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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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screaming for help and dragged the grandmother back to this home here, where her daughter was inside, she had been stabbed several times. police tonight are questioning the victim's 18-year-old son, but so far, no charges. >> i did not know what i was talking in to. >> the reporter: mary ann says this woman wrapped in a camouflage coat, came to her home, wailing and screaming for help. >> she just grabbed my hand, and started pulling me towards the house. >> the reporter: a lan telling mary ann what took place. but once at the home, she understood, as the 18-year-old grandson lunged at them. >> saw me, like, and he came lunging through the kitchen at the door, where we were standing and i just pulled the grandmother out of there, and i said, no, you're not going in. >> the reporter: the d.a. says the 18-year-old is being questioned. his mother, died from multiple stab wounds. cruz says this is an immense tragedy.
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what happened. but for a relationship to end this way, it's terrible, it's tragic and we need to make sure we find out what happened. >> the reporter: and in order to do that, police will need a warrant to get inside this home. they're also questioning the grandmother, to find out how this all unfolded. we'll have more, the latest on this family tragedy coming up tonight on the fox 25 news at 10:00 p.m. for now, live in brockton, john monahan, fusion. fusion -- fox 25 news jimmie howard. >> blair: round two outside for the second night in rains are slowing down evening drive. >> elizabeth: let's get over to fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist jason brewer, tracking the rain. >> jason: we have the rain right now and we're going to see a lull this evening. i'm watching the heavy rain coming up right across the pike, right now, impacting the greater boston area, but edge of the heavy stuff is moving up, say as far north as nashua, by 7:00 p.m. so it may start to lighten up in boston, after about 6:30 p.m., but we've got to get through all of this first, quincy, all the
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out there. and then we have scattered showers for the cape and the islands, and again, in southern new hampshire, it hasn't been much yet, but we're beginning to fill back in, at least some light rain and the steadier rain to the south, making it's way towards you through 7:00 p.m. then overnight, here comes low pressure another wave of potentially heavy rain, makes its way in, and parts of the morning drive, at least through 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., will be impacted withea some mild temperatures followed by a big cooldown straight ahead. >> this is serious. i mean, a lot worse could have happened, so really, people should be aware of it. >> elizabeth: local mother brought her concerns to us, after a school nurse mistakenly gave her 7-year-old daughter the wrong medication. new at 6:00 p.m., that mom wants a change in the school, to make sure it doesn't happen to any other kids. >> blair: kathryn burcham is live in blackstone tonight where the superintendent is defending the district.
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they tell me that in the past, the school district here has been absolutely wonderful to them and their 7-year-old daughter, but now, officials seem to be making light of what they call a serious situation. to look at this active, bright-eyed 7-year-old, you would never know, just 24 hours earlier, she was crying inside the nurse's office at john f. kennedy elementary school. >> it was a nightmare. >> the reporter: that nightmare began when kelly russell's daughter lunch room. i fell backwards, there's a pole where you headache your jackets and i fell. >> the reporter: once inside the nurse's office, a crucial mistake according to madison. >> she said hi, ava, i said my name isn't ava, but then still proceeded to give me the medicine. the medicine, a dose of ritalin, a stimulant used to treat attention deficit disorder, intended for another female student. the nurse called her in a panic.
