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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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came back to the house. she said the 18-year-old lunged at them. she pulled the grandmother outside and waited for police and fire to arrive. they did and took that man into custody. a woman has died and her 18-year-old son being question #ed. no charges, but a weapon has been recovered. we are working to get more details. we'll bring them to you as soon as we get them. john monohan, fox 25 news. is a you can see where john is, there is a weather alert. wet roads were slowing things down. and here we are live along the bridge where they are dealing with another drive home in the rain. you can see there that it is slowing things down there as well. jason brewer is here and you are forecasting even more rain through the night. >> yeah, elizabeth. this is a washout evening drive. we have solid rain anywhere you go except for a couple of places. i'll zoom into those first. i am seeing a bit of a break near yawn -- northern
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coast and the vineyard. look where the heavy rain is right now. the north shore is getting more at 40 miles an hour. i have a steady band of rain. it is along 290 and just north of the pike. that's where we are getting the heaviest rain right now. i am watching a couple of things. this first batch of rain starts to move out during the evening. but then more rain will move in overnight as the low socked in with the solid deck of rain. the future cast looks a little over done, but i think the trend will be there. we will see more rain coming through at about 8:00 p.m. then we get a lull overnight. then at 4:00 in the morning when sherry takes over shooy is tracking more rain. we will talk about the cooler temperatures to follow straight ahead. >> thanks, gentleman i son.
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is tough enough without added complications, but this afternoon we have a beg one. a a watermain broke this morning in chinatown. it closed businesses and snarled traffic and even forced evacuations. jim morelli has been there all afternoon and what does it look like now? >> even on a good day this is not where you want to be at 4:00. the police commissioner is telling drivers to please avoid the area. some people can't help but use it. let's step out of th that is washington street straight ahead. where that pile of dirt is is where it broke at 5:00 this morning. that lead to the second problem and that is manhole fires. the manhole fires are occurring along neelan street. the problem is they spread one manhole to another and at one point there were four manhole fires burning. they are difficult to put out
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was a 20-inch main and it blew at 5:00 this morning. yes that mix of fire and water did lead to some evacuations. >> the fire was giving off a lot of co. we had to evacuate a number of the businesses on the -- if you will the north side of neelan street. we are in the process of working and isolating the area afct we should have that isolated in the next half hour to 45 minutes. >> that turned out to be extreme wishful thinking. just as it looked like the street was about to open up at about 2:00 or so, another manhole fire blew. that meant they had to go back out and put it out. that lead to more delays. at this point, a portion of washington street is shutdown behind us. one side of neelan street is open in the area. it is an absolute mess.
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do not have to. coming up at 5:00, we will talk about some of those who were evacuated this morning and we will look at the novel way firefighters put out those electrical manhole fires. live in chinatown, fox 25 news. new at 4:00, plymouth county sheriff deputy was rushed to the hospital after this crash in rock land. this was the scene this morning. the sheriff's office told fox 25 that the officer's injuries are not life-threatening. a police k9 in the cruiser was treated at a veteranary the driver of the other car was seriously hurt. >> a car crashed in this bar in abing ton. the fire department tells us that no one was hurt. new at 4:00, a woman was hit by a car in brockton about 11:00 a.m. they say the driver who is six months pregnant was visibly upset and brought to the hospital as a precaution. nay a fire chief is off the
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about women's clothing. police say he bought clothes for his girlfriend and then lied and tried to cover it up. fox 25 goes live to dighton where officials took action. robert? >> reporter: liz beth, yeah, the fire chief is accused of buying clothes for his girlfriend, and then trying to submit the bill to the town saying it was part of his clothing allow yens. allowance. the d.a. said he literally tried to cover it up with whiteout on the >> i. >> opposed? ladies and gentlemen, that motion carries unanimously. >> reporter: the dighton board of selectmen called a meeting and voted to fire the fire chief without pay indefinitely. they charged him with buying clothes for his girlfriend and using it as part of his clothing allowance. the $1,000 a year allowance is for work-related clothing for
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town rod rick used whiteout to cover the word women and wand wrote men. he used whiteout on other parts to hide he is buying tube tops, women capri pants and coats. he is charged with stealing $250 worth of clothing, but the town believes the final bill will be in the thousands. >> he has offended not only this board, but the taxpayers of this town whether it be $235 or his trust is now discredited. >> reporter: and we of course tried to reach out to rod rick and his attorney, but we have not heard back. straight ahead at 5:00, the surprising reason rederick gave investigators working the case when they asked why he was buying women's clothing. fox 25 news. developing today a police officer will not face charges in the deadly shooting of a man down in charlotte. the case sparked days of
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heather joins us with the evidence that investigators used to clear this officer. heather? >> reporter: they say keith scott had a loaded gun in his hand and ignored several commands to drop the weapon. prosecutors say vincent acted lawfully when he shot scott four times. investigators say scott's dna was found on the grip of a gun that was recovered near his body. they also released this video right here showing scott convenience store right before the shooting. they say the video shows him with a gun concealed in a holster around his right leggish is killed right -- right there. after this there were two nights of violent riots. dozens were arrested and one man died. they declared a state of emergency. after the shooting scott's family claimed scott was unarmed and he was holding a book when he was killed. the d.a. said those claims are not true.
