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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 22, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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dogs are found dead and malnourished at a suburban animal hospital. we'll have the latest in a *live report. the white house is making security changes after a man jumped the fence -- making it all the way *inside the front doors. and, who won't be on the field, as the bears face-off against the jets tonight in new jersey. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. good morning, demetrius. >> i was in in florida of last week. it was raining. not too nice. >> you missed a good week weather wise. want to look at your list to see who's not playing. brenda marshall is on my fantasy. >> you will have to wait to find out.
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>> you would think that we would get the inside scoop. but we have to wait just like everyone else. my whole week is already derailed at 4:01 a.m. on monday. sunshine, every day this week. seven days in a row. no rain. 51 degrees right now the lakefront. further out to the west it's cooler. sublets composite shows we are dry. there's a big storm moving through portions of the rockies. basically it will hit the brakes on everything else. not much moving from west to east which means we have sunshine for an extended stretch. it will be cooler than normal. typical high would be 72. 66 today. abundant sunshine tonight. getting into tuesday, tuesday as high as 71. a new moon comes into wednesday. you can't sit.
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>> she was hoping i would not howl like a wolf but i did. >> good morning to you! >> every time he gives me a moon i do it. let's take a quick look. we have a few items that could slow down outside. this started last saturday to try to get all the boats out of the harbor back into storage. the seasons are changing. not only saturday this is wednesday morning starting at 9:00 a.m. and 27 bridges will be done one by one. on top of that, we have worked out their planned for construction try to squeeze it in while the weather lasts. overall, everything is moving along nicely. it's moving at a normal pace. we will break it down for you and give you more travel times cannot. >>the dolton animal hospital is under investigation this morning, after the discovery of several dead
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dogs, and more severely *neglected animals inside. tonya francisco is live in dolton with more. the city of dolton is as of last night the cook county sheriff's department was questioning a female employee. no arrests have been made. employees of the cook county animal control brought several of the animals out of the hospital last night and took them to the animal welfare league to be checked out and begin the process of being nursed back to health. a police officer made the disturbing discovery yesterday morning when he came to the hospital to drop off a stray dog. in the basement he found four dead dogs. nine others and a cat who were alive. some of the animals were found in cages. all without food and water. at least two were being courted, the rest work strays. the deputy chief of
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the special investigations unit described the conditions. >> a lot of feces. lots of urine. there were some dead animals. it was not a pleasant smell or a pleasant sight. the animals were in various stages of decay. >> as of last night, the sheriff's department was still trying to get in touch with the owner of this privately run hospital. also tried to contact the owners of the two dogs that were aborted. understand the city has an agreement with the animal hospital to bring stray dogs. they would pay them according to the number that were brought and for the treatments they would receive. the mayor of the town said last week he spent an inspection team to a hospital because the building had week and tall grasses around it. the inspector issued a citation but inspector
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never went inside the building. >>a community alert in lakeview-- after a woman was sexually assaulted at her apartment building. the attack happened on the 16- hundred block of west fletcher, on september 14-th. the woman was walking on fletcher, when a man tackled her from behind and forced her into the hallway. the man ran away after a friend of the victim saw them and started yelling. no arrests have been made. we're following breaking news this morning... three *afghan military officers in massachusetts have disappeared. the officers were in the united states for training. they were last seen saturday evening at a shopping mall in hyannis. the national guard says the officers had been thoroughly checked out... and they are not considered a danger to the public. it's not clear whether they
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disappeared of their own free will. earlier this month, two afghan *police officers who were training with the d-e-a left their unit because they didn't want to return to afghanistan. they were found and sent home. a man who jumped a fence at the white house and ran through the front doors is due in court today. omar gonzalez is an army veteran from texas who did three tours in iraq, before retiring in 2012 due to a disability. he was awarded a medal for his service. his former step-son says gonzalez takes medication for p-t-s-d and paranoia. gonzalez had a knife in his pocket when he was arrested friday. he was charged with unlawfully entering a restricted area with a deadly weapon. the breach happened just minutes after president obama and his i was stunned. i'd never heard this. i've been there for hundreds of fans jumpers and they never make it even close. there are multiple layers of security. there was a failure here. >> that happened just minutes after president and his daughters left the south lawn in marine one. the secret service has stepped up security at the white house, and is looking into why gonzalez was able to get so far before agents caught him.
