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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 4, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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police are looking for the man who fondled a woman on the red line. we are *live with details, and reaction. the vice president makes a promise to "isis" militants, as the terror group targets another world leader. and the i-r-s is investigating the charter schools run by "uno"... what they're looking for. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. there was a lot of lightning this morning. >> the lead to the east and the north. scattered storms today. a cold front will cool us down tomorrow. summer will hang on we will be at 90 degrees today. we have not reached 90 degrees in over a month. 13 hours of daylight exactly today. those
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days will get shorter. qatar and the breakup today this afternoon the widely scattered showers and storms later. as you look at the radar, we have shower activity near kenosha and waukegan and portions of lake county even further down to the south a few clusters of storms. it's not widespread. the heaviest of the rain is in western illinois we will watch to see if the kicks that more action. the prepared foreshores and storms today and be prepared to beat the heat it will be hot. typical high is 79. but we will be at 89 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. the cold front comes through tomorrow and the temperatures will drop. 83 on friday. saturday we are at 74. >> the blue line will be starting to close for overnight
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renovations meaning you have to take logan square or milwaukee. that runs through october 16th. at o'hare, on ramp close at irving park through september 10th. not causing any major delays. roadwork in tiddly park at 175 blocked off from lagrange to 94. that's the road widening project that will last for a couple of weeks. >>police are looking for a man suspected of fondling a woman on a c-t-a train. randi belisomo is live at the red line's chicago stop, where the guardian angels are handing out flyers this morning. >> good morning. inappropriate contact is what chicago police say happened on the act a red line train between this chicago avenue station. take a look at the man they believe is responsible. police describe him as being white with blond or
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light brown hair and a light complexion. 510-6 ft. tall. police have issued a community alert as a search. this say he croaked a 23 year-old woman on a crowded train at about 8:30 p.m.. an incident of grouping is criminal, sexual abuse. many female writers are being even more aware of their surroundings. >> it's a tough place. you never know who's coming and you could be violated. especially assault. i can't even think about it because i read every day. >> people need to be aware of this but i don't think people think about that much. i just got off the train and i don't take about a. >> anyone who knows anything about this is fast to call police. >>police in south suburban
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flossmoor issued a community alert after a woman was sexually assaulted in her home. it happened in the 12-hundred block of douglas, two blocks from the flossmoor police station. authorities say the man entered the home just after midnight on sunday, by cutting a window screen in the kitchen. they say he went to the woman's bedroom, sexually assaulted her ... and demanded money before he left. police have only vague description of the suspect. the i-r-s is taking an interest in chicago's united neighborhood organization... or "uno." the group runs several charter schools, and gets about 50 million dollars a year from the chicago public schools system. but the i-r-s is probing a possible illegal bond sale for "uno" for the *expansion of some of those schools. the group has already settled a civil suit over a construction contract improperly awarded to the brother of a top "uno" executive. vice president biden is the latest white house official to condemn "isis" for beheading a second american journalist. >> as a nation we are united. when people harm americans, we don't retreat. we don't forget.
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we take care of those who are grieving and when that is finished, they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. >>and now, "isis" is threatening russia's president putin, because russia supports the government of syria. "isis" posted a youtube video showing a fighter jet that, is says, russia supplied to syria... and threatened to use the jet against *russian targets. a man from the southwest side is back in jail after a court chicago police with a bomb. when officers stopped emad karakrah at 77-th and kedzie, he was waving an "isis" flag out his car window. and they say he threatened to blow up the car with a bomb if they tried to search it. no bomb was found. police and federal agents removed a computer and other evidence from karakrah's apartment near 59-th and kedvale. he'll be back in court later this month. the justice department is investigating how the ferguson police department operates.
