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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 12, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CST

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they were found guilty, they were in prison and that is where they should be. >> 60 years after he was cut from his murder mothers' wombs and illinois the now young man and his grandfather are opening up about one of his mom's killers requests for a new trial. >> his crime is notorious convicted killer fidel kathy will ask the judge for a new
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trial and whether he gets it or not the life of a baby he pulled out of his mother's stomach will not change. eli evans is focused on making sure his mother's murder was not in vain. >> its alleged that the suspect opened the stomach into the womb of the victim debra evidence. >> she was a nine month's pregnant and shot in the back of the head interest on a live show violently cut out of her belly and his 10 year-old sister samantha and a seven year-old brother joshua overstep to death, the last 22 months old brother jordan was left on harbor crying in his crib, the boy's biological father laverne ward his friend jacqueline annette williams infidel kathy were found guilty of murder. eli
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evans is now 16 and he knows how remarkable it is that he survived. he learned the truth 10 years ago. >> thank you god for sparing him. when sam evans oldest daughter and granddaughter were murdered sam took delight in jordan to live with him in southeastern illinois. the boys were raised in the town of 1900 200 mi. from chicago jordan now a senior in high school recently moved to relatives in kentucky is hoping college recruiters and noticed his football talent. he has had victories to. the last number 43
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on the red elgin your senior high school varsity team, he is only a sophomore he is a running back and a linebacker and sunday plays for the chicago bears, his life in the small town has been a good solid and nurturing. eli has a dry sense of humor in his very playful, he seems happy. sam says eli and debbie has similar personalities stubbornness and natural leadership. he has a face like her mother and inherited her beautiful singing voice. >> we are grateful we been able to survive. >> but now one of the man whose death sentence was commuted to life without parole in 2003 by gov. george ryan will be able to go before a u.s. district judge and ask for a new trial fidel
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kathy has said since that day he was arrested he did not commit the crimes. cathy says he didn't get a fair trial because the testimony of two witnesses was left out evidence he says would have bolstered his defense the illinois supreme court already denied his appeal. >> my life is not going to change. >> today the anchor has subsided sam and deal i have forgiven the murders they had to in order to move on into the to have an incredible bond, now a laugh a lot. e lysis the circumstances to rounding his birth nothing short of a miracle, he believes his survival that day 16 years ago was for reason, he believes something great is coming.
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>> i've made it this long so there has to be something coming for me and i am ready for it. >> alsey once for them is to be good kids and fulfill their dreams and he hopes that he has something to do with that. today looks bright and meagher looks even brighter. sam evans told the nun of them will ever forget what happened to debbie and semantic and josh what it's part of who they are but they have also learned to live through the tragedy and come through with an incredible amount of dignity. he missed having his mother round but he is so well-rounded and just a great kid and he says that his friend's mother's have really rallied around him and they're the ones who have supported him and he said it's now like he has more than one mother. everyone has brought their arms around the light in jordan into really made it into
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wonderful young men. >> ahead on crash between a car killed one man and sent a second to the hospital in critical condition and the two men were driving north on halsted near 67th this morning when their car crossed over into the southbound lanes and slammed into the boss the passenger was a 31 year-old and was killed, the driver of the vehicle is in stable condition and no one on the bus requires treatment. police are warning people in the chicago one area about a string of carjackings carried out by two men the carjacking has taken place around 60 strait between western and california, police said the suspects contact people who are selling cars in the
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range for a test drive and when they arrive they take the vehicle by force, if you have any information you are asked to call the detective division property crimes unit. president barack obama new contraceptive health-care bill has drawn sharp criticism from the catholic church that includes cardinal francis george shared his displeasure in a letter distributed to churches this weekend, randi below selma has more. >> as the u.s. conference of catholic bishops promises to fight president barack obama contraceptive health insurance coverage policy and continue their opposition to the decision as well, at paris is a cross of the archdiocese of a letter from francis cardinal george implore the faithful to contract congress and * verse the administration's decision. he thinks is against the core belief of the church and in an abrupt policy the president said
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religious implores could opt out of providing coverage of birth control but workers could then ask their insurance companies for the benefits, the companies would then be required to provide it for free. >> the issue is bigger than just trying to fix the problem it should be interfering in terms of people's coverage and the people's choices at all. they say it's hard it's a violation of the separation of church and state and the freedom to practice one's religion in this country in such freedom was the prayer intention at mass here this morning. the poohthe president had wanted religious affiliated organizations like catholic hospitals in schools to revise contraceptives directly.
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i am a full-fledged catholic, i do think some of the bishops views might not necessarily be in tune with the * but many say it's nothing more than a shell game. this was in a compromise at all because we are still all planning for it. the set of similar letters to their flocks this sunday. tributes are pouring in for whitney houston and next how they honor the late superstar at tonight's grammies and writers that parts of greece on fire why they threw molotov cocktails to more than the 40 buildings. no storms today for us. but we have two shots of snow this week the first man began during
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tomorrows afternoon rush-hour.
