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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 16, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a man in seriously hurt in a house explosion in northwest suburban elgin. we are *live with the latest. vikings' adrian peterson is cleared to play, as he's now accused of abusing another of his sons. and a guilty verdict for the man charged with murdering a teenage girl during a home burglary. we'll have reaction. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. good morning, demetrius. it was good to have you back today. >> i did not bring the law sinless whether with me, or did i? >> no one is happy that we are jealous. it's good you are back in in doing this with us. beautiful chicago weather.
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yesterday's high temperature was 62. i think we have gotten used to the cool temperatures. we have been cooler than normal. we are expecting to see temperatures keep up and the next few days. still cooler than normal but warmer than the day before. 46 degrees right now. 49 in chicago. bartlett its 43. rochelle at 48 degrees. dare i say winter coats today? possibly. satellite composite shows we are dry. the rain stays out of the forecast for the next few days. the next chance of rain is next weekend. today's temperatures 63 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. the official high is 65. 10 degrees cooler than normal. >>a gas leak could be to blame for a house explosion overnight. tonya francisco is *live in elgin with more on the story. look at what's left of this house in elgin...after an
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explosion overnight. it happened around 10 o'clock in the 11-hundred block of morningside drive. you can see the damage that was created. the victim is being treated in the intensive care unit of the advocate hospital where he reportedly was in serious condition. you can see why. a massive amount of damage to the home. the front and east walls were both blown out. fire crews responded quickly just before 10:00 because the home on one side drive his right behind one of the fire houses. the man apparently meted out of its home on his own and was walking around when fire crews arrived. the battalion chief said he was not burned despite flames coming from the debris. injuries were significant enough that he is now in i see you. two dogs also being cared for by
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doctorneighbors. firefighters bt in to fight the blaze. >> the biggest fear is the collapse. one wall collapsed. we have potential for the roof coming down we did not want firefighters going in until we assessed the situation further because of the gas. we're worried about the gas in the house and a possible secondary explosion. >> the cause of the explosion is still under investigation by the fire investigation team as well as nycor. the battalion chief says the main suspect is possibly a gas leak. the man who owned the home did tell fire crews he had just turned on his furnace. back to you. >>a suicide car bombing killed three "nato" troops in afghanistan.
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this morning's attack happened in kabul, on the road to the city's main airport. a "nato" convoy was the target. we don't know the names or nationalities of the victims. the bombing came, as president obama prepares to pull the last american troops out of afghanistan by the end of the year. american warplanes launched new airstrikes against "isis" targets near baghdad, as the militants attacked iraqi security forces. the new strikes are the first in what is considered a broadened response to the "isis" threat. here's the latest on the obama administration's effort to build a *coalition to carry the fight to "isis." the state department says 40 nations have expressed an *interest in providing troops or other assistance. secretary of state kerry is trying to convince other countries to do most of the heavy work on the ground. >> were trying to get other countries to fight it for us. we're willing to provide the air power and even some funding but we want other people to send their troops. >>president obama's top general recommends *american troops on the ground to defeat "isis." but obama is rejecting the general's advice.
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all of this happening as the president tackles another big issue...the ebola scare. he's headed to the c-d-c in atlanta today to announce his plan in west africa. he wants to deploy three- thousand soldiers to the region. the administration says it wants to build treatment centers for up to 17-hundred patients. medics will train up to 500 health care workers per week. there's also a plan to send 400-thousand treatment kits to at-risk homes to try and contain the disease. you might be asking, how will this paid for? he'll ask congress for 88-million dollars. the minnesota vikings reinstated star player adrian peterson just as more child abuse allegations surface. the vikings de-activated peterson last week after he was indicted for abusing his four year old son this summer in texas. the vikings now say they'll let peterson play as the legal process handles the incident. but now reports out of houston say peterson injured another son of his while disciplining him in june of last year.. the reports include text
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messages in which peterson admitted to hitting the child. there are also pictures of the boy with bandages on his head and a scar on the face. the mother filed a report with child protection services, but peterson wasn't charged with a crime. peterson's attorney says this allegation is not being investigated because it's not true. it took a jury just two hours to convict a homeless man from chicago of murdering a suburban teenager. 14-year-old kelli o'laughlin walked in on john wilson junior as he burglarized her home in indian head park, three years ago. he stabbed her to death. d-n-a evidence from a red cap tied wilson to the crime. o'laughlin's family is relieved but realistic that their daughter is gone forever. wilson's defense lawyer tried to justice will never be served because she can come home. >> now we need to heal. >> the defense tried to argue that kelli killed herself... that wilson was accused because of his race... and that someone *else killed kelli. the jury didn't believe him.
