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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  October 1, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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ebola is diagnosed in the united states for the first time. we'll have the latest developments, in a *live report. we're learning more about the man who set fire to an f-a-a facility in aurora, as the 9-1- 1 calls are released. and clean-up is underway in humboldt park after riot fest, with repair costs *tripling last year's. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. nice glasses. >> i do with it and occasionally women don't feel like putting in the context. a local police today. >> so what time did you wake up? 1:55 a.m.? >> it's been awful big difference. >> you look good. this today we
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had drizzle which just would not go away. we reached only 58 degrees yesterday. down from 83 of the day before. now the temperatures are headed back up. lots more sunshine today. 14 degrees warmer. a bit of a breeze off the lake. enjoy it today because after today and into tomorrow to rain will come through and temperatures will be up and down. 55 degrees in chicago. 46 in lansing. sublet composite shows we are dry early on. a line of showers and storms heads through western iowa. we think the rain won't develop until well after sunset this evening. 71 decreased by 5:00 p.m.. here is the 3 day forecast. official high, 72. cooler along the lake. and storms are likely on thursday. temperatures are going to wrong way.
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>> we are starting to write way for traffic. it has been nice and quiet. as good as it's going to get. on the kennedy it's wide-open. it looks like this point we about light volume systemwide. we are dealing with the ongoing project with the road crossing. it will wrap up until friday. a few more days of these posted detour is north and south bound. here's a picture where you can see the main railroad crossing through downtown barricaded off. giving you the sense of the detours. easily adding another 5-7 minutes to your commute. >> a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed on the city's south side. the teen was shot several times just after six last night in the 73-hundred block of south south shore drive. the boy's name has not been released. police say he was a documented
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gang member, and they have not made any arrests. an early morning alert in lincoln park after a woman is sexually assaulted. it happened early sunday morning along the 25-hundred block of north lincoln avenue. police say a man grabbed a 24- year-old woman as she was walking. he dragged her into an alley, sexually assaulted her and ran off. police are still looking for him. a patient in texas is the first case of ebola to be diagnosed in the united states. now health workers are tracking down people the patient has had contact with. here's a little bit about him....he flew in from liberia on september 19-th but wasn't showing any symptoms until a few days later. it turns out ebola is only contagious when there are symptoms. that means everyone who was on that plane should be o-k. the ambulance crew that transported the patient is now in isolation, as a precaution. >> it is possible that some
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where contact with this individual, a member or other individual could develop ebola. but there is no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here. >>the american doctors who were infected with ebola, and were treated in the u-s, all recovered. an experimental drug, called z- mapp, was given to the first two patients. but officials say that drug is no longer available. tonya francisco in the newsroom, with more on how *local health officials are reacting to this.. tonya? local doctors we spoke to say it was inevitable that a case of ebola would be diagnosed in the u-s because we are - after all at the center of global travel with ohare airport -- but they also say hospitals in most big cities like chicago are ready. dr. robert murphy is the it's never going to be a huge outbreak. of your body is so up on it right now. >> the director of northwesterns center for global health. he says while ebola is a big concern... because 40 to 50 percent of patients die from the disease, he says the difference here is that u-s doctors and
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hospital are better equipped to treat the patient and prevent the disease from spreading. he says the problem in west africa was poor infrastructure and a lack of resources. symptoms of ebola mirror that of the flu but the key is whether you have travelled to an area where is ebola is present. dr. susan bleasdale is an infectious disease specialist at the uic medial center. both the illinois and chicago people should be assured that its is only going to be someone that has a significant exposure. other the have come from west africa in the last 21 days or they are someone in texas that has been associated with these identified people. >> the illinois and chicago departments of health have issued statements trying to reassure the public that the texas ebola case does not pose a threat to people. they also point out they have been working with healthcare workers in hospital and other settings to make sure they are aware and
