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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 18, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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the bridal shop in the southwest suburbs goes up in flames and so do some of the wedding dreams of its customers. now as investigators try to find the cause, brides are scrambling to figure out what they are going to wear on their big day. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's nancy loo is live in oak lawn with the latest on that fire. >> investigators are hard at work trying to figure out the
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cause of the devastating fire here. mean time, an outpouring of offers to help the many brides now scrambling to find new dresses. >> beautiful wedding gowns turned to debris are hauled out by the arm load. only six dresses could be salvaged from eva's bridal store which has been in business for over 40 years. all the while emotional brides and their mothers are turning up desperate for answers. >> today was supposed to be our alteration day. and just don't know what to do. >> i feel bad for the people there, for the owners. and also for the brides. >> the owners are devastated by the fire, but eager to help serve their customers, especially those with upcoming weddings. >> we will do our best to make this as seamless as possible. i will do everything i can so that this doesn't affect your
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wedding. >> the flames broke out around 3:00 yesterday destroying eva's and a radio shack within two hours. it was the highly flammable dresses that fueled the situation. oak lawn officials stressed their investigation is just getting underway. >> it's going to take us awhile to determine what it was. at this point there is nothing to indicate it's suspicious. we will keep our options open. >> that report coming to us from nancy loo in suburban oak lawn. allen kustok was arraigned for the murder of his wife. he is the father of comcast sportsnet reporter sarah kustok and zach kustok. >> wgn's muriel clair is live at the bridgeview courthouse. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. allen kustok looking shaggy around the head and wearing a lime green, bright lime green prison issued jump suit appeared in court with his lawyer and through his lawyer
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he entered a plea of not guilty. allen kustok is accused of shooting his wife, anita jean kustok inside their >> they intend to stand by their father throughout this process and will be with him until the end. they believe in him and they
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love him as well. >> next time we come before the judge, hopefully the prosecutors will have more reports to tender to us, let us begin to try to understand what their theory is. police reports, evidence reports, statements from various medical people. all of those things we subpoenaed from the hospital and various agencies that have been assigned to work on the case. >> reporter: and the next court date is december 14. kustok is being held in a kankakee county jail under a $2 million bond. in bridgeview, muriel clair, wgn news. a 14-year-old boy who was killed on the far south side was accidentally shot by his own brother. he had epilepsy and his family initially thought he was having a seizure tuesday night. but paramedics discovered a gunshot wound behind muhammad's ear. police say the family was home when one of his younger
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siblings was handling the father's gun and it fired. police say no one will be charged and the little boy's death, but the father will be charged for not registering the gun. she was found guilty of assault after a heated argument with an off duty police officer. but a chicago woman is suing claiming she is the victim here. surveillance video captured incident at an oak lawn hooters. 55-year-old woman arguing over her bill. the off duty officer working security gets involved and tempers flare. the grandmother of four was arrested for assault and battery. the tape shows the officer was heavy handed. >> when i saw him approach her with his elbows out trying to lean up against her. if i was there i would have said, hey, what, leaning no? that shows he was trying to start something. >> torres' filed $280,000 civil lawsuit against the village of oak lawn, restaurant and that police officer. a bridge southwest of chicago comes falling down into
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the illinois river but it was no accident. it was a 78-year-old bridge in seneca, illinois, and went down after 7:00 a.m. this morning. skycam9 was there for the implosion. and the brink was blown up to make way for a new $24 million replacement. a local resident got to push the implosion button after winning a town raffle. the rest of that bridge will be imploded at a dater date. and we are about seven hours away from kickoff. bears taking on the miami dolphins. >> seven hours away. wgn's sports director dan roan is in south florida and he joins us now with a preview of tonight's game. >> hello, allison and steve. i have to tell you, pretty nice deal down here. the bears come down in the middle of november and get a chance ospend time in nice warm weather in south florida. when they arrived at the hotel last night, they fanned out all over the place and spent a little time on south beach. we are -- were back in their
