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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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a clerk throws his hands into the air. >> get ready to really feed that meter. the thought process behind boston's decision to charge as much as $4 an hour to park. >> i'm tracking a cool down the weekend timing out when temperatures will drop. >> and a mantid up with his own suspenders from a home invasion. the interview from his hospital bedside about the dangerous encounter. >> breaking just within the past hour, the patriots and rob gronkowski's family putting out a joint statement on the health of a star tight end and points
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good evening, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. tom lyden joins us now. this afternoon the news that gronk got back surgery broke. >> yeah, rare opportunity to talk with robert graft on thursday. this is yet another example how every good team has to overcome a lot of obstacles to get where they want to be on super bowl sunday. the key he says is perseverance. with the help of the patriots medical staf consultation of several medical expert it is has been democratted that it is in gronk's best long-term interest to undergo surgery to address his lower back injury. he is expected to have surgery tomorrow. we do not expect that he will be able to play for the remainder of the 2016 season but await the results of tomorrow's surgery before making a final
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tom brady was on westward 1 sharing his thoughts on losing his biggest weapon. >> we understand the challenge that is ahead, becomes more challenging when you lose such a great player in gronk. but i don't think that any of us are going to give up what we're trying to accomplish. our best and hope he gets better as soon as possible. >> i was at the game in new jersey on sunday and the initial report came out saying they did think it was serious and i said i just don't buy that, and again i'm going to demonstrate, rob gronkowski, big 6'6", was walking along the concourse like that, and you don't walk like that if it's not a big deal. so to me it was a big deal from
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which are basically head to toe, have something to do with his injuries in his past. >> and during his career injuries have forced gronk to miss 21 games in the regular season and postseason he's had problems with his forearm, his knees, his hamstring, his chest and his back. only time will tell how long bronx will be sidelined with the surgery. we know that it's likely for the year. and the bennett back at practice today after missing practice yesterday. the pats will be without their start on sunday against the rams will you'll see that game right
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that's because tom lyden, butch stearns, and the cast will be hosting an hour-long special called dawn of the dynasty. we'll take an indepth look at the 2001 super bowl championship team that will be honored at half time for sunday's game. you'll hear from robert kraft at several starts who played in that team, as well. dawn of the dynasty, it starts at 10:00 a.m. >> also breaking tonight, foul play is suspected in the death of a person found in lawrence. it's been just more than seven hours now since located on the cape court right by the merrimack river. christine mccarthy is live on the scene where the family is hoping this is not the end of this search. >> that's right family and friends gathered at the scene tonight hugging one another, consoling one another and hoping that the body that was found was not that of this missing local teen that we spoke very briefly with both the father of this missing local teen as well as --
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right now that the d.a. is confirming some information, so we'll have that for you just after this recorded story. >> family of missing 16-year-old lee manuel paulino desperate for answers but hoping it's not the news they feared. the lawrence high school student has been missing since mid-november, his family who prepared miss him missing told us last week he cell phone, social media or credit card. >> i want to make sure that that's not him because we want to have cost sure with this. he's been gone and no word of him and i'm really worried. and concerned. >> reporter: the essex county d.a.'s office says woman walking her dog along the merrimack river in lawrence thursday afternoon discovered a male body on the river bank by mccave court off water street. carmen checko, a friend of paulino's family, tells us
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decapitated. our aerial video shows a search team combing the water by boat, local and state police investigated at the scene for five hours, the medical examiner arriving to work on an identity and a cause of death. meanwhile, checko, a mother herself, can't help but feel the family's pain. >> i feel bad because it's somebody's friend. whether it's your friend or not. >> exactly. regardless i feel bad. and i have a 14-year-old and wouldn't want to be in this situation. s that's horrific details being confirmed tonight. we are learning that the d.a. is in fact confirming that that body was in fact found decapitated. we're still awaiting the id and cause of death but at this time we are still getting details at this late breaking hour. we do know that police say this does appear to be an isolated incident and right now the community is not in any danger. we're live in lawrence,
