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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  January 7, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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>> we're pleased but we're not even close to being offered with this investigation. >> to men have been charged with the murder of a chicago police officer but investigators say there is at least one more rest to be made. >> and a 34 year-old were charged today in the murder of chicago police officer clifton louis. the 51 year-old off-duty
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officer was working his part- time job at quick foods when clay and another man allegedly shot lewis four times before stealing money from the cash register. at a press conference today cook county state attorney said the robbery appeared to have been the motive. immediately after the shooting he took $670 from the store's cash register and the officer's service weapon. he then ran to the getaway car driven by cologne. >> bond was denied for both of them who were each charged with first-degree murder of a police officer and felony murder. >> my son is not a murderer. he is sickly, he is slow. >> the mother of thai raw clay the alleged triggerman says her son is immature but not a cop killer.
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>> i believe they beat him into confession because my son would not confess to a murder. >> alvarez says both clay and cologne gave video statements admitting their roles in the robbery and murder of officer louis will police superintendent aaron mccarthy wouldn't say how the to know one another he did say this >> i am not sure who are gang members in this case but i do know that to this case revolves around spanish co op bros. >> it's only a matter of time before he and anyone else involved are caught he suggested. we don't have everybody in custody who we know that we want in custody, let's put it that way. how many more are going to be involved? we
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cannot say. >> family and friends are mourning the death of four indian the international guards killed in afghanistan. there were combat engineers killed by a roadside bond. bomb. >> both men come from families with a strong tradition of military strength. the 21 year- old grew up in maryville india and the inside the pri the indian international guard at 17 the graduate of baptist high-school he was a star basketball player and he joined the national guard to earn money for college, he wanted to be a police officer. he and his wife diane were married in september. he was 6 of eight children, three of his older brothers also serve in the military and his
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younger brother trevor says he will miss his brother since of humor most. >> so funny and light-hearted. >> it was his first tour in afghanistan, his family says he was a strong leader to his classmates teammates and siblings. >> he went out of his way to help people, but of the best basketball players i ever met. strong and athletic. probably the best looking one of all of his brothers. >> he taught me how to play basketball in how to wrestle and stuff like that. also killed in the attack was 20 year-old specialist christopher pedersen of north aurora. his father robert served in the navy and his brother served in
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the marines. he was a music major and he wanted to be a music teacher and his father says he also wanted to serve his country. the other two soldiers killed or staff sgt jonathan from indianapolis and a specialist from indiana south bend. the governor says millions of people mourn their loss. gunfire erupts in west would love neighborhood industry people to the hospital. fifth a 22 year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the foot and another man was shot in the face, the condition of the third victim is not known, all three were taken to the university of
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chicago medical center. investigators looking into yesterday's train wreck in northern india and are still searching for the black box from the second train involved in all there were three trains hauling a total of 188 cars tortes chicago, one train was struck from behind when it stopped to let another train pests. two men on one of the trees had minor injuries and some 200 people were evacuated as a precaution. the search for the second transfer quarter delayed repair work today. the search for the second trains recorder delayed repair work today. they plan to spend another four days investigating that iraq and its final report will not be released for another nine months to one year. contract negotiations broke down overnight between striking teachers in his eye on school
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district. they met for 17 and a half hour straits. teachers went on strike on thursday and the union says health insurance and pay levels still have issues, and ministers are trying to schedule a tunnel meeting on the issue. the new mayor of the city of garrick took office today promising to rebuild this city. karen freeman wilson is the city's first female mayor and the first african-american woman to head an indiana city, today a public ceremony was held the west side leadership academy. she was a harvard grad who comes from character, she is hoping to turn things around after decades of an economic downturn. >> today asking to stand with me as i proclaim that we do not
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go back because some parts of our history we do not want to repeat. >> she says she is targeting crime and wants to bring in more jobs. a happy ending for robbery victim in the south suburbs how she got back the one thing she could not replace. also cook county is putting love on hold. a deadly hot air balloon crash in new zealand. today's high temperature was actually 11 degrees colder than yesterday but still 13 degrees above normal. some good news ahead.
