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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> catherine: aftermath of crash and what it looked like. >> julie: donald trump leaving the family business before he takes office and why it has nothing to do with potential conflict of interest. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is
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month, i'm daniel miller. stormtracker weather center with timeline when the next batch of rain moves in. >> sarah: we have showers approaching new england and all the way down to the gulf coast, tornado watch northwest of atlanta and not talking about severe weather and rumbles of thunder overnight and right now it is quiet, 40s there, 45 in boston and starting off on mild note and also seeing visibility greatly improved and had areas of fog that really reduced things and hour-by-hour we head up to nashua, new hampshire and hold on to clouds and risk of showers moves on in during the afternoon and evening hours and we are talking some heavy steady rain overnight and i will have that timeline and how much you can expect coming up and let's get check of
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following the breaking news about that water main break all morning but i did just want to remind you still an issue, washington street closed between essex and kneeland street. volume heavy and steady 128 southbound through lexington. we haven't seen relief on 93 south or route 1. expressway slow going from the braintree split past freeport street and columbia road. live drive times, 42 minutes on the pike eastbound and 34 minutes on the expressway, about an hour on 93 south approaching the leverett connector. >> daniel: takeou following and major water main break flooded in part of downtown boston. >> julie: people and businesses will be impacted all day at least. >> jessica: see guy getting
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are trying to isolate exactly which pipe had the problem this morning and they do know they are dealing with a 20 inch main that busted this morning, and what they are going to have to do is go down and replace part of the main that broke and bubbling up from under the street and made the progress last hour and a half and you could see already getting down there, excavating, working to figure out exactly what they are dealing with. i can tell you a lot of from kneeland as they were water for couple hours this morning thankfully they have the water back this morning. look back down washington street and muddy mess down there, that is where the water was flowing down and see several boston water and sewer trucks down there. kneeland street is still closed traffic and big issue right now and we did short time ago hear from the spokesperson for boston water and big job ahead of them today. take a listen.
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hopefully that residents will have their own water very shortly and traffic will start to flow. and still closed and will be closed for quite sometime and what you're looking at right now crews working pipe broke and 12 inch main dealing with -- 20 inch main dealing with and replace a 12-foot section of the main. trying to figure out what they are dealing with. half hour's time. live in boston, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: police tell us
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victim behind wheel. >> daniel: catherine parrotta live at scene and police tell you they believe the men got into some sort of argument before the victim was hit. >> catherine: speak with taunton police and missing pieces from the story and know about this, taunton police say this happened around 8:30 last nit pedestrian hit by vehicle and when they arrived they called 33-year-old peter laying in the street and police also know who the driver is. they aren't identifying him but they do say he willingly came in and spoke with them. police say driver and victim know each other and there was an incident, perhaps a disagreement prior to the crash and working to figure out exactly how the victim ended up getting hit and
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resident of the aftermath of the crash and here is what he saw. >> hit by car and by time fell off the car toward the road and cell phones, glasses, stuff like that. >> police have not charged. haven't been able to speak with the victim and interview him today and figure out here and, of course, continue to get the latest on your story on fox25 and also on website at fox25 boston. for now live here in taunton, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: mother and 5-month-old baby were inside sleeping until teen came banging
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get out. >> whoever the teenager is, watching this or watching the news, thank you because if wasn't for them they would not be here right now. >> daniel: family thinks the student was from the area. investigators are working to figure out how the fire >> julie: alabama storm leveled 24-hour daycare center and critically injured 4 children and same storm system heading our way and will not be as severe when it hits. officials say 3 people have died in what's being called tennessee's largest wildfire in century. it started in great smoky mountain national park but strong wind and dry conditions
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world theme park were among structures that survived the fire. officials are still investigating what sparked the flames. special ceremony of the home stadium in brazil and as far as the investigation crews recost the black bes electrical problem just. the crash. >> daniel: fighting against the dakota access pipeline say they are not moving. u.s. army corps of engineers set up a december 5th deadline for protesters to leave the camp site. north dakota supplies and first responders will no longer be allowed into the area. that's not convincing protesters