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prepared for any possible ebola cases. reporting from the newsroom, tonya francisco, wgn news. health officials had warned that the blockpresident obama arrives in chicago this evening for an overnight stay. but "air force one" won't touch down in chicago. it has to land in gary, because the ongoing closure of the f-a- a's aurora air traffic control center makes landing at o'hare or midway too unreliable. it's the first time a presidential visit to chicago will start in gary. we're learning more about the man charged with setting the fire that crippled the f-a-a's aurora facility. >>brian howard of naperville used his facebook page to *announce his plan to set the fire. he was disgruntled over america's foreign policy, and the laziness of government employees. he said america *deserves the
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retribution terrorists are inflicting upon it. right now, howard faces only a single count of destroying aircraft facilities...that's up to 20 years in prison. as far as the airports go...85 percent of scheduled flights are back on schedule. the rest should be restored by october 13-th. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. police in carpentersville say they have a person in custody for the stabbing death of a woman. the woman was found dead monday night in a home in the one hundred block of south lincoln avenue. a neighbor made the discovery after hearing a disturbance at the home. police say the murder appears to be domestic-related. neighbors say two sisters live in the home. the victim's name has not been released. the murder case against joshua miner is now in the hands of a will county judge. closing arguments in miner's trial ended yesterday. he's charged with luring two men to a joliet apartment to rob them, then strangling them when they fought back. a verdict is expected next wednesday. police in plainfield are warning residents after a string of burglaries. homes, cars and garages were
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targeted. authorities say six burglaries took place monday night -- all with no signs of forced entry. they happened in the eagle chase, spring bank and pheasant chase subdivisions. anyone with any information is asked to contact police. taxi reform could be coming to chicago. no fare increase...good for you the passenger. not so good for taxi drivers who want it. a proposed ordinance would create an online system where riders can contact a dispatching system to all cabs in the city. its to help them compete with ride-sharing companies. taxi companies are also getting some of their fees and fines lowered. riot fest may have been fun, but now organizers are left paying to clean up the mess. repairs and clean up efforts are expected to begin this week in humboldt park... costing festival organizers 182- thousand dollars. that's triple the cost of last year's clean-up. however, last year's fest covered nearly half the area. the park will remain open during repairs. organizers at this years lollapalooza paid about 266- thousand dollars to clean-up the mess left at grant park. if you're not happy with your
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current living location, maybe it's time to move... and a new list reveals which states are the happiest. utah topped the list -- based on 27 factors including mental and physical health.... and job security. minnesota grabbed the second place spot and rounding off the top three -- north dakota. >> at north dakota always makes these lame lists. >> illinois landed smack-dab in the middle at twenty-five. and the most unhappy state ?? -- that title goes to west virginia. glad i'm not there. >> we are on nationally from 4- 5. >> good morning to the valley town in west virginia. i don't know much about utah. >> they may be watching as well. >> they might be watching but they don't have internet yet. let's check get our day. the mills are going to come in soon.
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here are the current temperatures. down to chicago heights with the current temperature of 44. we are dry right now. it should change tonight. we will have a high temperature warmer 72 by this afternoon. 76 on thursday. temperatures will fall down to 67 through the '60s down to 41 by early saturday morning. saturday is another:. a high of 52. >>coming up ... a califoria mayor is found fatally shot by his wife. what happened, next. and -- two school shootings, in two different states. plus -- doctors are investigating whether the enterovirus is to blame, for children's paralysis. and -- the bears-packers rivalry lives on ... we'll have the story behind this picture that's gone viral.
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a mayor was shot and killed during an argument with his wife. daniel crespo was the mayor of bell gardens, in california. police say he was arguing with his wife, when their 19-year old son got involved. they say crespo and the son were in a physical fight, when the wife shot crespo several times. the wife was taken into custody, but she has not been charged with a crime. the couple had been married since 19-86. two high school shootings in one day... in north carolina, a student shot a classmate during an argument.