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lot worse could have happened, so really, people should be aware of it. >> the reporter: in a statement, the superintendent told fox 25, i met with all parties today to discuss or protocols and procedures and reviewed them shower chances three-on-two mistake never happens again. the health and safety of every superintendent is what we must guarantee to the very best of ourbility a, each and every day, but russell says, she never met with the superintendent, and wants to know, why the nurse didn't verify her daughter's identity before dispensing medication. >> this is what i want to happen, i want to doesn't happen to another child. it's my biggest concern here. >> the reporter: now, russell did say that the nurse admitted her mistake and apologized to her and doesn't want her to face discipline. simply wants all parents to be aware. we also reached out to the department of public health. the school district has not reported the incident to them. kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: an interruption
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j.p. ryan's on brockton heav. damage to building, but no one was hurt. police in taunton hope a man hit by a truck will be able to tell them more about what happened right before that crash. the 33-year-old man from stoughton was struck last night on state street. police say the victim and the driver of the truck know each other and apparently there was some sort of a disagreement before that crash. the driver initially left the scene, but he turned himself into police a short time later. >> blair: a cash cow or bummer. the city is it charging 5 cents per grocery bags across supermarkets and stores. crystal haynes joins us live from dorchester tonight, sat in on the debate. strong opinions from both sides on this. >> the reporter: that's right. and they're really tacking about the money, not the green you see here, at lambert's with all of the christmas decorations and trees. we're talking about that 5 cents per bag and city councilors say that money is going right to retailers, which should be a
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a good thing, but customers i spoke to say what about them? >> there are more than 20 tons of plastic bags that are in our single stream recycling every month in the city of boston. >> the reporter: it's why boston leaders want to ban these thin plastic bags from city stores, asking retailers to charge 5 cents for paper or compostable ones. they asked customers to bring in reuseable bags for their shopping trips and cut down on trash. city councilor matt o'malley tells me taxpayers money on pick judgment and the 5 cents per bag goes right into retailers' pockets. >> i think it's a tradeoff that makes a lot of sense. >> a lot of people don't have 5, 10 cents for bags, to put all their groceries in. we have to think about everybody else too, as well as other people that do or do not have money. >> the reporter: local shoppers i spoke to say they shouldn't have to pay for what they've always gotten for free. >> i don't feel i should have to pay for a bag if i am a patron of your storm.
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with the purchase that i'm making. i've got to pay for the food and then i've got to pay for the bag too. that's not really good. >> the reporter: the retailers association of massachusetts agrees. >> plastic bags can be recycled in many stores right now. it certainly may leave a bad taste in a lot of consumers' mouths and they may, you know, say, start to say, well, maybe i'll just do all my shopping on line. >> the reporter: now, there are some exemptions to this proposed and dry cleaning bags. and if a business did not comply, they would have to pay a fee per day. now, there hasn't been a vote on this yet. the actual proposal has gone to committee for review. reporting in dorchester tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> blair: you might want to slow down in the city. the speed limit on streets of boston will be reduced from 30 to 25 miles per hour starting january 9th. city counsel st. louis approved
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today. transportation workers will replace all transportation signs. it is a big step forward in helping to meet his goal of no deadly crashes in the will you be by 2030. >> elizabeth: former u.s. senator brown says some people from massachusetts illegally voted. brown made the statement after being asked about donald trump's claim of serious voter fraud in new hampshire, california, and virginia. any fraud, bus he was preferring to a new hampshire law which allows residents to register to vote at polling places. >> blair: a massachusetts mayor plans to speak with the president of a local college that no longer flies the american flag on campus. earlier this month, hampshire college in amherst stopped raising the stars and stripes after students burned flags to protest the election. the mayor of springfield took part in demonstrations against the college over the weekend and tomorrow, he plans to speak with school leaders about ways to return the flag to campus.
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muslims civil rights group asked today for stepped up police patrols at area mosques. the request comes after an islamic center in rhode island got this letter, calling muslims, vile and filthy people, adding, president-elect donald trump will target them. according to the organization, the same letter was sent to mosques in other states. >> local prosecutors are trying a new effort to keep drug addicts out of the court system. middlesex county district attorney marian ryan says her office is starting a one year program to provide treatment for people charged with drug possession now, the plan here is to send addicts to a treatment center in lowell. if they complete a 16-week program, the drug charge will be removed from their record. >> blair: a number of notableabsences. no julian edelman, no tom brady. >> is there something we need to be concerned about or this point of time in the season we're at? >> a little bit of both.
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games are getting bigger and for the patriots players, that gray area being between injured or just being hurt, gets a little grayer this time of year. for all the guys not practicing today, refreshing seeing 18 matthew slate are back at practice. the special teams captain missed all of last week and the jets game with a foot issue. with tom brady not at practice with that knee, i would imagine it was jimmy garoppolo and jacoby burr set. -- purcette. is it a big deal that brady, julian edelman and gronkowski were all missing had to do? quite honestly, we won't know that answer until son. tom leyden takes a closer look at sunday's game against the rams. a game you can see on fox 25 and we'll be busy leading up to that game.
