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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 29, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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new this morning -- a man is killed in a plane crash last night, in the far west suburbs. the f-a-a hopes to have the aurora air- traffic control center fixed in two weeks. we'll have the latest in a *live report. and the bears fail miserably at home, against the green bay packers. highlights, coming up. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m.* demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. >> last week was perfect. the weekend was pretty perfect. >> today is going to be nice. i look ahead so i know. >> you are just like marcus and his app. >> the news comes on
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so early and she watches it. if you go by her word, we are expecting ample sunshine in the upper 70's wind out of the west- southwest. 61 degrees. 52 in lansing. down to rochelle we are born to be at 51. visibility could be an issue. juliet visibility down to half a mile. it should not move much but in kenosha we had a 5 mi. visibility. temperatures cooling down so much that we have that fog. the big front is coming through today. tonight and into tomorrow it will drop the temperatures. today's high, 79 degrees. you were great. this is workplace infidelity. >> she's going after your job. >> >> erin i checked traffic report earlier and things are ok but you never
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know. >> i am more than happy to go to get breakfast a few hours one to take this. and watching divisibility. never good for flying. we do have some construction happening overnight. here is the south and 29 for the ramp to westbound often remains closed. not going anywhere. watch for that in the early morning hours. pavement repair, 142 from indiana to dalton. that status in the league. not finished until the end of the month. everything else is looking pretty good. more hot spots, not. >>a pilot was killed in a small plane crash in kendall county.
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there's a creek behind us and we found the crash site. >> the name of the pilot is being withheld until the family is witno fire. investigation ongoing. >> we're being told it will take two weeks to bring the aurora air traffic control tower back on line. >> tongue is back with more. >> >> take a look at the security line here at terminal 3 at o'hare. it's already starting to be very busy. and it is 4:00 a.m.. as of yesterday, flights coming in and out of o'hare were at 50%
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typical traffic. a bit higher at midway. but as you pointed out, october 13th is the target date that the faa says the control center is expected to be back to full service. work is underway to rebuild after friday's devastating fire. it damaged 23 of 29 computer racks. the faa says it is bringing in technicians from around the country and working 24 hours a day to get the center back,. in the meantime the faa has moved air traffic controllers who normally work here to surrounding facilities in minneapolis, kansas city and cleveland to help keep air traffic moving. senator dick durbin said yesterday he will look into how a contract employee was able to sabotage this center and bring air-traffic into chicago to a halt. in the meantime, he is grateful the faa has
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been able to restore a good portion of air traffic. >> the faa has made a full-time commitment to this. the employees are on 24 hour shifts to move into this as quickly as possible. they're hoping to take a step towards airline capacity what they can expect. hoping that the end of the week to be back into normal operations. >> we are hearing october 13th is when they expect that facility to be back at full strength. the faa says it is expecting improvements today but still air- traffic will not be back to 100 percent. we have been born in new since friday and the warning continues. check with your airline before you head to the airport. >> many travelers at o'hare airport are
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spending their third night waiting for their flights... and many will have to wait until tomorrow. like pieces on a chess board, all the nation's planes have to be moved back to their normal starting points, before the flight schedules can be restored. it's frustrating for fliers, as they wait for good news. >> a first is that we have to wait for updates. it could take a few hours. they said they may get it fixed and they may not. we were waiting for about two hours to leave and then finally they said it was canceled. >> just hoping for the best for everybody who's trying to get out there. be safe, the patient you will get there but don't put any more pressure on yourself. >> those cops have become a tradition that the report. with seen them before. some travelers said they had gone through most of their spending money buying airport food. >>a 13 year old boy is among the dozen people who were shot and killed over the weekend. the 13 year old was shot near 66-th and talman, in the city's marquette
