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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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new ipswich, new hampshire, a third of an inch coming in for you, just about a third of an inch in gardener, about a quarter of an inch. you expect heavier totals with the heavy rain we have out there. that's how hard it is to get a lot of rain and why we're in the drought conditions even with periodic rains this autumn. there's the rain, some of it heavy across the area. into boston, you get a break downtown. wakefield, middleton and beverly, heavy rain along 128, seeing some of the heaviest rain. worcester county, not a lot in worcester gh heavy rain along 190 northward through west boylston and sterling in to the north shore, heavy rain from lowell, pelham, lawrence, moderate rain and that's going to continue right through this evening's commute hand there's more rain on the way tomorrow. i'll show you where that's. coming from and a timeline. >> mark: stay up-to-date no matter where you are with the fox 25 weather app. track radar and get alerts from our team of meteorologists. kevin is back in minutes with his forecast. >> vanessa: a big house fire in
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one other person to the hospital. at least 20 people are out of their homes tonight, because of the triple decker that went up in flames. >> mark: fox 25's malini basu has been at the scene of this breaking news all afternoon. streets are still blocked off tonight, malini. >> the reporter: they are, mark and vanessa, streets are still blocked off. here we are, five hours later. we also know that one woman told officers, she had no idea there was a fire until her neighbor started banging on the door, there's a fire, get out, get out. let me thank you back to the scene, all of this is that righted just so here's what we can del you. once again, the triple decker went up in flames around 1:00 p.m. on east lawrence and prospect street. fire officials on the scene they will fox 25 that a firefighter and a woman were taken to the hospital. now, residents and people in the immediate area were told to evacuate, we're also being told that at least 20 people are now without a home. now hat one point, the roof collapsed, and firefighters were told to just back away. now, back out here live, the
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taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons, and the other woman was taken to the hospital. she was taken for heart-related issues. how that fire started is still unclear. for now, live in lawrence, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> mark: new details on a deadly officer-involved shooting in lynn, within the past 15 minutes, police identified the man, a police officer shot and killed this morning. >> vanessa: fox 25's crystal hanes has been following developments all afternoon. police say this man stole $150 later. >> the reporter: this is a part of this story. now the district attorney's office has identified this shooting, the suspect that was shot initially as michael mcginn, 45 of maldin and i did dig into his background and found that he has a lengthy criminal record. this confirmed by investigators, over a dozen arrests for robbery in about a 10-year period at one point, but tonight, police say
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station, told the clerk he was armed, took $150, fled, engaged police and that's when he was shot. >> it doesn't happen like on a daily basis, but here and there, yes. >> the reporter: buffer shell station manager, danny duma says he's still stepping up safety procedures after an armed robbery across the street. tonight, the suspect is dead, and two lynn police officers are expected to be interviewed by the essex county district attorney's office, after one of those responding officers fire. >> the individual had his hands in his pockets, the officers ordered him to show his hands, refused to do so, they moved at the officers, moved back, tried to create distance. eventually one of the officers fired his weapon. the man fled after struggling with a clerk at this gulf station on commercial street after he allegedly walked into the store with a hand in his pocket, claiming he had a gun intending to rob the place. >> i think it's a very sad story, whenever anything like
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an anomaly. >> the reporter: this is the second natal officer-involved shooting nancy reagan lynn in two months -- in lynn in two months. october 3rd, officers shot and killed a 57-year-old man after executing a search warrant in another armed robbery case. the district attorney's office tells me tonight, that investigation remains open. >> it is a little bit concerning, i think, in the sense that obviously, you don't want more violence. >> the reporter: now, the investigation into the officer's conduct in this shooting also whether a weapon from the suspect actually was recovered yet. for now, reporting in lynn, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: suspect in a deadly hit-and-run crash in brockton turned himself into police. prosecutors say milton cacavis admitted he was driving down north main street when he hit sergio lacone, and panicked. he surrendered two days later, because he wanted to do the right thing.
