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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 17, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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breaking overnight -- the minnesota vikings reverse course and suspend running-back adrian peterson. we'll have details in a *live report. we'll be watching it this morning...the president will address the isis threat at u-s central command. and we now know *when daredevil nik wallenda will tightrope walk across the chicago river. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. good morning, demetrius. >> is today was very nice. >> with the cooler for but a week. today we go further. but we do have a warm-up coming up.
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wonderful when say coming our way. when we alliterate it means it's gonna be really good or really bad. highs will be near 70 degrees this afternoon. how about these numbers? take a look. 53 degrees in chicago. a huge temperature range across the region. it is cool in the western regions. the air is stagnant in the city which keeps us warmer. settlement composite shows we are dry. no rain until at least saturday. you can see today we will reach a high of 68. our high temperature 70 degrees in the 3 day forecast. tomorrow we only make 67 degrees with cool conditions. erin has sounded like a cigar smoker for the last few days so she's taken the day off and
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sarah is here. >> we're watching a fire early on in cicero. this is 3500 south 61st. the fire is at some 61st. and just a quick note, if you're heading in bound on the kennedy, the ring to the about ike is blocked. it will be blocked until 5:00. >>breaking news overnight: another turn of events involving n-f-l star adrian peterson. just days after reinstating him, the minnesota vikings have changed their mind. tonya francisco is in the newsroom with the latest.. tonya? >> as a plan to go, this is breaking over night. its of course a reversal of what the team announced monday -- that adrian peterson *would play in sundays game against the new orleans saints. in a statement released early on the team has decided to put him on the exam to commissioners
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list which requires him to stay away from all team activities until his legal proceedings are resolved. accused of hitting his son with a switch. the statement from the vikings owners read, while we're trying to make a valid decision yesterday, after further reflection, we have concluded that this resolution is best for the vikings and for adrian. going on to say we want to be clear, we have a strong stand for regarding the welfare of children and we want to be sure we get this right. this morning's position contradicts the statement on monday. >> based on extensive information we have right now, what we know about adrian as a person and what he has done for the community, we believe he deserves to play while the legal process please park. there could the team beat bowling to pressure? since the decision to allow him to play, the radisson
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hotel chain suspended their sponsorship. and another sponsor has cut ties. the governor of minnesota spoke out: the accusation and embarrassment to the vikings organization and the state of minnesota. but the most pressure could be coming from the league's major sponsor, anheuser-busch. they expressed strong displeasure over the way the league has been handling recent charges. the parent company of the official beer of the an f l spent $200 million a year with the nfl. >>petersons agent told the associated press this morning that being deactivated by the team is 'the best possible outcome given the circumstances.' he says 'adrian understands the gravity of the situation and this enables him to take care of his personal situation. peterson has said he did not intend to hurt his son. live in the newsroom tonya francisco, wgn news.
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an appeal has been filed on behalf of re race. he is fighting his in depth in suspension. initially suspended for two games after arrested for punching his future wife. the suspension was increased after a video was shown. but the players' union say he is being penalized twice for the same incident. the union is asking for a neutral arbitrator. even if successful, he still doesn't have a team since being cut. president obama may face growing pressure to send ground troops terrorists. the president travels to u.s. central command in tampa this morning. he'll have more to say about his plans to combat the "isis" threat. right now, those plans include only american air strikes... no combat troops.