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taking a look at the other top stories this morning. police in lincolnshire say a student who posted a rambling complaint about stevenson high school on facebook, was not threatening the school. the student ended his rant with the words, "don't worry... i will give you all something to remember before this year is over." investigators now say, the remark was for another *student ... not a threat against the school. mayor emanuel joined citizens last night for a peace march on the northwest side. 31st ward alderman ray suarez organized the march to coincide with the beginning of the school year. supporters called on community groups to steer students away from gangs and guns, toward education and careers. two chicago universities are moving into the next round of competition for the barack obama presidential library and museum. the university of chicago and university of illinois at chicago are among four semi- finalists... columbia university in new york and the university of hawaii are also in the running. the semi-finalists will submit detailed proposals by mid-
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december. a naperville man has contracted dupage county's first human case of west nile virus this year. the man.... who's in his 50's... was treated as an outpatient and his condition has improved. west nile virus is spread by infected mosquitoes. symptoms include fever, headache, body aches, vomiting or rash. more than 12-hundred people attended the funeral for the first merrillville police officer to be killed in the line of duty. that crowd gathered in honor of officer nick schultz. schultz was shot in the head while responding to a call on february 5-th. he was taken off life support two days later, and his organs were donated to six people. family, friends, and even total strangers went to the star plaza theatre, where schultz's casket was covered with an american flag. his police chief says he last saw schultz when he gave him a new official ball cap. >> what not to my office. i handed to him. i said, be careful out there. and he walked out there. many schools in
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merrillville were closed in honor of schultz. that helped direct a procession that went 20 miles to his hometown of lowell, where he'll be buried. a chicago court says its recent ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in indiana cannot be enforced. the u.s. supreme court must decide whether to weigh in first. earlier this month, the court of appeals found same-sex marriage bans in both indiana and wisconsin unconstitutional. the 7th circuit posted a brief order yesterday, agreeing to hold off on enforcing it's ruling. observers from new jersey to ohio got a quite a sight on sunday night. a meteor blazed across the sky at a speed of tens of miles per second. scientists say the meteor was 60 to 100 miles above the earth, and about the size of a smart car. scientists say the fireball spent the last three of four billion years orbiting the sun before entering earth's atmosphere. the burning rock probably shot back into space.
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coming up ... dallas hopefully not a sign of a armageddon. >> it's good news there. let's take a look at this date. temperatures are cool. 54 right now. kerry is at 54 as well. old st. mary's reading at 50. sycamore, 40 degrees this morning. union reading at 41. we need to warm up. temperatures will be climbing a little bit today but still cooler than normal. the good news is no rain. we stayed dry today and tomorrow and for the rest of the workweek. the chances for rain is saturday. 65 today 61 states. mid-70s, it will feel like it should feel like late summer on friday. >> coming up, and missouri, uses a stun gun on a teenager during
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a traffic stop putting him in the hospital and the feds are investigating. >> the children of the arizona gun range worker has a message for the girl who killed their father. >> and 100 kids are spending the first week of school in first week of school in detention.
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i call this one "the robox."
