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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  May 23, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a chicago man gets 90 years in the brutal beating of an irish exchange student. we'll have reaction. powerful storms slam the eastern seaboard, heading into a busy memorial day travel weekend. and president obama is waking up in his kenwood home after a night of fundraising. we'll have a *live report. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. let's check in with demetrius first up. >> you do know the news start at 4:00 a.m.? >> i was getting there. >> born to say about 14 or blooper tape. >> and try to just gloss over that and say maybe she didn't know. >> i tried to take a day off from you guys yesterday. the when the director says stand by that means get ready. >> let's check in our day. nice
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weather coming. we expect our high temperature to be a bit cooler than normal. typically we should be in the low 70's. but not today will be in the upper 60s but those are the warmer temperatures coming our way. by memorial day will be near 90 degrees in some areas. pretty hot for your barbecue on that day. today, sunshine back in the '60s upper 60s for most of the weekend. near the lake is mid to upper 60s. we could be as warm as the mid '70s. a wide range across the region. temperatures are cool and the north east keeping the school as a travel closer to the lake. 62 at the lakefront. 46 in joliet. 53 degrees in morris. here's the satellite and radar showing we are dry through the morning and the afternoon. the high-pressure means next chance of rain is not until the tail end of sunday
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into memorial day. as you can see, all that rain is having the ohio river valley and portions of missouri. we are expecting temperatures to rise over the next few days. just south of 70 degrees tomorrow we do reach over 70. no green on the map until we get to sunday or monday. today's high temperature in the upper 60s. tonight slow down to 48. saturday is very nice. cooler along the lake 72 degrees. sunday we are cloudy almost done with the three day weekend. >> best 3 a week and you had in a while. >> what i love about this is no air-conditioner. >> leave the windows open and enjoy yourself. and thank the weatherman. sent him some money. >> we have construction in north bend 55 at county line doing intermittent 15 lane closures at
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the 6:00 hour. be prepared for that because it could add some extra time to your commute. looks like nineties bound at arlington heights road has construction slowing things down early on. and on 190 we have worked at betsy: drive. more hotspots and your numbers coming up. >>police are searching for the person who shot and killed a 14-year-old boy in the marquette park neighborhood. officers were responding to reports of shots fired in the 64-hundred block of south francisco, when they found the boy dead on the sidewalk just after ten last night. the boy suffered multiple gunshot wounds. police say the shooting appears to be gang related. a car drove into a pond in romeoville. it happened at 9:30 near 14- hundred bluff road. a man and a woman were in the car when it went into the water. the woman escaped and called for help. it took divers more than half an hour to locate the car. the man could not be revived. a witness says firefighters told her that the man was teaching the woman how to drive.
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the woman was taken to the hospital. police are still investigating. police in hobart are holding a woman for a psychiatric evaluation, after a fire in her apartment forced the evacuation of a *dozen apartments. it happened last night at the "lake of the woods" apartment complex. firefighters arrived to find the woman's second-floor apartment on fire... and she refused to come out. she and three other tenants were eventually led to safety down a maintenance worker's ladder. investigators say it appears the fire was set intentionally, because there were several origin points. president obama is waking up at his home in chicago this morning, after attending two fundraisers for senate democrats. judy wang is live in the kenwood neighborhood with more. >> the president's stay overnight and is home and heads back to washington late this morning after two major fund- raisers. the president took swipes at congress and in his words, ideologically rigid republicans. we're up close to his home and you can see the
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secret service and police out here. we are being kept behind the barricades a lot of neighbors are used to this kind of thing after several years. to fund-raisers. the first one was of the gulf coast home of the energy ceo. donors paid up to $15,000 per person to attend. during a fund-raiser the president praised dick durbin who is up for reelection saying that he was a man of integrity who fight for working families. also warned the crowd that democrats don't hang on to the senate and make some gains in the house, issues like immigration reform and efforts to raise the minimum wage could stall. also urged democrats to work to make sure that party members show up for the midterm elections. after that it was the second fund-raiser at the lincoln park home o. he touted
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his gains in office despite opposition donors paid up to $35,000 per couple. he said the deficit has been cut in half, greenhouse gas is lower. he says we are in the process of ending the second war. these fund- raisers benefit senator dick durbin reelection campaign and the democratic committee, the president is scheduled to return to the white house at 10:00 a.m.. back to you. >>severe weather clobbered parts of the united states from the east coast to the rockies ahead of the big memorial day weekend. as millions of americans prepare to take to the roads and air today, the worst of it appears to be behind them. ed payne reports. >> we will get to that in a few minutes. >> here it is. >> damaging hail, wind and trees came down.
