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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  December 18, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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craftsman. guys' favorites guaranteed. find it at sears. >>good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. live with our top story. >> the very latest on the manhunt which is being led by the fbi. it is believed that
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they fled together possibly toward the southwest suburbs. want to show you a live picture. i believe we have a live picture of sky cam 9. the fbi says the two suspects were seen earlier today in the southwest suburbs. that is what led investigators to the home of one of the suspects. we saw investigators going in. the combination of fbi agents.
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>> want to show you a picture of the rope that is hanging out of the window. it is like something you have seen a movie. 5:00 was the last time that there to sell was checked. it is not until a 40 5:00 a.m. at that they realize that the guards were missing. it is an astonishing feat of acrobatics. look how high he came up. he could nfl. i imagine you cannot come out of the building with orange jumpsuits in downtown chicago
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and not stick out like a sore thumb. it is amazing indeed. both of the inmates are convicted bank robbers. he tried himself. he represented himself in court. he actually had to be restrained. a boyish proceeding. the other suspect pleaded guilty in october to robbing nearly $4,000 from a bank. >>
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>> they managed to lower themselves out. this building designed to prevent these sort of mistakes. the windows are only about 5 in. wide. it is hard to imagine how they could have managed to squeeze through a group will continue to bring the very latest on this developing story and bring it to you live right here.
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>> funeral and several weeks will be held today. a funeral take place for the six wrote jessica. she is the teacher praised for sacrificing himself for the safety of her students. yesterday to funerals were held for six world. they will miss his perpetual smile and a twinkle in his eyes. also his vision for the future. >> there was not a dry. tremendous passion. a tremendous feeling. i think everybody was touched.
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>> students and parents honored the victims and they're trying to recover emotionally. they're doing that by going back to school. all schools were closed yesterday so teachers and administrators could work with experts on how to handle the aftermath. >> we really need to lead with love. we're putting our arms around people. sandy hook remains a crime scene. the children who go there will go back to class once their temporary school is set up.
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>> it is critical for lawmakers to commit themselves to everything they possibly can. common sense gun laws on the democratic or republican values. there american values. chicago police say the key to stopping violence is not more guns. in chicago officers take nine illegal guns off the street for every one gun confiscated by officers in new york. >> that is not gun control. that is the same if you have an illegal gun they're going to be consequences. coming up next.
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the latest as secretary of state hillary clinton reviews an official report of the september attack on a u.s. mission in benghazi. plus, hasbro makes a decision about unveiling a new "easy bake oven" for girls and boys. and they've been entertaining america every since they're first appearance on the lawrence welk show. the lennon sisters are here today!
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day pain relief with just two pills. president obama and house speaker john boehner are rejecting each other's latest compromise proposals for avoiding the fiscal cliff. the president initially wanted to hike taxes on people with incomes of more than 250- thousand dollars. now he's raising that to 400- thousand. boehner has offered to raise taxes on people making one million dollars. the white house says boehner's proposal doesn't address the nation's fiscal issues. boehner says the president isn't offering deep enough spending cuts. he was a world war two hero.. a
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clinton is at home recovering from a concussion last week. it is not clear when she will personally testify to congress. he was a world war two hero.. a champion for veterans' rights and the most senior member of the u-s senate. senator daniel inouye has died. inouye represented hawaii continuously since it first achieved statehood in 1959. first in the u-s house, and then in the senate. he won his ninth senate term in 2010. inouye lost his right arm during a world war two battle in italy. he was awarded the medal of honor the nation's highest honor for valor. inouye died yesterday of respiratory complications. his office says his last word was aloha. a victory for the teen who took a stand against the makers of the easy bake oven. 13-year-old mckenna pope met with executives from hasbro yesterday. asking for an oven
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that's not pink or purple so that boys can use it. she says her brother wants one for christmas. well mckenna got her wish. hasbro says it will make a black and silver version of the popular oven and it will hit store shelves next fall. it also plans to change the packaging to show boys and girls on the box. just ahead the car company paying a record fine over safety violations. and, still to come this midday. executives at fast food giant mcdonald's is urging franchise owners to buck tradition and stay open on holidays. and later in lunchbreak we're making chocolate wafer whoopie cookies with the pastry chef from magnolia bakery. i was living
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fibromyalgia pain. last week's mass shooting in connecticut bringing major attention to the gun industry. the manager at exporting goods
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telling us that the sporting goods chain is temporarily halting sales of all semi- automatic weapons. shares of gun makers continue to fall as investors speculate the president will renew a ban on assault weapons. we're taking a look at trading in general. the fiscal cliff deadline just weeks away. toyota being slapped with a $17 million fine for delaying reports of vehicle defect. there
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may be serving up big macs and mcribs the fast-food chain urging people to stay open. all of this which a dozen police do not get paid overtime for working on holidays.