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happened, coming up at 6:30 p.m. a new hampshire day care is closed tonight. the state is investigating after a 3-year-old in its care was found on the side of a busy road. >> vanessa: it happened earlier this month in lee. the child crossed route 155 before a passerby spotted him walking up the on-ramp to route form. fox 25's robert goulston spoke to the boy's mother tonight who says she was never told what happened by that day care. robert? >> the reporter: vanessa and mark, the child day care is on this side of route 155, the child was found on ramp across the way there, about 75 feet up that ramp. the mother telling us, she was never told what happened by the day care. the 3-year-old boy walked away from the his angels learning academy in lee, new hampshire. a driver stopped after seeing the toddler playing with a basketball. his mother, who did not want to go on camera, says her son has down's syndrome, so he cannot communicate easily. police say the child walked down this dead end street, out on to
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busy highway. the day care voluntarily closed right after the november 18th ins den. but the boy's mother says, the day care never told her, even when she pick him up that day. she says, the owner first called her ex-husband, saying the boy was a safety concern, so they couldn't take care of him anymore. they didn't get the full story until the police called. locals say the road the child crossed is treacherous. >> on 155, it's 40 miles per hour and there's hills on both sides. theyxc agency that oversees day cares is investigating. the man who found the boy says when he alerted the day care, at first they told him nobody was missing. >> had to be missing for quite an amount of time for that postal service happen. >> we started getting calls on tuesday families not knowing what to do. >> the reporter: a nearby day care was able to help nine of the 30 families and they too say it's unclear how the child got out. >> i will tell you, she served
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community, she's an amazing mom. >> the reporter: and one action the state could take is pulling her license permanently. we are live in lee, new hampshire, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: the result of the ballot question legalizing recreational marijuana in massachusetts may not be certified by december 15th, when the law is due to take effect. >> we have can't rush something, we're going to do our best to have it ready for the governor's council on the 14th, which will be the day before people got to grow their own plants. >> mark: secretary of state says his office is required to certificate 5 the results of all federal races, including the presidency before working on ballot questions. that means, the law may not take effect until a few days after it was scheduled to. >> vanessa: dinner at trump tower tonight for mitt romney and ann. the former massachusetts first couple is meeting with donald trump, and wife melania. the president-elect is expected to make a decision any time now
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tracking latest timing coming out of midtown, manhattan. >> the reporter: trump tower was in fact hopping has a stream of candidates for key appointments med with president-elect. just moments ago, we learned that trump will likely name his campaign's national finance chairman, steven turner munchin as treasury secretary tomorrow, but perhaps, no meeting will be watched as closely as that dinner with mitt romney. of course, romney was extremely critical of trump during the presidential race. even trump's massachusetts governor. but trump is keeping romney on the short list for secretary of state. he called tonight's meeting, saying he needed more time with someone he doesn't know well. also on the short list for secretary of state, loyal trump supporter and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani retired general david petraeus an tennessee senator bob corker will keep an eye on it and send a news alert as soon as it happens. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the attorney general of massachusetts says she will
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in a fund raising letter, attorney general maura healey says she will sue the trump administration if he carries out his unconstitutional campaign promises. healey cited health care and climate change in areas where lawsuits could be filed. new tonight, fox 25 has learned donald trump's chief campaign strategist will not be coming to harvard this week. steve bannon had been invited to speak at a forum at the kennedy school of government. bannon is also a breitbart news. called an outlet for racist and anti-semitic views. the invitation sparked plans for protests and the school defended the invitation but says it never endorses the views of any speaker. bannon is a harvard alum. >> mark: former new england patriots player and convicted killer, aaron hernandez is suing the company that allowed access to his jailhouse phone calls. an unknown person got access to hernandez' calls while he was in jail awaiting his first murder trial. a dallas based company was
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charges in a double murder case in boston, that's set to go to trial next year. >> vanessa: some familiar faces at the td garden today, drew bledsoe is among the athletes being honored at the new england sports hall of tame. butch stearns is at the garden for us with a preview. >> the reporter: this is one of my favorite nights of the year, for a couple reasons. one, it's a fund raiser for the great new england sports regime and two, the quality of people that come back here, the fans and the people that support this like drew bledsoe, spent nine of his 14 nfl seasons in a patriots uniform and so much has happened to him since and even before then. it will be great to see drew. he's sure to get a big hug from the crowd that's here. this is a great event and it will be a great night. it's the 15th year they've done the tradition, and the class besides bledsoe, includes mohammed ali's daughter, the space man, bill lee, shaquille o'neal, wayne cashman, one fund,
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it's a fund raiser, they've got auctions, they've got great food, i think you can still come down here if you want to come down here, listen to me right now, but it's going to be a lot of fun and to catch up withdrew bledsoe will be great and he and i are talk about the 2001 season, which of course, we're celebrating this. coming sunday before the patriots game on sunday, right, ock? >> mark: that's right, and of course, bledsoe's big game in pittsburgh in the playoffs, got him into the super bowl. so look forward to hearing from them tonight. that's going to be great. weekend. we have you covered leading up to game, 10:00 a.m., right here after our morning news. tune in for the special pregame show, dawn of a dine city. tom leyden and butch stearns will be live looking back at the first super bowl win in new orleans. then the fox pregame show picks up the coverage and watch the game right here starting at 1:00 p.m. big weekend. well, the medford police department is in desperate need of upgrades.
