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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 22, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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lawyers for george ryan go to court to get him out of prison. they argue parts of the conviction should be tossed out. i'm steve sanders. >> i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are just tuning in. we will have that story in a moment. >> notre dame head football coach brian kelly is defending the way the university handled sexual assault allegations against one of his players. the alleged victim attended glenbreak north high school in
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northbrook. that's where wgn's judy wang is live. >> reporter: good afternoon. glenbreak north principal declined to speak with us on camera. he gave a statement that said in part we respect elizabeth seeberg's exceptional crks and saddened by her loss. we support -- seeberg's parents have hired a former federal prosecutor to investigate. 19-year-old was freshman at st. mary's college near notre dame. she reported to university police a member of the football team assaulted her in her dorm. see went to the hospital. allowed medical personnel to use a dna evidence kit. provided statements and id'd the player from a photo. nine days later she died from a prescription drug overdose. the "chicago tribune" reported this weekend notre dame would not acknowledge the case local police st. joseph county police and st. joseph county prosecutors tell the paper the school did not inform them about seeberg's claim. the players seeberg claimed
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attacked her is still playing. coach brian keel in a: ness from call with coach kelly said did not say if he talked to the player about the allegation. kelly has a sign posted in the locker room reminding players to respect women. >> i'm a father. i have a daughter. those are very, very important things to me and very, very important to the culture within our football program. it's a university matter. and the nature is such is the university has a process in place and that process is one that i'm respecting. >> reporter: st. expwro sf county prosecutors are launching a investigation into response to the "chicago tribune" report. the parents say she gave more to others in her short 19 years than most people give in a lifetime. in northbrook, judy wang, wgn news. chicago police are looking
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for suspects in the shooting death of a teenager on the southwest side. it happened last night near 65 and rockwell on the city's marquette park neighborhood. police say 17-year-old montreal montgomery was shot in the chest about a block from his home. investigators say they don't know what the motive was for the shooting. police say they have found the car believed to be involved in a hit-and-run accident in the city's edgewater neighborhood. 37-year-old man suffered massive head injuries sunday morning when he was hit by a red ford in the 5900 block of north ridge avenue. he said to be in serious condition. police say the car was found in a motel parking lot in the 6,000 block of north lincoln avenue. they are questioning the person believed to have been driving. chicago police busted a major drug ring on the city's south side. it happened shortly after midnight at a home in the 7400 block of south lafayette avenue. police found 200 marijuana plants inside along with ammunition and a bullet-proof vest. they say it was sophisticated operation with lights and
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ventilation and irrigation system. two children were removed from the home but no arrests were made. target of the raid is still being sought. drug enforcement agencies have arrested a retired police officer in connection with an investigation into alleged acts of murder, kidnapping, robbery and drug dealing. authorities say glen lieuwellen provided information to members of an organizationed crime group called rodriquez enterprise. rodriquez and five defendants were arrested in april of 2009 when they allegedly conspired to steal hundreds of kilogram of cocaine from a warehouse in the southwest suburbs in shanahan. lieuwellen was a cop from 1986 to 1992. he is charged with racketeering, conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. today is the deadline for chicago mayoral candidates to file their nominating petitions. signed petitions are due at board of elections by 5:00 this afternoonam among those who filed are congressman danny davis, former senator carol
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moseley braun and city clerk miguel del valle. the reverend james meeks is filing last because he reportedly wants the last position on the ballot. election day is three months from today. chicago's unpredictable weather is at it again. it's this time of the season that we usually start feeling the first winter-like temperatures. today it feels more like spring. >> we are enjoying every second of it. robert jordan is live at the chicago botanic garden with more on these high temperatures. i'm sure enjoying your assignment as well. >> i sure am. you know, this has been a wonderful fall that we have been having. i could almost be standing out here in short sleeve shirts. it feels more like california than it does chicago. the weather normally would be in the 40s. but today it's much higher. and while we are feeling like this is a bonus weather that we are experiencing, plants eknow that just around the corner is a winner weather reality check. >> we return so warm that things are starting to grow
