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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  December 1, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. now at 10:00, the radar as you can see is lit up and a night of rain is on the way. good evening everne >> and i'm vanessa welch. meteorologist jason brewer is in the storm tracker weather center. jason that rain is going to last right through the morning commute tomorrow. >> we're going to definitely be tracking this early tomorrow morning. there's really no end in sight to it just yet. now the intense ity of the rain has eased somewhat but a lot of ponding on the water and roadways ock you were just telling me about a spin out you saw earlier.
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their way north eastward overnight and there's plenty more rain back to the west. what you will see when you wake up with shiri in the morning some gusty winds, cape and the islands upper 50s and still some rain, especially along that front we will be tracking the position of that as it moves through. i have an update when this all gets out of here and an updated rain to tells list for you in just a little bit. crime tape continues to surround this home inside the district attorney says a death. fox 25's john monahan is live for us in brook tonight tonight. homicide charges were announced. >> reporter: that's right, mark, police investigators have showed up here in full force. back inside the house you can see the lights inside as they were looking for clues. we have just learned from the d.a. that 18-year-old man is now charged with the you murder of 44-year-old, his own mother.
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still surrounds this brockton home where investigators believe a tragic family killing took place. maryann monteiro ran to this grandmother who was going door-to-door shouting for help. >> i knew it was something bad only because she was wailing and screaming. >> reporter: the granted mother who doesn't speak english, pulled monteiro by the hand to 34 marry it avenue. once this maryann understood telling us the woman's them. >> zombie like, and he came lunging through the kitchen at the door with where we were standing and i just pulled the granted mother out of there and i said no, you're not going in. >> reporter: monteiro pulled the woman to safety. firefighters and police pulled up and took that 18-year-old into custody. inside the home his dying mother. >> a woman that lived in this home has passed away as a result of multiple stab wounds. >> reporter: how this
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neighbors. >> it's pretty scary. like i say i just thought it was some kids playing in the yard, unfortunately, it turned out to be this. >> reporter: this is what police continue to investigate. and is also what the d.a. called an immense tragedy. >> we'll need to find out exactly what happened but a mother son relationship and for it to end this way it's terrible, it's tragic we need to make sure we find out what happened. >> reporter: unfolded is still part of the investigation. police did recover a knife here at the form. he will be arraigned in the morning for the stabbing death of his own mother. we'll remain on scene bring you the latest on this investigation coming up at 11:00. live in brockton, john monahan, fox 25 news. developing right now nearly one million android phones have been infected by hackers. officials say they've gained access to google apps. according to google lackers
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they also say they are removing the apps that are causing this hack. if you would like to see the full list we posted it for you just go to our website a person was rushed to the hospital after being shot in falmouth. it happened on research road this afternoon. the fire department is investigating and we're working now to get the latest on the person's condition. >> new at 10:00 a food pantry worker accused of taking money to treat himself to prime rib dinners. fox 25's malini basu live on leave and two others are facing charges. >> reporter: mark u was two others are the cook, his girlfriend, and her daughter. investigators tell us their surveillance video that shows two of the suspects carrying out trays of food from this facility right here. tonight investigators also tell fox 25 it's all thanks to some prime rib that helped them with their investigation. for six and a half years david lavoie was the cook
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council on aging. police say lavoie, his girlfriend tracy afternooner and her daughter kimberly parkman were stealing from those in need. >> i just can't believe that he would steal, you know, because he's not that kind of a person. >> reporter: carver, police tell fox 25, they were tipped off about this during the late summer months after food went missing. one day prime rib was on the menu board instead the folks were served a buffalo chicken wings which had never been ordered for the council on aging before. prime rib on the menu one day and i was surprised that it was there. >> he was responsible for ordering food he had ordered some prime rib that went missing and other items. >> reporter: this is when folks started to get suspicious. >> the palates are not usually buffalo chicken wings. >> reporter: police say lavoie with would go into the pantry after hours. detectives say surveillance
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suspects walking the out with trays. the council on aging also does the meals on wheels program. investigators say cans of food donated for them were also stolen. >> bring in food and donate food for the needy and people come and get what they need, steal from them. c.o.a. is quite surprising. >> reporter: we stopped by lavoie and his girlfriend's a woman came to the porch and didn't want to make a comment. >> well, i was just tell him how much we all miss him, you know, and we wish him the very best. >> reporter: and the folks here going to say that lavoie was a hard worker. he has one leg he came to work every single day. in the meantime, lavoie and the two other suspects are facing larson withy and conspiracy charges. due back in court in january and lavoie has resigned from his position.