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>> the reporter: plumbing problems with a lot of the toilets. this one can't be used. >> vanessa: ahead on the only local news at 6:30 p.m., the serious safety concerns the department wants fixed and while the female officers in particular say it's time to help them out. >> kevin: yep, still raining out there in many spots in southern and central new england. heavy rain in some areas. we're tracking it right through the morning and evening commute. >> the reporter: the idea of
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>> kevin: still tracking heavy rain in and around the area right now, particularly in the boston area, seeing all kinds of traffic snarls. bottom left, that's the zakim bridge area, that's a mess. you can bet the normal commute coupled with the rain is doing that. rain coming down in heavy spots including through the end of the commute. live fox 25 storm tracker radar update just ahead. controversial effort to bring regular commuter rail line service to gillette stadium has people who live near the tracks upset. >> mark: state officials are about to unveil new plans to add four new round trip commuter trains to boston. fox 25's bob ward is live where a meeting is about to start and this is something that was first brought up two years ago. >> the reporter: yeah, there was opposition two years ago and it could well be more opposition now. the owner of the new england patriots is behind this push to bring commuter rail service to
6:16 pm
they're concerned about this might affect their quality of life. >> trains going one way, and then they come back, trains going back that way. that's eight passenger trains. >> the reporter: the freight line railroad tracks that lead to gillette stadium and patriot place run right through dave paine's backyard. if an 11 month pilot program gets the green light, there will soon be regular cmu service every day from patriot place to boston going right down these tracks. >> feel like boston comes to the suburbs. >> the reporter: right now, these tracks only carry freight and special event trains, but that might be changing. new mom sarah just bought a home here, not expecting regular train service. >> the thing is that it's annoying the most is the fact that it shakes our house, so if it continues to getting busier
6:17 pm
more and be a little bit louder. >> the reporter: the proposed expansion would carry passengers from gillette stadium, along a stretch of freight track, that sits between existing commuter rail lines, rand carry passengers into boston's south station, at least four times a day. norfolk state rep sean dooley told me he believes a commuter rail expansion to gillette stadium will do nothing to help alleviate the trouble t's issues. >> no matter how many train stations you put out, if you don't have the trains running on time and they can't be reliable th they're not going to ride them, because they have to get to work and they have to get home. >> the reporter: well, the state will unveil these plans at a meeting in foxborough high school tonight, the d.o.t. tells me that if the town of foxborough doesn't go for this, then it's dead in water. by the way, there will be a similar meeting for walpole residents next week. bob ward, fox 25 news.
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boston. instead of ribbon, they actually cut a fresh piece of pasta. eataly features four restaurants, ten eateries, two cafes, two bars an 10,000 items for sale if a marketplace that's spread across three floors of the prudential center. >> vanessa: looks good. >> mark: td garden is getting a new hotel in the neighborhood. >> vanessa: dutch-based citizen m hotels is it planning a 10 story, 260 room building at the hub. they describe it as an affordable hotel. no word on a target date for the boutique to open. >> mark: we are getting a look at a new dorm m.i.t. is planning to build south of main street would house graduate students, also provide a large child care space. the building was designed in part by the former head of m.i.t.'s architecture school. the project will go before the cambridge planning board tonight. >> kevin: we are still fox 25 storm tracker meteorologisting, the storms out there, heavy rain
6:19 pm
in boston, you're going to see some yellow popping up here. it's the little spots, but boy it's coming down hard, where you're seeing that yellow. coming out of boston to the west, that's the massachusetts turnpike right here. this is right smack over the charles river, storrow drive, over to beacon street seeing the rain. bob ward in foxborough, he's stuck in this. when you see this yellow and orange, that's the kind of rain that's coming down, what you saw bob standing in there and continuing to move northward toward boston. still a mess for evening commute. shrewsbury and 290, the spot of yellow trying to hide by the 290 sign. that's some heavy rain coming across 140 moments from now in that stretch. to the north shore we go, we just passed by rain back here along 495, there's kingsborough, pelham, new hampshire, the haverhill area seeing the heavy rain. south shore, a little less in brockton right now, but to the west of you, brockton, there's more coming at you and as the radar swings around, it's actually arriving into brockton.
