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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  May 12, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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good morning and thanks for joining us severe storms explosion strikes deep tunnel system and suburbs. at belmont black hawks take the series lead from the menace of a wild. >> 81 degrees yesterday,
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temperatures will climb quickly again. the cold front will come our way tonight with chant for thunderstorms and drop temperatures. storms of possible this afternoon and evening. 64 degrees at the airport. these numbers are way above normal. few scattered at
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thunderstorms yesterday, potential for more today. there is a cold front out west which will come through tonight and give us a cooler air and higher winds. here is your day planner. 30 percent chance for rain this evening. early tomorrow morning so that the church of 65 degrees.the temperature of 65 degrees. today is the last day of the warm front. >> interstate 290 southbound pat sorrentino in jail, threethree lanes down.
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union pacific north blind dealing with today'line trains are running behind because of a derailment near of waukegan app. >> severe weather moved across the plains and midwest yesterday, 26 reports of tornadoes. one tornado caused heavy damage in a town in nebraska. one person was injured. gov of missouri declared state of emergency on sunday. third
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severe storms created flash floods and high winds in the chicago area. >> these are some of the areas that took a beating from a sunday evening storms. this was a deep tunnel blast, it is not the first time that if this happens. this is in near the intersection of burnham avenue at heritage, last night the pressure inside a deep tunnel cause an explosion and sent a wave of water and mud.
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police have been here all night to keep people away from this area, and no injuries reported but a lot of debris scattered. >> the below two years ago as well and then they put something bigger on that, but they never had a crater this size this is on the real. >> there is an apartment building at to the right here, sixth of vacant apartments were damaged. >> this flash
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flooding also affect the it people in southwest suburban at justice. the peak of the storms and 9000 customers were without power. most had been restored. >> blackhawks at heading back to minnesota up with a chance to close at the series. the blackhawks defeated minnesota 2-1. they can clinch the series in game 6 in minnesota.
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los angeles clippers owner apologizing for his comment that got him banned from the national basketball association. he has been banned for life. his fellow owners are expected to of the vote to force them to sell the team. >> the reason it's hard for me is that i'm wrong. i caused the problem. i do not know how to correct it. he also said his profound obeyed him into the things he said that. driver of the vehicle crashed into a building in englewood. it happened around midnight. they found a four year-old boy in the vehicle's passenger seat he was taken to children's hospital, the driver
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ran away. >> a 15 year-old boy shot and killed sunday afternoon in the west pullman and abroad. police and took another custody in hewitt, who may have hit the victim by accident while firing at a passing car. at least four other people have been killed in shootings across the city since friday afternoon. >> police looking for leads after an armed man tried to abduct a five year- old girl in bright and park neighborhood. the man failed and left in a black vehicle police say he carried a black handgun at. >> high school in they would close today and tomorrow
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after a fire over the weekend. the building was evacuated as it filled with smoke, classrooms were damaged. cause of fire under investigation. creative new low- cost housing in boulder colorado, all local startup company calls this state right help you. the company is turning to ton shipping crates into little houses. it comes in three styles and is built to provide its own power and they will sell for as little as $20,000. >> warm temperatures again, 81 degrees yesterday. cold
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front approaches we will have the potential for storms and then the front will move through later. 69 degree temperature outside. here are your current conditions. in humid conditions coming our way today. light showers starting to be developed out to our west, high temperature of 85 degrees expected today. >> hdemetrious will
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answer questions at coming up. >> three people killed in a freak all three victims
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are from the disaster in virginia and had been found after her at a hot
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air balloon and drifted into power lines and caught fire. they were found saturday. the pilot had 30 years of experience. the incident is under investigation. washington monument will reopen the to the public after three years of repairs. it cost seven and half million dollars to repair. >> twins were born and came out of the womb holding etan said. they shared at the same amniotic sac and placenta out. this condition occurs in about one and 10,000 births.
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>> there were just holding cans.hands. the best mother's day present ever. hotspo >> home the girls were just over 3 lbs. each and are doing fine. >> we are expecting to see warm conditions, it is already 64 degrees outside. there are your current conditions. it will be muddiemuggy today. 66
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degrees at midway. light showers will be around early frost today, and the potential for thunderstorms and severe thunderstorms will be around today. the highest possibility is certainly in north of the chicago. later today there will be the potential for something strong and in our way. tonight cold front in the years and moved after our region early tomorrow morning and pick up the wins and drop the temperature significantly. tomorrow we will be lucky to get back into the upper 60s after i.
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the night storms up strong storms possible. >>metra still has issues on the pacific north lined with delays because of a derailment at waukegan. flooding eastbound hundred 53rd street traffic will get a very congested with posted the chores.the tours.
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>> stocks finished at record closing high. >> black caucus state announcechicago black haws stayed undefeated at home with a 2-1 victory over minnesota what to take a series elite. lead. the series
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moves up to minnesota with a chant for the cox to close out the serieshawks to clinch the series. arizona diamondbacks and defeat the chicago white sox are 5-1. atlanta braves and defeat chicago cubs a 5-2 to sweep the three became the series..