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but obama's top general says, the situation on the ground may soon leave the president no choice.// >> if we reached the point where i think advisers should accompany troops i will recommend that to the president. >>for now, kurdish fighters in northern iraq, with american air support, are successfully retaking some of the territory "isis" conquered just a few weeks ago. the next step may be air strikes on "isis" targets in *syria. a teenager is accused of sexually assaulting a pregnant college student. now, the teen's probation officer is suspended. 17-year-old aaron parks was already on electronic monitoring for an attempted rape in july. last week, police say he forced a chicago state university student into her car and assaulted her at 98-th and indiana, then left her locked in the trunk. the cook county juvenile probation department says parks' probation officer didn't follow all the rules. now, *all monitoring records are getting a thorough review. two boys were wounded during separate shootings in the city last night. a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition after being
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shot in the chest in west garfield park. it happened on the 200 block of north karlov. a 16-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot multiple times in the 22- hundred block of north kilborn. he was sitting on a porch talking to a group of girls when he was shot. a federal grand jury in chicago is demanding the records of governor quinn's questionable anti-violence program. the grant program was launched in 2010, as quinn faced re- election. critics say it was nothing but a 54-million dollar political slush fund. all prior subpoenas of the program have come from springfield... this is the first from chicago. the feds want a complete paper trail of where the money went. the grand jury's investigation should be completed sometime next month. a 47-year-old woman... accused of stealing a diamond from a rosemont jeweler... is the latest worker from the anti- violence group ceasefire to get jail time. stacie winston... was charged last month with stealing a diamond worth about $12- thousand dollars from helzberg diamonds last december. she's being held in cook county jail on theft charges.
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winston was a program services specialist for ceasefire since 20-11. she's had four convictions for theft, forgery and robbery since 19-96. the family of a man killed in a crash with a wheeling police squad car has filed a lawsuit, claiming the officer acted recklessly. fredi morales was killed early sunday as he tried to cross mchenry road. witnesses say the police officer sped down the street without lights and sirens. the police department says the unnamed officer was trying to make a traffic stop of another driver. the chicago police memorial foundation has kicked off a new effort to raise millions of dollars to help buy thousands of replacement bullet proof vests. the foundation launched the "get behind the vest" fundraiser last night during a ceremony to honor fallen officers. they hope to raise four million dollars to help officers pay for the vests, which must be replaced every five years. one officer shared his story of being shot while on duty. i fully believe that i am able to come up and tell you this story for two reasons. one, i
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was really lucky that night. two, i was wearing a bulletproof vest. >> this will help the officers get a new vest without putting too much restraint on them. >>officers are given the five- hundred dollars vests in the police academy but they are responsible for replacing them throughout their career. a time and place are set for daredevil nik wallenda's next tightrope walk.. it'll be right over the chicago river, in two months. wallenda plans to walk a tightrope, stretched between marina city's west tower to the leo burnett building. the rope will have a 15 degree incline, at more than 50- stories up in the air. he will not use a net or a harness. that's happening sunday, november second, at six p-m. >> he is crazy. i have to see it. this will be amazing. >> anything that brings attention to chicago is a plus. >> he would be right above me. i will be on the lookout for that.
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>>wallenda's previous tightrope walks were above the grand canyon and niagra falls. the discovery channel is broadcasting the one in chicago live. 13-million people watched wallenda walk over the "little colorado river" last year. >> that was crazy and scary. residents in hawaii are keeping a close eye on one of the world's most active volcanoes as flowing lava could create a major problem for an entire town. lava from the kilauea volcano is slowly creeping toward the town of pahoa. it doesn't post an immediate threat but residents have been warned to prepare for an evacuation. the volcano has been erupting since 1983 and the lava usually flows towards the ocean but this time, it is moving in the opposite direction, threatening an entire subdivision and the main highway to the town. amazing pictures. >> let's take another look at the forecast. demetrius has been
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popular this week so far. >> our approval rating is at least 10%. nice weather as you mentioned. i think a lot of smiles outside especially this afternoon when our high creeps up to the '70s. fairly nice conditions. here are our current conditions. cooler as a travel away from the city. union is at 41. satellite and radar show we are dry. no rain expected until saturday during the day as a cold front makes its way into the area. ahead of the warm front, warm temperatures. 70 degrees. all sunshine. it was high 67. friday, 76. warmer on saturday. showers and storms are in the forecast. >> coming up, new video as crews continued to battle the wild fires burning out west.
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>> how much it will cost to stop the ebola outbreak. >> and a lot is passed banning smelly people from public places. don't laugh. details are coming up.
