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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  October 16, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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the newest ebola patient from texas arrives in atlanta to receive special treatment, while new questions are raised about her weekend trip. special screenings begin today at o'hare airport for passengers arriving from countries hit hard by the ebola outbreak. a man working at a haunted house in the suburbs is arrested after being accused of behaving inappropriately toward several women. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. any good news for the weekend? >> after the few days we've had it all looking good. we've had rain all week. >> i didn't like it. >> finally we have some dry land
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coming today. it's looking better. but you do have to wait morning drizzle was some light showers and the clouds will be applicable lieberman. high temperature in the upper 50s. basically where we should be. yesterday we started off with a morning low of 50 degrees. reached only 55. more movement today. 51 in chicago. 49 in dekalb. rochelle at 50. with all this saturated ground fog that will be an issue. skeds will clear up the fog will develop. inevitability is only 2 mi.. only 3 mi. in kankakee. radar shows shara's continuing across northwest counties and some white sprinkles across much of chicago. that will linger through the morning than the system continues to pull out to the east. we will try out later
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today. by noon, 57. by 5:00 p.m. we are at 62. today's official high is 63. clouds on friday to high-temperature 64. saturday as live showers 54. a cool weekend. >> the rain is good for sleeping which is good. we can all appreciate that. we do have some construction to watch their trying to paint this bridge but this rain is not helping. this is along the lasalle street bridge. everything is shut down there. i imagine they're not making a lot of progress with all the rain coming down prolonging the project. huge construction project at lasalle and washington where they are replacing a 100 year-old water main. also the underground electrical viaduct. this will be shut down through december 21st. you will have limited
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blini usage but you can't turn left. avoid that if you can it will be a pain. more hot spots coming in a few minutes. >>a second nurse who contracted the ebola virus in dallas, is now being treated in atlanta. the c-d-c is now considering putting dozens of her colleagues on the t-s-a's "no- fly" list, amid public outrage the nurse was allowed to take a flight a day before testing positive for the virus. andrew spencer has more. >> flying to dallas on a specially equipped jet, the woman who test positive for the bullet landed in atlanta and wearing a protective suit covered head to toe and she was loaded on to an ambulance to be taken to the cdc. a different experience for her flight and earlier this week. she took a commercial flight from ohio to texas on monday. a day before being tested for ebola. a test which came back positive.
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>> she should not have traveled on a commercial airline. >> among the health care workers treating thomas benton, the liberian man who died from ebola at a texas hospital last week. the cdc is considering putting 76 health-care workers from the hospital on the tsa no- fly list. >> from this moment forward, we will insure that no other individual who is being monitored for exposure a undergoes traveled in any way other than controlled movement. >> u.s. aid worker and ebola survivor says there's an irrational fear about ebola in the u.s.. >> to health-care workers who were taking intimate care of him, cleaning up his bodily fluids, those of the people sick. knocked the 48 people being tracked by the cdc. >> the cdc is still reaching out to the 132 people who were on the flight from cleveland even
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though they are considered to be at extremely low risk. >>passengers arriving from west africa will be screened for ebola at o-hare, starting today. nancy loo is live at the airport with the latest. when this the start? >> it will start later this morning with the first international arrivals scheduled in a few hours. there will be limited to people who were in west africa or through the region. that's about 150 travelers daily at five major u.s. airports including o'hare. the cdc has operation set up inside the airport where suspect passengers will be screened by specially trained border patrol agents. using non contact thermometers to check for fever, asking specific questions especially of those who had been to liberia, and guinea or sierra