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malini basu, fox 25 news. new at 10:00, uxbridge police say the people you see here stole more than $1,000 from a local business. offers tell us they went to the store separate -- officers tell us they went to the stores separately and went to different cashiers to skim money from the stack being counted out. they were seen driving a silver bmw. if you recognize them call police. reading police are trying to track down this suspect connected to several break-ins. officers say the man is responsible for at nearby businesses. he tried to use a stolen credit card at a store. if you recognize him call police. a local apartment complex is now under scrutiny after police responded to hundreds of calls in just one year. it's the very same complex where just last week we reported a woman was attacked and killed by a group of people in front of her special needs son. as fox 25 reports some of the people who live there say they're afraid to go out by themselves. >> i used to have a scanner
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westminster, westminster. >> reporter: beverly duxbury lives just next door says she was horrified to learn about last week's deadly attack in the complex parking lot. as we first reported last week a woman was killed by a group of people in front of her special needs son. >> what went through your mind? >> i went out and made sure my door was locked. >> reporter: lowell city councillor rodney elliot is now calling on the management company to be held responsible. he wants them to add security guards, cameras and a police officer at the complex all at the cost of the company and taxpayers. >> it is like the wild west. there are 431 units of housing here and there's been reckless behavior for quite some time. that's the bottom line . we shouldn't have to worry about police resources and others being taken away from the rest of the city. >> reporter: we went to the management office to speak with them ourselves but were told they couldn't comment. the manager referred us to their corporate office in new york. we called and left a voice
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addressing safety issues is long overdue. >> i don't feel safe anymore going out by myself. it's a sad thing to say. >> reporter: the city manager and police superintendent are now working to meet with the complex manager to discuss this issue and they told me they hope to have a plan of action by the end of this week. in lowell, i'm stephanie, fox 25 news. boston's chinatown neighborhood back to normal after a water main break created a lot of chaos. the early morning burst caused two feet of some of the water seeped into manholes that set off a chain of electrical fires which created poisonous gases and led to evacuations. >> we had to evacuate a number of businesses. >> one of those businesses was the boston hostel. many were forced into the cold and wrapped in blankets. president-elect donald trump continues to build his cabinet. he announced another top level pick today. trum tapped steven mnuchin
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mnuchin is a long time banker with working at goldman sachs before starting his own business. >> what donald trump is doing is he's literally handing the keys to the treasury over to a wal-mart banker who helped cause the crash -- over to a wall street cause by the crash. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has made the final cut for president-elect trump secretary of state finalists. this is the first time trump's transition team has publicly confirmed romney is competing for the spot. he met with trump earlier this week. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani also made the list. the "washington post" reports two other candidates up for the position but the trump team would not name them. trump's aides told the
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a final decision. authorities say ohio state student abdul raz ali artan ram his car into a group of people and got out and stabbed people. authorities say they are looking into his past. >> all we know at this point is we believe he may have been inspired by anwar al-awlaki or isis or isil. we our investigation will determine that it's too soon to draw any type of conclusions. >> anwar al-awlaki was an american born cleric until being killed in 2011. his rhetoric continuation to inspire terrorist attacks. tonight we're learning how aaron hernandez's attorney plans to try to get a not guilty verdict in his upcoming double murder trial. new at 10:00 what fox 25 discovered after reading the fine print on dozens of pages of new information. plus, new surveillance
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backyard. how close she was to a wild encounter with one of the animals. >> get out of the car. hey get the hood. >> how officers got people out of this burning car seconds before it erupted in flames. we continue to follow breaking news in brockton with where investigators have just charged an 18-year-old with killing his mother. within the past hour
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crays lifted from a gun. those are just some of the items hearns lawyer wants the suffolk county d.a.'s office to hand over before his double murder trial. it's all detailed in a new court documents examined by ted daniel. ted, the new hernandez trial is scheduled to begin in just months. >> reporter: mark, vanessa, february 13th is the day the trial is expected to start and the has no plans to change that. it's been more than a year now since hernandez was convicted in bristol county for the murder of odin lloyd. his new trial will be in boston. this one for a drive by that happened while he was still a member of the new england patriots. while aaron hernandez sits in a supermax prison in shirley serving one life sentence his new legal team is hard at work trying to keep two more life sentences from being tacked on. that's automatic if the
