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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  November 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight a box 25 investigates special. so postdated as they sleep with my husband's 120,000 requests a story of a local woman who spent five years in hospice care even though she was italian >> woman: they took away five years of my life >> after box 25 should a dangerous loophole new orders to get bus drivers charged with serious crimes away from children. >> woman: we are talking about protecting children there should be no delay speed and the bizarre takedown that appears to show a federal marshal kicking the hand of defendants red box 25 investigates shows you of marshall's target a mentally ill man as he spoke to his
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good evening everyone i am eric rasmussen lb's sharing box 25 most in-depth news story. a federal courtroom shows civic commercials tackling an unarmed defendant the coptic it was justified other see the video tells a different story. >> woman: i was shocked. i was blown away. >> eric: 11:29 a.m. courtroom four at the federal courthouse in boston security camera video obtained by fox 25 news shows two u.s. marshall's taking down unarmed defendant james masara. showing profanities, dragging
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even kicking him three times after he appears to be in handcuffs. >> woman: there was nothing i could do to help him. >> eric: his fiancie christina car was in the courtroom. >> woman: i turned around because i could see it. and all i heard was yelling mother ---- i am going to grab your ---- i could listen anymore. >> eric: before the incident the judge sentenced him to 30 days on a be seen speaking to his attorney right before the marshall's approach and placed him under arrest. according to court records judge nathaniel jordan was emotionally distraught during the proceedings and refused to put his hands behind his back to be kept. in an email the judge said the lead partial was aggressive and profane from the start but i don't think and necessarily so.
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part is the judge had every ability to stop that from happening. but he stood there and watched. >> eric: federal judge's do not control the u.s. marshall service. he remains locked up on new charges resisting a federal law officer ever since. his fiancie in court records confirm he has a history of mental >> woman: i don't care what anybody did no one deserves to be treated like that. he was an unarmed man. he had a mental illness there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to do that. >> eric: the u.s. marshall said two officers were injured during that takedown. the officers involved have been discharged and the prosecutors wants to seal evidence because of our first report. >> woman: meanwhile expense:she is grieving, we are all upset. we are devastated. >> eric: fox 25 news showed
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$150 million back in 2014 after it was accused of improperly billing medicare. it pleaded not guilty. patricia marshall is a boy she spent five years in in-home hospice care:that was for people at the end of their life. >> woman: we went through all the stages of grief. >> eric: the prognosis >> eric: her copd so that the total patricia marbles family the and was near. >> eric: you were preparing to say goodbye. >> woman: yes speech at her mother's regular doctor recommended in-home hospice care she signed off in 2011. >> woman: mom trusted her nurse. my mom trusted these people. >> eric: trusting them so much she didn't question his long list of drugs including attentional and working to keep her comfortable. >> woman: they said she could
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pain. >> eric: marble remained in hospice care for 10 years. then earlier this year brad was against the hospice nurses and finally took her mom to an outside doctor. >> woman: the doctors were telling me there was a problem. the problem with her being on hospice for five years. >> eric: the colts defense to have potential hospice which could involve the misuse of medicare tax dollars. the parent company reclined repeated request even after they send a privacy waiver. but visit marble was found eligible for hospice care by at least five different doctors including two of her personal positions. allegations she was discouraged
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physician are simply false. meanwhile 76-year-old patricia marble is still very much alive. >> eric: how are you feeling now? >> woman: i am feeling a lot better. >> eric: federal investigators met with marble after for speaking her july right long:not long after she stopped hospice care. >> woman: i feel it have that cloud of being intimidated. stopped medication and like she told me. it was surreal all of a sudden this nurse turns interrupting my household. >> prosecutor brian kelly said company doctors prescribed marbles medication in full compliance with federal and state law. she received this is a very 60 days to assess her continued eligibility for hospice care. the medical ethicist raised questions. >> reporter: it is inconceivable that he go on for five years. >> eric: hospice care is typically limited to those with
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speaker after five years i just don't think :there is something clearly wrong there. >> eric: marble and her family help her fight to live will be part of her legacy. >> woman: my mother wasn't dying. >> eric: if you are considering hospice care for a loved one there are resources on