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leone. those countries are doing exit screenings. here it travelers are encouraged by the screenings but many wonder if it's too little too late since ebola is already in the u.s.. >> it's not just international. now as in the u.s. and find infected individuals who have recently flown. that is concerning because the can't contain at that point it's already in the u.s. and even those flights among u.s. states are not safe. >> ebola screenings are also starting today at newark airport in new jersey, washington as well as hartsfield in atlanta. jfk started last weekend. the big five handled 94 percent of all air travel between the u.s. and west africa. by that of their back to you. >>stay with us for continuing
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coverage on the ebola can find more information and updates to this developing story on a special section of our website... "wgn tv- dot- com- slash- ebola". breaking news at o'hare .... a suspicious package was found at o'hare early this morning. police evacuated the building at around 12-40 a-m. no word yet on which building it was. a police source said that powder in a box swab-tested positive for a bomb substance. the police, bomb and arson unit were called to the scene. authorities disassembled the hard drive to and tested it everything tested normal end of the decorations were lifted. >>new overnight... a man from oak lawn is due in bond court today, accused of sexual abuse on a c-t-a train. police say, several times over a two-and-a half-year period, michael robinson exposed and fondled himself in front of women at the c-t-a. the last time back in may. robinson was arrested tuesday...identified by fliers distributed on the c-t-a. a suburban haunted house getting a lot of attention...for the wrong reasons though. a volunteer facing battery charges. police in montgomery say robert
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keller was dressed as a bloody clown at the "massacre haunted house." a teen says keller used an electrical neck massager on her neck. then...he made some creepy remarks as she waited in line to get into the house. >> and then with the owner on sunday and explained that this behavior is not acceptable. the haunted house wants to prepare and scare the kids and adults before they get in. but this crossed the line when it took somebody inappropriately. >>keller is charged with battery and disorderly conduct. he's been fired by the haunted house. he's due back in court, november 5-th. teachers in waukegan will head back to the picket lines again today... as the strike enters its ninth day. negotiations broke down again last night... keeping 17- thousand students at home. as of now... there's no time set for the two sides to meet. teachers from school district 60 walked off the job in a dispute over pay and insurance. it had seemed they might be close to reaching an agreement earlier this week when both sides reported progress.
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chicago teachers union president karen lewis has been released from the hospital...and is resting at home. lewis had been considering a run to unseat mayor emanuel. that all changed when she started treatment for a brain tumor. this week she announced she would not challenge emanuel. she thanked supporters in a statement... saying... "while i'm in this fight, please know i'll continue to stand for the city we love and deserve; and look forward to joining you again on the battlefield. divvy bikes have popped up all over the city.. but we're pretty sure they've never been on the highway.. until now.. check this out -- a woman was spotted riding a divvy bike on the dan ryan expressway saturday morning. a driver snapped this picture of the woman peddling along next to the concrete median in the southbound lanes near 18th street. state police received several calls about the woman but, by the time officers arrived... she was gone. not smart. >> not a smart idea. >> maybe somebody can identify her and let her know that is not
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cool. >> i'm pretty se she found out it was not cool right after the picture was taken. let's take a look. temperatures in some areas are going to be warmer than normal. cloud cover this morning and not much moving on that mercury. kerry is at 57. old st. mary's at 54. sycamore at 49. northbrook it is 49. radar shows light showers, light drizzle early on. even some fog developing. the good news is the low pressure which promise to reign over the last few days is going to exit quickly meaning we will dry out. 63 this afternoon. tonight on the 50. tamara's high 64. chance of rain into saturday. today is cool but dry for the bears game high temperature 60 degrees. >>coming up ... new developments overnight in the protests in hong kong.. plus -- mayor emanuel lays out
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his budget for next year -- and resident may be surprised by what he revealed. and -- it was the debate that almost didn't happen... the bizarre dispute that nearly kept florida's governor off the stage.
