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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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standing, and i just pulled the grandmother out of there, and i said, no, you're not going in. >> the reporter: mary ann called 911. when firefighters and police arrived, they took the 18-year-old into custody, who apparently did the unthinkable. >> a woman that lived in this home has passed away as a result of multiple stab wounds. >> the reporter: that woman was the 18-year-old's mother. and the grandmother's daughter. that 18-year-old not charged being questioned, so police can figure out how this all unfolded. we're working to get more information and details, and we'll bring those to you. coming up at 6:00 p.m. for now, live in brockton, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: we are tracking weather alerts now at 5:00 p.m. drivers are taking it slow tonight on the zakim, as more rain moves through our area. >> blair: the radar is out there showing you how widespread it is right now. coming down heavy at times.
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jason brewer is in for kevin. >> sarah: we're getting a couple of rounds, even within this night, blair and elizabeth. i'm tracking the showers up and down our heaviest traveled areas, the pike, the expressway, 95, 128. there are some breaks, not everyone is getting the heavy rain. southern new hampshire right now, you've got wet roads everywhere, but they're just spotty scattered showers, coming back in from the wells. then, peabody, boston, brockton, all the way down the pike here. now there is a break here as well. western norfolk county, southern brief lull, with you there's plenty more back to the west that will fill this through the evening and this heavy rain, the yellows you're seeing, duxbury, in a fewer more minutes over to marshfield by 5:10 p.m., an increasing intensity of the rain. also, some scattered showers, not the solid deck of rain for the cape and the islands, it's not as heavy here. but that could change overnight, as a new wave of low pressure approaches. so right now, we're getting that first batch of rain coming through, but there is more back
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upstate new york, that's going to be moving in. right now, the model is showing it a little bit too intense, just note that we're socked in with the rain through 8:00 p.m. tonight. then we get a bit of a lull and then overnight, here's 5:00 a.m., the early morning commuters going to be dealing with more rain. i have a timeline on when it gets out of here coming up. >> blair: stay up-to-date with us, no matter where you are, using the fox 25 weather app, track the radar and get weather alerts from our team as the bad weather approaches. is on unpaid leave accused of using the department's money to buy clothes for his girlfriend. at 4:00 p.m., we told you about the criminal charges against dighton chief antone roderick. new at 5:00 p.m., robert goulston tells us how police say the chief is trying to hide what he did. robert. >> the reporter: elizabeth, yeah, here in dighton, the fire chief is allowed to buy clothes and then bill the town for them as part of his clothing allowance, but the d.a. says, he was buying women's clothes and he was adamant they were for him. the dighton board of selectmen
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within minutes -- they voted to suspend fire chief antone roderick, without pay, indefinitely. this comes one day after the bristol county d.a. charged the chief with buying clothes for his girlfriend, and billing the town for them. >> we trusted, we believed. i feel betrayed. >> the reporter: on the invoices submitted to the town, the d.a. says roderick used whiteout to cover the word, women and hand wrote in, men. when state police work out of the d.a.'s office confronted him about why he was clothing allowance to buy caprices, tube tops and a woman's coat, roderick said, he was embarrassed to be buying a woman's jacket for himself, so he changed the item to read as if it was a men's jacket, and that the jacket was cut better for his size after he lost 30 pounds recently. he's charged with stealing under $250 worth of clothing, but the town believes the final bill is going to be in the thousands. >> he has offended not only this board, but the taxpayers of this town.
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his trust now has been discredited. >> the reporter: police say the 11 year fire department veteran also told investigators he was wearing the tube tops for support because of an injury. he even showed the investigators the clothes fit by putting on the caprice and some of the other items. >> i'm quite sure what antone roderick did, but he was a great fire chief. >> the reporter: and we did talk to roderick's attorney this afternoon, and he says, he de altogether. straight ahead at 6:00 p.m., i'll have a little bit more about what he specifically said about these charges. we are live in dighton, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: a. >> blair: a plymouth county deputy sheriff is recovering at home after this crash in rockland. this was the scene on beech street. police tell fox 25 the sheriff was heading to a call with lights and siren on when a car turned in front of the cruiser and the two collided. the the driver of the car has serious injuries. the sheriff and his k-9 were
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to this bar in abbington around 11:30 a.m. this morning on j.p. ryan's tavern on brockton avenue. fire department says no one was hurt. >> blair: local businesses are back open after a water main burst, flooding a part of chinatown. crews work to clean up the members. manhole fire ignited, making a bad situation even worse. we first told you about this as it was breaking on our morning news today and right now, jim morelli is live once again in chinatown where things are slowly getting back to norma >> the reporter: blair, very slowly indeed. it's never great to drive through here during rush hour, but tonight we have a couple of complications. number one, we have the rain and i'll step out of the way. we have street closures as well, that is part of washington street, going up towards the paramount theater there, that is where the water main break occurred, around 5:15 a.m. this morning, they are still repairing it and then over on kneelen street, we have road closures because of dangerous manhole fires.