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broken equipment and outright theft fox 25 news found water customers are picking up the tabs and symptoms are seeing one third of all the water they pump out simply disappear. hardly a water wasters before that is a lot of money >> came as a shock. >> woman: i thought that was a mistake. >> eric: is $60 base fee. more than $40 more. >> woman: it could be reflected people's water use.>> eric: fox 25 investigates found that communities around massachusetts are asking customers to pay for water they never use. water foster broken mains,
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cure he says they face nearly 50 water cheaters a year we had one person tried to glue his beater back together. >> eric: whether broken meters in boston inspectors checked out 3010 cases of suspected water theft just this january. 13 confirmed in these records obtained by fox 25 investigates. water meters disconnected and unmetered to a fire hydrant a construction contractor. even a restaurant getting water free of charge until transmitting errors on the meters tipped off inspectors. the boston water and beater blacked out the names of the water, telling gentry that could be an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. my job is to protect all the residents of the few getting
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>> eric: he runs the water facility he says that makes up only a small part of all the water that gets lost in the system.90 percent of all the water in law is unaccounted'd been higher in the past. now lowell, mauldin and others are to report leak check should try to get them closer to the state standard of 20 percent or less. losing water in money here and lowell they say $20,000 every time they reduce water unaccounted for by one percent. if there is unaccounted water who picks up the tab give back three it goes across the board to everyone. >> eric: people here. >> woman: i am not in the workforce anymore. i am at a fixed income. >> eric: he said he is only charging her more to pay for maintenance on the system not for unaccounted for water. even though the city lost water
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leaving some to wonder how much more money could be going down the drain. boston water thieves can pay size of five-$10,000 a day. you could report suspected that because everybody pays the bill. local man accused of stealing millions in a ponzi scheme that giving advice to college kids. >> woman: it is hard to believe that tax dollars are going to pay his salary. >> eric: he was sentenced to 11 years in federal fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record,
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. >> eric: fox 25 investigates first the early education and care of suspected abuse at residential schools over the phone. now we have complaint stickers, school programs were a state investigator was never assigned at all.
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to face allegations over abuse of children some less than a year old. >> reporter: said she was rocked aggressively. to be put to sleep. >> eric: will then look into the specific allegations of abuse, and other state agency early education and care is responsible to investigating the day cares. one elected investigation reports of other school programs in the last two years they revealed eec investigators to be much of the work by phone rather than visiting in person we are doi >> eric: tom weber recently told state lawmakers he has only five investigators to oversee 9000 programs. the numbers uncovered by fox 25 investigates paint in even more troubling picture. around metro boston out of 250 complaints received by eec since july just 33 forever assigned to an investigator.
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investigators in worchester and taunton in the last five months. after this hearing on beacon hill state rep all said there is one that needs to be done there is no substitute for being there and giving the people to talk to an investigator. >> eric: eec told to to each incident can have multiple complaints and it is based on the severity of those allegations. >> woman: do you think there a convicted criminal should be helping students? >> uncovers how a umass boston accused of stealing thousands from locals is working at the tax funded university as the career counselor. carol hedges attractive the felon and victim silver it is a slap in the face. >> woman: we saw barracudas. >> eric: at this phase in life she should be getting ready to retire and travel the world. >> woman: when your home life
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such a point. >> eric: she and her husband poured their money into a retirement account with someone they thought they could trust. nobody questioned him he was so friendly, a friendly face. he just didn't look like a monster. >> eric: she is talking about brad 's lead, they met her husband at the masonic lodge, they:he convinced detainees and others at the lodge to invest with they felt that he was running a ponzi scheme and diverted betty to his own bank account. >> woman: he was living a double life. >> reporter: court records obtained by fox 25 investigates show he invested more than $32 million in more than 100 boston area clients including the tenney's, he was sentenced to 11 years and was released three years ago.
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a tiny portion of their money back. >> woman: you can't put 25,000 in a 401(k).>> reporter: they called fox 25 investigates when she found out he is working as a career counselor at umass boston. in the past two years according to state records he has earned more than $50,000. >> woman: it is hard to believe tax dollars are going to pay his salary. and he is a career specialist. that is what made me so >> reporter: i am a reporter with fox 25 news. >> reporter: we tracked him down but do you think you should be a career counselor to students? let's put it this way i have a lot of remorse for what i did. >> reporter: taxpayers are paying your you think the taxpayers should be spending money?