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land and contaminate water sources. the business that's building the pipeline insist being put in the same place as 2 existing pipelines and not disrupt anything. >> julie: plan claimed he had a gun robbing a gas station. he refused to take his hand and that's when officer shot him and later died at the hospital. mcguiness lengthy criminal history among the robbery arrest and 1 that we reported on back in 2010 at 7-eleven in malden. video gained so much attention because 75-year-old woman is seen using a price gun to hit mcguiness while he was behind the counter. >> daniel: not releasing much about a possible suspect this morning but neighbors say
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>> 6 months, 7 months, traffic and out all the time. >> victim's name will be released after autopsy is complete. family says last night they were shocked and asked for >> julie: admitting driving down north main street and sergio licona and kept going and panicked and surrendered 2 days later because wanted to do the right thing. >> stated he had no way to stop and tried to break and hit the person and happened very fast and struck the person and
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home. >> sarah: round of heavy commute and latest timelines in just a few minutes. >> daniel: coming up how man was able to steal 1 and a half
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>> julie: president-elect donald trump making an announcement and he says he needs to focus on the presidency >> reporter: president-elect donald trump says he is leaving his business empires and december 15th he will hold a press conference on separate business dealings before moving into the white house. he is doing this and fully focus on running the country in order to, quote, make america great again. trump says he is not legally mandated to leave his businesses but he feels it is visually important as president to no way have a conflict of interest. this comes after much speculation that trump's foreign business dealings especially would come in conflict with the government role.
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join him at that december 15th december 15th press conference while he was campaigning he said he would turn his empire over to his children. i have reached out to the trump transition team to see if that is, in fact, the plan moving forward. reporting live in washington. jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> julie: this morning donald trump making good on campaign promises. president-elect struck a deal with carrier at air-conditioning manufacturer to keep 1,000 jobs in indiana. the company had been planning moving t trump campaigned on the promise of keeping american jobs frock fleeing to mexico. few details have been announced at this point and several hundred jobs remain in limbo. trump and vp will be in indiana it were for the official announcement. >> gene: goldman sachs banker to be the treasury secretary and has no previous government experience and deep rooted ties to wall street are a point of concern for those hoping trump
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industry. trump has not made it official. elaine chow has been tapped for transportation secretary. secretary of labor under president george w. bush and also married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. trump chief campaign strategist will not be coming to harvard this week. steve bannon set to speak at forum on election at kennedy school of government. bannon also breitbart news and called racist and anti-semetic views and it protest and no word why he pulled out of that event. >> few hours democrats in the house will vote on their party's leadership. before the vote another massachusetts democratic has come out against nancy pelosi. seth moulton is backing tim ryan and stephen lynch also backing ryan. ryan has been critical of
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leadership and led democrats in the house past 13 years. >> daniel: talking about progress of the massachusetts multiple task force. baker will also meetith with the president of amtrak to discuss the partnership with commonwealth and later today it will be honored by magazine and public official of the year award. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we had major headache this morning on expressway and head from furnace brook parkway up to freeport street and still steady heavy volume on lexington and slow medford into somerville and live drive times 18 minutes route 1 and hour on 93 south from andover down to the leverett connector and 40 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls.
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meteorologist sarah wroblewski joins us now forecast looking out on windows here on route 1. >> going to be brief and not last too long obviously. we are talking about fog too this morning and starting to see some improvements and fog lifting, thankfully as take live look there and we have another round of some heavy rain headed our way, going to stay mild through it and cooler weather arrives in this weekend. it looks f weekend. latest rainfall reports from yesterday, reach out coming in under 2 inches. brewster coming in with over an inch, same with plymouth, dorchester under half inch in boston quite look to that too. chance of showers, low this morning, but increases significantly as we head into the afternoon and especially during the evening and overnight hours. rain heavy at times and linger into early tomorrow before finally see improvements. so the second half of tomorrow looking better. look what we got going on.
