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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 5, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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3 kfc employees shot during a robbery and two suspects are now in custody. good afternoon. >> the beauty and is live in nora with our top story. >> the two men taken into custody last night and being held here at the police locked up to this hour are now being described as suspects in the armed robbery gone bad that wounded three kfc workers. two of them critically. >> the incident is on video. anytime you have video that is greatly going to assist in the
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investigation. >> police have strong affirmation and within minutes of the shooting last night exactly who they were looking for rushing to a nearby home on liberty street. the officers along with sheriffs' deputies responded to the address and tuck them into custody without incident. their ages 19 and 26. >> instead began just after 830 last i did this kfc restaurant on east new york street with an individual sitting outside in a getaway car. the two armed robbers walked into the store one of them holding a rifle. >> they ordered three employees to the front of the store and demanded money. for some reason they started shooting. they then fled the store to a waiting vehicle was parked in a lot. they fled the scene. >> the would-be robbers fled without getting any cash. no
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doubt police are looking for the getaway driver. at last report two kfc workers and shot in the torso remained in critical condition. a third employee was shot in the leg with non-life threatening injuries. if either of those workers at dies then the would-be robbers are looking at first degree murder charges. >> a woman was killed by a piece of facade that fell from a church in the south loop. she was walking to lunch with her fiancee on south michigan yesterday afternoon when a piece of decorative metal came off of the second presbyterian church. it knocked a stone gargoyles off the side of the building and that is what had her killing the mother of two almost instantly. >> joan rivers is being remembered today for her ground- breaking career. she passed away yesterday at the age of 81. >> a status is attractive that
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were so i would be married to dolly parton. >> she went into cardiac arrest last week while undergoing an outpatient wrote procedure. she got her big break in 1955 with her purse to appearance on the johnny carson soshow. it sure is reluctant to a knowledge her role as a trailblazer for female canadians. >> we have to tip our hat to her. she said the same thing that we offer nothing and yet we do. when i feel sorry for myself the comedy clubs do not like female comediennes she started when no women were saying the kind of things she was saying. on that platform talking about gender and marriage and sex. she did it all. >> was still performing as recently as the night before she underwent the procedure. her funeral is set for sunday in york's. new york state department of health says it is not investigating i am sorry
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they are investigating whether there was any malpractice but no criminal investigation underway. for more photos and videos on the life and legendary career of joan rivers' go to our website rivers. >> today fans and colleagues at sharing fond memories of wgn terry allen roy leonard. >> he was a presence on wgn radio for more than 30 years. his former colleagues say they knew his health was declining but they were stunned to hear of his passing. his fans have been calling in to share their thoughts about the man described as in the eternal optimist. someone who mingled with hollywood a blistered and the everyday man. continue >> to remember our colleague and friend who passed away over the night at age of 83. >> former colleagues shared
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their fondest memories. >> i am grateful for everything he did for me and what he did was in measurable. >> he says he owes his career to him. he started calling and when he was 14 and became a regular and started doing movie reviews. >> do not know what he saw in me. essentially he is responsible for my career. the reason why i have a radio show is all because of him. >> came to chicago from boston in 1967. his style non confrontational his show a mix of music at celebrity interviews and his passion for theater. >> welcome to family classics. >> he retired from wgn radio in 1998 and continued hosting family classics on wgn tv. from average joes to movie stars he treated everyone the same. >> he was that guy. very curious guy about everything in life.