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but the people who do something the people who take action, are far more likely to get the most positive outcome. making home affordable is a free government program. call now to talk one on one with a housing expert about the options that are right for you. real help, real answers right now. happy ending to a heart wrenching though bizarre robbery in the south suburbs. when the bill some reports from
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university park. the last two days a bit unsettling for mary kay brown ever since returning to university park home from a church meeting thursday evening. the first thing i noticed my porch light was not on which it should have been. someone had robbed her. someone ran sector bedroom and emptied every drawer swept through jury box and whatever else they could get to in a hurry. swept through her jewelry box. the seats still something that took a huge piece of her hard red along with it, gone with the box containing the ashes of her daughter sarah who died 15 years ago a brain cancer. i am sure they didn't know what was in the box because i never opened it it was just sitting there. twice widowed she
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cared for sarah and this very hot for seven years from her diagnosis to death. she brought her daughter here after she had to quit her teaching job in arizona soon after the first seizure. it makes me sick to think that she could be a garbage dump for down the sewer because i was very comfortable having heard here. with me. ullin lisnek university park police spotted something suspicious around the corner from her home about 100 yds from the very base of the door someone broke into. police found the container of stairs ashes in the few other of her belongings in this vacant house everything is intact sarah will soon be coming home.
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police haven't caught the person is possible for the robbery and mrs. brown says the rest of her family doesn't want to risk her being in such a vulnerable circumstance again she along with her daughters ashes may be moving in with her son. it's hard for me to make change but everyone is that it's probably the best for everybody. once the stolen belongings are processed the police chief's plans on personally returning the remains to mrs. brown monday afternoon. >> and 85 year-old woman remains in critical condition after a fire broke out in her apartment building in suburban early this morning the fire began on the first floor of the seven story building on valley lake drive near, the unidentified victim suffered second-degree burns on her chest and is now will loyola university medical center and
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firefighters say the blaze went to the fourth floor. if you want to get married before a judge in cook county on saturday your going to have to head downtown to the county building, county suburban courthouse are closing in due to budget cuts on the weekends. marriage in civil union ceremonies will not be performed at the branch courthouses. eyes are on new hampshire tonight republican presidential hopefuls hit the street in advance of tuesday's primaries. police in orange county california say that they have a serial killer on their hands. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis...
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republican presidential candidates are debating in new hampshire at this hour and it will do so again tomorrow night before tuesday's primary that will be held in the granite state they are talking and they are aiming not only at each other but also at president barack obama just like in the many debates leading up to this
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week's iowa caucuses and the cans and its credentials are also hot topics. barbara hall tells us both republicans and democrats are focusing on the economy and job creation in the coming years. gop rivals are off to a busy weekend in new hampshire was campaign events into debates just a few days before the nation's first primary, mitt romney looked ahead to tuesday while campaigning in dairy new hampshire. we have leaders who will tell the truth and to live with integrity and to know how to lead. we can overcome any challenge we have i can be one of those leaders with your help on tuesday. in manchester rick santorum took a stab at the current administration. >> he doesn't think he can handle freedom. rick perry had no unscheduled today. they
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echoed the same theme job creation in 2012. leaders in washington could have no higher priority this year that getting our economy back to creating jobs. newt gingrich points to the differences with president barack obama. meanwhile ron paul made their rounds it's expected that tuesday's results will shrink the gop field and this week and a serving as one of the last chances to secure votes. >> arizona senator john mccain makes quite a flood on the campaign trail for mayor rahm nez at a rally in conway south carolina he mistakenly criticized romney when he meant to slam newt gingrich. your
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march 3rd gateway to corruption and i can tell you that neither mitt romney nor rick santorum share that. mccain gave his endorsement to romney on wednesday. arizona rep gabriel giffords honored a staff member who was killed in an attack nearly one year ago. giffords helped to unveil a plaque at her office honoring the zimmerman who was among six people killed jaring giffords to meet and agree last january. she was shot in the head and critically wounded. tomorrow marks one year since that event. why the iranian government was offering words of thanks to the united states navy this morning. a
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california school says students who are using amazon to cheat on tests. over a strong critic and digs and add a new hot spot on the near west side.