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no property of sales tax hike...but you may have to pay more for cable. >>mayor emanuel rolling out his city budget. a hike in your amusement tax on that cable
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bill is one way to get some revenue. other increases through the tax include luxury skyboxes... parking in public garages... and leasing office machines. the mayor presented his budget outline to the city council yesterday. >> no solutions to long term debt, sticking the bill to our retirees. this mayor in this budget shortchanges chicago's long term future. >> we haven't talked about major financial issues. what we got was a gloss over. like most citizens out there, we don't know much. >>the mayor's budget has no new money to balance the city's police and fire pension funds. he's hoping for help from springfield. a gubernatorial debate in florida got off to an awkward start, when one of the candidates violated the rules, and the other objected. >> there should be no fan, somehow there is a fan. and for that reason, i am being told
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that the governor will not join us for this debate. >>challenger charlie crist set up the fan beneath his speaker's podium, apparently to keep himself from sweating. the debate rules don't allow fans. but after a 7-minute delay, governor rock scott agreed to join crist on the stage... and the debate went on. >> just try to stay comfortable ...the first lawsuit is filed by four chicagoans as a result of tuesday's megabus crash in indiana. the bus was enroute from georgia to chicago around 4:30 in the morning... and flipped- over on interstate-65 near greenwood, just south of indianapolis. 18-people were taken to a hospital near the accident site. >> it's a very traumatic event for them to wake up from a sleep having the bus turned over. facedown in broken glass and to bodies flying on top of view. causing physical injuries.
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>>zimmerman said malfunctioning windshield wipers contributed when the accident happened during rainy weather. the suit asks for more than 100-thousand dollars from megabus. leader of hong kong says the government is ready for new talks with pro-democracy protesters. the demonstrations are in the the third week. protesters had been occupying key parts of the city to get the government to implement political reform including free elections. authorities also promised to investigate the video that appears to show plainclothed officers beating a pro-democracy activist. >> bermuda is bracing for a powerful storm. the hurricane is now churning through the atlantic woodwind topping one under 40 mi.. here's the current satellite group. this system has been fluctuating in intensity. in its category for moving and 9 mi.. it should weaken and
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strengthen. heading toward bermuda by friday morning. around one day it hit the virgin but islands. we hope things are ok for people who are in the bermuda islands. good news for us is it won't affect the mainland at all. today we are expecting temperatures to move through the fifties. right now it's 51 degrees. light rain continuing. wind out of the north at 7 mi.. to point at 49. elsewhere we have 50 in waukegan. 51 the bartlett. 52 in aurora at 53 in morris. those numbers are with a should be if not a bit warmer. cloud cover and light drizzle even some of keeping us from cooling down. the radar shows light rain continuing across portions of northwest indiana. we will have our wipers on low this morning but as an assistant moves to the
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east we get dry and we get sunshine. it's been about four days since we've had any sunshine. it will come later today as a monster low pressure system comes through. tomorrow, sunshine in the morning. showers developed into friday night and early saturday. today we make 58. can't recover after a morning shower. partly cloudy with mild temperatures tonight. friday, 20 percent chance of rain. breezy 64. saturday we are at 54. chile for the weekend. the screen has been making traffic horrific this weekend. hopefully some good news from new. >> it's job security for us. let's take a look we have good news. we have--this is not the
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good news. this accident has been moved off to the shoulder. here's the good news. the california blue pond station will reopen today after a month and a half. basically that station has been under renovation for a long time. work on the damons station is set to begin monday. it's similar overhaul it will be closed for about two months. upgrades at the western station should be completed by late december. right now things are flipping over. california is open but starting monday damon will be closed. that's the latest on the blue line. more on the numbers coming up. >> coming up, friends making a comeback. when fans of the hit comedy show can be ready to do some watching. >> and blackhawks welcome back a familiar face as they go into overtime with calgary.
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another wild ride on wall street. at one point the dow jones plunged 460 points yesterday. it did recover a bit to close down 173 points.
