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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 10, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CST

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wier i arring rly chigo wi hig innly e 3'thiseek d gog ev low nexteek. od aerno. ' stevsands. d i'm na br. weelco our ewerwho are tchi usroun the untrongn amica d onhe we >>eautul d sincwe lt sa youbout aalf- ur a. t win has ckedp in e sudid en bind clou enj toy srtin tomoow i goi to t mu colr. >> or th weend at tir fst mar swfalof thyear also hvy snfallver e weend lber near cgary we weend mperures pped fro 5 to greee wiot
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beeali wit anytnghat tremhere lks tked wh a stilgearg uor thcold weaer. otr tha thathat allou nd. >>milend aood attide tt isll yoneed inreen ba tode ar hearg a xf snowll a sle. expeed t acculate in.f sn. nonow he inhe ccagorea. we're tol icold mperuresould st a the way roug thangivi. >>frtratns a boilg ov aft the arsuffed anher owou lo lasnigh-- th tim tohe paers. nyarancco taed tfansnd crics outhat ach rc tstma call anextrely sturng" ss. yoembaasse yourlf. n pri no feake e fieland rfor li tt beme t laugngstk ofhe nf n noonge thehica brs thr a nch ne. >> elodi ts moingfterhe bea'5-14 deble
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ainsattaers. nfhallf far i rmerear n haen ao lting e te havit. ias bece a stk bomof tt thproptionu ha to d sothin ptty nnotet i sit ther andaste f seveeeksnd tn janry srt mang chaes. you ve t sothinnow. >> the's fasay e tea w preped a erwhmed. he plars a doesot pying t iress abo the ars e dog rit no >> whado y thi the am nds day? >> g a n tea real.ehica tribe spts comnis thether lff t sho sayst itoo lat to h theelet kebut rher is time thit e ret buon. >>ou a not lkin abo chginghis ason a on cold nht i sconn. nex seas fure tha ishat u ha to okt no the ar sll sen gas le in e seon. he brs fs chr uit c onl get tter cann getny woe. whope >>a zza delery ivers i crital cditi aftebeinshotn e he durgn
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tempd roeryn thnortest de. judyang liv wi detls o sech f a suect. >> evince chnians a he alnigh loong foevidce. he's wh we've lrned far his 3 yearold. stard workg as deliry m f a staunt aew wes ag yo sho a 12 thiorni whildeliring pizz to e aptmencompx whe he ao lid. >>anyfhe redentare in sbelf. tempotinot oundere. >>t israzy tt th typ of stu does n hapn arnd he. i'm ou hereith dauger.anis n how goeown t he. the delery n wor athe reaura on e 46 bck onort cumbland >> 50 bckf t noheasrive road pice y tw men e ohem wh aandg wald up t care anuncea roery. >>oth n tk o for e ting ythi. serity paols t prorty ernit andt is poible secity cames cauredhe indent
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herere se ople alws ouide st hg ouev jus waitg tbe pked . theelivy ma frie whoas adininhe paenge st he sot h. no rd from pole o whetr th've bn ab to oain a secuty veo tt pturmage of euspe. pole ha not rease any scriionsf th. >> >>poli soue sa a ddly artmt fi on e nohwesside spicis. n-ye-old han kahnas kledn thfirearly stery mning in t 57-ndre blocof nth kiall. an aopsyille peormeon h latetoda thfireas s intee, se redenthad jumpo espe t smokand ames elev peoe we hu, fi ofhem e chdren the use und inveigatn. >> womsn bo couraccud of llin herhree ar-o son chard wh on counof fst- gree murr. vestatorsay the y's parts fod h lifess his b inhe 65 blo friy nit. was xth ken tot. fncis hoitalor hwas onoued dd. poli sriff was resnsib f thatalnjurs. instigors ve no yet giv detas. t boy sibngs e in otecve ctody thfs cfirm thatheyad