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ourselves in the position of correcting misinformation shared on social media and in the news media. >> charlotte police had been on high alert all day, but there have not been in i protests. we will keep tabs. scott's family said they are considering filing a civil suit now against the city. fox 25 news. >> investigators are now blaming electrical equipment for causing a devastating fire in lawrence. this video the flames destroyed a triple decker. more than 20 people including several children are now homeless. here in the last hour fire officials told us that the flames started in the second floor bedroom. malfunctioning electronics accidentally sparked the fire. raging wildfires have ripped through tennessee. as you can see there are devastating results. four have died and several are searching for missing loved ones.
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>> this is crazy. >> reporter: search and rescue is underway in fire-ravaged eastern tennessee. >> this is the largest fire in the last hundred years of the state of tennessee. >> reporter: firefighters continuing to put out flames and bracing for the possibility of spot fires. this after a terrifying 24 hours that left at least 250 homes and businesses destroyed. and it forced more than 14,000 residents and tourists to flee to the nearby shelters. >> you don't know what to do. expecting to come on a vacation and to find out you can't get back to your family. >> drivers capturing terrifying video as they scramble on monday nate. three people have died since the flames spread without warning. now they say it is human caused. denise and her fiancee were asleep when the inferno reached their doorstep.
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time. >> flames were everywhere on both sides of the road and crossing the road and ambers flying everywhere. it was a nightmare. >> like many others they are unsure when they can return home or what they will find. >> that's the hard part. you just don't know if it will still be there or not. we may go back to nothing. we have each other and that's all that matters. we made it out with our lives. >> others are praying their loved ones are safe. from his wife or two daughters since monday night as they tried to escape. >> i called the other shelters here and they said she isn't there. just hoping for a miracle. >> that report from jennifer gray. nay hundreds of columbia soccer -- hundreds of columbia soccer fans are putting their teams to side. they prayed together and dedicated writings.