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nasdaq down 11. s-and-p fell 15. analysts say there is fear among investors about a global economic slowdown. the biggest corporate takeover of the year been called off. north chicago-based abbvie has walked away from its bid to acquire irish drug-maker shire for 54 billion dollars. abbvie says that new tax rules had made the deal less attractive. the new rules aim to limit a practice called inversion. that's when a u-s company reincorporates overseas... in part to lower it's u-s tax bill. abbvie will now have to pay shire a hefty breakup fee of one-point-six billion dollars. we now know one of the teams that will be in the world series. good morning. the blackhawks were all over calgary's a goaltender but could not get one past him for most of the night at the dead center. most of the night that is. back where he once toiled, the former hawks player came back. they outshot
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28-6 when a shot is taken in the second period. it goes past crawford and its 1-0. it was there until less than six minutes left. its tipped in. 1-1 into overtime. in the final minute of overtime he beats crawford for the victory. the hawks put 50 shots on goal and lose two-one. >> the bears' practice inside the center yesterday all very good against ryan in atlanta. the backups may well get another chance when miami comes to town. they could not practice. three players will practice today either. the above team is in the state of flux because of injury. the regulars are who they are. >> when deejay and lance come
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back, its exclusive of the spirit if it works out a way certainly we have to feel good about the fact that we have guys who have now played and had success and we're interested to see how they do the next time around. >> it's always hard to watch people up there and you want to go off and have fun to. my first time in the game since ninth grade. it was tough what changed but i was happy with it. >> kansas city to the world series. and the chicago bulls take on the lead to cox in pre- season action tonight at the nets' center. that's morning sports. >> as he mentioned the kansas city royals are going to the winninthe world series. take a t the hit. >> 29 years of frustration has ended. the royals are going to the world series! >>the royals beat the baltimore
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royals, two to one, yesterday. this wrapped up a four game sweep. the royals haven't lost a single game in the postseason. the last time they were in the world series, was 1985.. when they won it all. the giants won last night and are up three games to one over the cardinals. so congratulations to kansas city. >> we have to be a bit jealous. they could win the game few years ago and now they're in the world series. good morning to kansas city. >> we're very excited for them. it's 51 degrees right now. showers will bring to the morning. then we try out. 5:00 p.m. we are up to 62. 9:00 p.m. climb to 59. expect temperatures to the cooler than normal. some showers will continue. talking about baseball, remember the blast and the royals were there, who was the pitcher? you know?
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>> this is my safe place. i don't have to do sports any longer. >> everyone is just are doing. >> we have some cruz out there and we are born to take a look at the in bound side of the kennedy. fender bender just moved off to the shoulder. this seems to be the worst of it. more travel times coming in just a bit. >> i thought that was a good set way. >> thank you for saving me. >> it's two against two. >> thank god we have something else coming in. >> still more to come. live at the airport where screenings at the airport store for a bullet today. plus -- the cook county sheriff comes up with a creative way to
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dispose of confiscated guns. and -- get those warm coats and boots ready -- there's another prediction of a very frigid and snowy winter on the way. .
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when the pressure's on... only secret offers clinical strength invisible solid and clear gel with 100% odor protection. secret clinical strength. the latest nurse sickened with
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ebola arrives in atlanta for treatment. ebola screenings begins for travelers arriving at o'hare. and a clown goes too far -- and gets arrested for his inappropriate behavior at a suburban haunted house. >> good morning. we will get to the stories in a minute but first let's check in with demetrius. >> more rain but only early today. we start to break the spirit we have been seen rain for about four days. finally we get some sunshine today. then we have to wash our car. here's the radar. we continue to see light showers across region. not much early armed. satellite's radar shows the area getting the worst of this is in southern ohio were that low migrated to. it is a slow mover. but it will travel to the east later today. 63 by 5:00 p.m.. high temperature up to 63. tonight we're down to 50.