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the fire. and then came the all-day mess. >> what we had was a 20-inch water main that broke this morning. >> the reporter: call that part one of the chinatown headache, with up to two feet of water collecting on the street. part two, manhole fires. >> it began in one of the manholes and it travels. they're all in sequence, so once one pops, they all -- they start to pop, following down the street. >> the reporter: up to four manholes popped along kneelen street. >> the alarm went off and it >> the reporter: that led to the evacuation of some businesses, including the boston hospital, because of elevated carbon monoxide levels. >> not too bad. could be a little warmer. >> the reporter: firefighters used a relatively new product to kill the manhole fires, something called fire and aisles. >> it's specifically department of early education signed for what we're using today. electrical fires, it actually adheres to the done duties and smothers the fire. >> the reporter: but well after those manhole fires were put
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another manhole fire stealing a plume of thick toxic smoke. as for the why behind the original problem, the water main break, well, it's an old story about an old city. >> some of these pipes have been in the ground for decades, some even a century long. >> the reporter: now, boston's police commissioner did ask this afternoon for drivers to please avoid this area that that would really help them out with cleaning up. i don't know that too many have heeded that, but if you do it, because it is a total mess down here and coming up at 6:00 p.m., we will hear from one of the business owners affected by the water main break, and we'll talk with one of the guys charged with helping to clean it up. live in chinatown, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: a woman was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital in brockton. this was the scene on lawrence street around 11:00 a.m. this morning. you can seal the sneaker there in the street. the brockton enterprise says she has serious injuries. they say the driver, who is six months pregnant, was visibly upset after that crash.
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precaution. police in taunton hope a man hit by a truck will be able to tell them more about what happened right before that crash. the 33-year-old man from stoughton was struck last night on state street. police say the victim and the driver of the truck know each other, and there was some report of a disagreement before the crash. -- sort of a disagreement before the crash. witnesses saw drugs in the street after it happened. >> pretty much the whole scene was a crime scene. narcotics all over the road, cellphone, glasses, stuff like that. >> elizabeth: the victim, badly injured his leg. scene, but turned himself in to police a short time later. so far, no charges have been filed. >> blair: this afternoon, we learned electrical equipment caused a devastating fire in lawrence. the cellphone video shows the scene on east haverhill street. 20 people, including several people are homeless as a result. this afternoon, lawrence fire told us the flames started in the second floor bedroom. now, functioning electronics actually started the fire. >> elizabeth: developing now, relatives of a man killed by a
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they still have questions about why he was shot. this after prosecutors decided today that the officer will not face charges. fox 25's heather hegedus has the new details in this investigation. >> the reporter: liz bell, you'll remember this shooting sparked two days of violent riots in charlotte in september, but today, prosecutors say the officer who killed scott acted lawfully. scott was shot four times by officers brent vincent. this happened after officers stopped a car that scott was in. investigators say he then held a loaded ignored at least ten different commands to drop that weapon. the gun was found next to scott after he was shot and prosecutors say, his d.n.a. was found on the grip. the shooting led to the violent demonstrations i was talking about in charlotte in september. dozens were arrested. one man died, and the governor declared a state of emergency. today though, the local d.a. promised to listen to the concerns, raised by demonstrators, and scott's family said, it makes -- they may still sue the police department.
