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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 7, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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e lanes the city's gonna try it out what to know if you ride or you drive. where we just complaining about a winter that would not end pope will not anymore. a chicago heat wave that is setting records tonight and good evening to you i'm lourdes duarte, in for micah materre and i'm mark suppelsa of our top stories in around the country tonight at wgn america. the dangerous heat. especially dangers of those out and working like firefighters and cool gear. amy rutledge is near what's left of the house that caught fire this evening on the west side. . >> at one point it was just build with our trucks. it was simply a garage fire. no one was hurt because of the heat to the head to up the response on this so the firefighters know what
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they were doing. it had a lot of water out there taking drinks and taking care of themselves but blaze at this time him extremely dangerous. . >> between the parts and appears the beaches and the fountains. many chicagoans and the try to beat the heat. . >> people went limp are counted as detector roses after no. . >> . >> had to do a couple baron's downtown and i saw the water and did in the water and ice that cooled off a throw good now. . >> i cannot even read a hat they're looking for any way to keep the kids safe in the heat. . >> not everyone could play the day away. many of us had to have a cool day at work. hard labor
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outside in this extreme weather is it a danger. it is the play time that we need more conscious of. . >> and playing football if your bosom activities you might not be drunk and enough water as you normally do in and out of the dead could be very dangerous. . >> dr. curses is about one her case of heat exhaustion in the summer. sweating heart rate and our server weakness. and to declare a loss of consciousness. dr. carey act to have two people in the er just before he talked was the were suffering from heat exhaustion like symptoms. he said listen to your body and don't ignore those symptoms because it could potentially turn into heat stroke and be deadly. back to you guys. . >> what tom skilling is in the weather center to be this high this early in june. that's pretty unusual for chicago right . >> it hasn't happened 34 years
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since 1979 has it been this hot this early. we had a 96 today that happened only four times in a hundred and 40 years of weather. a look at the extent of the heat. 28 states past 90 degrees today and a number of those locations there was 100. we saw the highest temperature today in 23 years. still 87 tonight in chicago of the blazing hot one tomorrow. midway hit 97 today or hair 96. wisconsin has a hundred and triple digits in minneapolis. rochester minnesota as well. is pretty warm. the temperatures across the area will give your rundown of those later. look at the los tonight blended back into the '90s. this is where it gets kind of interesting person is a big cool down coming the day after the. but these will be late in the day on thursday and the thunderstorms erupted appear
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to the no. that's relief but that's also the beginning of a cold front that will mix with the jet stream and produce some extreme weather and our area tomorrow. the storm prediction center said this heat wave might end with a bang tomorrow night. we have a chance for severe weather tomorrow night. we could have some flooding rains and downpours to bring all this to an end. another warm side by early next week. we have lots of whether to talk about will get back to it later on. . >> well a tip from a psychic texas police to think they found a possible mass grave with up to 30 bodies including those of several children. the home about 50 mi. of home east of houston and the pleas of us in their no signs of bodies buried there at this time. the police have asked for a search warrant and the fbi has been called in
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to help. they said was some blood found on the door. the homeowner tells a local tv station that he has not been home for two days because he and his wife are truckers. . >> the bearer of immigration will start to mark in the shock trauma of chicago business man. they wrapped up their case today in the trial of tahawwar rana he planned the derek deadly terrorist act in bomb by india. his attorney says he's an innocent by standard caught up in the case of his lifelong friend david headley. it was a star witness against run a. . >> after seven days on the stand rod blagojevich the trial is over in the corruption retrial. and that means the case will be soon in the hands of the jury. wgn's julie unruh reports. so the case that brought attention for the last 2 1/2
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years will be in the cans of a jury for the second time. did he tell two separate witnesses that if road workers didn't perform in fun race for him at them. a total denial by the defendant. he said i would not screw some one politically because the woods on raid story. also in getting jesse jackson jr. to fill the senate seat in 2008. the topic of jesse jackson jr. it up so much of the day that $1.5 million in campaign contributions allegedly offered to rod blagojevich to make him the next candidate. . >> when asked if such as generic yet constitute a bride rod