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beds and getting ready for the job at hand against the miami dolphins. a homecoming game for some of the bears, major right. greg olsen went to the university of miami as did devin hester. and devin has a huge crowd tonight, about 40 people that he is getting tickets for as he tries to reach personal milestone. i think it will be interesting to see how miami treats devin hester. he has 13 career punt and kickoff returns for touchdowns. that's combined punts and kickoffs. that ties nfl record held by brian mitchell. one more for devin and he has the record all to himself. and he talked earlier this week about what it might be like to set that record right here at home. >> the more joy that i get out of this is probably being at home with my family and those guys that don't get opportunity to come up and watch me play other than my mom or dad or brother. but my aunties and cousins don't get a chance to get up
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there. it's very exciting. i'm hoping to put on a show for them. >> devin can feed off of a lot of things. i have seen -- it doesn't take a whole lot to get him going. i think it's always special for all players to play in front of someone that they know somewhere where they have a history. you want to do well. want them to see what you have become. >> devin hester certainly a wild card in this game tonight and could absolutely be a game turner. the big question is, will dolphins coach decide to kick the ball anywhere near him. if i were a head coach, i wouldn't even come close to kicking the ball near devin hester. sometimes it's k50eu7bd of a badge of honor for the special teams to say they shut down the best returner in the nfl. we will see how miami plays it here tonight. it should be a lot of fun and very good football game and the dolphins favored by a couple of points over the bears here at sun life stadium here in miami. go bears.
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we hope you have a dry night out there tonight. all eyes on devin hester. reminder, watch the bears take on the dolphins tonight. our pregame coverage from miami starts at 6:30. kickoff at 7:00 and for your national viewers you can see the game on the nfl network. coming up next in the midday news, northwest suburb honors the life of a fallen hero. remembering a marine killed one month into his tour of duty. >> her night and days at museum have come to an end. how the winner of the museum of science and industries contest did living there for one month. to fine your own design style on a dime. hgtv frank fontana shares tips on his new interior design book. yxtú@ço?
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fallen marine killed just one month into his tour of duty is being honored today. lance corporal james stack was killed during combat in afghanistan. eight days ago. just 20 years old he leaves behind a wife and a baby daughter. his northwest suburban hometown of arlington heights is joining together in mourning. hundreds of people lined the streets in saluting his motor cd makes its way to the funeral home. visitation is held tomorrow with funeral service scheduled for saturday. two nato service members have been killed in southern afghanistan. nato says one person died in a bomb explosion, other was killed in an insurgent attack. 39 nato service members were killed in afghanistan this month including 33 americans. swedish prosecutors say they plan to seek an international arrest for wikileaks founder. he is wanted on suspicion of
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rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. allegation stems from two women during a visit to sweden in august. the swedish supreme court granted request by prosecutors to detain him. he has denied allegations. his lawyers say the sex was consensual and he offered to be questioned before he left sweden. qantas keeping its super jumbo jets grounded 367 engine on a qantas jet failed on november 4 shortly after taking off from singapore. the plane doubled back and landed safely. the company discovered oil leaks in the engines of three of its planes. the super jumbo 83 -- a380 and uses a rolls royce engine. airline grawnded all six. lufthansa and singapore airlines have 14. they are back in the air. qantas uses the superjumbos on routes here to the u.s. and europe stoars congressman charles rangel of new york could be fined sanctioned or
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even expelled from the house for violating house rules. in washington, d.c., rangel asked for fairness and mercy while admitting to making numerous errors. right now the house committee on standards of official conduct is hearing the case on punishment. rangel was convicted on 11 counts of violating house rules. he misused his office at a fundraising for a college center named after him. and he made misleading financial statements and failed to pay taxes on rental income on a beach villa. illinois senator roland burris gave his farewell speech today. warned that the senate stands at a cross roads. >> partisanship and obstructionism threaten to somewhat paralyze this great institution. but it is a testament to the inherent wisdom and durability of the senate of the rules and of the tradition that govern this institution that even in the face of great dischord we
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had the high privilege of serving in the most productive congress in generations. >> burris is leaving the seat he was apoaned to by rod blagojevich to make way for mark kirk. burris says it's painful that when he leaves there will be no african-americans in the u.s. senate. >> hard to believe. a visit is overrer the winner of an unusual contest did during her 30 days at the museum of science and industry. >> results have stunned doctors. ahead in medical watch, details on the big hope for an experimental cholesterol drug. >> and it's just one week away. ahead in lunch break, executive chef from the signature room at the 945 -- 95 as a thanksgiving alternative to traditional turkey.