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contt in011 f neect. >>liceave sued a the miion llarrres warrt fo a m accud ofwo cots o fir degr murr. remyndern i suspted the llinof a1- ye-oldan w wa shotoeath turd nig in r nohuburn rod la bea. poce s he shoue coider ard andangous. ders was lt se dring a000 evy libu ' a ue 4oorodel th t illois censplatv-1- 8-8-1. ifou he a infoatio yo' asketo cl rod la bea pole, orour cal lice partnt. lino lawkers e hoing hearg toy t discs th sta's praratns f combing e ela vis. a mmite wl he frostat and cal heah ofcial theyant kw whher erythg iseingone to surelansre placto ctain t viruif somne fr our ste becos incted ilnoislrea has taskorcend a tlintonswe quesonsbout ola. and r tralers rivi fro wes afrin naons are reen at'hare rpor th21-da nitong perd en at dnig fo a nse imain o died aranne a won legabatt. ci hkox rerned tthe s la mon aft treang ela paentsn sira lee...nd w plac inandary quanti. shwas lowe to turno mne. ere e ao deed oerso st inse. hiox h not shn a symoms d hwiceeste negave f ebo. shand her yfrid s the' plaing trip. budidot sawher th' head. enromentn t send yr o
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obamareon't art til turd butou c star"winw oppi" no st cck ohe bsitforrevis ofhatealt insunce ansre beg ofredn yo arein 25. thsiteists timad priums deduible and ximuout-- poet cts. esidt oba ha promed tt th webse wi funcon bter is ye. 37tateare ing e feralxchae in015. it is mmono be a ow gng f a sttch of ster aven becse of wer pair works ar instlingater ins. e ci say the proct wl b do inhase mpleon i s for d apl. >>mingp ne the jorhang comi to a hoitalin t wakef th scaal ov vetansealt care and,he u posl seice.acke detas onhat formion y he be comomis. lus: graury cisi expted day the shtingeathf feusonissoi teagericha brow
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er siig ugh.
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...hrtbu. did meonsay rn? try ka stzereliehewsth worjusts fa and e pren ttastbett an ts smthieassoed frui m...mazi. ah, get at aot. alkaeltz hearurn liefews. enjothe lief callg for a ntroing e agcy i the termh o the tiencheding anda th incong sreta sayse pns t fireorehan 00 peop who vioted thtva's lues by foing vetans wait mons f medil ce an thenyingbout t waitg tis. t planlso incdes hiribout0,00 medil pressials inn th hospals d clicsrounthe untron to ve verana sile pnt o contctcoact getare. >> aajortili is anghose pang tbute robe jorn is ive d we p thei srit andwn
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retionip wh veransho sved all bnche of thermedervis. th ao hadhese mori sercesn or arod veran day r ma yea. anppornityo hor thmen d womeho pd th ultite sacfice d seice. his ar tre wathe ual miliry forl cemony colo ardosti the ag. anhereaso tohink abohose giv the liveand is seembeandarly tobeweearn th thdeseated veranmemoal anin ldon.of thfivetone sbs us thonoach anch of t arm serves ffhem re bron shtereinto eces a one was osen. >> tay ty anunce tha the wereonatg fun to hp ppare the mage don to e merial >> vdals toped anshatredor theive numes.otalg almo $3000. >>m plsed annoce tte wi bakint $10,0 datioto helpet ts mori resred a quicy asossie. >> serce a
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sacrice s ma. owet to our tera to monsateur ncer gratude >>s a sultf th cmitmt we ke a comtmen backo ou vetens. ise in arly pcente t earhave enility verans the libete a inntiol a mor hiri. we we're oudoffer ploynt tthes wondful n an won wenow tha thes indidua brg exnentlly re t u tn th recee. you hearoffialsay a datioas jt a sll pt of the mpan comtmen to veran th pare cpany w the e wringhe chks. >>the sosta serve sa chise gornme hkers e suecte of eachg ptal rvicompur neorks ofcialsayhe coromid da inudesames addrses,ocia secuty nbersnd otr iormaon abt mo tha 800 ousa posl seice ploys. noustor cdit rd iormaon fr posoffis o onli purases s bache chin has nsisntlyenie accutionthatt enges yber thef ashe ptal rvicwasakin thatnnouemen. pridenobam was rivi in chi fohighlel onom tal.