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mar 64 was sunshine. saturday 54. sunday for the bears game, a erin we don't want you to miss anything. it is football playing here at soldier field, 60 degrees will be the temperature for the first inning of the bears game. >> see what he did there? >> i know there are no innings in football is a reason why two people get separated in the classroom that's why you are there and i am here. stay in your corner. california blue line station is opening today. under renovation for about a month and a half. looks like it will be completely done. damon work will start monday and last about two months. and the western stop not expected to open again until late december. police people can get through their today which is good for those people who have been dealing with the closure. more traffic in a bit. >>a second nurse who contracted
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the ebola virus in dallas, is now being treated in atlanta. amber vinson arrived at emory university hospital last night, which successfully treated two other ebola patients ... and is currently treating a health care worker who was infected in sierra leone. vinson become infected after treating thomas duncan, who died from the virus last week. she flew to cleveland on friday to plan her wedding with family.vinson spoke with the c- d-c official responsible for monitoring her health before she boarded a flight back to dallas on monday. her temperature was slightly elevated, but below one- hundred-point-four degree threshold. vinson was not showing symptoms until tuesday, when she developed a fever and tested positive for ebola. the c-d-c is considering putting dozens of healthcare providers who work with vinson on the t-s-a's "no-fly" list. it comes amid public outrage that the c-d-c knew she was boarding a flight with a temperature, and didn't stop her. if approved, 76 health care workers at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas
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would not be allowed to fly until they are past the ebola incubation period. federal health officials will answer questions about the response today in the congressional meeting. >>passengers arriving from west africa will be screened for ebola at o-hare, starting today. nancy loo is live at the airport with the latest. >> good morning. the first international flight will be landing in just over one hour. but the bullets screenings will be limited to people who ever been in the west africa. that is about 150 travelers per day at five major airports including o'hare. the cdc has operation set up inside the airport or suspect passengers will be screened by specially trained border patrol agents. they will use noncontact thermometers to check for fevers and asking specific travel related questions. especially of those who have been to liberia, guinea
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or sierra leone. those countries have been doing exit screenings at their airports to four weeks. hear travelers are encouraged by the screenings but many wonder if it's too little too late. >> hard to contain anywhere in the world because we are all traveling, flight's going everywhere. >> ebola screenings are also starting today at newark airport in new jersey, dallas in washington as well as hartsfield in atlanta. jfk started last weekend. the big five to handle 94 percent of all air travel between the u.s. and west africa. >> back to you >> breaking news coming in right now. from the northwest suburbs. >> there's been an incident that has left one police officer injured. police are not saying what is happening. but the
4:36 am
hospital in libertyville says one officer is there in stable condition. >> this is the 1300 block in the holiday hills, southwest of mchenry. we will follow the story and bring you updates as soon as we get more information. one officer in the hospital in stable condition. >>taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a man from oak lawn is due in bond court today, after being charged with sexual abuse on a c-t-a train. police say, several times over a two-and-a half-year period, 31-year-old michael robinson exposed and fondled himself in front of women riders and women employees of the c-t-a. the last reported incident happened in may. robinson was arrested tuesday, a halloween attraction in suburban montgomery fired one of its volunteers for some creepy behavior. police say robert keller, of algonquin, used an electrical neck massager on a teenager's neck, and made disturbing remarks to her, at the "massacre haunted house." he's charged with battery and disorderly conduct.
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a one-year-old child and 80 year-old man injured in a fire on chicago's south side. among three people rescued from the fire which damaged two homes in the 4400 block last day. firefighters suffered heat exhaustion but taken to hospital. cause of the fire is under investigation. >>the fire broke out this back to the picket lines again today... as the strike enters its ninth day. negotiations broke down again last night... keeping 17- thousand students at home. teachers from school district 60 walked off the job in a dispute over pay and insurance. the blue line's california station reopens today. it's been under renovations for the last month-and-a-half. it's all part of the cta's 4- year, $492 million project to overhaul the o'hare branch of the blue line. next up is the damen station. it's set to close monday for 2 months for a similar facelift. the c-t-a will provide additional bus service during the closure. the upgrades at the western station should be finished by late december.
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sheriff tom dart is putting a *modern spin on the biblical act of turning swords into plowshares. he plans to turn guns into jewelry. dart will join the group "liberty united" in melting down confiscated weapons, and making items like "sword and plowshare" *earrings. in other cities, they already sell for 225 bucks a pair. melted guns will also be forged into necklaces, rings and cufflinks. and one-fourth of the profits will support a local non- violence program. after seeing this, you may want to upgrade to this new air umbrella. the gadget creates an invisible force field above you, blowing away the rain and creating a canopy over your head. the umbrella runs on batteries lasting an un-impressive, 15-30 minutes. the chinese inventor is currently running a kickstarter campaign to raise money for production. it's raised 10-thousand dollars so far. the air umbrella comes in three sizes, but won't be available
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till next year. so it's like a force field are rounded. and kitty dry. a great invention. >> if it can only keep you from leaving it in the car. then we'd be okay. it's 51 degrees right now. we have been holding onto our umbrellas for a few days. four days in a row of rain. today that rain will get out of here. low pressure system that brought all the wet stuff continues off to the east. today we have light drizzle and a cloud cover across the region. its 50 in waukegan. kankakee down to 54. on the radar, light showers in lake importer. northwest indiana also very light sprinkles not even really showing up on the doppler across much of chicago. the low pressure system that has been hitting us with the rain continues to move to the east.
