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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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slightly warmer air that could even mean a rumble of thunder early on tomorrow morning. but i'll show you when it clears out of here in just a minute. breaking news right now a mother is dead and investigators have charged her 18-year-old son with killing her. it was a chaotic scene in brockton today when the toon's grandmother ran door-to-door -- when the teen's grandmother ran door-to-door screaming for help. detectives returned to that scene just about an hour ago. >> reporter: they did. they remain inside that house tonight, vanessa looking for clues to how a young man could do the unthinkable and murder his own mother. police investigators back inside this brockton home where the d.a. confirms a tragic family killing took place. 18-year-old france charged with the murder of his mother who was 44-year-old. a neighbor ran to help his grandmother who was going door-to-door shouting for
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bad only because she was wailing and screaming. >> reporter: the grandmother who doesn't speak english, pulled monteiro by the hand to 34 merit ave. once there monteiro understood telling us he came at them. >> zombie-like. he came lunging through the kitchen at the door where we were standing and i just pull the grandmother out of there and i said no, you're not going in. >> reporter: monteiro pull the grandmother to safety. firefighters and police arrive custody. inside the home his dying mother. >> a woman that lived in this home has passed away as a result of multiple stab wounds. >> how this happened is unclear. but it has unnerved neighbors. >> it's pretty scary. like i said i just thought it was some kids playing in the yard unfortunately it turned out to be this. >> reporter: this is what police continue to investigate. and is also what the d.a.
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exactly what happened but a mother son relationship and for it to end this way it's terrible, it's tragic we need to make sure we find out what happened. >> he will be in court here in brockton in the morning arraigned on the charge of murder for stabbing his mother to death. we're live in brockton tonight. john monahan, tax 25 news. developing now, nearly one million android phones have been infected by hackers. officials say they've gained access to google account information through apps outside official according to google hackers have not yet stolen any personal information. they also say they are removing the apps that are causing this hack. to see the full list of apps behind this issue visit a local chef is accused of stealing food from the people he was supposed to be serving. as fox 25's malini basu shows us police say his girlfriend and his daughter were in on it. >> reporter: for 6.50 years david lavoie was the cook and site manager for carver council on aging.
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girlfriend tracy archer and her daughter kimberly parkman were stealing from those in need. >> i just can't believe that he would steal, you know, because he's not that kind of a person. >> reporter: carver, police tell fox 25, they were tipped off about during the late summer months after food went missing one day prime rib was on the menu board instead the folks were served buffalo chicken wings which had never been ordered for the council on aging before. >> i was surprised i did see prime rib on the menu one day i >> he was responsible for ordering food. he ordered prime rib that went missing and other items. >> reporter: this is when folks started to get suspicious. >> the palates of the people who eat the food are more of a bland nature not usually buffalo chicken wings. >> reporter: police say lavoie would go into the pantry after hours. detectives say surveillance video shows two suspects walking out with trays.
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program. investigators say cans of food donated for them were also stolen. >> to steal from c.o.a. is quite surprising. >> reporter: we stopped by lavoie and his girl's home in plymouth. a woman came to the porch and didn't want to make a comment. >> well, i was just telling how much we all miss him, you know, and wishing him the very best. >> reporter: folks here tell us la he had one leg he came to work every single day. in the meantime, lavoie and the other suspects are all facing conspiracy and larceny charges. lavoie has resigned from his position. for now we're in carver tonight's, malini basu, fox 25 news. the fire chief is off the job accused of buying his girlfriend thousands of dollars worth of clothes and billing the town for them.