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month at the museum is over for the woman who won the contest to live inside the museum of science and industry. >> is it ending with an honor not bestowed on many. wgn's julian crews is live at the museum with more. hi, julian. >> reporter: good afternoon. what a month it's been for kate. the 24-year-old chicagoan catapulted into the public eye winning an international contest to spend the month at the museum and now that her 30 days are up, what a sendoff. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: it's a magical ending to a 30 day adventure, lighting the 45 foot tall christmas tree that charismatic young lady says it will be hard to walk away. >> last night i decided to take a midnight stroll like i do sometimes to say good-bye to everything and surprisingly i was sobbing the entire time. >> she walked on the wing of a
12:19 pm
727. ate breakfast with astronauts and witnessed an open heart surgery. for 30 memorable days and nights, mc-- she had the run of the place. 14acres of exhibits in the largest science center in the western helms sphr and what a payoff for the museum. the contest to spend a month at the museum captured the imagination of the national and international press bringing valuable publicity to the museum of science and industry. >> thousands of people have followed her on her blog. and on facebook and twitter. and millions have seen her on tv and in newspaper and heard her on the radio. >> i want to send out an amazingly huge thank you to the entire museum staff. from the moment i walked in i have felt nothing but welcomed into my new home. her bags are packed, ready to gsm her experience at the museum and interaction with the city's kids, something that
12:20 pm
everyone is like three remember. she says she discovered her inner science geek during this excellent adventure. an adventure she shared with the public. you can bid farewell to kate yourself. log on to our website, we have a link to the museum. type in links. in hyde park, julian crews, wgn news. i'm bloomberg's angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. we are seeing more signs labor market is starting to improve. companies are slowing down firings and instead hiring for the holidays. by the way, national retail federation predicts 138 million people will be shopping on black friday weekend. is that up 4 million from last year. and they are back. general motors shares up 6% right now from its ipo price of $33 a share on its first trading day as publicly traded
12:21 pm
company once again. meanwhile, over at sears shares down nearly 6% today after its third quarter loss widened as consumers remained cautious. illinois department store chain has seen its appliances and home improvement categories suffers since the expiration of those tax credits for first time home buyers in april. so that may be why serious will open its doors on thanksgiving day for the first time in its history to boost fourth quarter sales. and lastly, it's a task even a wizard would find daunting, maybe even scarier than lord voldemort? how to replace a series that will have run up $7.5 billion in ticket sales by the time harry potter's movie franchise ends next summer. warner brothers ceo told bloomberg news other hopefuls include sherlock home and two hobbit prequals to the tril oilg to fill -- trilogy. stocks are rising.
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green across the boy as american jobless claims bolster optimism in the economy. live in the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. now back to you. why thousands of illinois residents are due cash and if you are one of them we will tell you how to collect. >> but first your house business to be filled with guests for the holidays. hgtv frank fontana has tips how to give your home a nur look with little effort and little cost. zthtjthththtjtjtjt@tjtjtjtjtétjt
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he has been teaching people how to design on a dime. now chicago resident frank fontana is helping people discover their own design styles on the cheap with his new book, frank fontana dirty little secrets of design.
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thank you for coming in. >> how you doing? >> we are all on a budget these die -- days and a lot of this is knowing what style you like. >> a lot of people don't know their own style. so i brought examples. these are from ken we will start with traditional. telltale sign of traditional is or in the legs on the bottom of the chair. they are a spun look. >> i like that personally. >> and then look at the patterns. these are damask style pattern and colors are neutral. and you definitely want to lean toward this going traditional. >> that's an expensive chair. >> not bad. ken ludwig has great prices. i advise checking them out. totally great deal's here is a contemporary example. look at the differences. it's obvious but what happens is people go out and buy stuff they like before they decide what style it is. they clash all these different pieces and it looks like a mish mosh. >> how do you avoid that? >> look for the lines.
