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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tonight detailing the recent history of the injury and going on to say with the help of the patriots medical staff along with the consultation of several mel experts it has been determined it is in rob's best long-term interest to undergo surgery to address his lower back injuries. he's expected to be surgery tomorrow and we do not him to play the remainder of the 2016 season but the surgery to make a final determination. now, as i learned today speaking with patriots chairman and ceo robert kraft this is the type of issue championship teams just have to overcome. >> it's like life or difference. the teams that do the best are the ones that have the best mental toughness and can persevere through adversity and of course that's so important to success in anything.
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talk on losing gong gronk and tom lyden, fox 25 news. we have a gruesome discovery in lawrence. less than an hour ago the district attorney told us a body found near the merrimack river was decapitated. >> right now a local teen's family is actually waiting to hear if it is their loved one. at 6:00 we told you the scene was located on water street in lawrence. constitutional right teen mccarthy has been there all night answers. christine. >> family and friends gathered here at the scene tonight trying to learn answers. they hugged one another and consoled one another, hoping for the best. >> reporter: family of missing 16-year-old lee manuel pal leno desperate for answers but hoping it's not the news they've feared. the lawrence high school student has been missing since mid-november.
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flyers told him last week he hadn't used his cell phone, social media or credit card. >> i want to make sure it's not him because i'm really worried and concerned. >> reporter: the essex county d.a.'s office says a woman walking her dog along the merrimack river in lawrence thursday afternoon discovered a male body on the river bank by mccabe court off water street. carmen, a friend of family, tells us police say the body was decapitated. our aerial video shows a search team combing the water by boat. local and state police investigated at the scene for five hours. the medical examiner arriving to work on an identity and a cause of death. meanwhile, checko, a mother herself, can't help but feel the family's pain. >> i feel bad because it's somebody's son. whether you're friends or not. >> exactly.
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want to be in this situation. >> but still at this time, the identity has not yet been confirmed. police do reassure the public that this appears to be an isolated incident and at this time it appears the community is not in any danger live in lawrence, i'm christine mccarthy. >> a hingham police sergeant is in jail tonight following a guilty of filing a false insurance claim. was off patrol when he claimed he got hit by a car but an investigation shows he was never hit and also found phillips allegedly filed insurance claims through the police department getting money for an injury he never suffered. he has been sentenced to two years behind bars and must also pay nearly $2,000 in restitution. >> also tonight, a man in his 70s is recovering in the hospital after a violent home invasion. police say the suspect busted into the brockton home, then tied the man up, using his own suspenders before stealing
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we spoke exclusively with the victim over the phone from his hospital bed. >> we did, and tonight police are still looking for the three suspects. that 72-year-old is here at brockton hospitals. we spoke to him over the phone and he tells us he couldn't believe that they took his own suspenders, tied him up, beat him and it took him just about five hours before he could call police. >> i'm 72, i can't be getting bounced around. war vet, is the victim of a brutal home invasion. >> there's another door going into my house and that's where they broke in. >> reporter: it happened on wednesday evening around 5:00 at the victim's massachusetts avenue home. >> i came home last night, the whole area was basically locked down. >> reporter: three men wearing ski masks storm ed that his
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gold. i don't have any gold. ed. >> reporter: at one point the men he he shot him with something. >> they went nuts. >> reporter: he was tied up with his own suspenders. >> they shot me with something two or three times. >> he was tied up for five hours before he wa himself free. >> i pulled on the suspenders as hard as i could. i finally got them off. it wasn't easy. >> neighbors left stunned. >> he drives an old pickup truck. not like he has allens cuss out front. he dresses normal. you know, he's not wearing fancy
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>> and he describes the men as being big guys. he doesn't know if they were teenagers or what the. he's expected to have hip surgery first thing tomorrow morning. live in brockton, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> tonight an 18-year-old from brockton is being held without bail in the stabbing death of his own mother. france hid from the cameras during his arraignment today on charges of murder and assault. police said that they found hill outside yesterday sitting on the front steps of his home. he was covered in blood. neighbors tell us they did not see any signs of trouble with the family before this happened. >> i would never think that he would kill his mother. he's a good boy. >> prosecutors say they still don't have a motive for the stabbing and he'll be back in
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>> the teen was arrested at his middle school in lynn yesterday. police in north reading said they received the complaint and sent the information to middlesex county prosecutors. at the teen's school parents we spoke with wanted it to know why they were not notified about this arrest. >> that's terrible. yeah, i don't -- i'm gonna call about that because i never heard about that my daughter's 14. >> investigators and school officials are not providing more information on this case because it involves minors. >> a woman from new hampshire is has been channeled in an alleged murder for hire plot. police from clairemont say earl hired a hitman to kill the new boyfriend of his exgirlfriend. police say it is not a drug related case. a manhunt forces three local schools that safe mode. police say they received reports of shots fired at the econo lodge on route 1 this morning. officers combed the area but didn't find people involved.