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this comes after a ferguson police officer shot and killed 18 year old michael brown last month. the officer is not charged with a crime, but the shooting is among mass complaints of racial profiling by the police department. the federal review will look at those complaints and how officers are trained. a court hearing revealed that michael brown had no criminal record as an adult or a juvenile. two media organizations requested the release of those records. an elgin police officer is on administrative leave for what he said about the ferguson case on facebook. last month officer jason lentz posted a video link that ferguson police said showed michael brown stealing from a store, before the shooting. lentz commented that the officer did society a favor by shooting brown. officials say that, and other racial posts, violate the department's social media guidelines. they also say lentz did not remove the post when he was ordered to. there's video of a shooting that has led to a federal lawsuit against an off duty chicago police officer. this video is from a chicago housing authority building in september of last year. marlon horton, wearing white pants, is shown struggling with two c-h-a security guards. both guards draw their guns. but then kenneth walker, an off
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duty officer, shoots and kills horton. horton's family says that was too excessive. they also criticize the security guard, wearing black, who did nothing to save horton's life. >> minutes of some of the bleeding to death without anybody providing any help. >> of the family is not portraying him as an angel. we're not saying he is something he is not. we're just saying the didn't have to kill him. >>marlon horton was legally drunk and had ecstasy in his system when he was killed. his family is suing the two guards, the security company, and the city. none of them have commented on the lawsuit. the father of kelli o'laughlin gave chilling testimony about his daughter's murder in 2011, and the hours that followed. kelli was killed when she walked in on a burglar at her home in indian head park. john o'laughlin says the accused killer, john wilson junior, then used kelli's cellphone to torment her mother with text messages about her daughter's death. one message said, "she wanted me to tell you something before i killed her."
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investigators tracked the cellphone to wilson and captured him. defense attorneys argue, there's no evidence that wilson was ever in o'laughlin's home. the parents of the 24-year-old woman charged with kidnapping a 2-year-old boy at o'hare tuesday... said their daughter is mentally ill... and not a criminal. olachi etoh appeared in court yesterday and was held on $450- thousand dollars bond. she was charged with aggravated kidnapping and assault for taking a 2-year-old boy from his mother at the baggage area at o'hare and taking him down the escalator. etoh's parents believe their daughter is off of her medication and needs to be in a hospital, not a jail. a 24-year old woman is arrested by highland park police... accused of faking a shooting at a home where she once worked. anastasia volkova is charged with filing a false report. they say she called and told police a family member living at the home where she once worked... shot another family member. numerous police and rescue personnel responded... and found no one home. police say this is called "swatting", when someone calls-
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in a fake 9-1-1 call... in an attempt to get a swat team to respond. the jackie robinson west all- stars just got a big financial boost. dick's sporting goods presented the team with a check for more than 164-thousand dollars yesterday, the net from proceeds from t-shirt sales. the store sold nearly 12- thousand regional and national championship shirts at its south loop location. league officials say this is by far the biggest donation it has ever received. it plans to use the money to build new facilities for jackie robinson west's 28 teams. congratulations to them. >> good morning. we are looking for showers and storms and refine them generally north of cook county towards a kenosha. it's not a severe line but there is thunder and lightning there. out to the west we have action across central and western illinois. we will wait to see if any of that energy transfers into our area. but either way we have the chance of showers or storms. really warm temperatures
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also. 76 degrees. in wheeling to book a high is 79. we are 67 already. the two-point temperatures are pretty high. 90 degrees today. 73 tonight. scattered showers and storms. better chance of rain is friday. a cold front will move through big temperatures through saturday and sunday. sunday will be almost like fall. high of 75. >> coming up, the creature caught at a burger king drive through. >> and the former mayor bloomberg returns to an old job. and what caused a chemical explosion that injured dozens. >> and alive and well after falling to turn to a death hoax.
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a 17-month-old child died in maryland yesterday after his father left him in the back seat of a vehicle and went to work. the father worked at the naval air station patuxent river. a navy official said the baby was unresponsive when he was found at about 3:30 p.m. he was pronounced dead less than an hour later. the naval criminal investigative service is investigating the case. 13 people were injured when a science experiment went wrong at a children's museum in
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nevada. police say a methyl alcohol and boric acid mixture caught fire during a routine tornado simulation demonstration, at the terry lee wells discovery museum in reno. most of the injured were children. they suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation. the museum is closed until further notice. ponzi schemer bernie madoff's son andrew died of cancer yesterday. andrew madoff was just 48 years old. he suffered from mantle cell lymphoma. andrew and his brother mark worked for their father but denied any knowledge of the scheme. neither were ever charged. mark madoff committed suicide almost four years ago. bernie madoff is serving a 150 year prison sentence for defrauding investors of 17- billion dollars. for michael bloomberg, life after politics will be much the same as his life *before politics. the former mayor of new york has decided to return to "bloomberg l.p.," the financial news company he founded in 1981. he's already the company's majority stockholder... now he'll re-assume his role as its c-e-o.