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blagojevich refused to answered a question. he said of riot but i'm afraid to answer that you saw my law school grades. what ever was it was not illegal. . >> he said he read injected the law firm offer at least three times. after they finished questioning the defendant. he tried to shake the prosecutors hand but it was rejected. we are a day from a closing argument and the rest is up to the jury. . >> it is a chance that the jury will look at the government case and say is that this they're all there is ? there was no bomb show when the governor took the stand. that's a real possibility. but we can never know what's in the jurors' minds. . >> if this case wraps up as quickly as is indicated, it would appear that tonic roscoe a
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perfect witness for both sides. will not be called to the stand. this is wgn's julie unruh . >> a republican presidential hopeful lazy to brought obama in his home turf. next tim pawlenty has scathing words just bought from the president's house and his own chicago workplace. and the new plan that aims to improve the bike for safety on business since chicago streets. . >>
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per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. breaking news of the mad about tonight. we got while word of another mob attack. this time witnesses is 15 to 20 teams beat and robbed people at wabash taken all wallet before running for the line. the chicago police responded again this morning with a statement sand-police presence and increase patrol has resulted in more than a dozen arrests. . >> was chicago police shot and killed a man on this chicago city's south side. cosset a man turned for them to pull something out of his pocket. that's something turn out to be just a cell phone. wgn's gaynor
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hall is live at at everyone headquarters with the story. . >> this started off with a call in klan bomber shot dead by an officer who feared for his safety. this evening that . >> said one justice. . >> . >> dad doesn't give anybody the right to shouldn't buy nine times in the back. . >> just before 2:00 a.m. they responded to a battery in progress. police say, try to escape and officers ordered him to stop. here's a part of the plan seminary statement from police. . >> the attended turned toward the officer pulled objects from his pocket and aggressively approaches the officer with the object in his hand. the officers ordered him to drop the object and he refused to comply to the office's demand. an officer opened fire kid killing all that the object in his hand turn out to be a cell phone. . >> i would not believe he will
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pull the phone out or anything out his pocket at the police. so what. it is not a gun. if he's not tried to shoot you that what you put something out of the pocket for. . >> tony brown witnessed the shooting he claims to girls were sitting in a car were injured and quickly taken away in an ambulance. but police said the size far no one was hurt. his family and people who live in the neighborhood just want answers. . >> we don't care who you should we don't care who you kill which is tired of it. . >> plan, had been arrested for battery before but the charges were dropped. as of the mother of his child she was treated and released from holy cross hospital. her mother telling us she had bad bruises all over her face. the independent police review authority charged with investigating here to figure out exactly what happened but they
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have not return our phone calls. to give comment. . >> the new man in charge of the chicago public schools will get a six-figure salary and will make more than his predecessor. jean-claude brizard will earn $250,000 annual salary that's 20,000 grand more than bonds over men. reds and believes that in time the teachers' contracts to performance evaluations and says he would object to the same for himself. cbs faces a $720 million budget that that does it. . >> jerry chico bounces back after losing chicago mayor's race. taft by gov. pat quinn today to lead the state board of education. shut chico once led the chicago public schools and he supports the governor's education reform bill. the legislation would change how teachers earn tenure, make it tougher for teachers to strike and pave the way to a longer
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school day and extended school year in chicago. . >> more trouble for at the day whiner next one a porn star says the cost this man told her to do. and republican rival comes [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. can i help you ? are these tablets-- mom, allow me. are these tablets flash-ready ? yes. which ones ? these, including the samsung galaxy tab. what about movies ? straight from android market to the motorola xoom. 4g upgradable ? 4g lte upgradable. you always wear glasses ? only when i'm not wearing contacts.