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the you will hear from some of your a favorite players, as we take a look back at the team that started really hand incredible 15-year run here in boston sports history and elizabeth, you'll be out there as well having a good time. >> elizabeth: i've already been invited to a couple tailgating parties and i am ready to go. >> blair: they better be ready to go. the show starts at 10:00 a.m. local fire chief is off the job tonight. >> elizabeth: police say he used >> whether it be $235 or $235,000, this trust now has been discredited. >> elizabeth: ahead, what they say he bought for his girlfriend that got him fired and the new response we got from the chief about the allegations against him. >> blair: tonight, this 91-year-old veteran is on his way to meet his fourth grade pen pal. an update to a story that touched so many when we first reported it.
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>> blair: quite the sendoff for a world war ii veteran from south boston. that's 91-year-old ed hamilton, who took off today for pearl harbor, where he will mark the 75th anniversary of the fateful day. earlier this month, fox 25 reported that family, friends and strangers were trying to raise men to send him there.
6:15 pm
pay respect to his fellow service men who have passed. >> last year, it was a 100-year-old guy there, 100 years old, played taps at the well on a harmonica. >> blair: hamilton was stationed on the u.s.s. bennett, his boat nearly sank off the coast okinawa. >> elizabeth: a local company is generating thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in rev view and the boston organization behind all of this says it want nothing in return. in an industrial space along boston's seaport, something is percolating. >> when you have just an idea, most people will kind of assume you're crazy, because no one has ever done it before. >> elizabeth: actually, a lot of ideals.
6:16 pm
consumers refinance their homes. >> we're make technology that helps video creators find music to fit their video. >> we help people order craft beers, wine, spirits and get local delivery within 60 minutes. >> the reporter: this is mass challenge. at one company you could have a technology company and another table, somebody in sciences. ideas like the ones stephanie rowe had. the little girl in me wants this right now. >> she can program it and make >> the reporter: her idea, jewels, a company that gets girls interested in technology through room decor, but without support, it may have remained a dream. mass challenge provides office space, grant money, networking, mentors, choosing 128 companies each year from thousands of applications. for stephanie, the acceptance meant the difference between success and spinning her wheels. >> i think i cried. i was so excited, because to me, it meant you're on right track. since 2009, mass challenge
6:17 pm
60,000 jobs. the nonprofit has no equity in any of them. support comes no strings attached. managing director, scott bailey, says it's part of their mission to grow companies, furthering bidar-sielaff's innovation reputation around the world. >> we can have greater skill and impact by doing it the way we do. >> the reporter: mass challenge will begin taking applications in february for the next class and find out more information by heading to our web site, >> blair: boston's largest mixed use project in three decades of one. >> sarah: port square. it will feature two residential buildings in the seaport district. you can get free outdoor wi-fi in kendall squarely. he's a look at how far that signal can reach. m.i.t., google and city of cambridge installed the vernin advice. it is available in newtown court and washington elms.
6:18 pm
do not have access to internet right now. >> elizabeth: it's a sign that christmas is almost here. the boston pops kicks off its 43rd holiday season this week. the first performance is tonight at symphony hall. there will be dozens of other performances next month. fox 25's vanessa welch and mark ockerbloom will join the pops on sunday, december 18th, for the 7:30 p.m. performance, where they'll redowas the night before christmas. -- read, 'twas the night before christmas. >> jason: all right. i've been watching the r called the now cast. when you're just watching the trends over the course of the last hour, and into next couple of hours, and right now, i'm seeing the heaviest rain right over the greater boston area, it's going to be moving out, and we're going to just give way to some scattered lighter showers. let me show you the other radar view, this is out of long island. down to the south, not much. we go over to albany, great to have a network of radars on tap. back here, there's not much going on. so we just have to get through
6:19 pm