4:40 am
now on the moved it was basically stuck over us for about three days. we are on the western fringe. but into the afternoon sunshine comes up high temperature reaches 58. it will feel much different but it will look better. mostly clear tonight. overnight low down to 50. three days forecast shows 20 percent chance of rain friday most of the day will be dry. saturday chance of rain again. cooler with that hired reaching 54 degrees. >> still ahead why the phrase polar vortex is for the back. >> and hbo looks to offer streaming for users to cut the cord from cable. >> and what shoppers can expect to see this holiday season.
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biggest thing in coffee is "pumpkin spice latte." but once november arrives, it's all gone. that's not good enough for a woman in the quad cities. sherry lynn gustafson doesn't want to have to wait another 11 months for her pumpkin spice fix.
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so she bought 52 boxes of it... and she plans to buy 30 more, to carry her through the year. that's pretty smart. >> i don't think i am in that. just a bit at the time. i could drink the whole box in the day if i wanted to. >> you're not crazy at all ... so when the coffee shops start selling their christmas egg nog and peppermint lattes, sherry lynn will be able to crack open a taste of october, anytime she wants. >> is there some kind of coffee little did you call it psl? >> that's what i call it. pumpkin spice latte. it has a nickname. i pick it up from new. >> of the only here through october? >> through the end of november. >>here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... a lot of people online are asking who the man without a hazmat suit is, in this video of the nurse with ebola boarding a plane in dallas yesterday.
4:45 am
he was dubbed the "clipboard man" on social med. he's just feet away from amber vinson, as she is being escorted by others who *are in hazmat suits. >> picking up a lot of steam on social media this morning. the polar vortex will return this winter... but chicago will be spared. that's the early prediction by meteorologists. long-range forecasters from accu-weather say, the first bitter cold could sweep down, as early as next month. new york and the rest of the northeast will once again get more snow, and colder temperatures, than normal. but forecasters say *chicago's* temperatures should run 7 to 9 degrees *warmer than last winter... and we won't get as much snow.
4:46 am
>> market is looking at is at right now to verify this. but apparently demetrius is leaving because we don't need him. >> demitrius that also forecasted snow in new york and ice down south. we've never seen that before. >> tell us how you really feel. >> dan:dozens of hungry sharks came crashing onto a north carolina shore. a witness captured the "feeding frenzy" when he was out fishing with his friends. according to his youtube page, there were more than 100 sharks pursuing a school of bluefish through the surf and onto the sand. dozens of seagulls and pelicans also joined in on the festivities. another witness described the land-shark incident as a real- life "sharknado." it lasted about 5-minutes. that's pretty interesting. >> that is cool video. but the weather stuff is just nonsense. >> somehow they find their way into everybody's weather segment. this is the know accu-
4:47 am
weather down peer's 56 degrees is the temperature in in chicago. in peru is 54. radar shows light showers continuing. we are looking a light drizzle this morning. that's about it. the low pressure system that brought us rain you may be able to see this in portions of southern ohio. it will continue to move to the east. 62 greece by 5:00 p.m.. the seven days forecast shows we change a slightly today. 63 degrees today. tomorrow we're back up to 64. saturday 54 sunday 60 degrees. we should be dry for the bears game. >> that tell works. >> that's what a forecast should look like. >> they have the 90 days forecast on the app. then i know what to wear for the next three months. >> and it's like 60 degrees all
4:48 am