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ohhh. cheesecake. ok. what if i just had a small slice? i was good today i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would cancel each other out, right? or...ok. i could have one large slice and jog in place as i eat it or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... i have been thinking about this all day. wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah, thank you! you're welcome. [ female announcer ] yoplait light. with 30 delicious flavors all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. a republican challenger rick in president obama here in obama hometown on his home capa's actually. former minnesota gov. tim pawlenty rolled out his plan to save the economy at the university chicago in his first major speech as a presidential contender. the chicago tribune's
9:18 pm
rick pearson looks at the impact. . >> nearly yards away from where the present want lectured caught in constitutional law. tim pawlenty his own lecture as to how he would restore. now guess is nearly $4 a gallon. all prices are in the gutter. our health-care system thanks to obama care is more expensive and less efficient. unemployment back over 9 percent. our national debt has skyrocketed. our budget deficit has grown worse. and the jobs in manufacturing ports are grim. . >> polities answer. cut taxes for the businesses and individuals and impose an emergency freak freeze on spending. at the same time he proposing cuts in programs he calls it the goal will test. . >> if you confine the service or good available on the internet
9:19 pm
or google then the the federal government probably doesn't need to be providing that kind of service. . >> he gave examples such as post office amtrak and mortgaged giants anime and freddie mac is programs ripe for elimination. he contended that the speech comes as the president faces higher level of dissatisfaction with this economy. tim pawlenty is one of the leading contenders and i was first of the nation caucuses. a contest that other candidates may skip. but if last month's court job growth and high unemployment figures continue, expect another republicans to quickly ratchet up their criticism of obama headed to the 2012 camp presidential campaign rick pearson. chicago tribune. . >> axelrod quickly fired back
9:20 pm
that plenty will run up deficits. he wants to replace the form of that got us into a jam in the first place. he left his own state with a $5 billion deficit and now he's counseling the rest of the company country on how to handle finances. i think he would bin world serve to take care of finances of its own state. . >> axelrod spoke after had net of benefit of four misericordia home his daughter lives that on the cares for 600 disabled children and adults. . >> and now the fallout congressman and the waiter spilled a lot yesterday. now the house ethics committee will investigate if there's more. yesterday the merit representative admitted he engaged in sexually charged communications online and over the phone with several women. a number of women are coming forward with accounts of their interactions with weiner. one of them a porn star gingerly told celebrity gossip sight dmz at
9:21 pm
why the e-mail's her a prepared statement to deny any interaction is the press came calling. some of wiener's colleagues say they want him gone. . >> i don't condone this activity i think he should resign. . >> congressman winner said today that he has no plans to resign. . >> today on massive mill fire rages out of control in ryland. set of the skyline in the tiny town of woonsocket. you see the fire from miles away. the blaze is an abandoned mill and forced the evacuation of several homes in the area. several areas of battling it including some from massachusetts. one fireman was hurt and russia the hospital. . >> as nato bombs libya. and all your according of a defined muammar gaddafi was heard on libyan state television. the doctor says libya will not defeat her enemies will defeat her enemies and will not surrender our give up. the
9:22 pm
message coming just hours after nato carry out some of its heavy is daytime rates in tripoli with more than 20 air strikes by low- flying jets. . >> hundreds of people died and the stars tonight at the rose garden at the white house as the obama is tell the state dinner in honor of german chancellor and a lot merkle. merkle is visiting the nation's capital on an official visit. this is the obama sports state dinner and a first for european leader. several members of congress were invited along with the government officials from the sea and germany. singer james taylor provided the live entertainment along with the national symphony orchestra. . >> creating a barrier between bikers and drivers next the mayor's new plan to keep their was a fun chicago busy streets also how the temperature around you may change talk effective your workout is. . >> good evening linda with your winning lottery numbers. which
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of the very best of luck. lucky numbers 7 the second number is 9 the third number five the winning numbers for tonight 7-9- 5 a. time for the big four game. the first lucky number to that for five-eight. the winning 64 #two-for-5-8 the jackpot on this
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next one is $100,000. the first number 30-12-9-18-22 the winning numbers tonight 30-12-9-18-22. a certain hope you have them and i hope you up collar ball ticket. i'm linda colmar the glut and the night. good luck and good night . >> updating our developing story tonight another mob attack. john
9:25 pm
lewis is live at wabash and chicago. good evening to you this happen just be around 7:00 tonight in broad daylight according to witnesses. cory you were you saw what happened here. there were two white young men and they were attacked. tell me about what you saw. . >> from what i've seen starting from michigan avenue about 15 black teenagers running down michigan avenue and the next thing you know icy two white kids chasing them. i saw the first launch thrown and that's when me and my friend dropped our things and when to try to help. miraculously the two kids get back up and chased them again in front pot bellies and that's where it's kind of ended.