12:26 pm
you see the straight geometric patterns copied with the end table here. same thing with the lamp. everything is treatment line, straight and geometric, great example of contemporary. finally check this out. this is more like my flavor. chotic wild look. you got this great indigenous wood. all natural. don't tell me -- don't ask me what branches they are. they are certainly an organic look mixed with the zebra pattern, crocodile leather and metallic tortoise is cool. >> where does this come from? >> this is from ken ludwig. great deals on furnishings. >> let's check out i have some great diy projects from my dirty little secret handbag. one way to combine style and function by taking a simple picture frame. making a 1 by 4 pine box like this. using butterfly hinges to assemble it together and i use -- i'm a big craftsman fan so i
12:27 pm
will tighten these up. once you install your hinges this becomes a swinging door. you like that? mount them with these and then this is great for guys are infamous for losing their remotes. i have one mounted to the wall and then hide my remote in there so i -- >> dumb question, you paint this? >> i like to paint it the wall color so if blends in and looks like a built in. >> hold things. >> it's like a shadow box that you add a frame to. >> make one of these right now. my electric drill. >> and then finally i want to show you this project that is super simple. an ikea book shelf we turned on its side. added castors to it. and then this is simple casters. and then once i flipped it over i wanted a little more decorative top. i'm taking a little spray glue, old wall paper. and hold your news because it will get stinky here and i
12:28 pm
mounted it down, really simple and then i'm going to trim off the edges so we have a clean cut here. how do you think that looks -- >> this looks so easy. >> i do it every day. >> what do you do with this now? >> you stand back and this is a media center now. you can visualize it stepped up, it was once a book shelf. >> very contemporary. >> put your tv on it. >> put it right here and vases over here, and chots keys there. >> and you are doing it and showing us how to repurpose old items. stuff in your house. >> number one way to save money. referbush and recycle repaint. before the dumpster, find ways to look at it in a different light. >> furniture that you got that might go with something else. see it in a different way. tell me, the name of the book again? >> dirty little secrets designs available in book stores nationwide. pick it up at i will be here in chicago on saturday at barbara's book store doing a signing. >> thank you so much.
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tom skilling joins us now. pick up new tips. >> been listening to them. he is amazing. >> he is really, really good. not as good as you are with this forecast. >> well, i will tell you, some would beg to differ. >> it will rain on dan roan tonight? >> it might. there might be a little shower. it wouldn't be a big deal. but dan will have to suffer through 70s. come game time. it's fun to have the bears on wgn tonight.
12:32 pm
>> it is. that's exciting. >> that is really exciting. and look forward to a lot of you folks being here with us. i will tell you something, we predicted a largely sunny sky. so this stratta cumulus deck to put it mildly has been quite a disappointment. but i will tell you one thing, it assures it will stay cold today. it will be the second coolest day of atom which says as much about how warm it's been and as much as this air mass which is coming in which is the southern flank of a very cold air mass that reaches up to the arctic and this is the first little poke of cold air in. it will pull back tomorrow and gusty winds come back a little bit on saturday and early sunday, pull back again sunday, monday and then collapse on us next week and that's when it really gets cold for thanksgiving. note that temperatures over night went below 30 in kenosha and schaumburg. 2:30 at romeoville and lowell, indiana. and only in the 30s and 40s right now. 38 for us at o'hare field. where the normal high this time of year you figure is around 46
12:33 pm