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by shooting in boston. it killed 29-year-old daniel and 28-year-old if you are tardo. >> the jury will not know that aaron hernandez has been convicted of first-degree murder and that's going to be a big part of the jury selection to make sure that you don't have any jurors that know that and were exposed to that. >> reporter: bailey says new court documents rehaze jose baez and the att leaving anything to chance. they want to see every shred of evidence and the names and credentials of everyone who has handled it. that includes any d.n.a. or fingerprints associated with the suspected murder weapon. a 38 special found in the trunk of a car belonging to a connect keg woman hernandez was acquainted with. >> but it looks like there's a general phishing expedition going on here but there's a lot of areas that are perfectly appropriate
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lloyd trial, the prosecution is expected to produce an eyewitness. alexander bradley claims he was with hernandez with when hernandez allegedly became enraged over a spilled drink at a nightclub. bradley is expected to tell a jury he saw hernandez pull alongside of the car the two were in and open fire. and this evening i spoke to the civil lawyer who represents the families. he says they believe in the eager for this case to go to trial. live in our control room. ted daniel, fox 25 news. >>. >> you can hear the officer screaming to the driver to get out but he was stuck.
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like this from the hitting the tree. >> police had to break open the tailgate to get the driver out of the car and just seconds after the driver was freed the car became fully engulfed. >> reporter: police say a couple who drove three hours was found passed out with her two children inside. police arrested jacob davis and bruce friday a man walked by the car thought they were dead their 2-year-old and 9 month-old were inside. the children are now in state custody. interactive website is now live with information on how the opioid epidemic impacts massachusetts. the site is based on the so-called chapter 55 report which analyzed information from public and private databases. among the findings opioid-related deaths have jumped 350% in the state in
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the aim here is to get customers to bring reusable bags for shopping trips and cut down on trash. counsellor matt o'malley says it with would save taxpayers message in the long run and the five cent charge would go straight into the retailers pockets. but a ban could drive customers out of local stores. >> it certainly may leave a bad taste in a lot of consumers mouths and they may you know start to say well, maybe i'll just do all my shopping on-line. >> now there are produce and dry cleaning bags. the proposal was sent back to a committee for review. a car crashed into this bar in abington. it happened around 11:30 this morning at with jp ryan tavern on brockton avenue. the fire department tells us no one was hurt. as rescue and fire crews move into tennessee neighborhoods scorched by raging fires authorities are getting a better picture of the damage. as diane gallagher reports they believe a person sparked these flames. >> reporter: as wildfires
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tennessee, the death toll is rising. three more bodies were found today in severe counties bringing the number of people killed to seven and many say their family members are still missing. >> calling the other shelters here but said she isn't there. just hoping for a miracle. >> reporter: more than 700 buildings have been destroyed or damaged 300 in the popular vacation town of gatlinburg. thousands have been evacuated from the area since monday with when the fires quickly spread from the great fueled by high winds. >> those high winds were knocking down trees, those trees were hitting power lines and falling on this very dry extreme drought-like condition and everything was catching on fire. >> reporter: but the weather took a turn for the better on wednesday bringing rain and possibly some hope. it allowed search-and-rescue crews to go house by house looking for those who may still be trapped. >> we still do have some
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assisting in that effort and we're thankful to the big guy up above for that rain. that's for sure. we have rescued three people that were trapped. that is some good news for a change. >> reporter: diane gallagher, fox 25 news. medication mix-up at a school puts ritalin in the hands of a little girl the crucial mystics her nurse -- the crucial mistake her nurse made the second
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a florida company will pay $24,000 in fines for a deadly tank collapse at a new hampshire fairground. walker international events have reached a settlement with the occupational safety and health administration. a vermont man and his 6-year-old daughter were killed. company ignored weather warnings and did not properly build a circus tent which collapsed during a storm last summer in lancaster. a fire chief now off the job after being accused of billing the town for gifts he bought for his girlfriend. and police tell fox 25's robert goldston the chief tried to cover it all up with white-out. >> reporter: the board ofmen called an emergency meeting with within meeting all those in favor say aye. >> they voted to suspend fire chief rodrick without