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today is the final full day of the campaign for scotland's
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independence. scottish voters will decide tomorrow whether they want to break away from great britain. the campaign has been marked recently by angry clashes between "yes" and "no" advocates. british officials are promising additional autonomy for scotland if they vote to continue their 300-year union with england. pro-independence leaders say it's a sign that england is getting desperate. the world health organization says the ebola outbreak is so bad, that it would cost about *one billion dollars to keep it from being a catastrophe. about half of the nearly five- thousand people with ebola have died. the w-h-o says the number of ebola cases in west africa could start doubling every three weeks. response is far behind the need. they say hundreds more health workers, millions of hazard suits, and money are in desperate need. this comes after president obama pledged three thousand troops and aid to the region. fire crews in california battled to put out a wildfire that has destroyed about 150 homes.
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1,000 homes were evacuated. the boles fire is one of about a dozen fires raging across california. it's scorched 375 acres since it erupted monday. it's 25 percent contained. east of sacramento, the king fire ripped through the el dorado national forest. 400 people were evacuated. and in oregon, fire crews ordered about 40 homes evacuated in the pit fire outside portland. it's destroyed 36-hundred acres. here's something you don't see every day. lightning struck this palm tree... and set it on fire. it was part of a powerful storm cell in san diego. the storm ended almost as quickly as it came. but the storm's high winds toppled trees and caused traffic backups. about 11- thousand lost power. a town in washington state is causing a stink over smelly people. the city of burien has passed an ordinance that bans certain behavior, foul language and foul body odor from city parks, city hall and the library. offenders can be barred from the public places for a year. critics say the city is targeting homeless people. but the city manager says the body odor can be offensive to others. the a-c-l-u is challenging the law.
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>> this one gets complicated because what do you consider to be smelly, with a person may not think that. who knows. >> we need more people in the video. was go to demetrius he always smells good. >> it's that coffee breath. >> you could think it's bad but other people like it. >> with guns so many investigative reports on that. 52 the greece the current temperature. this is a wide temperature range. the range is the difference between the lowest blow and the highest high. we are 40 in here. in the city its 50. warmer even downtown. 44 in kenosha. a wide range across the region. some people are cool and some are comfortable. sunlit composite shows we are dry. that will last
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for the rest of the work week. a weak cold front tries to make its way south. it will be hard for it to get through. it won't make its way here. sunshine today and tonight and tomorrow and we are expecting our high today of about 70 degrees. cooler up along the lake. tonight slow down to 50 degrees. not a school for tonight. tomorrow we make 67. friday, more sunshine back into the '70s. warmer temperatures are expected for the weekend. >> in new crash outbound kennedy at campbell blocking a lane. watching a fire in cicero. it's on 61st near 36. expect delays there as crews stage at 3500 block. the ramp to ohio is blocked off for roadwork closed until 5:00 a.m..
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>> coming up, a look at what's been called face book for rich people. >> and we tell you what this creature is the was found at the bottom of the ocean. >>and next in sports... a cubs pitcher flirts with perfection on a record- setting night. >> last week we talked about an opera that is our main actors with video cameras. today is theater production giving audience members smart phones setting them on to the street on a one-of-a-kind experience. one of the coolest things i've ever done with it comes to theater. that story coming up.
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it was a big rebound for stocks on tuesday. the dow jumped 100 points, closing near its all time- record. nasdaq up 33 points. s-and-p increased 14. the nation's top one percent now have their own exclusive social network. it's called "netropolitan" - and it's basically facebook for the very wealthy. members pay nine thousand dollars to join and three thousand dollars a year to have access to a social network of high society millionaires like themselves.