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after a police officer used a stun gun on him. that happened in independence, missouri last weekend. 17 year old bryce masters was pulled over because his license plates showed an outstanding traffic violation. police say the officer told him to roll down the window, but he refused. that led to a scuffle where the officer tased masters, pulled him out of the car, and threw him to the ground. masters is in the hospital with a brain injury. the f-b-i is investigating the incident. it's been a month since a 9- year-old girl accidentally shot her instructor at a gun range in arizona. her family says she's been distraught ever since the accident. now, the children of victim charles vacca have written her a moving letter of forgiveness. >> we want to know you should move toward with your life. don't let this defining. love yourself and of your family. >> you are only nine years old tiered we think about you. we are worried about you. we pray for you. we wish you peace.
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>>vacca's children say, they'd like to meet the girl one day, to hug her and tell her it's okay. nearly 15-hundred firefighters are battling a rapidly spreading fire in the forests east of sacramento. it's one of nearly a dozen major wildfires burning in california. the king fire... swept through about 86-hundred acres... causing 160 mandatory evacuations. thousands of californians have had to evacuate over the last few days as wildfires burn across the state. including the boles fire near mount shasta... which damaged or destroyed about 100 structures. first two weeks of school and you already have detention. nobody likes that! dozens of students in staten island are protesting the new dress code. the code covers everything from tank tops and short-shorts to hoodies and sunglasses. school administrators say that skimpy clothing is banned because it "interferes with the learning and teaching process." students are showing their outrage by wearing banned clothing.
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not quite short short weather here in chicago. no tank tops and no shorts. cover-up. >> anything over 50 is 10 top weather for a teenager. you just don't know. 47 degrees right now. the dew points are at 44. it is a bit chilly. as to head up this morning, 30 degrees for the temperature early on. six degrees above freezing right now. at the lakefront its rating at 48. 47 in waukegan. kankakee rating of 49. we are cooler than normal across the region. temperatures are rebounding. each day we gain a few degrees. today will make the mid-60s. some like radar composite shows we are dry. cloud cover will be down to the south. a high- pressure system comes through it
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will bring dry weather in the region and keep us cooler than normal for the next few days. as we get into friday, temperatures warm up. a cold front will make its way here. it will be hard to get this far south. we stay dry this entire week. today's high is 65. cooler than normal. today we're back down to 49. clear skies with chilly temperatures. on thursday we are up to 67. i know you do traffic but with the weather dry for four days in a row but watch out for the car because you can hold onto your car washed shine for the weekend. is that part of your job? >> i compliment you on your newly washed car the other day and you said it was from the rain. but look at this fire out in wadsworth. mill creek and kelly. fire is out but they still have crews staging in that area. watch for that around that area. with ongoing construction
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on the above site at 57. starts at 159 goes to 167. the good news is not a lot of people on the roads not causing too many problems. but outbound on the icon, a few projects that will be around for the beginning of the commute. more on that coming up. >> coming up, how to get free coffee. >> and what boxing champ floyd wade may weather did or did not to after his big fight. >>and next in sports -- the bears got a big comeback victory in san francisco, but lost one of their best defenders doing it. >> i have a great story for you. introducing you to an organization finding new homes for senior pat spirit have you can help out is coming up.
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press your tongue against it like this. it moves unlike natural teeth. do you feel it? it can happen with every denture. introducing new fixodent plus true feel. it helps keep dentures firmly in place. with a smooth formula, free of flavors and colorants. so you get a closer feeling to natural teeth. new fixodent plus true feel. fixodent. and forget it. some time off this week with a monday night game against the jets coming up here after what they did to the niners sunday night. a lot of zeros on both sides. kyle fuller was terrific. the bears a touchdown as were in the fourth quarter. only reason they were in there was this, tillman rupturing his tricep on
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and nothing to play. confirmation yesterday tillman is out for the rest of the season. the bears made the announcement late afternoon. the statement released saying i appreciate the kind words of encouragement from all the fans who have reached out. i know the feeling too well. not the end of the road for me as a rehab my injury my role will transition into helping coach and support my teammates. i will do everything i can to help my team reach this goal. college football, northwestern expected to get back on track when western illinois comes. 0 and 2, did play either game. terrible finished a year ago. they say you should not panic. >> of lost two games by one score. i know their people jumping off the boat. it's not on fire. chill out. at the same
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time we have to win the games. >> comes on a chilly night eighth inning, long to the right-center. great play there. scoreless bottom line. rizzo just back in the lineup after the store back, they walk off winner. center field. first game back and the cubs beat the reds by a final score of 1-0. back to you. >>another sports note -- the white sox led 3-nothing going into the 7-th inning... after that, the royals did all the scoring to take the 4-to-3 win. and in monday night football -- the colts led 17-6 at halftime, but with two costly turnovers in the second half ... the eagles rallied for a 30-to-27 win. we'll have game highlights at five. stocks closed out monday with mixed results. the dow gained 43 points.