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the plane carrying 75 people considered on monday night. 81 people were on the aircraft and six survived. authorities say the plane crashed after running out of fuel. >> the fbi says a man responsible for uhing taking students at ohio state university may have been inspired by isis. artan posted facebook messages about american interference in muslim countries just hours before the rampage on monday morning. the somali born student crashed into a group and then slashed people with a knife. coming up, because of companies that i learned about today. later at 4:30, how they are giving them the tools they need to succeed. >> and right now i am tracking more heavy rain moving right up the pike. a closer look at storm tracker radar straight ahead. >> and president-elect trump
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welcome back. storms are moving into boston. careful on the roads. some localized flooding is a earn -- is a concern. the timing coming up. president-elect trump said he will no longer run his businesses as he prepares to
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on the presidency. >> i confirmed with donald trump's advisor he will happened over his empire to his adult children. in about two weeks trump says he will hold a news conference with his kids and walk through the details about leaving trump businesses. he said in a tweet he is leaving so he can focus solely on being the nation's 45th president. advisors say legal documents are being prepared to take him, quote, completely out of business operations. the trump team wou president-elect will transfer ownership or just operations to his children. trump has been under criticism for exposing himself to potential conflicts if he kept a role in his corporate business dealings while serving as president. in the past presidents placed their assets in a blind trust operated without their knowledge or involvement by an independent party. trump tweeted he is not legally mandated to leave his
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is visually important as president to in no way have any conflicts of interest. in washington, fox 25 news. and along with many of the promises from the campaign trail president-elect trump pledged to stop a heating and air giant from moving to mexico. the president-elect and carrier have begun negotiations. carrier was looking to close its plant in indianapolis moving it along with 2,000 jobs to mexico. trump tweeted out on thanksgiving saying he is stay in the u.s. the president of the worker's union is skeptical and hopes negotiations are really happening. >> we haven't heard from carrier or the trump people concerning it. just the tweet only. >> the union represents 1400 of the factory's workers and the plant got the news nine months ago about plans to move to mexico. new at 4:00, nancy pelosi will stay as the top ranked democrat in the house of
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survived the challenge from congressman tim ryan. pelosi has will been the leading democrat in the house since 2002. but several have endorsed ryan. they say the party needed a change of leadership. people in northern alabama woke up to this, severe damage from several tornadoes overnight. one of the twisters is to blame for five deaths. the national weather service says at least four tornadoes struck the state. they say one tornado killed three people in a mobile home and injured four children daycare. they are trying to narrow down the areas uh of coursed it by the storm. >> we are working to make sure those who have lost their homes we are helping to provide them with the is you sis assistance they need. -- with the assistance they need. >> the reminutes of -- the remains of fidel castro are retracing a path he took after
4:18 pm
funeral on sunday. a host of world leaders are planning to attend, but the united states is not sending a delegation. this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> hi, well day two of rain. it is solid here in most spots. more scattered south coast and more in southern new hampshire. just to show you where you could be stepping out, you still need the umbrella because you will get drops coming through, but it is not as heavy and solid as in other spots. here comes a new bedford there is rain overhead. that is one stop i could pick out and it it may see a touch of improvement. look at this. this is the north shore. a batch of heavy rain is moving by at 40 miles an hour. it has a stretched out nature to it so it is not going anywhere anytime soon. this is heading over to hid --
4:19 pm
well. look at these yellows. it is just solid. it is going to be heavy at times whenever you start to see the dots of yellow. arlington and farther out i wnt to see what is going on. this rain is what we are stuck with in the evening drive and dinner time. then overnight the low pressure swings through and we have another batch of heavy rain and i'm showing you the future cast updated just it is not capturing this very well. the timing is not looking good, but it shows too much intensity and heavy rain for the evening. either way we are socked in and it will be heavy at times. if you look at this you are like, wow, it is heavy everywhere. just know it is raining and not as heavy. as we go through the overnight hours here comes the next batch of rain.
4:20 pm
only cape cod that could see a left over shower. most of the morning dree time looks okay. morning drive time looks okay. you will still have the wet roads. i think partly to mostly cloudy skies. now let's talk about the rainfall. we could get an inch or more especially north of the pike as we see some of the heavy rain come up with the low pressure. we could get a second batch of heavier rain or showers. most spots will pick up another half an inch. the temperatures will stop in the 40s. by morning time a few spots are closer to 50 degrees and that's where we will land tomorrow in worcester at about 50. it will be breezy and partly to mostly cloudy. in boston we could get close
4:21 pm
we will be in the middle 50s and then the bottom drops out. we are back to normal and seasonably chill be weather. still looking good. another chance for a shower or flurry on monday. it is a sign that christmas is almost here. the holiday pops kicks off the 43rd holiday season. performance is tonight at boston sill money hall. boston symphony hall. we will join them on december 18th for the 7:30 p.m. performance. i hope i am not singing because i am not good at that. >> a visit from st. nick commonly known as "twas the night before christmas." it is giving back for 69 years
4:22 pm
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>> there is a new push to bring more help to the stadium. the expansion would run along a line of track that is currently used for freight trains, but it could be running that op session for people who live near the line. >> no matter how many train stations you put out if you don't have the trains running on time and they can't by reliable, they are not going to ride them. they have to get to work and they have to get home. >> the state will prent officials won't go through with the plan unless it is approved by the town of foxborough. >> players pitched in for a charity close to his heart. rob gronkowski's chest injury kept him from last night's event. a few other player joined jay leno raising money for children's hospital. they texted them to see how it is going.