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it happened in a courtyard outside the school's front entrance yesterday... before classes began. the victim was wounded in the leg, but no word on his condition. the suspect gave himself up to police, and officers recovered the gun. students were later evacuated and sent home for the day. and in louisville, kentucky... police say a teenager shot another student. that student should be ok and was treated at a hospital. the school was immediately put on lockdown. u.s. marshalls later arrested the suspect a short distance from the school. searchers in pennsylvania say an accused cop killer is slipping up. fugitive eric frein is hiding out in the pocono mountains, almost three weeks after the sniper shooting of two state troopers. one of them died. searchers discovered two fully functional pipe bombs they say frein left behind at an abandoned campsite. police say the discovery indicated that frein is stressed out, and starting to make mistakes. if frein isn't caught by this weekend, deer hunting season in that section of woods will likely be cancelled. a team of experts from the centers for disease control are in denver this week - trying to
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figure out if the enterovirus is to blame for the mysterious paralysis of ten children. all of the children had paralysis in their arms and torso and problems speaking and swallowing. four of them tested positive for the enterovirus 68. doctors believe the paralysis was caused by an inflammation of the spinal cord but no a link between all of the patients. the c-d-c says similar cases have been reported across the country but not in a cluster like in denver. this just may be the world's happiest mugshot. take a look. this is michael whitington of denver. the picture was taken a week ago, after whitington was arrested for bank robbery. police caught him on a light- rail train on the city's downtown mall. his winning smile notwithstanding, whitington remains in jail until he stands trial. >> a poor guy there.
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>> he's just trying to rob a bank. >> he deserves more famous than the guy with the pretty mug shot. i'm a little more comfortable seeing that guy. 54 degrees right now. wind at 6 mi.. samlet composite shows we are completely dry. drizzle that was here for most of yesterday but today only a trace of grain was reported at the airport. just a long duration. now we see all the rain out to the west. it will move through portions of iowa. a slow moving but powerful system bringing a cold and warm front to the region. we are dry today. into tonight the chance of rain increases with each hour. potential for showers late tonight. as get into thursday and especially if we
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get sunshine early on, potential for storms as we complete first- aid. maybe a heavy rain. then we begin to cool down again. today's high temperature, 72. miles high temperature is up to 76. 80 percent chance of rain. friday we have temperatures falling during the day. we will be down into the upper 50s by the afternoon. >> here's a look at some things out on the roads. good news and bad news. let's start with the less attractive part of my forecast. this is the on ramp to i 94 it will be closed until 5:00. construction has not let up there at all. watch for that. the good news is it should be picked up in the next hour. this division street bridge was not due to be finished until the end of october but it reopened early. this is that stretch at
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halston and hooker with had to replace the bridge that was demolished over the summer. as of yesterday car started to go over that and it looks like everything is moving pretty well. those are out there will have some trouble times and some other hot spots coming in just a few minutes. >> coming up, it's cute take on the bears-packers rivalry. and -- the bulls take to the court for the first time this season... details, next in sports. >> alloys as people of this book where i should go next. this company in lake zurich travels all over the area cleaning out the most overwhelming situations. i went with them for an afternoon and got my hands dirty. there are also helping some people in the process. it's a good story. it's coming up.
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the bull's wasted no time getting down to business. training camp is open and their crews and company took to court for the first time. a chance to reunite with some familiar faces and welcome new ones. the new advocates center on the west side, rose is not the only one coming back from injury. no less and his summer we have been from
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injury. excited to welcome new players to the bulls' front court. and then there are the keys to the bulls hope, will he do anything different after the injuries wrecked years? >> everybody asks that. i don't know. what more do you guys want? i'm going to try to play a regular game and take shots look at the game to see what's missing led rebound or assists whatever category is missing i will just filling in with the way that i play. >> contract talks involving butler and his current deal expiring in about a month. working on a new one. but the fourth year swing man doesn't seem to be worried. teammates say you can't tell. he has the support of the rose himself. >> you can't tell. he's just try
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to take it more seriously that's all we can ask for. we are really going to need him to make the outside shots. >> i want to be here. i think they want me here. however long it takes as long as we get it worked out ever be has a different background and a different family situation. for me, i need to lock myself into the game. the talk about with the family but they say the same thing, the more you put your mind into your work, that's the less time to think about it. >> the bulls open the season four weeks from tonight. have a great wednesday. >>words may not express the frustration bears fans felt about that loss to the packers on sunday.. but this picture sums it up. kellan and kyler are twin brothers who live in wisconsin. kellan is crying in a bears jersey, while kyler looks proud
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in the packers jersey. this picture eventually went viral. it was originally sent to their grandmother, who bought the jerseys because their mother is a bears fan. so when sunday came, she had to figure out who was going to wear what. the family is already talking >> he was crabby. i put the packers jersey on him thinking he might be sad in the picture. it didn't turn out that way because the happy baby got very mad after put the jersey on. >> it's easy to get crabby after that game. the family is already talking about who wears what, when the bears and packers play again on november 9-th. the dad, who is a packers fan, says they should keep it the same. the mantra of the dead the say that. >> we should follow up with them every few years to see how they're doing. in case one winds up the packers fan.