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news. >> a frighted continuing scene caught on camera as two armed men rush a liquor store. ted daniel is live in lowell tonight. you just spoke with the clerk. >> vanessa, the surveillance video comes from inside this concord street liquor store. the night clerk has been here for five years and says the first time he's been held he says... >> what you're viewing in slow motion, the clerk at belvidere liquor saw in real life two masked robbers that burst in. >> they told me to put my hands up. >> reporter: many agreed to show his face, except for when we interviewed him. 9:30 wednesday night, a screen
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>> i wasn't scared. didn't intimidate me. i don't think they like that. so that made them kind of nervous. >> reporter: manny says the hold-up lasted just minutes. the robbers took all the money in the cash register and a bottle of liquor. the surveillance video shows just a small portion of what was captured by the store security system. about two minutes before the robbery an outdoor camera shows both guys hiding behind the car acss store. >> behind that counter finding ways to prevent that and
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search for the guys but didn't find them. he got away with $300 bucks. >> malini. >> that's right. the 22-year-old is here at brockton hospital. he was tied up with his own suspenders, and tonight he tells us he was so scared. tonight those men are still out there, here he is. ed. >> reporter: michael is the
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invasion. there's another door going to our house. and that's where they were hiding and tackled me and broke my hip right now. >> reporter: it happened on wednesday evening around 5:00 at the victim's massachusetts avenue home. >> i came home last night, the whole area was basically locked down, brockton police and state police up in the air. >> reporter: three men wearing ski masks stormed into his house. >> where's the gold, where's the gold. i >> reporter: at one point the men tased him after he felt a shock. >> then my ribs -- they were killing my ribs and went nuts. >> reporter: he was tied up with his own suspenders. >> they shot me with something two or three times, they slapped me and she weren't very nice. >> reporter: he was left tied up for five hours before he was able to set himself free.
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them off, you know. it wasn't easy. i found a knife, too. >> reporter: the suspects took off with his coin collection, neighbors were left stunned. >> he drives an old pickup truck. it's not like he has a less cuss out front. he dresses normal, you know. he's not wearing fancy duds. >> i pray for a speedy recovery. >> and again tonight the suspects are still at large. mike tells us on the phone he's in so much pain he can't even wa hip surgery first thing tomorrow morning. coming up at 11:00, he has a message for those three suspects. live in brockton, malini basu, fox 25 news. tonight a local middle-school student is accused of rape. next at 10:00, the arrest on campus and why parents we spoke with aren't happy with the way they found out about it. >> plus, we continue to follow breaking news. investigators say a body found near the merrimack river in lawrence was decapitated. right now a family of a missing teenager is waiting for police
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one. we are live on the scene. >> and breaking in the past 45 minutes, the patriots now admit
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residents are being warned
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town. police say burglars made their way through several homes in the wellesey made in yesterday. they hit houses along garden, lincoln and winsor roads. the crime spree started late in the afternoon several hours. no one was inside the homes at the time and the thieves have not been caught. >> a live look at the zakim bridge in boston where temperatures have already dropped more than 10 degrees since the afternoon high of 57 degrees on december 1st. sarah wroblewski has got the latest. >> i know. sitting down across the southeast and it's already
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temperatures 38 in worcester. 40s for the majority of the region. we still have a few clouds out there. it's because of these winds out of the west. still pretty gusty right now and will continue to be gusty overnight. and that's going to help clear up some of the clouds and allow for these temperatures to fall back into the 30s, 40s for the outer cape and again that wind's gonna make it feel colder tomorrow morning in the 20s and 30s. i'll show what you it will be like for this weekend as colder air arrives. >> a 13-year-old student has been charged with rape. police say the victim is a child in north reading and it was our jason law not the school who informed several parent beside this investigation. >> i might even -- i didn't hear about this. >> reporter: christina is the mother of an eighth-grader at fecto middle school and had no idea a boy was arrested for rape wednesday afternoon. >> that's terrible. yeah, i'm gonna call about that because i never heard about that. my daughter is 14 and she comes here, you know what i mean. and something like that i would be very upset. >> investigators with the lynn police department says the case stems from a complaint made in north reading. the middlesex district attorney's office confirmed in a short statement a 13-year-old juvenile male was arraigned in