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am trying to earn my money and do the right thing. and i would like to have a second chance. >> reporter: as for janice teddy she won't get a second chance at her retirement dreams she imagined for herself and her husband. michael died four years ago from esophageal cancer. >> woman: i still think the stress from this whole thing do believe that. he said we are going to have a good time when we die. it just didn't pan out the way we had hoped. that is a sad thing. >> reporter: in a statement to fox 25 news umass boston said he was hired as a part-time student employee of the university didn't answer our questions on whether they did a criminal background check before he was hired.
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interview citing the need to respect lights privacy.
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. >> eric: earlier this year fox
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dangerous place spot in licensing a bus drivers. until our report who had his license after he was charged with a serious crime against a child. in the governor's office has new orders to law enforcement affixes but is there anything you want to say? >> reporter: chris jason has a crack in the system uncovered by fox 25 investigates. after he was arrested for the rape of a 12-year-old girl in a neighboring town the department of public facilities was licensing all plus never suspended chase's bus license. that 12-year-old girl didn't write his bus and he has pleaded:not guilty but it was enough to get the attention of governor baker after his first report the report was an
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>> eric: baker said the track that mcstay could only track convictions and could no longer have arrest of buses drivers in real-time. the state sent out this bulletin to law enforcement asking them to report all the rest of school bus driver to the rmd. there license to transport children could be suspended while charges are pending. >> woman: we are talking about protecting should be no delay.>> eric: victim advocate said following fox 25 investigates, so. >> woman: there is no person making sure the driver isn't molesting children. the most we can do it would give kids:an adult that kind of access tickets is to have immediate. >> eric: they are working on an automatic notification, but that may not be available until next year. it is happening when people are asleep, when their phones are off and even when they are trying to download videos that
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fox 25 investigates has been looking into that spanking mystery data since july and we have found the fcc has had numerous complaints this year. video, email, every gigabyte cost. >> woman: we are paying more and more. >> eric: they cannot make sense of their cell phone bills over the summer. the overages costing them over $50 extra a month. >> woman: at 12:41 a.m. my kilobytes. you can see the progression through the month. >> eric: kept going over the data limit. at&t said there used to both in june a whopping 21.9 gigabytes. are you stripping videos of water clock: 1:00, streaming ds at 2:00. it is wi-fi, not data.
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their iphones for the charges kept coming even after their new phones were on. >> woman: maybe there was a glitch. something that would explain why we went through almost double our amount of data and what i thought was a lot of finger-pointing at me. finger-pointing at apple and complete lack of accountability. >> eric: not just an isolated incident and not just at&t. complaints to the fcc that more than 800 percent in the last three years. >> woman: you are charged for data you don't use. >> eric: they said people can still data making people paid the overage. we talked to her at ohio state university. even when there is no file play customers can be charge for more data that they actually
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for the user you can still be charge. >> eric: so i tried to watch a video and the will is spinning i am already charge for that data? >> woman: 30s to be more regulation of cell phones. >> eric: barbara anthony said the sec doesn't regulate contracts between cell phone >> woman: there is a good question whether anyone is watching them as a consumer. >> eric: there are no state hours of the provider got a refund but they never got an explanation. >> woman: we are facing an uphill battle to them to prove we are not up all night stripping videos is that of being on wi-fi or sleeping. they put that on us. >> eric: at&t apologize for 80 inconveniences that they stopped charging for data overages in august. t-mobile has been doing that
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the woman who allegedly tried to extort von miller says that she wasn't trying to extort him. >> i used it to play with myself. >> that's cool. >> you ever watch him tickle yourself -- >> of course! >> a camera across the room? i'm not looking at that. but if i'm directing, i can frahm myself up. [laughter] >> donald trump got the hell be out of him violently at the y.g. concert last night. it was a donald trump pinata. >> [bleep]! >> wait, what was in the pinata? >> i'm obsessed. was it candy? >> pages of e-mails flew out everywhere. [laughter] >> khloe kardashian, she took to snapchat to give us a tour of her factory.


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