1:25 am
this comes one day after the bristol county d.a. charged the chief with buying clothes for his girlfriend and billing the town for them. >> we trusted, we believed, i feel betrayed. >> reporter: on the invoices submitted to the town the d.a. says rodrick used white-out to cover the word women and hand wrote in men when state police working out of the d.a.'s office confronted him about why he was using his clothing allowance to buy capries, tube tops and a woman's coat rodrick said he was embarrassed to be buying a read as if it was a men's jacket and the jacket was cut better for his size after he lost 30 pounds recently. police say rodrick even tried on the clothes, including the capries for the investigate withors to show they fit. >> he has finned -- offended the board and taxpayers. >> reporter: his attorney saying about his client that he is saddened by the allegations made against him and strongly denies them including unfounded allegations made by town officials.
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>> i'm quite sure what rodrick did but he was a great fire chief. >> reporter: right now rodrick is charged with stealing under $250 worth of clothing but the town estimates that the final bill will be in the thousands. this is the fox 25 pick of the day and really captured the feeling of the day with all the rain, the gloomy weather this is in chinatown. i'm still tracking rain right now. look we've already eee and bedford, boston getting close to an inch of rain. i have an update on what that means for the drought and when this all clears out coming up. an educational tradition may soon vanish like the blackboard. the snapchat revolution being developed at one university. but first caught on camera, a backyard turns
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home surveillance video captures a bear, you can see that be, a little bit later a bobcat roaming through the same backyard. when we saw it we knew we had to talk to the person who lived right there. there's the bobcat. fox 25's jacqui heinrich west to westford and discovered this will encounter nearly became a close encounter. >> reporter: joy's cameras caught him on video moseying over to a huge meal just too enticing to resist bird seed it was 4:45 a.m. and joy had already been out in the driveway just feet awayic to pup the newspaper. >> you missed him by about 15 minutes then. >> for me, yeah. >> you could have been out here and been breakfast. [laughter] >> yeah, maybe. >> reporter: and just a few weeks ago, joy's cameras captured this bobcat, too.
1:30 am
one dealing with this new neighbor. kenny and laura made first acquaintance a few weeks ago it. >> was on the back deck. he pulled a steel post over. ate all the food. it has been a week or with two and he was back again last night. >> reporter: and he's not the most considerate houseguest. this bird feeder used to be straight nailed to the porch. he didn't just bend everything he just took everything away. gone. the pole, everything is gone. >> reporter: and the say he has left plenty of claw marks on the back deck the same back deck that's right off the kitchen window that usually makes coffee around the same time the bear comes. >> he's very brazen on the deck right outside that bin de. doesn't seem to bother him in anybody is around or not. >> reporter: this uninvited guest may have to find a new breakfast spot since the families are doing away with the bird seed. >> when she sent me the text
1:31 am
so the birds will go without for hopefully until the snow flies and they'll go into hibernation and won't have to deal with them. >> reporter: wildlife experts say if you do encounter a bear do not run try to make yourself look as big as possible. make a lot of noise. also if have you to go out to you your driveway in the morning it's still dark out probably a good idea to turn on those lights before you go out to your car. jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> what a sight, boy. >> that's a big old bear. >> ke >> oh, goodness. the bear and the bobcat. a double bill right there. >> are they out playing in this tonight? >> you know, i'm not sure they will be hearty enough for all. this this has been solid. it's still raining tonight there's still a batch of heavier showers to come from up the south coast right now. i've just been getting the heavier showers in and out of the greater boston area here for the last couple hours. so there you see some of
1:32 am
that's right there around say logan, up toward say we're going to give medford and needham like another batch of yellows coming. there it's with just really bouts of heavier showers. if you're out traveling late tonight there's going to be that localized tree flooding just take it slow. the visibility reductions. there's some heavier showers coming up right now along the south coast. cape cod, the islands really haven't had that much rain yet. but, there's a chance to get another about half an inch in th tonight. and you can see here, this is the radar picture from out of long island and it's showing me this more cellular nature to the showers that are developing. i don't have any thunderstorms on the radar right now. but this is just has the lock of some building cells and possibility a rumble of thunder coming up from the south overnight tonight as warm air starts to overtake the area. i will show that you coming up. look at these rain totals touched on this a minute ago. an inch or more beverly to