drive. i'm tracking the edge of where the steddor, heavier rain is, and it's going to be making its way toward peabody by 6:45 p.m. lowell, just after that. nashua, 7:00 p.m. and then after that, moves through, it's just spotty and light, at least temporarily. so right now, in southern new hampshire, we're getting more of the light to moderate rain, and that's going to spill in over the next hour, but then start to shut down as everything lifts out to the north. then we go over to boston, where we're beginning to let up a north shore, parts of the south shore, still some very heavy rain. southern plymouth county, down toward cape cod and the islands, not much going on, just some spotty light rain around. worcester, back to north and west. this is where i'm seeing the worst of the rain, over the intersection few hours, as it continues to lift through worcester county, up in to southern new hampshire. that's some pretty heavy stuff there. so we've been watching the rain totals pile up pretty quickly,
6:20 pm
the airport. 4/10 at beverly. look here down to the south and east. we haven't had much yet. plymouth, over toward barnstable, hyannis and the cape and the islands, only a few 1/100ths so far. there goes round one this evening, it let's out of here and then more rain towards, say, the midnight hour into morning drive time. so as far as rain amounts, we talked about worcester county, probably getting in heaviest, so inch, inch and a half, going to be likely as you go north and west of boston. down to the south and east, right now, it looks like lower amounts, overnight we'll have some rain coming in that will add on to it, but so far, it looks like the northern and western areas are going to get the brunt of it. here's 11:00 p.m. tonight, when i see you on fox 25 news tonight, i'm tracking the showers to the south and west. it will be intensifying and then they're with us through the overnight and there's 7:00 a.m. in morning. i expect the rain tomorrow to
6:21 pm
7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. shiri will have an update on that live of course as she's tracking things at 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., so your early morning commute is wet early, but temperatures in upper 40's to lower 50's and then the rain will shut down and end up 50 to 55 in worcester county tomorrow. high temperatures around the greater boston area tomorrow, in the upper 50's, above normal for this time of year. not a bad first day of december. there's your seven-day forecast, the weeknd always in view. well, it gets colder, saturday lows back near freezing, it looks good at gillette on sunday. >> blair: a dog reported missing over the weekend in taunton has now been found safe. >> elizabeth: the moment rescuers found him was all caught on camera. this was posted on the missing dog massachusetts page, i didn't know there was such a thing. it shows the moment the dog is reunited with her family. the greyhound openers did the right thing, didn't approach the dog, she came back to them at
6:22 pm
she is happy to be home. >> blair: i better too to have her back. what's donated in boston, stays if boston. up next, behind-the-scenes for this year's toys for tots campaign. >> the reporter: a local apartment complex with more than 500 police calls in a single year.
6:23 pm
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er month. ?? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin and blue cross blue shield keeps me healthy. >> elizabeth: today a major toy collection kicked off in boston
6:25 pm
families for so many years. >> blair: it really has. toys tore tots by the u.s. marines, saving christmas for a lot of people, but they say this year the need is even greater. there is one specific need they have. they're not just toys boxed up or scattered in front of the state troopers or marines. they're things that will go to families, desperate in need this holiday season. today, the marines kicked off this year's toys for tots campaign. their 69th year doing so. mass state police are helping to collect the toys and say the year. >> there is a specific need this year, for toys for children, from infant to age two and for those 8 to 14 years old. >> the reporter: this year's campaign actually started in october, but it's just now hitting its stride with a collection running until december 18th. everything donated here in the boston area, stays in the boston area. the marine corps says the impact is always overwhelming and far-reaching. >> when you support this
6:26 pm
changes lives. children's lives, parents' lives, main even your life. >> the reporter: suzanne hawk with dcf helps to deliver the toys, and says they often go to families struggling day-to-day. >> to be able to give a child a new toy, something that is just for them, it means a lot to the kids. >> the reporter: the collection runs until december 18th. they're collecting new unwrapped toys for kids, newborn to 18 years old. what's great about it, everything that's donated in the boston area goes to families right here in boston. >> elizabeth: i love that. you want every kid to have something to open on christmas. that's why it's so important. moving on today, a lowell apartment complex is becoming a problem for police. >> blair: tonight, residents who live there fear for their own safety. >> i don't feel safe anymore, going out by myself. >> elizabeth: ahead, only on the only local news at 6:30 p.m., the hundreds of crimes reported just this year.