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>> the pressure is on for them. anything but yesterday for weather. yesterday's high and was 58 degrees. we are at 54 already. 70 degrees by 2:00 p.m.. we are dry to the day with the rain coming through tonight. the rain for thursday. here's traffic. >> i'm trying to bring it up. those hoping you could stretch of lumber. resurfacing work from them during to wacker will the employees through next friday. it will take a bit longer to get to those delays especially during rush hour. and the the know the we're still dealing with the closure. to left lanes blocked until 5:00 outbound kennedy between jackson and chicago. right now not causing huge delays. running 10- 15 mi. below the posted speed limit. as to get closer to 5:00 things could get caught up. everything else is looking pretty good. a few other spots of construction coming up
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straight ahead. >> still more to come. one woman's lawsuit over a sperm donor mixup. >> another country joins in the fight against isis. >> new security breach involving the president in an elevator. >> ny one parent got really mad after a teacher refused to serve her cookies to her class. good morning, i'm dan ponce.
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ebola diagnosed in the u.s. and for the first time. the latest in a live report. >> overnight the latest numbers on crime in the city revealed some good news. >> the president is doing something never before done with a visit to chicago today. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. let's go to demetrius ivy for a check of the weather. >> not a popular guy yesterday. >> you get the mails and the phone calls? >> i was in a witness protection. 58 degrees yesterday. that was down from 83 the night before. for a lot of people it was just not very nice. 41 degrees right now. we are at 56. we will redeem ourselves today. temperatures will be back in the low '70's.
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sunshine coming our way. it will only last for one day. after that we get cooler for the weekend. but showers and storms on thursday. today, sunshine. 72. 76 degrees tomorrow. >> let's go to the jane addams we have a stretch causing delays not been picked up until late november. westbound from 992294 squeezing down to a few lands. you can see it's not causing any big delays. different story as we move into the seven and 8:00 hour when it gets caught up. also, division street bridge this was not supposed to be open until the end of october. but the finished early. that's good news for drivers who have been struggling to get around the detours between division i mean halsted and hooker. of an open up yesterday. so once again everyone is making it through. more travel times coming out. >>
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a patient in texas the first case of ebola in the u.s.. >>now health workers are tracking down people the patient has had contact with. the patient's name is not released, but we know he flew in from liberia on september 19-th. he was not showing any symptoms until a few days later. doctors say ebola is only contagious when there are symptoms. that should mean everyone who was on that airplane is o-k. you would also have to have had contact with an infected person's bodily fluids, to catch the disease.. the ambulance crew that transported the patient is now in isolation, as a precaution. you have to make contact with bodily fluids to catch it. local doctors say chicago is ready *if ebola ever comes here. tonya francisco is in the newsroom with more. tonya? >> of both the illinois and chicago department of health say ebola does not propose a significant risk to the people
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of illinois but they are committed to keeping an eye out for the disease and had been working with health professionals to make sure they are prepared to deal with the case if it presents itself. doctors we spoke to our not surprised that ebola has made its way to the u.s.. >> that was just a matter of time before that happens. it happened a week ago. it will happen again and it will happen in europe because the amount of travel that occurs today between africa, even just west africa, is enormous. >> the doctor is the director of the center for global health at northwestern. health care workers in the u.s. are better equipped to handle the disease than officials in west africa. there is the lack of resources that led to widespread disease. doctors here say because the texas patient was not diagnosed until the second visit to the hospital, this case will hopefully heightened our awareness and prepared this. >> in the u.s., it is unlikely
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that this would spread in the manner that it has in west africa. the people who have been exposed to this next patient at risk? guess they are. but they're not symptomatic this point and any future exposure would hopefully be limited. >> it will present itself with the flu. testing is easy, results are in hours. but if you're not travel to an area where the disease is present or if you have not had contact with anyone who has the disease, dr. says he should not be too concerned. back to you. >>america has a new partner in its air war against "isis." australian warplanes will start flying over iraq, to support the allied campaign to push "isis" fighters back from key cities like baghdad. australia's prime minister says he's awaiting final approval for those planes to take the next step... dropping bombs. *british planes conducted their first airstrikes in iraq yesterday. they targeted an "isis" heavy-