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e lñpridenis i beijg fo the nualeeti of e as pacic ecomicoopetion oup. annnced new an wh t chine gernmt at wl extd udenvisa to ve yrsnd toist d bines visato t yea. angreent tt cod brg blion of dlarsnto e u-econy. thpresentays wan the-s a chinto sengtn es tt cod le tmoreobs. ina theirst stopn pside catinjobsnd ecomicrowtin thunit stas. chinis tirst op o pside oba'weeklong ip tthe gion he'lllsoe vitingyanm and straa f summs wi oth worlleads. suide bber kill stunts.the mberas dssed a sool uform d se off bb hien in back ck durg th scho assbly. opleusheto t spit in sious juri. anoer suideomb tack the sam cit last wee kild 30 pele. poleay th thi the rrort gups koaram reonsie. >>ter ves of aitrik.. qution perst ov wheer a isi lead wasit ts weend. abu kr abaghdi ishe t isi lead in aq. e ieri miniry ss t iraqairorce wound albaghdi ankill a nber hisenio leads inn aitriksatuay. a ntag sposman nfir u-sled coalionirstkes er t wkend
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targed wt w belied tbe a gathing is leers ar mul. buhe cld not nfirthat al- ghda wain t conv. >>teionsre ring i ferson, ssou. bunesswnerre bodingp wiows. as ey wa for therand ry disioin t shoong dth o unard te micel brn. 's exctedny ti. lol poce a secuty a prepingor prestsithithe verdt. thcityithsod wes ofioti in gust the f-l plars unn mafile grience get nnesa ving rianetern restat. personent an emptist en h was arge wit chilabus in ptemr. th mea he'sot playg, b he's stilgettg pa. e unn was t seeetern reinatedince h casendedith const pa fo a miemear. e n-l sa i movi on king decion o a poibleuspeion. ju ahe the partnttore llin o proptieso sy afat. d, sll t com thisidda y logasrice coulbe hing hugempacon h crowd stes a thisolid sean. and tern luhbre: w' in e kihenith lebry cf maus suelsn!
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y doou wt toet erybo ringallevitans fm lmarbecae yoneedim tfeelhealy foyourig rnion beuse u ne to el t mos not e yes.dancteamapta '94woo!oo!
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shhh d beuse u ne grapato fl li he s mo eney an ty doshophe waminnow. onlyt waart.m anwalmt. dollshatp 32 ints the cpany predted e stk maet cshs woied abo t econy agn. th forestincent reposhat half doze ofnalys thk tther' a 65erce chae of worwide cessn fcin a contctioin t s. bthe df ne yeahat cal runsount to focastf moan anle thostwo nksay t econy wixpan for ittlwhil long. the u.sand niva to onom stil he bance fici >> searpla toaise sh b selng huredsf i stor to new form rea este instme tru. thcompy sahe mo cou gerat subsntia pceed and enhce liidit it's e last i a sies mov byearso liidatits al este hdingto ke theore sine ali. st mth sea annoced ans t ut dhn 7ears d k-rttore befo chrtmas dip gasrice for e send wee
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in aow. the tion arage ice r aallo regar h dropd 13 cen overhe lt t week dipng bow 3-olla for t fit ti sin 20- . econistsay the eak theumps botingonsur spdingn oer its. d trle-aays itill incase lida traic dung tnksging. t a icag sury fod pres u one -hala ce per llon thavere in the icagareas $37. cong ulate we'veeen rnedn thpastnowore ertsbouthe daer lndry tergt po can se f kid d thhawkget a al fm a rooe, ana ev mor fro otheplays. ortss ne.