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that was why he was so good at what he did but always took time asked how you were doing. a great listener. he wanted to know how you're doing. >> found l.a. the sanctity passed away. >> she unknowingly parked in his parking space on her first day at wgn. >> said the young lady were in my parking spot and i immediately said i am so sorry. you are young and not sure what to do and i started to get my keys out and move the car and he said you go right ahead to you stay there for today. tomorrow you find another spot. >> in june he was inducted into the wgn radio glaucophane. >> and mentor and a friend. someone to look up to in this business. to me he represented the best of radio. he is the best. >> in a statement mayor emanuel says while the city has lost one of its great radio legends ins
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impact on the lives he interviewed and his end of the listeners remain. he died at evanston hospital last eyes surrounded by his family and the youngest of his six sons says it was so moving and so lovely and so peaceful. >> entertainment critic is here to talk more about roy leonard and john rivers. i know you were friends. i know he was a mentor to you. tell us some of your thoughts. >> all of this angus then made getting the news last night from his son so difficult and so poignant. he was one of the first to welcome me to wgn. he was a big jazz fan. prior to wgn radio i was on a jazz station where he became familiar with
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me and welcome to me. i was hired at wgn. they told me they were hiring need to be his heir apparent and we overlapped for several years. he was encouraging and generous like so many that he took under his wing like so many who wanted to be just like ken he offered a very kind of advice. very gentle advice. if there is something you did this he was not so crazy about he would find a really a polite way to tell you that is not the way he would've done it. he was truly the quintessential father figure to so many of us at wgn radio. the day he retired i happen to be coming on the radio as he was going off saying his goodbyes and he patted me on the back and said congratulations. i know you're going to do a great job. to be honest in your reviews be
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thoughtful in your reviews any liens and to me like this and says i am so glad i did not have to see the stuff you have to watch now. i think about that all the time whenever i have to review a terrible play or movie. he tried to warn me about all that. >> i can tell you the same thing when i joined wgn tv 32 years ago he was the first one to step up. i learned a lot. what did you learn? >> i learned to have your own voice. to be honest and true and the radio does not need to be this nasty shouting match that in many cases it has become. that there is room for plenty of different opinions that can be expressed in a polite to courteous and intelligent way. i think that is the thing that i take from him all the time. i
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think it was right who once told me that we talked all the time even after his retirement he still came to the theater all the time. i saw him all the time at the theater. he would e-mail me all the time. he would see a review i did or want my opinion on the movie he was about to go see. we would often disagree on things. he said that is why baskin robbins makes 31 flavors there is something for everyone out there. >> we could go on talking about him for the rest of the hour but i did want to mention joan rivers. people all over the country laughing about all the things she made us laugh about but feeling a little sad today. >> definitely bittersweet as i watch all the coverage and look at all of the clips i am laughing hysterically at some of the old classic clips. some of the early '60s clips from back in the days when she used to
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work in chicago. which came right after her stint at second city. her comedy roots are firmly in chicago for sure but she became more popular on the stand up seen her act was being self-deprecating. how ugly she was. how she cannot get a man. have no one wanted her. as she grew in popularity it changed and she truly was the master of the reinvention as she had professional problems. she had personal tragedies. her husband committed suicide. she would find a way to reinvent herself. she became the queen of red carpet coverage. she essentially invented red carpet coverage talking to celebrities on red carpets and award shows. she is the one that did all of that and reinvented herself with reality shows. reinvented herself as a best-selling book author. she was a hilariously funny but remarkably smart. it's very
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smart woman and behind-the- scenes the many times i interviewed her cannot be nicer and more thoughtful or more professional. >> and a real entertainment trailblazer. thank you so much for sharing your memories on two giants. >> a few years ago he worked with rai leonard to upload all of his wgn tv celebrity interviews on our website. they are now lives on >> parents will be thrilled to learn how much google is refunding after kids made purchases. >> why doctors say he cannot get >> why doctors say he cannot get the same treatment as thea1
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presidents as the u.s. has been methodical in going after al- qaeda and its affiliates on this the last day of the nato summit in wales. he also reemphasized the mission against isis is to degrade and destroy the group. he said nato is ready to meet the challenge against isis and they are a real threat. canada announced today it will send military personnel to iraq to help advise the iraqis against isis. >> the bottom line is we will do what is necessary in order to make sure that isis does not
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threaten the united states or our friends and partners. >> he also emphasized nato fully supports ukraine's sovereignty. he added the u.s. and europe are close to finalizing tougher sanctions against russians financial and energy sectors. >> pentagon confirming an airstrike in somalia killed a high level terrace suspect. it targeted the leader of the al- qaeda group last sunday as he left a meeting with other top suspects. six militants were also killed. it is seen as a big blow to the militant organization. secretary of state expected to face harsh questioning about the terror group isis when he testifies on capitol hill later this month. he will go before the house foreign affairs committee on september 16th to answer questions about the white house strategy for dealing with the militant terror group. a follows criticism of president obama for sending mixed messages about his position on isis.
