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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 22, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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authorities want to know what was going on in south suburban animal hospital or four dogs were found dead. >> the sheriff's department has actually handling the investigation. this morning officers and warned the hospital to continue their part of the investigation. >> current clients have been sharing or stores. i called everybody and nobody paid it made any attention.
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>> that is when she claimed her 12 year- old rottweiler died at the hands of the people at the doll and animal clinic on lincoln ave. she said she boarded him along with two other dogs back in july while she went out of town. >> when i return from vacation the lady avoided me. she said she was not feeling well. we came back the next day she did not answer. the third day when we came back to get the dog on monday she told me my dog had a heart attack. >> the dog was in good shape. she now wonders if he is among the four dead dogs found yesterday. >> 10 other animals nine dogs and cat for all found severely malnourished with no food or water. a fair amount of neglect going on. there is no doubt
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also board of her three month old couple for five days at the end of july. she said she left him with plenty of food. >> none of his dog food was used at all. >> of was so upset. he drank three bowls of water as soon as i got him home. that is how thursday he was.thirsty he loveswas >> had not heard anything about the investigation. as for the animals that were found >> sometimes they're in real bad shape already. and was deplorable conditions. >> will definitely get back to you.
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sheriff deputies interviewed a female employee last night. no charges have been filed yet. the investigation is ongoing. >> the trial of a suspect in a gruesome double murder begins tomorrow. a judge delayed the trial after ruling that the defendant is competent to stand trial. >> kill the women were lowered by two women to the apartment house and juliet on the pretext of partying with the girls. the two women >> were joined in the apartment by two male accomplices the two victims were allegedly strangled and be in. the women
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later joined and to continue beating the body. convicted last month and will be sentenced on october 16th. adam landesman also charged with murder. one law- enforcement officer told me the first to school gets the deal. >> being praised for his bold efforts. in many in the diocese said it steered his own course on issues. >> the editor of spokane space and values. >> consider to be a
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moderate or progressive catholic. >> when the catholic church. has been led a long time. i think it signals a message. >> chicago police investigating another smash and grab. that is in the 1600 block of north wells. paper is valued at about
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$1,500. it should >> argo city worker facing charges. he told the cars and park them near the impound lot. waited near where the car was originally park. allegedly charge of personal hundred $50. investigators suspect the scene had been going on for least two months. the station is one of the city's busiest. undergoing a massive overhaul starting today. the original terminal was built in 1969. it has undergone upgrades.
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>> much of the reconstruction scheduled to be completed in 2016. >> repairs are not made until something breaks down. water traffic is important to the economy. it benefits tourism. illinois business owners who want to girl in some medical marijuana have until 3:00 this afternoon. >> approved based on a merit system every to each plant. cover
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and chicago in the northern suburb. >> another prime- time game for the bears as the face off against the jets. >> the manhunt continues for a person accused of continues for a person accused of killing a trooper.e.
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mereh x ta.t
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one of the guns belonging to the survivors has been found and investigators say they are closing in on the alleged cop killer. suspected of killing two troopers outside of the barracks. >> over the weekend researchers said they found one of green's weapons a semiautomatic weapon. some 400 officers from the fbi u.s. marshals service and other police agencies are now looking for it. >> police and named a suspect in the case of a missing university of virginia student. jesse that he was the less known person to see him not alive. >> disappears september 13th. shows are looking with math appeared he was charged with reckless driving after a special way.
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authorities have searched the apartment and car. did not say if anything was found. police are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the disappearance former baltimore ravens player will appeal his nfl suspension. the leader originally suspended him for two games and then maybe suspension indefinite a new video shot him hitting his girlfriend in the face. representatives argue that the second video was admitted. the ravens allowed fans to trade in their jerseys this weekend. more than 7000 fan socked their jerseys. and exchange cost the team six figures. >> the 69th annual united nations general assembly special today.
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president obama will address the general assembly. the other major issues include the ebola crisis in africa. the future intentions in ukraine and climate change. actors and environmental activist leonardo dicaprio will also be in attendance. >> looking for three afghan military officers who disappeared on cape cod. officers have been in the united states for training since september 11th. last seen saturday night. the officers are not considered a danger to the public. the u.s. secret service is stepping up patrols and surveillance of the white house after an unprecedented security breach. just boarded a helicopter on the south lawn must read it. a man jump the fence run across the no. 1 and entered the house.
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it is not clear why the secret service to not stop him sooner. >> there is multiple layers of security. they're going to have to do something. even if it is something as simple as curving the bars over towards the street side. it would make it harder to scale. >> if yes kill the fence you're almost at the door. the accused fence jumper is scheduled to appear in federal court today. >> it. they have locked down and severely on the ends of the identification of new ebola cases. no one is allowed to leave their home. >> thousand volunteers knocked on doors to teach people about the deadly disease. 130 new cases were identified. they are awaiting test results for 39 cases. sent nearly
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$6 million in medical supplies to help fight the ebola outbreak. >> the surprising financial move >> the bears are off to jersey to face the death. they'll take a look at the matchup. the indication what the james beard winner. indication what the james beard winner.