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again. we are just warm enough that they are continuing to flower. >> november 22. three days before thanksgiving. but the weather feels like late september or early october. with 66-degree temperatures forecast for today. leaves have rrd fallen -- already falln from most trees but others are holding on to leaves. as if uninsure of the correct seasons. summer, fall or winter. >> we have seen things that extend into flower that normally are something we read about in books and so to enjoy it in our gardens is phenomenal. >> as the chicago botanic garden workers are putting up holiday decorations while outside -- flowering plants seem a bit confused. >> we were on borrowed time. we have been joking in the office. this fall has been so spectacular. >> and look at this beautiful rose. not only is it still in bloom, but it even has a bud indicating that it not only
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hasn't gone dormant yet, it's still growing. and while plants begin to sense that winter is here because of the shorter days, there hasn't yet been a strong killing frost to knock out the plant. >> we know sooner or later here in chicago we will pay for this. there will be a blizzard, something that will have to do to make up for the wonderful weather. >> reporter: and he is right. you know, we know this is just mother nature playing with us. having fun. and if it does make it into the 60s today, chances are that we won't see those numbers again until spring. from the botanic garden, robert jordan, wgn news. back to our top story now. lawyers for former illinois governor george ryan go to court in hopes of getting him out of prison. wgn's julian crews is live at the dirksen federal building with the details. good afternoon. what just happened here is we have two solid hours of arguments. this is the government trying to find reason to keep george ryan in prison.
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this is his defense team from winston straughn and also relying on help and assistance from folks of northwestern university to try to get him out after three years in prison. judge spoke at the end. following arguments and then a bond argument as well. she said she hopes to rule promptly. the judge that is. she says she expects to treat this case like any other pl. ryan will get no preferential treatment but she did suggest that he is in a relatively different situation not bawtion of his wife's ill health or his own, but because of legal matters and we were talking about the u.s. supreme court ruling about honest services. that is issue number one the judge says as far as his custody goes, could he get out early? that is issue number two in the judge's mind. i'm joined by terry sullivan our legal analyst. what do you think stood out today ation some of the bigger points when we talk about conflict of interest, the honest services provision and changes legally? >> i think what has to be
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pointed out first of all is that what was argued was the fact that since the case, supreme court recently did get rid of the honest services. if that happens, part of the sentence has got to go. in addition to that they are argue for a new trial because of the fact they are saying that the jurors could not have taken what knowledge in admissible evidence and come to the same conclusion as they did right now. in that sense, that's a big thing for the government i think to overcome. based upon u.s. supreme court. >> you are saying, too, that things will change no matter what. >> no matter what some of the stuff that's got to be thrown out. therefore, if the argument is that he has done more than three years in prison, he shouldn't be there any more. that's what the defense is saying. they are saying he is entitled to a new trial because as we know as former prosecutors that when the prosecution does is in a case is if they have a lot of stuff just throw everything against the wall and say that something is liable to stick.
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then they question is how were those jurors influenced and can the judge now come in and can the judge come in and say i can find that the jurors were not influenced. i think that's an impossible task. i think he deserves a new trial based on that. >> the judge has made it clear the ruling will nab written form. not today but soon. and i will interrupt you because i believe that mrs. ryan and attorneys will step forward so we will stick our microphone in the bunch and see if we can get a word. >> give us one moment while we have -- both from northwestern university stepping up to the microphones for some thoughts. >> we were not going to make answer any questions. we were grateful to the judge for giving us all this time to consider these very serious legal issues in light of the united states supreme court decision which changed the legal landscape and we know she is wrestling with all of the legal and moral and human issues involved.