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>> a was talking in the kitchen and we heard a loud crash. i ran to the front door and the cbc. it was crazy. >> at various times, parts of delaware, virginia and maryland were under tornado warnings carried hazardous weather outlooks issue for a huge sections of the central and southwestern u.s.. storms also affected areas in and around denver where tornadoes were reported on wednesday. forecasters predict much of the u.s. will be mostly dry and tranquil over the memorial day weekend. >> a man who beat two young women with a baseball bat for their purses gets a 90-year prison sentence. heriberto viramontes showed no remorse as a judge sentenced him yesterday. the 2010 attack in bucktown left natasha mc-shane permanently brain-damaged. her friend stacy jurich says she'll never forget the sound of that bat hitting her. the attacker's own words -- from a jailhouse phone conversation -- were played at the trial..
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>> i've done some stupid things. but not like that. i may be hit her once and i hit the other girl once. but that's it. not to kill them. >> i'm happy can't hurt anybody again. >>before handing down the 90- year sentence, the judge said the girls' only sin was thinking it was safe to walk four or five blocks in chicago. bond was denied for a former priest who is facing a new charge after serving prison time for sexually abusing children. daniel mccormack appeared in court yesterday, where prosecutors detailed the latest allegation involving a 10-year- old boy. they say the boy was participating in an after- school program at saint agatha when mccormack fondled him on several occasions in 2005. the boy did not report the abuse until last year. mccormack pled guilty to abusing five boys in 2007.
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he was sentenced to prison then admitted into a mental health facility, where he remains. catholics in chicago could know this fall who will be their next archbishop. the archdiocese says francis cardinal george has received a letter from rome informing him that the process of choosing his successor has officially begun. cardinal george is 77 years old and is battling a recurrence of cancer, which he has said will probably be the cause of his death. resignation on his 75th birthday, as is customary for cardinals, but the replacement search has been sped up by his illness. the city of chicago may get to write its own rules on where medical marijuana may be grown and sold. no other city in illinois is allowed to create its own restrictions. but the state senate endorsed a bill to exempt chicago. that's because state law prohibits pot farms within five blocks of homes or schools... and dispensaries can't be within *two blocks.... and in chicago, that's practically everywhere. the illinois house takes up the bill next. speaking of marijuana, chicago will host a cannabis *conference next month. it'll be held the weekend of june 7-th, at navy pier. more than a hundred exhibitors
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will show visitors how to make *clothing from marijuana plants... and even how to *cook with marijuana. pot growers, politicians, industry experts and even medical marijuana patients plan to be there. >> in know we will have to send markets out there. chicago's 24 beaches officially open today for the summer season. some future lifeguards were doing training exercises yesterday at north avenue beach -- including a 71-year-old retired school teacher. lake michigan's water temperature is in the low 50's... so you may just want to get your feet wet, instead of diving-in all the way. >> it is very chilly. the temperature is much cooler than normal. we will talk more about that next week. but first let's talk about our weekend. it's a three day weekend and you know we want to see if you sons in the forecast. and we will. 51 degrees right now. it's 48 in willow springs. 52 right now in
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kerry. across the region we have temperatures in the 40's. we will be tried today. next chance of rain is over the weekend. here's the forecast. today's high 60 degrees. tonight slow down to 50 greece. mostly clear. on the 70 forecast, we do get some sun lined up. we do have a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms on monday. >> coming up, the boy scouts select a former defense secretary as the new president. >> new calls for the veteran affairs chief resignation. and hundreds of firefighters continue to fight a fire in arizona. >> tens of thousands of these pictures taken to create a pictures taken to create a global self picture.oll, we say
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♪ we want you to be okay ♪ enroll, we say ♪ take care people for goodness sake ♪ more than 5-hundred
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firefighters are battling a massive wildfire in arizona. the fire has burned more than 75-hundred acres along the edge of flagstaff since it started on tuesday. officials say crews made good progress late last night, and they expect some containment today. pre-evacuation warnings have been issued for more than 3- thousand homes, even though the fire is still several miles away. no injuries have been reported. investigators say the fire is man-made. two months after a devastating mudslide in washington state, a