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extending all the way down to the southcoast. much milder down across the southeast so ahead of this line of showers and thunderstorms, there's a potential to see some severe weather but looking at no severe weather threats and may hear rumble of thunder overnight and closer look at what's going on right now, lots of clouds around, none of precipitation actually making it to the ground as latest reports i just looked at but we are still in the upper 30s, low 40s, 45 in boston, 50s for cape and could be a challenge if going to be stepping out. norwood not too bad. got the high, thin clouds over us too as well as the thicker clouds and continue to build on in so what we may see a break in the cloud cover, expect mostly cloudy day and rain by the afternoon and continuing to be pretty heavy. look at highs though. we will see temperature above average. typically upper 40s, so we are going to go to that if not into the lower 50s in spots. despite the wind out of the east
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24 hours mild conditions and tonight it will be soggy, wet, if you have plans bring your rain gear tomorrow morning early and 8:00, 9:00 and improvement and by the afternoon looking at partly cloudy skies and look at that, temperature in the 50s. so mild day tomorrow and picking up in the weather. clouds and fog through the morning hours. overnight the heavy rain continues and 5:00 in the morning and across rain and all rain down across the southeast and it will be pushing on out of here. by the afternoon we are finding partly cloudy skies and cooler weather moving on in. as for the amount of rainfall it could be anywhere half inch to inch and a half, good soaking depending if we do and rumble of
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folks. drought monitor showing extreme conditions and going to be updated tomorrow too so you will have to come back and check on that. 7-day forecast does feature cooler weather by the weekend. of course, we will be in natick jordan's furniture for coat dropoff day and early next week watching a system may bring wintery mix and some indications it may go to the south too and have another update coming up in the next half >> julie: meal that sent
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>> daniel: police say 4-year-old was in the front car with father brandon little at the time of the crash and pair with 3 other children and 18-year-old driver. allegedly hit speeds up to 105 miles per hour before crashing head on into another car. >> i want to know why. why.
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calling the pursuit too dangerous. >> julie: fbi looking at cell phone and computer of person that attacked ohio state. they believe it was lone wolf attack. the eastern-year-old was not on radar before the attack but did leave hints online and posted a rant on facebook. the post said in part if you want to stop us muslims -- if u lone wolf attacks make peace. drove car into a sidewalk full of people and stabbed 11 until university officer shot and killed him. at least 3 people have died and 17 others are sick after eating a free thanksgiving meal. health official say 20 people hate at golden hills church in california. investigators say food rejected by the church but still given to people waiting in line could be to blame. the church said it is fully cooperating with official. autopsy results for the victims
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looking for a man they say stole a pot of gold. check out surveillance video here. the man in the black vest seems to notice the unattended armored truck and walk over and then takes a 5-gallon bucket out of the back and runs down the street. police say that bucket was filled with 86-pound of gold flakes worth about $1.6 million. daniel: sales of instant lottery tickets in massachusetts down more than $30 million from this time last year. lottery commission claims fewer people are buying those cash. new state lottery official are making new push for legalizing online gambling and they say it would increase profits and funding for local cities and towns. convenience store owners argue online gambling would hurt the businesses. >> sarah: got clouds around and turning steady and heavy and hold on to mild air through tomorrow with the rain risk but
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clears and we cool down in just a few minutes. >> julie: broken window throughout the building and it is not abandoned building it is a police station and building is prove people don't appreciate the work they ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates.