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>> another american doctor infected with ebola has authorized back and united states. he was flown from africa and taken by ambulance earlier this morning to tto the nebraska at center. he works for the same missionary group that employed the two other americans infected. >> federal officials say hacker broke into the health-care website. it happened back in july. investigators say malware was loaded on to the server and no personal data was taken. it is raising concerns about the site safety ahead of another open enrollment period. some are calling for a hearing on the web site security. hundreds >> of thousands of immigrants across the country could lose health insurance under the affordable health threat today. a few weeks ago they sent out notices to 310,000 people informing them they did not file the proper immigration paperwork when enrolling for health
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insurance under the act. legal immigrants were allowed to enroll in coverage without the proper documentation as long as they could prove it later. >> breaking story the u.s. military is trailing a small aircraft that is unresponsive and this aircraft is flying over the land to goshen headed toward cuban airspace east of florida. in the windows according to a norad spokesmen are frosted and is not known how much fuel is left. norad is in touch with cuban authorities but the u.s. military jets will not enter cuban airspace. we will continue to follow the story. >> and check on the markets after today's weaker than expected job reports. >> how much money the cubs are asking for in federal tax credits to regulate wrigley field. >> we're in the kitchen with >> we're in the kitchen with michelin star chef.
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on the money stocks are up despite a weak jobs report and speculation the federal reserve chair will not raise interest rates as expected. still the dow up about 48 points. jobs report shows the smallest gain since december. 142,000 new jobs were created last month about 80,000 less than expected. unemployment rate fell a bit in august to 6.1%. $75 million in federal tax credits are its stake in the renovation of wrigley field. chicago tribune reports the national park service still needs to approve some of the proposed changes before it releases those tax credits. the cubs did not need the agency's approval to begin construction by the tax credits make up 20% of the expected cost. google will pay back at least $90 million to some customers the federal charges that parents were unfairly billed for purchases their kids made in the
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google at store. after thousands of complaints they've also agreed to change its billing practices. the company will now have to get permission from customers before they are charged. apple agreed to a similar settlement earlier this year offering to pay back more than $32 million. >> next in sports there is only two more days until the season opener at soldier field. >> in the speed is on stage tonight and tomorrow in evanston. [music] [music] so factors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic.
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because they've earned it. for a complimentary in-home assessment, call brightstar care today at 866-621-0228 time for sports and it is finally time for football that counts. the bears open the regular season against the bills the sunday at noon. the defense will have to improve after ranking 25th overall last year. they struggled during the preseason but sunday will be the first real look at offseason additions. safety has been medically cleared to play after a concussion a few weeks ago. it is not clear if he will start but conditioning will affect his playing time. >> that is why we will rotate safeties. we will see where he is as the game moves along. we feel good that we have guys we
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can move in there and that is the approach we will take. >> there's going to be a rotation going. however that works whenever i get an opportunity just have to make the most out of it. >> get ready for the season opener with the bears preview special. tonight at 10:00 right here on wgn. before this season the sky had not won a playoff game in their 9 year history and now they have made a surprising run to the wnba finals against two-time champions phoenix mercury. best of five series starts sunday afternoon. derrick rose or scored four points over ukraine. the cubs and sox were off. the socks is a cleveland tonight and the sox host to the pirates right here tonight. the celebration continues for jackie robinson west as the team goes to disney world. the boys and their families flu of all here this morning for a 3 night stay at a florida resort. a breakfast reception at the airport. all
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expenses on the trip will be paid for by the rainbow pushed coalition and united is covering the flights. for most of the boys is their first trip to disney world and the whole team is excited. >> this is your first time? >> yes. i want to see the roller coasters. >> i am going to jump the line and be the first one on the ride. we're going to have fun. i am going to have a ball with them. >> these boys from the south and southwest side of chicago won the little league title. they will be back sunday night just in time for school. tom