degrees. so it won't be terribly below normal but we haven't had many below normal days. months running almost 4 degrees above normal and feels chilly 39 at midway. 39 at blue island and 38 at this hour at burr ridge. and here are some of the winds now just enough wind to add to the chill in south elgin, gary, lake geneva and munster across the area and a lot of the temperatures and one more camera shot of what is going on. these are wind gusts and there is the view from frazier magnet school here in town. look how extense of the clouds are. and again we got a locke of cool air in the south edge of which has pushed into the chicago area. so breaking these things up is going to be hard. we can figure we can carry a fair a cloud cover but see the clouds streaming across the mountains. that is a big windy storm that already is going to work on this cool air mass in the western plains and warming things up. look at the curl right there. you know you got a good lift in the atmosphere and vigorous system and these winds are
12:34 pm
howling across the mountains where they rise they produce heavy snows so they are eight states under wirnt storm watches and warnings. wind advisories in the dark blue areas and yellow areas are winter storm watches and white areas are winter storm warnings. look at the snow that's falling. this is critical. what we don't realize in chicago is the really cold air, the first of the season, hits once we put snow down to the northwest of us. we don't know that's going on all the time because oftentimes the storms that snow in the upper mid west rain on us initially. when you put snow down and then the cold air begins to come in from the arctic because it's reflective and it can't warm up on the way down here. so we are watching the snow systems pass north of us and lay down layer after layer of snow and wondering at what point will the cold air come down on us and the answer seems to be next week in a big way. for the moment we have a little lobe of cooler air and then the warming, the chinooks are blowing, down sloping winds
12:35 pm
that warm up from wilings-- billings, montana to denver, colorado and then the cold air and that's the stuff that visits us next week. thanksgiving may feature low 30s around chicago the way is it looks right now and could be a storm that tracks across the mid west the middle of next week. we will have to watch that from the stand-point of traveling. 38 here. 34 in madison, wisconsin, with a wind chill there of 27. is that respectably cool air mass and autumn that hasn't had many of these. look at the temperature rebound. these winds blow out of the mountains and as i say from billings to cheyenne down to denver that air sinks and compresses and warms and then heads for chicago and that's why we will warm into the low 50s tomorrow and mid-30-mile- per-hour wind gust that will blow under partly sunny skies. northwest winds at the moment at 10. humidity of 62%. and here is the jet stream. when it goes westerly or zonal, that takes cold air up here and sheers it off before it gets down here so we will warm up
12:36 pm
for a couple of days and watch this mammoth low pressure with its web of pressure lines packed indicating the pressure varyies and nature doesn't like that so a lot of wind results, it will start getting windy toward morning and during the day tomorrow if you have a south exposure window it will be rattling because that wind will blow with gusto but it will pump the temperatures up about ten degrees the process. so this afternoon the second coolest day of fall extensive cloudiness and temperatures only about four degrees below normal but we haven't had many below normal days and in indiana and michigan a couple of ice pellets and light rain and snow showers are off the lake. that's basically from laporte and porter counties eastward. high of 42. had a report of a couple of flakes of snow out in the fox valley area. and in the last few minutes. didn't last long or amount to much. shows these clouds are spitting little ice pellets at us in spots. partly cloudy. light winds strengthen late tonight from the south. low 26 and then rising. tomorrow partly sunny. very windy.
12:37 pm
gusts top 35 at times and a high of 53 southwest winds blow tomorrow. and then mix sun and a northeast wind cools us down to the 40s on saturday. could be sprinkle at times. wouldn't be a big deal but a northeast wind blowing into wrigley field for the big illinois and northwestern game. that's kind of cool. having a football game at wrigley field again. >> haven't done that in decades. >> absolutely. we will have the rest of the weekend looking into thanksgiving week later on. >> awesome. check out our trivia question. this one you probably not going to know. how many seasons did don shula coach the miami dolphins. was it 18? 22? or 26? you have to be a sports fan to know this one. answer still ahead on the wgn midday news.