6:27 pm
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>> elizabeth: a brockton woman was stabbed to death today and the district attorney tells
6:30 pm
home on merit avenue this afternoon. a neighbor tells us, another relative ran to them for help. our crew will be on scene all night, gathering new details. >> blair: the city of boston may soon ban plastic bags in all stores. this means shoppers will have to pay for a bag to get their things home if they don't bring their own. according to the city proposal, retailers would charge 5 cents per bag. the retailers association of massachusetts says they're against the proposal, because it might drive more people to on-line shopping. no vote on this yet. it has been sent back to committee for review. outside on the roads here. wednesday, washout really. this evening commute is slow going across southern new england tonight. >> blair: the heavy rain is falling all across the area. this is part of a weather system stretching down to the gulf of mexico. fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist jason brewer joins us now, tracking the timing of the storms here. jason. >> jason: right now, blair, the worst of the rain is really right across the pike. we're getting a bit of a break south of boston and to the north, it's just going to stay very rainy. let me show you the upclose view
6:31 pm
headed to sudbury, acton and chelmsford by 6:40 p.m. haverhill, 7:00 p.m. so north of the pike, this is where we're going to likely see the heavier totals rounding out the event. up to barry, the heavy rain continues. most in norfolk county at least getting in on a bit of a break and the cape and island and plymouth county not looking too bad. just spotty light rain out there. it's light in southern new hampshire. however, it has the potential to increase i the heavy rain to south lifts your way. then we have this low pressure center coming across overnight tonight. that's going to boost our rain chance once again. so this is round one, if you will, that's going to sort of lighten up and move out to the northeast, and then here comes the next batch of rain into the late evening and overnotice cloud cover hours and we'll have showers around for the -- overnight hours, and we'll have showers around for the early morning commute tomorrow. this is it needed rain. i'll recap rain totals straight
6:32 pm
as well. >> elizabeth: at 6:30 p.m., we're hearing from the former dighton fire chief and what he has to say about charges against him. >> blair: the bristol county d.a. charged him after he was caught buying his girlfriend clothes and billing the county for him. >> the reporter: the dighton board of selectmen called an emergency meeting and within minutes, they voted to suspend fire chief antone roderick without pay indefinitely. this comes one day after the bristol county d.a. charged the chief wi town for them. >> we trusted, we believed. i feel betrayed. >> the reporter: on the invoices submitted to the town, the d.a. says roderick used whiteout to cover the word women and hand wrote in men. when state police working out of the d.a.'s office confronted him about why he was using his clothing allowance to buy capris, tube tops and a woman's coat, roderick says he was embarrassed to be buying a woman's jacket for himself, so he changed the high temperature to read, as if it was a men's
6:33 pm
lot 30 pounds recently police say roderick even tried on the clouts, including the capris for the investigators to show they fit. he has offended not only this board but the taxpayers of it town. >> the reporter: roderick saying about his client, he is saddened by the allegations made against him and strongly denies them, including unfounded allegations made by town officials. a former town employee defended the chief today. >> i'm not quite sure a great fire chief. >> the reporter: roderick is charged with stealing under $250 worth of clothe, but the town estimates that the final bill will be in the thousands. in dighton, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: roads flooded, manholes on fire. the hectic situation here led to traffic gridlock throughout boston's chinatown in the middle of rush hour. >> blair: it took crews hours to fix and then clean up a water many break on washington street. that road reopened this afternoon and fox 25's jim
6:34 pm
that used to be under two feet of water. >> the reporter: 5:15 a.m. this morning, the first sign of trouble for some businesses in chinatown. >> what we had was a 20-inch water main that broke this morning. >> the reporter: up to two feet of water pooled at the intersection of washington and kneeland street. there was three to four feet of water in some businesses. that led to some businesses closing in food service. >> 12 to 15 restaurants have closed. then it got worse. all the water seeped into manholes on kneeland electrical fires erupted. >> the fire was off a gas seal, it was migrate to go a lot of businesses. >> the reporter: that prompted evacuations, 125 people in all, most from the boston hostels. this man saw smoke too. his boston pizza kitchen saw smoke. for a couple of hours anyway,
6:35 pm
sending thick toxic smoke right at his restaurant. >> i've seen it before. a few years ago, we had the same issue. >> the reporter: manny works for service master. needless to say, they were very busy today. >> all the businesses right here, they're full of water. we're getting all the water out, it's affected everything and cleaning everything up for right now. >> the reporter: in order for the restaurants in the area that had to be closed because of the water main break to be open, boston's inspectional services department will have to go into basement and make sure that anything that got wet discarded. >> i. >> i right now, governor charlie baker is in washington to receive an award. the governor is being honored by governing magazine. earlier today, he met with transportation and military leaders. he spoke with the president of amtrak about rail service here in massachusetts. the governor also met with the army's chief of staff at the pentagon. they discussed the future of the state's six military bases. some local lawmakers voted against her, but congresswoman nancy pelosi will remain the top ranking democrat in the