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notified by mail. moving away from fossil fuels and putting their money in cream renewable energy. created by the grandchildren of the oil magnate john d. rockefeller sr.. >> fun to the standard oil company in 1870. they're convinced if he is alive today he would be divesting from fossil fuels and investing in a clean energy sources. >> the bears will be missing some starters when they visit the jets on monday night football. they try to get their running game going. >> receivers branded marshall and el son jeffrey they're expected to play. the bears were already missing trulls tillman on defense. >> the bears passing
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game is making progress. the running game has struggled so far. the bears are near the bottom of the league. the jets happen to have the best run defense. the jets can run the ball thanks to the scrambling quarterback. stopping the run as were the bears' defense his troubles. the bears' victory will have first place with the winners of the packers and lions. off to a fast third. fumbles the ball and returned it for a touchdown. the lions put it away. 26 year run for a touchdown. the packers' offense did not have it. when talks wrapping up a series with the rays and tampa. >> pitch six innings of to run ball. it's the second home run of the game. the white sox win 10-5.
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they take 2-3 from the braves. >> thing up there syria'swrapping up their series. >> 4-5 with five rbis. the dodgers went 8-5. >> it is not quite flu season and find out when doctors say you should be getting a flu shot >> young girls getting a flu shot >> young girls inspiring this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it. this is kathleen...
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highlights some of the contributions from chicago's growing latino community. >> and up never easy. always plenty of challenges along the way. using her story to inspire. one of the stories you just have to say. success despite years of struggle. at one point teachers did not think she would graduate high school. the 19 year- old is now in college and simply trying to give back. >> hours of lessons. it is how she got
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there that may turn out to be the biggest lesson in determination. >> order off with everyone up believing in me. so far so good. she is now a premed student of quite a story to tell. >> as a child there was never easy without her parents around she was raised by her great- grandmother. will slip with our grandmother on the bed. my brother would sleep on the floor. money was tight but they try to help. >> there is one time we had 18 people living with us in a two-bedroom apartment. >> at the same spot where she now volunteers every thursday travels two hours on public transportation to get there. back then most of the clothes she had donated and shared with her older sister. my
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grandmother would stitch up the bottom of the pants to make them shorter. obviously her great- grandmother was her everything. imagine what it was like when she passed away. >> until she turned up in the visual arts class. >> victorious certainly always left her mark. >> wanted her opinion known. they did. also became one of the most promising students. >> she is brilliant. i knew if we could keep her healthy and going into is a graduate of that should be fine. it was a struggle that she did it. not only
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was she dealing with a man's family and financial issues >> what victoria had added troubles. her health started to suffer. she missed school when her heart simply filter. >> 100 percent sure. because of the stress that was caused. >> those hard a call to will. it is amazing what we have been able to accomplish. >> on her way to becoming a trauma surgeon. always knew she had a determining spirit. she took to heart. she can do all things. if you ask her she can do it. >> the chicagos very own. truly inspiring young girl. she organizes the after- school activities every friday at her church. she also loves to dance and
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is taking questions. she is using that talent to motivate kids to stay off the talent to motivate kids to stay off the street. e.
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mereh x
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we are lacking today. people are like your forecast. >> the daytime temperatures are a little snippy up there. >> we do not see any storms. a variant of the did precipitation. i was looking at one of our computer models. that is what kind of weather we have coming in here. gorgeous gives our farmers a good chance to get out to the field.
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>> and there were something. they produced damage and downpours. captured the wall cloud >> down in the southern suburbs. lays out the damage produced by the storm which swept across indiana on saturday. just look at the water pouring out of the spot in the wake of saturday's storm. >> the rain barrel filled up in no time ago. it is not hard to imagine. spectacular panorama of the shelf crowd that came in with the storms. also sentenced this view from the hawks stretched flag. the strong wind perceiving the storm. imagine being out on lake michigan. that is exactly the case for
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william. the folks you see here on you said you have been out there on the is before. >> these boats really could belong. imagine storm clouds sitting ominously off to the south. plucoffee fair weather clothes. there's been some wind along the lake that is producing wave action. that continues up to the list of us. hundreds of miles. 2 >> the reason is we have high pressure park over the area. it has really dropped the temperatures. a high of 69 after it was down from almost eight degrees from saturday appeared intended redrawing from the lakefront.
