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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 12, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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hard because most of my employees have worked together for 40 years. i've been at one store for 39 years. a number of companies say they are actually hiring. or workers is losing no on severance pay. a small earthquake shook parts of the philippines. >> they accounted always a hot teaalmost 1800 peoe that died. survivors face a new battle to stay alive. the united states is doing international push. 90 u.s. marines are already on the ground helping distribute food water and generators. the aircraft carrier is
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talk that hong kong and lead a task force. chicagos filipino community is raising money. a typhoon drop-off locations at 1332 west irving park road. donations and volunteers are needed. a cargo plane will pick up the donation. here is what is needed. the bottled water and medicine. canned food that is ready to eat and can be opened without a can opener. an autopsy is scheduled today for a kidnappekidnapping victim. his identity is not being released. the man has been kidnapped. his body was found about a mile away yesterday afternoon.
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some of her suspect or motive for now. a teenager in indiana was removed from school for having a hit list. the student is a freshman. he has been suspended in could be expelled. witnesses reported the list had 20 names. the boys intentions were not there. parents will not let him talk to investigators. this is >> the chicago is planning on building a new and experienced it will include 19 new classrooms. the mayor says the state will foot the bill for the $80 million project. that is scheduled to open in time for the 20152016 school year. in the meantime paul university as least extra space. >> his neighbors are trying to block the
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plan. retired railroad executive wants to donate his million-dollar mansion and art collection. the home is built to look like an italian villa. and is filled with a renaissance art. >> of his neighbors to not want the extra noise. >> the governor has officially introduced former chicago school seal. >> jones is love from the hotel where he met the media this morning. the governor bringing a familiar face back to illinois. the educational and financial reformer who no doubt made some enemies here during his years in chicago. also clearly with many friends and admirers across the state of illinois. >> very talented. i
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spoke to many of them along the way. i decided to pick call as my running mate because i've known him a long time, he knows ill. like the back of his hand. >> as an independent democrat like me. he is a man of integrity. he is a lifelong public servant. no one can ever say he is in this business for the money. >> the for mercy on has fought tough political battles before. the time she has not been afraid to shake things up winning both friends and enemies. he lost a close democratic primary before leaving illinois for new orleans to head up the school system. also has a reputation for being
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ineffective financial reformer. he appears ready to assist in the difficult effort to stay wide pension reform. >> i think that is the number-one issue. everything else takes a back seat. a lot of people are punting on that issue. >> this is my issue. this is my legacy. it is not clear what role if any he would have been formulating pension reform. certainly the experienced reformer could lend some credibility to the argument and a voice to the government of illinois. >> >> borrowing money is getting more expensive for the city of chicago. downgraded the rating because of mounting public pension debt. this rating comes after moody's investors tripled downgrade of the bond rating for
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months ago. those blamed on growing pension liability. the one >> restore was celebrated as a gem of the chicago skyline. it is taking a back seat to another tall building. >> the will this tower is now the second tallest building in north america. the council on tall buildings and urban habitat announced its final decision this morning. the experts decided that the spire on top of the world trade center is an interco part of its design. it should be counted when measuring a tight. the richest 7 276 ft. tall and as a memorial to those killed in a september 11th terrorist attack. >> details in a murder case involving a newlywed pushed off a cliff by his wife. >> marcus starting black friday sales a little earlier. a
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little boy's wish turned reality. the city of san francisco is helping out.
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of evidence that the husband was blindfolded. she says it was an accident. he is asking for a postponement and her murder trial currently set for next month. the defense lawyer will not be ready in time. >> to members of the popular rock and and a third artist were all shot to death early yesterday in brooklyn. the former member later took his own life. two of those killed in the shooting had just received political asylum in the united states. the suspect and officer fell off a highway overpass. both men are recovering after the incident. the suspected drunk driver was stopped
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after leading police on a high-speed chase. suspect up in the tripper and over the reeling trying to help them. the trooper suffered a back injury. >> so far he has not been charged in this case. the horror of seeing the bodies killed in the school massacre still haunts him. his diagnosis of post- traumatic stress disorder. can only afford to pay him for two years of long-term disability. >> nothing could prepare your for that. teachers and students running out of the school. that they killed me and said.