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we haven't had near as much for plymouth and points southward. but again, overnight that chance goes up as everything develops off of the atlantic to our south. now this extreme drought that we're in right here along the pike we're still going to be in extreme drought after this is over. we'll knock these deficits down one to two inches. so we're 11 inches below normal in boston. this includes yesterday's half an inch. it doesn't include today's inch that we've already inches below normal. we need another five of these events to really make a big difference. temperatures right now we're running in the mid and upper 40s. a few low 50s to the south and east. watch what happens as we get to the early morning hours. we have a warm front coming through so we'll break out of the 40s, especially from the pike southward and head into the 50s as we begin the day. here's a look at the temperatures. here's a look at the rain timing. this is 4:00 in the morning
1:34 am
25 morning news with shiri spears she'll be tracking what's left of some heavier pockets of rain. if this warm front comes all the way up here like the model is showing you are going to break into some 50s all the way along the north shore. this is with where the heavier rain will be southern new hampshire back into worcester county then that one last blast of showers come through between about 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. i do expect rain to be over by 8:00 in the morning. so if you have an early morning drive time likely going to find after 8:00 a.m. things should be looking a little bit better. look at this at midday tomorrow even a bit of sun it will be breezy but check out these temperatures running a little above average for the first day of december. 50 to 54 in worcester county. i think we'll see numbers in the mid- to upper 50s around the greater boston area back toward hudson and foxborough. 56 and 57 for the cape and the islands starting out in the 50s just holding there throughout the day tomorrow.
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friday especially saturday. the weekend always in view. still looking great for our coat drop-off day in natick. we'll see you out there. nice for the pats seasonably chilly with low 40s in foxborough and partly cloudy skies on sunday. jason, thank you. a dog reported missing in taunton this past week is back home tonight. missing dogs massachusetts posted this video on facebook of the moment rescuers found her. the group says the greyhound's owners did the right thing and didn't approach her. she came back to them at her >> oh, my god she's going up to the mom. that's nancy. oh my god. >> you see the dog wagging her tail when she walked up to her family showing she's happy to be back home. a mother gets a frantic call from the school nurse saying her 7-year-old daughter got ritalin instead of motrin. >> this is serious. i mean, a lot worse could have happened so i feel like people should be aware of it. >> straight ahead a crucial mistake the nurse made just
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>> products you come in
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a big honor today for the east boston high school girls volleyball team. the city council celebrated the team's first city league championship at city hall. the team also had a perfect regular season. one of the four senior players addressed the council during the event.
1:39 am
a team ended as a family. with we have a bond he didn't be broken and i'm glad to say through all we've accomplished i've had my sisters by my side. >> east boston fell to hamilton in the state quarter finals. the lemon ster community coming together to help send the seventh grade football team off to nationals. many people showed up for a pasta dinner fund-raiser tonight. the team will play for the national title in florida next week. the coach tells fox 25 they're close to raising $30,000 which will pay for the for 22 players. >> the support has been phenomenal not only tonight but the last week and a half. and businesses and a member of different donations and people stepping up and helping each other has been tremendous. >> the leominster blue devils are one of eight teams in the country competing nor title. congratulations and good luck. >> well, the patriots are on fox 25 this weekend and we have you covered leading you up to the game at 10:00 a.m. right after our morning news
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tom leyden and butch stearns will be live looking back at the 15th anniversary of the pats first super bowl win. you can watch the game right here starting at 1:00 p.m. an innovation and design building that was once a simple storehouse is now the launch pad to more than 1,000 companies. mass challenge is bringing in thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue. the organization is in the seaport district. it provides office space, grant money, networking and mentors. each year they choose 128 companies fr applications. for one with woman starting her company it meant the difference between success and spinning her wheels. >> i think i cried i was so excited. because to me it meant you're on the right track. >> the nonprofit has no equity in any of the companies. support comes no strings attached. mass challenge will begin taking applications in february for its next class. you can find more information by heading to you our website
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collided. the reason the state now feels it's critical for nursing homes to carry narcan.
