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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  November 17, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CST

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910president obama calls isis' beheading of another american hostage... "pure evil". chicago's first and only female mayor, jane byrne, will be laid to rest today. and the bears bounce back from a three game losing streak.. in a win over the vikings. we'll have highlights. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. we were a little nervous with that accumulating snow over the weekend. >> sometimes it's just that one or 2 in. that makes everything to terrific. that's what it was. the for significant snow up the season fell. if you think it
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was called last weekend, just wait the cold is coming today. stuck in the freezer. today we will only reach 26 degrees below the average high. scattered snow flurries. right now it's 12 in union. 11 in waukegan. morris is at 15. wind speed out of the west between 5 mi. per hour in waukegan and up to 10 in dekalb. 14 in valparaiso. wind chill is slow. - 3, - 6. to see when chills below zero tonight. the good news is the significanceout to the west. good morning to cleveland. too bad you want people to see much. 18 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. that's pretty cold. today's high will be 21.
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it will feel like 4-9 degrees. tonight we're down to 10. tomorrow up to 20. wednesday, 29 degrees. we save the cold for this day. >> we knew it would be that on friday when the school sends a note saying don't center kids to school without snow pants. it's here. let's look at traffic. a little bit of work from ferndale. that will continue into 2015. still taking a hiatus for winter and kick back up in the spring. we still have the work in there which is causing a slow stretch. and it looks like the work along mannheim at 190 all way to the northbound mannheim is going to go for the next week and a half a should wrap up by late november. hopefully they will be able to make some progress there. numbers look good. will get
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through those in just a few minutes. >>an alert has been issued in the logan square neighborhood, after several women were robbed on the street. the attacks started november first in the 33-hundred block of west belmont... the most recent attack, last thursday, was in the 34-hundred block of west diversey. one or two young men, between 15 and 25, look for a woman walking alone. they knock her down from behind, and take her cash and valuables. one of the attackers has long dreadlocks. the women haven't been injured. police arrested two people in connection with the so-called "wicker park stroller gang" thefts. the group included a woman pushing a stroller ...who walked into "craft pizza" last weekend. she placed an order, then took ten dollars from the tip jar while the cashier wasn't looking. she was one of the people who was arrested. the other was a boy caught on surveillance video jumping over a locked fence behind the pizza place, to steal a 7-hundred dollar bike. the white house confirms the latest beheading of an american, at the hands of isis.
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isis posted the death of american aid worker peter kassig. kassig was a soldier who returned to the middle east to help people as a medical worker. he was captured in syria and held for more than a year. like other isis videos, it shows a man dressed in all black. he taunts president obama, telling him he will have to send troops back to iraq. the president was in australia when he discussed that option. >> if we discover that they had gotten a position of unclear weapon, and we had to run an operation to get it out of their hands, then you can anticipate not only would you recommend sending ground troops to get the weapon out of their hands, but i would order it. >>kassig is the 5-th westerner to be beheaded on video by isis, since august. his life was threatened in the video of hostage alan henning's death, in october. the wake and funeral for former chicago mayor jane byrne are being held this morning. tonya francisco is live at saint vincent de-paul church, with more.. tonya?
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>> this is the parish where her mother attended grammar school and her parents or at least her grandparents attended the services. this morning the first and only female mayor will be remembered before being laid to rest. the woman who liked her hats and for coats considered a long-shot when she ran, but things to the blizzard of 1979 she beat the mayor with 72 percent of the vote after the ministry she failed to clear the streets. credited with starting what is now known as the taste of chicago. her tough stance on gun control, overseeing the extension of the blue line to o'hare and allowing the blues brothers to be filmed in the city. also remembered for three weeks during which she lived in the area trying to stem gang violence. also dealing with strikes by the transit union, firefighters and teachers.
