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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  December 22, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm CST

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to help prevent plaque regrowth. crest pro-health clinical line. together, they help keep your teeth 97% as clean as a dental cleaning. crest. life opens up when you do. everyone wants to know if we will see snow before christmas ... >> probably not... it may come down christmas evening... high temperature today... 32 degrees . time lapse... gorges looking
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daynice day. one degree below the normal tonightday. currently 25 degrees. coldest temperatures are to the west. winds not a big issue. watches warnings and
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advisories out west... florida... freeze mowarning. radar/satelite... cloudiness drifted by this evening... this is pacific moisture... better
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chance of seeing accumulating snow on tuesday. cold air... there it is. chilly week... tonight... mostly clear skies. tomorrow... cold day high 33 degrees. monday... snow shower
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or two... cold. christmas... tuesday evening... could see an inch on the ground of snow... >> mixing the old and the new to create one of chicago's most interesting new restaurants. next, our critic reviews baume and brix. and a day after we all survived the end of the mayan calendar, nasa says we're going to avoid another end-of-the-world scenerio. and as you saw tonight on wgn the bulls had georgia on their mind as they took on the hawks. the highlights, later in sports. break
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[ male announcer ] years ago, when the inventors of twix unveiled their bar the tension between them reached a breaking point literally. so they divided the production between two separate factories. each factory took a vastly different approach. left twix flowed caramel on cookie while right twix cascaded caramel on cookie. left twix bathed in chocolate while right twix cloaked in chocolate. both bars as different as the vastly distinct men who invented them. to this day, sharing nothing but a wrapper and an ill-designed driveway. try both and pick a side. cooking can be a balancing act. a little too sweet, or a little too salty, and it can throw everything off. baume and brix, a new restaurant in river north, aims to find that perfect balance. chicago tribune restaurant critic phil vettel stopped by to see how they're tipping the scales. >> a new restaurant.. and
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pretty. gas fireplace across dining room... kitchen has 2 exec chefs... menu is modern and classic... lobster... octopus fun dip... pig tails... black
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cod... duck breast... pork chop... desserts... impressive... cookies and pmilk... so fresh. milk... so fresh. i give it 3
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stars >> for more on this week's restaurant text filephil... >> it is one of the city's morgue a unique holiday trae unique holiday traditions... >> police went into action after spotting a runaway car to excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game.
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in a shopping cart that was rolling out of control down a hill in toward a highway. the incident happened in a store parking lot in wisconsin. this video captured it all from the dashboard camera of a wisconsin officer >> my immediate reaction was it was traveling fast so i knew there was no option to stop the cart but i had to do something to try to stop traffic >> the officer was able to stop trafficking and recover the baby had returned safely to its mother. police say she was putting her other child in the car when the shopping cart rolled away >> well -- we escaped the mayan apocalypse that was supposed to end the world yesterday -- and
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now nasa says we've dodged the bullet of a killer asteroid. nasa says there had been a one- percent chance of an asteroid -- known as *2011-a-g-five* -- hitting earth in february 2040. that's about 23-years from now. but after analyzing the asteroid's trajectory -- the space agency says it'll miss by more than half-a-million miles. how lucky can we be? a few chances for a little bit of snow in the week ahead... >> we have a few storms but nothing in the immediate future ... satellite pictures showed cloud approaching... partly to
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mostly cloudy skies by monday. my new year's eve 7 day forecast... some snow could come to chicago... not to testo impressive though.oo impressive though...
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>> chicago's korean business community made the 33rd ward a warmer place this winter -- by distributing some 500 brand new winter parkas today. the parkas -- in adult sizes only -- were handed out on a *first-come first-served* basis. the event took place at or lady of mercy church hall on north troy. gently used clothing is now being accepted in the city's approved green collection bins -- for future distribution. tuba players raise the their instruments high during their annual christmas concert today. hundreds of people packed the historic grand ballroom for the chicago tradition... merry tuba christmas... >> 400 players of all ages and
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skill levels sat side-by-side to place some of the season's most popular tunes. the concert is orchestrated in honor of music professor harvey phillips... >> bragging rights on the line in saint louis. the 10th ranked fighting illini renew their rivalry against 12th ranked missouri. and we'll check in with the bears as their season is on the line tomorrow in arizona. rich king is next with sports.
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time for sports... >> the bulls left all their fight in new york....they had nothing left in atlanta after the slugest at madison square garden last night. the game against the hawks was a done deal at half time. even smelling salts did the bulls no good.....luol deng did give them a lift early...he drives the lane, scores and gets the foul, the bulls led 24- 22... in the 2nd quarter.. the hawks then outscored the bulls 31-13 the rest of the quarter..lou williams the alley oop to josh smith..the bulls had no legs ...and a few minutes later the roles were reversed.. the hawks on the move and smith
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finds williams who powers in for jam and the foul....the hawks led by 16 at the half...they won going away...the final....92-75... quite a few big games on the marqui today in college hoops...beginning with the annual border war battle between 10th ranked illinois and 12th ranked missouri.... the illini trying to avoid their 4th straight loss in the series. john groce getting his first taste of the rivalry...he got a good game from brandon paul....he nails a long three pointer.....paul had 23...illini up 17-14... and they still held a slight lead in the 2nd half...tyler griffey also goes deep....illinois led by one...54-53.. but they lost the battle of the boards...58-35 and lost the game... paul pressey to laurence bowens for the stuff...he led the tigers with 23....the illinois loses for the first time this season...82-73....they are 12 and 1. depaul going for its seventh in a row...facing maryland baltimore....the demons off an early lead...brandon young goes
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to jamie crockett for the alley opp....depaul up by 5... they played some good defense in this one...worell clahar the steal...and the ball goes to cleveland melvin for the jam...he had 24....depaul wins it...69-61...they are now 9 and 3. horizon league action... uic loses 82-70 to miami of ohio..the flames 9-3 loyola beats st. peters 53- 49..the ramblers 7 and 4. thad matta and 7th ranked ohio state had 9th ranked kansas in house at columbus...the buckeyes down by one in the first half when lenzelle smith junior nails the flush for the buckeyes... but red shirt freshman ben mcclemore then took over for the jayhawks...after a steal he goes in for the jam...he had 22...and kansas wins it....74- a battle of top ten teams. the bears headed for arizona this afternoon...taking a whole lot of pressure along with them on the flight. it is a must win against the cardinals ... a team that may not be lights out on offense...but is 11th in the nfl on yards allowed. the cardinals won their first 4
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this year..then lost 9 in a row before beating the lions last week.. the bears are favored but it means nothing in the nfl...there are few cakewalks. the bears have lost 5 of their last 6.....if they lose one more its curtains for the playoffs. we have to get to nine win s... he is not good enoug >> i have never been to the playoffs... i understand what losing and winning is... this is a winning organization. we are close. >> more good luck for boise state in the las vegas bowl...they tossed the dice on a trick play....the double pass..and it paid off...wide receiver chris potter goes deep
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to holden huff... 34 yards for the score....boise state beats washington....28- 26... lafayette wins >> wolves... in ot... they lose 2-1 >> singer martina mcbride had brian urlacher help her out last night in a christmas show at the chicago theatre...the bears linebacker reading the role of the grinch.... but he got blasted by those nasty critics.... >> proof to keep his day job...
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>> he doesn't read well.. but we don't tackle well... >> that is the news for this is saturday night... thank you for watching end
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