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worker found the body of one of two people still listed as missing. 41 people are confirmed dead after a hillside gave way under torrential rains and plowed through a neighborhood of oso, washington on march 22nd. the medical examiner will determine if the body is that of a woman or a man who remain un-accounted for. the process could take several days. once again, the secretary of veterans affairs is refusing to resign. eric shinseki is under fire, over secret waiting lists at v- a hospitals across america. the first list was exposed at a hospital in phoenix. hines hospital near maywood is also being investigated. whistleblowers say veterans *died waiting months for medical care... but the hospitals intentionally kept their waiting lists off the books, to make it appear that veterans were getting timely treatment. president obama met with shinseki on wednesday and says he needs time to take a close look at the matter. the boy scouts of america chose a new president ... a familiar name. robert gates is the former defense secretary and former c- i-a director. he's also a former eagle scout,
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and recipient of the silver buffalo award -- scouting's highest honor. he credits the scouts with preparing him for a life of leadership. gates will serve a two-year volunteer term. nasa is getting in on the selfie phenomenon. the space agency released this image in honor of earth day yesterday. we will have it for later we can show it to you right now. but if you look closely, you'll see the planet is a mosaic of individual photos from around the world. nasa asked the public to submit selfies on social media, and used 36-thousand of them to create the mosaic. they received selfies from every continent, and 113 countries. if we close our eyes and visualize we may see that picture. >> it doesn't matter if it's not working because your description was so beautiful. i can see it perfectly in my mind. >> did you hear it's a video free friday. >> look up the picture. if you get it we can run the breaking news banner and bring it to you. how's that? we do have this.
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some numbers. 53 degrees is the current temperature. wins at 9 mi.. 2.45 degrees. we have some relatively dry air. once it reaches 50 degrees maybe you can feel that humidity. it will get money. 70 degrees is downright small thrilling. now it's dry across the region. and i start to the weekend. 53 in o'hare. 55 for midway. 49 in lansing. bartlett coming in a 47. temperatures are on the cool side. you may need your jacket early but that's it. across the region, but we do have rain continuing up along 70. generally to the south of the ohio river. do you have it? i think we do. >> is that what you are talking about? >> here is that picture. this may be a bit out of focus. but
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check it out. >> that is the nasa picture. >> are you sure that is not to google goggles? >> i think this is from 2006. so is this the new one? >> i think we need something to show. we can't just keep showing erin. >> we have son and more son. today 68 blue skies and cooler traveling close to the lake. mostly clear and cool and quiet. saturday's high temperature is 72. sunday's 76. monday only reaching the nineties. that's coming up in the seven days forecast. i will be doing traffic next. >> your time is way up. or cutting you off. we do have some accident out there on the tri- state slowing things down. a
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quick math of this northbound right lane is blocked. everyone else is getting by. not a huge deal. they should have his picture. in bound bishop ford another fender bender at 115. keep in mind on the kennedy, to lease out both sides between cumberland. that's the story until 5:00. but another 45 minutes of that squeeze. >> coming up 10 new species of animals discovered this year. >> and blackhawks get reinforcements and how the return of chris sales went. spoiler alert, it starts out perfect ... >> one of the most popular grueling weekend of the year. i called on the guys to give us some breakfast tips on the grill. think about a coffee reved stake. it's unbelievable. reved stake. it's unbelievable. the rest coming up.
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thursday. the dow rose 10 points. s&p added four. a second day of protests by fast food workers and union activists at mcdonalds headquarters remained peaceful, with no arrests. busloads of demonstrators again marched on mcdonalds corporate campus in oak brook, where the annual shareholders meeting was discussing pay for company executives. the workers are asking for 15- dollars an hour and the right to unionize. more than 100 people were arrested wednesday when they
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blocked the driveway and refused to leave. the white sox welcomed back pticher chris sale, who hadn't pitched in five weeks due to injury.. and sale showed no signs of rust. his first test back came against the yankees. and new york had no answers as sale was almost perfect. he had ten strikeouts, no walks, and he allowed only one hit through six innings. the sox were up two in the 8- th.. man on second, when adam dunn hits one down the line for the r-b-i single. that turned out to be the winning run. sox win three to two. ricky renteria returning to san diego as the cubs take on the padres. cubs down one nothing early, but then anthony rizzo launched a long home run to deep right center to take a two-one lead. that's all starting pitcher jake arrieta needed. he held the padres to one run, while striking out seven, in six innings. not bad for a guy who started the season on the disabled list. carlos villanueva pitched the last three innings for his first save.