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made that day, in terms of how they confronted keith. >> the fact that criminal charges are not appropriate under the law in this particular case, does not mean we can dismiss the concerns expressed by those who raised their voices. >> the reporter: scott's family had claimed he was holding a book, not a gun, when he was shot. today, prosecutors said no book was ever found at the scene. i'm heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> blair: donald trump announced two top level positions today. the secretary. he was not without controversy. the longtime banker can't be trusted after profiting from the housing collapse when others were losing their homes. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren said trump's pick should send shivers down the spine of every american who got hit hard by the financial crisis. his top priority is tax reform. >> we're going to have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan. he will be joined by wilbur
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businessman, known on wall street as the king of bankruptcy with a history of going after struggling companies. >> elizabeth: crime has gotten so bad at a local apartment complex, that police have been there more than 500 times in the last year. >> blair: at 5:30 p.m., the action the police department and city manager are now taking just days after a woman was beaten to death there. >> right now i'm tracking another band of heavy rain coming in, it will be over millbury by 5:30 p.m., i have a closer look at fox 25 storm tracker radar and where more heavy showers are headed capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ?? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees.
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meteorologist. >> blair: welcome back. >> jason: welcome back. i'm tracking heavy showers through pembroke, duxbury, we are talking with them arriving and they are certainly here. some of the local enabled roads around wipple tree, woodlawn, you're feeling the heavie i've got a timeline of when they move out. >> elizabeth: new at 5:00 p.m., the city of boston could ban all plastic bags in all stores and shoppers would have to pay extra to get a bag to take their things home if they don't bring their own. >> blair: some shoppers we spoke with aren't too happy about this. some businesses are worried this will drive customers away, right, crystal. >> the reporter: that's right. this is a very festive environment, amongst the christmas tree and the christmas wreaths, but customers here,
5:15 pm
they already get for free, and people at the retailers association of massachusetts tell me that this could drive them to start shopping on line. boston city councilors want to ban plastic bags in your local stores, and a proposed city ordinance offered by counselors matt o'malley and michelle wu would ask for customers who don't bring in their own. >> there are more than 20 tons of plastic bags in our single stream recycling every month in the city of boston. i think it's a tradeoff that makes a lot of sense. >> the reporter: not the shoppers i spoke to, like hope kennedy. >> i don't feel i should have to pay for a bag if i am a patron of your storm. i feel that's something that should automatically come with a purchases i'm making. i have to pay for the food and the bag too, that's not really good. >> the reporter: the retailers of massachusetts say they understand the environmental
5:16 pm
>> it certainly may leave a bad taste in a lot of consumers' mouths an they may, you know, start to say, well, maybe i'll just do all my shopping on line. >> the reporter: vice-president bill renny says small business owners will be forced to suddenly ask their customers, to pay for what they've already gotten for free. >> to suggest that someone is going to buy something on line and pay $5 to $15 shipping and handling to avoid a five cent water. >> the reporter: now, there are some exemptions to this proposed ban, like, laundry bags, dry cleaning bags, the clear plastic bags that go over your garments, and produce bags, but stores who don't comply with the ban would actually have to pay a fee per day. now, boston city councilors say they won't do that. at 6:00 p.m., they explain that
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cash in on this whole deal. reporting in dorchester, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: a massachusetts mayor plans to speak with president of a local college that no longer flies the american flag on campus. earlier this month, hampshire college stopped raising the stars and stripes, after students burned flag in protest against president-elect donald trump. mayor dominic sarno of springfield took part in the demonstrations at the college over the week return the flag to campus. >> jason: all right. let's check in on fox 25 storm tracker radar once again, where i'm watching steady rain along the most heavily traveled roads. 95, the stress way, 495 on pike, and here's another batch of rain coming up now from western mass, it's about to move in. now, in southern new hampshire, it's pretty scattered. we have another batch of light
5:18 pm
now, north shore, it starts to really pick up, all the way to lempster, down to worcester and again, here's that batch of heavy rain, just leaving southbridge now, moving into charlton and webster right now. it's going to be over to worcester by about 5:30 p.m., 5:35 p.m., over to hopkinton, 5:45 p.m. milford after that. so just rounds, where it just kind of picks up and it gets winding out there, if you're trying to travel along the roads. it's just tough. along -- there it is, the pike one little batch of drying that i saw, but just brief, short-lived, coming over norfolk county now, moving over quincy and then, here, the heavier rain over marshfield that i just showed you, that's about to move offshore and then we'll get light rain, even a break in some of the rain and the farther south you go, it's really scattered light rain, cape cod, the vineyard, nantucket, nothing particularly heavy, but it's a dreary night and you're going to want your umbrellas. look what's going on here. this front has pressed off to
5:19 pm
low comes through overnight. so that's going to allow some warmer air, relatively warmer air to move in out of the south and east and we might see a rumble of thunder for the cape and the islands associated if that low comes by. now we're looking at future cast, it looks overdone, there's too much hot on it, when i say that, i just mean the reds, we're not going to see that kind of intensity, but i do want to show you the trends, because i think it's there, as we go to 8:00 p.m. tonight, we still have some rain heavy as what you're seeing, but have the rain gear if you're heading out. the next wave of low pressure that is to come on through. shiri will be at 4:00 p.m. on fox 25 morning news and by 7:00 a.m., getting a lot of consistency here, that there's the timing as i look at several different model runs and we're looking at 7:00 p.m., most of the rain out of here, maybe the cape and islands, light showers left over.