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>> he would be fully covered by the state. connecticut is one of only a few states that does not cover posttraumatic stress disorder. >> the wall street journal reports about 50,000 people successfully signed up for coverage through the obama care web site. the web site has had technical problems. the administration is considering alternatives including allowing people to bypass the web site and sent directly through insurance companies. sampsell cisco is turning into gospel city so a little boy's wish can come true. the has leukemia. that has not stopped him from wanting to be a super hero. >> 7000 volunteers are helping him become one. on friday he would join that man as the sidekick. . there'll
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be called to make a rescue on the cable car tracks. and stop a villain from pulling off a heist. that kid will get to ride in the bat mobile and receive a key to the city. >> i love that. i'm glad they're making that wish come true. >> >> >> we're making short ribs with the chef from the montgomery scot
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american airlines
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and years airways would join forces. the reached an agreement with the justice department to allow the merger. the deal would require american and usair ways to give up some slots and a number of big u.s. airports by the end of this year. . you should now call thinks giving powers to it. that includes a 60 in. television for >> some of the most popular sellers. will also hold special events at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving night. there will
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also get a free mail during their shift. wal-mart says 20% discount as a bonus for working that night. in time with some many retailers extending the hours and stocking extra him in tory there is need for some extra help. and employment form says holiday hiring as up to a strong start in 14 years. retailers added more than 159,000 jobs. an increase of 6.7 percent over last year. stocks today are disappointing investors this midday. a good day for the wedding business. at least 3000 couples are tying the knot today. that is nearly seven times more weddings and last november 12th.
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making that the most popular wedding day in history. nearly half of prides take to date into consideration when planning. the next sequential date is next year on 12-13- 14. that is business news. >> attorneys and supporters are speaking on behalf of a 65 your old woman from evergreen part charged with concealing their history as a terrorist. she is in detroit where she has a hearing tomorrow in federal court. she ishtar's with lying under citizenship application. not disclosing that she spent 10 years in an israeli prison in connection with a
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bombing. it all began in 1969. her supporters say this is all a witch hunt. designed to prosecute her because of her work on behalf of palestinians. because of all of this her case is gone international. >> because of the political work with me and others were caught up in that grand jury investigation that is why we believe they're looking at her now. >> faces imprisonment and deportation for alleged immigration fraud. the indictment charges that the 66 year-old failed to disclose an arrest. states that she is convicted by an israeli military court in 1969 for alleged membership in the liberation of
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palestine. but the bombings in jerusalem also killed two civilians. what the u.s. government has used the same type of investigation when searching for not see war criminals attorneys say that this case is different. >> what i think is going on here is that after 911 there is a prejudice against moslem people. that is fueled by the israeli lobby in this country. i think there is a focus on muslims in this period of time. using the criminal law at a selective way to go after them. >> supporters say they plan to travel to detroit to be there tomorrow during the case. on the northwest said robert jordan. >> coming up loss
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successful marriages hinge ohow successful marriages hinge on calm lives. >> they recorded their debut record advance sweat rock. you can see it this friday at the metro. you can see it this friday at the metro.
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unfortunately lost a couple of key does. the back of guys have to get ready. learn the red zone several times. >> rose suffered a minor injury last night. he lands kind of awkwardly and limps away. he stays in the game. he gets in on the block. that is when he leaves the game. it has nothing to do in the surgical repair knee. >> son into a two-
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year contract extension. year contract extension. >>klienlvin den
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so you can enjoy the things that really matter. and now that we're a preferred pharmacy for many national plans, it's never been easier to save. choose any plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy provider by logging on to now through december 7th. save money. live better. walmart. the snow is going to pass us by not pass all of our viewers. of the pleasure is have come down across the lake. looking at some of these pictures that we have here. thank you for each of you sending a cuss the scourge of shots. this is from varian county. up to 14 in.
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of snow has come down. >> beautiful shots of monday's snowfall from northwest suburban mundelein. it is so pretty to see the fall colors with the snowfall. same thing uc and the shot. >> the snow falling yesterday. the snow colors. cedar rapids i will get in on it. look at the shop. the minister this afternoon. finally were the snow was piling up. this is quite a shock it there. this comes from luke henderson. lucas and east brooklyn. that is one disappointed looking tracker lantern right there.
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jack blanton. >> this is what it looks like on on our side of the lake. beautiful weather. it is just cold up there. unseasonable cooling. coldest air since 1996. we're sort early in the season. these are mid december level temperatures. the high today will be 34. the normal high as 50. we are way below normal. here is the leading edge of the cold air. the fund has gone way south. you could see the snow left on a grounder here. that is what all of the weight is. the last of the lakes now has been falling. to set up to produce the light snow has been breaking down.
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watched the southwesterly wind field shooting in here. developing across the area. that is tomorrow morning wind gust. we'll have some wind gusts up to 40 mi. per hour. up to 50 mi. per hour and parts of the upper midwest. there is late in the day on wednesday. use are moderating those temperatures. all of the advisories for snow have just come down. look how widespread the school there is. this pattern changes. here's a 2.5 they forecast off the super computers. the cutoff for access to hard to care. moderates a chill. it is really pretty unusual. the wind is
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blowing on the front side from the north. here is the backside circulation that has origins of here in the pacific. here is where the snow is occurring still. you conceive of it is breaking down.can see how it is breaking down >> we had four tenths of an inch here in chicago. that is our first measurable snow of the season. it came five weeks earlier than last year. that is the latest we have ever had a measurable snow last year. visibility is down to 2.5 mi..