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a man from joliet goes on trial today, for murdering two men as part of a robbery scheme. prosecutors say joshua miner strangled eric glover and terrance rankins at an apartment on hickory street in january of last year. police say miner told them he wanted to scalp glover and rankins, and wear one of their faces. three other people were also charged in the plot. bethany mc-kee was convicted of murder last month... she'll be sentenced in october. alisa massaro pled guilty earlier this year. adam landerman is still awaiting trial. there are still no arrests in an ugly vandalism spree on the far south side. racial slurs were spray painted in blue on cars, garages and a home. this happened over several blocks near 111th and esmond and 110th and hermosa. people living around there call it a hate crime. >> a field that and sad because its 2014. we should all be getting along. >> they should have responded at
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least given some type of comfort that they cared. there was no concern whatsoever. >> residents say police were slow to respond but officers say they are now on the case. chicago's catholic community is celebrating the appointment of a new leader. bishop blase cupich of spokane, washington was introduced as chicago's next archbishop on saturday. he's taking over for cardinal francis george, who is retiring to focus on his latest battle with cancer. cupich will be formally installed november 18th, during a ceremony at holy name cathedral. he is considered a moderate who is in-line with the pope's views on a number key issues. >> >> i think he has some experience dealing with the issues. >> i'm hoping the church will be able to bring in the young people. that's what we need. >>this is the first time a new leader has been appointed to the archdiocese of chicago while the previous one is still alive. cupich says cardinal george will guide him as he moves from a diocese of 100-thousand catholics, to an archdiocese of more than two million.
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the bears will be missing some starters when they play the jets tonight on monday night football. the bears will face the league's top run defense as they try to get their running game going. they'll have to do it without offensive lineman roberto garza and matt slauson for the second game in a row. receivers brandon marshall and alshon jeffrey are expected to play. the bears are already missing charles tillman on defense. but now linebacker shea mc- clellin and defensive lineman jeremiah ratliff are both out tonight with injuries. mysterious objects are washing up on a beach in australia. take a look: some are calling the green balls, "alien eggs" or "alien hairballs". they started showing up on the beach in sydney over the past week. scientists say they might be a rare type of living algae, brought to shore by warmer weather and rough conditions. they are not sure though, because it's only been seen a few times ... in the entire
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world. scientists think the algae forms into balls to protect itself from predators. >> good morning. early today expect sunshine. he may need your jacket early on. temperatures are down in the low 40's. we're not expecting much of a warm-up. typically makes 72. we don't even come close. we make 66 by the afternoon. we are mostly sunny. 71 tomorrow. wednesday and thursday 72-73. friday 74. sunday's high- temperature climbing to 72. so far this month, a few degrees cooler than normal. it looks like it will end that way also. later we have the next chance of rain. >> coming up, in the discovery in the search for a gunman who killed a pennsylvania state trooper. >> and the latest on the wildfire in california and why it didn't stop one couple from
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dying tying the knot. >>and after 4:30 -- "aahh fest" was already packed with big name singers. we'll tell you who made a surprise appearance.
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others were injured when a tour bus crashed in delaware. the bus was returning to new york from washington, when it overturned on a curved exit ramp yesterday afternoon. the bus slid down an embankment on its roof, then came to a rest on its side.