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weapon position that was attacking kurdish forces. could be the worst day yet astens of hundreds of thousands of protests packed the streets of hong kong for a third straight night - calling for a democracy. the protests are expected to grow even larger today as the country celebrates china's national day. many workers have the day off for the holiday. protestors are calling for the resignation of hong kong's leader leung chun-ying after he demanded they end the protests immediately. the chinese government has blocked reporting of the protests in china and censored posts on instagram. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. chicago police have issued a community alert for the lincoln park area after a woman is sexually assaulted. the attack happened early sunday morning as the 24-year- old woman walked along the 25- hundred block of north lincoln avenue. police say a man grabbed her by the hand and fondled her. he then allegedly dragged her into an alley and sexually assaulted her. the suspect then ran off. murders in chicago this year have dropped to the lowest number since 1965. according to the chicago police department, crime statistics
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for the first nine months of this year show murders in the city are down seven percent over the same period last year. overall crime has dropped 14 percent. however, shootings were up five percent. the murder case against joshua miner is now in the hands of a will county judge. closing arguments in miner's trial ended yesterday. he's charged with luring two men to a joliet apartment to rob them, then strangling them when they fought back. a verdict is expected next wednesday. president obama's plane won't touch down in chicago today. instead the president's visit will begin in gary. air force one has to land there, because the ongoing closure of the f-a-a's aurora air traffic control center is making a landing at o'hare or midway too unreliable. it's the first time a presidential visit to chicago will start in gary. the president's personal security was breached days before an intruder got inside the white house. we're now learning that an armed man was in an elevator
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with the president at the c-d-c two weeks ago. the man was a private security contractor. a secret service official says they realized he had a gun *after he was taking pictures and behaving unprofessionally. the secret service is supposed to be in charge with who can carry firearms around the president. the contractor was not considered a threat. that elevator incident happened three days before someone got inside the white house with a knife. yesterday, secret service director julia pierson apologized before a house committee. omar gonzalez jumped the white house fence and walked past several rooms before he was captured. pierson says that breach of security is unacceptable. >> american people want to know if the president is safe. i want to know if we can rely on reports. >> we are all outraged with how this incident came to pass. that is why i have asked for a full review. it is obvious that mistakes were made. >> the front door where he entered now has automatic locks. neither
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the president nor his family were there during the breach. >>a teacher's "crisis backpack" - used for lockdown emergencies - stolen at a suburban elementary school. the missing items in that lincoln prairie school crisis backpack... contains personal information about all the students. as some worry, school officials say it's taking extra steps to keep this from happening in the future... as well as making parents feel at ease. >> i have taken steps to make sure that this doesn't occur at any of our other schools. >> it was a breach but i do trust them completely. they took a handle on it and sent us the amount away. >>the district is working with the hoffman estates police department to find who took the backpack. i n the meantime, security experts suggest flagging your child's name with the top credit bureaus... in case someone tries to steal their identity. a white woman from ohio is suing a downers grove sperm bank, accusing the company of mistakenly giving her sperm from an african-american donor. jennifer cramblett and her same-sex partner ordered sperm of a white donor in september
4:38 am
2011 but the midwest sperm bank sent her the wrong vials. cramblett says raising her two- year-old mixed-race daughter in an all-white community has been stressful and difficult. the sperm bank is not commenting on the lawsuit but did apologize for the mix up in 2011 and refunded her money. a woman decided, the appropriate place for a feminist crusade, was her daughter's second-grade classroom. she showed up with cookies for the class -- a little more graphic than these. the cookies were shaped like, well, "lady parts"... complete with sprinkles to represent different anatomical features. the teacher refused to give the cookies to the kids without, ummm, waxing" them first. so mom stormed out... and fired off an angry email to the teacher, saying she should be *proud of her female equipment... and saying she hopes the teacher ends up with an abusive husband. the mother also pulled her daughter out of school. that's illegal much.