5:20 pm
morning tomorrow, warmth of the day will pop up more clouds. 47 in boston, the wind is out of the east, but just a subtle wind shift out of the southeast will actually allow temperatures to rise one or two degrees overnight, especially as you go south and east. worcester, it's this what you see is what you get, we're in 40's now, we're going to get stuck there, but you see the trend, adding on a few degrees, and we'll see 50-degree readings tomorrow, we're not going to be seeing a chilly day by any stretch. it will be breezy,e' partly to mostly cloudy skies, but even low and middle 50's in the lower spots in worcester county tomorrow. then around the greater boston area, through middlesex coined, mid to upper 50's, close to 60 degrees possible officially at logan, with that offshore wind out of the west, coming through the city, with any sunshine, we could see those numbers close to 60 degrees. not bad for the first day of december, with middle 50's for cape cod, chatham, over to nantucket. next couple of days, we're going
5:21 pm
over the weekend, but it does look dry, until we get to monday and that's with we have a slight chance for rain or snow shower, with a weak disturbance coming by, but your weekend always in view, we're back to chilly nights hand cool days. back to you. >> blair: sounds and sign that christmas is almost here. the holiday pops kicks off its the boston pops first performance is tonight at boston throughout deals. vanessa welch and mark ockerbloom will join the holiday pops on sunday, december 18th forgat 7:00 p.m. performance, they will be there to read "'twas the night before christmas." >> elizabeth: the opioid epidemic is hitting hard at nursing homes. why elderly folks are also
5:22 pm
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>> blair: tonight, firefighters are still trying to get a handle on these raging wildfires that have now killed seven people. and destroyed hundreds of homes and business. this is the biggest wildfire to hit that state in a century. four dozen other people were also hurt, more than 14,000 people evacuated from the resort city of gatlinburg, as hundreds of firefighters worked to save homes, including their own. >> we've got firefighters, first responders that be helping put out the fires, when their own
5:25 pm
something that people just don't think about. >> blair: fire officials say the heavy rains in the past 24 hours could help them battle the flames. but they are keeping their fingers crossed that wet weather will continue there. five people have now been killed in a series of tornadoes in alabama. this is a look at some of the damage people woke up to this morning. the national weather service says at least four tornadoes hit that state. emergency officials say thousands are without power and it will take days to assess the damage. >> elizabeth: the f.b.i. now says the man responsible for attacking students at inspired by isis. this afternoon, agents said abdul razak ali artan posted messages about isis interference in muslim territories. he slashed several people with a knife. he was killed by a campus police officer. hundreds of colombian soccer fans are putting their rivalries aside, mourning the loss of members of a brazilian soccer team, killed in a plane crash.