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one woman was found under the bus and was pronounced dead at the scene. another woman died at the hospital. the driver and all 47 other passengers on the bus were injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation. investigators in northeastern pennsylvania believe they're closing in on a cop killer. survivalist matthew frein is suspected of being the sniper who shot two troopers outside their barracks in the town of blooming grove, ten days ago. trooper byron dickson died... the other trooper was injured. over the weekend, searchers say they found one of frein's *guns -- a semi-automatic rifle. he's believed to be hiding out in the woods in the pocono mountains. the last known person to see a missing university of virginia student alive is facing unrelated charges. 18 year old hannah graham disappeared on september 13-th. police say surveillance video shows her walking with jesse matthew, who they're calling a person of interest. on saturday, matthew went to the police department and requested a lawyer. police didn't talk to him, but they charged him with reckless driving after he sped away from the police station. authorities have searched matthew's apartment and car, but they didn't say if they
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found anything. light rain and cooler temperatures helped firefighters make some inroads yesterday against a huge wildfire in northern california that's charred 82-thousand acres. fire officials say the flames destroyed 10 homes and 22 other buildings. more than 21-thousand structures remain threatened. the fast-moving fire... about 60 miles east of sacramento began september 13. it's 17 percent contained. more than 5-thousand firefighters from as far as florida and alaska are helping battle the fire. meanwhile, just a few miles away one couple was determined not to let that massive wildfire keep them from tying the knot. roman and jamie rudy planned on getting married in camino, california this weekend. but things looked a little rocky, when jamie's sister was evacuated from her home. she was hosting the wedding rehearsal dinner in her backyard. >> the fire had impacted. those were the days we were scared
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with the ash and the heavy smoke. >> but the evacuation orders were lifted... and the couple said their i-do's in front of their family and friends. truly a story of beauty out of the ashes. >> a happy story. we always get calls from people wondering what's going on. is this me reading this story? >> i think it is. it's about mars. >> i know this like the back of my head. this is the nasa trip to mars. it's going to go around mars a bunch of time to take measurements and it was shot about 10 months ago but it's made the 10 months trip millions of miles to study the atmosphere from above to explore climate change. first mission to study the upper martian atmosphere to unlock the mystery of their climate. pretty cool there. we
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spoke with a nasa guy live last week. pretty cool. 40 degrees for now. wind out of the northwest at 7 mi.. dew point at 41. currently it's 50 degrees in chicago. donna bartlett is 43. aurora breeding at 42. 41 in rochelle. rochelle, that they dropped into the upper '30's. probably needed the jacket for a few days. you will again today. cooler temperatures out west. satellite composite shows its stride. here is the storm moving through portions of the northern rockies. it's causing a traffic jam across the country. typically systems move from california. with this bear and nothing is moving. good for us because that means we get sunshine today and for the entire work week. looking at the computer model, the rain stays on the flip side of the
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mississippi through the entire work week. next chance of rain is next week. 66 degrees is the high temperature today. mostly clear tonight down the 51. tuesday's high 71. once the limit 72. it's breezy but we expect cool temperatures for the entire work week. >> we have so many traffic adjectives. and now you're taking them for weather reports. >> breezy and cool? >> no the traffic jam park. everything is moving well outside nothing there to worry about. the building fire at 83rd still has that section blocked off. they say it's under control but they do have cleanup going on. they also have a problem on friday. this is a huge project that will impact all the ramps around grand ave. starting on west bound grand avenue completely shut down on the ramp
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to head to westbound 94. it will be closed off for least four days. everything in the yellow is under construction for a few months. thus westbound grand- 994. the first part of that then it will continue moving on to these bound as well. there's an alert for that. more travel times coming up. >> coming up, see why in chicago wedding proposal has gone viral. >> and from vaccinations to pottage training dr. tony is here to talk about your pets. >> and the bears are off to face the jets. you have a look at the matchup coming up in sports.