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forcible rape of a child. they declined to say more because of privacy laws regarding children and criminal investigations. we tried several times to get more information from the school. the principal referred us to the superintendent and then said this... >> nothing occurred here. >> the lynn superintendent is dr. katherine lathem. we reached out to her office several times on thursday to find out why nothing was sent home to parents, why parents weren't notified and to see in the middle school could be involved in this case but again we got no comment from her office. in lynn, i'm jason law. new at 10:00, a police sergeant has been sentenced to two years behind bars for lying to his department about an incident he had while on patrol. prosecutors say chris phillips was on duty when he claimed he got hit by a car. the investigation showed he was never hit. now, it also found that phillips filed insurance claims through the police department getting money for an injury he never suffered. lawyers for the driver
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sweet tomatoes restaurant headed back to court for a brief hearing today. brad kessler accused of driving into the restaurant killing two people in march. his lawyers set a new court date, december 19th. kessler is also facing a wrongful death lawsuit for family members of one of the victims. president-elect donald trump kicked off the thank you tour tonight and used the rally to announce his matis as secretary of defense. he thanked his supporters for his win in the state where he beat out hillary clinton by nearly 9 points. >> we didn't have much help at the top levels, you know that, appropriate and that turned out it did matter. but we had help with the people and that's what really did matter. >> trump, who will be sworn in as president in 50 days, also pledged to bring the country together after the divisive election.
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unthinkable act. a son charged in his own mother's murder. as bob ward reports the victim bought a plane ticket for his son just before she was killed. >> he's just 18 years old but france is charged with the brutal stack death of his mother. 44-year-old mania, first responders arrived at their brockton home wednesday, found poliny sitting on the steps, his hands dripping with blood. the only thing he told them she's inside, and in the living room near the front door stabbed up to 15 times in the head, neck and torso. neighbors say they're stunned. >> i would never think that he would kill his mother. he's a good boy. he isn't violent at all. >> reporter: his grandmother told police that her daughter was concerned her son was depressed in recent weeks and not eating or drinking. according to court documents, the mother bought francis a ticket back to his native haiti because of his strange behavior
10:20 pm
refused to get out of the car. the next morning the grandmother told police the teen grabbed a knife after his mother begged him to eat or drink. leave me alone with your food, she remembers him saying not long before he began stabbing his mother. >> we're dealing with a terrible tragic situation for an 18-year-old person murdered his 44-year-old mother. and, you know, how do you get your brain around that. that's what we want to fd >> reporter: france now charged with murder for the death of his mother, ordered held without bail and due back in court later in the possibility. fox 25 news. shoe bomber richard reid now want a favor from a judge. but it's not for his freedom. the outstanding debt he wants wiped from his record. also tonight... [ screaming ]
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police rush to a motel after shots were fired and the investigates quickly led them
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police say a suspect was seen trying to bury a gun that may have been use outside the moments. that motel, the econo lodge that sits right on the sharon and walpole line and today was the focus of a very active police investigation by both departments as they swarm the area with their guns drawn after several 911 calls. hotel guests tell fox 25 there may have been a fight pickup truck seen driving away from the motel and someone in that truck was later seen stopped in walpole attempting to bury a gun which detectives were able to recover. motel guests say of the chaos was frightening. i'm naked just getting out of
10:25 pm
>> the motel sits near a few schools which did go into a soft lock-down during the incident but no one was hurt. tonight police are asking any potential witnesses to contact them. >> kathryn burcham, thank you. we are getting a new look at what's in store at the watertown shopping center. developers release this rendering of what the new arsenal yards mall will look like and when renovations are complete it will be home to a grocery store, 500 apartments and a movie theater. construction is expected t in 2020. >> a local mother receives a great surprise. >> it happened while she was at work at the natick mall. >> that is paula being surprised at nordstroms tuesday night. look at the hugging here.