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night taking on the spurs who were winners of 7 in a row. derrick rose and the bulls were up to the challenge early on as he streaked passed tim duncan for an easy layup. they pushed their lead to ten in the second quarter when ronnie brewer drove to the hoop for a lundress -- thunderous dunk. second half -- they were outscored in the third quarter and off court distractions, tony parker led the spurs with 21 points and bulls lose 103- 94. the blackhawks were in edmonton over the build up of the win. jonathan toews started the scoring and then later he was credited with another goal deflecting off the oilers. earlier he took a behind-the- back pass from patrick kane and fired a wrist shot. toews gets his second career hat trick. remember you can watch the bears take on the dolphins right here tonight. our pregame coverage from miami
12:41 pm
starts at 6:30. kickoff at 7:00. national viewer see it on the nfl network. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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the university of california regents expected to vote today on tuition increase that sparked violent protests. four police officers were injured and more than a dozen protestors were arrested yesterday at a demonstration on the uc san francisco campus. protestors want the regents to reject a proposed increase that would bring yearly tuition to
12:45 pm
more than $11,000. that doesn't include campus fees or room and board. deep cuts in state fund vg led to faculty furloughs, course cut backs and reduced enrollment. a northwestern university project that works to clear wrongfully convicted inmates faces an ethics probe. cook county prosecutors say students from the madill innocence project crossed legal and ethical lines while investigating a decades old murder. students are accused of secretly recording an interview with a witness which is prohibited in illinois. founder of the project says he doesn't think they broke the law because a private investigators was listening. northwestern is investigating. here is a switch. the irs has millions it wants to return to illinois residents. if you changed your address this year, the agency may have a check waiting for you. it has more than $4 million in refund checks that have been returned as undeliverable. average check, about $1,100. 3600 illinois taxpayers are due the refunds and if you think
12:46 pm
you might be one of them, get moving. check out our website, links and we will hook you up to their site. in medical watch, doctors are excited about an experimental cholesterol drug that could offer a new way to prevent heart attacks and strokes. a study presented at american heart association conference in chicago showed the drugs draimatescally lowered bad cholesterol and at the same time it raised good cholesterol to record levels. it's called -- and it won't be on the market any time soon. with further testing needed, drug maker merck is planning a study of 30,000 patients and that's expected to take several years. the government says one in five american adults suffered from mental illness during the past year but most didn't receive treatment. a survey bi-the subsitance abuse and mental health services administration found
12:47 pm
that 45 million experienced some form of mental illness in 2009. issues range from major depression to more serious problems such as suicide attempts. but fewer than 40% received treatment. the government in hong kong raised a bird flu alert to serious after a case was confirmed. a 59-year-old woman tested positive for h5n1 bird flu after returning to hong kong from chinese main land. first human case in search years. woman is in serious condition. the bird flu virus first struck hong kong in 1997. six people died in that outbreak and countless chickens were killed. lunch break is coming up next. and the chef from the signature room has brought along braised short rbs -- ribs. so good.
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is it time for your lunch break and patrick is the executive chef from one of my favorite dining experiences in chicago. the signature room at the 95th. and he joins us today and has got an alternative to turkey. >> we do. we wanted to present something that was easier maybe than doing a turkey takes a fear out of it. and that is a pseudo braised dish of short ribs and you can get this done the day before. all you are doing is enjoying football on the day of. just warming stuff up. >> and relax. >> and relax. that's the big part. >> let's start with what kind of meat you like. >> we have some short ribs here and we get ours from couple of different vendors from the green city market. some local farm. >> you like yours grass fed. >> we think this is better
12:51 pm
muscular development and for brazing cut lends to flavor. little bit different than a typical braise as we seasoning to start. i let them sit and then poach them in a nice aeromatic broth with tamarin and vinegar and white soy sauce. >> what you do is you will poach it and then sear them. >> and then sear them afterwards so you get that carmel ietzed flavor. cap they come out of the poach really nice and the bone falls right out but they have structure so we will pop them in our pan. >> no oil in the pan, just as they are. >> do these on the grill which is great adds a lot of flavor. brush of olive oil before putting the meat on the grill will work well. the other component, again, trying to keep some stuff off the stove top. >> and simplify it. simplify with root veggies we got frts market. we will add them to the pan and little roasting pan and maybe turnishes -- turnips and
12:52 pm
parsnips that were gorgeous we didn't bother -- we wash them really well and cut them up. and the onion. and little fresh thyme. and then you want to put a little salt on those. >> this is kosher salt? >> yes. nice coarse kosher salt. we will drop pads of butter on there. the holidays. butter is not -- >> one of chef patrick's tips is as you cook, taste. you know the look you are getting. make sure the butter is good is have a nice loaf of crusty bread. put this in our magic oven and then pull out some that we have done. >> beautiful. >> they take about 45 minutes and then at the end we will add these brussel sprout tops. not the actual sprout. it's on the stock and on top of the gorgeous leaf. got that from a chef friend. over at the -- >> the girl in the goat. >> she is like flavor of the month. >> she is on fire for sure.