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nasdaq dropped 48. s-and-p falls 1 point. those popcorn lines outside of garrett's could be extra long this week. garrett's popcorn is offering 65-cent bags of the "garrett mix". that's the favorite... with a little more cheese than caramel. chicagoans know the mix well. it used to be known as the "chicago mix"... but garrett's had to change the name because another company was using it. the 65-cent bags will be available from 10am to 1pm through friday... to celebrate the company's 65th anniversary. garrett's opened it's first store on madison on september 18th, 19-49. >> could stuff. mcdonald's is giving out free cups of coffee! the free coffee is available all day at participating mcdonalds restaurants throughout chicago and northwest indiana. the promotion lasts through
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september 29th. you have to do the promotion for them. fans of the hit t-v show "friends" will get the chance to go back in time thanks to new pop-up shop in new york. the shop is a replica of "central perk" the iconic coffee shot on the sitcom. it opens tomorrow, to celebrate the show's 20-th anniversary. now feel old. that's all we watched in college. >> how are you doing? >> i never watched friends. >> you don't crush margin ever watched? >> the entire dorm floor was full of girls and guys watching that show. >> i couldn't even tell you what channel was on. i it had cable. >> don't remember how or you doing? from joey? you don't know that? >> let's take a look at the region. 47 degrees right now. 63 by 2:00 p.m.. more sunshine
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coming our way. we will be dry this entire work week. no complaints from the weather but erin has traffic. >> here's what we are watching your outbound to 90 left brain blocked. this is the i's until 5:00. not causing too many problems. but you're not out of the woods yet. another stretch from morgan to racine, to right lanes blocked until 5:00. a combination of these two items causing delays out there. we will break down more hot spots coming up. >> still more to come, another story about a boy being arrested for having a gun at school. details coming up. >>and -- the obama administration joins the fight against ebola, sending three- thousand troops to west africa. and the medal of honor is awarded to some soldiers from the vietnam war. >> and an australian couple spent hundreds of dollars to save their pet goldfish. .
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a man her to and the house explosion in northwest suburban elgin. the vikings player
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cleared to play after being accused of abusing another of his sons. >> to chicago location still in the running for the presidential library. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. >> the weather was nice yesterday. 62. rain early but today we expect things to come down fairly nicely. more sunshine coming. that is into the afternoon. 53 degrees right now. in chicago rating at 51. take a look at the numbers. 43 in harbor. elsewhere we're finding temperatures in the upper '30's. he may seek the furnace creek arm in some areas especially to the west. satellite composite shows clear conditions. maybe some fog some areas have potential for fog
4:31 am
early today. 53 is the temperature today at 5:00 p.m.. our high gets to 65. tonight down to 49. tomorrow we do have a slight improvement. friday we make 75 degrees. all sunshine let's take a look outside. two items out there to watch out for, if you're heading out early thinking you can miss the traffic here in for a surprise. outbound jolliet all the way to county line to let flames are born to be blocked. this is a lease for another half hour. they are shutting everything down for 15 minutes at a time. you have to factor that into your commute because we don't know when it will happen. this has been going on for the next few days. looks like we're still dealing with all the delays. ups drivers are dealing with all the track work, replacing brill's on 13 mi. of tracks that kicks off on monday between chicago. that