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storm tracker radar, will update the rainfall for you. middleboro, carver, seeing heavy rain. cape cod, falmouth, continuing to get lots of rain this afternoon and that stretches southward on martha's vineyard, hover to nantucket, seeing some of that as well. you get the idea, there's been rain. here are updated toe totals coming in. three quarters at the worcester airport, approaching that in orange over a third of an inch in boston, .47 in beverly and out on cape cod, nearly half hand inch in provincetown. new bedford, over half an inch. providence, nearing an inch of rain. this has been your heaviest rain down here, in bottom, connecticut -- groton, connecticut, some of that rain is moving to the north and some of you sending in reports outside of the major reporting station from the national weather service, this is from you on twitter. sharon, over half an inch of rain. appreciate that report coming out of there. that's the newest one on the list i can give you. temperature, 52 in boston. fitchburg, finally out of the 30's, it's taking you all day long.
6:21 pm
cod. futurecast shows this rain moving out of here late tonight, during our 10:00 p.m. an 11:00 p.m. newscast. we'll tab you can about the last of the showers, fog developing overnight and that's something that sarah will have to deal with first thing in the morning. she'll be here for shiri early on. so breaks in the clouds leading to some fog and some breaks of sunshine, but then, some more showers. so through the evening commute tomorrow, we're going to do this again, we'll be tracking heavy rain in and about the area, that moves off, so that by thursday morning, the last ofhe morning drive thursday, before it pushes on out of here. high temperatures tomorrow in 50's, at least they'll be mild. 40's and 50's, you won't be stuck in the 30's this team gardener, not tomorrow afternoon. thursday morning, the last of the rain. we break it to sun middle of the day. there will be lingering clouds and a few showers around through the end of the week, in central and northern new england. i expect southern new england to stay predominantly if not totally dry through the rest of the week after the thursday
6:22 pm
pretty good. expect some more rain and snow shower activity to arrive monday, predominantly rainshower act difficulty. but look at the -- activity. clearly if the precipitation arrives sooner, we'll be dealing with a mix monday no longer, rather than snow flurries and rainshowers an rain with milder air coming in on tuesday as well. >> vanessa: kevin, thank you for. a hit-and-run in brockton, took a man's life, and tonight, the driver tells a judge, he panicked, then took off. >> he stated he had no way to stop and try to break, but
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>> mark: boston mayor marty walsh called today giving tuesday, a day where in the middle of all the holiday craziness, we can all stop and give back. >> vanessa: fox 25's heather hegedus visited dana farber and the greater boston food bank, to find out what this day means to local organizations. >> the reporter: d with black friday and cyber monday, giving tuesday has become a way to put that money to meaningful use. at the greater boston bank, we caught up with fidelity employees taking time out of their busy day to sort food headed to pan tristin and soup kitchens. i have really wasn't aware of how much of an impact it's going to have, but a couple of hours goes a long way for people who need it. >> the reporter: hashtag
6:26 pm
john hancock is asking for donations for people running for charities in next year's marathon. and the organization founded in memory of marathon victim, martin richard is asking for you to consider their charity, mr8. giving tuesday was created four years ago by a cultural center in new york city. as an unofficial kickoff to the charitable giving season. >> this is a time, particularly in the winter, when people are choosing between eating and paying their heating bills, that the need increases. >> the reporter: four years after its giving tuesday fund raising goals high. the jimmy fund, the fund raising fund for dana farber in boston, says four years ago, they didn't even set a gel. today their goal is to raise $1 million just on the one day and while that may sound like a lot of money, that's actually only a small portion though of the money that they raised in a year. >> that's a lot of money. but we do raise over $200 million per year at dana farber, and that's through all of our events.