12:53 pm
and we are just about ready. we were warming up our root vej --s in if you don't want to be bothered with this, you can go to the 95th. >> you can have this dish on thanksgiving. >> and you have a buffet. >> it's kind of a hybrid buffet. we present all of our stuff and cold things. we do that as buffet and then you sit down and you choice of entrees. we have roast turkey, the short bread. >> and reservations are still available. >> few left. for want to come to dinner. >> that's the way to go. >> we will finish this up to get a try here. here is our short ribs. >> that looks so good. >> and nice and carmellized. and then these root vegetables we will sprinkle them around and then to me and chefs i'm sure it's all about the eye appeal. you have this gorgeous orange, the onions which are nice and sweet. and some parsnips. >> that looks beautiful. >> and then green helps. it helps absolutely.
12:54 pm
>> it will make you think. i'm doing the right thing. >> catch the fiber. so some of the brazing liquid we took the fat off and reduced it a little bit and then actually it's a aeromatic broth. we tied up a little corn starch instead of reducing it. >> with a about dessert? >> again-- >> actually not sweet potatoes. traditional pumpkin pie. really gorgeous apple crumble. probably about 30 things we will offer. there will be taste for everybody. >> i bet you do a great sweet potato pie. >> we do all right. >> signature room thanksgiving day buffet is served from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. so you have plenty of time. signature room at 95, 875 north michigan avenue. price for adults is $65. for kids it's 25. under three? >> under three. >> no charge. >> reservations are -- >> come in the baby by yrn all
12:55 pm
strapped in. baby under three. for more information on the chef's recipe today, check out our website, the braised short ribs are wonderful. bran
12:56 pm
for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
12:57 pm
chef patrick, thank you. all right, first the answer to your trivia question today. how many somebodies did don shula coach the miami dolphins? 18? 22? 26 the answer is a whopping 26 years. >> what a legend. >> you guys have been here that long. >> tom has me beat. >> 33 years? >> 27. >> you have been here for 33 years. >> yeah, yeah. tell you that. that's different than coaching a football team in an nfl football franchise. >> you are under a lot of pressure back there. >> well, i will tell you the pressure is to try to get rid of this cool air we seen coming. at least the radar is pretty quiet here. not much going on in this area. we have some down wind lake-
12:58 pm
effect snow showers going into michigan. and this and the upslope regions of the mountains out west is a big deal. they will have days of snow out there and can measure snow in the feet in the mountains of the pacific northwest and some the northern rockies will get a good coating as well. here in chicago just grey and 38 is the temperature at o'hare. 39 at midway. and there is warming going on out in the western plains. this is kind of one little stab at cool air. you see it play out here graphically. then the cool air settles back in again a little bit with northeast wind saturday and then sunday and monday we push the blue, cold air up to the north only to watch that lobe of chilly air descend on us by tuesday next week and we move up to thanksgiving day. and that is very cool air. got some chilly air and it lasts beyond the ten day period we were showing you right there. we are going into real autumn- like air right now and that's about time. you know, by this time last year we had flurries already.
12:59 pm
we haven't had official flurries in the city yet or snow belt areas. and we won't see any in the short term. we had a couple of ice pellets in spots. gusty southwest wind tomorrow. should warm us into the 50s. here is our seven-day forecast. 42 is the forecast today. 53 tomorrow. gusty winds to 35 at times. then winds turn northeast on saturday for a day and a half. drops temperatures to 47. fair a cloud cover and maybe a sprinkle and then warm up south winds lock back in. monday can hit 06 and then crash to the 40s in the fall on friday. and rain, sleet or snow is ipon wednesday which brings us into really cool air just beyond the search day period. and in miami tonight, northeast winds and shower perhaps, partly cloudy and mid-70s. >> and rain, dan roan. get your umbrella. >> thank you. see you later. >> thanks to frank fontana for his tips today and our friends at


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