5:26 pm
they prayed together, dedicated writings, and hung white balloons. the plane crashed monday night, killing at least 71 people. authorities say the plane crashed after running out of fuel. >> blair: the remains of fidel castro returning to where his revolution all began, his ashes will retrace the path he took after seizing power, but in reverse and then it will all end with castro's funeral on sunday. a host of world leaders are planning to attend. the united states is not sending a delegation >> elizabeth: common chemicals that you might have%ih in your e are being put under a microscope. >> blair: why the government may want to ban a list of things we all use because of concerns for health. >> elizabeth: a young boy is killed in a high-speed chase. who was behind the wheel and who else was in the car. new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking,
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y26moy ykny stay on top of that breaking news in brockton, where a woman was killed after being stabbed multiple times. the district attorney tells fox 25, that police are questioning her 18-year-old son. officers were called to this home on merit avenue, just after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. no charges have been filed at this point. fox 25's john monahan is at the scene, he's talking to neighbors, you'll hear from him at 6:00 p.m. >> blair: now at 5:30 p.m., we are tracking a weather alert out there. here's a live look at the mass pike, where the rain is making
5:30 pm
mayor out there. fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist jason brewer is here now. the worst of it is essentially right now. >> jason: it's really ill timed, elizabeth and blair, it is coming in right now, just in time for everyone to get out on the roads and it's all of our major thoroughfares that are being impacted. the expressway, the pike, you do see 95 and 128, all covered up. now, if there's any relief, it's southern new hampshire, it's the cape and the islands, even parts of southern plymouth county getting a break, but i'm tracking a brand new batch of appeared on radar. i was showing you that a half-hour ago and now it's entered worcester county, headed for the greater boston area, moving at around 50 to 60 by my watch and so that's going to take it into boston, right through the 6:00 p.m. hour, pea pea -- peabody, 6:10 p.m. it's over northbridge, uxbridge, headed for holliston, franklin and westborough, all of these areas impacted by the heavy rain
5:31 pm
coming down, but rain around manchester headed your way. there's improvement on the south shore, where i was tracking the heavier showers earlier. spotty for the cape and the islands. at least for now, but more rain overnight. i have a timeline on that coming up. >> blair: count on fox 25 and to bring you the latest information throughout the night on this weather alert. you can also download the free fox 25 weather app for minute by minute updates. >> elizabeth: the apartment complex where a mother was beaten to death in front of her special needs son is well known to lowell police. >> blair: in fact, offic reporting a number of issues here in the last year. as fox 25's stephanie coueignoux reports from lowell, the city is taking action. >> the reporter: it is like the wild west. there are 431 units of housing here, and there's been reckless behavior for quite some time. lowell city councilor rodney elliott says from november 2015 to november of this year, police responded to 573 calls at the westminster apartment complex.
5:32 pm
management accountable. >> we have a police officer here, essentially, every day, responding to calls and that's not acceptable. >> the reporter: as we first reported last week, a woman was attacked and killed by a group of people in the parking lot in front of her special needs son and residents say that's just the latest violent incident. we spoke with residents here who say they don't feel safe at all. in fact, one man told me that he was afraid to go on. cal ra, because he -- on camera, because he didn't want management to find out. we spoke with lowell's assistant along with the police superintendent are working to meet with apartment managers. they hope to have a final plan of action by the end of the week. we went to speak with managers ourself, but were told they couldn't comment and were referred to their corporate office in new york. we have called and left a voice mail. >> we're going to stay on this and take strong measures moving forward. >> the reporter: elliott says it should be management's responsibility to pay for security measures.
5:33 pm
and that has to -- they have to step up. >> the reporter: in lowell, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> blair: new at 5:30 p.m., a teenager thrown out of a famous new hampshire prep school for having sex with a classmate will be allowed back in campus. a federal judge as ordered phillips exeter academy to let the 15-year-old boy return to zoo. he was expelled earlier this year after admitting to having sex with a 15-year-old girl. a florida c.d.c. warned pregnant women will pay $24,000 in fines from a deadly tent collapse at a new hampshire walker international events has reached a settlement with osha, a vermont man and his 6-year-old daughter were killed in accident. investigators say the company ignored whether warnings and did not properly build a circus tent, which collapsed during a storm last summer in lancaster. >> elizabeth: the attorney for the blackstone mom accused of murdering her two infants wants to suppress the evidence found inside the woman's house of horrors. erika murray's attorney claims the search of her home exceeded the scope of the search warrant. in august 2014, an older child,
5:34 pm