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park neighborhood last night. the boy was found dead on the sidewalk. a 24 year old man was shot and killed in another incident, near 85-th and escanaba. wounded. police say this shooting was gang related. no arrests have been made. over thirty people were shot in chicago since friday afternoon. a man is in custody after telling police he killed his wife and one of his daughters. authorities found the man about nine o'clock yesterday morning at his father's home in waukegan -- after his father called police saying his son was going to kill himself. authorities later found the woman and girl dead in their home... in the 34- hundred block of o'dell avenue. their pet's are also believed to have been killed. >> it's mind blowing. >> the girl played at my house. it's heartbreaking. >> it's too hard. >>police say the man was taken to an area hospital. he had a self- inflicted wound to his throat. condition not known. the man's mother or
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other daughter was not physically harmed. >>the hong kong government ordered riot police to pull back after clashes with pro-democracy demonstrators. dozens were hurt when police fired tear gas and used batons to break up a student-led demonstration. police say they retreated once protesters started acting more peacefully. thousands of people are protesting in key government and financial districts, against china's decision to allow only beijing- approved candidates to run in hong kong's elections. a possible mistake in the fight on isis. american-led air strikes have reportedly hit grain silos thought to have been an isis base. several civilians killed. no comment from washington. also new this morning...president obama admits he underestimated "isis." the islamist militants have seized much of iraq and syria, just months after the president characterized them as the "junior varsity." and now, he tells "60 minutes," the military campaign against "isis" is
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just an effort to buy time for iraq to build a government that unites shiites, sunnis and kurds against "isis." he hopes to train iraqis and syrians to do the ground fighting. but obama offered no guidelines for when he thought america's involvement should end. the oldest rivalry in football had a similar result for jay cutler and the bears. they led the packers early at solder field. but the bears down four in the final seconds of the half when martellus bennett gets stopped inches from the endzone and the bears come away with no points. still down in the third when cutler's pass bounces off a defender and right to clay matthews for cutler's first of two interceptions. aaron rodgers threw four touchdowns with no interceptions. the bears lose to the packers at home for the first straight game, 38- 17. much more on the game coming up in sports. the baseball season is over in chicago, but the demolition season is about to begin at wrigley field. crews will start tearing down the iconic bleachers
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today. both sections in left and right fields will be rebuilt after the stadium walls are moved out onto waveland and sheffield. the center field bleachers will remain intact. the cubs' plan to have seven outfield signs by next opening day. they say they're on a tight schedule, so every part has to be completed on-time. the bike sharing program - "divvy" - chicago.. and to two700 new divvy bikes... and 70 more docking stations will be added in oak park, evanston... and neighborhoods including: austin, garfield park and rogers park. installations are expected next year. investments from the state, city of chicago, oak park and evanstan are helping fund the project. divvy bike sharing is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week -- year- round. a chinese police officer is the new record holder for the holding the longest plank. mao weidong remained in the planking position... for four hours and twenty six minutes.
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that time crushes the previous record by three hours and seven minutes. the plank position is used to build-up a persons core strength and tighten glutes... and becomes increasingly painful the longer it's held. no big deal for this guy - why-dong currently serves in the beijing polce department's swat team. >> i can hold it for about 30 seconds. >> i can do about four seconds. >> it starts off a really good anything you can go forever. temperatures right now or on the mild side in some areas. warmer than normal. the last day for that as a big cooled down comes through. in chicago is 62. the british school. at old st. mary's 62. tomorrow in the afternoon, we will be lucky if temperatures are even this warm. satellite composite shows us dry. a friend is coming through but it will pick up much moisture. 20 percent chance of rain later in the day. high