4:26 pm
he is like a brother to me so i will support all of the things off the field. >> his 16-month-old son is being treated at children's for a rare kidney cancer right now. since 1997 this event has raised $42 million for children's patients and research. the patriots are on fox 25 this weekend. we have you covered leading up to the game. tune in for our special pre-game show. tom lydon and matt light and me will be live at anniversary of the first super bowl win. we'll have interviews and get you ready for the match up of the rams. the pre game show picks up the coverage and you can watch it here at 1:00 p.m. a mother beaten to death at a local apartment complex. we uncover a history of problems. why frustrated residents have been reaching out for help to stop the crime for months. >> i am tracking heavy rain.
4:27 pm
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right now we continue following breaking news out of brockton where a woman was killed when she was stabbed multiple times. they are questioning her 18-year-old son. this is video from the crime scene. officers were called to the home after 1:00 this afternoon.
4:30 pm
john monohan is there at the scene gathering information. he will have a live report for you at 5:00. stay tuned for gloomy weather. >> storm tracker weather meteorologist joins us now. it is making for another rough commute out there. >> yes, round two of rain is coming in right on schedule. i have been watching the heavier pockets indicated by the yellow you see on t radar. it is lined upright over the pike. obviously one of our busiest thorough firs. there are a few brakes -- a few breaks into northern worcester county. it is between where we are seeing the worst of it. brookfield, barrie and it is coming up through framing ham and boston right now. there is going to be a break here later this evening. say 9:00, 10:00. this will start to lift out.
4:31 pm
west that we'll have to keep track of. temperatures in the 40s. then overnight a few spots will start to rise closer to 50, 55 degrees by the morning. here is that batch coming in. it looks a little over done. you do see the threat for heavy yore showers through about 8:00, 9:00. then another round coming up at 4:00, 5:00 in the morning that could be impacting the early part of the morning commute tomorrow. i have more on when it moves out a temperatures that will briefly be seen before the bottom drops out. >> see you then. a local city counselor said there has been so much police activity at an apartment in lowell he describes it as the wild, wild west. as reported last week a woman was killed in a parking lot outside during a party. now they are calling for action.
4:32 pm
calls this year alone and residents say safety has been a problem for years. as we reported last week, a woman what is attacked by a group of people and killed in a parking lot while her special needs son watched. they have been fighting for better safety measures for years. the latest track only highlights the urgency for change. the one complex is costing taxpayers thousands of dollars and diverting resources from the rest of the city. >> it is like the there are 431 units of housing here and there has been reckless behavior for some time. they have a police officer here essentially every day responding to calls and that's not acceptable. >> reporter: they want the complex managers to add security guards, cameras and hire a police officer to patrol the complex at all times and pay for all of these measures. coming up at 5:00, the action the city manager and police superintendent are taking this
4:33 pm
fox 25 news. new at 4:30, a florida company will pay $24,000 in fines from a deadly tent clps at a new hampshire -- collapse at a fairground. they reached a settlement with occupational health and safety administration. a a vermont man and his 6-year-old daughter were killed. they ignored weather warnings and did not build a circus tent as it collapsed in lancaster. an attorney accused of murdering her two infants wants to found in the fell thee home. she said it exceeded the scope of the search warrant. in august of 2014 an older child asked a neighbor to help get the baby to stop crying. the neighbor called police and officers later found a 3-year-old and 5-month-old in the home living among deplore believe a condition full of trash and animal waste will police also found the bodies of three dead infants. erika murray is due back in court in december. governor charliebacker is
4:34 pm