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>> robin and larry would have just shouted that out. >> so much for keeping it classes. the word was written at the bottom of your screen. >> but she censored it. >> she kept a classy. that's good. here are the current temperatures. wind out of the south at 6 mi.. we are at 54 across these areas here. down in waukegan is 54. morris is at 47. the issue yesterday was the high temperatures were not far from that. upper 50s at o'hare. a trace of rain. we did have that drizzled lasted through the day. the only a trace. we found some rain well out to the west. don't expect to see any today. but 70 tuesday. charles high back up to 76 with an 80 percent chance of showers and storms. wash your mouth out with soap now.
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>> still ahead, hundreds of chickens are killed on a california farmer. the latest on who did it and michael phelps is arrested for drunk driving. what he is saying now. >> and trending, care ready for tetras. tetra's the movie. details are coming up. are you good at that game? i'm pretty good.
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stocks continue to fall on tuesday. the dow dropped 28 points. nasdaq down 12. s-and-p fell 5. some hospitals are starting to ask patients to pay for services *upfront .. or before they're
4:44 am
discharged. in the past, neither patients nor providers knew the exact price until later. but now technology allows hospitals to determine patient responsibility in advance. with many patients now carrying *larger deductibles on their health insurance.. hospitals say they don't want to get stuck with patients who can't pay. patients can request to wait for the bill to go through insurance. here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... a california intruder snuck onto a farm... killing 920 chickens with a golf club. it happened in a foster farms chicken shed in fresno county. deputies arrived to find part of the farms fence pulled back... and part of a golf club was found nearby. foster farms is offering a five-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the chicken killer. detectives are investigating. the f-c-c is repealing its blackout rule for n-f-l games. that rule kept local channels from broadcasting games that were not sold out. but that rule appears to be
4:45 am
outdated now that the n-f-l is a multi-billion dollar business, and only two games were blacked out last season. the n-f-l still has blackout rules in their private contracts with broadcasters and cable companies. michael phelps was arrested early yesterday morning on a d- u-i charge. according to police... the olympic swimmer was driving nearly 40 miles over the speed limit, and failed field sobriety tests. phelps tweeted an apology -- saying he is deeply sorry, and takes full responsibility for his actions. this is phelps' second d-u-i arrest in ten years. student you can watch your favorite childhood game on the big screen. wall street journal reports the tetrix company is facing a film on the game. at this point there are no directors or casts but the story is written. those working on it say it will be big and epic. marcus is laughing right now. they said app. the promise it won't be just a bunch of shapes running around.
4:46 am
>> it will be a guy floating a van. two hours of loading a van. >> people always yelling at him. >> to ever play the game? >> i don't think so i really like real videogames. i do know what the game is. little blocks all and you have to fit them into certain places. it's my turn. these blocks are falling together ... 56 degrees right now. waukegan is a 56 as well. elsewhere the satellite composite shows we are dry. today, not like yesterday inches high was 58. today we are in the low 70's with some sunshine. the seven days forecast " shows a good rain coming tomorrow. now i need erin to name to videogames. the have to deal with this.