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temperatures 79. down the 64 on tuesday. wednesday, 75. thursday 75 again. friday temperatures will be more like normal. chance of showers and storms as the get into friday high-temperature 68. >> still to come, california becomes the first state to adopt a college sex-crimes rule. we'll explain. and a manhunt after an officer is shot in ferguson, missouri. >> and what new research uncovered about water on earth and what it means for alien's life.two police offs
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were shot and wounded in separate shootings in ferguson, missouri. one ferguson police officer was shot in the arm while running after a suspect saturday. police say the suspect turned around and fired, before he got away. hours later, shots were fired at an off duty saint louis police officer on a highway. the officer was in his own car, and he was not in uniform. the officer suffered minor scratches from broken glass. officials say both shootings appear to be random and not related to recent protests against police. 15-people were injured, one in critical condition after a shooting early sunday at a miami nightclub. some children were among the victims. police say the victims were between 11 to 25 years old - five of them were girls between 11 and 17. one male was
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unresponsive and not breathing when emergency responders arrived. shots fired from four different guns. a student at indiana state university was arrested in connection to the shooting of another student. 21-year-old calvin mccauley is accused of shooting a second year student last night in the stairwell of a college dorm in terre haute. police say the victim and the shooter knew each other and had spent time together earlier in the day. california governor jerry brown signed a bill aimed at preventing sexual assaults on college the so-called "yes means yes" law says silence, or lack of resistance, does not constitute consent. also that someone who is drunk, drugged, unconscious or asleep cannot agree to sex. supporters say it will help authorities investigate sexual assaults more effectively. according to the journal science, there is a chemical in ocean water that had to exist before the planet was ever
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created. researchers not quite sure how the water got here but it is possible it was in the clouds from which the solar system was created. that suggests there could be water on all the planets so there could or could have been life on those planets. >> getting way too deep this early. >> that turned into the meaning of life. but pretty cool. it could be from a comment that visited the earth. let's take a look at our day. 55 right now. wind is calm. with a cold wind and clear skies there will be some fog. but just a while ago in joliet and portions of western will county visibility down to less than a mile. 61 right now at the lakefront. 55 in our lives. 53 in dekalb. looking around the region at this hour, it is dry. a cold
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front is coming through it's very powerful there is some really cool air behind this. another day was warm temperatures and sunshine. aren't ppm we have the chance of clouds and then potentially a shower popping up tonight as the front moves through. it is very strong. it is a powerful front so as it comes through we think a light shower is possible into tomorrow. tuesday looks cooler. from short sleeves today near 80 degrees to only in the mid-60s to borrow. the jackets are back. 79 degrees for the high. today is the last day of this nice weather. isolated showers are possible tonight. tamara's high, 64. from 79 to 64. wednesday and we're back up to 75. let's check on the roads. >> you know your co- workers are listening because we had four people call
4:19 am
out last night. there are all out there listening. let's take a look a traffic. resurfacing on roosevelt starting at laramie going to pulaski. lange closures in place through november. everything looks good with the railroad crossing work they been working on this for some time. this will not be picked up until the 26 of the month. another stretch as well on 115 both directions are closed here that should be wrapped by 6:00. more traffic. good news coming your way in just a bit. >> coming up, a local world war two veteran is from the offered his box full of medals than he earned in battle. >> and in sports, increasing the field at the sell for one last time. and more bears and packers highlights. that's next.