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1:43 am
a medicine mix-up at a local school listen to this, a nurse gives a 7-year-old girl ritalin instead of motrin. and her mother tells fox 25's kathryn burcham she feels the school superintendent is making light of the situation.
1:44 am
active bright eyed 7-year-old you never know just 24 hours earlier she was crying inside the nurse's office at john fj kennedy elementary school. >> reporter: she asked the nurse for mow thin after an accident in the lunch room. >> i fell backwards because there's a pole where you hang your jacket and i fell right there near the bin de. >> reporter: but once inside the nurse's office a crucial mistake, according to madison. >> she said hi ava i said my name isn't ava still proceeded to give me the medicine. >> reporter: the medicine not motrin but instead a dose of ritalin, a stimulant used to treat attention deficit disorder intended for another female student. russell says the nurse called her in a spanic. >> this is serious. i -- in a panic. >> this is serious. >> reporter: in a statement the superintendent told fox 25 i met with all parties today to discuss our protocols and procedures and reviewed them so that this mistake never happens again.
1:45 am
must guarantee to the very best of our ability each and every day. russell says she never met with the superintendent and wants to know why the nurse didn't verify her daughter's identity before dispensing medication. >> which is what i want to happen. i want to make sure this doesn't happen to another child. it's my biggest concern here. >> reporter: russell says the nurse did admit her mistake and apologized to her she doesn't want the nurse to face any sort of discipline. she simply wants all parents to be department of public health they tell us the school district has not yet reported this incident to them. in black stone, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> springfield's mayor plans to meet with the president of a local college that no longer flies the american flag on campus. earlier this month hampshire college stopped raising the stars and stripes. springfield mayor took part in demonstrations against the college this past weekend. tomorrow, he plans to meet with school leaders to
1:46 am
flag back to campus. the massachusetts chapter of a muslim civil rights group asked today for stepped up police patrols at area mosques this request comes after an islamic center calling muslims "vile and filthy people. adding that president-elect donald trump will target them." the organization says the same letter was sent to mosques in other states as well. for more than a year now we reported on the opioid crisis both from the perspective of victims and those who dedicated their lives to fighting this hegedus reveals that the state is encouraging nursing homes to carry narcan. >> reporter: it's not the type of place you would expect to see an overdose reversal drug best known for its use for reviving heroin patients. but locked inside an emergency kit inside the ellis nursing home and rehabilitation center in nor booed is narcan. >> so if the -- norwood is narcan. >> reporter: the ellis' had
1:47 am
they've never had to use it. but recently the state issued this letter recommending all nursing homes have narcan on hand and policies in place for using it. >> i think it's a great idea. i think it protects us. >> reporter: more and more elderly patients are being given opioids to treat pain. drugs that are highly addictive. they risk overdosing, especially because patients with memory may take more than they need. even family members may be unintended enablers even if they have thebe >> sometimes family feel that if their pain is not in control they might slip them a medication that they're taking at home. even though the nurses have already given it to them. >> reporter: but the new guidelines also bring up new questions for nursing home staff with who wonder just how much will they'll be held responsible for if a person with who isn't a patient overdoses on their property. >> a person walking by the building and we notice them and we do notice the signs that they're heroin akicked
1:48 am
>> reporter: the state tells me they'll now be looking for narcan when inspecting nursing homes. if a you understanding in home doesn't comply the facility will have 10 days to correct the problem. in the studio, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> right now i'm still tracking pockets of heavier showers. more coming from up the south coast. so bottom line overnight more rain possibly a rumble of thunder between about 3:00 and the 6:00 in the morning. then we'll clear things out. bit and be watching the temperatures rising tomorrow first day of december. i have that forecast and updated rain totals map for you coming up. thank you, jason. i'm sure have you noticed chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is not with us tonight. >> he was presented the silver circle award in boston for his contributions to a community. serving the community for 25 years or more. here's a clip of the video
1:49 am
ceremony in kevin's honor. >> announcer: now for a complete look at new england's weather this is your fox first forecast. >> look may be the wrong word it's kind of hard to see out there in many locations especially on the cape and islands. >> kevin is an original. >> he like 12. >> kevin lemanowicz he has been here since day one back when his hair had color. >> he hasn't changed a bit physically he's the same. >> a little more gray hair. >> you said that not me. w first told that kevin was getting a silver hair award that -- oh, a silver circle award, my bad. >> well, it could be the -- >> kevin lemanowicz is so popular it makes me sick. he's on magazine covers, you can't go anywhere where people are saying hey, kevin how's it going. even has a band named after him. >> there's a band a fan bajd? >> wow.