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averaging 6.3. kind of interesting comparing it to september last year. we are running about 5.3 degrees for the first full 21 days. cooler than we were september last year. the good news is that on the continued. >> we will get my schooling at night. the days will be mild. humidity will be love. about six degrees cooler than we were yesterday. already under way up to the north. >> gives an idea of just how warm it is. these are current temperatures. 20s on the north coast one of alaska. >> right here in
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chicago 63 is our temperature. 55 at the lakefront. in the in the mid to upper '70's. >> there is no he's in the air. kenilworth's dalton and all said griffith. >> the same was true of the kenosha. you
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can see how come it is. >> high pressure comes right over us. if you like your winter light. it is a good place to be. the ears busy sinking. adobe's southeasterly at first. the more southerly wind flow will develop. will be well into the '70s. seeing some eighties out into the dakotas. that is the air that is coming our way. we will get into the '70s tomorrow. the
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wind right now is fairly light across the metro area. northeast at 5. and low humidity a 59% of the dew point to 51. >> >> of course tonight the astronomical start of fall. that is the astronomical start of fall. the way that is calculated is that is the moment at which astronomers calculate. >> shifting south word. >> the night to become one of davis. that is not in the case for the last three months. >> sunny skies high
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pressure is overhead. tonight clear and cool. west and southwest wind. tomorrow sunny and mild there. mostly sunny modestly warmer still on wednesday. high of 78 degrees. a little bit cooler at the beaches. >> special thanks. >> the spectacular showing down there at the nymex. there was a big screen and no better way or format in which to look at the video.
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>> a fabulous tornado alley when the machine. it blows up to 70 m.p.h.. >> thank goodness there is no hair to go. >> it would be somewhere else. and yet a lot of folks come in. i recommend that film. we've been hearing about and whether profession for some time. >> see you later.
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wishing you the very best of luck. left to start it with the but it started with the first gamelet's get started with the first game >> >> fireball of three. time for the pick four games. the most glorious weekend. and joining me busy ensembles of your day to take a timeout to be quiet reflective and dream. the illinois lottery can >> >> third lucky
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number >> the fourth and final pavlo >>fireball 2 hope those dreams are big. >> your third is 19. >> fifth and final. >> fifth and final. pa
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children between 2-8 and it flew missed
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instead of a shot. it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or kids with other problems. officials recommend people who are 65 and older get a to do a series of and vaccine. >> off. >> by skipping a regular exams i infections could go unaffected.infections could go undetected. >> the average price of regular gasoline is $3.37. if crude prices do not rise the price could drop to as low as $3.16. >> this is over the
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top. we are really having trouble speaking. we are salivating so much. previewing its salivating so much. previewing its chicago gourmet. e.
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are still coming in season. you're not using traditional bacon? >> we are in the makeup room earlier. >> it is one of our signature adams i promise. it tastes better than regular bacon. >> personal opinion just the way it melts, we curette. we hang it dry and use it in different pasta dishes. it is really for setup. here is >> it has a lot of spices,. repackaged and to some salford 2-3 days. if i go to the butcher can i get this?
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>> that is still hard to come by. there really cost- effective. really not that expensive. >> you can smell how delicious it is. really super soph. it looks more tender. it is getting beautiful color. " we're going to do because we love x is we have a nice >> >> done what we do is will we do.
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>> uni are gone to after our muscle for the sun.there really look so tender. >> you have to touch it see how soft it is. >> for the most fun part. this is not a rich at all. >> this is a perfect, over-. >> the best part is cutting into it. the yolk is running. that is the best part. the ghetto messy in gets really my
12:53 pm
in there. it is things they would not get anywhere else. we're trying to do something unique. we all want to try something different. if he did not want to go through the three- four day process of making you can use bacon. we will put the steps on our web site. >> go to the purple pate. >> even when i took my kids. everything that came out they said it is delicious. >> unfortunately they could read. it did not matter. you're also looking at the bears games this year >> very exciting this year. i'm doing all of a home games. >> spectacular.
12:54 pm
really great opportunity. tell me a little bit about chicago gourmet. >> time there about every day. saturday i am doing tasting. >> we're glad to do that. i'm doing a cooking demonstration. we're going to be going up there together. >> sounds terrific. we have all of the information. next saturday chicago information. next saturday chicago
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the tasty side of fiber. from phillips we've wondered what was the contribution? >> was an illinois banker peered is a prominent social activist. he was a banker is sponsored illinois' first highway bond issue in 1918. >> naturally believe the better highways would make chicago a better place. he gets his name repeated a hundred times a day. >> i loved having read the franklin singing about it. >> or refill franklin always gets applause. a look at what we have going on. it features high pressure. the wind
12:58 pm
will be very light. only modestly. look at how the temperatures are only a tad lower than they were yesterday. here is the jet stream. this is really just continuing the parade of interesting upper air patterns. this means the steering winds are extremely a grearight. >light. >> and see the warmer colors in this. warmups' up. this is really beautiful. the thing is not like three months ago. keep the cool air at bay right on through the weekend. up to the
12:59 pm
north of us except for the clear today. by the way there is another weather system. this could be rachel foreman off of the coast of mexico. 73. eighties are back. how about that? >> in nice warm close to september. >> in nice warm close to september.
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