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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 2, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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time for great viral videos "right this minute." an outdoorsman has a crazy idea. >> free an elk from some barbed wire. >> hair raising scene leading to a rescue. >> elmer fudd moment. >> why do a mannequin challenge when you can -- >> good luck figuring out how they did this one. after a motorcyclist is cut off, he still chases down a car to do a good deed. but see why the nice streak only goes so far. and a bride and groom who have something -- >> hidden up their sleeve, even though she's not wearing any. >> the surprise moves that have them killing it on the dance floor. >> it's so bad, it's so good
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>> in the history of "right this minute," i don't think we've ever seen somebody use one of these to free an elk from some barbed wire. >> shotgun? >> yes. >> poor elk is stuck and has to stare down the barrel of a gun. >> you can see they have covered its head with something so it can't see. >> this is such an elmer fudd moment. >> i got my shotgun and i will free you in just a little bit. >> >> he aims. >> here it comes. >> what did he do? >> he shot at whatever it was that was caught on his antlers. did not hit the elk. as you can see, the elk is perfectly fine. >> the elk is like, are you crazy? >> watch. after it's stunned for a second, it scampers off. >> the elk can't believe it either. >> a completely different rescue in a cave in france. what you have here are
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the bottom. doe, a deer, a female deer. maybe she got in there, running away from some hunters. they grab her. oh, yeah, she does holler a little bit. realize, you know, we have to get her a little more calm before we get her out of here, so they proceed to cover her face and tie her up like she's a calf at a rodeo, and now it's time to let themselves, get themselvesut they are in very close quarters. this is the cave down under there that they've got to climb out of with a 44-pound doe in tow. but they are able to do it, and
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here's some videos that will give you a pretty good idea of what it's all about. australia, where security cameras captured these two women walking up and helping themselves to as many different potted plants as they can take away with them. those are all the hard work of annette herbert. she has a nursery business at the front of her home. she uses that home business so she can stay at home and care for her daughter, who >> she clearly needs a guard dog named max to take these people out next time. >> sadly they walk away with about a year's worth of hard work. the sad part, second time in three months annette has been robbed. let's head over to belfast, northern ireland. over to filthy mcnasty. great name of a bar. filthy put up their christmas tree less than 24 hours before this grinch came by and helped
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trees. filthy mcnasty looking for these guys and any information might lead them. their reward, bottle of whiskey and table at their christmas celebration. >> done. >> seriously. >> now over to canada. more grinches. i think these are the filthiest mcnasties of them all. looks like three teenagers go running up the lawn of this house, kick and punch the inflatable decorations, then on their way back to the car, grab a string of lights, d the lights with the car as they take off. minor damage there, but the folks who own the home and put up the decorations told the police and maybe the parents of these kids can put a little extra coal in their stockings this season. motorcyclists get a bad rap, they do bad things on the streets, but there's some good ones out there.
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something really cool, because i don't know how on earth he saw it, but watch this, as that pull s out in front of him, they forgot they left their cell phone and wallet up top. this guy notices it and stops, picks it up, and starts speeding up to give the wallet back. he gets really close to guy, though. guy gives him the bird. >> you should let the insulting. then go, hey, man, you dropped your wallet. then they are going to feel so bad. >> and he does. he's taking the high road by speeding up and making sure he gets this guy his wallet back. finally when the driver realizes what actually was happening, he says, oh, thanks, man, that's really cool. >> thank you so much, bro.
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>> good. >> i shouldn't be so happy about that, but -- >> been good, been good, but sometimes it does feel good to be bad. >> any chance it's a setup? just throwing it out there. >> it's possible. anything is possible on the internet, but i really feel like this one is pretty legit. yes, the simple, freeze in place, but -- people have been getting very inventive. people trying to mix it up, do different things. well, they decided to add a little bit of magic. check this one out. guy pouring into it and we're just getting started as they make their way around. everybody's up to something a little crazy. >> now you're talking.
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again. just to try and figure out how they are doing it. >> taking the two piece, brush up on her selfie skills, but in mid form, drink falling out of his cup, hanging in midair, pretty good there. there's more. these guys throwing something between them. just hanging out there in space. just rotating. this guy is waiting to catch it. one of those inventive mannequin challenges, like nick says, when you go back and watch it all the it. of course, to really understand, you have to. this guy struck travel goals, and he's got christian saying -- >> hey, bring me along! i'm in. >> see all he does next. it's holiday shopping time and the kids not listening to the mission at hand. >> in one ear, out the other. >> see who >> see who wins, because dad
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cortizone 10 gives you the strongest nonprescription itch medicine, plus seven healing moisturizers. now i'm itch-free. [ male announcer ] cortizone 10. feel the heal. we're going to learn a lot in this next video, a lot about new zealand and how to make your selfies -- >> epic. ?? professor of epic selfies, alex, traveling the world. this time spending 23 days in new zealand. alex does pretty much everything fun that there is to do in new zealand. geothermal, remember these things? alex goes into the zorb. having a good time there. looks like a ton of fun.
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now some alpine sliding. he's joined by two people in this video. i love this. alex rented a car while in new zealand. happened to pick up a couple hitchhikers. this winding -- he goes diving, hanging out on the edge of a glacier. one of -- this quick scene right here. >> what's up, man? there's been situations that will present themselves on every family shopping trip. be it for christmas or not. the first one, the most important -- >> you think you'd like something like this? >> those are not the drones you're looking for.