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it is humid out there and i know some storms are on the way. >> the storms will start
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developing over the city and favor the southern suburbs after that but we'll all get in some storms and showers tonight as we transition into a cooler one weekend pattern. cool air on the way. this steamy atmosphere is producing she millis clouds already. check out this shot down at midway airport. that is a thunderhead. there is definitely some action going to develop with this atmosphere. it is off to cape cod for this shot. she was out in massachusetts for a beautiful sunset there. this was up in wisconsin. this thing produced a
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special marine warning up there. check this out. this is called a corona. a ring around the moon. it is different from a halo. the halo is a circle around the moon. a corona as a sign you are looking at the moment throughout water droplets and said a vice crystals. that is interesting. more mushrooms. all this wet weather has mushrooms blossoming in many yards. we are getting a lot of mushroom shots this year. all this wet weather has led to the spread that produces these mushrooms. the atmosphere is laden with moisture. and it is rather unstable so we will get some thunderstorms to develop as the afternoon goes on. once
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again today some pretty good clusters. more will develop the north. here is a look at the radar all is quiet at the moment but that will change. much cooler air coming in from the north. heavy rain up here in the north woods country. and northern michigan. here are the key millis clouds that will blossom into thunderstorms. storm prediction center indicates a severe weather threat to just south and east of chicago as the storms get going. here is our model take on the beginnings of these showers and storms in our area. this is 4:00. watch how they develop into stronger storms down south.
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here is 730 this evening. another wave will bring showers after the front passes tonight. that is the one that can produce some showers over much of the area. the heaviest totals will be in the southern suburbs. look at the cooler temperatures up to the north. thirties' right now in northern sections of canada. the southern flank of that cool air comes in and brings us a beautiful autumn weekend with cooler temperatures. lake michigan has responded to all the rain. the water level is 18 in. higher than a year ago. the biggest year-to-year change we've seen in a while. still the lake levels are below historic norms. already 86 in mid way. 84 at o'hare. ratings
12:34 pm
are up by double digits over what we saw yesterday. already the wind is shifting nw. dewpoint at 71. some weather bug temperatures. lots of sunshine all over. here is the headline a warm afternoon with scattered thunderstorms developing. 86 at o'hare. warmer inland.
12:35 pm
thunderstorms this evening. here is the high pressure that brings the flow in from canada over the weekend. lots of sunshine there. uc the effect on the temperatures. upper 80's today going down to the '70s by evening and by morning 40's. north and west of the city look how cool it is. long range shows here is the cool over the weekend. moderate warming early next week but is the jump ahead to later next week this big reservoir of cooler air. you see how this circulates back into the area. this could be really cool air. temperatures may stay in the '50s and '60s and parts of the midwest. here is the jet stream. this is the one that brings the mother lode of the cool air down next week and
12:36 pm
really cool sauce. this is a definite bottom up pattern later next week. here is hurricane tht off the baja california peninsula. along with the remnants of tropical storm dolly could bring some much-needed rain to the drought-stricken southwest. that will be coming into arizona and new mexico in the coming days. clouds will thicken this afternoon. storms and showers will develop. heidi 87. tonight cloudy. showers and thunderstorms and clearing and cooler toward morning. tomorrow mostly sunny and clear. hi only
12:37 pm
73. sunny and comfortable on sunday with a high of 76. not a much nicer weekend than that. >> that is perfection. >> time for today's trivia. on this day in 1946 freddie mercury was born. what was the name of his first actfans. the answer is his first actfans. the answer is still to come. a1
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a lack of sleep could affect the size of your brain. a recent study suggests people with poor sleeping habits have a quicker and decline in grain volume. researchers examined the link between a sleep disorder membrane volume and found a lack of sleep can lead to memory loss that can also affect the size of the brain. older women could have another reason he bananas. in the study found eating foods rich in potassium helps lower the risk of stroke and early death. research was done in york
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city. the authors say it is too early to say of potassium alone and not a better overall diet plays a major role in avoiding a stroke but regardless one of the study's co-authors is recommending post menopausal women eat more potassium rich foods. >> after this lunch break a grilled cheese sandwich will never be the same. never be the same. >> this is going to be a this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today?