neighbor who help get a baby to stop crying. the neighbor called police and officers later found a 3-year-old and 5-month-old in the home living among deplorable conditions, full of trash and animal waste. police also found three bodies of dead infants. murray is due back in court in december. >> blair: we have all seen the opioid epidemic's far reaching effects. but now medical urging people to carry the drug reversing narcan. >> the reporter: we have spoke with a number of nursing homes and their feelings were mixed, but the state tells me the recommendations were in response to some nursing homes reaching out to them and asking for guidance. it's not the type of place you would expect to see an overdose reversal drug, best known for its use in reviving heroin
5:35 pm
emergency kit inside the ellis nursing home and rehabilitation center in norwood is narcan. >> so if nurses need it, they have it ready accessible. >> the reporter: ellis had the narcan on for five years an fortunately, never had to use it, but recently, the state issued this letter, recommending all nursing homes have narcan on hand and policies in place for using it. >> i think it's a great idea. it protects us. >> the reporter: more and more elderly giving opioids to treat pain, drugs that are highly addictive. they risk overdosing, especially because patients with memory problems or dementia may take more than they need. even family members may be unintended enablers, even if they have the best of intentions. >> some feel their pain is in control and they might slip them a medication they're taking at home, even though the nurses have already given it to them. >> the reporter: the new
5:36 pm
they'll be held responsible for, if a person who isn't a patient overdoses on their property. >> a person walking by the building, and we notice them, and we do notice the signs that they're heroin addicted. where is our liability in helping that resident? >> the reporter: so we also spoke with the medical director for substance abuse use disorder initiative at mass general and she tells me, she has seen patients turned away from nursing homes because of substance abuse disorder and hopes the new recommendations what will happen if a nursing home doesn't comply. for now, live in the studio, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: a late start, some students in portsmouth, new hampshire, will get to sleep in next year. the school board voted to start middle hand high school later in the morning. right now, they both start at 7:30 p.m. the professor alkalies for the high school at 8:25 p.m. and the middle school at 8:30 p.m. a new report says teens are
5:37 pm
special weekend in foxborough. the rams are in town to take on the patriots in a rematch of super bowl xxxvi. you request watch the game on fox 25 when it kicks off at 1:00 p.m. you definitely want to tune in earlier, we are taking an in-depth look at the team that started incredible run in boston sports history, you will hear from drew bledsoe, and troy brown as we take a look back at the super bowl run. dawn of a dynasty will be hosted who was rookie that year. guess who else is out there tomorrow? >> elizabeth: i am ready for face paint, tailgating, i'm ready to crush soda cans on my head. let's do this. >> blair: reason alone to do this. >> elizabeth: i'm very excited about it. the islamic community is it on edge after a hate filled letter is sent to a new england mosque. >> mark: the. >> blair: the extra protection one group is calling for. >> elizabeth: the products that
5:38 pm
from the e.p.a.
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5:41 pm
the 18-year-old driver. he allegedly hit speeds of up to 105 miles an hour before crashing head on into another car. >> i just want to know why, why can't tyler stop. why? that's a baby y'all. that's a baby. >> elizabeth: police had just called off the chase before the crash, calling the pursuit too dangerous. >> blair: standing their ground, protesters fighting against the aren't going anywhere. the u.s. army corpse is giving the protesters until monday to leave the campsite. supplies and first responders will no longer be allowed into the area. that's enough to convince protesters to move. they say building the pipeline will destroy sacred land and contaminate waters sources, but the business building the pipeline say it won't disturb anything. take a look at the crime that was caught on camera.
5:42 pm
to notice the your honor intended armored truck and walks right over, and takes the 5-gallon bucket out of the back, runs right down the street. police say that bucket was filled with 86 pounds of gold flakes, worth about $1.6 million. >> jason: right now are i'm tracking a new batch of heavy rain heading into natick. brookline, cambridge, boston, revere, all before 6:00 p.m. the intensity of the rain picking up, so be careful on the roads. another look ?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it.
5:43 pm
being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
5:44 pm
>> jason: right now, i'm watching up to the minutes radar scabs. the heavier rain moved into framingham. we'll see some of the communities getting affected around natick and wesley, over dover now, medfield, over to norwood, so here in dedham at the fox 25 studios, i expect the rain to really pick up, so if
5:45 pm
95, through the pike into boston, it's going to get nasty. i have more coming up. >> elizabeth: the country located tore change in washington on election day but house democrats will stay the course. tiki: nancy pelosi withheld the challenge by house congressman tim ryan to remain leader. george colli was there and has reaction from the local reps on capitol hill tonight. >> the reporter: california congresswoman nancy pelosi survives the most serious threat yet to her position as leader of the house democrats. >> so it is that i accept the privilege extended to me by my colleagues. >> the reporter: ohio congressman tim ryan launched a campaign to replace nancy pelosi, following an election day that surprised many in the minority party. >> like jim comey, like the russians, like the clinton campaign itself. those were factors that she kernel would not be blamed for. and they definitely had an impact down ticket.