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just stepped out of the shower when heavily armed officers asked to search his knee next thing you know pistols are pointed in my face and i'm naked getting out of the shower. it's crazy. students were kept inside during the search and extra officers were on patrol when the students were dismissed. a new rule about the privacy of your computer, use to be warrants were needed where ever jurisdiction was that crime occurred. >> it should be cause for concern that someone who has literally done nothing wrong will have federal agents poking around their computer as a sort
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>> the justice department says the rule change helps it keep up with changes in technology used by criminals. they also say it does not violate the constitution. about three hours ago president-elect donald trump held his first rally since defeating hillary clinton and made a big announcement. he nominated retired marine corps general james matis to lead the defense department. he appeared with vice-president-elect in ohio when he made the announcement. off from new york thursday morning en route to his first major public appearance since election night. with the exception of a thanksgiving break in florida, the president-elect has mostly been hunkered down inside trump tower in new york piecing together an administration that will take over in just seven weeks. from capitol hill, on tuesday night cameras caught his dinner with mitt romney. >> the president-elect, you're looking at the next secretary of state right here? well, we'll see what happens. >> reporter: but a rally in cincinnati ohio marked trump's first time before a large crowd as the final frantic day of the
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this position, even if you don't help me one bit, i'm gonna get it done, believe me. don't worry. >> reporter: the event that no one has won the white house without describes the transition team as part of a thank you tour. >> we also look forward to the president-elect and vice-president-elect to talk a bit more about what's being in front of us. >> reporter: but first a stop in in vickry. the campaign promise to convince the carrier company to drop mexico and keep 1,000 jobs in the u.s. >> vice-president-elect mike pence was poised to offer the golf any tax incentives to stay in the state. we'll tell what you to expect when you step out the dar first thing friday morning plus the even cooler weather i'm
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>> check out this dramatic surveillance video from inside a local liquor store. two masked men pointing guns at the clerk. at 1.the barrel of the gun was inches from the worker's head. >> ted daniel is in lowell to show us what happened next. >> what you're viewing in slow motion at clerk at belvidere liquor saw in realtime and in real life.
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view from this camera angle when the two masked robbers burst in. hand gun, and a shotgun. >> i wasn't scared. i don't think they liked that. that made them kind of nervous. >> reporter: many say the the robbers took all the money in the cash register and a bottle of hennessy. the surveillance video police released to fox 25 it was just a small portion of what was captured by the security system. >> many believe the robbers waited until the store was empty
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move. >> did they seem like they were pros at this? seemed like they were pretty nervous, yeah. they tried to come in behind that counter both at once that was a give-away right there. it's never happened to us before and we're finding ways to prevent that. my boss is. and hopefully it won't happen again. >> reporter: for they have not been the robber's original target. about an hour before this one was hit, a gas station clerk in
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saw two masked men hiding out at the gas station. this happened, the robbers got away here with about 300 bucks. fox 25 news. >> the group released a statement saying alden had fluid had his lungs but responding well to antibio stable condition. he's best known for being one of the first men to walk on the moon. >> wall street keeps reaching new highs. today the dow jones industrial closed up 68 points. it finished the day at 19,191. that's the highest close on
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oil industries fueled the games on the dow but the nasdaq and s&p 500 both closed lowered. >> we had some rain this morning and then skies cleared out and tempted soared. i wanted to show you some of the rainfall reports because they were so impressive over the last couple of days. actually since tuesday in sterling we had over 3-inches of rain. harwich coming in with 2 and a quarter, arlington over 2 inches and dorchester since tuesday about an inch and a quarter of rain it was soggy the last couple of days. to see that sunshine today it was quite nice. the sun helped put the temperatures into the 50s. 60s across the southeast. no record highs but i hope you got to enjoy it still above average tomorrow as our average high typically is in the mid-40s. by late weekend into early next week it's gonna feel a whole lot different. and it's all behind this system that came on through. there's that area of low pressure bringing that rain earlier this morning. the winds behind the system really cranking and bringing in that drier air and also dropping those temperatures over the great lakes producing some lake-effect rain and snow showers. we've even had a few raindrops earlier this evening pushing on through southern new england. it's all dry now. partly cloudy out there. 37 in worcester. 44 in boston now. we're dropping into the 40s and those winds they're still active. gusting over 20 in some spots like bedford and boston. they're gonna continue to be quite breezy overnight tonight and that will help bring in that