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the current c-e-o, daniel doctoroff, will step aside. customers had a frightening surprise at a fast food drive- thru. went to complain about a snake in the drive thru.. the employee took a look, and that's when she found a six foot long boa constrictor. employees watched over it as they waited for animal control to pick it up. they're now looking to put it somewhere other than the home of the whopper. >> not enough room for walkers and snakes. >> was up florida? >> that was iowa. >> that stuff always happens in florida. some have florida will get involved in that when they get to the bottom of that story. there's always a connection. good morning for anybody who's watching us this early. especially if you're in florida. showers and storms continue. heaviest of the rain is near kenosha. the on the lookout for the storms. a cluster of impressive storms moving through portions of western illinois
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moving out of eastern iowa. watching to see if this kicks up any more storms. a lot of times we have a weakening costard that could take up more action. we will watch out for that but right now running the risk of a shower or a storm. take your umbrella it with you if you are going out. it will be hot. also be prepared to check that radar. 74 degrees. really warm. typically we are at 79 for a high. we will pass 79 before lunchtime. waukegan is 74. 69 in kankakee. today, scattered storms early on. manley northwest. crowds are on the break up this afternoon. 90 degrees from a high. summer is not over yet. it will feel like summer today. partly cloudy tonight. cold front moves through friday meeting brain. 83
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on that day. saturday we are cooler slight chance of a shower early on high temperatures 74. >> with some work on the blue line affecting california in place until the 16th. the most adjacent option is western and logan square. more hot spots coming in just a few minutes. >> coming up, tips to get you through the workday on no sleep. >> and by the student is carrying her mattress around campus and when she said she will stop. >> and lance briggs assesses the personal day that had him miss practice on monday. >> good morning. are mr. bright side segment is back. we will introduce you to a man in evanston who is a local celebrity for selling gum balls on the streets. he has impact of hundreds of lives in the process. a great story we have coming up. a positive story.gooe
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chosen a different day to open his restaurant but it's hard to imagine, one hour of practice would hurt him. a minor story but now those things go by road. from monday he asked for a personal de he did not specify
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it was about his restaurant. back to work wednesday and then had to face the media saying his work ethic over the years speaks for himself with his commitment for winning. >> over 12 years i poured my heart out on the field every day. in every play. i think if you are questioning whether i care more to be there than here, my history is always spoken for me. ticket as you want. >> a listen to what they say, i always called it a personal decision because i don't think it's my business or anyone's business from my end. and every decision we make is made in the best interest of the team. a lot goes into that. >> don't forget, 10:00 p.m. friday night we will preview the bears game. the bears cornerback tim jennings will be with me for the night at the clock for a
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look at the chicago bears. still battling a sore back as the sky faces in the final period but fell at 17 the sky 57-47. a huge game, the former star here. the golan to win 75. they now face phoenix in the finals on sunday afternoon in game 1. that's it for sports. have a great day. >> becomes swept the brewers. the sox lost to the twins. highlights coming up at 5:00. >>it was a mediocre day for u-s markets. the dow and s-and-p were flat. the nasdaq fell 25 points. facebook could be costing you all of your smartphone data. experts say facebook users are exceeding data limits because of the app's, *auto-play
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function.the problem affects smartphones and tablets using 3- g or 4-g service. settings can be adjusted so the auto-play function will only work with wi-fi, or, it can be turned off completely. if you feel you've been charged unfairly, experts recommend talking to your service provider to get a refund. if you didn't get your recommended eight hours of sleep last night, you're not alone. these expert tips will help you get through the day on little- to-no sleep. don't hit snooze! the extra minutes won't do anything. make time for breakfast. eating within an our of waking up, boosts mood and cognitive performance. coffee drinkers-- make sure it's no more than 400 milligrams-- or four cups. have a light lunch, followed by another coffee or tea, and a walk outside can help you feel more alert. three-to-five o'clock, are prime times to knock out busy work. just remember, nothing replaces those seven-to-eight hours of sleep. a much to do best at last night? >> take i guess. four hours?