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an orchestra composer and conductor in minneapolis says he started the website because he couldn't find people who could relate to his millionaire lifestyle and interests. that's what people must like him so much. >> who knew that an orchestra conductor was a millionaire. time for sports. the last no- hitter at wrigley field was in 19-72... and the cubs were just a few inches away from another one last night. charles barkley on hand for the cubs and reds. jake arrieta was dominant... striking out the side in the first and setting a career- high with 13 strike outs in the game. the cubs broke it open with the bases loaded in the sixth... chris coglan clears the bases with a double to the ivy... he was two- for- three. arrieta is just five outs away from a no- hitter when brandon phillips drives one to the warning track and matt caesar can't make the catch. arrieta still finished the game for his first career shut- out. cubs win seven- nothing. milt pappas threw the last no-
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hitter at wrigley field, an 8-0 victory for the cubs over san diego on sept. 2, 1972. i tried to put it in the back of my mind. obviously everybody knows what's going on. pitch after pitch trying to execute quality of his own. unfortunately i did it there in the eighth. but overall it was good. >>the sox and royals needed 15 pitchers *combined in kansas city. sox down one with the bases loaded in the seventh... and conor gillaspie brings them all home with a triple to center. same score in the bottom of the inning... eric hosmer hits a line drive to center, but adam eaton making the diving catch. he also matched a career- high with four hits. the game lasted four hours and 16 minutes, but the sox hold on to win seven- five. the orioles clinched the american league east for the first time since 19-97. the bears made a few rosters
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moves... promoting isaiah fry and rashad ross from the practice squad, and releasing shawn draughn and chris williams. good morning. very nice weather today again. yesterday's high was in the '60s. today we're up to 70. sunshine for this wednesday. by 5:00 p.m. we're down to 58. in a warm-up is coming in the 70 forecast. >> with a crash in the kennedy still causing the delay down to 44 mi. per hour on the outbound trip. at i 55 slow pockets is to approach county line. this will extend back to 83 all because of construction work that will be out there until 5:00. >> still more to come. >> the new regulations in the sale over alcohol in naperville. >> and a business owner is
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charged with helping the terror group, isis. >> andrea lashes out at cbs after they pulled her song
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minnesota vikings reverse course and suspend running-back adrian peterson. we'll have details in a *live report. we'll be watching it this morning... the president will address the isis threat at u-s central command. and have the mayor is trying to keep signs like the one. remember the controversy about the trump tower, he's trying to keep them off the river. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. >> so far cooler than normal. but a bit of a warm-up coming in the next few days. sycamore is at 41. union at 41 hit. when chicago at 41. you will notice as you travel into the city, we find much warmer temperatures with all the concrete keeping us from cooling down much. satellite composite shows we are dry. not expecting rain today.
4:30 am
that's good news for people. 9:00 p.m. we are at 61. note rain for today. thursday or friday either. friday's high temperature up to 76. chance of rain for the weekend. it's always tough when the forecast is this nice because you have to wash your car. >> who said you have to wash your car? you just go out and enjoy it. early morning fire at 61st avenue and 36. expect added delays through that stretch with crews staging in the area at 61st. things will be tight there. ongoing construction in the overnight hours. more on that coming up. >>breaking news overnight: the n-f-l's adrian peterson will not be playing for the vikings after all. that announcement comes not long after the team welcomed him back, following his indictment for child abuse. tonya francisco is in the newsroom with the latest..
4:31 am
tonya? this news breaking overnight... its of course a reversal of what the team announced monday -- that adrian peterson *would play in sundays game against the new orleans saints. graphic pictures led to public outrage forcing them to backpedal. >> pictures of a dream petersons for year-old son showing marks and bruises after the start disciplined him with a switch back in may. cosponsors to cut ties with the team. the nfl's major sponsor, anheuser-busch issued a strong statement condemning the nfl's handling of the domestic violence and child abuse charges. this morning, it all led to the vikings putting him on the exempt commission list. it requires him to stay away from all team activity until the legal proceedings are resolved. a statement from the owners read, time to make a balanced decision yesterday
4:32 am
after for their inspection we've concluded that this resolution is best for the vikings and for adrian saying i want to be clear we have a strong stance regarding the protection and welfare of children. we want to be sure we get this right. this morning's decision seems to contradict monday's statement by the vikings general manager. >> based on the extensive information we have, what we know about him that only as a person, but what he has done for this community, we believe he deserves to play while the legal process plays out. >> that was monday. this is wednesday. the ap quoted his agent this morning team is 'the best possible outcome given the circumstances.' he says 'adrian understands the gravity of the situation and this enables him to take care of his personal situation. peterson has said he did not intend to hurt his son. live in the newsroom tonya francisco, wgn news.