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cubs win five to one. the blackhawks will have andrew shaw back on the ice, when they take on the kings in game three of the conference finals saturday night. shaw missed the last seven games because of a right leg injury. he was ready to go for game two, but coach quenneville wanted to give him a few more days to rest. no word yet on who shaw will replace in the lineup. game three is in los angeles, tomorrow night, at 7. the bears brandon marshall says this is going to be his breakout year. that was his prediction when he returned to halas hall to talk about his new contract extension. the 40-million dollar deal keeps him in chicago for the next four seasons. marshall sounded relieved that his career steered him to the bears, two seasons ago. >> it was a career receiver. i don't think i would be in this position talking about an extension i get back with my friends having jays leadership and his brotherly love really helps. also it was the people there's a whole list of people.
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you guys know how great this organization is. for me, it's a safe environment. >>some quick notes. the montreal canadiens beat the rangers in overtime. new york still leads that series two games to one. landon donovan will not play for the u-s, at the world cup, after he was cut from the team. and texas rangers slugger prince fielder will miss the rest of the season after has neck disc fusion surgery next week. >> that sounds like a terrible injury. >> it does not sound fun. let's take a look at the weather. 49 degrees right now in waukegan. decaled is currently 53. every chance i get a butcher the name of this town since i got here. i have to go to the town and meet the people. at to make it better. 53 for a pair. 52 in chicago. 48 in lansing. we are try and stay dry today. the
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entire weekend don't expect to see any rain until just a chance of showers or storms for memorial day. today's high temperature 68. someday we make 76. memorial day is 85. some areas could make it up to 90 degrees. >> a quick update on the accident we're watching the north and tristate. this is that halsted. it looks like it just got off to the shoulder. expect full recovery there any minute. we have delays of the train's coming in from all aurora. 45 minutes behind schedule. could always go to our traffic and for all the latest on your traffic. you can get exact updates of where the trains are. coming up a live report on the president's trip to chicago. >> and -- one state is bringing back the electric chair as a form of execution. we'll tell you why. plus -- o-j simpson is back in court over a las vegas robbery conviction. details, coming up. and -- dean reviews the new movies out this weekend --
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including the return of the x- men.
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the president picks up and is home in chicago after night a fund-raising. >> and more on the revised plan for release field. >>and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. he finally has some good
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numbers. >> cooler than normal but open up the windows keep them open all weekend. and then close them on monday and turn on the air conditioning. it will be warm. but check out our day. 40 degrees right now in sweden. with chicago good morning to you waking up to 47 degrees. it's 50 degrees right now in west chicago. at the old st. mary's school its 52. we know the temperatures are in the comfortable range. upper '40's low 50s. 51 of the lake front. midway is already at 55. temperatures don't move much. cool air blowing off the lake. it's really chilly and cool. it will keep the temperatures below 70. sublet composite shows we are dry. coming up in the seventh day we will talk about our temperatures which will warmup in a big way. >> work along 90 we have a map of this one to show you where
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that stretch is. looks like the travel times are slow down to 45 mi. per hour in those areas. watch for that this morning. quite a bit of road work taking place in the overnight hours. most of it should be picked up by 6:00. who break it down with updates in just a few minutes. >>president obama is waking up at his home in chicago this morning, after attending two fundraisers for senate democrats. judy wang is live in the kenwood neighborhood with more. >> the president is scheduled to go back to washington late this morning. that is after two big fund-raisers. during those fund- raisers he took a swipe at congress and in his words ideologically rigid republicans. air force one landed at 5:30 p.m. the mayor and boarded the president and marine one took off to go to the gold coast home. donors paid $15,000 to
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attend. during the event the president praised dick durbin as a man of integrity who fights for working families also warned if democrats don't big gains in the house immigration reform and efforts to raise the minimum wage could stall. here's reporters to work to ensure democrats show up at the polls during the midterm election. the second fund-raiser took place at the lincoln park home. there the president talked about is the ministrations gains despite gop opposition. donors paid $35,000 per couple to attend. the deficit has been cut in half, greenhouse gases have been lowered. he says we are in the process of ending the second war. both fund-raiser's benefit senator dick durbin reelection campaign and the democratic senatorial campaign committee. the president is scheduled to leave chicago at 10:00 a.m..