for transportation and military leaders. the governor met with the president of amtrak to discuss rail service in massachusetts. he also went to the pentagon to meet with the army's chief of staff. they discussed the future of the state's six military bases. tonight the governor will receive an award from governing magazine. a boy is dead after a high speed chase in connecticut. police say a 4-year-old was in the front passenger seat of a stolen car when his father, brandon little, at the time. driver. they hit speeds 105 miles an hour before crashing head on into another car. >> i want to know why. why didn't they stop. why? that's a baby. >> police called off the chase just before the crash calling the pursuit too dangerous. a late start for students
4:35 pm
they will get to sleep in exnext year. right now they start at 7:30. the proposal calls for the high school to strt at 8:25 and the middle school at 8:30. this comes after sleep science guidelines reveal teens are staying up too late and sleeping in. a local marine veteran said a contractor destroyed her home and then walked off the job leaving her unable to pay for the repairs. now an update to the story we brought you earlier this month. as erika richie >> it is awesome. >> reporter: that's a good way to describe a situation like this one on tuesday night. a group of people who don't know each other or the person in need came together to help. >> i can do pretty much newing, roofing, plumbing, sheet rock, painting, insulation. >> i think i can help with fund raising and getting the word out in the community. >> reporter: this is the woman they are helping. a marine corp veteran who
4:36 pm
iraq. fox 25 met her earlier this month after the contractor she hired to expand the upstairs of her newly purchased home -- >> this was going to be the sitting room/art room. >> reporter: walked off the job after snot following -- after not following plans. he was moved to act and he posted on the facebook page. >> the action took over. >> reporter: he couldn't manage the overwhelming response alone. >> i have the for the veterans out there. >> reporter: and they organized this meeting. >> let people know where we are and how far we have come and where we need to go. >> we can get a sense on who is willing to help and what their skill sets are. >> i am a hands on kind of guy. >> do you want your hands on this project? >> yes. >> this is the service community of greater newbury port responding to their own in need. it is not roofing somebody
4:37 pm
it is important. >> it is important because it is a big job. the original work has to be undone and then redone. the price tag is upwards of $100,000. it can be lowered through donations of time and supplies. check out fox 25 to see how you can get involved. erika richie, fox 25 news. >> it is sad what happened initially, but do you see the response. i am not surprised in the least bit. this is what people do when they hear of somebody in need. >> especially when it come we have to support them so i'm glad people are stepping up nay a deadly incident involving a worker at cirque de soleil. the deadly accident before that show.
4:38 pm
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new at 4:30, a technician working on circumstance day cirque de soleil was killed while working onset. it happened two hours before the start of the show. organizers had to go -- ticket goers that it was can -- canceled. >> we like to come to the show. they are entertaining and they are good shows. that's too bad. >> osha is investigating and so far police have not released the worker's name. the husband of a california woman found on the side of the road after she was missing for three weeks is releasing new details about how she was found. he said his wife, sheri,
4:41 pm
when discovered. he said his wife's hair was chopped off and she was thrown from a car. police say that information was meant to be kept confidential of the. >> there is some unique information in there that was put in his press release today that we were hoping to keep, again, a tight rein on as far as what is -- what we were going to release to the public. >> police interviewed her and they are still searching large-scale testing to treat ptsd with ks tau see. previous trials looked at how army veterans responded to the drug. when ks tau see was -- when ecstasy was given the symptoms were decreased and in some cases even disappeared. skeptics say they are worried using it for medicinal purposes could lead to a problem similar to the opioid epidemic. it is no secret that people are not getting enough
4:42 pm
cost. how exhaustion is hurting our economy. >> and right now we are tracking some of the heaviest rain over boston. it is right along the pike. i have a close look at storm tracker radar.