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will last until the middle of next month. factor that into your commute. the u p west line has 59 trains that run their every single day to that is going to impact a lot of writers. >> a gas leak could be to blame for a house explosion overnight. a 12-year-old boy was arrested for taking a gun into schmid elementary school, at 98-th and greenwood. >> the explosion has left a man in serious condition. he is in the i see you at the hospital. investigators remain on the scene try to determine exactly what happened last night. it was just before 10:00 when fire crews were called to a home in the 1100 block of morningside drive. crews arrived quickly. the found the home owner walking around outside. other firefighters worked to put out the plane'flames. to dogs had te
4:33 am
cared for. the cause of the explosion is not known but the chief suspects the explosion was caused by a gas leak. the man told firefighters he had just turned his furnace on for the first time and went to bed and woke up to the explosion. the battalion chief has advice for people. >> make sure you get furnaces and water heater check before you turn them on. major your fireplaces get checked out before start them up. this could have been avoided. >> the explosion was so powerful it blew out the front and east walls of the home. shattered several windows. the company is now on the scene trend is toward the house. the damage estimated to be about $150,000. >> it will grow boy and arrested for taking a gun into schmidt
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elementary school at 98 and greenwood. police say the boy told them he took the gun to school in his backpack because a fellow student was bullying him. it's not clear where he got the gun... it wasn't loaded. he was cited in a juvenile petition for unlawful use of a weapon. no one was shot. another child abuse allegation involving the n-f-l star adrian peterson has surfaced. the minnesota vikings deactivated peterson after he was charged with abusing his son in texas this summer. peterson missed one game. the vikings are now bringing him back, saying they'll let the legal process handle the case. local reports out of houston say peterson was also accused of abusing another son in the summer of last year. the reports included pictures of a boy with bandages on his head and a scar on his face. peterson's attorney says he is not being investigated for this old allegation. the n-f-l hired and promoted four women to shape the league's policies on domestic violence. their job is to develop education, training, and support programs relating to domestic violence, sexual assault, and respect. all this comes after the n-f-l was criticized for its handling of the ray rice abuse case.
4:35 am
rice is suspended indefinitely, but he has until midnight tonight to file an appeal. according to sports illustrated, 14 n-f-l players have been arrested for violence against women in the last two years. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. it took a jury just two hours to convict a homeless man from chicago of murdering a suburban teenager. 14-year-old kelli o'laughlin walked in on john wilson junior as he burglarized her home in indian head park, three years ago. he stabbed her to death. d-n-a evidence from a red cap tied wilson to the crime. two chicago universities are moving into the next round of competition for the barack obama presidential library and museum. the university of chicago and university of illinois at chicago are among four semi- finalists... columbia university in new york and the university of hawaii are also in the running. the semi-finalists will submit detailed proposals by mid- december. more than 12-hundred people
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attended the funeral for merrillville police officer nick schultz. he's the first merrillville officer to be killed in the line of duty. he was remembered as a young and tough officer, with a soft heart. after the service, his casket was taken to his hometown of lowell. american warplanes launched new airstrikes against "isis" targets near baghdad, as the militants attacked iraqi security forces. the new strikes are the first in what is considered a broadened response to the "isis" threat. the state department says 40 nations have expressed an interest in providing troops or other assistance in defeating "isis." president obama heads to the c- d-c in atlanta today to announce a new plan against the ebola outbreak. the president wants to deploy three-thousand soldiers to west africa. the administration says it wants to build treatment centers for up to 17-hundred patients. medics will train up to 500 health care workers per week. there's also a plan to send 400-thousand treatment kits to at-risk homes to try and contain the disease.