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some brands use fish processed with gluten. but iams fish recipes are made with 100% real fish fillets... for a meal that tastes like homemade. now, that's real love. and so is helping with the homework. keep love strong with new iams perfect delicacies, with 100% real fish. love the iams difference or your money back. could morning. the bears will
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face the jets in jersey. game 3. there was a big scare between the jets and the packers last weekend but the jets lost. they will have a stiff challenge. rex ryan lights the blitz. six sacks last week 10 all-out blitz as meaning each has. >> a bunch of zeros against the
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packers. you don't see that often. only using one time a game but they did a few times. i think being prepared and getting the open pass. you have to teach your guys to get open fast. >> there's some guys out front that you know are used to putting their hands on you and not move. their defensive line in the defense a serious defect the defense. it's good to be a challenge. we can't wait. >> the nfc north yesterday, erin rogers didn't see much time as the rugged defense took it early. a fumble. it's picked up as a 40 yds for the score. detroit has the lead. later on reggie bush quiet in the first two games but picks it up in game 3 26 yds and the lions win. they come to soldier field next
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sunday. the vikings plan without adrian peterson another game. the rookie is replacing. mitterrand and throw their he is walking off after the touchdown pass. the saints win. the vikings had just 59 yds. >>stocks ended on a mixed note friday. the dow increased 13 points. nasdaq dropped 13. s-and-p down 1. apple may have set a record for sales of its iphone over the weekend. in new york last night, people were still lining up to buy iphones. in fact there were 3 lines. one long line to buy an iphone. a second, shorter line to buy anything else inside apple.
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but there was a third line... leading to nowhere. most of the people in that line didn't speak english. so when apple staff tried to tell them to move to a different line, they wouldn't leave... not wanting to lose >> that's not cool. they should've gotten some translators. they can afford them. >> ok. you sound bitter. >> it's just a phone. a university of chicago graduate wanted to make his marriage proposal something to remember. now it's gone viral. >> i just want you to marry me i will support you and even that you carry me. it's a love boat. fireworks. >> i like how he said katy perry me. >> kabir iyengar re-worked the words in a song by rapper bobby shmurda. in his song, iyengar raps about buying an engagement ring a week ago, so he could put it on
4:26 am
his girlfriend's finger. she doesn't say yes right away.. but the video ends with both of them dancing, with the word 'engaged' on the screen. >> i think she knew something was happening. >> the cameras were rolling. >> they look like they've been together for a bit. >> expect sunshine coming our way. 66 degrees by 2:00 p.m.. a bit cooler than normal. 65 by 5:00 p.m. pyrrhic 40 degrees is the current temperature now. it will be sunny all week. i think this week comes with a pay cut for all meteorologist. no rain. the going to cut our time it's all yours. >> it's like a paid vacation for you. let's talk about traffic. a building fire. the fire out but crews are still cleaning up. this is at 83rd. on top of that, we have a road crossing work to
4:27 am
watch out for. this will kickoff at 115 everything closed off their in both directions not pick up until the first or second week of october. watch for that as everyone is rerouted. numbers look good. we will break it down for you coming up. >> still more to come. --and we'll show you the surprise singer at the aahh fest. and -- hundreds of thousands of people marched for the environment, in new york city. details, next. plus -- the lockdown is over in a west african country. what happened in the past three days. and -- step aside, hot mugshot guy. the world has a new hot criminal -- she's being called the "world's sexiest".
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dogs are found dead and malnourished and a suburban animal hospital. we will have a live report. >> the white house makes security changes after a man jumped the fence making it all away inside the front door. >> and a major construction project to rebuild a busy red line station. >> good morning. let's take a look at our monday morning whether. >> good morning. last day of
4:31 am