9:26 pm
they stopped it right there and they beat them for awhile. . >> the pot bellies stored in chicago and wabash. tell me what the total that you talk to them. . >> at the help to the two kids off the ground. the richest really traumatized because they were saying this had never happened to them before and it that there was $350 that the stop-loss their wallet and ids. so i can tell by the way he was talking to me he was part of breathing and in a footprint on his right rib cage. and he was coughing up a lot of blood. . >> tell me about your reaction to this. you work down here and you live on this city's the left side and you come down here to have a good time in the past couple of days we have seen many of these attacks in the city. what is your reaction to that ? . >> i mean it's just nonsense. as the summer we had a long
9:27 pm
winter, and which is one of go to the beach and hang out with our friends. its really nerve wracking when you cannot just walk out of your house and go downtown and have a good time. . >> again another mob attack a parallel here on the gold coast this time as chicago and wabash. we're still gathering the details on the same. more information coming up for you tomorrow morning. john lewis thank you. . >> what it hasn't been this one this early in the year sent they say since 1970. top-selling will tell us how long he will be guest with us. a dramatic change though. . >> [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills.
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the jokes aren't flying around here. it was so hot today that . >> at the pavement buckled. in serving ices snow cones. . >> but it is this is from michael. he is the storm chasers and he says the pavement buckled. and so that something is in it. a very warm day today and the temperatures made it up to 96. that's the hottest it's been this early in the season in 34 years. its is how hot is been in the last five years. it is happen four times in the whole weather history that goes back 1871 with temperatures this hot this early. we could even
9:31 pm
develop a careless clout. we have a ring of fire pattern. we have a cloud free area where the storm rotates around. you will see there's almost an entire circulation around this and that's what we call a ring of fire pattern. its survey was today and is going to be hot again tomorrow but this could end up in a very stormy fashion. about this time to our evening north and west of boston thursday it will be a far different day. hot to mar but since maybe down to 4 degrees by late in the day thursday. the hottest weather here since june of 1977 this early in the season. we go back and forth with 100 tomorrow. look at the ranger over the next week. rain from spread here and how widespread is with thunderstorms. storms could
9:32 pm
produce some pretty heavy rain. look at the heat advisory around detroit and five cities. the advisories for wild fires in the plains. it is unseasonably and cool air and williston is coming in contact with this hot air dome and it has a tenneco of war that we reached all the way into alaska today with temperatures over 28 of the lower 48 states over 90 degrees. minneapolis at a high of 1 03. we sent her baking it 87 with high humidity. it is a monday night around chicago. the local be in the low eighties tonight. the highs today for it with 100 in geneva. tonight continue above 90 highland park and close to 90 in all these other sites.
9:33 pm
irradiated midway 87 at long beach look at a high temperatures and minnesota today. here is the air mass that follows a doll. producing rains in livingston montana. these temperatures by comparison in north dakota. that's was on the way. look at the big temperature drops court on out the west. double digit declines. with moderate back out of a mold spores there is an unhealthy air quality advisory out. hypersensitive folk tomorrow. moderate tree pollen. at the southwest winds letter from the 25 mi. our gusts is still fairly brisk out there. the beginning
9:34 pm
of the end of this is in the form of the thunderstorms collecting along the u.s.- canadian border all the way from lecture ron with the tower of to 30,000 street of by duluth. the storms are erupting in north dakota. that's the beginning of a cold front as south the highs to march in the city back to the '90s. the cool air is starting to knife into the area. on thursday the temperature will drop to the '50s along the lake and the '70s inland. there could be some very heavy rains on of these thunderstorms. if you want to state tune we will show you some computer model rain
9:35 pm
numbers. on the update that's coming up in a few minutes. maine the clear and breezy and quite warm and humid tonight. not a drop of rain anywhere around here. temperatures 74 in the suburbs and 81 in the loop. the storms develop these could be doozies to mar evening and parts of the area, up from the northwest. it's mostly cloudy thursday. maybe about showers or thunderstorms. another wave of rain will run along the front so we can increase the showers and storms thursday night and friday it could be a wet stormy friday around here. the weekend looks ok and will come back and tell you about that soon. . >> i'm lourdes duarte, in for
9:36 pm
micah materre and i'm mark suppelsa hosting the award. the winners were kim edwards anderson, nicole j. gordon and ziomara perez each taken home cash awards. . >> as the weather heats up many of you're taking it exercises outside. coming up on your medical watch, couple's why you might get your most affected watch out. . >> there's still a tale of two sides of time. the fund continues on the south side for the white sox and the two of the drafts the local kids get their name col. that's coming up later in sports.