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we will patiently await her decision. >> do you have anything to add? >> we were grateful to the court for the amtime she gave us. she is taking this case very seriously and we will stro wait. >> are you hopeful based on what the judge said toward the end? he is in a different situation than most? >> i don't think we will take questions. >> would you like to say something? >> no. just want to get my husband home. >> allow her to step up. >> i'm looking forward. >> thank you. >> i'm sorry, what did you say. >> i said i'm just looking forward to getting george home to spend a few years with me that we have blessed. how are you feel requestingam. >> i wasn't aiblg to -- able to -- [inaudible]
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>> that's george ryan wife. they have been separated for the last three years. they have been separated for the last three years and that is one of the main reasons that this full hearing has taken place. united states supreme court decision has certainly made this hearing possible today. we will send it back into the studio and we will have more on the story tonight or later in the show at 5:00. >> a lot of people watching this case. up next in the midday news, despite mounting criticism, the head of the tsa is standing firm. jury reaches a verdict in the decade old case of murder d.c. intern chandra levy. >> artistic legend, historian and bedrock in the african- american community is remembered today. look at the life of dr. margaret burroughs. ( woman ) even with an overactive bladder,
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man accused of murdering chandra levy has been found guilty. jurors handed down the verdict just a short time ago. salvadoran immigrant ingmar juan diday was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder for attacking levy. levy disappearance exposed her affair with then congressman gary condit. condit testified in the trial but never admitted to having an affair with levy. >> nation's transportation security chief is urging americans to keep the lines moving at airports as they head out on one of the busiest travel days of the year. some critics of the new body scanners are trying to organize a boycott for wednesday. calling on travelers to choose pat downs over scans. but tsa chief john pistol says a boycott could cause major tie
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ups and mess up people's travel plans. the scans take as little as ten seconds while the pat downs take much longer. the agency is walking a fine line between privacy concerns and public safety. >> always looking at ways to involve our technology and our protocols for how we go about doing this in the short term there will not be any changes but what i'm looking at is how can we best iews the information we have. that coupled with the thoroughness that we believe is appropriate. >> president obama says he understands people's frustrations and is asked the tsa to look into less intrusive ways to make sure air travel is safe. the founder of chicago's du sable museum of african- american history has died at age of 95. julian crews has more on dr. margaret burroughs life and legacy. >> reporter: chicago has lost an academic and cultural giant.
12:17 pm
dr.margaret burroughs was a woman of tremendous energy and vision and her loss is being mourn today not just here in chicago where she has so many admirers, but across the country from the white house in a written statement president barack obama says, quote, michelle and i are saddened by the passing of dr. mar grs burroughs who was widely admired for her contributions to american culture as an estmed artist, historian, educate and mentor. our thoughts and prayers go out to dr. burroughs family and loved ones, her legacy will live on in chicago and around the world. dr.margaret burroughs passed away yesterday in her bronzeville home. she will be remembered fonly for nearly century burroughs found a way to touch people's lives. students for decades at du sable high school benefitted from her knowledge and she was a long time chicago fark district commissioner. but it's her cultural and artistic exploits that established her as a force to be reckon with. 70 years ago burroughs formed
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south side community art center. gathering place for black artists and intellectuals. then in 1961, burroughs cofounded the du sable museum of african-american hiss reesm the landmark institution won national attention and became an example for other cultural organizes -- organizations across the country. burroughs family says that they are going to wait until after the holidays to announce some sort of a public memorial service. she was 95 years of ages, according to her family but the tribune says other records indicate she may have actually been 93 years of age. in the newsroom, julian crews, wgn news. thank you. the dangers lurking in some drinking glasses between cartoon characters. ahead in the medical watch. you have until 1:00 p.m. to check out our live web chat. michael is answering your questions how to make that temporary job stick. log on to