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three hours? none? >> just under four. >> and good act like a guy and say i slept nine hours. nobody would like me. let's take a look. if you got nine hours of sleep, come on. the new look up at 4:00 a.m.? 74 degrees is the current temperature. wind out of the south today. relatively stable there could be some showers and storms. today's high temperature, 90 degrees. cooled down comes this weekend. it could look at the hot spots on the roads. we do have an ohio on ramp heading eastbound blocked until 5:00. it's causing minor delays. the division street bridge work continues from the end of the month. cta is rewriting the number 7132 buses.
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and the big changes on the blue line out to o'hare, the california stop is under renovation will tell you how that will impact your commute. >> still to come, what to expect as the nato summit begins. >>and -- we'll hear from a second american who survived ebola, as the outbreak continues to spread. plus -- senator mark kirk spoke to veterans with some strong words for the terrorist group, isis. and -- a family pet is gaining national attention over what was removed from his stomach.
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police are looking for a man who fumbled a woman on the red line. >>the family of an american killed by isis delivers a message to its leader, as the u- s adopts an approach of *degrade and destroy.* and mayor emanuel is finalizing a new contract for chicago police. we'll have details. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. >> this today was a nice day. today will be warm. charts and storms across the region. right now we do have lean in the kenosha area. in the extreme northern areas we have showers. another cluster to the flip. it
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looks like it will hold itself together. if you're west of 39, there is a cluster of relatively strong storms. not severe but it may week to block or slow you down. the rest of the region shows the costar moving east of iowa. today, off and on shower or storms. really almost a tropical weather pattern with highs in the low 90s and the chance of a widely scattered showers. 74 in willamette already. to book a high heat is only 79. today's high crimes up to 90 degrees. low temperature tonight down to 73. tamara's high 80s much cooler for the weekend. >> work on the blue line impacting the california bus stops station begins tonight in goes through october 16th. overnight connections out there as an alternative the c t a bus between milwaukee and jetsam
4:30 am
park this project should be wrapped by mid october. and we have construction on the outbound of the edens. taking out the liens until 5:00 a.m.. >>police are looking for a man suspected of fondling a woman on a c-t-a train. randi belisomo is live at the red line's chicago stop, where the guardian angels are handing out flyers this morning. >> inappropriate contact is will please say happened on act 8 redline train. it's happened somewhere between the chicago avenue station. here's a look at the man they believe is responsible. police described him as being white with blond or light brown hair and a light complexion. between 510-6 ft. tall. chicago police have issued a community alert as a search. they say he groped a 23 year-old woman on a crowded train around 8:30 p.m.. they say such an
4:31 am
incident of grouping is criminal, sexual abuse. many fema all writers are being more aware of their surroundings. >> is a tough place. you never know who's coming and you may be violated. especially assault. i can't even think about that because i read it every day. >> people need to be aware of it. but don't think people think about it. as a woman ... i just got off the train and i don't even think about it. >> if you have any information about this, you're asked to call police. back to you. >>police in south suburban flossmoor issued a community alert after a woman was sexually assaulted in her home. it happened in the 12-hundred block of douglas, two blocks from the flossmoor police station. authorities say the man entered the home just after midnight on sunday, by cutting a window screen in the kitchen. they say he went to the woman's bedroom, sexually assaulted her ... and demanded money before he
4:32 am
left. police have only vague description of the suspect. president obama is in wales for the nato summit, which started this morning. the crisis in ukraine tops today's agenda. ukrainian president petro poroshenko was invited to attend the meeting, even though he does not represent a nato state. the summit will also address iraq, afghanistan and syria. it's being called the "most important gathering of nato leaders in more than a decade". president obama and british prime minister david cameron previewed their objective with a joint editorial this morning, declaring their nations "will not be cowed" by extremists. just days after a second american journalist was beheaded by "isis" terrorists, the victim's family is sending a defiant *message to "isis." and andrew spencer reports, washington is developing a strategy to destroy the group. >> going beyond words of grief and love for their son the family also delivers a message. >> will not allow our enemy to hold us hostage with the weapons
4:33 am
they possess. fear. >> speaking directly. the family cited passages from the crime accusing them of committing a great sin and violating the tenants of islam. those who fight you and do not transgress. god loves not the aggressors. >> the president had his own message insisting the u.s. strategy would-be to degrade and destroyed the group that has been spreading so much terror in iraq and syria. >> it is our responsibility the vice-president and me to do everything we can to stop this now because it won't just receding into the gray recesses of history until we stop it. >> analysts say, it's a problem that has to be handled internationally. >> would hope our friends in the gulf would participate in a meaningful way. ices is a threat to them just as a much as it is to iraq and the people of syria.