4:37 am
>> it's a top national security priority. he looks forward to receiving updates from the experts at the cdc. >> we are behind the way the disease is coming the entire focus is on getting ahead of that wave. >>the president also plans to ask congress for 88-million dollars, to pay for the plan. 115 thousand immigrants who can't prove they're in america legally, will lose their government subsidized health care at the end of the month. the obama administration says it gave nearly a million obamacare applicants an opportunity to prove they *qualified for the healthcare... even though there were discrepancies in their original paperwork. most were able to provide the right documents. those who weren't, will be cut. president obama awarded two men the medal of honor for their heroism during the vietnam war. army specialist donald sloat received the honor posthumously. he jumped on a grenade to save fellow soldiers and died at age 20. his brother accepted on his
4:38 am
behalf. army command sergeant bennie adkins standing proudly at attention as the president fastened on his medal. he ran through enemy fire to pull comrades to safety when his camp was attacked in 19-66. >> i want to dedicate this to the five soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice in this battle. >>the president also approved awarding a posthumous medal of honor to a union solder from the civil war. the nation will recognize lieutenant alonzo cushing. he's the one on the top row center. taht award is for bravery in the battle of gettyburg. mayor emanuel says the city will join federal and local organizations in an effort to end homelessness among veterans in chicago. five million dollars in funding is needed each year to cover subsidized housing, supportive services, and other forms of assistance for homeless veterans.
4:39 am
the federal government will provide more than 80 percent of that money. mayor emanuel says the city will invest more than 800 thousand dollars and close the gap on the remaining funding. a goldfish in australia has lived to swim another day... thanks to a little microsurgery. the fish... george... has been part of the family for about 10 years. but over the last year, his owners noticed a large tumor growing on his head. so they employed a surgeon to remove the growth. >> he was being bullied by the other fish. he didn't join in in the party games as much. but he never said much to us. >>the surgery lasted about an hour... but after that, george was off the hook. he's back at home recovering with about 20 other fish. look at that. it worked. >> i wish we knew how much they spend on that surgery. we have to get that information. look at
4:40 am
that. is doing just fine. >> i'm going to get an e-mail about the from the fish lobby. i'm sure. 47 degrees right now. 48 here at the lakefront. in lansing is 49. we note temperatures are cooler than normal. we do warm up later today but not much. dry conditions across the area. no rain today. the good news there. today's high 65. sunny skies still cool today. tonight slow down to 49. up to 65. the official high is 49 then tomorrow we make 68. all sunshine for the rest of direct work week. >> still ahead, a woman cycling team gets new uniforms. what's all the fuss about? >> and trending this morning a
4:41 am
photo of shopping protest. >> and getting back into one of hollywood's biggest action film franchises. details coming up.
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4:43 am
with apple unveiled the new i phones that also introduced
4:44 am
apple pay. a week to use your phone to pay for your shopping. the technology near field communications says money goes from the phone to the payment but is it safe from hackers? it turns out it is. one time code is sent for each transaction. even if they try to use your payment that it's useless because each code can only be used one time. >>colombia's national cycling team is facing quite a backlash over its new uniforms. can you figure out why? here are the women's uniforms. be assured, they are fully covered, even though the uniforms make them appear to be half naked. they wore the new outfits during a race in italy last week. chiefand if that's not enough... ... take a look at the *men's* uniforms. the designer was very "generous" in the crotch region. cycling's governing body is
4:45 am
looking into whether the new uniforms should be prohibited. thank you for saving me. >> you only been here for a week. just trying to be nice to you. here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... an advertisement for make-up has been altered, to protest the n-f-l. cover-girl has several ads like this, to attract female football fans. but now it's being photoshopped to make it look like the model has a black eye. this has been re-tweeted with the hash-tag "goodell must go," referring to n-f-l commissioner roger goodell. covergirl says it has encouraged the nfl to take swift action against domestic violence." actor matt damon is ready to be universal pictures is in the *early stages of bringing damon and director, paul greengrass back for an untitled "jason bourne" movie out in 2016. over the years, the pair have stood their ground about *not returning to the franchise... but sources now say they are
4:46 am
changing their tune. damon's three "bourne" films, which began in 2002, grossed nearly one billion dollars worldwide. >> a one everyone who is watching to lay down their weapons and now. >> it's the capital of the same way you are hours. >>you are looking at the first full length trailer for "hunger games: mockingjay-part 1". jennifer lawrence returns as katniss everdeen leading a rebellion against the corrupt capitol. the movie hits theaters november 21. do you like her as much as i like him? >> yes we do. >> union at a man? don't cheat and read the books. wait until the movie. let's take a look at our day. talk about temperatures on the cool side. 42 right now. aurora is a 43.