4:47 am
>> donkey kong and pac-man. >> name any after 1980's. >> south bound to nine for the ramp to westbound will be closed basically through monday. we have our eyes on that. it has been slow for some time. over to the candy, slow traffic at jackson and chicago. to left lanes blocked until 5:00. another 30 minutes before the pick that up. we'll light volume of there. if you're heading in the early a could pay off. >> don't you agree that nobody over the age of 25 should be plenty of games? >> i completely disagree with that. we played more videogames. and waiting for my kids get older some complain together. maybe when he turns like three years old. >> it's all about hand and eye
4:48 am
coordination. i was asked years where i should go. one of the places was a company called junk remedy. this sort through and remove stuff from pretty much anywhere matter how overwhelming this situation may be. wanted to get my hands dirty so we tagalong on one of their recent jobs. >> years of collecting. >> it's a came in the bookcase. >> accumulating. ice skates. >> anything. >> this is when he was sworn in. >> we have seen the stories before. homeowners to become orders, overwhelmed by so much stuff that can hardly moved inside their own home. >> we are helping them to sell their house but to do that we have to get them the best. >> the real estate adviser says it's no easy task. >> all different levels of houses to be cleaned out. this
4:49 am
one was full to the ceiling. all four levels. to sell the home we have to go through everything. >> to get the job done the call on these guys, >> i don't know who made it but it's cool and somebody will buy it. >> one of the owners of junk remedies, based in lake zurich, the travel over the chicago area digging out and cleaning up the most overwhelming situations. making homes that look like this ... go back to looking like this. >> i think everyone walks around with stuff. we'll have issues. it's overwhelming and especially when you deal with a situation where somebody has to much stuff, it's almost like a disease as well. we are here to help. we're very respectful. >> they don't just dig through and throw everything out. >> people collecting this. who knows there may be one in here
4:50 am
that makes it well worth it. >> the team scours through every last thing make looking for a valuable items to be stalled sold in an estate sale. >> it's a spindle for sewing. this probably has value. >> where was this? >> behind the door covered in trash. >> when we arrived at this home they had already pulled 10 trucks out. >> it's the equivalent of 160 cubic yards. if you had 20 yd dumpsters it would be eight of those. let's go to the basement. >> the co-owner has been working in this business since i school. he told us how it has become more than just a job. there really feel like they are making a difference. >> every day is different. you feel like you're helping. we are a service of people are grateful and i can see the end results. we help them out of a bind. >> here's the information. they
4:51 am
are out in lake circ. the number is on the screen. if you know somebody in a situation for you are yourself, the biggest thing out there is how they don't just clean up the don't judge people i think we're all predisposed to judge people have become the living like this but these people don't do that their use to the situations and they can tackle pretty much anything. and i know i could never do it. i was completely overwhelmed in there. but it's pretty cool that they do this. >> coming up, tracy morgan fires back at walmart. >> enough of the twilights of the? details on a new movie.
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when they wake up dry in pampers. while ordinary diapers have 2 layers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers. so they stay up to three times drier. for up to twelve hours of protection. and good mornings. pampers. tracy morgan says he did
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nothing wrong and cannot believe that walmart is blaming him, for the accident that left him in critical condition, and his friend dead.. on monday, walmart responded to a negligence lawsuit filed morgan, denying responsibility, saying the injuries could have been avoided if the passengers were wearing seatbelts. in june, a truck driven by walmart employee, crashed into morgans limo. the lawsuit states the driver
4:55 am
was working under unreasonable conditions. a founding guitarist of ac-dc, malcolm young, is suffering from dementia. the 61-year-old musician announced his retirement from the band last week. he originally took a break back in april due to undisclosed health reasons. the bands posted a message on their website, thanking die hard fans for support and asking for privacy during this time. ac-dc says they're planning to release a 17-th studio album, and go on world tour in 20-15. the 'twilight saga' is returning with five short films on facebook. they will be based on the twilight characters, however without the star power of the original cast. female panelists-- including kristen stewert, twilight author stephanie meyer, kate winslet, and octavia spenser-- will choose from five aspiring female directors to direct the films. titled "new creative voices of the twilight saga," they will premiere exclusively on the social network next year. >> after the big 58 degree temperature from yesterday we should get warmer today. high is up to 72. we are dry today and
4:56 am
into tomorrow. good chance of showers and storms. temperatures tumble for the weekend. >> coming up at 5:00, more on ebola in america. >> an amazing selfie with the largest creature on earth. we will be right back. just tell us your budget and the "name your price" tool helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called... the "name your price" tool... it isn't a dream, is it? nope. sorry! you know that thing freaks me out. he can hear you. he didn't mean that, kevin. kevin: yes, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive.
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