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>> to obama administration wants support from nato. the president will seek it at the summit in the whale's spout racist is just one issue they will discuss and not necessarily the most pressing 14 member countries in eastern europe. >>senator mark kirk is adding his voice to the condemnations of "isis." the senator spoke to a gathering of veterans and their families at the lovell federal health care center in north chicago. kirk was in north chicago to we should bomb the hell out of as this. for every time they have the headed an american president should add a new squadron. for every skelp there should be a squadron. >> kirk was in north chicago to listen to veterans' concerns about their healthcare, and about the patient scheduling scandal at several v-a hospitals. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. mayor emanuel is putting the finishing touches on a new chicago police contract. the police union is the last labor group that is still operating *without a contract. and emanuel wants to make peace with the union, as he faces a tough re-election bid.
4:35 am
the city's offer will include big lump-sum *retroactive paychecks, dating back to the expiration of the old police contract. the justice department is about to investigate the ferguson police department. investigators will look at police operations and training. this comes a month after an officer shot and killed 18 year old michael brown. there are also allegations of racial profiling. the i-r-s has opened an investigation into chicago's united neighborhood organization... or "uno." the group runs several charter schools. the i-r-s is probing possible illegalities with a bond sale for "uno" for the *expansion of some of those schools. dick's sporting goods presented the jackie robinson west all- stars with a check for more than 164-thousand dollars, the net proceeds from t-shirt sales. the store sold nearly 12- thousand regional and national championship shirts. the league plans to use the money to build new facilities. the ebola outbreak continues to spread despite efforts to stop it. more than 35-hundred people have been infected in west africa, and more than 19-hundred of them died.
4:36 am
the u-n says the area needs 600- million dollars worth of supplies and aid to fight the outbreak. one of the americans who caught ebola and survived, is now talking about it. nancy writebol got infected while doing missionary work, with her husband, in liberia. >> i got up out of bed and as i got up, david came toward me to give me a hug and put his arms around me and i knew have the interest that once and i said no. and i said david, it's going to be ok. >>writebol and another infected american were successfully treated with an experimental drug in atlanta. both are out of the hospital. but that medicine is not available for a third american who was recently infected. the girl in wisconsin, who survived being stabbed 19-times, is back in school. a 12 year old girl had just finished the sixth grade, when she was attacked on may 31-st. prosecutors say the victim's friends lured her to a wooded area, stabbed her, and left her to die. police say the friends admitted to doing it because of a fictional internet character
4:37 am
called, "slenderman." the victim's family says she spent her summer break going to the doctor every week. she went to the first day of school on tuesday, but she's still getting counseling. a columbia university senior is carrying around a mattress wherever she goes on campus... to protest the way the school mishandled her rape complaint. emma sulkowicz said she was raped in her dorm room bed in august of 20-12. she reported it to campus authorities the next april. the university found the accused student "not responsible" for the complaint. sulkowicz and 22 other students have filed a title 9 complaint against columbia. the school unveiled a revamped policy against sexual misconduct this summer. two kayakers just missed being attacked by a great white shark off the coast of plymouth, massachusetts. experts believe a great white shark took a bite out of one of their kayaks... as they took pictures of seals. sharks like to hunt seals. that might be what attracted them to the boat. ever wonder what happens to all of your missing socks?