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>> you almost always have seniors. you have some ideas to bring them further >> we feel an obligation to include seniors. instead of making it an accessory. why not make them the center of the celebration? make them the focus and help them bring those stories to life. one thing they can bring to the table is a story about a family tradition. he might rule your highness you want to make sure you preserve those memories. the next thing you know we cannot do this. here's a way for you to capture those memories. that is
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something they carry on and passed down to the family. writing something else, there is a story that somebody tells about going and cutting down a christmas tree. maybe printing it out and passing it down to everybody. >> something we have done his capture the stories on video. younger generations are so versed in youtube and social media. make your grand parents youtube stars. catch them on the couch telling a story. one way to get them to tell those stories is to look at old photo albums. there were so many pictures i have in my house, i have no clue who they are.
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they're all in black and white. i wish i had asked. if you take a few photos and passed it around and ask everybody at the gathering to guess what they think is happening have the senior tell the story of what really happened. your including everybody in you're going to the pictures. you're having fun. i have some old photographs if you want to stop by the house, i will tell you all about them. jenniffer weigel, thanks for joining us. for more information, log onto chicago slash life lessons. next the gift that will change her world. a young girl from the mideast is preparing in chicago today for life-altering surgery and it's being performed for free. and they've been entertaining for nearly six decades. the iconic lennon sisters are here!
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the 19 year-old blood alcohol levels five times the legal limit. he had been drinking heavily at a party over a two- hour period students say it is important for people to be held accountable. i'm glad the family that justice. good things to the
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generosity, a little girl from gaza will be able to walk straight for the first time in her life. he a hero is about to undergo surgery here. it is a procedure that should last a few hours. the benefits will last for years. she said she is happy about the surgery. she is the speak english but the growth is smiling about a smoother future. she is not able to walk for that long without enduring a lot of pain. surgeons will adhere a plate to the long get the bone in the fact of life. she lived
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in gaza and nobody in that region can perform such a procedure. the palestine children's relief fund has placed her with a chicago host family and is funding the $50,000 surgery. she is going to one day be able to walk and participate in activities like other children. still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast! that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used. and me...
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>> it is awfully late. there's no question about that. we have blown away a couple of records and the snow fall apart. 289 days without measurable snow. the longest period with no measurable snow. pretty amazing. it appears we do have some snow on the way. we have some good news there. you can't tell yet the scene for a while because everybody notices the right away. forecasters at the national weather service have issued winter weather advisories four southeastern wisconsin from as little weather system. we
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have the rain changing too slow situation with powerful wind. snow and situation. there could be more snow towards christmas. december 11th has been the average day of chicago's first 2 in. of snow. in 1937 we went all the way to march 24th. we may get 1.15 in.. various computer models indicating an enabler for 1.4 in. of snow coming. the amounts will vary. there's water
12:31 pm
equivalent. not all of that is going to come down as water. it will start as rain tomorrow night. look at this and other like dusty ground. here's this know that one of our models the pics with this storm. that is what happens in the rain changes over to some of the day after tomorrow. there'll be a wintry blast. harry can see some of the temperatures will have thirties'
12:32 pm
going around the region with 37 at lincoln park. 36 of the northwest said. 33 as the readingon the northwest side. it has produced some really heavy and impressive amounts of snow. that is a sampling of what the snow has done in the past. it is shooting out of the main system that is out here to the west. it looks innocuous at this point. here's what our models do with
12:33 pm
this little area of snow and rain. affecting mainly northern counties. here's what looks and a satellite radar portrayal. there are like 18 states under weather advisers. ories. these winter storm watches. here's our little disturbance today. here's the main event out here to the west. watched its precipitation shield explode with a heavy snow band coming together. a little closer
12:34 pm
look at the snow area developing. the track of this thing will be critical if we shifted a little farther south. snow falling for a longer duration. i will show it to you later on the update. this afternoon is mostly cloudy.