4:47 am
satellite composite continues to show dry conditions. rain will not arrive until the upcoming weekend. 63 by 5:00 p.m.. high today 65. tonight we're back down to 47. wednesday we make 68. 75 degrees. feeling like summer for the upcoming weekend. saturday and sunday has a chance for rain. >> watching in motorcycle accident outbound kennedy at central. part of that lane is blocked. this just popped up. hoping this will not block any lanes in the next few minutes. emergency responders on the scene right now. a lot of construction causing the delays for people cared about 55 from joliet. this stretch already seeing it backups. here's the speed bumps as low as 36 mi..
4:48 am
that's tight considering were not even into the 5:00 hour. same stretch where they are doing those living closures. watch for that and factor that into your drive. another pocket out there, elgin o'hare westbound from roselle to irving park, same stretch under construction. that is causing the delays. >> the morning. a really nice story this morning. too many dogs and cats in animal shelters across the area. one organization focused on finding homes for pets that are considered too old for adoption. young at heart. what puppies and kittens are fun, their mission is to take senior animals and put them in loving homes. >> young at heart is the only organization in the state specializing in rescuing and
4:49 am
find loving homes for senior dogs and cats. there are seven and older. in a traditional shelter they tend to be considered not adoptable. they are in line for euthanasia to make space for more incoming animals. not a lot of resources for older dogs and cats. this was created to basically find ways to find them levitt homes. this is maggie. a 12 year-old boston terrier. was brought to a traditional shelter by her guardians who could not take care for they were going to euthanize her. but she does have a family now waiting to a doctor. she's getting her second chance. this is a nine year-old mex. >> issue may be a little bit australian shepherd? >> we're not quite sure.
4:50 am
definitely some siberian husky in there. and this dog is nine years old. came from a traditional shelter as well. we rescued her. she is a mix as well. she moved right in like she had always been here and got along with everybody. she does grate with all the fosters that we bring in. >> take it easy. break it up. break it up. we are all friends. >> quite often they are moved in and ready. what you see is what you get. these animals are housebroken. they have lived with families we know if they are good with kids or pets. they are given a good chunk of their life to their families they are
4:51 am
loving pets and it's wonderful to be able to take them from that environment of the shelter to take them off the use in the shoreline and give them a second chance. >> this information. young at heart. give them a call. or you could head to the website. you can find all the animals up for adoption on the website. demetrius just adopted three animals during that package. there were five animals and turtles already in his home. >> talking about what really happened while writing the song blurred lines. marvin gaye and wrote that. he did arobin thicke wasn't just
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
singing about blurred lines... he was living a blurred life. in a deposition transcript made public monday, thicke told laywers he started every day with a vicodin and a bottle of vodka--- drinkng it before and during interviews. he is getting sued by marvin gaye's family, for ripping off gaye's, "got to give it up." thicke revealed that he did not write the hit song that put him on top of the charts-- pharell
4:55 am
did. pharell confirmed, saying he only gave him credit. floyd mayweather is not a good tipper. the boxer stiffed a waitress, after earning 32-million-dollar earnings from saturday nights match. mayweather and an entourage of 150, were served about 24- thousand dollars worth of booze and chicken wings, sunday afternoon... as gratitude, the waitress, received chicken bones and empty bottles. she was even more upset when she saw his entourage, throw money at the girls twerking on stage. so far, no comment from mayweather's team. >> it's all sunshine today and for the rest of the work week. temperatures have been cooler than normal but we do warm-up in the next few days. 65 today 61 states. there's a we are at 67. friday, 75. big accident on the expressway. >> we are tracking this outbound kennedy at central this is where a motorcycle was involved in a serious crash. everything shut down. looks like they just reopened the far left lane.
4:56 am
still actively working the scene. watch for heavy delays outbound. we will let you know once that reopens. >> your morning headlines are next.
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