10:26 pm
pensacola for the past eight months and his mother's best friend helped plan this big surprise. you can see more of this video on our web site, go to >> i love that, snuck right up on her. i love that. >> sweet. >> and just in time for the holidays. >> we appreciate your service >> this is what city hall looked like earlier tonight. the color red is used as a symbol for solidarity for people living with hiv and aids. mayor walsh tweeted about the lighting of the city hall today. he said, quote, for those affected by hiv, aids in boston
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?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land,
10:29 pm
r training center and blue cross blue shield has me. >> we are following breaking news from lawrence. within the past hour the
10:30 pm
the merrimack river was decapitated. the family of a missing teenager is waiting to find out if it is their loved one. we have a crew live at the scene gathering the latest details. we'll have a live report at 11:00. also tonight, we're learning new details about a murder for hire plot. police say they foiled just in the nick of time. the undercover sting happening in clairemont, new hampshire where prosecutors say a jealous exgirlfriend was planning the ultimate revenge. girl i $100,000 cash bail for allegedly arranging to have a woman killed because she was ruining her life. >> the level of seriousness in terms of, you know, is this idle chatter or angry talk, and then in this case went well beyond that. >> reporter: clairemont new hampshire police tipped off by a strange every learned earl had more than murder on her mind, allegedly planning to have the woman kidnapped, drugged,
10:31 pm
around her children. >> give the opportunity to take another course of action and chose not to. >> another officer chose the officer of the target's home and workplace to carry ow the murder plot. she's charged with conspiracy to commit murder and criminal solicitation to commit murder, both felonies. >> we're fortunate they were able to put those resources together and make an arrest. >> earl did not enter attorney. she's due back in court next week. >> we are learning more about the history of complaints against an abandoned home that burned down in roxbury last month killing one person. the globe is reporting that the city had received complaints about the property on george street for months before it burned down. city inspectors boared it up several times and found squatters in it the days before the fire. the fire killed a woman and
10:32 pm
tomorrow there will be a fundraiser in lawrence to help the victims of this devastating fire. 20 people including several children lost their homes in tuesday's fire on haverhill street, started by malfunctioning electrical equipment. two local real stations plan to collect money for the victims at the mcdonald's on broadway and lawrence. the event will run from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> hadley police are searching for the men you see here in these photos. if you recognize them, call police. >> skyfox over city plaza where boston winter will officially debut tomorrow. it will include a giant skating loop, wine and chocolate tasting, chalet selling ornaments. but because of today's mild weather, 60s down in the cape, 57 in boston. the loop may not open up until saturday now. >> still thinking about the chocolate. i know, well, we do have some colder weather headed our way,
10:33 pm
things so people can go out and enjoy it. >> but today 57 degrees. >> 61 in plymouth, 60 on the vineyard. very mild conditions but no records. >> the record was set back in 2001. we were well above the average 46 this time of year. and temperatures start off pretty mild too. it was a beautiful evening. hopefully you got to get outside and enjoy. this is our photo of the day. evening there. and it was a dry evening compared to the last couple of nights. we picked up a lot of rain. i wanted to show you from november 1st to the 28th, we picked up about an inch and a quarter in boston. now take a look at the last three days. >> you combine november 29th and 30th and almost the .30 of an inch that we got today and that was more rain than we saw for the entire rest of the
10:34 pm
situation at this point. and i say that because our current drought monitor this morning, but when they went out and checked all the gauges, they did it tuesday morning and that means they didn't account for the recent rain. i'm expecting to see some improvements as we head into next week. you can still see our rainfall deficit, 10-inches in boston. more rain is needed to get out this extreme and severe drought that we're in. we're watching the cold front continue to pure away, dry a we still have some of the stronger wind gusts. we have a few raindrops pass on through south of the pike down towards the southeast but not seeing really much more than clouds across the cape and islands now. >> over the next 24 hours as the winds remain gusty we'll continue to see temperatures drop back into the 30s with partly cloudy skies. come tomorrow, cool to start but temperatures will be climbing
10:35 pm