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after a bumpy week, the stocks ended with gains. the dow up 167. nasdaq rose 45. s&p also up. >> good morning. just disappointing
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and frustrating. the bears short-handed defense having trouble with the quarterback from the packers but the trouble turned into a blowout. no answer even though they did get an aide and a half minute drive to open the game, cutler to marshall 7-0. but rogers threw two touchdowns and with the bears down, they go to bed at the short of the goal line. no timeouts left with some opportunity. third quarter 2417 for the packers. caller tries to squeeze between the defenders on first down. into the waiting arms of matthews. that one was on him the other was on marshall the bottom line is, 3817 for green bay. to cut their picks, neither his fault but part of the difference this afternoon. >> i thought we were moving the ball well. we're running the ball well. changing it up. i thought we called a good game. some unfortunate things
4:24 am
derailed. >> we have to get fresh up front. we have to get fresh up there. that's all there is to it. >> you have to be careful pressuring erin rogers. he's as good as it gets. having the right pressure at the right time certainly is something we have talked about. but we just couldn't get it done today. >> the bears fall 2- 2. down to carolina to take on the panthers next sunday. >>paul konerko's baseball career is officially over. the white sox weekend celebration of their captain ended yesterday afternoon. konerko went out to play first base in the 6-th inning, before he was pulled out. that let the crowd cheer, *paulie, one last time. konerko played for the sox for the past 16-seasons. on saturday night, the sox announced they're retiring his number and then unveiled a statue depicting his grand slam in the 2005 world series. the sox lost to the royals' 6-4. the
4:25 am
finished the season 73-89. that's an improvement of 10 wins from last year but still room for improvement. same record as the sox for the cubs. >>it's going to be a bad apple season. local orchards say, last winter's bitterly cold weather killed or damaged thousands of trees. then we had a cold, wet spring, including a hard frost in late may. as a consequence, the apple harvest will be much smaller this year than last. several orchards that normally let you pick you own... didn't even open this year. some orchard owners are calling it their worst crop ever. but they say, the apples that *did survive, are just as sweet as ever. >> thank you for clarifying all that. >> the winter keeps coming back to punched us every time. here we go. weather is going to be nice today. one more day of this really nice stuff. yesterday's high up
4:26 am
to 70. right now it's 55. 2:00 p.m. we are going to be at 78. 5:00 p.m., 76. 9:00 p.m. live 20 percent chance of showers. expect the rain into later today and into tonight. we can expect to see: temperatures as we get into tuesday. >> i appreciate you trying to cover me. or just going to go with it. we have a power outage we're dealing with not far from schaumburg. not getting a lot of details and as to when that power went out, but this point we hear it was a good stretch that in the dark. keeping our eye on that. we have a few other things out there, roadwork in ogden that will be in place for a few days. watch for slow patches through there. a few under construction. but overall the travel times look good. >>there's more to come in our next half-hour. --including the latest developments
4:27 am
in the fight against isis. and -- police expect to officially charge a man, today, in the beheading of a former co-worker in oklahoma. and a volcano erupts in japan. >> and ladies ... george clooney is off the market. he is a married man. we will have details on his big italian
4:28 am
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it's going to take some time but the faa hopes to have the aurora air traffic control tower center fixed in two weeks. >> a 13 year-old boy when half a dozen people killed in shootings around the city. >> protesters clashed with police in hong kong. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. >> we continue to see nice weather today. high temperatures in the '70s. warmer than normal. it's pretty comfortable right now. down in wadsworth its 52. more growth reading at 53. 61 at bling tepe school. into lincoln park reading at 61 as well. at nathaniel greene it's in the low 60s.
4:31 am
sublet composite shows we are dry today and then into tonight well after sunset slight chance of a shower which will really drop are temperatures. 76 by 5:00 p.m. when ticket to 79 this afternoon. cooler along the lake. only 64 on tuesday. that's a noticeable cool down. a 15 degree drop from one afternoon to the next. when say we're back up to 75. it's a monday. let's check on the roads. >> northern indiana, a semi accident the semi is completely rolled over into the ditch on fire. that's just west of i 94. right near indiana 249. keeping our eye on that. everything else is looking pretty good. quite a bit of construction will focus on the hotspots straight ahead. >>a 13 year old boy is among the dozen people who were shot