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the n-f-l players union filed an appeal of ray rice's indefinite suspension. commissioner roger goodell initially suspended rice for two games after he was arrested for punching his future wife. that suspension was increased after a video showed what happened. but the players union says rice is being penalized twice for the same case. it's asking for a neutral arbitrator since commissioner goodell will be a witness. even if the appeal is successful, rice still doesn't have a team since the ravens cut him. president obama may face growing pressure to send ground troops back into iraq, to fight "isis" terrorists. the president travels to u.s. central command in tampa this morning. he'll have more to say about his plans to combat the "isis" threat. at present, those plans include only american air strikes... no combat troops. but obama's top general says, the situation on the ground may soon leave the president no choice. for now, kurdish fighters in northern iraq, with american air support, are
4:34 am
if we reach the point where we need advisers to accompany the troops i will let the president know. >> cornell fighters in northern iraq for with air support successfully breed taking some of the territory "isis" conquered just a few weeks ago. the next step may be air strikes on "isis" targets in *syria. a buiness owner from rochester, new york is charged with recruiting for "isis," and plotting to attack american soldiers. mufid elfgeeh is an american citizen, born in yemen. investigators say he bought weapons from an f-b-i informant... paid to send three men to terrorist training camp in syria... and plotted to murder americans returning from iraq. elfgeeh was arrested in may and remains in jail. authorities say he posted several tweets calling for violent jihad. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a cook county probation officer is suspended, after a teenager, under electronic monitoring, was accused of raping a chicago state university student. police are holding 17-year-old
4:35 am
aaron parks in the assault last week in the victim's car at 98- th and indiana. juvenile officials say parks' probation officer didn't follow all the rules. will county has found west nile virus in two of its mosquito monitoring sites. samples collected in homer glen and plainfield tested positive for the virus on september 10. the sites had been regularly monitored but had not tested positive until last week. there have been a handful of west nile in other areas. >>nik wallenda is bringing his tightrope act to chicago. on november second, he plans to walk on a rope that's about 50- stories above the chicago river. the rope will go between the marina city towers and the leo burnett building. there will be no net or harness. mayor emanuel is making a move to avoid more signs like the one on donald trump's skyscraper. the tribune reports he will introduce legislation that would limit the number and size of riverfront signs. placement and materials would also be restricted. emanuel called the trump sign *awful, in june. mayor emanuel is getting behind
4:36 am
the renovation of wrigley field, even though the city is being sued over it. the city is in the process of relocating water and sewer lines, as the cubs prepare to expand their bleachers. emanuel says the renovation will create over two-thousand jobs and further investments in wrigleyville. some of the rooftop club owners are suing the city, after the landmarks commission approved plans for seven outfield signs, including two videoboards. the naperville city council approved a series of new rules on alcohol sales in local bars. the western suburb is trying to curb excessive drinking and rowdy downtown partying and fights like this one that was caught on video. last night, council members approved two new regulations: one prohibits bars from offering big price reductions on drinks and the other requires more training for security staff. they delayed a vote on the rest of the ordinance, which includes proposals to require bars to close earlier and limits the serving size of beers.