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attorney rodrick told fox 25 he strongly denies the allegations against him. investigators are now blaming electrical equipment for causing a devastating fire in lawrence. this cell phone video shows the scene yesterday on east haverhill street. the flames destroyed a triple decker more than 20 people, including several children are homeless. lawrence fire told us the flames started in the second floor broom malfunctions electronics accidentally sparked the fire. a lowell city council is calling for change after learng complex hundreds of times in the last years. a woman was killed in the westminster village apartment complex parking lot. councillor rodney elliot says between last november and this november police responded to 573 calls there. he wants the owners to pay for security guards, cameras and a city police officer to patrol the complex at all times. >> it is like the wild west here. there are 431 units of housing here there's been
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police superintendent are working to meet with the complex manager so they can discuss how to address this issue. they hope to have a plan of action by the end of the week. new tonight police are seavering for two people who stole more than $1,000 from a local business in uxbridge. officers tell us these two went to the stores separately and went to different cashiers and confused the cashiers so they could skim money from the stack being counted and they were seen driving a silver bmw. if you recognize them call police. also new tonight, rein track down this suspect connected to several break-ins. officers say the man is responsible for 14 break-ins in nearby businesses. they found this photo of him with where he allegedly tried to use a stolen credit card at a store. if you recognize him call police. x-rays, d.n.a. test results, and fingerprints lifted from a gun those are just some of the items aaron hernandez's lawyer want the suffolk county d.a.'s office to hand over before his double murder trial. it's all detailed in new court documents examined by fox 25's ted daniel.
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is scheduled to begin in just months. >> reporter: mark, the new trial is slated for february in boston. we have yet to learn what strategy hernandez's lawyers will use but with florida-based attorney jose baez leading the defense expect anything and everything. while aaron hernandez sits in a supermax prison in shirley serving with one life sentence, his new legal team is hard at work trying to keep two more life sentences from being tacked on. that's automatic if the former patot guilty of a july 2012 drive by shooting in boston. it killed 29-year-old daniel deaprayo and 28-year-old furtardo. brad bailey is following the case for fox 25. >> the jury will not know that aaron hernandez has been convicted of first-degree murder and that's going to be a big part of the jury selection. >> reporter: bailey says new court documents reveal jose baez and the attorneys working with him are not leaving anything to chance.
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of evidence and the names and credentials of everyone who's handled it. >> but it looks like there's a general phishing expedition going on here but within that general phishing expedition there's a lot of areas that are perfectly appropriate and fair game for the defense to be looking into. >> reporter: unlike the lloyd trial, the prosecution is expected to produce an eyewitness. alexander bradley claims he was with hernandez with when hernandez allegedly became enraged over a spilled drink at a nightclub. bradley is a jury he saw hernandez pull alongside of the car deaprayo and furtardo were in and opened fire. i spoke with a civil lawyer who says he believe in the justice system they are eager for this case to go to trial. live in our control room, ted daniel, fox 25 news. protests in charlotte, north carolina hours after a prosecutor said a officer
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lawfully when he shot keith scott in september. officer vincent said he saw scott holding a gun and fired at him out of concern for public safety. >> our determination is that at that time his belief was reasonable that he was in imminent threat of death or the threat of his fellow officers he was justified in shooting. >> today the scott family pleaded for everyone to keep an open mind. as wildfires continue to burn in tennessee the death three more bodies were found today bringing the number of people killed to seven. but many say their family members are still missing. more than seven00 homes and businesses have been destroyed or damaged. the weather took a turn for the better today bringing some rain to the area. >> you your wake up forecast lower 50s and showers will be ending from the west to the east. i'll show you when that rain heads out of here and some mild temperatures before the
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surveillance camera captures a big bear and a bobcat roaming in her backyard. how close she was to having a will encounter with one of them.
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us. >> reporter: people with who live on that street say this is not first time that bear has made a visit. now the next time they're not going to make it so easy for him. joy kala's cameras caught him on video red-handed moseying over to a huge meal too enticing to miss miss. joy was out in the driveway feet awayic to pup the newspaper. >> you missed him by about >> you could have been out here and been breakfast? [laughter] yeah, maybe. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago joy's cameras captured this bobcat, too. but joy kala is not the only one dealing with this new neighbor. kenny and laura made first acquaintance. >> it was on the back deck he pulled a steel post over.