summer. summer comes to an end officially today. >> but it came to an end like a month ago. >> it's almost winter already here. right now it's 50 degrees. 52 down in lansing. 48 in kankakee. in rochelle is 44. we're dropping down there. some light composite shows we are completely dry. don't expect to see any rain today tonight or tomorrow. an extended stretch of sunshine is coming just a summer comes to an end. tomorrow we make 72. wednesday, 72. there's the 72 again. into friday temperatures will climb back into the '70s just in time for saturday. summer is almost over. with about 15 hours houri to celebrate? >> i will be taking a long nap after work. opening the windows and looking out. let's take a look at the roots. we have a big
4:32 am
one out here all the work on the ramps near grand ave. today kicks off west bound grand avenue west bound 994 all shut down detour through the area for about four days depending on how the progress. the will start working on these bound rams. all in all this project will be underway for a few months hoping to get as much as they can call the weather holds out. everything in yellow is under construction. we still have an intersection at 83rd blocked off with crews cleaned up after an earlier fire. that's at 83rd and racine. and the cta will break ground today. this is all going to be for a 95th street project this is what it will look like from the dan ryan. the current station was first built in 1969. it remains one of the busiest. serving about 20,000 bus riders every day. it costs about
4:33 am
$240,000. this comes about a year after the other construction job with a rebuilt the red line at the south bound. that's the latest on the red line there. >>a grim discovery at an animal hospital in dolton, as four dead dogs and more than a dozen *neglected animals were taken from the site. tonya francisco is live in dolton with more. >> which took a peek inside the basement of the animal hospital on lincoln highway. it looks just like an unfinished basement with a bunch of cages. the smell was awful. mostly because of the four dead dogs that were found inside in various stages of decay. the cook county may animal control brought out the 10 surviving animals, nine were dogs the other was a catch all had been severely malnourished ever close to death according to the sheriff's department. some were found in cages. none have
4:34 am
food or water. police officers made the disturbing discovery yesterday morning when they came to the animal hospital to drop off a stray dog under an agreement the city has with the privately run hospital. the deputy chief said two of the surviving dogs were being reported. the rest for strays. >> there was a fair amount of neglect going on. absolutely. no doubt. you saw the dogs. they were very close to dying. i'm not event but they're not doing well. >> no arrests have been made by a female employee of the animal hospital was questioned by the sheriff's department last night. as of last night there still try to contact the owner of the animal hospital. the mayor of dalton says the animal hospital was cited last week for having
4:35 am
tall weeds and high grass around the area. but the inspector who conducted an inspection never went inside the building. the sheriff's department is still trying to contact the owner of the dogs that were being boarded. back to you. >> in just a few hours,a man who jumped a fence at the white house and ran through the front doors is due in federal court today. the army veteran from texas did three tours in iraq before retiring in 2012 due to a disability. he was awarded a medal for service. his former stepson says he takes medication for post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoia. he had a knife in his pocket when he was arrested. charged with unlawfully entering a richer did area with a deadly weapon. >> i was stunned. i had never heard of that. i have been there for hundreds of fence jumpers. they never make it even close.
4:36 am
there are multiple layers of security. there was a failure here. >> preach happened just minutes after the president and his daughter left the south lawn in marine one. security has been stepped up. they're looking into why he was able to get so far before agents caught him. >>taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a woman was sexually assaulted at her apartment building in lakeview. that happened on the 16-hundred block of west fletcher, on september 14-th. a man tackled the victim from behind and forced her into an apartment hallway. he ran away after a friend of the victim started yelling. no arrests have been made. the murder trial of joshua miner begins this morning joliet. miner and three other people were charged with robbing and strangling eric glover and terrance rankins last year at a home on hickory street. bethany mc-kee was convicted of murder last month... she'll be sentenced in october. alisa massaro pled guilty earlier this year. adam landerman is still awaiting trial.