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live at the cme group in chicago. gas stations will be gobbling up your bucks this thanksgiving travel season. the average taprice for regular gasoline rose 4 1/2 cents to $2.87 a gallonam and according to triple-a, the price for regular unleaded in chicago is $3.06 per gallon. 30 cents higher compared to this time last year. meanwhile it's passengers start flying out of town for thanksgiving, chicago based united and continental pilots are getting ready for an informational ticket. starting today. flight crews are protesting what they view as efforts by management to outsource the piloting of flights. and some good news about the housing market. core logic reported today that shadow inventory and other homes that are in distress and
12:22 pm
hit the market soon after foreclosure, jumped more than 10% in one year. and the chicago area ranks third in the nation when it comes to the top 50 list seeing a 30 month supply. lastly, netflix raising the cost of your subscription from a dollar to one to two dvds per month up to $4 more for eight dvds per month and for the first time ever if you want to skip getting dvds in the mail all together, netflix is offering unlimited streaming of movies to your computer for $7.99 a month. first time they are offering streaming only. all right, right now on wall street we are seeing red across the board. stocks are down today despite a bailout for ireland's bank, investors are concerned the prices in europe may spread. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news much now back to you. and they are two members of the very popular alternative band willco. performance coming up from john
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and patrick as autumn defense. lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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wook. john and pat are probably best known as members of the world renown rock band willco. but since 2001, this duo has collaborated on a side project. the autumn defense. they have a new album out. guys-- >> good to have you in. isn't it enough to be in one of the world's top rock bands? and you have -- you had them going for 1250eu78. >> we have. it's something me and pat sort of got together in new orleans. we were both living there in the late 90s and always to answer the question about there is always kind of more time for
12:26 pm
music. it's a demanding schedule in willco. but as always, there is always more time. >> what is the autumn defense do for you creatively that willco doesn't provide. it. >> it allows us to sing more. autumn descends started because we love to sing harmonies together. >> it's beautiful. love it. >> thanks. so we get to feature that. that's kind of the focal point of the music so we get to really dive into that more. >> you both native southerners. am i getting a southern vibe in here. >> yeah. >> tell me how that plays into it. >> you are from louisiana, miss mis. >> yeah. >> we met -- we first met on the sort of the rock scene back then in the late 80s and i think we are influenced by a lot of -- well, southern soul. >> absolutely. >> and a lot of other things like english pop from the late
12:27 pm
60s and had a lot of similar sort of records in our collection. >> the autumn defense isn't new. you have been around for a better part ofth decade. >> first record came out in 2001 so we started sort of sitting down and writing songs in 2000. ten years. >> it changed a little bit. >> yeah. yeah. ten years passed and sort of new ideas. hopefully enter into it. >> all right. thank you both for coming in. what will you play? >> this is our new album and this song is called the swallows of londontown. >> the autumn defense. ♪[ music ] ♪[ music ] zthtjthththtjtjtjt@tjtjtjtjtétjt
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shouldn't be surprised of the possibility of severe weather is in the area because of the warm-up. >> and juxtapositioning. we have a very warm air next to very cold air. we have sub zero readings in the dakotas. we will see the bottom drop out of this thermometer but not before we get close to a record high today. and that record has stood for almost 100 years' record high today is 69. we were predicting 68. and powerful winds. but a tornado watch has been issued for western counties of our viewing areas close by as kane, kendall, grundy and mchenry counties and then west to boone, winnebago, la salle, lee, de kalb and so forth. this is michigan avenue. little damp after some pretty good showers came through this morning. and some thunderstorms as well but more on the way. we will show you those in a moment. let's look at rains that came down in chicago at the latin school and downers grove here in the city at the gilman corporation community school
12:32 pm
and university park. look at these temperatures. 60 imree readings at a time of the year when the normal high is in the low 40s. and here is a look at peak wind gusts. wind always when you get this kind of variance and temperatures. we had gusts of 41 miles per hour at lowell, minooka, chicago heights and naperville up over 30 miles per hour and it's in a remarkable 63-degrees with sustained winds at 16 gusting 30 at o'hare at this hour. midway at 61. at 62 at car-pointersville and there is a plot of the temperatures around the area. take a look at them because these are gone. sayonara to these after today. what's interesting is how little rain we had this autumn. these are monthly rain tallies and are getting rain out of this transition. look at the temperatures right now in montana. where readings at this moment are below zero and windchills are anywhere from 2 to 21 below zero. and you get an idea of the setup we got in the atmosphere with unseasonably warmth. we were in the warm slot.