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for l th diinctns th've rnedin le the's high stdardf ho carbrigstarare. fr car tes leby rester nurs unmchedareexpeise brigstarareoffe homcare you n trt, 24 hrs day, daysa we.
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ur led e dervesare th's nhingess an extrrdiny beuse ey'vearn it. r a mplintar -homassement callrightar re tay a 866-1-02 >>ti forport the ars asons qukly sppin ay aer histical b peormae a laeau eld. thbearnd paers th cing f by. thbear defse cod nostoparon dgerwho rewn n-l rerd s toucownsn th firshalf the - noing ficiat hftim broka fnchi reco tha the ars t ju two eks o inew enand. y cuer a the fens strgled ain th t inteeptis, tee sas, a a fble. ars se 514 a fallo the- a- si >> wfelt reay go comg in thisne. >>toakeatte wors braon mahalluffed a anklinju inhe urthuart. heimpeoff the eld t sa he ll py ne wee jord mil als lefthe ge wi a riinju. e bes fa t thre andixnd ha soloseson ofast ace the visi. thlioncame bac to bt mii s theyemaialon in rst ace th seve and t reco. thhawktryi t
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sn a tee-ame me lingtrea agait thshar. scelesin t firswhenonatn tos wi theace ofand rooe densemrevo n res-dy scor theirst al ohis reer the wks scod the inhe fst t on up e i the ird en ban biell kes nic moverountheet fohis condoal theeaso corecrawrd me 32avesnd t hawkwin ve- o. >> sti toome. timeslphtioacr
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>>he forast not goi to great ia hap day f us. t chieis bk. >>ad ke reacemt surry. erytng wked t.iave grea rang of tion tt is majo operion' gla
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you'reeeli wel ve aonda w yoknowow hpy werebouthis reca. he cd aiis inrestg. ll nobe aecor brear. tt ithe is wkend nex weeko b a ffert sty. it goio be mh coldthe ldes withead d abt eit mohs.sie la mar. th risi abo the meime erms ofur fst 3 degrs teerate. at is at ' pricti on ursd. tt ocrred novber th lter pear thisearf th noveer 1h. toe co befe thsday ellwe'llell u me abo thi the'a he sn storbearg dn onhe uereft. do t ha to rry out at a leas tss a clasc sky somemes ferr tos a tterlk sk thes- lel clds. aves e go. otogphs rtaiy ilstras th a sh fronear rterndia. iyouf th fall cors the centeeks coletethe w rk mathosome me agolookow autil cenal paookea fe weekago. >>omesn fm patrk pau sho a nsetverhe haest. wch i
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near cometio acro a gd pa of t midst. ank gooessven theintr air ars wn ous. patrk hl se us e sh. so of cal ubs.ts a lighul df thr pr teeratesre fltingith . th i as rm a it wle any te in theoresable ture >> tss aintr blas tbe se. is n a wker breang bla levege 120 deees bel norm.its gog tooldkindf concningecau policalhey're ld o laswint. anust en t bricin sd is re. >>o a srm waingsp f the per mwest wint wther adviriesnd t bluerriethats onhe ldingdge the cder r th wil plue inhelainand s proted ost d frze wning >> wt prises t be a vyold r ma pduci the mpte up rth. wearnenine greearmethan weryestday. and er t theest d miest d ains and mperuresre sttingo fa. adin aren th twenes rht n. ese a, leing . mtanand noh dotaou c kind o see wt is ppeng.ohe la war up.