4:37 am
chicago's theatre community is mourning the loss of a giant in the industry. sheldon patinkin died yesterday. he was 79. he was the longtime chair of the theatre department at columbia college... and was an original member of the club that inspired the creation of second city. his funeral is tomorrow. bishop blase cupich of spokane, washington was introduced as chicago's next archbishop. he's taking over for cardinal george, who is retiring to focus on his latest battle with cancer. cupich will be formally installed november 18th, during a ceremony at holy name cathedral. he is considered a moderate who is in-line with the pope's views on a number key issues. the illinois chamber of commerce is issuing an urgent call for more federal money, to fil illinois' aging network of dams and locks. most of them were built about 80 years ago. and a new report by the chamber says they are all in desperate need of repair. but the report says the army corps of engineers is performing maintenance on the dams and locks, only when they fail. the chamber of commerce says an
4:38 am
aggressive program to repair and upgrade the dams and locks would relieve waterway congestion and create jobs. a rally focusing on climate change drew huge crowds to new york city's columbus circle today. the environmental defense fund sponsored the climate change march. some 100-thousand people participated. united nations secretary general ban ki-moon, celebrities and politicians also walked the two-and-a-half mile rally route. the event was designed to lead- in to the u-n climate summit beginning on tuesday. >> we are at a pivotal turning point seeing the effect of a rapid climate change happening every week. >> more than 125 world leaders are expected to attend the summit tomorrow including the president. the lockdown to stop the spread of ebola in sierra leon is now over. the government ordered people to stay at home for the past three days. that gave health care workers to pass along information at homes and give sick people the help they needed. it also gave workers a chance to bury dozens of victims,
4:39 am
since the bodies of ebola victims are highly contagious. ebola has now infected more than 55-hundred people in west africa. nearly half are in sierra leone. like many of his fellow texans, pastor benny holmes carries a gun. he just used it, to catch an unlikely thief. seems, someone had been stealing packages off holmes' front porch. so the pastor set up a surveillance camera... and waited. the other day, when the thief showed up, holmes was waiting, with gun in hand. he charged through the front door, and pinned the would-be thief down. turns out, she was a 54-year- old grandmother. >> she said i'm looking for my dog. he said eu founder dog, bow wow. >>when police visited the suspect's home, they say they found several stolen packages. >> those cameras really come in handy. check out this real life "catwoman." she's been dubbed the "world's sexiest criminal." stephanie beaudoin was busted last month in victoriaville,
4:40 am
quebec... a little northeast of montreal. police say she and three teenaged accomplices broke into, and burglarized, more than 40 homes. police say they found nine illegal guns in beaudoin 's home. she faces a total of 114 charges. when her picture hit twitter, someone posted, "she'll steal your heart, and then your stuff." >> oh dear. where is the mug shot? >> i think demetrius is drooling over that. >> i am scared of this one. you need a bulletproof vest on the first date with her. 48 degrees from now. summer comes to an end today at 9:29 a.m.. action that 9 to 9:00 p.m.. after that we become into fall. now it's 43 degrees. down in chicago at the lakefront its 50. further out with dropped into the upper
4:41 am
thirties. chile jacket weather today. across the region a cold start and a cool finished. typically we are at 72. later today we make about 66. mostly sunny. it feels like fall but not until 10:00 tonight. 51 degrees is the overnight low. if you are a stargazer perfect conditions tonight and tomorrow. 71 degrees on tuesday. wednesday we make 76. >> still ahead, see why a soccer player was penalized for celebrating a goal and why he says he would do it again. >> and gabrielle union is the latest target in the celebrity new scandal. >> and dr. tony is up next here >> and dr. tony is up next here answering your pet questions.
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trending online this morning ... a second batch of hacked nude celebrity photos were leaked online. actress gabrielle union confirms naked pictures she took for her husband, dwayne wade, are among them. the couple contacted the f-b-i. it comes three weeks after hackers posted hundreds of stolen photos of other nude celebrities, including kate upton and jennifer lawrence ... who had even more pics leaked this weekend.
4:45 am
one of howard stern's so-called "wack packers" has died. eric "the actor" lynch died saturday afternoon after suffering cardiac-related problems for months. lynch was known for calling into the howard stern show and yelling at stern. stern helped him get small roles on several shows like "in plain sight" and "fringe". he was 39. soccer players can sometimes "over do it" when it comes to celebrating goals. roma forward alessandro florenzi scored his first goal of the season yesterday. he was so happy that he had to go celebrate with family. so he hopped the barriers, went into the stands, and hugged his 82-year old grandmother. the referee penalized him with a yellow card for that, but florenzi didn't seem to care. >> it was grandma! >> early today we're talking about summer coming to an end.