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>>police in wheaton are investigating *dummy social media accounts where inappropriate images of students and staff at a middle school were recently posted. parents at edison middle school were notified of the investigation via e-mail from the principal yesterday. the accounts have been frozen and the e-mail says those responsible have been identified. a spokeswoman for the wheaton warrenville district says middle school students are required to take a digital citizenship course on responsible use of social media and the internet. severe weather battered several areas of the country ahead of the memorial day travel weekend. hail, heavy rains and damaging winds raked the mid-atlantic states from virginia to new york. parts of delaware, virginia and maryland were under tornado warnings. severe weather warnings were also issued across wide areas of the south and west. the good news... the national weather service forecasts clear, calm skies for most of the nation during the holiday weekend. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. police are searching for the person who shot and killed a 14-year-old boy in the marquette park neighborhood. officers were responding to
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reports of shots fired in the 64-hundred block of south francisco, when they found the boy dead on the sidewalk just after ten last night. the boy suffered multiple gunshot wounds. police say the shooting appears to be gang related. a car drove into a pond in romeoville. it happened at 9:30 near 14- hundred bluff road. a man and a woman were in the car when it went into the water. the woman escaped and called for help. it took divers more than half an hour to locate the car. the man could not be revived. a witness says firefighters told her that the man was teaching the woman how to drive. a man who beat two young women with a baseball bat for their purses gets a 90-year prison sentence. heriberto viramontes showed no remorse as a judge sentenced him yesterday. the 2010 attack in bucktown left natasha mc-shane permanently brain-damaged. her friend stacy jurich says she glad that viramontes won't be able to hurt anyone else. the archdiocese of chicago says francis cardinal george has been informed the search for his successor is underway. the cardinal is suffering a recurrence of cancer. his replacement should be named this fall.
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the governor of tennessee signed a bill into law bringing back the electric chair. instances where drugs for lethal injection cannot be obtained. the last time an inmate was electrocuted was in 2007... when a death row inmate chose that method of execution. in recent years, states have scrambled to find substitutes for lethal injection drugs after european manufacturers banned u-s prisons from using their drugs in executions. the house of representatives endorsed a bill to end the collection of most phone records by the national security agency. civil liberty groups say the obama administration made last- minute changes to the domestic surveillance bill that made it too broad. the bill would force the n-s-a to get a judge's permission to carry out the collection of any phone data. the senate takes up the bill next. illinois house speaker mike madigan is reviving his 3- percent income tax on millionaires. madigan's proposal passed the house revenue and finance committee on a 6-4 vote. the so-called tax for education referendum act would go to voters on the november ballot. the advisory referendum asks voters if they want to amend the constitution to impose the tax on millionaires and give the
4:36 am
money to school districts based on their student population. the owners of the chicago cubs plan to submit a more ambitious plan to renovate wrigley field next week. but the local alderman is already speaking out against it. owner tom ricketts wants city approval for seven outfield signs, more lighting, and more bleacher seats. the original agreement to expand the park didn't include those things. and alderman tom tunney says, they'd be bad for the neighborhood. >> i am opposed to any further signs beyond those agreed to last year. >> we need to press ahead with the expansion and the improvements. we cannot delay any longer. the time to build a winner is now. >>the owners of the wrigleyville rooftop clubs say, the additional signs would violate their agreement with the cubs... and they'll go to court to try to enforce it. a former cubs' pitcher is weighing in, on the future of wrigley field... and on its *present. andrew cashner played at wrigley in 2010 and 2011... and he says it's a dump, when compared to
4:37 am
other, more modern ballparks. cashner is now with the san diego padres... and he says the team's "petco park" has a lot more space, better locker rooms, and generally better facilities for players and fans alike. a stolen van belonging to a rock band from brooklyn has been found, but many items that were inside are still missing. the band "go deep" was in wicker park for a performance, when their touring van was taken wednesday night with all of their equipment still inside. they say the guitars, computers, hard drives and personal belongings were worth about 25-thousand dollars. member danny rico also says he lost the only copies of a solo album he's been working on for six years. >> it feels like such a loss of just one get it back. >>the band has canceled their upcoming shows and is continuing to search for their equipment. these are pictures of some of the missing items. o-j simpson filed a new appeal to the nevada supreme court over his armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. simpson's lawyers submitted
4:38 am
new legal documents yesterday seeking his release from prison. simpson claims the trial clouded by his notoriety from the murder trial of his ex-wife and her boyfriend, for which he was acquitted. simpson is serving a 33-year sentence for trying to rob two memorabilia dealers at a los vegas hotel in 2007, of items he claims are rightfully his. the family of george zimmerman is suing for 750 thousand dollars in damages, over a tweet by roseanne barr. when zimmerman was cleared of murder charges in the beating of trayvon martin, roseanne tweeted the home address of his parents. they say they were driven into hiding, and they've had to spend tens of thousands of dollars on hotels because of death threats. they also want money for emotional harm. barr took the tweet down, shortly after she posted it. top 10 species of 2014 here they are. i'm not sure if i'm pronouncing carnivorous correctly. here's another one.