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oles this ofn brgs try masser toare to t coury. ispendgphis ormightow t thnortand st ofs. onl acatting e sesith crop as concled e rar pls hey sw alady proess fr nea thewin ties tse fks a st otheront d o whais goi to bquita snstor we he nobeeno pblem toda to ght ubs ll bin t incrse a you llee the swers me i durg th day morr. the prifere byid moing. so sno flak med a as teerates re weratern th day. he's th snowoed. heris a mmotcanaan hi preure. pringnto e lowe 4 lite closook the ow toughhe eving. heavsnow the daresslue ea. rh maoy u nearhe tn cies rossagleiver at wle aa o the rth. >> looat t perstenc of t coldir.thiss twweekorect. we jt lehe
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mol ru quan the y kif stds iplac we tohe mdle o nexteek ry cl repling the rmerhan yestday mperuresrett draticlyn th nextoupl of ys. it is ar 6righ nowt miay. at inansi. thsoutrn wd bling. whaappeo thtempatur to thei >> tomrowathe willtartn t 40's d fa to the irds leer i the y. ok a the coer a by te morr intthe ainstate his onedneayill ly b i the irti. tt is not aecor faor inhe wd.ou have to ndchl thgo szeron thplai stas. >> ocresto t '20s d do to ngle digs and wer ens aoss the turerea ter at. bzer showall e w >> of cklep noh.rctiwarm r.a pduct o sur typon >>f thhearg out thiacro the cifi th chrologillyead ward aska.he prar mor. >>o he cmbed warng.clmate wminga
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on aeed setatte may warng u to the rthut actlly conibutg to e scol a in ur aa. >> he attding cumutivelow snowll forast. >>nd aig aunt sw inhica. th heaest owfa wil be llowg upohe noh ofs. qte a t. the rs a forestor t chicorea.ostl cldy a peaf sunsneoday pear ave noal temratus flted wh 60 degrs inany eas o lo oveand wide scaered ower nighime ws wl go dow only46. mperures wl fa prey ecipousl whe he aharitime withixedlurrs. >>7 dn tohe per0s ithe ty. cler the ster subbs afr la tomrow. wiy an cd it uld rtlyloud sks onedneay to higof 3 degrs. >> y'llrobay ha in the0's. 13 coecuteays low rmal >>reetgs wh th newecor vels. >>ech uldeep is i the l-to d-20 tt is ettyhill >>ndeemsoe
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haeninearlr th yea >> aolutyight coinuea ptern ofhese ampfied trem tha bri theolde airown withustoarly >>oday mar 45 yearand sese stet fst ce on levion. ich muetostefoer
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siig h... .heaburn d soone y bu? y al seler riefcws. theyork st afast d arprov to ste tterth tumsmooies sort uit. mm.. azing ye, i t th a l.
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ka stzer artbn reefchs. joy e reef. good aerno everne. you midd wning loery numrs wishg you t verty bes ofuck. here weo wh pick fiball te 7 winng pic mber 5-0irebl 7 ti for theick4 gas. let'sase in the wee focun the ment now focn pk4 be of lk 1-3
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fiballime 0 luckay lto 0,00 dolrs. ho you hav one hese tkets -29-3443 ga milons 2 milln dlars ve aondeul afteoon.