4:46 am
9:29 p.m.. the end of summer is when the sun's rays start to move south of the equator. here we go. false starts this evening at 9:29 p.m.. even though we're not intimate fall yet it's still cooler than normal. only 45 degrees in waukegan. st. andrews reading at 47. we are dry and we stayed dry for the rest of the week. seven days in a row of sunshine. 66 today typical high 72. 71 tuesday when say we make 72. friday, that 74 mayfield warm. >> you could tell he is coasting already. he's hanging out in the weather office without his jacket. to get a vacation. everything looks good out there. nice easy traffic on the dan ryan. some headlights. but we are watching these road
4:47 am
crossings. this one will kick off today in has collins closed from ward to cleveland not picked up until friday. watch for this detour is there. and this one starting today, the railroad at 115, you'll have to use 111 ticket around this. this will be in place for the fifth of october. a few other projects to tell you about and some travel times coming up. >>we asked for your questions is here now to answer them. a lot of our guests to get the questions at a time but dr. tony is so good he can just into them on the spot. >> the pressure is on. >> do have a good weekend? let's get to the questions. this question comes from alex"why does my puppy insist on chewing on my wood trim in my home? he has every chewing toy available to him. anything i can do other than keep my eye on him?" >> let's start with the puppy. a
4:48 am
baby probably cutting new teeth. they want to chew on everything. at that age they don't know the difference between their toys and shoes and a wood and furniture. bottom line is in need to get them trained. obedience training is the number-one thing recommend all puppies need to go through. then they learned what no means and they learned the commands and it becomes easier to make them understand what they should do and should not do. and crate training would help a pet like this that can be left home alone until they earn the freedom. learn how to crate trained a copy which will save you the headaches. >> next, dad asking"i have been reading that annual vaccinations are unnecessary for dogs and have held off this year from getting my dog's annual's. i don't want to harm him. what's the truth??" >> vaccinations are
4:49 am
controversial. let's make it simple. bottom line is, all attempts, pets don't have to have every single vaccine made in the world. but all dogs and cats need to have some vaccination's every year. we will base this on their lifestyle. what is the head exposed to? but they around other pets or were they boarded when you are on vacation? do they go to the dog park? that will make a veterinarian know which vaccine these paths will need. >> for animals to stay at home and don't really have contact with others use city don't need as many vaccinations? >> there are certain things all pets need. they need a rabies shot. there are a few others that they need there are things we can catch for pets and we don't want to endanger our family. they do need some vaccination's each year. >>ladonna is wondering ... "if your dog has allergies, is it okay to give them children's benadryl everyday? does giving
4:50 am
them this medication have some type of side effect?" >> first of all, then a drill is not great for allergies. it can be used safely but it's not the first thing we go to to solve our pet allergy problems. the most common type the people have for pets is that this is human medication most the time given. i'm always afraid at people who give human medications to their pets without of that figure out proper dose. i am not supporting that. there are many other medications for dogs and cats. >> one more. this question from karyn ... "my dog still has accidents even after being on a strict schedule for a long time. any suggestions on how to stop her from doing this?" >> pat to get older and have accidents, many times people think they are being mean or spiteful or they are mad and the
4:51 am
spirit the most the time it's not that. many times it's a medical problem. we need to check their urine test. make sure they don't have a urinary tract infection or bladder stones which could make them do that because they are uncomfortable. >> thank you doctor. answering your questions as he does every few weeks. thank you dr. tony. he's on tour as well. gps can more there. thank you for coming in. >> time for the early bird special. today is the exact 20th anniversary of friends. the show premieres september 22, 1994. so what does chandler say scares' the bejeezus out of him? if he now the interlock on to our contest page. you could
4:52 am
win the complete series on blue ray. the winner will be chosen later today. i'm sure you know the answer you were a big fan. >> i sure do but i will give it away. coming up the slot celebrity takes the stage in chicago this weekend.
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appearance at common's "ahh- fest" at union park, over the weekend. the celebration of chicago music was hosted by dave chapelle. other performers included common and jennifer hudon. proceeds from the festival support the "common ground foundation" and "donna's house", part of "the chicago youth job collaborative."- they hope to launch 1-thousand year- round jobs for youth.. by the fall. >> kept telling us the guest name started with the letter k. it was a tricky one. >> let's take a look at our day. nice weather today and for the entire work week. summer comes to an end tonight. it will feel
4:56 am
like fall. 66 degrees from a high today. we finally get back into the low '70's on wednesday. >> >> we will check in on traffic and a bit. your morning headlines are next.
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