50 degrees lower 50s down across the southeast. looking like another i guess milder than average day but not as warm as it was today and those winds will be active so it will feel a bit cooler. by 4:00 a few more clouds in our picture and especially across northern new england you see some of the snowflakes that will into the region. noticing some flurries right here possible in parts of southern new hampshire even down towards the northshore. we'll have to see if that pans out. that is just the potential that we have. by saturday, partly sunny, breezy conditions continue and that colder air starts to set on in and it will continue to do so as we head on through the weekend highs will range on the
10:36 pm
44 for saturday in boston and 41 on sunday. and in foxboro it is also going to be right around 40 degrees for the patriots game you can watch right here on fox 25. cool and dry, mostly sunny skies. the seven-day forecast shows the temperature trend going down and staying cool as we head into next week. a bit unsettled. we've got a couple of systems that we'll be watching and of course we'll have to monitor to see if we'll be watching f precipitation types to change monday and as well into the middle part of the week. we'll have an update in a little bit. >> after protecting our country for 9 years is now fighting another uphill battle tonight. straight ahead why police say thieves just couldn't resist taking him off the road by stealing his tires. >> plus rules on the feds hacking your cell phones has got a little looser. the one thing that prevents this
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governor baker's desk, the measure tax shape after a deadly accident involving one of the sight-seeing vehicles back in april. the legislation would require the ducks to have safety equipment including blind spot cameras. drivers from serving as narrators. boston duck tours has already said it will add an extra staff member to its tours. >> convicted shoe bomber richard reid is now asking a federal judge to declare him bankrupt. reid is serving a life sentence for trying to set up a bomb hidden in his booth while on a flight from paris to miami in 2001. it was diverted to boston and reid was arrested. he was also fined more than $256,000. in a letter to the court, reid
10:41 pm
will not now, nor will i ever be able to pay this fine so bankruptcy should be issued in my favor. prosecutors have two weeks to respond to his request. >> 11 people are safe after they were taken hostage inside a florida bank. it happened this morning here in jacksonville. it took about two hours to get the hostages out of the bank. police caught the suspect a 23-year-old man, no one was hurt. >> british police are looking for a suspect after a crazy road-rage incident was captured on surveillance manchester police released this video capturing the tense moments after a fender bender. you can see the heated words of the drivers quickly turned into a wrestling match. one driver backs up into the vehicle. the truck driver smashed the other driver's windshield. is. carlos was caught on tape when
10:42 pm
security cameras were set up in the bedroom showing his landlord's bed. >> insists complete and utter disbelief. >> while he says the landlord has a right to enter police are calling this felony trespassing and kiatta is also charged with misdemeanor obscenity. >> caught on camera, the danger police officers face every day. in the next 15 minutes we're walking you through the newly released surveillance video. >> and if you thought boston was
10:43 pm
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10:45 pm
>> no -- prices are up, way up, jacqui heinrich live in seaport where some prices will top $4. you better believe the drivers i talked to were not happy about it. if you're like me and regular park in boston chances are these. i know i have. the question is as the parking gets more expensive, will the tickets too? >> i got a ticket. >> reporter: you'll probably never meet anybody who likes to drive, much less park in boston. >> fed the meter, came back and it's bs. >> reporter: between the confusing signs, three cleaning
10:46 pm
strattled between moving traffic and bike lanes, chances are if you've driven in the city you felt frustrated. >> reporter: but a new city program aimed to make life behind the wheel easier is leaving some bostonians wicked mad. the price of parking in the back bay and seaport is about to go up. in an effort to reduce traffic from folks circling the block to filed a spot the city is hiking the rates on some streets in the back bay from $1. 5 an hour to hoping more expensive parking will keep people moving. >> some people will park in the parking meter and take a ticket and stay there all day long and this will obviously change that mindset, as well, hopefully. >> reporter: but some say it's enough of a price jump to hurt. >> cost more than a sandwich, right. >> reporter: say you pashed your car for an 8 hour work-day. legal parking at that rate,
10:47 pm
could cost an extra $70 an year. still there's one thing that will stay the same. that two-hour time limit. so far there's no word on whether the price increase will affect ticket prices as well but this change will affect 2200 parking spaces that's 40 blocks in seaport and five streets in back bay. web site, if you park around here, you'll want to check it out. i'm jacqui heinrich reporting. >> if you think the drive through boston is already slow it's about to get slower. the speed limit will be lowered from 30 to 25 miles per hour. beginning january 9th, any city street that doesn't have a specific speed limit posted drivers will have to low down to 25 miles per hour. >> i think if you're gonna break the law, you're gonna break the law.