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>> we have had a death in our family and so at least for me the only thing that feels right is to begin with a prayer. for a woman who loved for our fallen sister whitney houston. grammy award host l.l. cool j led the
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audience and prepare for singer whitney houston tonight chicagos jenifer house said it is also scheduled to sing a special tribute to houston who was found dead yesterday at a hotel room in beverly hills today reaction to the sudden death came from all corners of the globe barbara hall has more. >> she will be remembered as one of the greatest voices of our time. whitney houston's death has rocked her fans and say a music industry alike. >> i shed a lot of tears over this, when it was like a sister and i miss her. >> her family released a statement today saying: the pop star was found dead by her bodyguard and her beverly hills hotel from saturday just hours before she was supposed to attend a pre grammy bash posted
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by her mentor clyde davis. the cause of death is still unclear. is there any indication that there might be drugs or alcohol involved in this? >> we're not going to comment on that it did appear there was foul play and that's all i can say about that. pictures from thursday showed houston leaving a hollywood nightclub. she has been in and out of rehab twice. that her tumultuous marriage to bobby brown. houston was panned planning a comeback with a star turn in the upcoming movie sparkle but that comeback will not happen now. barbara hall wgn news. and there were also local memorials for whitney houston today as well. when you listen to whitney you could hear or
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read thora franklin, you can hear gladys knight, listen real closely and you can hear billie holiday, carmen mcrae that's not just talent that's not just excellence that is high level of genius. dr. cornell west in pastor michael flake or both took time to reflect on houston during services at csi by the catholic church. three teams facing sex abuse charges and that is what police say happened in the stairwell at lincoln park high school, protests over government hiding in grace those turn dangerous and violent.
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and cookies n creme. pure hershey's. three teams are accused of forcing a 16 year-old girl into a sex act in the stairwell of the lincoln park high school and investigators say the three corner the victim tuesday afternoon and threatened to beat up a friend of hers if she refused, to 19 year-old ciabatta davis and kenneth asko are facing misdemeanor criminal sexual abuse charges a 17 year- old is charged as a minor the public school spokesman says they are cooperating with police. police are sharing a surveillance photo of a man who shot and killed an employee at a subway shop investigators say the man walked into the store at 1129 north western avenue and demanded money when the 57
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year-old employee tried to escape the man shot her in the neck killing her. he was last seen wearing a parka with fur trim and is considered armed and dangerous gov quinn proposed a new amendment to the illinois constitution today that would give voters the ability to enact their own ethics reform. gov quinn says the so-called linked- in amendment would increase of voters' ability to influence elected officials. am i think it's important to have this mechanism available to the people of illinois because the people oftentimes are far ahead of the elected officials when it comes to demanding reform. >> the proposal was sponsored by senator collins. a chicago group is renewing its call to force banks to guard foreclosed homes.
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the community group led a meeting today if you are in this community in the morning uc from littlest child to the oldest teenager walking the streets thousands of children we don't know who are in these houses that are not secure and if the banks took them they need to be responsible for them. >> under the action now plan banks not in compliance with the ordinance would be fined $1,000 per day. massive riots across greece earlier today as the country's parliament debated a new round of austerity measures writers armed with molotov cocktails at more than 30 buildings on fire, 40 officers and at least 25 riders were injured and dozens more
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were arrested parliament voted this afternoon to except the austerity package which includes pay cuts and layoffs in order to qualify for a 30 billion euros in bailout money. it looks like we might be getting some snow tomorrow. jim ramsey tells us when it's expected to arrive. tonight on instant replay, it's the end of the road for the bulls into the ninth game history but they're bringing back anxiety with them concerning derrick rose the baseball season opens later this week and we look forward to that bill and tiger in the ultimate groupie hamel today it was a knockout and the story of an athlete turned coach battling the toughest part of this living
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floorgood news about today's temperatures we were 15 degrees warmer today than we were on saturday and in fact one degree above normal, our highs made it all the way up to 35 degrees if you look at a time lapse pictures of what turned into a bright sunny day on the chicago area.
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look at these wind chill values. a little cozier in the downtown area but if you are going out tonight be prepared that it will be pretty chilly. slut and sleet to parts of texas and oklahoma and its preceded by some rain and even some thunderstorms, we are not going to see that a look at this, winter weather advisories in
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effect for extreme southwestern illinois and there are some 10 states impacted. the second storm is expected to come into the area tomorrow night. that looks like it could be a rain and snow mixed but we're not certain. good point numbers from the computer models suggest as we say that about 1 in. or two for the first time and maybe as much as three and two. here's our forecast. for tonight we're looking at scott is mostly
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clear out there, pretty nice evening and clouds approaching lay low temperature 15-20 and for tomorrow clouds will thicken up and we will cease not develop in the afternoon i temperatures 34-30 degrees. breezy with not so cold nights meagher night. the snow becoming down a * and then on tuesday is no end in early in an interview north of i 80 into a decree inches south.
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180,000 customers. to respond to members using the latest communications satellite and video conferencing technology the command center will go to the worst hit areas in the storm. the early grammy results are in it and chicago natives son kanye west has been a big winner so far both on his own and working with others. he has won four best rap albums and collaborations. british the foo fighters had several victories in the rock category. and let's move on to films. romance was in the air of com in movie houses across america.
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the romantic drama the foul was number one at the box office and bringing in more than $41 million its one of four movies to earn over $20 million in their debut this weekend first time that has happened since christmas of 2008. mz> ñ÷ñxp÷;loxpythat's
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the news for this sunday night i am robert jordan. instant replay is next. new stride whitemint is a hit but it lasts too long. how do we get people to chew another piece? i got this one. oh hey. [ male announcer ] spit it out. or yeti will find
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