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chicago bears signed nine undrafted free agent including the northern illinois university quarterback. >> we are starting a new segment today called hey demetrius.
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people often ask him questions about the weather, signs and everything else. here is our first question, when it was the start letting us know of the allergy count. >> we do not show them on the morning show because they did not come until 7. the answer is to never.
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next question if you did not to do the weather what would your second profession to be? >> how about a dogcatcher. the real answer is an astronaut's periods perhapastronaut. in the next question to
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your co-workers love of working with you because they always know the weather forecast? >> this is a great question, the answer is i do not know. i set up a camera that recorded you guys while i did weather last week.
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diplomatat >> if you have questions, you can go to our web site or send him a message at twitter. >> we are starting in in the mid '60s, we are at 64 degrees at right now. we will have a high temperature in the low to mid 80's with a good chance for showers. >> train derailment
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overnight in waukegan causing the train at delays union pacific north blind.line in about 15 to 20 minute delays. >> flying eastbound on hundred 35th street as everything closed down. >> severe storms moving across park area we will have live reports. >> wild fire destroys as many as 100 homes in texas. >> bearded lady wins europe singing contest we severe storms and
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tornadoes cut across the midwest while an explosion at strike deep tunnel system and suburbs. >> young child rescued from burning vehicle after crash. >> chicago black hawks take a series lead from the
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minnesota while that we will have all the highlights. >> temperatures will be in the mid 80s today, we should hit 84 degrees fahrenheit temperature. current temperature and walkie get 59 degrees. thunderstorms coming from south and west gate will be in our area throughout at the day. cold front out west will rise at this time tomorrow morning and lower our temperature. 30
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percent chance for storms today. >> overnight the bill met and what did and causing mild the lifespatrain derailment in waukegan as causing delays on at union pacific north blind. 135th street closed at column because of flooding. >> travel times are good at this time. severe weather moved across the midwest with 26 reports of tornadoes.
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one person injured in a tornado in nebraska. government of missouri called state of emergency. >> south suburbs in northwest indiana took a beating from sunday storms. more than 1 in. of rain within 20 minutes. in pope county. in cook county. in at calumet city, the explosion in the tunnel system caused flooding and damage to an adjacent buildings. family rescued from the vehicle that stalled in 2 ft. of water and 165th
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street. this was an hamid. also there was other flooding. deep explosion and calumet city tunnel system, no injuries but a lot of the debris scattered. >> it blew up two years ago also, and then they put a bigger thing on it, but it never left a crater is a big ad before it. >> in it joliet, the roof of the building collapsed, one person stank at motel hurt by flying the great but percent refused medical treatment. there also reports of how water and other areas,
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>> strong winds as you and wild fire in texas panhandle, conduct of people left homeless. fires started yesterday afternoon and has already destroyed 100 homes. fire is threatening an entire town at cause of fire is not known. >> a major snowstorm dumped more than 1 ft. of snow in colorado. it caused power outages in several areas. more snow is expected today. it >> chicago black hawks and headed back to minnesota with a chance to close at the series after they defeated
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minnesota while the two-one. the chicago blackhawks remained undefeated at home. >> loss angeles clippers owner apologizing for his comments and is awaiting a fellow owners voted to sell the team. he said am i entitled to one mistake? it is a terrible mistake and i will never do it again. it is hard for me because i am wrong, by caused the
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problem. he also said his girlfriend set him off.up. >> driver of a stolen vehicle crashed into building in englewood, when the police found the vehicle is there was a four year-old boy in the vehicle's passenger seat the vehicle crashed cost the building to become on fire. >> a 15 year-old boy shot and killed in the west pullman and never let at 340 yesterday afternoon after it and other child may have shot and killed the victim while firing at any other car. chicago police lt.
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superintended will announce officers have already recovered more than the 2000 illegal guns this year. >> exhibit of irish artists opens next march. >> a restaurant will host the world's largest crawfish boil on saturday. it raised $40,000 for local food at banks it was the
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25th year of this event. >> 64 degrees at current temperature. showers continued to move into park area, these are low level thunderstorms the potential for stronger storms at exist throughout the day today. beyond it the look out. high- temperature to date 85 degrees.
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>> what gate at the bearded lady an edge in europe singing contest. >> this pint sized up popup is trending. >> cleaning and tile grout is easy, spread based upon to grout and used furniture stripping brushed to work paste into route now wait and let it go to work, after an
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hour wycoff paste and this rob with brush and the water and dry your grout and you are all set. >>
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called. sure what little dog was middle of california thunderstorms coming way of what have the strong start to come
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next seven days. minutes behind schedule. >> lincoln park zoo baby can grokangaroo. >> she was born may
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a social groups that activity level. we had to wait for the three months into of the gestation, that we will say part of her come out. auction, it is a very rare and then naming opportunity
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