4:43 pm
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any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. right now, expecting more heavy rain. more heavy showers are moving across new england: >> today a major toy collection kicked off in boston that has impacted so many families for so many years. toys for tots is again saving christmas for a lot of people. this year they say the need is even greater. they told us today that there is one specific need of the they are scattered for marines. they are desperate in need
4:45 pm
toys for tots campaign. it is their 69th year doing so. state police are collecting the toys and they say the need couldn't be greater this year. >> there is a specific need this year for toys for children infants to age two and those 8 to 14 years old. >> this year's campaign started in october. but it is now hitting its stride with the collection running until december 18th. everything donated in the boston area stays in the marine core says the impact is always overwhelming and far reaching. >> when you support this program, the gift you gift changes lives. children's lives, parents' lives and maybe even your life. >> suzanne hawk helps to deliver the toys and she says they often go to families struggling day-to-day. >> to be able to give a child a new toy, it is something that is just for them, it
4:46 pm
right now until december 18th. they are collecting toys for kids that range in age from newborn to 14 years old. you combine drop off the toys right now at any state police barics location. new at 4:30 a big meeting at the vatican with the pope and director martin scorsese. his fell "silence" is making its debut. he presented the pope with two paintings with the theme "hidden christmas." the pontiff offered scorsese and his family rosaries. and researchers say a lack of sleep may be causing more problems than a rough day at work. they learned that exhausted americans are costing the economy $400 billion a year. they say less sleep results in more health problems. it causes them to lose a million working days a a
4:47 pm
tracker weather alert. >> right now we are still tracking the pockets of heavy rain across southern new england. not everyone is under the heavy rain. some of us are getting a a few breaks. we are talking about a batch of day air. -- dry air. there is a little more light rain coming in back here to the west. it will cross over 93 and then newbury port. solid. we have this solid light rain that is heavier in southern essex county through boston and back near worcester. there is a hole near southern worcester county, but more showers will fill in behind that. that won't last long. just a moment ago i showed you the radar and it is looking really tough out there right around boston along the pike. our major thorough fare is
4:48 pm
we have more heavy rain coming to bridge water by about 5:00. pembrook about 5:15. then we zoom it out. this batch of rain is coming that you for the evening commute and -- coming through for the evening commute and this batch for the overnight hours. it shows things a little hot. there are a lot of reds. i don't think we will see that kind of heavy rain, but there are pockets of yellow producing a quick half an inch across the area. some spots could get more an inch of rain before it is all said and done. plan on the rain for dinner time. it is not quite as heavy as what the model is showing you. as we go through the overnight hours more heavier showers rolling in. fox 25 morning news at 4:00, sherry will be tracking the pockets of heavy rain rolling by. then by 7:00 a.m. they are offshore. anything left over will be toward the cape and islands. if you are getting out early tomorrow reduceed visibility and heavy rain coming through.
4:49 pm
better chance to have some dryer times. the temperatures are what you see is what you will get. we have the solid 40s and showers off and on heater in the evening. off and on in the evening. i think framing ham will stay thunder free. the low pressure coming by, that may be a spot where we have a little more instability off the ocean to watch out for a rumble overnight. a clap. gusty winds too. we could have wind gusts about 40 miles an hour for the cape and islands. now tomorrow temperatures will land in the 50s. milford at 52. into boston it could get close to 60 degrees with the urban heating. upper 50s in braomtree.
4:50 pm
in. middle 50s and running about 5, 10 degrees above normal for the first day of december. then it is breezy and cooler and more seasonal on friday. saturday we are back to the middle 40s and then on sunday it goes down from there. although dry weather forville let this this week -- for gillette this weekend. police are looking for a man they say stole a pot of gold. the man in the black vest notices the walks over. he takes a five-gallon bucket out of the back and runs down the street. police say the bucket was filled with 86 pounds of gold flakes worth about $1.6 million. >> that will be one angry leprechaun when he finds out. a group of 20 co-workers will have more money to spend on family this christmas holiday season. they won the powerball jackpot. >> unbelievable. it is great that it is around the holiday season.
4:51 pm
they decided to pool their money to buy tickets. the group chose to take a lump sum of $254.7 million. it equates essentially to $12.5 million per person. they say they plan to use the money to help as many people in their families and communities as they can. >> i would feel bad about the people who didn't contribute in the office. i'm good. >> not this week. i'll get you next week. hunter s personal marijuana stash is up for sale. he was a frequent user of marijuana. >> his widow found a way to clone and sell his supply of weed. fortune magazine said she held on to the six strains of marijuana for the past decade. she plans to sell it in one of the states it is legal and massachusetts could be one of them. it will be legal on december 15th. one homeowner is fighting back against thieves from stealing christmas packages.