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and the, several investigators are now under way the tragedy occurred yesterday as and sparks started to fire in the back. it will
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take officers and number of days to formally identify the people involved. the weather was said to be perfect for hot air ballooning at the time and the area where the tragedy occurred is known for an annual hot air balloon festival that occurs during march. the homeless in orange county california are being urged to sleep in shelters as authorities searched for a serial killer, the suspect was caught on surveillance tape at one of the murder scenes, three men had been stabbed to death since december 20th as they are all middle-aged men sleeping within a 5 mi. area near anaheim, emergency alert kits are being handed out. we had flashlights on the lanyard set up to the consumer what they're doing and of course in case of emergency get some attention or hopefully scare away the perpetrator. the spi is helping local and county authorities find the killer and meanwhile makeshift memorial serbian
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directed at the murders. a teenager from texas is back home in his country after being mistaken least deported to columbia's south america in may of last year. the 15 year-old told u.s. immigration officials that she was from colombia and give them a fake name and age she was arrested for theft last year. there are still many unanswered questions as to how she could have fooled so many u.s. officials in so many different ways, her attorney says that someone will have to pay for the civil-rights violation turner had to go through. some not quite savory school work involving the internet, school officials in newport beach california say students prep for a history exam by buying the answers on amazon. apparently students were able to buy the test materials on amazon. then simpson and entrepreneurs try to sell that information to their classmates.
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we had a cold front moving this afternoon and it's still above 40 degrees with a cold front.
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i got the calling to to join the service and support the boys over there. i never thought that i would have ptsd. i thought that i had enough coping skills. i don't think anybody who goes into
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combat could ever honestly say that they're not different when they come home. my life's changed. what you take as a simple thing, is not so simple for me anymore. it's like a pressure cooker and you know you want somebody desperately to to trip that valve. you know, you want to like, you know, lose all of that anger d angst. i would say to those people that are out there get educated. don't brush us aside and don't count us out. hear more of their stories at usoinvisiblewounds dot org. the wounds are invisible. the stories are real.
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once again we had plenty of sunshine across the area but tempters to reflect a little cold there. the normal by the way as 31 so nobody is complaining. two. temperatures
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and the low to mid-20s. by tuesday we should be above 50 degrees in chicago but look what is behind it. this is fairly serious school there. look at that, the temperatures are expected to moderate a little. look at these temperatures across the midwest. it still in the '40's and a few spots very chilly in the upper peninsula's. something we
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haven't seen and it's a different story in the central plains this is rain primarily with some light to moderate snowfall cracking in behind the rain but probably of more interest is what will take place in west texas into new mexico over the next 36 hours. they're under a winter storm warning down there. just a few clouds over chicago in the north suburbs. we don't expect that to produce anything but our computers show that snow is expected to develop in the northern sections of floor michigan but notice to continues to keep the chicago area drive for the next day or two. look at what our computers are putting down in terms of snowfall amounts. i have nothing to show you for the chicago area. a lot of goose eggs all over the mound with no rain or snow expected.
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this is the winter storm warning out in new mexico with a winter storm watch in parts of west texas. here is our forecast: with the northwest wind and for sunday mostly sunny skies winds continue to soften high- temperature 37-42. monday we begin another warm up. tuesday a good chance of hitting 50 and above. one in chicago are
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hidden beneath the el tracks on the west side market district is verizon, a cozy one from cafe where the emphasis is on all things spanish. chef and owner steers clear of the usual talk this cliche. this is a game rich version made with a rabbit and braised duck into little jalapeno for cake. it is delicious. most of the menu items however are small and inexpensive. you can get some to toast topped with chicken liver.