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was back again last night. >> reporter: he's not the most considerate houseguest. this bird feeder used to be straight nailed to the porch. >> he didn't just bend everything he just took everything away, gone. the pole, everything is gone. >> reporter: and the family say he's left plenty of claw marks on the back deck. this same back deck that's right off the kitchen window where laura makes coffee, usually around the same time the bear comes. >> he's very brazen. i mean he's on the deck right outside that and doesn't seem to bother him if anybody with is around or not. >> reporter: now this uninvited guest may have to find a new breakfast spot since the families are doing away with the bird seed. >> when she sent me the text this morning i said okay, we'll stop feeding him. so the birds will go without for hopefully until the snow flies and they'll go into hibernation and won't have to deal with them. >> reporter: wildlife experts say if you do encounter a bear do not run
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big as possible and make a lot of noise. if you have to go out to your driveways in the morning it's probably a good idea to turn on the lights before you go out to your car. jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. president-elect donald trump announced today that to prevent any conflicts of interest he will hand over control of his global business empire to his adult children before taking over the oval office. in a series of tweets trump said he will hold a news conference in two weeks to discuss details of the plan. but some including senator the move. >> this isn't about formal ownership, this is about whether or not you've got a conflict of interest, whether or not donald trump is actually working for the american people or just working for trump enterprises. >> trump says legal documents are being written up to take him completely out of the business operations. congresswoman nancy pelosi will remain the top ranking democrat in the house of representatives. today the california lawmaker survived a challenge from ohio
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democrat in the house since 2002 but several representatives, including stephen lynch endorsed ryan. they say the party needed a change of leadership. >> governor charlie baker is in washington for talks. today the governor met with the president of amtrak to discuss rail service in massachusetts. he also went to the pentagon to meet with the army's chief of staff. they discussed the future of the state's six military baseses. earlier this evening the from governing magazine. today the boston city council discussed a ban on plastic bags the goal is to get people to bring reusable bags. those who don't would have to pay five cents for each paper or biodegradable plastic bag they use but the businesses would get to keep that money. opponents say that could hurt the local economy by driving people to shop on-line. the city councillor matt o'malley who have behind the proposal told fox 25 that's unlikely.
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will buy on-line to pay $5 or $15 shipping and handling to avoid a five cent fee i don't think holds much water. >> there are exemptions for produce and dry cleaning bags. the proposal was sent to back to committee for review. what a washout of an evening commute. right now still tracking some pockets of heavier showers. more of them coming from up the south here overnight tonight. so we move in here to essex county where we h of peabody now. but some more headed in here it to middlesex county and across worcester county as well. this one batch of rain coming out of providence that's headed for quincy and boston 11:40 say toward midnight across newton as well. you will hear an increase in the intensity of the rain on the rooftop here in the late night hours. now we're watching also for these scattered heavier showers to continue across cape cod and the islands where we haven't had that much rain yet but since i
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tacked on about another tenth of an inch in beverly, bedford and boston we're right around an inch of rain in these locations, including worcester here. norwood half an inch and then you see here hyannis chatham just a few hundreds but i think with we can tack on half an inch there some of those heavier showers that are popping up on radar and coming through here in the overnight hours. now we're running in an extreme drought here in red color that you're seeing. so we're getting some short-term drought relief from the rain we've had. seeing does not include the inch of rain that we have had today. so let's say we're at 10 inches below normal now if we get another half inch overnight you can see we still need maybe five more of these events before we can really put a big dent in what's going on. but we'll take what we can get. temperatures are in the 40s right now some low 50s as you go toward nantucket and vineyard and that slightly warmer air will make its way up from the south and east all the way into boston by sunrise tomorrow.
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then we even see a bit of sun peeking out here as we head through the rest of the morning drive time into lunch hour. here's a look at 4:00 in the morning when you see shiri on fox 25 morning news she will be tracking some heavier showers and right now the model is putting the warm front right here up the north shore. that's with where we see some of the heavier rain southern new hampshire back into the worcester hills. that final push of showery weather comes through between be 6:00 and seven :00 a.m. then it's offshore by eight. slowly rising through the 50s there during the morning hours and heading into the 50s for the midday and early afternoon hours even in worcester county. so we're starting out the first day of december on a milder note than what we might normally see. keep in mind our normal high in boston with is 47 tomorrow. i have us into the upper 50s. it's going to be breezy. we'll have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. but temperatures well above average even for the cape with middle 50s there.