5:46 pm
a great woman, and a great leader for our party. >> shortly after the vote, representative tim ryan came out to address the media and spoke of a unified house democratic caucus going forward. i'm disappointed, because i like to win, but i think it was a great discussion for us and honestly, i think the party is better off. >> the reporter: the boston area congressman who supported ryan say voters sent a wakeup call on election day and it's time party changed its message. thanksgiving and yet he god a third of the caucus. that's a very strong vote for change. >> when we have to have a more unifying and uplifting message that will bring back some of the blue collar workers in midwest that went over with donald trump and the republicans in the last election its. house republicans voted back congressman paul ryan as their leader before the thanksgiving break. in washington, george colli, fox 25 news. >> i. >> i right now, governor charlie baker is in washington to receive an award. the governor is being honored by
5:47 pm
transportation and military leaders, spoke with president of amtrak will rail service in massachusetts and met with the army chief of staff at the pentagon and discussed the future of the state's six military bases. >> elizabeth: more refugees from syria are calling massachusetts home. fox 25 reported in august about the obama administration meeting goal of bringing 10,000 syrian refugees to the united states. now we're learning, 85 refugees have been placed in the state since then. five syrianswe boston between august 30th and yesterday. total number of syrian refugees brought to the u.s. this year is just more than 14,000. state department tells fox 25, there are no plans to accelerate refugee admissions processes before president-elect donald trump takes office. well, we are under a weather alert tonight. fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist jason brewer is here tonight. >> jason: round two, elizabeth and it's moving it just in time for everyone to hit the roads
5:48 pm
and we're seeing the expressway, and 95, get hit. north and soul, it's not as bad, but it's starting to fill back in. i've seen some scattered off and on rain in southern new hampshire, but on the radar trend, this is starting to close back in, right up the north shore, moving over towards hampton and portsmouth and then this stripe of very heavy rain, punching across worcester county, so we'll zoom in a little closer on this. it's right over holden and clinton now, had heed for lempster, harvard, right up 495 down for this evening's drive. if you're leaving boston now, we're going to run in to a lot of heavy rain it's in whalen, norwood, headed for newton, leaving the framingham area, moving at 60 miles per hour, so really quickly going downhill when it arrives. it doesn't last long, but the burst of intensity will be noticeable. saugus by 6:00 p.m., peabody just after that. there's a shore cutoff over the south shore. marshfield and you the rain, but
5:49 pm
we've had scattered, mainly just light rain for the cape and the islands so far. so this is an area that could stand to see a lower amounts, although i do think a batch of heavier rain will be coming through here, even overnight, as low pressure swings through, but so far, today, we've had only a few hundredths in this area. we'll add on another half an inch in many locations before this all moves out tomorrow. let me show you the big picture, because i'm pressure center, it's going to start to intensify, and track right through southern new england, overnight. that's why that rain chance is going to be with us on into the night tonight. so here's a look at futurecast, it does look a little bit overdone here. but the trend is there, to show additional showers coming through at 8:00 p.m. not as heavy as what you're seeing here, but for your dinnertime plans, you're going to need to have the umbrellas around. then, that lull late evening, overnight, but then look at this, 4:00 a.m., when we get
5:50 pm
tracking more showers. and some of them could be heavy, because this is right when that low is going to be swinging by. it's moving quickly, so by 7:00 a.m. in the morning, we're in pretty good shape, just a lingering shower at the coast, whereas the western areas are starting to dry out. so if you can delay your departure time a little bit, you might be better off if you don't want to drive in the rain. looks like again, by 7:00 a.m., most of us are dry, and the roads will be slowly drying out, through the rest of the morning has well. so in boston right now, it's we're socked in with the heavy rain, our pike camera right now showing that and lots of stoplights out there. our hour-by-hour forecast, it's just the 40's for the evening, but then watch what happens towards sunrise, we could see temperatures nudging upward just is a little bit, that's because that low is coming through with a warm front, and we're not going to get a big cooldown tomorrow, behind this system. in fact, the cold air will be delayed really until thursday night. so temperatures will still climb
5:51 pm
50 to 59 in suffolk and middlesex county and even towards foxborough, looking at numbers in the mid and upper 50's and i think cape cod, mid 50's, no problem here. there will be morning sun and then the afternoon clouds fill in with a little bit of warmth from the day. so not a bad start to december. friday, it gets chillier, and the weekend always in view. well, we'll see seasonably cold numbers at night with 40's by day. we're still looking good for the coat dropoff day on saturday. >> blair close an personal with saturn's ring. the long running space probe will start a new set of orbits, skimming past the outer opening of saturn's main rings, it will fly closer to rings than it has since its approval in 2004. the probe is apparently running out of fuel and will make a final deadly dive into planet next september. the world's oldest woman is celebrating her 117th birthday. emma lived in italy and kicked off yesterday's festivities with