4:38 am
well, you might want to check your pet. a portland-area family found their missing socks - inside their great dane's stomach.. all 43 of them!!! the vets removed all 43 and a half socks. it was a half of a sock. the dog was able to go home the next day the x-ray was submitted into a contest and won second place. it won $500. the put the money into a fund to help low-income families pay for their veterinarian bills. >> left a lot of socks. >> today is one of those days were you will need your umbrella we have a risk of showers or storms early on. probably before lunchtime. with a soupy air mass in place generally unstable air to the west will make that chance of a shower or storms stronger. any risk says it will be heavy. not
4:39 am
an all-day rain. the grain going on across portions of southern wisconsin. some of that grain moves towards kenosha and north of waukegan. this cluster is west of the county's hear not going to make its way into this area it will clip through the southern counties. has to get toward candle and grundy county said the chances are there. warm temperatures across the region. 13 hours of daylight today. enough to warm us up to about 90 degrees this afternoon. 74 in chicago at the lake front. 76 at midway. of to 90 degrees today. chance of rain highest in the morning diminishes in the afternoon. clouds will break up. 73 for the love tonight. cold front comes through it's a game changer. we go from nineties today to 83 on friday. high of 74 degrees it will feel like
4:40 am
falls on saturday. still ahead ... marcus is up next with another edition of "mr brightside" -- about a man defying a life changing disease with a positive attitude. plus -- trending this morning -- grammy winner jill scott is the latest victim of the celebrity nude photo scandal. her reaction, next. and -- we'll tell you why everyone thought betty white *died yesterday. ♪ oh-oh, oh, oh, la, la-la, la-la, la-la ♪ ♪ na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na some things just go together, like auto and home insurance. bundle them together at progressive, and you save big on both. ♪ oh, oh-oh, oh, oh hey, it's me! [ whistles ] and there's my dog!
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[gasps] there's my steps! i should stop talking. perfectly paired savings. now, that's progressive.
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the mixed martial arts fighter who calls himself "the war machine" faced a judge in las vegas. jonathan koppenhaver will stand trial for beating and trying to
4:44 am
strangle his ex-girlfriend, porn actress christy mack. he'll face 32 counts, including attempted murder, kidnapping, battery and sexual assault. if he's convicted on all counts, he could get life in prison with no hope of parole. comedian joan rivers' daughter, melissa, says her mother has been moved out of intensive care and into a private room. rivers remains on life support and tests show brain function. last week, the 81-year old was rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac and respiratory arrest. doctors brought her out of a medically induced coma earlier this week. no new details have been released about her condition. betty white is not dead. some people thought she was after they mis-read a fake news headline that was online. the headline read, "actress betty white *dyes peacefully in her los angeles home." that was referring to white dyeing her hair. but that was enough for people to jump to conclusions and mourn her loss on social media. white's agent confirmed that she's still alive and working. marcus is here ... hi marcus! >> dean is still with us as well. >> his hair color hasn't changed much. ending two hoaxes at once
4:45 am
there. today we're talking about char's and storms. scattered stuff early on. into the afternoon we dry out. to the west we have that dream. we have showers out there not a severe storm but the cluster moving up along 80 is going to be an issue. that will slow you down in a big way. a lot of water there. you can see this line moving right toward ottawa. streator, the rain will make its way there and into lincoln as well. be on the lookout for that line to press towards the east. elsewhere, we have comb conditions. the ring get in and out of here early on than the heat remains. 74 in willamette. today's high temperature up to 90 degrees. tonight we're track
4:46 am
quickly down to about 73. >> looking at the hot spots on the road starting with the kennedy. iran is temporarily blocked at the ohio on ramp. should be opening this in about 15 minutes. westbound on the kennedy the on ramp also blocked with ongoing construction until 5:00 a.m.. on the edens, if you lansdowne outbound which should be moved off to the shoulder shortly. and on 290 outbound the tristate off ramp will be blocked again until 5:00 when things clear up on a lot of these expressway's and tollways in advance of the the rush-hour. >> coming up, marcus has a new mr. bright said. the mad and the latest movie role that has him in tights ...