4:32 am
and killed over the weekend. the boy was found dead on the sidewalk talman last night. a 24 year old man was killed, in another shooting, near 85-th and escanaba. two people were wounded. police made no arrests in either shooting. over thirty people were shot in chicago since friday afternoon. a pilot was killed in a small plane crash in kendall county. the plane went down in a corn field around eight last night, in unincorporated plano ... about 60 miles southwest of chicago. a resident called 9- 1-1 after hearing the crash. it took officials a while to find the wreckage. the pilot's name is being withheld until his family is notified. the cause of the crash is under investigation. we're now being told, it'll take two *weeks to bring the aurora air traffic control center completely back online. o'hare airport is being hardest hit. tonya francisco is there. tonya? the line does not look good. >> i am told from airport employees that this line at
4:33 am
the security checkpoint is normal for a 4:30 a.m. on monday. so things are moving pretty well from what i am told from these airport employees. looking at the arrival and departure boards, there are about half a dozen cancellations already this morning. as we have been warning you, check for your airline before heading out. as of yesterday, airport capacity was operating at about 50 percent of normal traffic here at o'hare. a bit better at midway. 75 percent. but, it will be october 13th before the faa expects to get to the aurora control center where all these problems are coming from back to full service. work is underway to rebuild the control center after friday's devastating fire that senator dick durbin now says damaged 23 of 29 computer racks at the facility. the faa is bringing in
4:34 am
technicians from around the country for 24 hours a day to get the center back on line. in the meantime, the faa has moved air- traffic controllers who normally work at the facility like minneapolis and cleveland to help keep their traffic moving he will seek an investigation into how a contract employee was able to sabotage of the center and bring air-traffic in chicago to a halt. in the meantime, his grateful the faa has been doing a good job of restoring air-traffic. >> the faa has made a full term commitment to this. the employees are on 24 hour shifts to move into this as quickly as possible. they are hoping to notify the airlines today what to expect tomorrow in terms of airline capacity. they are hoping by the end of the week to be back into normal operations.
4:35 am
>> the faa did send a statement last night saying they are expecting improvement in air traffic today although it will not be back to full service. had a chance to talk to some passengers, most are coming in for a flight schedule today no one yet who has been rescheduled through all these ripple effects from friday's fire. we will have more later. as always, remember to check with your airline before you head to the airport. back to you. >> taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. dozens of pro- democracy protesters were hurt when police fired tear gas and used batons to break up a student-led demonstration. police say they retreated once protesters started acting more peacefully. thousands of people are protesting in key government and financial districts, against china's decision to allow only beijing- approved candidates to run in hong kong's elections. president obama admits, he
4:36 am
underestimated "isis." the islamist militants have seized much of iraq and syria, just months after the president characterized them as the "junior varsity." and now, he tells "60 minutes," the military campaign against "isis" is just an effort to buy time for iraq to build a government that unites shiites, sunnis and kurds against "isis." the bears recent struggles against the packers continued on the lakefront. the bears offense tallied nearly five- hundred yards, but only scored two touchdowns. jay cutler threw two costly interceptions, while aaron rodgers had four touchdowns and no picks. the bears lost 38-17 and fall to two- and two. demolition begins today in the renovation of wrigley field. crews are starting by tearing down the bleachers over left and right fields. stadium walls will be moved out, onto waveland and sheffield. the cubs' plan to have seven outfield signs and the new bleachers ready by next opening day. the only suspect in the beheading of a woman will be formally charged today. alton nolen is accused of murdering a former co-worker and another woman. nolen was fired from
4:37 am
a food processing plant in oklahoma, last thursday. police say he returned with a knife and attacked the first people he saw. one woman's head was cut off. another woman was stabbed several times. those who knew nolen say they're shocked by all this. >> they say what he did but i don't say he did it. that is not my son. >> he could tell he was different from everyone. but as for violence, we never thought that would come. >>nolen was shot and wounded by the company c-e-o, who's also a reserve deputy. police say nolen had a facebook profile under a different name with posts appearing to support islamic radicals. the cicero town president is getting political donations from a refuse pickup company with only a verbal contract with the town. harlan recycling has collected the waste since 2001. he took office in 2005. since his arrival the company has been paid $15 million without having to