4:39 am
tinker bell firefly. this is a translucent snail found in a croatian cave. these addresses small fractions of the new species that are discovered every day. >> and what have you done lately demetrius? nothing. >> he is going to give this a good weekend forecast. >> i can bring the sun. we get that this began. 53 degrees. wind of the northeast at 9 mi.. elsewhere it's 51 degrees at the lakefront. 55 at midway. 5340 hair. 49 degrees in aurora. satellite composite shows we are dry and we stayed dry today and for the rest of the upcoming weekend. looking at the 70 forecast, it's pretty clear.
4:40 am
>> still ahead checking out some breakfast and a brunch recipes for the grill. he's got his recipe book right now. >> and mark cuban says he is prejudiced and bigoted. we explain what he means. >> and a recall involving hamas said that may upset your memorial day plans. hamas?here e
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trending online this morning ... the man who led the last three u.s. world cup soccer teams, has been cut from *this year's team. landon donovan is america's all- time leading scorer, and the most prominent player on the team. he made this year's *provisional squad... but the team's coach says, other players have passed him during tryouts... and he had to tell donovan that he's not going to brazil for next month's competition. another n-b-a owner candidly admits, he's prejudiced, and bigoted. mark cuban of the dallas mavericks tells "inc." magazine, "if i see a black kid in a hoodie at night on the same side of the street, i'm walking to the other side of the street... if i see anyone that looks threatening, there's a chance part of me takes into account race, gender and age." in that regard, he says, "i think we're *all bigots." donald sterling's racially insensitive remarks are now affecting race relations in the n-f-l. 50 senators are demanding the washington redskins change their name, which is considered a racial-slur by some native americans. in an open letter to n-f-l commissioner roger goodell, the
4:44 am
senators say the n-f-l needs to follow the n-b-a's lead that "racism and bigotry have no place in professional sports." target and trader joe's stores are pulling hummus dips from their shelves over concerns about possible contamination by the listeria bacteria. the products include target's archer farms hummus products and trader joe's 5 layered dip and edamame hummus. no illnesses have been reported. marcus is here ... hi marcus! first let's check the weather. >> look at your numbers. they're looking good. >> looking good today. a nice weekend is coming up. yesterday we told you to wash your car you can enjoy it for a few days you'll get another good day out of it today. still sunny. today's high temperatures 68. tomorrow we make 72. sunday we had 76. memorial day we have a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. high temperature 85 degrees.
4:45 am
>> a quick update on traffic. jane addams ongoing work between east and west bound. this is where we have the slow pockets with the ongoing construction until 6:00 a.m.. in bound kennedy at cumberland to left lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m.. you can see traffic as low as 12 mi. through there. that's just too of several hot spots in terms of construction. we will have another few updates in a few minutes. >> this is the best show we have ever done. this is really ranking up there with the top one spirit it's one of the best growing weekends of the year. it's the unofficial kickoff of summer. i caught up with the guys from the men's rowing club that beat every monday they gave me some grilling recipes. the immense grilling club. >> the first met them back in
4:46 am
2008. a handful of guys getting together to share grilling recipe is. >> we were a bunch of on organized men when you first met us. >> now you are slightly organized. >> a bit more organized. >> not a regularly host events through the area. hundreds of members in their face book group. and they even have a cookbook in its third printing. >> some breakfast seemed foods for us today. >> this is part of johnson recipe. he's doing a pastrami bagel sandwich. and i am adding my breakfast beer cheese. >> the der cheesed starts with aged montego, at some dry mustard and cinnamon and honey. figure out how to use a food processor ... and you have a beer cheese. >> this is one of the many
4:47 am
delicious recipes from our cookbook. or going to take this put on a toasted bagel, with pickle the mustard seeds. we're going to put this on the grill and have a nice girl the breakfast sandwich. it's the perfect sandwich. this brick will make it even more delicious. >> that is of some. >> other recipes include a bone marrow and pepper biscuits. >> as simple as putting these in foil with salt and pepper put them on the grill for 20 minutes. >> that is good. >> last but not least ... >> my red eye coffee flank steak. coffee, brown sugar, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, chili powder and kosher salt.