12:33 pm
a cold front right here and you see the towering cumulus clouds. these are thunderstorms. they reach up to 38,000 feet tall and they are the basis for the tornado watch in effect. here are the storms that went through this morning. they moved into michigan. main cold front is back here and is barely cold arctic air is come into the plains state pchedz winter storm watch thrdz. snow advisories in the upper mid west and tornado watches for us and then a second storm that has prompted all of these winter weather advisories including frost and freeze watches and warnings in california. the tornado watch comes right up to about dupage county. it's through kane county. kendall and grundy counties and that. mchenry as well. and the reason is again, unseasonably warmth and incredibly cold air out to the west. look at this. it's like a wall right here with st. louis at 74 at noon. 63 here. but 33 at omaha. 7 at rapid city and one at
12:34 pm
billings and williston and then below zero as you reach up into canada. here is that cold air mass that we were talking about and it's coming south much of the models had anticipated. 70 at peoria now. 37 at des moines. that's amazing and there is a lot of wind on our side of the front. so as this front comes crashing in to this wind you will get convergence of the wind in the surface and upwelling of air and jet stream that moves thunderstorms that develop quickly and spins them. and you get some real trouble. here is a close up look at the windchills which are at eight below at fargo. you got spring and winter juxtaposition here put together and we were going into winter. the rest of the thanksgiving week will jump up a little bit on wednesday and early thanksgiving morning before another slug of cold air comes in and it does appear the threat of an ice and snowstorm in chicago has diminished later this week. that will target the upper mid west as we will show you in a moment. humidity is 90%. look at the lightning with this.
12:35 pm
these storms. these are this morning's storms off to the east of us. here are the new ones and these things are blossoming as we speak approaching the mississippi river. and these are expected to assemble into a squall line that will march eastward and we can kind of time that for you as it snows in the upper mid west. here is our rpm model which shows the state of affairs at 3:30 this afternoon. then you see the line starting to assemble at 5:30 this evening and showers already in parts of the chicago area. by 7:00 it's moved in to the city. by 9:30 tonight the squall line proceeded east into northwest indiana. and then it continues east from there. look at the line all the way from champagne up to grand rapids. the storm prediction center puts out the country's tornado and country storm watches. it's noting a lots of instability and speed convergence and super cellular storms are the kind that rotate and spin up tornadoes are indeed a possibility. bi-the way, there were sirens that went off in antioch and they went off in error.
12:36 pm
no t-risk. they went off just after 11:00 this morning. that frightens folks but we have a tornado watch in effect. that might have been a false alarm. there will be some other storms we might have to watch carefully later today that would warrant sirens soundings. near record warmth today. windy. 35-mile-per-hour and nonthunderstorm gusts and then strong and severe storms late this afternoon and evening. high 68 today. which is amazing. that normal high is 24 degrees above normal. for tonight, easterly thunderstorms. some of those possibly severe. then partly cloudy. windy and cooler. temperatures down to 34 and up to 40 tomorrow. mostly sunny, windy and colder and that's about a 28-degree temperature drop in a day. then clouding over and windy ahead of storm two which rains on us wednesday night. but we will have a high of 44 and see winds come around the east, southeast. thanksgiving could start mild and temps will crash. that might be an interesting day all by itself because we will start warm in the warm
12:37 pm
sector and go into arctic air later into the day. >> kind of like today. >> yeah. except we won't have the cold until the wee hours of the morning tonight. that will be the difference. >> i will be inside cooking and eating. >> smelling great things. >> never go outside on thanksgiving. now here is today's trivia question. who wanted to make the wild turkey, not the ball eagle the national bird of the united states. george washington, benjamin george washington, benjamin franklin or pickles. one policy, please. our service is top-notch. we'll take care of you, your family, even this little guy. great. ta-da! thank you. what else can he do? ring him up, boy! he's on break. [ chuckles ] caring for you and your loved ones. [ pickles barks ] now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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childress is the most recent victim of head coach firings in the nfl. an hour ago vikings released childress after a dismal 3-7 start capped by a 31-3 beating by the packers. comes only a year after the vikings made it into the nfc championship game before losing to the saints. the aurora native has coached vikings since 2006 season. he will be replaced by current
12:40 pm