6:27 pm
>> mark: christmas on the brink, the last ditch effort tonight to save a small town's holiday celebration. plus -- >> the reporter: anybody who was here, had a chance to hear the story. >> vanessa: firefighters don't want praise, but some of them sure got it today. we were there as heroes were recognized as firefighter of the year. >> mark: and next, why the
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?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan.
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>> mark: our top stories right now at 6:30 p.m. in the last hour, we learned the identity of a man shot and killed by list in lynn. 45-year-old michael mcginnis has a lengthy criminal record, including dozens of arrests for robbery. police say he robbed a gulf station of $150, while refusing to follow orders from an office weapon was recovered. >> vanessa: former governor mitt romney and his wife ann are having dinner at trump tower, they are meeting with president-elect donald trump and his wife melania. mitt romney is on the short list for secretary of state. the president-elect is expected to make a decision any day now. >> mark: time to talk about the weather. rain falling across new england and plenty of it. >> vanessa: it is heavy out there at times. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz tracking when this rain may let up. kevin? >> kevin: it's going to take through the evening for it to
6:31 pm
our late newscast at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., we'll be talking about the last of the rain. clearly a lot of yellow showing up in and around boston, over to j.p., along route 28, seeing some of the heavy rain at this hour. we can zoom down to street level and show you some of that. take you over to that area in jamaica plain and see some of the streets popping up in here. woodside, school street, walnut avenue, all seeing some of that heaviest rain right now. who have to the west and north of there, well actually going to go down to the southwest, towd foxborough and live fox 25 storm tracker radar, wiping some of the heaviest rain away, but still coming down hard to the northeast of there, toward randolph and' ton and then to the -- easton and then to the west randolph county. it's starting to get better. we're seeing heavy rain up along 495, tewksbury to lawrence, seeing the spots of yellow that show up, gavin, high plain road, 495, some of the heaviest coming down. see it out there, continues through the evening and more on the way tomorrow.
6:32 pm
that just ahead. >> vanessa: the man charged in a hit-and-run outside of a brockton bar appeared in court today. hours half he was arrested. we've been following this story since it first broke over the weekend. >> mark: victim died from his injuries yesterday. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux met the young man who said he was working to return to his home country. >> the reporter: it was here on north main street, where sergio lacone was hit by a car and tabling a look behind me, you can see sign at the spot bar and lacone recently moved here to brockton from honduras, so he could earn more money and send it back home. this man says sergio lacone was incredibly proud of his children and wife and spoke of them often. >> he used to send home his money to them, tried to build a house an everything. >> the reporter: lacone was taken off life support monday morning, after he was hit by a car, while crossing north main
6:33 pm
prosecutors say milton gonecalls, the husband and father of four, turned himself in two days after the hit-and-run and confessed on tape to hitting lacone and driving off. >> he stated he had no way to stop and tried to brake but hit the person. he stated it happened very fast and that he struck the person and proceeded to panic andreoff home. >> the reporter: the defense said, gonecalls is extremely upset and hasn't slept since the hit-and-run. >> he turned himself in to the police once he found out they were look for him. gonecalls family members told us this afternoon, he's a man who loves his family. >> all i know is he's a good guy and he's my friend. also, he's -- >> the reporter: lacone's wife and children are still in honduras and a friend says they're trying to get visas to come here. the spot bar and lounge is holding a fund raiser on friday and saturday to raise enough money, so they can send lacone's body back to honduras, where he'll be buried.
6:34 pm
he's set to appear in court next on december 29th. in brockton, stephanie coueignoux, news. >> vanessa: a massachusetts woman serving a life sentence for murder is now asking a judge for leniency. carol lee rentalia was found guilty of first degree murder. she strangled her wife in 2010 in her grandby home. the judge is now reviewing that motion. transit police say this is the man who who complained he was smoking on the subway latest system form at the harvard t-stop. alhabi faced a judge today. officers say he ran away after he threw the punch and they just arrested him on monday. >> mark: only fox 25 got a glimpse inside the crumbling police department. we got a look at the conditions they say are unsafe and unhealthy. kerry kavanaugh explains the special set of problems that
6:35 pm
they identify the most when they talk about the mold issues. >> the reporter: moldy and missing ceiling tiles, broken windows, propped open with a can of raid and paper towels. >> this is the elevator lobby that -- >> we use whatever space is available. >> the reporter: medford police chief leo sacco says a problem at the police station are just cosmetic. >> health, safety and wellness issues. >> the reporter: the building is more than 50 years old. the medford police has outgrown it and police officers say there are real safety issues here as well. >> i am always looking up whenever i hear a door. >> the reporter: there's no barrier between the main desk and anyone who walks through the front door and officer eleanor whalen says female officers done even have a place to shower. >> there's been many a time i've had to go home to shower, or clean up. either from bodily fluids, or pepper spray.