6:36 pm
congressman tim ryan. nancy pelosi has been the leading democrat in the house since 2002. massachusetts congressman steven lynch and seth molton endorsed ryan. no word on who will be secretary of state. a former massachusetts governor mitt romney met with trump last night hand is among four people under consideration. former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani is also a finalist. the official did not confirm the name of the remaining two. >> elizabeth: a florida company will pay deadly tent collapse at a new hampshire fairgrounds. walker international events has reached a settlement with the occupational safety and health administration. the vermont man and his 6-year-old daughter were killed in that accident. investigators say the company ignored weather warnings and did not properly build the tent, which collapsed during a storm last summer in lancaster. a local apartment complex under scrutiny tonight after police responded to hundreds of calls in just one year. now, this is the same complex where a mother was attacked and
6:37 pm
fox 25's stephanie coueignoux reports some residents are afraid to go out by themselves. >> the reporter: lowell city councilor rodney elliott says the westminster apartment complex has had close to 600 police calls this year alone and safety has been a problem for years residents say. >> i used to have a scanner and you would hear them, westminster, westminster. >> the reporter: beverly duxbury lived just next door and says she was horrified to learn about last week's deadly attack in the complex parking reported last week, a woman was killed by a group of people in front of her special needs son. >> what went through your mind. i went out and made sure my door was locked. >> the reporter: lowell city councilor rodney elliott is calling on the management company to be held responsible. he wants them to add security guards, cameras and a police officer at the complex, hall at the cost -- all at the cost to company and not the taxpayers. >> it is like the wild west. there are 431 units of housing here, and there's been reckless
6:38 pm
that's the bottom line. we shouldn't have to worry about resources and others being taken away from the rest of the city. >> the reporter: we went to management office, to speak with them ourselves, but were told, they couldn't comment. the manager referred us to their corporate office in new york. we called and left a voice mail. for duxbury, she says, addressing safety issues is long overdue. >> i don't feel safe anymore, going out by myself. it's a sad thing to say. >> the city manager and police superintendent are now working to discuss this issue, and they told me, they hope to have a plan of action by end of this week. in lowell, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: a deputy sheriff is recovering at home tonight after this crash in rockland. this was the scene on beech street this morning. police tell fox 25 the sheriff was heading to a call with lights and siren on, when a car turned in front of the cruiser and then collided. we're told the driver of the car has serious injuries. the sheriff and his k-9 were treated and released.
6:39 pm
now been granted a hearing in his attempt to get a new trial. darryl jones was convicted more than 30 years ago for a murder in brockton he says he did not commit. a judge today ordered the hearing after reviewing expert forensic heynal cies of a video that was a key piece of evidence, used by prosecutors to convict jones. that hearing is expected to be held some time early next year. a massachusetts lawmaker is looking to change when halloween is celebrated. filed a bill to change the celebration to the last saturday of october. he was apparently motivated to file it after a selectman in pembroke wanted to change the holiday. the change will be best from a safety standpoint, arthur boyle says. most lawmakers are torn on the idea, saying having the holiday on a weekend could mean an increase in crime. no at 6:30 p.m., the t tested out the height of the orange line cars today. the foam blocks are to make sure they fit in the tunnels. the new cars are taller, because
6:40 pm
we first showed you the pictures of the new orange line subway car earlier this month. 150 of them are on order, but they won't be ready for service for another two years. >> elizabeth: wildlife officials in new hampshire are asking hunters to not shoot at loons. the loon you see here was found shot in andover back in august. officials say loons are a state-threatened species around are protect under the migratory bird treaty act. a big honor for athletes from east boston high school. honored the girls volleyball team from east tee. they won the first city league championship hand the team had a perfect season, which is more impressive. they finished with 18 wins, zero losses. one of the team's four seniors was invited to address the council during the event. >> what started off as a team is a family. we have a bond that can't be broke and through all we've accomplished, i've had my
6:41 pm
the state quarter finals before falling to hamilton windham. they really had such a great season. >> blair: good for them i- >> kevin: right now, i'm tracking heavy rain over acton and way burn, headed for woburn and lynn. i have a close are look at fox 25 storm tracker radar. where the heavy rain is moving tonight and when more comes in later on tonight. >> blair: also ahead tonight, narcan and nursing ?? dylan: anybody can do parkour.