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sometimes confronting them on the picket line. she lost a reelection bid in 1983. she ran out again on the next election cycle a loss in the primary. she faded from the spotlight until this past august when a circle interchange was renamed in her honor. she died friday morning after having a stroke last year and had been receiving hospice care. she was 81. >> before today's services began, her body will be driven here from the funeral home. it will make a stop pass her childhood home not far from here. after the service, her funeral procession will make a stop at city hall and in front of her longtime home on chestnut street before arriving at calvary cemetery. the wake get underway at 9:00 a.m.. funeral at 11. >>today marks the one-year
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we will carry the funeral live on tv streaming in live on the web as well. it begins at 11:00 a.m.. >> today marks the one year anniversary of the tornado that levelled downstate washington, illinois. it's been a year of struggle and recovery for the town's residents, as they gradually rebuild their community. they've adopted the slogan "washington strong." churches, and a lot of help from chicago and elsewhere...credited for washington's comeback. >> i can't say enough. we don't survive without the church in every church has done something to help the families get through. >> the first few weeks i don't think we could even think straight. it was the outside people that help us get through because who can think straight when you've lost so much. >>storm survivors held a reception last night. and today, the entire community, including its schools, will hold a series of commemorative
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events. in nearby diamond, illinois... they're still recovering from the tornado. a ceremony last night at the coal city high school auditorium, remembering the tornado's victims. also...a special thanks to the many volunteers. more than 200 residents and business owners in diamond were affected by the storm. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. at least five people were shot and killed in chicago this past weekend. the latest was a man who was murdered on the sidewalk near 117-th and racine last night. another man was killed early yesterday morning on the 800 block of south oakley. no one was arrested. about 20 other people were wounded in other shootings. a man is being held on bond for leaving the scene of an accident that left a woman seriously injured. prosecutors say arley romero was speeding on the dan ryan when he crashed into another car friday night. that car flipped over, and the woman inside had to have her hand amputated. romero is accused of leaving
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the scene once police arrived. the accused killer of two little girls in zion, is back in lake county to face murder charges, nine years later. d-n-a evidence tied jorge avila torrez to the mother's day, 2005 murders of krystal tobias and laura hobbs, in a forest preserve. torrez already faces the death penalty for murdering a woman in virginia. cardinal george presided over his final public mass at holy name cathedral. george, who is fighting his third bout of cancer, is retiring. he used crutches to get through yesterday's service. in his departing message, george told parishioners that the people of the archdiocese of chicago are a gift that he was given. he said that upon his death, he will point to them as evidence of his work. >> i said these are my legacies. the people and the stronger i hope is what i did to do here. >>george will officially step down tomorrow when blase cupich is installed as the next archbishop. george will lead one more mass tonight. it's a private ceremony, where cupich will knock on the doors of holy name
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cathedral to receive his stole. the croatian community is the people of the diocese, the cardinal and other people will open the door for him. it's the symbol of saying you are welcome to our diocese. >> the croatian community is especially excited about the arrival of cupich, who is of croatian descent. there are several croatian parishes in the chicago area that serve about 250-thousand people. the croatian cultural center in rogers park is hosting a viewing party for tomorrow's installation ceremony. we will carry the installation of archbishop blase cupich *live here on wgn. the mass begins tomorrow at 2 p-m, at holy name cathedral. you can also watch it streaming online at "wgn t-v dot-com". the bears finally gave the crowd at soldier field something to cheer about, after weeks of historic losses. the bears trying to snap a three- game skid against minnesota. the vikings jumped to an early
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ten- nothing lead, but in the second jay cutler scrambles and hits alshon jeffery for a 27- yard touchdown. later in the quarter... cutler airs it out 44 yards to brandon marshall for his first of two scores in the game. cutler also had two interceptions, but the bears defense gave up a season low 243 yards. bears win 21-13, and are now four- and six. much more coming up in sports. >> they finally win. >> now we can stop complaining for the next few days. but a lot of complaints about the weather today for good reason. it's 25 in gary. lansing is reading and 18. carol stream, seven degrees this morning. it's eight in the island lake. wind chill down to 3 below. harvard is currently eight below zero. samlet composite shows dry conditions. potential for some light flurries but nothing much. 214 a
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high. down to 10 degrees tomorrow. mark, 20. >>coming up ... see what protesters are doing in ferguson, ahead of the grand jury decision. and -- dramatic new pictures of the lava flow on hawaii's big island. plus -- hundreds of passengers are sickened by a virus, on a cruise ship. we'll have details, next. and -- two chicago friends went on every single ride at disney world, all in one day. how they did it, coming up.