6:36 pm
doesn't shut right. >> the reporter: all the women share this bathroom, which they've nicknamed, the closet. men's locker room, which doubles as a gym, isn't much better. the mayor of medford has only held the position for 11 months and the chief says he believes the new administration will find funds and will prioritize getting the medford police a new facility. but, he understands why his officers are fed up. >> you look around at other communities, that are close by and you see brand new facilities that are cropping up left and right and they always say, know, why not in medford. >> the reporter: a group of the officers gathered outside city hall tonight, sending a strong message. enough is enough, they want these issues addressed. the mayor says this is a priority for her. we can expect immediate improvements, they're sending a cleaning crew over, replace the broken windows an turn the locker room into a facility for
6:37 pm
>> vanessa: they are the commonwealth firefighters of the year. the work of these men and women across massachusetts includes truly remarkable rescues and acts of heroism. >> mark: that's why today, their valor and excellence was recognized in worcester. as fox 25's elizabeth hopkins reports. it's rare to get this perspective, so see an emergency the way firefighters see it. fox 25 covered this weymouth fire in may. the video we obtained shows just how intense the video was. firefighter gary walsh called the circumstances a os call. call. >> the smoke was down around our feet, you couldn't see a a hand infront of our face. from the outside, you could see how violent the fire was. >> i reached out and felt her shoulder and arm and pulled her close to me and realized that she had a baby with her. >> the reporter: walsh took off his own mask to put it on their faces as he brought them to safety. today, he was honored for his
6:38 pm
boston to bourne, sciate to swansea, recognized for their bravery and nominated for firefighter of the year. for many, fox 25 has had a firsthand view of some of these very close calls. in lynn, firefighters risked their lives to save dozens of people in a december fire that claimed four victims. in january, these flames trapped a saugus firefighter who was able to escape. so too was the family who were given back an heirloom, pulled from ashes by at the ceremony, governor charlie baker said firefighters are cut from a different cloth. >> there's one thing i know about this community, it is a calling, certainly it's a profession, they are well trained, but it is a calling. >> the reporter: sentiments echoed by walsh. >> firefighter of the year, medal of valor. >> you sign up for this job, because when somebody calls for help, you want to be that person that could be there to help them out. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> mark: congratulations to all.
6:39 pm
cross blue shield of massachusetts says it has seen fewer opioid prescriptions exception the creation of a program in 2012, to help subscribers avoid pain prescriptions. >> vanessa: new at 6:30 p.m., a new study of demographics out of u.n.h. finds more white americans are dying, than are being born in many state. researchers found that's the case in 17 states across the u.s. including every state in new england, except vermont. residents and make up 38% of the u.s. population. the study found that trend will likely continue. >> mark: patriots tight end rob gronkowski was supposed to receive an honor from boston children's hospital tonight, but his injury one he suffered during sunday's game against the jets forced him to stay home. gronk will still be awarded for his efforts off the field. john monahan is at the champions gala with more.