defensive coordinator and former bear leslie frazier on an interim basis. after an early thursday game, the bears could sit back and watch sunday's opponent last night. one of the biggest stories in the nfl this year has been the play of eagles quarterback mike vic. the bears defense will face a major test trying to slow him down. vic guided eagles to a win over the giants last night after he threw for 258-yards and had a rushing touchdown. game has been moved to a prime time 3:00 start at soldier field on sunday as both teams are tied for the second best record in the nfc. that's a look at sport pchedz your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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on the medical watch, fewer young children are showing up in the emergency room with bad reactions to cough and cold medicines. news is not all good. new study found er visits linked cough and cold meds dropped by more than half for kids under two after drug makers voluntarily pulled those over the counter products from store shelves three years ago. researchers report some parents are still giving infants and toddlers these medicines and many er cases involve children who apparently get hold of the medications themselves. older adults could carry a higher risk of breaking their bones if the salt levels in their blood are lower than normal. dutch researchers studied 5,000 people over the age of 55. found that people with low sodium levels had a 61% higher risk of fracturing their vert bra and had a greater chance of falling down than poamps researchers have not figure out why there is a link but they say it points to a need for screening older adults for low
12:45 pm
sodium levels. some popular plastic drinking glasses may be dangerous to your children. glasses are made in china and decorated with images of super man, bat man and characters from the "wizard of oz." sunglasses purchased in southern california were found to consist of almost one-third lead. that's 1,000 times more lead concentration than the government allows in children's products. coca-cola has recalled tens of thousands of the glasses. they are sold at burger king,mark donned and disney store ez. a warning today. lisa madigan is asking parents to shop smart when it comes to cribs, strollers, high chairs and other baby gears. she says you can sign up for recalls on consumer websites. if you still fill out this card and not used for marketing purposes, you will automatically be notified if that item in your house has been recalled. >> madigan's office says play
12:46 pm
it safe. play it safe guide lists recalled products. if you shop on-line, you should refer to this booklet. guide lists recalls made between january 1 and november 1 of this year. your thanksgiving feast is going to cost a little more this year. food institute says turkey prices average about $1.05 a pound this year. that's nearly one-third increase over last year's cost. you will pay higher prices for potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions. there is some good news. prices are lower this year for frozen carrots, canned apple, green beans and corn. still talking about food. up next, prevention magazine serves up healthy alternatives to comfort foods. i know it sounds like it's not possible. little substitutions. >> sounds like an oxymerren. >> more music from autumn defense. also, might want to join my coanchor, allison payne and me as we serve as emcees for the annual daley plaza christmas tree lighting. joan cuic -- cusak will join mayor daley for his final tree
12:47 pm
lighting ceremony. takes place wednesday november 24 at 4:30 p.m. at daley plaza. [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours.
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but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain.
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today we were learning how to reduce cal scoirpz increase nutritional values in three favorite comfort foods. tomato siewt soup, cesar salad and cosmopolitan. a contributing chef to prevention magazine. thank you for being here. some of my favorites definitely the soup is a comfort food and i love the idea of just making a few replacements. you call them flip.
12:50 pm
>> food flip. >> an easy way to save calories. so we will start off with a cesar salad and whip together a dressing. >> want to help? >> excellent. you can start drizzling some stuff in here and i will explain what is it. we have balsamic vinegar. the base here we have is we have nonplain nonfat yogurt. balsamic vinegar and drizzle the red wine vinegar in there. right there. that's good. we have lemon juice which adds a wonderful flavor. we have woossure. little drizzle. and garlic. typically someone would use mayonnaise in there and replaced it with the yogurt or raw egg. want to stay away from raw eggs. we have dijon mustard to take that spatula there and scoop some out. anchovy paste. open up it up and use one and you don't know what to do with the rest of it. that's why the paste is so great. we have the recipes and you will have the recipes on the website. a little pepper and a little bit of sawltd.
12:51 pm
and what we will do is we were going to -- you have this fantastic cesar salad dressing. >> little lighter because you don't have the mayonnaise in there but better for your body. >> and imparts all the flavor. really, that's the key. drizzle this over nice chopped up chilled roman lettuce -- romaine lettuce and then toss this together and this means a little heartier and add chicken to it. >> absolutely. a great base for a salad. then parmesan cheese which is delicious and then a little croutons. >> and whole wheat. >> whole grain croutons. take the bread and chop it into cubes and stick it in the off within a little garlic powd and little olive oil spray and ready to go. >> better choice than your white croutons. i can smell the tomato soup. >> one of my favorites. >> really? it's so good. but the key tomateo soup is traditional soup is heavy cream. so what we are doing -- and the tomatoes are so good for you, the lycopene and cooked tomateo product gives you more product.