4:37 am
one bar manager says he has no problem with the crackdown. >> we don't serve any shots. it's mostly just hotel clients. . nerves are fine. don't overdo it. >> a beer and arabsbeer nreds.. >>the city council began looking at the new ordinance after a man allegedly drank at a naperville bar before he drove into a nearby quarry and killed two of passengers in july. a scare in the air... as a jet makes an emergency landing in chicago. southwest airlines flight 3-21 had just taken off for new york yesterday afternoon at midway, when an indicator light warned of engine trouble. the pilot asked for permission to turn around. he did, and landed safely. no one was hurt. there was a report of an engine fire, as you can hear on this recording from a radio dispatch to a chicago fire house. >>
4:38 am
the 118 passengers were put on another flight to laguardia two hours behind schedule. state troopers in pennsylvania say they've recovered an s-u-v belonging to their prime suspect in a police ambush. police say eric frein is a survivalist with a lot of weapons, and a vendetta against law enforcement. authorities believe frein was the sniper who shot and killed one trooper and critically injured another last friday they even let the tiger stick his head out of the squad car window. so many reported as the dead tiger and thus have the road here turn out to be just a stuffed tiger. >> that's what you say about arkansas. a group of marine biologists have captured on video a rare deep-sea creature in the gulf of mexico. what you're seeing here is a *sy-fawn-of-for . i have to say it correctly. but
4:39 am
the hard-won. >> better you than me. >>it's not just one animal. it's a living colony made up of many individual organisms working together. each of these tiny organisms has a highly specialized function... to ensure the *sy- fawn-of-for* can move, eat and breathe. the creatures are related to jellies. particularly the portuguese man o'war. how cool is that. >> to get it? >> 52 degrees today. wind is column. 2.46. humidity at 80%. , and comfortable start to the morning. temperatures, it depends on where you are. 52 in chicago. looking to the west, rochelle is at 39. much cooler to the west. typical urban heat type stuff for us. the good news
4:40 am
is we stayed dry. cooler than normal again. our seventh day in a row of that. we're mostly sunny today. cooler along the lake. not as cool the overnight low down to 50. 67 on thursday. friday we make 76 degrees. >> we have to work on the pronunciation. still ahead, tony stewart future is still uncertain. new information about the fatal crash. >> and hun nasa plans to build a space taxis. >> and trending this morning, a popular movie could be back for a sequel.
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here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... the grand jury will decide whether 20 storage will be charged for hitting and the driver during the race. in a sprint car race in new york last month he struck and killed another driver who was walking on the track. got out of his car after being forced into a wall. local prosecutor announced he's taking the case to a grand jury. the issue is statements saying he's going to cooperate with authorities. >> trending on one this morning. chicago's boeing has been picked, to build the next fleet of space taxis. boeing will get half of a six- billion dollar contract to build shuttles that will take astronauts to and from the international space station. "space-x" will get the other half of the contract. the first of the new shuttles
4:45 am
should be ready to fly in 20-17. nasa has been using *russian spacecraft for the past three years. it's a girl. people magazine reported the couple recently welcomed a daughter of your first child for both actors they been dating since 2011. never confirmed the pregnancy they kept a low profile throughout. >> will ferell is returning for the much anticipated sequel, "zoolander 2". ferell will reportedly reprise his role as mugatu-- the fashion designer who tried to brainwash ben stiller's character zoolander, in the 20- 01 movie. the new film will likely follow zoolander and hansel, who are trying to compete against younger models..while an opposing company tries to take them out of business. >> there is no way that can be good. but it just could be so bad it's good. we will see would
4:46 am
dean has to say about that. >> let's take a look at our weather. what was the look? blue steel? >> blue steel and magnum. >> here are the current temperatures. 41 degrees for now in carol stream. it's really cool as a travel away from the city. the good news is we are dry and the state tried today. also tomorrow. no rain as we get into the weekend. middle of saturday chars and storms, our way. he will be back here the not. 70 for the high. trossachs to seven. friday we are up to 76 degrees. >> going through some construction, starting and 90 in the jane addams, bridge work at the fox river bridge. elaine shift overnight into tomorrow. starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 you could expect things to be shifted between 31 and 25.