6:40 pm
mccordy over there. people grabbing them. now, the missing person, rob gronkowski, gronk was supposed to be here at the dream team's and sports and medicine event to get an award and speak, but he cancelled at the last minute. we're told, it is due to his injury this past weekend. now, this dinner and auction being attended by bigwigs in the sports world and the business world that. athletes and owners from bruins, the celtics, red sox, since 1997, the annual event has raised more than $42 million for patients and their families. some notable attendees include jay leno, the special guest host. he talked about gronk not being able to attend, as did gronk's teammate, martellus bennett, standing in for gronk tonight. >> are you doing ok, i was like, yeah, i've got this. i've done these things before. so you know, he's doing well,
6:41 pm
sport, you know, you get injured, you get banged up and i know he wanted to be here, but he couldn't make it. >> the reporter: so, besides that, other patriots could see rob ninkovich and nick soldier as a 15-month-old son undergoing treatment for a rare cancer. he knows the care that the children get at children's hospital. so he's live at the world trade center in boston tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> i have asked our sports team for a ticket, i didn't get one, but i do have radar in the back pocket and it is raining hard in some spots. i'll show you where the worst of it is it still happening right now. >> christmas cancelled in one local town, after safety
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
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lighting celebration in a new hampshire town threatened by safety concerns, may be saved at the last minute. town officials in exeter say they're working with the utility company to keep the lights on for the annual party. >> mark: fox 25's kathryn burcham talked with residents about why this old tradition is still important. >> the reporter: for 100 years, residents have gathered here at the heart of exeter's downtown to honor the passage of a holiday tradition they say is essential to the fabric of their town. in a town that saw revolutionary wa r long, and so are the traditions. >> the lights in this town are so integral to the whole holiday season. >> the reporter: every november, hundreds of volunteers wrapped trees in lights, and stringed fresh evergreen branches that crisscross the downtown streets. the holiday lighting and parade that follow -- >> yeah. >> the reporter: are what every child dreams of. >> they did enjoy that a lot. because of course, they have to enjoy all candy too that gets thrown at them.
6:46 pm
cheer stands to be snuffed out, after the town's energy provider, unitel, told officials earlier this month, the wiring on the utility poles downtown is aged and fraying, and holiday lights would be too dangerous. >> it's an old system. old wiring, and it's a safety issue and we all truly understood that. >> the reporter: holiday committee chair says she was crushed to tell town leaders last night the streets would remain dark this christmas, but then today, a glimmer of hope. >> c doesn't want to help make miracles happen. >> the reporter: a unitel spokesman says they want to work with the town to do emergency repairs for a temporary fix. >> i don't think anyone involved wanted to see the lights off. i think that's -- >> the reporter: beth says she knows it could be a long shot, but even she's not too old to believe in a bit of christmas magic. >> probably a minor miracle, but still, one that this town really needs, it needs to celebrate, to bring us back together again.
6:47 pm
successful and they did get some things accomplished in the next two days, they may be able to have the ceremony, if they postpone it by a day or two. in exeter, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> kevin: we continue to have that fox 25 storm tracker radar fired up this afternoon. lots of yellow and orange showing up amongst the grown here. some earmarked for heating -- green here. some heavy rain falling, boston, southward along the expressway, quincy, seeing heavy rain closer to quincy. the expressway under route 3, marshfield, duxbury, look at all the yellow showing up, plympton to middleboro, carver, 495 through the middleboro area getting heavy rain. cape cod, brewster, southeastward toward the elbow, south yarmouth, bourne and the bridges, seeing heavy rain, yellow showing up right near the bridges, the canal in here and the bridges going over it. this one and that one, close to
6:48 pm
across that region in a few minutes. over to sutton, you see the yellow trying to hide by the word sutton, by the town's name, that's showing up, more closely, we can see it when we zoom on in with the live fox 25 storm tracker radar. to the northwest, not so much north shore, woburn, burlington, out to mall, shoppers running to and from their cars. bedford, lexington, seeing some of that as well. so the rain continues through this evening, and it will relent later on. the totals have been adding up farther to the south, the vineyard, half an inch, over 6/10 in fact. boston is over a third of an inch now, while worcester is it at three quarters of an inch. temperatures are safely above freezing. no ice out there anymore. that happened this morning, not going to happen tomorrow morning. there will be drying out late tonight. during our 10:00 p.m. newscast, showers still out there. those will push off, by 4:00 a.m., it will be dry, just about everywhere. i don't expect these showers to be out on cape cod, we'll push
6:49 pm
patchy fog, we'll have to track through for you for the morning drive, but some breaks of sun too and by the afternoon, more rain arriving on the scene, another storm system, it's actually producing tornadoes this afternoon and evening in mississippi, that's the same storm that's going to move here and produce this rain across our area, late tomorrow night and into thursday. really, tomorrow afternoon and into thursday morning. highs tomorrow in the 50's across the area, even with a few breaks of sun. 40's and 50's to the north again, safely above freezing everywhere. this rain pushes off thursday morning, we get this to certainly some good news for us coming up at the end of this seven-day forecast and you'll see it here, temperatures in the 50's thursday with that sun in the afternoon, a little cooler friday, behind that system, and by this weekend, of course, our coats for kids dropoff day saturday at jordan's 14 tour in nay -- furniture in natick. expecting both days to be dry, sunday, extra important, as tom is about to tell you about, because you're going to have a football game at gillette
6:50 pm
patriots and rams kickoff temperature looks to be 43 degrees. it will be dry with light winds. i'll have the latest timeline on the rain for tomorrow. yep, there's more coming up at 10:00 p.m. >> kevin: i like. >> i like hearing 43, i like sun and i like dry. after break, the very latest from td garden where the annual tradition event is being held.