4:48 am
>> rub the mixture into the steak and let it sit. then you are ready to grill. >> there's a nice hot spots over here. not as much charcoal so i will put this year. doesn't that fizzle sound awesome? >> it served with a sigh of eggs featuring ... >> some creme fresh. we didn't put milk or cream in that. this will cool it off and keep the eggs well cooked. >> that is good! >> you have to go to the website go onto our website. i have all the recipes on my page. you can follow the step-by-step recipes and the cookbook is out in its third printing. i literally met these guys just a few years ago and they were just a few guys doing this. now they
4:49 am
actually are legitimate cox. this is like real deal. they have over 600 chapters across the country. these recipes are up there in detail on my page. and i know you were off yesterday, but we went to sweets and snacks we need all the candy are brought back for you. >> i heard that you did. i am not for giving you. >> they give an award for the most innovative products. take a look. it's called fort candy. for real. far to candy. these companies make to ranchers the describe this as similar to a nerd but with chewy and intense flavor. >> is it like pop rocks? >> behalf for flavors. and is almost no sugar in there. >> almost no sugar. i'm sure they're very helpful ... >> it's my kid's favorite candy.
4:50 am
>> coming up weekend's new movies -- including the adam sandler -drew barrymore romantic comedy. >> we call this a dutch oven in our house. e or au lait? >> we call this a dutch oven in cozy or cool? or "woof"? everything exactly the way you want is...until boom, its bedtime. your mattress it's a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. he's the softy: his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock at 60. and snoring?
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michael jace with one count of murder in the shooting death of his wife. he made a first appearance yesterday and his bail was set at 2-million dollars. monday night to report his wife had been shot. april jace died from multiple gunshot wounds. the 51-year-old is best known for playing a cop on t-v's "the shield." paul mccartney is expected to make a full recovery, after falling ill during his asia tour last week. he was forced to postpone some shows -- which will be made up. the former beatle received "successful medical treatment", after contracting a virus in tokyo. he was ordered to take a few days rest. mc-cartney will turn *72 years old* next month. the x-men are back in "days of future past." in the latest chapter, wolverine goes back in time to prevent a dark future for both mutants and humans. he has to get the estranged x-
4:54 am
men back together, but not everyone wants to join the fight. dean says it's an exceptional story that draws you in the early. one of the best movies of the summer he gives it a dean's list a. >> and adam sandler and drew barrymore together again in the romantic comedy, blended. ago on a blind date than the end of the same safari vacation with their families. dean says he did not laugh once. a disappointing d. good morning to you demetrius. are you in there? >> we are here. here's my weather graphics computer. >> what happened? >> i think we probably should not take that. >> if you play my craft to much a crashes the system. >> i don't know what's
4:55 am
happening. i'm just going to do this sign language thing. we expect sunshine coming today into the weekend. potential for sunshine across the area. warm- up. today upper 60s mid-70s by sunday. memorial day we are dry with high temperature up to 85 degrees. i hope we have some closed captioning on otherwise a a lot of people might be confused. that's the forecast. >> this is just that since we started the show was just keep it up. right back to the kennedy, but we have some slow pockets out there because of the roadwork happening between cumberland. two left lanes blocked until 5:00. should be picked up in a few minutes but check out the travel times. already slow just under 30 mi.. we have a stall in bound dan ryan on 79 exit ramp. that is blocked until we get this off the road. still dealing with the delays 15-45 minutes coming in from aurora. go to our traffic
4:56 am
app and we have the latest on that for you. >> coming up, the president is waking up in his own home and talking with a nasa scientist about
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