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that. >> there's also something else all parents understand what's going to happen. >> can i get this? >> i don't think so. >> but what happens after that is not very common. >> why not? >> my 2 year old, who's now 6, great youtube channel where they take real conversations. replace with this man. the debate gets started. shopping for uncle ryan's gift, not grabbing something for you, but of course in one ear and out this. but we're not here for us today. we're here for somebody else. >> shopping continues for mom and dad. >> can i get this? >> no. >> please? >> see, the children listen. >> please, please, please? >> when asking for something, say please. what they are then going to do is this -- >> please, please? >> you don't need that. >> but i want it. >> this is where it goes --
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when? >> in the car. please. >> cannot figure out exactly when mom said it and if she really did. in the end she goes back to -- >> please? >> this is where it comes down to what it's always about, teachable moments. >> look, it feels good to give someone a gift, not just because you're giving them a gift, but because you're telling them you care about them. can you help us tell uncle ryan that you love him? >> okay, cocoa gets off, tries to find something for uncle ryan. ta-da! >> what is it? a phone charger. >> yes. >> right direction. >> okay, sure. >> fine, done. which means time for dad. >> should we pay cash or should we charge this? >> this is his way of coping. >> funny. >> teachable moments.
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>> so sweet. >> see, coco, doesn't it feel good inside to give someone a present? >> yeah. >> drawing of me giving you a present? >> yes. do you want to? >> check mate. >> now that is funny. this is katrina, she is a famous blogger. she always has that nose ring in her nose. she says the longest she's had it out in the last five maybe an hour. >> i get asked quite often if i ever post any pictures without my septum ring in. >> she wears the nose ring because she thinks the space between her nose and lips make her limbs look even smaller. so she's going to get lip fillers, but before she does, she's going to show people what she looks like without the nose ring. first thing she's going to need -- >> pliers. >> she's got a tool. >> what you do, put this in
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>> takes a one piece out, slides the ripg through. so what she does is puts some lipstick on and draws full lips of what she'd like to look like. >> there are so many people out there watching this video and thinking, i would love to look like her. what's she complaining about? >> only thing i think this video proves is it doesn't make that much of a difference. >> everybody sees themselves differently than the way others do. makes her feel better, that's fine. she looks g it. >> just another piece of jewelry that i enjoy wearing. that's why i'm going to keep wearing it. this russian's trying to break into his car. he uses an ax, of course. >> scary part is, this dummy is going to get behind the wheel. >> see how it ends next. this youtube star is color blind. these glasses are about to change that. >> whoa. >> seeing the weeing the world
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flimsy ladder. not the job for one man, though. >> the beam he's holding falls, and when that falls, the other piece comes crashing towards him and then that takes the ladder out. he ended up surviving with a broken heel. >> of all the things, pretty amazing. this one, i really just feel sorry for this guy in russia. this guy's trying to b his own car because the car has frozen, he found an ax he's using. going to find a crow bar and starts prying at the door. he's sitting there working. someone else had him covered. >> scary part is, this dummy is going to get behind the wheel.
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take a chill pill. logan paul has enough excitement for everybody to last us at least through christmas. >> today is a big day because i got this box in the mail. >> no, it's not an ordinary box. what's in that box? >> i'm color blind and inside this box are glasses that will fix my color blindness. >> special glasses. from in chroma. >> okay, here w >> suffers from a form of red/green color blindness, so he got his hands on a pair of in chroma glasses, but he shows us the way that he can't differentiate between some colors like we can. >> i'm the type of color blind, for example, i can see this. >> that's green. no, i'm kidding.
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his pet. >> your bird is just one color. >> four different colors. all those colors. orange, red, yellow. whole body. >> oh, man. >> he thinks his bird is yellow. he doesn't realize that his bird is multicolored. now we get to see the emotional moment he has when he puts these glasses on. >> his character is gone. see that? >> absolutely intense feeling. so after that he's like, you know what, i got to check out the sunset. this is what the sunset looks like before the glasses come on. slowly see what it looks like after the glasses are on. >> that's a trickier place.
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i have to say, that's pretty amazing that in chroma is able to do that. the vows are said and it's time for the bride and groom to show the crowd their dance moves. >> this is a really good time to go to the open bar. >> that's not why you're at the wedding.
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beer, but the top of the glass, not the tv. because the world. >> many to weddings. one of the most famous ones, of course, the reception, bride and groom come together. they have the first dance. ?? whatever it is, name of the song by the zac brown band. thing about this tradition, it's changed courtesy of youtube, courtesy of "right this minute." in fact, it would be more of a surprise if they just danced, because suddenly --
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something hidden up their sleeve. when they start playing "it takes two" ?? >> you know, this is so bad, it's so good because of it. >> what i think is great, you know what i mean, shows they are goofy and they love each other, shows they have a l ?? >> i think this is just a really good reason for the bride to get out of her heels and put on comfy shoes the rest of the night. >> there are absolutely classic dance moves. for example, right here. ?? the always popular carlton. ?? still more classics to go, vanilla ice. ??
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>> this is a really good time to go to the open bar. >> that's not why you're at the wedding. you're at the wedding to partake in the celebrations. >> i thought you were at the wedding to partake in the libations. >> you're doing it wrong. you're still coming to my wedding. >> am i doing it wrong, or am i doing it really right? thanks for hanging out with us today. we'll see you next time on
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it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: now, here's wendy! ? >> wendy: hi! thank you so much for watching


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