6:42 pm
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>> blair: we have all seen the opioid epidemic's far reaching effects with young people but now state regulators are urging nursing homes across the state to contrary the overdose reversing drug narcan. >> elizabeth: heather hegedus spoke with a local nursing home about why they have already gotten the drug on hand. >> the reporter: it's not the type of place you would expect to see an overdose reversal drug, best known for its use in reviving heroin patients, but locked inside an emergency quit
6:45 pm
norwood, is narcan. >> so if the nurses need it, they need to have it readily accessible to them. >> the reporter: the ellis had the narcan on hand for five years, an fortunately, they've never had to use it. but recently, the state issued this letter, recommending all nursing homes have narcan on hand, and policies in place for using it. >> i think it's a great idea. i think it protects us. more and more, elderly patients are being given opioids to treat pain. drugs that are patients with memory problems or dementia may take more than they need and family members may be unintended enablers, even if they have the best of intentions. >> sometimes the family feels if their pain is not in control, they might slip them a medication that they're taking at home. even though the nurses have already given it to them. >> the reporter: but the new guidelines also bring up new questions for nursing home staff, who wonder, just how much they'll be held responsible for,
6:46 pm
overdoses on their property. >> person walking by the building, and we notice them, and we do notice the signs that they're heroin addicted. where is our liability in helping that resident. >> the reporter: of the state tells me, they'll now be looking for narcan, when inspecting nursing homes and in a nursing home doesn't comply, the facility will have ten days to correct the problem. in the studio, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> blair: you maybe notice the you're stuck with us tonight at 6:00 p.m. ock and vanessa are at a very special tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, who is receiving a special award for the national academy of arts and sciences. >> elizabeth: kevin is being recognized for 25 years of service to this community. he's been here with us since the very beginning, not only forecasting record-setting weather but giving time to charities and community events. >> blair: it's so much more than a forecast as you know. >> jason: that's right. so excited for kevin. well deserved. love to be part of his team. in the meantime, he's missing out on a pretty busy night
6:47 pm
have love and i get to do it tonight. we are active here in storm tracker weather center. i've been watching the heavy rain along the pike and points northward, going forward for your dinner plans, that's where the worst of it is, but look at here, down to the south, really breaking up, and so, if you're in, say, plymouth county, the cape, the islands, not near the rain that we're getting to the north. in southern new hampshire, it's filled back in we had a break earlier this evening, but now that's all over. heavy rain over woburn. it's there now, moving manchester by the sea by about 7:00 p.m., over to cape ann there after, and it's right over boston, but look to the south and the west, a break in the action. so weymouth, brockton, most of southern norfolk county is drying out now, marshfield to plymouth, hall the way to cape cod, nantucket, and the vineyard. it's just spotty light rain here, and i don't expect much more than that for dinnertime, but as we get to the late night hours, that will start to change again.
6:48 pm
western middlesex. let's zoom into this shower, headed for leister and worcester by 7:00 p.m. and then this steady rain, apple to near barry, over to gardener, northwestern worcester county, this is going to be a spot we could easily pick up a half an inch over the next hour, so in fitchburg, we've had a hurt cajuns and warhawkser inch. worcester, half an inch. these numbers will change when we get the next update at the top of the hour, we'll share all the updated totals for you on fox 25 tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. norwood, a third of an inch and very much lower amounts cape and the islands, but again, that's the spot that will pick up another half an inch overnight as some of this rain moves in with low pressure that is developing back toward pennsylvania and virginia now. so this whole system has yet to move through. that's why the overnight hours we get those additional totals. so it looks right now, north and west of boston, that's where the heavier totals will fall, an inch, maybe an inch and a half
6:49 pm
a third of an inch of rain as it stands and i like futurecast. this is a brand new run, forget all this stuff, but the heavy rain is initialized well. this is our high resolution model and shows the heavy rain lifting north through 10 and tonight we'll watch at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., for heavy rain coming up from the south overnight. i think it's with us through at least 6:00 a.m. in the morning tomorrow and in between, 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. in the morning tomorrow, i expect it to exit the east coast. shiri will be tracking that updated morning, beginning at 4:00 a.m., but she's going to be tracking some rain. temperatures are in the 40's. will actually rise one or two degrees toward dawn here as you receive the predawn temperatures coming up, thanks to that warm front that's coming by, and that's going to leave us with an above-normal day tomorrow. we'll have breezy conditions, it will be mostly cloudy, morning sun and the clouds fill in. 50 to 55. mid and upper 50's around the greater boston area, back over toward hudson, middle 50's
6:50 pm
day of december, i see mid 50's for the cape and the islands as well, and so, above normal temperatures for one more day, and then friday, we begin to feel changes, middle 30's in the morning, upper 40's in the afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy skies, we'll keep it dry. there's your weekend always in view. jordan's 14 ever furniture in fay particular, 10-2, the storm tracker weather team will be out there collecting coats for our coats for kids drive. the coat dropoff day is saturday. cloudy andbr shower would be monday. back to you. >> thanks jason. week 13 of the nfl season and for the patriots, it's a battle of attrition. healthy, a relative term for football players this time of year. tom leyden in foxborough with an update and this sunday, the 0-1 patriots are being celebrated at gillette.