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cooling the/your activating that underneath. . >> it increases it releases the adrenalin into our bloodstream and can we except that round at to say that we need to produce some teacher with a freeze. . >> in extreme cases some have taken i expect to wake up brown fat and lose weight. . >> there has been attempting% increase in glucose utilization sitting in cold water. . >> it may be but you can get that much more evan increase when you engage in physical activity. . >> in santa sitting in a frigid tub, get moving in cool temperatures. . >> the temperature around the environment is only about 60 degrees. . >> crank up the air conditioning before getting on the treadmill. for men it may be even more important. . >> that they may see more
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dramatic results if they expose them cold and one where the other. that could be chained in the body fat and fat mess. . >> in addition to helping adults for wade loss. also helps babies can share in the call. . >> well the schedule is set for lollapalooza nets will tell you will be squaring off as dueling headlining acts each night. . >> and later as sports the white sox hope their bets are as hot as the weather as they try to scratch out a few runs against felix hernandez. . >> ohhh. cheesecake. ok. what if i just had a small slice? i was good today i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would cancel each other out, right? or...ok. i could have one large slice and jog in place as i eat it or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... i have been thinking about this all day. wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah, thank you! you're welcome.
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yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. one of the tonight on a breaking news story that we brought to just a few minutes ago regarding a mob attack. another one happening tonight. you saw shawn was reporting on it. the police department has been getting criticizing police people say that perhaps a not done enough. tonight we're getting a trick from someone. . >> the commissioner is not the first time this talk about the sun is twitter page. another wilding attack downtown. i'm not so sure troll again. they're
9:45 pm
talking about the attack on wabash where a couple of people were struck while the people ran out to the red line. . >> he's a he's not so sure the head together meaning the chicago police department did have it together the beach. he would not say it on camera. it 10 is to communicate by street. . >> well the official line up is out a lollapalooza and just like years past their to headliners each night so fans will have to choose. . >> on the first night, friday august this the choice will be too popular but is brans, muse and cold plate. this music favored girl talk is also playing at the same time. on saturday will be wrapped or rock with m&m and my morning jacket and compete in stages. and . >> and the final night kits house music against alternative rock with a dead mouse on one stage and the four fighters closing on the closing of the festivities on the other. .
9:46 pm
>> that's quite a lineup. cold plate. . >> the thunderstorms of to the north of us that's the beginning of the end of our heat. i heats has another 24 hours to run and the storm will come through. well-placed and a slight risk of severe weather. here is the way the what the weather maps on fold. another get the of the southwest winds and near up 90 degree temperatures. then, bam. things throw the blow of tomorrow night in comes down on thursday. a much cooler day and another low. a frontal system could be in your with more showers and thunderstorms with lock it will pull out as a weekend goes on. our concern is that we're near the dutch state stream and this could power up into the upper air when field
9:47 pm
and could bring some of the energy down. watched arm model which up to 7:00 to march starts developing storms. its leaves the costs the area and a couple ways to more night there some huge rain numbers coming in. here's our grid. wayne forecasts 95 for a final day to more than falling temperatures will go from seventies to 50 along the lake. 67 rain and thunderstorms friday. saturday sees a nice day with low humidity and skies becoming sunday. beautiful day sunday. monday were back into the '80s. maybe another round of heat although this one looks a mother and little more brief than what
9:48 pm
we're going through right now. . >> a bicyclist can also have parts of the road to themselves this to a new program. . >> i was chicago to be the bike for enlisted in the country. but first city officials will have to make the street safer bikers. you see the white goes by it's sprinkled around the city on street corners and locations where bicyclists have been killed. the room memorials are reminders that an enjoyable light activity like riding a bike can be deadly if motorists and bicycles are not careful. some of the bus lanes are i don't feel comfortable. the mayor has made extending bike lines his priority. he said this will make this chicago to become a pioneer in protected bike lanes. . .