90 days. >> february 3rd high of 60. it's going to the warm! >> they know what they are talking about. it won't be as big as last month's iphone 6 event, but the eyes of the tech world will be on apple's headquarters in cupertino later today. the company is expected to announce a new line of ipads. the *ipad air is expected to be even slimmer with a faster processor. the new tablets could also feature the touch id fingerprint sensor found on the iphone. apple is also expected to unveil an upgrade to the imac desktop computer, which could get a retina display. we may also hear a launch date for the new *apple pay service and developments with the apple tv box. meanwhile, google has finally unveiled its nexus 6 smartphone. this thing is *giant , with a *six inch screen.* that's bigger than samsung's galaxy note. the nexus 6 was designed by chicago-based motorola mobility and has many similarities to the moto x. the nexus 6 will have a 2k display,
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13 megapixel camera, and new turbo charging technology. they say it will take just 15 minutes of charging to add six hours of battery life. it will sell for $649 unlocked and should go on pre-sale later this month. hbo will be offering stand- alone streaming service starting in 20-15. viewers wouldn't need a cable subscription or even a television to view this content... the service allows users to stream it all online. customers are currently able to watch h-b-o shows through the h-b-o ap, but it's *only available for users who already pay for the h-b-o's service. no details about pricing were given, but an analyst expects the stand-alone service could cost about 15-dollars a month. the company is hoping to target 80-million american homes, who don't already have h-b-o. the entire "friends" series is coming to netflix! the beloved 90's sitcom will start streaming on january 1- st.
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>> how come we don't have an introduction like they do? >> we should all clap on cue. >> the entire friends series coming to netflix. that's right, you can now binge watch all 236 episodes. the *lost episodes from the series will also be available. it ran for 10 seasons on nbc. coming up... an actress in the >> they just don't make sitcoms like that anymore. >> they really don't. >> our generation, we watched every episode. >> you never watched it! you know nothing about it. >> a was a really big on it. >> i saw the last one and that was the first one i ever saw. the went to jail ... >> that was seinfeld, one of the worst finale's ever. >> coming up a new investigation into the actor from seventh heaven. >> and another primetime hosting gig for neil patrick harris. details coming up.
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could scare the moustache off someone's face? don't let it be you. one swish of scope kills millions of bad breath germs, freshening your breath. so you can be the girl who doesn't scare the moustache off someone's face. scope. the freshest fresh, guaranteed. actress elizabeth pena passed away tuesday. according to her manager, she
4:54 am
died of natural causes after a brief illness. pena is best known for her roles as sofia vergara's mother on the hit t-v show, "modern family." she has also appeared in movies such as "rush house" and pixar's "the incredibles." she was 55-years-old. a new investigation has launched in the stephen collins molestation case. the los angeles county sherriff's department is investigating allegations that the "7th heaven" actor exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl in the 19-80s. the woman reported the incident 2 days after new york police began investigating collins for other alleged sexual-abuse claims. no charges have been filed. t-m-z released audio of collins confessing to the acts in a therapy session, prompted investigations. >> i am in. >> nice! >>neil patrick harris is headed to the oscars! the "how i met your mother star" will host the 87-th academy awards. he revealed the news by tweeting a video of him checking "host the oscars" from his bucket list.
4:55 am
the 41-year-old actors has previously hosted "the emmy awards" and "the tony's." he follows in the footsteps of johnny carson, billy crystal, and ellen degeneres, who hosted the oscars last year. >> the rain will be here a little bit longer this morning but we try out this afternoon. rain changes today. 63 this afternoon. tonight we drop down to 50. maasai will be 64. 20 of rain friday night into saturday morning. cooler temperatures this weekend satisfy 54. dry for the bears game with high temperatures averaging 60. >> still watching an accident in the late sir,. they're working to clear this up. it's been quiet this morning but we do have good news for the blue line riders that coming up. >> coming up, the latest on of breaking story in the northwest suburbs were a police officer has been injured. >> and ebola screenings are
4:56 am
beginning today at a zero o'hare. more coming up.
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