12:52 pm
low sodium chicken broth because you want to add your own sawltd. you want to control that. and we have bay leaves and we will add some milk. so you use -- 2%? >> i use 1% but you can use two. the thickening of the milk won't matter because look what we are using to thicken the soup. >> white beans. >> white beans to thicken the soup and then all we will do -- >> healthty will have the same consistency but not the heavy cream. >> and you can use potatoes. that's a great thicker in for soup and that's another food flip. and use one of these guys? >> no i haven't. >> this is great. called immersion blender. stick this in there and it will puree all this stuff up. of course, it makes a mess. >> decorate our set. >> so fun. not messy. and then you have this -- i hope have i the spoon for you. see the color. >> it did. >> thickens it up and it's just so delicious.
12:53 pm
>> the consistency of the tomato and i like the -- thick, creamy soup. >> and spring allittle parmesan cheese on there and a little parsley and you good to go. >> healthy version of that. i love that. anything that you can use to thicken the soup other than cream you can use evaporated skim milk and whole wheat flour. those food flips what it's all about. >> we were having our treat for the evening. >> absolutely. having a drink now and then. in moderation. >> cosmo with a new twist. we were going to use a shygor replacement. >> what we will do is vodka and the key with alcohol is one shot. that's one shot. you can -- has about 70- calorie. mesher in the shot. we will do two because one for you and one for me. two shots. and then here is the secret. >> that's agfy nectar. -- agave nectar. it has about 60 calories. you only need this much. for both of our drinks.
12:54 pm
you just saving the calories. triple sec and then instead of that we will use oranges and squeeze in a orange and save calories and lime juice. >> mix this up cocktail. thank you so much. >> all of these calorie cutting tips are terrific. to learn more, check out prevention magazine website, we will tell people that there is a link on our website, cheers. have a great day. >> great ideas. i couldn't conceive this as a heart attack.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now. now the answer to the trivia question, who is stied want to make the wild turkey not the bald eagle the national byrd of the united states? george washington, benjamin franklin or samuel adams. the answer, benjamin franklin. >> noble bird. >> ben was a practical fella so he probably thought, we talk about turkeys all the time. that's interesting. >> all over the map today. >> we have some real changes on the way. tornado watch in effect in our western counties including kane, kendall, grundy and
12:57 pm
mchenry counties among others, de kalb, lee, lasel, ogle, boone, winnebago all involved in the tornado watch until 6:00. we got a pretty active storm a crossing the mountains in the plains right now. we were on the warm side of it and could flirt with a record today but look at the cold air back behind this system and that rushes in tonight. once those thunderstorms pass. winds south of 13. humidity 90%. water temperature at 48. and here is a good look at radar showing the assembling squall line on the mississippi river now. cloud tops to 34,000. there have been reports of hail with that. in fact, here is a hail perimeter we were looking at. see the hail tracks of the storms producing hail and there is lightning coming at us as well. the weather goes down hill again later this afternoon. this is just in. new model run that's 3:00 this afternoon by 54:30, 5:00, storms in the area they continue in the area at 6:30 and then move into northwest
12:58 pm
indiana and by 1:00 in the morning we were in the cold air and winds are howling, skies are partly cloudy and it's like winter. we could get good rain and we haven't had much rain. you will see the corridor, heaviest rainfall right there. and there is another storm, all those ls in the west represent another storm. that will warm us up on wednesday but bring a big temperature plunge thanksgiving day. that 39 willing early and fall quickly during the day. but we missed out on the snow and ice. not so in upper wisconsin. upstate michigan parts of iowa will be talking more about that for travelers in the week ahead and that stays cold into the weekend. so last of our 60s for awhile today. it's nice. >> hope to see you back some day. >> i will be back. thank you. today is the day to put those holiday lights up. thank you for joining us. have a great afternoon. we are back at 5:00 and 9:00. and leave you with more music from autumn defense. check out their full songs at
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