6:51 pm
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>> butch joins us now. five regular season games left, crunch time, huff? >> this is usually where the patriots shine. bill belichick and the patriots are always great in december, but not last year. that's got some people concerned. it is crunch time for the patriots and even though they're 9-2, as we all november, sitting in the afc drivers see if you will, last year, you may remember, they were 10-1 at this point and they lost to philadelphia at gillette this week and ended up losing three
6:54 pm
leyden reports tonight, you may have not be taking the rams seriously, but the patriots are. bill belichick was quick to talk about the talent level the team is facing with the rams coming to town. >> there's tremendous weapon. >> the reporter: that's the rams punter. punter, as weapon. but i digressed. an emotional game for chris long, who spent his first eight seasons in the rams organization. had good years there, got a lot the coaches, but at the end of the day, this is where i play football right now, and you know, so it's not weird. >> the reporter: a quick look at the records and you would think this is an automatic mismatch, but where you should really look is the calendar. december 4th, these games in final month of the season, ultracritical. most notably, when there are teams in the afc nipping at your heels. >> this is when football really begins, you know, people are trying to get into the playoff, people are trying to keep their
6:55 pm
played. >> at the end of the day, no one is looking anywhere else but at the rams this week, we're not looking behind us, we're just looking forward. >> the reporter: at gillette stadium, with the patriots, tom leyden, fox 25 sports. >> fox fox 25 is your home for the patriots this weekend. the game is on our air and as the 2001 patriots are honored at gillette on sunday, we will look back in our 10:00 a.m. pregame show, called dawn of a dynasty. and whether i spoke withdrew bledsoe last night, he brought us back to how hard it was for him to t tom brady took his job. >> all of a sudden, the team starts rolling, and i'm the guy on the sidelines, man, instead of the guy out there playing ball and that really hurt. >> tune in sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. for our hour long pregame show, dawn of a dynasty, tom leyden, myself, elizabeth hopkins, former patriot matt lite will be live at gillette stadium.
6:56 pm
bowl xxxvi. after spending sunday night's game to spend time with his wife, after the birth of their second child, al horford will be back in the starting lineup against the pistons. the memorable nutty that doc pulled in brooklyn. the clippers coach gets called for a foul by referee warren holdcamp. doc didn't like the call, but he didn't like the fact that a referee that wasn't involved with the play was given a technical. he wasn't taking it out on the woman referee. let's be clear at that. he was very upset. a memorable nutty, is a good way to describe it. >> mark: stuck with the rain. >> jason: the worst of it lifting from the pike northward, over the next few hours, and then there's going to be more
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight a box 25 investigates special. so postdated as they sleep with my husband's 120,000 requests a story of a local woman who spent five years in hospice care even though she was italian >> woman: they took away five years of my life >> after box 25 should a dangerous loophole new orders to get bus drivers charged with serious crimes away from children. >> woman: we are talking about protecting children there should be no delay speed and the bizarre takedown that appears to show a federal marshal kicking the hand of defendants red box 25 investigates shows you of marshall's target a mentally ill man as he spoke to his


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