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tomorrows mostly cloudy. they will not be blowing terribly strong one tomorrow. the start picking up tomorrow night when rain develops. go into a full- blown winterr storm. >> you put down three-5 in. of snow and the city. >> it looked like it was favoring the northern suburbs. these numbers are not carved in stone. the roads are going to go
12:36 pm
to nice pretty fast. that is why this may be a little more trying than some other storms. time for today's trivia. on this day in 1935, the first 100-thousand-dollar bills were first printed. which u.s. president did they feature? a. woodrow wilson b. grover cleveland c. james madison the answer still to come this midday!
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time for sports. kirk hinrich returned from a knee injury in memphis, but both teams struggled to get going on offense. bulls looking for a fifth straight road win. memphis leads in the fourth when the bulls steal it, and jimmy butler cuts the deficit to five. he scored eight points off the bench. but the bulls down by eight in the final moments when the grizzlies steal the inbounds pass and rudy gay finishes at the other end. bulls lose 80-71 their lowest point total in nearly five
12:40 pm
years. they host the celtics tonight. northwestern's drew crawford is done for the year with shoulder injury. texas state leads in the second when corey stern draws a technical foul for hanging on the rim. they didn't score again after that. while the wildcats finished the game on a 12- oh run. dave sobolewski drains a three to take the lead. he scored a team- high 18 points. northwestern wins 74-68. notre dame also beat i-p-f-w 74-62. >>winning pick 3 numbers 78,5
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>>winning pick 4 numbers 0,7,5,3nnbo.[ ndhe tre r anitngis
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in medical watch. flu season is already under way, but it's not too late to protect yourself against it. flu season usually peaks in february.. but it arrived early this year. loyola, rush, university of chicago, and northwestern memorial hospitals are all seeing considerably more patients admitted with influenza than at this same time last year. it's not clear yet if the worst is yet to come.. but if you haven't gotten a flu shot yet, it's not too late to do so. the flu shot usually takes two weeks to achieve full effect. if you want to burn fat and
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lose weight. cardio exercise may be a better choice than weight training. in a new study involving more than 200 middle-aged overweight or obese people.. one group did aerobic training, mostly on treadmills and elliptical machines. a second group lifted weights and the rest combined both types of exercise, which took twice as long. the cardio workouts were as beneficial for losing fat and weight and required only half the time commitment as the combination workouts. weight lifting built muscle but did not help people lose fat or pounds. the study is found in the the journal of applied physiology. lunchbreak is next. the folks from "magnolia bakery" are here with a recipe perfect for this time of year: chocolate wafer whoopie cookies!
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a great cookie for the holidays . > >>she has this decadent recipe. we dye it red .
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>>then sugar of course. >>you actually do not need a mixer. you can mix it up by hand. i am going to add pieces of butter. i do have to use my hands for this.
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>>a nice cohesive dough. >>it looks like this. you have to refridgerate this for about 15 minutes or so. slice it about an eighth of an inch thick.
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>>perfect little shaped cookes. put it on a cookie sheet. line them up. they do not spread too much. >>we add a little natural peppermint extract.
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>>another wonderful product that we sell. it is a real old fashioned american dessert from the '40s and '50s. >>we also do peppermint whipped cream and strawberry. >> have them out at room
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temperature and top it with another one. thank you so much. vicki wells, thanks so much for joining us. magnolia bakery is at 108 north state street in the loop to learn more go to
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: on this day in 1935, the first 100-thousand-dollar bills were printed. which u.s. president did they feature? a. woodrow wilson b. grover cleveland c. james madison the answer: a. they featured a portrait of woodrow wilson. the 100-thousand dollar bills were never circulated, but used internally by the federal reserve.
12:56 pm
>>winter all of a sudden is turning on. there is our storm. the main action occurs tomorrow night. powerful upper air dynamics. we are right where we want to be. we are going to get some pretty healthy numbersw,.. this is our in house model take. the back side winds
12:57 pm
gusting over 50 mi. per hour. bringing arctic air into the region. evening rush hours could be a mess. here's a little closer look at the reservoir of cold air. there's a look at the temperatures. look at the wind
12:58 pm
chills. say real wintry blast. a real wintry blast. the official start of winter 5:12 a.m. on friday.
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