4:47 am
expect delays as people get used to the configuration. ongoing road work on the kennedy heading outbound. to the flames blocked until 5:00. in bound on i 55 from 83 to county line. other construction on the right side of that. >> the morning. you know i love my technology. but i also like the theater sometimes. but what i wore this. you can call it a high-tech theatrical scavenger hunt. once again partnering with an australian theater company to put on it one-of-a-kind production that put to you, the audience member rate in the middle of the show. i tried it out myself. take a look. >> i am passing the fourth one. >> it begins with a cryptic
4:48 am
phone call. with instructions, guiding me into the lobby of a feeder. >> i have in number for you to put into your phone. >> there i am greeted by a mysterious woman who outfits me with a mobile device, had phones. >> this will guide you on the journey. >> instructions are simple, follow along with audio and video. for the next two and a half hours, these videos would take me all over downtown chicago. part of an immersive theatrical experience titled inside the post. >> audience's experience. >> one step at a time, the australian company that creates these incredible productions. >> rather than putting on a show from new it's more like what happens inside view, how you put the bits and pieces together. >> the company's latest work is loosely based on shakespeare's.
4:49 am
as to go along the story you encounter more than just a video screen, actors are you a different stops offering everything from card tricks ... to somewhat uncomfortable sensory experiences. speaking of emphasis on the senses, by sending most of your walk with your head buried in tears are phones, something almost magical happens when you are asked to stop and look around. >> walked slowly across the bridge over the river. >> a new appreciation for the beauty of the city. how the surroundings become a scene for the story. >> this is a transition point. now, here ... now ... >> secrets i have been asked not
4:50 am
to reveal. i would just say the show takes you to all kinds of locations. some you may want to get out of quickly like a hotel bedroom. i have lived in the chicago area my entire life. but this show has found a way to take me to places i didn't know existed. >> so many different feelings during the show from surprise to unnerving to uncomfortable. you're really want to put people into the story. these are the feelings and emotions in this work and the audience is right in the middle of that. >> it's almost like you are in the position of the actor without having the court of public from humiliation. >> it's definitely emerson knew. >> here's more information. one step at a time like this. beacon learn about them.
4:51 am
unfortunately, sold out in seconds. there is a waiting list you can get on that. but, i've never done anything like it. probably the coolest theatrical experience i've ever had. it takes about two and a half hours. it's very cinematic. it feels like you're almost a character in the movie has to go along having all these experiences. >> how long does this go on pork? how long will they run it? >> it's only through the weekend. they're not extending it at this time. >> how the network responded to auriana getting mad at cbs. >> and what joan rivers doctors did moments before her heart attack.
4:52 am
so this board gives me rates on progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive and they're them. -yes. -but they're here. -yes. -are you... -there? -yes. -no. -are you them? i'm me. but the lowest rate is from them. -yes. -so them's best rate is... here. so where are them? -aren't them here? -i already asked you that. -when? -feels like a while ago. want to take it from the top? rates for us and them. now that's progressive. new developments surrounding
4:53 am
4:54 am
joan river's throat procedure. a staff member claims rivers' personal doctor, took a selfie, with the star while she was under anesthesia. the source adds that the doctor then performed a biopsy without her prior consent. investigators believe rivers' vocal chords began to swell during the unauthorized surgery... leading to cardiac
4:55 am
arrest. rihanna is upset with c-b-s. the singer tweeted: "c-b-s you pulled my song last week, now you want to slide it back in this thursday? no, f- you. y'all are sad for penalizing me for this." the network dropped her song "run this town" from "thursday night football"... following ray rice's suspension. roc nation, which owns licensing to the song said that "c-b-s was not allowed to license and utilize the song, due to the misuse and misrepresentation of rihanna's name and participation." cbs announced tuesday they'll be using "newly created thursday night football theme music". >> good morning. early today, cool temperatures. we do warm-up into the afternoon. today's high is 70. more sunshine. stay sunny thursday. temperatures are normal by the weekend. up to 76 by friday. 81 on saturday. good chance of showers and storms. temperatures tumble again next week. >> coming up, new developments in the adrienne peterson sought the. >> and dr. rose is here to
4:56 am
answer your health questions. we answer your health questions. we will be back.
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