6:51 pm
someone once asked,
6:52 pm
you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese.
6:53 pm
>> >> mark: the patriot are worldwide team. >> vanessa: they really are. >> mark: a lot of interest. >> vanessa: interesting stats for us tonight. >> everywhere they've gone this year, they've heard the cheers. brady, brady. how do you say brady in spanish, because they might be going to mexico city. interesting news to start tonight. the pats may indeed be taking their act international again. report indic patriotsnd a raiders may play next season in mexico city, the raiders just played the texans there last week, the patriots and raiders scheduled to play next season, it would be a raiders home game, robert kraft apparently eager and willing to take his team south of the border. it does appear that marcus cannon has agreed to a five year contract extension. mike reece from espn reporting in morning that cannon and the team have committed to each other for the foreseeable feature. cannon stepped in for sebastian
6:54 pm
assortment of injuries. nice deal for cannon. post-season awards continue to stream in for the red sox. probably not the the award that rick por sell low wanted to win. por sell low was named the american league comeback player of the year, interesting, because he only came back from a bad season, not an injury. no player wants to be in that category. but the good news is, he did indeed bounce back from a terrible 2015 to put up career numbers in 2016, numbers that led to his first career cy young ar bruins on the road to face the flyers. boston last four of the six. philadelphia also struggling, 10-10-3 to start the season. meanwhile, al horford answering questions about missing last night's win in miami. he and his wife welcomed the second child over the weekend. horford excused from last night's game by the team and he chose to be with his family. >> i respect what everybody else has to say, i care a lot about the group and our guys.
6:55 pm
for them. just with our -- i want to put that behind me, and you know, get focused again on tomorrow night. >> the reporter: i would make the same choice. special night hat td garden, the 15th annual tradition event, impressive class going there to the sports museum, shaquille o'neal, bill lee, the one fund, and drew bledsoe, butch stearns was at the garden and he talked withdrew. >> to be back here in stomping grounds and to be honored in boston, it's great. you know, and for my wife and myself, you know, we grew up out here, you know, we got here, i was 21 when i got here. i was single, and my wife followed me out here and we left, we were married and had three kids, so we grew up out here. this feels like home to us and it's great to be back. >> the reporter: patriots and rams this sunday, watch it right here on fox 25, we'll start our coverage at 10:00 a.m. with a special pregame show. dawn of a dynasty. the pats celebrating the 2001 championship team.
6:56 pm
join me at gillette. hopefully you will as well. the first time i met drew was a good story, 1996, i was working at the nfl, it was the dawn of the internet. there was a chat on line between drew bledsoe and jim kelly, so they sent nfl employees to each of their homes. i hopped on a plane from new york, drove to drew's house, knocked on his door and he was a 23-year-old kid like me, said come on in, i'm cooking steaks. next thing i though i'm doing a midnight butch saw him today. it was something else. quite a memory. >> vanessa: quite a memory. >> mark: next time you have steak, you'll have good wine to go with it. >> that's what he does now. >> kevin: you mentioned one of my favorite drew bledsoe memories. he came in and head limb to victory. >> mark: at heinz field. it was great. >> kevin: wow. >> mark: and the super bowl. >> kevin: i don't go to those
6:57 pm
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katy perry, a secret engagement? e.t. has the exclusive shots beaming with orlando. only we can tell you about the ring. then dollywood in danger. >> go, go, go! dolly parton's theme park surrounded by wildfire and flames i what she's telling us today and she reveals never before told stories of childhood trauma. >> we thought we were going to do. behind the scenes with jackie kennedy transformation. will playing first lady win her another oscar. >> it's very scary to take on someone that people know so well, and we are in new orleans with hgtv's hottest hunk, the property brothers. >> what's sexier?


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