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>> daniel: ad. >> julie: good morning, 9:30 and live look over the back bay and i don't know if it is steam coming off the building and wispy and can you decipher that, sarah wroblewski? >> sarah: clouds a see it. >> julie: very foggy. >> sarah: so fog and he starting to see improvements and starting to see improvements as we go through the day and before rain moves in and fog comes back. enjoy it because look at this, we got showers to the south, this is all going to be heading to the north and east and showers arrive as we head toward the midday to the west and into the afternoon across our eastern area. so we got 30s to the north, 40s and 50s right now, big
9:31 am
the cape to parts of new hampshire, but over the cape this is where we still have limited visibility. look at this, we got our visibility down to a quarter of mile, so take it easy there. elsewhere we have seen much improvement, especially to the north and west, fog advisory has been lifted. day planner goes like this. temperatures in the 40s, pretty much gets stuck there if not into the lower 50s. may find a few breaks before the showers come in this afternoon and turn steady and heavy by the evening and continue overnight and full timeline when to expect the rain cool down coming up just a few minutes. julie grauert, how are the roads. >> julie: 128 and northbound approaching the pike things look good and expressway still seeing heavy steady volume past freeport street. remind you, kneeland street, closed for water main break and more details shortly on that and 128 southbound sluggish through lexington. here are live drive times, 40 minutes on the expressway approaching columbia road. 43 minutes on 93 south and 20
9:32 am
head to the weston tolls. >> julie: matter of minutes we could see all the water gathering in the road and fox25 jessica reyes live at the scene where businesses will be impacted. jess? >> jessica: bit of different problem and thick smoke out of number of what seem to be manhole fires and second alarm to get more manpower and related to the massive water main break here earlier this morning. but closed down for number of hours since the water main break earlier this morning and this just started. i would say past 15 minutes or so and this is a brand-new problem that crews are now dealing with and as you can see the fire department now on scene here and want to show you video
9:33 am
shot right around 7:00 and water rushing down the street, down washington street toward kneeland street and we understand that this water main broke around 5:15 this morning and boston water and sewer commission, they got word about it through 311 call and people walking >> it was crazy. >> jessica: crews dealing with different problem and getting ready to shat -- shut down washington street and they are also going to shut it down to pedestrians as well. so a lot going on here in downtown boston and continue to update you throughout the day on website at and
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4:00, 5:00 and 6. jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: new this morning the attorney for the blackstone mom accused of murdering her 2 infants wants to suppress the evidence found inside the woman's filthy home. erika murray claims the search of home exceeded the scope of the search warrant. august the 2014 and older child and officers found 3 and a half -- three-year-old and 5-month-old in the home living among of trash and animal waste. police also found the bodies of 3 dead infants. erika murray due back in court in december. >> julie: toddler walked away from angels learning academy in lee last month. driver eventually stopped after seeing the child walking near a busy highway onramp. the boy's mother that did not want to go on camera says her son has downs syndrome and can't communicate easily and says the
9:35 am
after the incident but never told what happened. locals we talked to say that stretch of road is treacherous. >> 40 miles per hour and they exceed 60. >> unclear what action will be taken against the daycare and could lose license permanently. >>an use town money to buy the clothing and michael, fire chief and great lengths to cover this all up. >> accused of trying to cover up the allegation that spent on woman's clothes money that is supposed to be for the town clothing allowance and 90 minutes away from finding out employment at town hall.