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coloulre- ckag soa pod are nvennt f launy bu new sear sho the' a dgern hos wi you chilen. e po a packing nook ke cdy tkids sinc20-1 1 thound cldre haveeen pose to e ccentted emics inaund pods effes rae fm votingnd e paino deh inne ca. resechersay a tion sety anda iseede to me se mafactersdopt fer ckagg a beli. pares wit chdren youer th fou are viseto sphe po all togher d onse tritiol lndry tergt. thcostf tatin skinance i soarg. sk canr ishe mo comn ty of ncern th unid stes. arlyive mlion oplerereat for e dease ery ar. new udy t c-d-foun the avere yely cos of snance treaent incased 126erce duri the dade at eed i2011 duri the sam
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peri, th avege anal ct of eatmt fo all her ncer ros pernt. thstud finngs e puishe onle inhe arica jourl o prevtiveedice. docts mabe abl to dgnos ear- ste denti simp by alysi the y pelealk. resecherat ess univsity in glan hav reuitea ousa peoe olr th5 f a sty aidt entiinghose th denti by ingpeciized vemerackg comper pgram thstud sjectonited antest ove ten year the searersant finout the are tter inhe typef psica chans th occ in tse w gon toevel demtia oth neurogic diseesike rkinns. imeslphtioacr
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we hav qte t eat.elebty chef own o r roosr harm. h ne cooooks t. hes why w ant tnow. the yogest tover ceiv atar view fro ty mes. winr oop chef mters a chped. you are a eat g. whater my ks want mnd cese is a forit im gog thow you a hethie andette stin vsion >>smlhat.t smel gd rig? wereoing to ma the sce. lileit ofnion d glic.lourn re. a i ttlereamur farite cese. mp the i jus ir tt. a wondful cese sae. jusike that lite rmes a cddar eese wtver
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left ove chee. smel tt. >>thextu i ce and tck. ts sae youan use fo soany this. serv a you rthdeal. talkbout thi beinealter. adng a lite bit ofolla gens. lite bac. i did not say ser alth iaid althr. stir tha u >>get in tre. ere yo. see tha wre ing toour in he.we are jt ingo m >>delious. >>cehat is don mixhatogetr. t it rigere. thene aoingo bake in the ove 350 r abo5 nuteook at that y cou eahat jusike at. mix it upnd sr
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. why are y baki it? >> gng t b cruhy.he goo stf. lkt tha puread cmbsn to aittl parsy.elp me oulitt b o ead cmbs. mor chee. morreen mixt. >>mix thi u [p. tt is o bre crus. puthat onop. pu it io the ov.hat is wt isoing toook like >>stet. >>ths wha my book i aut. lot of dhes youre faliar wit i is delious. >> y iorpote any difrent flavs. the a ju sple diss at aone c do. perelicus and affoable >>as bn amingithed roosr.
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>> talk te abo so ofhe oer repes? >> d aut leningboutew od? >> t nee to be mili and proaable tn fire o whato do whhe ftovs fo exame. >> coong wh ki. getids volv in the kitcn. arte cookg bausey grdmotr taht meow tcook >> andour grdmotr a thanyou. nowe're arni howo co. is ally allyood. cck o hisew cookok. youan so flow m on itte wil ha thi beliable mch anchee rece an aink oour b pa. wgv.comidd ittlbitard alk ♪ mic ...t getay vicle r althe
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nfidce y nee td aritre. yogot is. it m seestrae, b peoe allyan le thr lative pecily wn i's rala it hrate eas, ansofts, to ulockoursyem nural. so y havpeacof md fromtarto fish. loveour xati. milax.
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toda mar 45 yesince sese stre fir himn tevisi. wch ppetostethe condewslash thansw ikerm therog. h hted newslash seent. he was waysn thecene aamoumysty rhe.mysty cre. >> y expt th thisime yea >> 120 if sw in theorthoods ea.heres th storthisrackg inuchay ware a wm stor. onc it pass b theprawng nadi higdrop and. is tng jt gogoark self er aood parf thower8 bu belonorm teerates exctedn th area reforcg chl exctedo hinexteek. tha ithe rrid of avie snowll. >> we'lle taing re aut tt. ca the in e reca of en mo cdhere of isighlbuckd jestre. comein ofthe pacic a go wayorthf alka.
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he for ely xt wk ihe coest loong o all.ts gog to t ptty illy he isur focastr chago now rit aw. 51 morr. chles ne delopg. theommients me sybacin mah. 35 o wednday. 32 fray.the ttle owomesnd sardaynd sday. thateadss in othecold air ss. hhs bn moay s tueay anedneay m stayn thlow mid-s. >> a sno proscts, los li theirst ancef sn er t weend. hronogicly ishe te othe ar ds haen. inhe cminajuste syem
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thpeop areeprented bywo sarat yet uallimpoant oups the lice who vestate ime and e dirictttorys o precutthe fends. ese e thr sties. mired? mired,re y allight
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