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we wake up to some 30s on friday morning 20s on saturday morning. high temperatures back to normal by the week. which is always in view. you will see our coat drop-off day still looking dry. we'll see you at 10:00 in natick then on sunday for the pats nice and qui wet temperatures in the lower 40s. -- quiet with temperatures in the lower 40s. al horford back from his baby-sitting. tom leyden gives us the latest on the patriots from to the magical 2001 season. if you're one of those
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>> rainy night outside and apparently at the garden not a good night. the celtics aren't good enough to win if they don't play harder than the other guys. that's really what happened tonight. it has been an up and down season so far for the celtics. tonight they simply get outplayed and outshot by the detroit pistons. al horford back after missing monday's game to be with his wife and newborn daughter. shooting seven of nine for the game finishes with 19 points. butle real story of this game of the pistons starters outplaying the celtics starters.
11:24 pm
down 10 the celtics go on a 11-0 run to start the fourth. the celtics lead but they get outscored and outplayed down the stretch. 121-114 the final. boogie cousins from mote here friday night. well, the patriots with six players with who did not practice at all today. that list includes tom brady, grob hearts -- gronkowski. >> reporter: still questions surrounding the health of tom brady and rob gronkowski who both missed practice today but bill belichick was with quick about the talent level with the rams coming to down. >> that's the rams punter, punter as weapon. but i digress. an emotional game for chris long who spent his first eight seasons in the rams organization. >> i had good years there.
11:25 pm
but at the end of the day this is where i play football right now. you know, so -- >> reporter: a quick look at the records you would think this is an automatic mismatch but where you should really look is the calendar december 4th . these games in the final month of the season ultra critical. most notably when there are teams in the afc nipping at your heels. >> this is when football really begins. keep on trying to get in the playoffs people are trying it to keep their spot that's when real football starts. gets played. >> but at the end of the day like no one's look anywhere else but at the rams this week. we're not looking behind us we're just looking forward. >> at gillette stadium with with the patriots, tom leyden, fox 25 sports. >> thanks, tom. fox 25 is your home for the patriots this weekend. the game is on our air against the rams and in our 10:00 a.m. pregame show called dawn of a dynasty we help celebrate the 2001 patriots for those who've who you say now you knew back then that tom brady
11:26 pm
willie mcginnis has a message for you. >> if anybody says al we knew tom brady was going to be with what he is now they're full of it. we were always prepared for an injury situation and the the next guy coming in had to make sure that he held his weight and he was prepared and knew what to do once he got his opportunity. >> fund morning from 10:00 to 11:00 dawn of a dynasty our fox 25 patriots pregame special. you will hear more from willie, you will hear from troy brown, drew bledsoe and matt light will be co-hosting on the field with tom leyden, myself, elizabeth hopkins will be tailgating. again 10:00 a.m. sunday morning dawn of a dynasty. and jason promises i don't need my rain coat or hat or anything for that. >> we've had enough rain. enough. >> can you confirm? >> this is needed too. but we better soak up while
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the woman who allegedly tried to extort von miller says that she wasn't trying to extort him. >> i used it to play with myself. >> that's cool. >> you ever watch him tickle yourself -- >> of course! >> a camera across the room? i'm not looking at that. but if i'm holding, i'm up. [laughter] >> donald trump got the hell be out of him violently at the y.g. concert last night. it was a donald trump pinata. >> [bleep]! >> wait, what was in the pinata? >> i'm obsessed. was it candy? >> pages of e-mails flew out everywhere. [laughter] >> khloe kardashian, she took to snapchat to give us a tour of her factory. people have accused her of


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