9:36 am
11 years anton red rick purchasing woman's clothes with taxpayer money. the chair of the indictan indictment raised red flags. according to southcoast today investigators claimed roderick submitted multiple invoices for woman's clothing in september and claim he used whiteout on the word the word men's. he told investigators he bought the woman's clothes because they fit him better on significant weight loss and charges of presenting fraudulent claim to employer, larceny and making false statements to police. >> hoping fate will be decided
9:37 am
the town hall behind me and we will have a crew inside to let you know what happens as soon as it breaks. live in dighton, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: last night selectmen voted 4 to 1 in the pilot program and proposal would add 4 round trip commuter line trains to gillette stadium. the town has some conditions though, selectmen do not want any trains stored overnight in foxborgh no additional fees should be leveed upon the town. the expansion would run along line of track that is used currently for freight trains and would have to present plans to walpole residents next week and get the okay from that town before anything is finalized. >> meeting with mbta official to get update on winter preps and
9:38 am
and shuttle bus from braintree to quincy adams and more winter prep work being done. >> julie: brian gomez of new bedford put fifty-fourth proposal and telling the taunton gazette drone would be another tool the police department could use to fight crime. they have a pair of drones it uses for search and rescue operations. aclu using technology to spy on people would be violation privacy. >> daniel: players joined jay leno raising money for children's hospital and gronk texting him. >> he has a huge heart and like a brother to me and continue to support all the things he does off the field. >> daniel: lineman own 16-month-old son being treated
9:39 am
cancer right now and since 1997 the event has raised more than $42 million for children's patients and research. 10:00 a.m. after the morning newscast tune in for special newscast. live at gillette looking back at fifteenth anniversary and super bowl win and players from that team and get ready for the fox nfl pregame show picks up coverage and then watch the game right here starting at 1:00 p.m >> sarah: visibility rough on the cape and seeing improvements and clouds sun really trying to break on through and not going to do work as we deal with more clouds and the risk of rain
9:40 am
and evening. >> julie: safety issue canceling this holiday display.
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department where officers were fed up with the building's condition. only fox25 went inside the department to see the issues firsthand. broken windows proppedep with bug sprays and karry kavanagh walked around the building with the police chief. >> this is the elevator lobby available. >> daniel: real safety issue here too. >> i'm always looking up wherever i hear a door. >> no barrier between the main desk and anyone that walks through the front door.
9:44 am
place to shower. >> many time had to go home to shower or clean up either from bodily fluids or pepper spray. >> all share the bathroom which nickname the closet and doubles as gym and mayor of medford only held the position for 11 months and chief says he believes the funds and will prioritize getting medford police a new facility and understands why the officers are fed up. >> daniel: there will be immediate improvements and professional cleaning crew and replacing the broken window and
9:45 am
>> julie: fda large scale test treat ptsd with ecstasy and how army veterans responded to using the drug. scientists say when ecstasy was given to vets under supervision of psychiatrist ptsd symptoms were decreased and some cases disappeared. they say those improvements could last years after treatment. skeptics saying worrying ecstasy for medicinal julie: public pressure convinced kids to banning substance known as creighton. the supplement used to treat pain is facing new controversy and asian plant that some see as dangerous as heroin. >> some think because it is natural it can't harm you but a lot of drugs from nature that can do severe harm and addictive >> julie: dea backed off to
9:46 am
the agency may make decision until fda review of creighton is complete. >> daniel: woman under psychiatric evaluation after vandalizing car for 6 hours. you can also see people stopping to take pictures instead of calling police. business owner eventually called 911 and officers took the woman into custody. the car's owner says she parked in front of her friend's morning she found her car like that destroyed. >> i'm angry, i'm hurt, frustrated and same time i understand that she has a mental problem. >> daniel: woman says she just lost her job and to make matters worse she only has liability insurance. >> julie: so much better on
9:47 am
approach somerville right around route 16 and route 60. pike moving along fine. expressway slow from the braintree split to columbia road. here are live drive times, 16 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 35 minutes on 93 south, 26 minutes on the pike eastbound approaching mass ave. meteorologist shiri sarah wrobli in for shiri spear. rain coming in. >> sarah: yes, another soaker came on through and again, more wet weather heading our way and i think especially through the interior you will be picking up on good amount of rain. boston picked up under half inch yesterday, worcester under an inch and still well below the average for not only the month but also for the year. we are about 11 inches below in boston, so any rain much rain expecting to see rain, fog this morning and improved except for the cape and even overnight tonight i wouldn't be surprised