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vegetables are a strength, this well-balanced salad is one of my favorites but even better is this perfectly seasoned puree of curry and butternut squash with honey and crunchy marko elements. on the richer side is for across move indulge answered with golden rays and puree in cherry syrup and seldom chorizo sausages topped with roasted onions are just great hearty food and for a lighter option it's hard to there's only one dessert on the menu something méndez will have to work on but the chocolate candy bar and pistachios is a keeper. i give rivera 2 stars. its small size sometimes mix of fear a difficult place to get
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into but it's an easy place to like. >> for more on this week's restaurant text phil. honor and one of the greatest voices of film history chicago film critics go to the dogs. also why waves like of these cost organizers of a major surge in competition to put things on hold. [ male announcer ] cookies
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can work it can also be moved around on wheels. it costs them about $25,000. you can cook in it and have a shower, the bedroom is on top and some of their electricity comes from solar panels. he's a tiny homes are catching on but that they're not for everyone. surf's up but it's not quite right. the waves are breaking fiercely along maverick beach and it looks like it would be a good day for the annual invitational search contest that happens in california the opening festivities kick off yesterday with prayer but officials said that the surf was pretty lumpy and breaking all over the place. they will have a window on march
9:45 pm
31st. ships are moving through ice after a 5 ft. 6 in the eastern bering sea a city of 3500 didn't get its pre winter delivery because of a massive storm and without the delivery of fuel and guessed the city will not be able to function in the spring it will be the first ever delivery during the winter months if successful. coming up a midweek chill so you will maybe break this warm spell a little. i have nothing in the forecast that you could complain about. let's take a look at
9:46 pm
temperatures across the country. it's 31 in minneapolis. for a couple of days will be getting our air from the south and southwest is that will produce temperatures of about 40 perhaps touching 50 by tuesday we're watching clouds approached. i suspect you may wind up in the morning to a few clouds. 40 degrees for high temperature sunday but look at those temperatures rise up to a high of 51 degrees on tuesday. wednesday temperatures falling but notice i have indicated some precepts that could be a raid or rain and snow mixed. 27 degrees for high temperatures thursday, that will be the coldest day of the week but beyond that our temperatures start to improve a notice to up
9:47 pm
to 40 degrees by next saturday and overall it should be a dry week. cardinal francis george says he is pleased that some organizations have canceled their protest march against the church he gave the benediction at the annual luncheon of the american historical association of chicago marriott, he did not address address the controversies about the gay- rights movement. yesterday he issued an apology for the remark. it's a bit like the pre luke to the oscars, the chicago film critics association award are under way tonight at the broadway playhouse earlier today the film critics helps jones
9:48 pm
chose to honor others who inspired him. monica and the one of wild-card
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>> not a good night for the
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chicago bulls to ninth. four games in five nights, the bulls looking spent and their second loss in the worst game of the young season. the bulls quickly fell back by 17 but they got back in the game. eventually rose will score. fox pulled away in the second half. to fall apart, and 19 turnovers for the bulls. one and 9-94. the bull's
9:53 pm
nose 7 and 2. the fighting i were fighting to keep nebraska. he put it quite a fight against illinois in 21 years for nebraska. 25-22 but they can go in just after the break. spencer r 43. he jams a down. about one minute left. illinois goes on to win that 159-54. rick patina in overtime
9:54 pm
for the third year in a row against notre dame. he nails with three right there, into the over time ago. he goes up in under a anti's to camas 63 old los was of little left and then 18 seconds left in the seconds again. he has 15 and the irish coffee ... 67-55. and is 1980. lillo's looking for its first to win on the horizon. cleveland took over still hard to believe
9:55 pm
the bears did not make the nfl playoffs but they are home watching as things get underway today, first game at cincinnati in houston. right to the big defensive tackle, j.j. johnson. he scored 17-10. he will somehow score inbound. they went 31-10. i was really just trying to put my hands up and get in the way
9:56 pm
of the passing lane. i realize i had the ball so i was running in the end sone trying not to fall down. 30-21 l leach in that ballgame. the story has been steve structure. striker shot a 63 as a five shot lead on the pga
9:57 pm
tour. the wolves up 2-1 when they went on a power play to make it 3-1 run. there's a report that calls will take andrew with the no. 1 draft. finally the play of the day a. chasten morris, he goes sky and out of bounds. georgia tech gets the play of the day. think you're rich that's the news for the saturday night.
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