ storm. >> fever, aching, cough, nausea. >> massachusetts residents might remember what getting the flu feels like. >> knocks you out for a week. >> that is not necessarily translating into efforts of prevention. have you gotten your flu shot yet? >> i have not. >> are you planning to. >> i am not. >> reporter: vaccination rates in the state of massachusetts at least by one measure remai the shot. the latest data from the department of health and human services show the vaccination rate for one group of beneficiaries 21% in massachusetts. >> it concerns me. i think this is the time when we all should be vaccinated. >> reporter: an infectious disease specialist at massachusetts general hospital. he says getting vaccinated will be the most powerful way to keep the flu at bay. >> even in the good years it
6:55 am
but even those who get the flu after getting the vaccine tend to have milder cases. >> this week the center of disease control and prevention reported an uptick of flu cases in some parts of new england, but worst of it is likely still to come. the holiday season is prime time for flu to spread because influenza likes its chances in a crowd. many of whom could be unprotected. and it is definitely not too late to get vaccination but keep in mind it takes two weeks for the shot to have maximum protection. the dea is taking emergency action against a drug that is seven times nor powerful than heroin. the designer drug known as pink was a failed painkiller decades ago and making a comeback amid the growing opioid epidemic in the united states. you can buy the drug online with pills in powder and because it is synthetic, it can come from anywhere.
6:56 am
this can be a mix by chemist, mad scientist. not being made in a legit mall pharmaceutical area. >> gene: earlier this month the d ea classified pink as a schedule one drug that puts it in the same category as heroin and lsd. all uber and lyft drivers will have to go to a background check. part of a new law that calls for drivers to be re state. the ride-hailing companies have agreed to begin their comprehensive background checks starting january 6. drivers will have three months to complete the new requirement. now 6:56. the current drought bad news for christmas. next at 7:00, how a lack of water is causing tree farms to scramble just before the holiday. and we continue to follow breaking news in lynn. police have shut down lynn way following the officer involved shooting. we will take you live to the
6:57 am
?? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin and blue cross blue shield keeps me healthy.
6:58 am
6:59 am
rain combined with freezing temperatures and trouble spots and when to expect more rain today. >> michael: shutting down the lynnway in lynn. what crime the suspect committed before getting shot by police.
7:00 am
aboard this plane when it crashed in colombian. new at 7:00, the chilling selfie taken before the deadly crash. >> sara: this year's drought affecting holiday cheer in massachusetts. what to look before putting up your christmas tree. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: tuesday morning, november 29th, we appreciate you spending time with us this take it slow on the roads this morning. we have freezing rain -- warning for freezing rain for parts of metrowest and worcester county and check in with fox25 meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri spear this morning with look at this morning's forecast. >> jason: freezing rain advisory continues for parts of northwest middlesex county all the way back across northern worcester into southern new hampshire and this is where we have seen some light rain coming through this morning,


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