4:52 pm
calls them bait packages. they are filled with his dog's waste. two men are making away with the unpleasant surprise. knowing what the thieves really got away with gives them a reason to smile. >> they wouldn't enjoy it as much as we enjoy doing it. >> he is enjoying that. >> the neighbors hope the package will make thieves think twice before coming back. massachusetts is the place to start a business. all new at 4:30, a local company that is motivating and helping local start ups become successful. >> and then coming up on fox 25 news at 5:00, we will bring you another report out of brockton where a woman was stabbed to death and her 18-year-old son is now being questioned by police, but at this point, no charges have been filed. john monohan is talking with police sources and gathering more information. his live report at the top of the hour.
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>> the movie, manchester by the sea has been named the best film. year, which means could be a contender for this year's oscars. it's about a grieving january tar who returns home to manchester by the sea, when his older brother dies and names him the guardian of his brother. matt damon is involved in the >> vanessa: an innovation and design building that was once a simple store house is now the launch pad to more than a thousand companies that are generating thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue and the boston organization behind those ideas, says they want nothing in return. in an industrial space along boston's seaport, something is percolating. >> when you have just an idea, most people will kind of assume you're crazy, because no one has ever done it before. >> the reporter: actually, a rat
4:57 pm
and we're redefining how consumers finance their homes. >> my company, we help people order craft beer, wines spirits from local stores and get delivery within 60 minutes. >> the reporter: this is mass challenge. >> so at one table, you could have the technology company,, at another company you could have something in the sciences. >> we're open to ideas from anywhere in the world. >> the reporter: ideas like this. >> her idea, jewels, mass challenge provides office space, grant money, networking, mentors, choosing 128 companies each year interest thousands of applications. for stephanie, the acceptance has been the difference between success and spinning her wheels. i think i cried, i was so excited, because to me, it meant you're on the right track.
4:58 pm
mass challenge has helped 1200 startups launch their ideas, creating more than 60,000 jobs, a nonprofit has no equity in any of them. support comes no strings attached. managing director, scott bailey says it's part of their mission to grow companies, furthering boston's innovation reputation around the world. >> we could have much greater skill and much greater impact by doing it the way we do. >> the reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: it's just amazing what they do and it really is such an important resource for all these know where to start, it's a good resource. >> elizabeth: exactly. mass challenge by the way will begin taking applications in february for its next class, 2017 class and if you want to find out more information, head to our web site, >> blair: fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> mark: ever. >> blair: first at 5:00 p.m., a woman found stabbed to death in brockton.
4:59 pm
ockerbloom. >> elizabeth: i'm elizabeth hopkins in for vanessa welch. >> the reporter: the woman found dead is his mother, his grandmother, running door to door earlier why, screaming, one neighbor answered her call for help. >> i knew it was something bad, only because screaming. >> the reporter: mary ann says her neighbor, this woman, wrapped in a camouflage coat, was wailing and screaming outside of her brockton home, but she didn't know why, due to a language barrier. >> she just grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the house. >> the reporter: once in the doorway of the kitchen, at 34 merit avenue, she learned why. the woman's 18-year-old son, lunged at them, and appeared to be in a trance. >> zombie-like and he same
5:00 pm
standing, and i just pulled the grandmother out of there, and i said, no, you're not going in. >> the reporter: mary ann called 911. when firefighters and police arrived, they took the 18-year-old into custody, who apparently did the unthinkable. >> a woman that lived in this home has passed away as a result of multiple stab wounds. >> the reporter: that woman was the 18-year-old's mother. and the grandmother's daughter. that 18-year-old not charged being questioned, so police can figure out how this all unfolded. we're working to get more information and details, and we'll bring those to you. coming up at 6:00 p.m. for now, live in brockton, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: we are tracking weather alerts now at 5:00 p.m. drivers are taking it slow tonight on the zakim, as more rain moves through our area. >> blair: the radar is out there showing you how widespread it is right now. coming down heavy at times.


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