4:38 am
bid for business. and the owner given $130,000 to the political fund. officials insist the agreement is completely competitive with prices. >> news you can use, it turns are raking leaves can be risky for your heart. psychologists from the cardiac rehabilitation unit say raking is primarily an arm exercises pleasing more stress on the heart that activities in which you use your legs. the recommend taking precautions like warming up beforehand, rest when you get tired, also wear gloves and use a standard break, stay hydrated, in gauger legs and we're supportive shoes. >> who says researchers are boring? five experts in sweden had a dead who could use the most lyrics from a bob dylan song in their papers. they write articles about other scientific research they started using lines like blowing in the wind and times they are
4:39 am
changing. according to the debt, the writer is that the most references into their work wins a free lunch. >> good morning. early today, i don't have a bob dylan reference. i can do it. i remember him more from the brady bunch reruns. that's about it. 60 degrees in chicago. 53 in kenosha. 51 degrees in rochelle. satellite composite shows we are dry. expect to see dry this morning and this afternoon but tonight, a cold front to the north will make its way here. not much moisture out there but it is a strong front. we have the 20 percent chance of rain developing after the sun goes down tonight into early tomorrow. the big news with this passage is that we will be at 79 today. tomorrow's high temperature in the afternoon only 64. from day to day about a 15 degree drop. into wednesday
4:40 am
with climb up to 75. sunshine. another cooled down in time for the weekend. more on that in the 70 forecast. >> coming up, the latest after a deadly bulky no direction in japan. >> and new york pays tribute to derek jeter. >> and jennifer lopez in a car accident. >> and the simpsons- family guy crossover episode. more on that coming up.
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so i figured "hey, i get it. kids get stains", but we have these three beautiful little girls and they make us look like amateurs. so i'm living in a world of tiny sweaters and dolphins and weird, greasy, mystery stains. but, this tide ultra stain release has a crazy amount of cleaning power and a pretreat zap cap that helps me get out pretty much any stain. can i help? awww. just kidding! she got me. now try tide ultra stain release, the newest tide liquid detergent that helps remove 99% of everyday stains. rescue operations continue today on japan's mount ontake .. after the volcano inexpertly erupted this weekend. five more bodies
4:44 am
were recovered, bringing the total to 36. people were trapped when the volcano suddenly erupted saturday. helicopters pulled nineteen people from the summit yesterday rescuers carried even more people down the slopes. forty additional hikers were injured in the eruption. an american doctor who was exposed to ebola in sierra leone, is now at the national institutes of health clinical center in maryland. the doctor is not infected, but he was brought there to be cautious. the n-i-h currently testing an experimental ebola vaccine on human volunteers that did well in chimpanzees. its taken more than 70 years, but a world war two army hills finally got his medals ... all nine of them. 90-year-old daniel basil was honored during a ceremony yesterday. he was a heavy machine gunner who saved the lives of ten fellow soldiers in 1943, by blocking a bunker they were using to hide from the germans. outlook on life was never the same after
4:45 am
that. >> every day seems like a new day and people that are grumpy and grouchy and all that try to help the mount. but i like to see people happy. >>the bronze star and purple heart are just nine of the medals basil received yesterday. he never got them after the war, and says he never requested them. so, his family did. here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... new york jets quarterback geno smith dropped an f- bomb on a fan, after his team lost to the detroit lions yesterday. on the heels of the jets' lost to *chicago last week, a lot of jets fans want michael *vick to replace smith at q.b. and one fan got in smith's face about it, as he left the field. smith says he's sorry about the profanity... he says his emotions got the better of him. new york had one more tribute to retiring yankee
4:46 am
derek jeter. the empire state building was glowing in blue last night. jeter's last game was sunday, in boston. he hit an r-b-i single, before he was removed from the game in the third inning. even the fans of the rival red sox gave him a standing ovation. jennifer lopez and friend leah remini were rear-ended by an intoxicated driver saturday night in california. it happened along the pacific coast highway in malibu. j-lo talked about the accident on instagram saying: "riding high right before some drunk fool rear ended us in my new whip!!!" the driver took off but was later arrested by police. no one was injured. last night's "simpsons" and "family guy" crossover episode was huge hit among viewers. we won't reveal any spoilers, but a character death left everyone mourning. despite the morbid part, fans's enjoyed peter griffin and homer mocking the long-time rivalry between the shows. "the simpsons aren't even funny anymore," griffin said. the fight ended with the two agreeing to "stay a half hour away from each