10:48 pm
bring people's speeds down. i think right now it's at 30 and people still go faster than that. >> reporter: it will not apply to state roads within the city. the mayor says there will be aggressive enforcement out of the gate and it goes into affect next month. natural gas pipeline has faced years of protests now up and running in west roxbury. people worry their safety is at risk despite federal regulators signing off on this. some residents have spent two years protesting the fiv bigger project to increase the natural gas supply in new england. mayor walsh tells us the city has filed a federal brief related to the larger project for this line. >> this part time line is guided by the federal government. there's not a lot we can do. >> the federal lawsuit is pending but likely won't change much at this point. the mayor is hoping it will. congressman lynch says he's trying to bring up some bills to congress and address it.
10:49 pm
behind it. >> michelle bond, the mother of the murdered to letter once known as baby doh. >> she will be back in court herself january 17th in preparation for the trial. that trial is now scheduled to begin february 22nd. prosecutors believe she conspired to dump the body of 2-year-old bella bond. they also believe her boyfriend michael mccarthy killed the child by punching her in the chest and bella's body was discovered by deer island last year. you are going to bed tonight with less privacy than you did 24 hours ago. it's now easier for the government to, a sees your computer or smartphone during cyber crime investigations. >> reporter: privacy advocates are concerned about a new rule allowing federal investigators to get into millions of computers or smartphones at once by obtaining only a single warrant. >> it expands the ability of investigators to get warrants
10:50 pm
scale hack of computers. >> reporter: its rule changes is for computers and smartphones being investigated for cyber crimes like child pornography or that were infected by cyber criminals didn't didn't get congressional approval. >> it should be cause for concern that someone who has literally done nothing wrong will have federal agents poking around their community as a penalty for having been a crime victim. >> reporter: the justice department says the rule is need asked doesn't submit criminal computers or phones and rule helps them to keep up with changes in technology especially when it comes to the use of box nets where hackers steal millions of computers at the same time to steal financial or personal data. the deputy general writes that the new rules do not violate the constitution. the rule states the government needs to make, quote, reasonable efforts to notify americans when their devices are being searched. >> congress can decide to roll
10:51 pm
>> congress did not hold hearings on the rule but it was approved by the supreme court last spring. a fugitive is now headed back to vermont to face charges after a run-in with new hampshire police. manchester police say they arrested timothy during a traffic stop last night. he was wanted on a warrant out of vermont for resisting police. hard to believe no one was hurt in this collision with the commutedder rail train this morning that left this car upside down in needham. firefighters say the car was parked very close to the tracks at the west street the crash did cause delays for the needham line commuters who were diverted to needham center. >> four boston police officers continue to recover after being hit and dragged by a car last month in dorchester. video of the incident is now out. blair miller walks us through it. >> reporter: fox 25 obtained this video from a surveillance camera on stoughton street near where the officers were dragged. you can see them standing in front of the black suv and suddenly a car comes flying by
10:52 pm
the way. seconds later, the street is full of police lights and vehicles chasing after the suspect's car. a few minutes after that, police flood the scene searching for any clues. the suspect's car did strike four officers, one of them broke their elbow. the others received custom bruises. police say the driver was captured several hours later. he has been charged with 4 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and we have also learned he has a long history of drug and assault arrests. weeks is due back in december 19th. blair miller, fox 25 news. tonight police searching for a missing hiker in rhode island say the situation is getting dire. they say the chilly weather will make it harder for 59-year-old patty itemmableton to survive. the coventry woman went into the arcadia woods with her two dogs on monday. she has not been seen since. more than 150 volunteers have been searching for her. >> powerful drone video giving us a new look at the wildfire devastation in tennessee.