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when you step outside tomorrow morning you want to check in with shiri for the windchill values. but it will be in the 20s and 30s. definitely a bundle-up kind of day with layers as we'll be talking about cool conditions overnight. actual temperatures falling back into the 30s under partly cloudy skies. and we'll see some sunshine to start tomorrow but i'm expecting the clouds to bubble up. the highs will be climbing into the 40s, even that will bring warmer conditions down across the southeast but the winds kick up as high as 20 to 25. some scattered showers. and as cooler air begins to surge southward friday night we could see some more clouds across southern new england and perhaps even a stray flurry or perhaps a stray shower. so we'll watch for that carefully but what we'll really
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still breezy. cooler offer moving in for our saturday. we'll have to watch for an isolated shower saturday night but both of us staying dry. cooler and brighter for your sunday. of course sunday we've got the patriots game going on and we're begin be watching for the temperature around 40 degrees. you want to layer up because temperatures will be dropping through the 30s. you can watch the game right here on fox 25, mostly sunny, though, and it's gonna be pretty fantastic. weekendig can expect upper 30s to low 40s for your saturday. and for sunday that's where we'll see temperatures a little cooler right around 40 degrees. a little more sunshine except for the cape and islands we're gonna expect to see a few more clouds. the seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view shows the temperature trend going down. if you don't have plans on saturday head to jordan's furniture in natick. the whole fox 25 weather team will be there for our coats, for kids drop-off day and as for
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update you as we get through the weekend. >> boston city hall plaza is being transformed into a winter wonderland tonight. skyfox flew over the area earlier this afternoon where boston winter will debut tomorrow, it will include a giant skating loop, wine and chocolate tastings, chalets selling ornaments and a spot to see santa claus. it is free but some of the activities will have a fee. city organizers are hoping this will become an annual tradition. new at 11:00, a happy holiday update in the town of new hampshire. it was worried its light display was not going to happen. the electrical company worked overtime this week to fix the problem and according to seacoast online the lights did shine tonight. >> the bruins tonight late. but was it ?? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle.
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they've reimagined banking, and built a checking account that's free of all that nonsense. no fees. no minimums. no gotchas. at capital one, your money stays your money. what's in your wallet? this is what i'm talking about. when he's playing we're talking about it and now he's on the shelf for a while. >> you have to and you really hope that he's able to come back from this.
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third time dr. watkins will operate on gronk's back. it's a major hurdle they'll have to clear on the road to super bowl 51. gronk is a menace when he's on the field and able to play but injuries have curtailed a sure fire hall of fame career. tom brady tonight talking about losing his biggest weapon. >> we understand the challenge that's ahead. it becomes more challenging when you lose such a great player in gronk and i don't think that any of us are we're trying to accomplish. our thoughts are with him and we're all wishing him the very best and hope he gets better as soon as possible. bennett and gronkowski right now have 540 yards receiving. that is a weird quirk on the statue but it is true.
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hurricanes. anton between the pipes as carolina line came to town. bruins down 1-0 late in the third. they pulled the goalie. shoots and buries the rebound. they go 2 and through overtime. look at pastrnak. needs the save to get his first win of the year. there it is. nice comeback win for the today i had the chance to chat with patriots chairman and ceo robert kraft reflecting a bit on the 2001 championship team and what that team went to the whole country. >> shot in 9/11 and the way we represented the country in many ways. >> that's where this came from. i mean, look at it.
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>> who would know that that coined phrase would hang on the wall. >> yeah. well, i get we get to do it again. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> much more with robert kraft, greg bledsoe, troy brown, jermaine wiggins, the list goes on. join us sunday morning 10:00 a.m. we'll get you ready for sunday's game against the rams and look back at the 2001 season. dawn of the dynasty, before a very busy day of football kicks off on fox 25. they should win this one. so let's get it going. >> we're looking forward to that special. what a line-up there. >> it's been great. >> what weather will be good for the game too. >> we're gonna be talking about mostly sunny skies. a little cool though, so layers if you're headed to the game. a little cool though, so layers if you're headed to the game. cool weather headed our way from now until the end of the year, shopping at small businesses could be even more rewarding. because, when you shop small
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there was a race war on tv last night of sorts. tomi lahren was on trevor noah's show. >> for somebody who is not racist, do you have to spend a lot of time saying i'm not racist? >> she canceled an appearance on the breakfast club. charlamagne said he can get to the bottom of whether or not she's racist with one question. >> whether or not she likes dark meat. >> it's a good >> the victoria's secret show is wednesday night. kendall jenner, gigi hadid, bella hadid is, and after they all went out and pigged out. >> what do you mean? >> harvey, they never eat but there's going to be explosive diarrhea if they do this. >> you're assuming food makes it all the way through their digestive track. [laughter] >> barbados celebrated their 50th anniversary of independence yesterday and rihanna and prince harry were there hanging out.


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