4:47 am
other," in programming. >> good morning. i'm going back to jennifer lopez. what did she say again some full hit me in my whip? that's a good song. to look as we had outside, 61 degrees at lane tech high school. elsewhere we find temperatures 53 at the millennium school in homewood. in chicago heights it is 53. visibility like this, joliet, under 2 mi.. lansing about 4 mi.. midway about 10. if your flight is still there fog won't be a problem. satellites composite shows we are dry across the region. as we get into tonight, there is a 20 percent chance for showers. >> we are watching an earlier rollover accident involving a some line in the northern end of indiana was by 94 where it intersects with 249 that
4:48 am
cleared. to roll over accidents have popped up. will take a look in a minute. booking at the resurfacing project that starts today to 2015 not picked up until june it will be there for awhile at barrington road. that will cause reductions on both sides. you will see single lanes for some time through there. that starts this morning and it will be in place all the way through the beginning of next summer. >> time for the early bird special. today is "national coffee day." so the question is coffee-related... which espresso is diluted with water? is it americano, cappucino, or mocha? if you know the answer, log onto w- g-n t-v dot com slash contests *now. you could win four, one-day passes to the mecum auctions. the winner will be chosen later today. >> coming up, cooled
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new tech tools. >> and details on george clooney is big wedding in italy. who showed up. we will tell you next.
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some great interest rates. a lens that makes your pictures pop, a simple way to prop up your phone and a wallet that works great. >> just when you thought you couldn't love your gizmo's anymore, these accessories might bring in even more gadget bliss. for years, i phone users have enjoyed an ad on lands at letting you get creative with photos. >> now have a fork in the one that lends for the galaxy. >> flip it on for fish i and two levels of macro for $70. for drowning in cords, get organized with the accord cocoon, feed in a cable and roll it up.
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>> then just pull out the links you need. >> it's great for me to freaks. next, a super useful keep. >> it holds your phone, so small you could carry it everywhere and it fits on your key chain. >> pop it into the leading ports and you can video chat, watch movies or take a picture. if your phone doesn't start with and i use the headphone jack for the same effect works with many models only $13. and the perfect accessory for upcoming at volpe, did your credit cards you will still need id and the occasional cash. >> this holds them both right on the back of your phone. >> 12th fun and colors become rubber, peel and stick. you will be stuck with less to carry. only $12. >> less is more. finally, for all the products of a feature you confine them on our website. it's the tech report dot tv. >> as we sit here
4:54 am
weeping silently,george clooney is officially off the market! hollywood's *former most eligible bachelor married british human rights attorney amal alamuddin in venice, italy saturday. celebrity guests included matt damon, cindy crawford, bono and anna wintour. the happy couple were seen departing their hotel sunday on a taxi boat. a civil ceremony is expected to take place at venice's town hall today. and another online nude photo week leak. 65 hit the internet. a number of other stars were also targeted. a leak allow devices to be hacked photos of more than 100 female celebrities were leaked. >> if you could change the world what we do? >> capturing the top spot at the box office, the action thriller the equalizer. it turned
4:55 am
$35 million over. the maze runner number 2, the box troll's took third and this is where i leave you fantail to round up the top five. >> let's take another look at your forecast. >> early today we continue to see fairly and column conditions. current temperature in the low 50s. we will see some fog early on. but not much. today, more warm temperatures, 79 for the high. chance of showers develops this evening after 9:00 p.m.. the big deal is the temperature drop. bars high 15 degrees cooler. that's the forecast. back to the studio. >> we have to separate rollover crashes. this is the third one this morning. one of chicago and springfield it's in chicago and springfield. the second in the lynwood. this is a glenwood the direct road just east of stoney island. we will let you know once that clears the we do have these delays. more traffic
4:56 am
in just a few minutes. >> in your morning headlines are next.
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