10:53 pm
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the wildfires in tennessee killed 10 people. it started in gatlinburg and spread to thousands acres due to strong winds. they were,000 people had to evacuate the area. 80 people have been treated f the path of destruction more than a mile long was left from the storm in more thanked -- in the northern part of the state. >> we're here to see the damage but we're here to be with the people that were hurt and the lives that were lost, we want to
10:57 pm
>> the national weather service says one of those tornadoes packed 125 mile-per-hour winds. the 50s and 60s today. waking up, it'll be a chilly one. temps in the 30s and with that breeze it's going to feel like the 20s and 30s. going on through the day, this is what you can expect tomorrow. sunshine to start, clouds above. highs will be cooler than today but still a with that wind it's gonna feel like the 30s and 40s. we'll take a look at that weekend forecast at 11:00. four tires stolen right off a car. robert ghoulston discovered the victim is a disabled marine veteran who's now trying to figure out how to get back on the road. >> tom sullivan showed us the damage but didn't want to go on camera. this is what he saw when he looked outside his window.
10:58 pm
>> it's outrageous that some nut case could do something like that. >> reporter: all four tires were stolen. his car left eat it tearing on concrete blocks. tom is a disabled veteran. he served in the u.s. marines for 9 years and worked as a nurse close to 40 years in boston. he told us i usually take a ride, my wife and i go to lunch or go shopping and now it's hard being deprived of your car. how do you get this down with no tires? it's on blocks. police say it likely made it a target because they come standard with 20-inch tires and are very pricey. the neighborhood is already working to figure out what they can do to help, even trying to pitch in to pay his insurance deductible. >> nothing surprises me anymore with what criminals will do. >> reporter: boston police are investigating. some residents telling us there was a suspicious white van in the area recently. tonight everyone is paying extra alert. >> if they're going to do that kind of time do you think that
10:59 pm
>> the owners of a camera been found. the police department posted pictures of the camera when they recovered it. it was stolen back in august and someone called in saying they recognized the camera and knew the owners. the yarmouth police have been in contact with them and will return their camera in the next few days. first at 11:00, patriots rob gronkowski is expected to be out for the remainder of the season. the team made the announcement less than two hours ago. >> good evening, everyone. >> let get right out to our sports director tom lyden. >> yeah, terrible news for patriots fans and really fans around the country. rob gronkowski, one of the most enjoyable player to watch in all of football and you have to worry now how this latest injury may affect his long-term options with the patriots. the team and gronkowski family
11:00 pm
tonight detailing the recent history of the injury and going on to say with the help of the patriots medical staff along with the consultation of several mel experts it has been determined it is in rob's best long-term interest to undergo surgery to address his lower back injuries. he's expected to be surgery tomorrow and we do not him to play the remainder of the 2016 season but the surgery to make a final determination. now, as i learned today speaking with patriots chairman and ceo robert kraft this is the type of issue championship teams just have to overcome. >> it's like life or difference. the teams that do the best are the ones that have the best mental toughness and can persevere through adversity and of course that's so important to success in anything.


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