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here's what our models tell us will fall from this point forward. the big event is over. we transition into somewhat warmer temperatures. we have 31 as a template. you could see the warmer air streaming out of the rockies. there is plenty of cold air lift to the north. windchill is at the moment to make it feel like 21 here. here is the warmer air. there will moderate through the cool temperatures. current temperatures 33 lansing. 31 at woodstock. 31 set at the airport here. so when the still showing up around
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the area as you can see. >> it is cold out there. what is interesting as the lake has gone down. we're down to 46 degrees. that is an explosive situation retake cold there and put it over that type of once. temperature increases with warmer air out to the west. >> our forecast generous sunshine but breezy. the chilliest air here in 17 years. a high of just 34. to my scattered clouds. it will be breezy. a low of 23. the wind tends to stay up along the when fronfront. the air on
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the shore line rushes to fill in. 41 tomorrow. even warmer, 48 on thursday with a high of 48. showers are next due on friday. of rain not snow this time. that is good news. >> time for today's good news. >> ti[ male announcer ] this is jim, a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke.
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>> the dangers of letting teenager stay up too late. nidal's not only perform worse academically but suffer from emotional challenges and even depression more often than peers. berkeley researchers tested teens went to bed after 11:30 p.m. on school nights. by the time they graduated they had lower gpa is and more social problems in school than those who had earlier bad times. the positive news, the study shows that you can change a school
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success by promoting healthy sleep cycles. if a woman remains calm her marriage will last long there.wander. long-term happiness of the couple is stronger. researchers warn men do not tell your wife to come down.calm down. sticking to the facts and not criticizing that is key for long-term marital success. it has very little to do with the couple's happiness overall. >> to not ever tell a woman to calm down. trust me on that. >> and making an ice that. >>[ male announcer ] there will be more powerful storms.
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there's a lot of dirt on here. morty, look at how easy it is. it's almost like dancing. [ both humming ] this is called the swiffer dance. >>roasted wild mushrooms. we are talking about a new location. it is called the montgomery club. a great private event s [pace. we are starting to get maxed out. we can do a plated dinner of about 300. as we get into the holiday season this is great.
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>>we arehave agrouping of all of our concepts. we customize all menus. >>i love it. >>let's start with out shortribs. this is an off shoot of one of our menus. we change these seasonally. i prefer to use a boneless. less extra fat. tons of flavor. what we want ot dto do is season up with gibsons roasting salt. hot pans. we are developing
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flavor. this carmelization is going to give richness to the flavor. it is a is the same principle. i like to teach the technique. we are going to add some whole garlic cloves. some wild mushrooms. i saved the stems. >>a little bit of celery. a little bit of carrot. this dish is great with the roasted mushrooms. for spring we will do it with fresh peas. we
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will get some veggies in there. some parsley stems. we will get that going. do a little bit of tomato paste. i have never seen it in a tube. a little red wine. we have a little bit of beef stock. let that sit. brazing have the liquid come up two thirds of the way. this is after how long? >> maybe about 45 minutes. you can do it on the stove. a
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300 degree stove with the lid on. >>here we are. there is the finished dish. we are going to do sauteed mushrooms. you cvan either roast these in the oven or a nice hot skillet. a little mashed potatoes. you can do any type of roasted root vegetable. >>there you have it. thatnnk you so much. >>located in river
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north. find the montgomery club on facebook. we will link you from our website. >>thank you so much for being her
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time for the answer to today's trivia question. it is interesting. we will show you some time lapse. showing the snow actually nothing. a pretty good snowfall across the lake. these are current temperatures. it is 31 in chicago. look at the warmer air marching across the rockies. the colder air retreating. here
12:55 pm
are some of the temperatures around the area. lansing and 33. calumet city at 31. watched the snow melting right here. that is from sandwich. here is the view from harvard. you'll see the melting going on right there. we'll have a dusting of snow yesterday upton and and and a half. >> see the snow melting with a beautiful fall color. >> the sunshine still goes to work on this ms. specialists into came down on warm ground. compare that to occur at temperatures. wind chills in the '20s for the most part.
12:56 pm
>> media 59%. there you can see temperature's only 30 today. with widespread coverage of that cooler air. the good news is we will be up to the '50s by the time we get up to saturday and sunday. >> we're leaving it with more music. we're going to be
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