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former teen idol david cassidy pled guilty to drunk driving charges yesterday. cassidy was scheduled to appear
4:50 am
before a judge in july, but was seen judging a (bah-chee) ball contest instead. a plea deal reduced his charge from felony to misdemeanor, allowing him to avoid jail time. cassdidy, a recovering alcoholic, says he's relieved. he will have a breathalyzer installed on his cars, must complete sobriety treatment and fifty hours of community service. for the third year in a row, sofia vergara is the highest paid actress on television. the colombia actress makes an estimated, 37 million dollars. aside from earning 325 thousand dollars per "modern family" episode.. she also cashes in on endorsement deals with a variety of companies.. and is the co- founder of latin world entertainment. she beat out the other two leading ladies, mariska hargitay and kaley cuoco- sweeting, for the spot. it's official! dwayne "the rock" johnson will be donning black and yellow tights for a new d-c entertainment film for warner brothers. the former wrestling star turned actor will not however, being playing a superhero.. instead, he will portay anti- hero "black adam" -- the arch nemesis of "shazam", also known as "captain marvel".
4:51 am
"shazam" is planned to be released in may of 20-16. >> back with some mr. bright side. >> this segment as you said is called mr. bright's that i find people who are making a positive impact on their community. today we go to evanston to meet demand promoting awareness for people with disabilities by selling gum balls on the street. >> his name is arthur. if you are a regular to downtown evanston, he doesn't need an introduction. . selling gumballs and candy on the streets right from his wheelchair for more than 14 years. >> sometimes i get $20. in tips. >> he has a terrible policy does not win again in this way. >> a light to make people aware of my disability, as terrible policy.cerebral palsy that theyy
4:52 am
try to keep it going developing relationships with businesses like this hardware store. >> every time the walk out the door he gets them to the bubble machine. we take care of him we help him set up. >> that's right. every day. >> arthur's candy vending is more than just a hobby to keep him busy, part of his big plan to change the way the world looks at people with disabilities. >> i want people to except people with disabilities not seen them as a poor person. i want to be a part of society. >> also working nearby rogers park where they help adults with disabilities prepare for employment opportunities.
4:53 am
>> arthur teaches a class every friday on employment skills. he teaches people how to be independent in the community. talking about where he came from and how he built his business from the ground up. >> in a few hours we spent with him the impact on the committee is clear. the average person on the street. >> i could relate to what he's doing. i have no problem. >> have seen him before? >> he's a good guy i always buy them. his a good man. >> that there are his best friends. the staff at chili's, >> he's engaging and fun, he tells me arriving going on at the restaurant and who to give a raise to. you tell me don't you? >> the wheelchair and shows no signs of slowing down and is looking for any kind of special treatment. it just once to be treated like everybody else. >> everything i can to promote
4:54 am
people with disabilities and people without disabilities to accept less. >> and make money in the process. >> that's just a bonus. >> if you have a positive story i want to hear your ideas. just had to my page of the website. give me a call ipanema alb all that good stuff. i was plus pictures and i have a picture with him and i heard from so many people miss far back as the 1970's who said he would sit at the pool and cheer on the swim team and won so many races because of him. people just came out of nowhere they're so happy to see him he's still doing all this and promoting all this awareness. a really cool story. today we are expecting showers and storms it will be warm as a
4:55 am
move through this afternoon. high temperature 90 degrees good chance of rain early on. the tryout this afternoon. tonight we're down to 73. saturday 20 percent chance of rain. 74. saturday we climb up to 75 the bears and bills game for the weekend. money we're back to work 76 degrees. cooler for next week. 70 degrees on tuesday. it will feel like summer today. it will cool down a bit tomorrow. >> on the kennedy we have heavy delays for people heading out on this morning. doing work on to ramps. the ohio on ramp heading eastbound it should be picked up shortly and on the west bound side there's work on the red off ramp. one of our traffic producers just said it was really backed up down to a single plane. that's from the circle all the way to the north kennedy. looks like we've got
4:56 am
the blue line under renovations. the california stop will be closer october 16th. as an alternate you can take that number 56 bus to
4:57 am
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