5:52 pm
good old nap. she credits eating raw eggs and being single for living so long. she divorced her abusive husband before it was even legal in italy. emma also said she never smoke or drank. yesterday, she was visited by the mayor for another celebration and was read a special letter from italy's president. emma was born in 1899. >> elizabeth: you know, i don't know in that's true about drinking. i heard that one of her secrets is drinking every now and then. scott brown, why he says voters in massachusetts are crossing the border and legal lines. >> the reporter: parents outraged after they say a school nurse gave their 7-year-old daughter wrong medication. why they say the school nailed to follow proper protocols to keep their daughter safe. >> elizabeth: he could become a free man after three decades behind bars. the evidence a judge is now considering that might exonerate him. plus, a first of its kind drug
5:53 pm
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>> blair: there are chemicals used for cleaning clothes to insulating your home. >> elizabeth: now the u.s. government is looking into whether they should ban them, because of the concerns on the effects on our health. justin gray reports that the e.p.a. is for the first time naming the chemicals it intends to investigate, new at 5:30 p.m. tonight. >> the reporter: a top ten list from the e.p.a., chemicals found in products you come into contact with every day that could be dangerous. >> it's sort of hard to make a distinction between the first ten and the next ten and frankly, the their ten, because these are all chemicals that have some significant hazards associated with them. >> the reporter: bipartisan chemical safety bill passed by congress earlier this year requires the e.p.a. to study hundreds of potentially dangerous chemicals, starting with this first list of ten and regulate them.
5:57 pm
asbestos, known to cause serious health problems like lung cancer, but until this law, the e.p.a. couldn't ban it. >> elizabeth: i think average consumer would be surprised that these chemicals are not already regulated. >> blair: other chemicals on the list can be found at your local dry cleaners and most paint removers used in your home and aerosol cans. they all have exposures and we'll determine whether or not they are safe or not. >> the reporter: that will take time another two years to ban the product. >> we think that companies that are manufacturing these chemicals shouldn't wait for the e.p.a., they shut start taking steps now to take the chemicals out of the products they're making. >> this won't stop with a new presidential administration. it's the law. the e.p.a. now required to study and regulate these chemicals. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. >> blair: new at 5:30 p.m., you no longer need a wi-fi signal to
5:58 pm
movies offline. this feature is free with all netflix memberships. users want to make sure they have the most recent netflix app on the devices to access the new download button. amazon prime started offering downloads more than a year ago. >> elizabeth: facebook is hoping to make the mass jerrickson app more fun to use. you can play came with your contacts. the social network updated it's app to include instant game, invaders, as well as newer titles, words with friends. facebook says the games are free. >> jason: tracking rain moving through. i'll have a timeline on who can see an inch of rain and when it moves out. >> elizabeth: charging at checkout. i think it's a tradeoff that makes a lot of sense. >> they may start to say, maybe i'll do all my shopping on line. >> elizabeth: the argument for and against a plastic bag ban in boston. why city leaders and local shops don't seem to be on the same
5:59 pm
gave wrong medication to a 7-year-old student. why he says the district isn't making any changes after the incident. >> blair: a double whammy downtown. first, water, then fire, creates a big mess in chinatown. tonight, how it impacted surrounding businesses and -- >> he's going out for the 70 sift anniversary of pearl -- 70 75th anniversary of pearl a standing ovation at the airport, head back to an old battleground. >> blair: we're staying on that breaking news out of brockton tonight, where a woman was found stabbed to death. police are now questioning her own teenage son. >> elizabeth: john monahan has been outside the home where this happened this afternoon. john, you spoke with a neighbor who says another relative begged her for help. >> the reporter: that's right, a
6:00 pm
screaming for help and dragged the grandmother back to this home here, where her daughter was inside, she had been stabbed several times. police tonight are questioning the victim's 18-year-old son, but so far, no charges. >> i did not know what i was talking in to. >> the reporter: mary ann says this woman wrapped in a camouflage coat, came to her home, wailing and screaming for help. >> she just grabbed my hand, and started pulling me towards the house. >> the reporter: a lan telling mary ann what took place. but once at the home, she understood, as the 18-year-old grandson lunged at them. >> saw me, like, and he came lunging through the kitchen at the door, where we were standing and i just pulled the grandmother out of there, and i said, no, you're not going in. >> the reporter: the d.a. says the 18-year-old is being questioned. his mother, died from multiple stab wounds. cruz says this is an immense tragedy.


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