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luxurious take on a classic sandwich. we are making an open faced grill cheese with smoked
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avocado. michelin rated chef and san francisco. she is in town for the roots of american food conference. tell us about this conference because it is going to be a wonderful discussion on food. >> i am very excited. a conference around food. the future of food but also to celebrate a wonderful chef that i worked with in the '90s. i am excited. i love chicago. i think it is my third time here. >> we're so excited that this event is going to be in chicago. >> it is very inspiring because we have never worked with the other chefs. a wonderful restaurant. it is monday night so anyone who wants to come. >> for our viewers thinking and
12:50 pm
i want to go to this we will have all the information on the web page after the segment. we are making an open faced grilled cheese. >> it is very french. sandwiches that are open. >> the french take on an american favorite the grilled cheese. >> usually you have a sandwich that is closed. with the cheese. and you're just reading the bread. >> so much bread. >> the wonderful summer offering which is tomato and avocado. you can make bestknownthis with dift
12:51 pm
bread or cheese. there's no me to just use the vegetables. we used a brioche. it is a delicious bread. i love it better. >> i like better. >> the best way to have a nice color on the breast.bread. you o put the cheese on? you can use your hands. a lot of it. >> starting to melt under the lights. >> had he been to france? >> i have. >> we loved bread. we are going
12:52 pm
to let the cheese melts. here we made a tomato compote. delicious. everything you do in life and especially when you cucut. you need to know where ty come from. >> there is something other than to maddow and their? >> not all. we cooked the tomato down until it is a little bit dehydrated so you get the flavor of the tomato that is caramelized and datasets. here this is the surprise. >> what have you done in here? tom skilling came in and said something was burning. >> we smoked some avocado. a
12:53 pm
tomato puree with a little lime salt and olive oil. we smoke it. it is delicious. you want to try it? >> yes of course. >> the bread is burning we love that. >> this is delicious. >> it is very easy. when your friends come to eat lunch break or whatever. sunday when you're watching a football game. i watch soccer. >> that this football for europeans. >> i want to make sure you know the roots of american food conference runs the sunday and
12:54 pm
monday. it is at chicago's wyndham grand hotel. if you want to get tickets visit their website. if you would like to learn more to go to the website. we will also have the recipe for today and they linked to find out more about the food festival on our web page >> i had some troubles. >> that
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we are back. if you guessed warm and humid you gotta write today. there storms to the north of us. we have this severe weather risk and our southern counties although some thunderstorms may
12:57 pm
occur elsewhere as well. it is so warm south of us. read areas are 90 + heat indexes. orange areas have 100 degree heat indexes today. look at the actual numbers. and how this change is tomorrow as the cool air comes into the area. a lovely weekend ahead. bachelor had some heed to advisories in areas of northern indiana and southern lower michigan and downstate. flood watches in the wake of a series of storms that continue to go across the upper midwest. flood watches and tropical moisture the remnants of tropical storm that went into mexico earlier this week and hurricane norbert flood up in to the southwest. 86 here in chicago now. dewpoints in the mid-70s. it is a steamy day. a little more on norbert's which is pressuring the baja peninsula right now with 90 mi. per hour
12:58 pm
winds just off the coast line. tropical storm and hurricane warnings. here is the broad satellite view. this area has been in a major drought. it looks like there will be some moisture with these weather systems coming up. it will move over cool waters and we can heading toward southern california with the remnants. ... ... but what you will get as a lot of moisture. places like tucson and phoenix has been so dry it will get some rain. 70's here. beautiful sunny weekend in chicago. 79 by monday. showers and thunderstorms mid-week. by
12:59 pm
the end of next week we may only be in the low 60s. it is going to get school. happy friday. >> of a great weekend. more music now from english beat. [music]
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len: baseball fans getting their weekend off to an early start. it's a friday matinee of cubs baseball on wgn sports. the hunt a leadoff man precedes the pirates and the cubs. it's a hot one today. i am len kasper. we will hear from jim deshaies in a few minutes. the cubs have won all three games on this homestand. they swept milwaukee. the pirates come in a game and a half out. nobody wants to play the cubs right now even though they are in fifth place. if you go back to august 22, their last 13 games, and seven of those have included jorge


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