1:50 am
top of their lungs about kevin lemanowicz. >> what are they called the lemaniacs. >> and a true doesn't do this old metal sign instead you make an l with two crossed finger and an outstretched thumb. >> it looks a lot like the lavan cbs hy too. that's why i didn't catch on. >> kevin was so touched by the award tonight. much deserved he's an awesome meteorologist and great guy to work with. >> great friend and he works so hard at what he does and he loves science. i'm a geek i love the weather. can't wait for another snowstorm. >> congrats, kev. >> congrats. we'll start getting some rain and a rush to the rescue. a heroic effort that took place long before emergency
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for the first time the e.p.a. is revealing the names community of calls they fight ban as justin gray reports these potentially toxic chemicals are used for everything from cleaning your clothes to insulating your home. >> reporter: a top 10 list from the e.p.a. chemicals found in products you come into contact with every day that could be dangerous. >> it's sort first 10 and next 10 and frankly the next 10 because they all have some hazards attached to them. >> reporter: it requires the e.p.a. to study hundreds of potentially dangerous chemicals starting with this first list of 10 and regulate them. among the chemicals on the list, asbestos, known to cause serious health problems like lung cancer but until this law the e.p.a. couldn't ban it. >> i think the average
1:55 am
that these chemicals are not already regulated. >> reporter: other chemicals on the list can be found at your local dry-cleaners and most paint removers used in your home and in some aerosol cans. >> they all have evidence grove a significant hazard they all --. >> reporter: this can take up to three years of study with another two years to ban the product. >> we think that companies that are manufacturing these chemicals shouldn't wait for the e.p.a. they should start taking steps now to take products they're making. >> this won't stop with a new presidential administration it's the law. the e.p.a. now required to study and regulate these chemicals. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. new at 10:00, thousands of high school seniors are eccoming the mailbox thonch time of year. waiting for college acceptance letters. but students who applied to green bay might learn about their acceptance in a less traditional way. students will find out if
1:56 am
still mail out letters but they are excited to try something that will let students know much faster. >> the times they are achanging that's for sure. for the third year in a salvation army red kettles are receiving a number of sparkling donationses new donations of diamond rings have been made in red kettles in waltham and northbridge. new at 10:00 a tense but students at quinnipiac university in connecticut. they got to witness a kitten rescue. a group saw four helpless kittens inside a storm drain. some jumped into the drain to rescue the kittens. but with little success. they called for help. >> i grabbed a few of my groundskeepers they weren't taking a break and came up here put you our heads together. >> after 12 hours, that's right, 12 hours the kittens
1:57 am
they will be put up for adoption. >> i have a feeling the students may end up taking one home. >> holy cow was that the the reaction in one neighborhood that woke up to nearly a dozen cows roaming around. their owner says the angus calves were in a trailer en route to oregon via california. the driver stopped when someone opened the latch and the cows walked out they became stuck. but within a few hours they
1:58 am
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