9:48 am
of course, with thunderstorm local heavier downpours and look at rainfall forecast, we could see up to an inch and inch and a half in some spots. really depending on where some of the downpours happen. now, i mention threat of some thunder but not looking at severe weather and talking about the tornadoes that pushed on through and there are 28 reports of tornados in the last 24 hours and we still have a tornado watch in effect for parts of the southeast. notice the line of showers and storms, this debits all to precipitation to the region and no severe weather and a lot of weather to work with and showers move on in as we head into the midday and afternoon becoming steadier overnight. current conditions right now mostly cloudy throughout, although visibility still reduced over parts of south shore, cape and islands, mile elsewhere and really improved from this morning and boston 40s and near 50? and this afternoon, evening drive, pack
9:49 am
highs typically the time of year 47? and upper 40s to low 50s, we will take that as a mild day on the plus side. future cast going through the day, expecting to see a few scattered showers develop and then really come on through during the evening commute. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. darker shades of yellow and orange, that's indicating heavier rain noticing at 10:00 jason brewer tracking heavier downpours 495 to the boston metro area. threatf morning drive, take look at this. this is going to cause some problems if this verifies with the heaviest rain right inside 495 and head into the afternoon and mix of sun and clouds, temperatures stay above average
9:50 am
out coat closet and notice you may have a spare coat hanging around, come to the coat dropoff day at jordan's furniture in natick, whole weather team will be there, not going to be that bad, 30s to 40s for midday and look like really nice weekend, we will have to watch for ocean effect clouds, flurries for the cape and islands, but by sunday we are looking at great conditions, winds light and hey, the pats forecast looking spectacular, lo dry. we will have to watch for the risk of showers moving back in by monday. there's the latest look at forecast. >> daniel: still ahead meet
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>> daniel: grieving boston janitor older brother dies and
9:54 am
>> daniel: rogue 1 star wars story reportedly sold hundreds of thousands of tickets within minutes of their release. so far the film has most ticket presales 2016 and both fandango and movie rogue 1 expected to earn more than $130 million when it opens in december. >> julie: it could be lights out for first time in 100 years safety issue may force new hampshire town to cancel tradition. >> sara: town that saw revolutionary war rifles the memory are long and so are traditions. >> the lights in this town are so integral to the whole holiday season. >> every november trees and lights and strings fresh evergreen branches that crisscross the downtown streets and holiday lighting and parade
9:55 am
here dream of. did enjoy that and, of course, kids have to enjoy all the candy too that gets thrown at them. lots of memories. >> sara: town's energy provider told official earlier this month that wiring on the utility pole downtown are aged and fraying and holiday lights would be too dangerous. >> crushed to tell town leaders that streets would remain dark chris christmas but then a glimmer of hope. >> help make miracle happen. >> sara: hope to work with the town to do emergency repairs for temporary lighting fix. >> don't think anyone involved wanted to see the lights off. >> sara: she know it could be a long shot and not too old to
9:56 am
really needs, needs to celebrate to bring us back together again. >> julie: that was sara underwood reporting. if work is successful they may be able to have the ceremony if they postpone it a day or 2. >> daniel: workers won 420 million-dollar jackpot. workers are in tennessee and decided it had pool the money and group chose to take a lump sum that's about 12 and a half million dollars each. they say they plan to use the money to help as many people in and their families and community as they can. >> julie: meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us with rainy conditions. >> sarah: turning heavy this evening and overnight and stays mild too and then we get cool again as we head into the weekend with mix of clouds and sunshine and fair low dry right
9:57 am
we head into early next week. heavy rain definitely is going to be an issue tonight as you are traveling. >> julie: have a great day. [ bell clangs ] celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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it's november 30th, time for amazing viral videos "right this minute." a man holds a 3 year old at knife point in a store. >> just the beginning of a six-hour ordeal. >> how a mother begs for her child's life while undercover cops sneak in to save the day. >> that was a good move. >> are you all right? >> yes. >> a trucker paraglider. see what they are trying to prove with one crazy stunt. >> no, no, no. come here, good boy. >> rescuers try to corner a lost dog. >> its leg is severely injured. >> the immense effort to capture a pup that is way, way far from home. >> what? >> we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bringing you the best on the web. and a slippery celebration involving -- >> a strapping young lad.


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