9:49 pm
>> i am proud that today we are going to have the first protected bike lanes in the city of chicago built with many more miles to come. . >> already the should city of chicago has set a trial location of the new bike lanes which are designed to shield and protect bikers. . >> and its about making the city more viable for business, more livable and more focused on the residents themselves here in the city. and depending on how well these new bike lanes are received will determine how soon the city proceeds with expanding the program to include 100 mi. of shielded back lanes. on the near north side robert gordon. . >> and now the carnets next and
9:50 pm
sports. ohhh. cheesecake. ok. what if i just had a small slice? i was good today i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would cancel each other out, right? or...ok. i could have one large slice and jog in place as i eat it or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... i have been thinking about this all day. wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah, thank you! you're welcome. [ female announcer ] yoplait light. with 30 delicious flavors all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. the new droid x2 by motorola with a dual core processor ? i could do everything faster. it's a shame mckenzie's too young to buy me one for father's day. we'd play games on it together listen to music, watch movies.
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the natural one. talking baseball makes news of the white sox. no question they have improved lately and picture
9:53 pm
jake peavy as a part of that. . from one side young winner to another kicks in and is on the line for the mariners tonight. the second straight night he put them ahead with a home run no. 13. and 1-0 in the second. the 44 year-old the skills jobs and to third with a triple 3-0. a cue shot by carlos sweat off a foul call 5-0. bill holds the mariners to one run. the socks when again 5-1. . >> the reds have been beating the cubs' 7922 01 internet tonight's game. his out things
9:54 pm
going for the cubs these days a dapper by robb. stunt and gant jam in the fifth inning the bases loaded 3-1 cincinnati. mcgill cairo with one home run all year a grand slam. eight-one reds they going to beat the cubs 8-to the cubs have lost eight in a row. . >> wayne gretzky might not be a black hawks scant but he may have become a cubs fan because today is sun gretzky's son trevor was drafted in the seventh round of the baseball draft. a top local prospect that his name call today in the draft. charlie telson an outfielder from the new trier high school, was taken 79th in the draft by the st. louis cardinals. towson hit 0.406 last
9:55 pm
season for the trivia with 28 steals. he's signed a letter of intent to play for illinois but sounds excited about plan out and being a cardinal. . >> st. louis as a wonderful addition i'm just honored had to have been picked in the draft and honored to be a part of the organization. . >> he gave me a couple of cardinals shares to that of a woman going to do with them. i don't know what i'm going to do with them. . >> it seems inevitable now the ohio state career of a row prior is over. in a statement prioresses in the best interests of his teammates that he forgo his senior sit season. he is already suspended for the first five games in the scandal which cost coach jim trestle his job. prior would likely end up in the
9:56 pm
nfl supplemental draft. . >> hard to wince when you see this, the blow delivered by vancouver's harold rome on boston's nathan horton in game 3 of the stanley cup finals. the nhl didn't need much time to render a verdict. rome is suspended for the remainder of the series not much help to horton who has a severe concussion and will also miss the rest of the finals. . >> congratulations to the black hawks assistant general matter church cabin shovel day off expected to be formally named to bar as the gm of the precious franchise moving to winnipeg. and the drought will not in for tiger woods in the next week's u.s. open at congressional perry was withdrawn from the open today because be an achilles' problems. . >> the old popcorn box. it could try this one hard times and probably not given the again given him to his props and a new box of popcorn. .
9:57 pm
>> are right that is the nose for this evening i'm lourdes duarte, in for micah materre and i'm mark suppelsa updates on from all of us have a good night [ male announcer ] nature is unique... ...authentic... ...pure... and also delicious. ♪ ♪ like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. because natural is not only good it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural.
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