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the saint louis area continues to wait for a ruling by the grand jury investigating the shooting of michael brown. the grand jury will decide whether ferguson police officer darren wilson should be indicted for killing brown in august. wilson says brown went for his gun, but witnesses say he was surrendering when he was shot multiple times. that inspired this protest, where people pretended to be shot by police yesterday. traffic was blocked at several locations, but no arrests were made. federal health officials are investigating an outbreak of norovirus on a cruise ship. more than 170 passengers on board the "crown princess" reported having symptoms of the highly contagious gastrointestinal illness at some point during their 28-day cruise. they were not all sick at the same time. the c-d-c says most people get better within three days. the ship was disinfected after it docked in california yesterday morning. it left last night for a cruise to mexico. officials monitoring lava that's flowing through a small town in hawaii say it has essentially stalled. take a look...
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the main lava flow hasn't moved in more than two weeks in pahoa, on the big island. there have been several breakouts, but those are very sluggish and are not advancing. officials are also keeping an eye on the air quality, which is smokey ... but not hazardous at this point. it's almost impossible to ride every ride at walt disney world in a single day. the lines are long... and there are four separate parks to cover. but two men just did it. shane lindsay and his friend ted -- both from chicago -- mapped out an ambitious plan to cover the entire park, in an incredible marathon. the park has 46 rides. but it also has single-rider lanes and "fast passes." shane and ted used them all... even with a one-hour delay at the beginning of their mission. >> the very first ride was toy story and it was delayed. it through the schedule of. if you set down and moved only a few feet it corrected. >>all told, shane and his
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riding partner traveled 22 miles in 17 hours. and that doesn't include their *first ride. shane and ted's excellent adventure began with a plane ride from *chicago. >> how do people come up with this? what to do it all in one day? >> that was a good one. >> good morning. if you are here you're hearing about the cold. 13 degrees. wind at 15. dew point sitting at 6 degrees. it is cold and it will be cold all-day high temperature 20 degrees below even november temperatures. lansing is reading here at 9 degrees. looking around the region you have the wind coming out of the west at 5 mi.. 15 at o'hare. remember, the temperatures when you factor in that wind it feels like 3 below. 6 blow at dekalb. kenosha at 5
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below. we will say it, bundle the kids up because it's going to be chilly. near the zero wind chills today. satellite composite shows no down to the south. that system is trying to kick back the moisture to the north but it won't come this far. flurries today moving through. but any issue is going to be on the roads. the computer model shows like flurry of activity into the later portion of the day then wednesday we get another quick hit of light snow. 21 decreased for the high. scattered flurries today. tonight, pass in flurries overnight low down to 10 degrees. it will feel like - 5-- 10. tomorrow we make 20 degrees and wednesday we warm up to 29 degrees. is that bad. >> you are trying. but everyone
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walking in today said it looked miserable. we have a full closure out by o'hare. complete blocked off until 5:00 a.m. where they are doing all the work. trying to squeeze it in the early morning hours. this is where you will see that speed bump showing zero. no one is getting through. there will be the tours there. also, we are close to seeing this work almost vanished in dalton at 142. begin said indiana. basically squeezed down to a single lane. this project should be fixed by the 26. >>plus -- a family's plea for help, after they found out both parents are facing serious medical challenges. --that story, after 4:30. president obama calls isis'
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the bears will be the first to say they are still in the whole police then stopped the bleeding. the bears are in the right direction with the victory over the vikings at soldier field, the first one at home
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since december. the bears are 4 and 6. under an avalanche of criticism, cutler finally find his range get away from the rush to jefferies who is snagging the ball. believe is cut 10-7. later on, another strike, this time he has beaten the coverage, its 44 yds for the touchdown. the bears when. allen had a big day and with a sack. so bring afterwards against the team. they have a 16 drive that ends with marshall making sure he's available and color find him a 4 yd strike and a touchdown for the vikings the bears win 21-13 ending a three game skid. >> the defense really played well. overall they were able to
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play some complimentary football overcoming the turnovers holding them without scores and turnovers which was big. >> which still have confidence in our ability. the same guys who made those plays for sitting in the locker room. the confidence is there. >> the blackhawks and the stars are in town for the last game of the season. trying to shake off the less than stellar play friday night in detroit. honored in pregame ceremonies. they are on the border early. it's 2-2 with the third. the blackhawks wind and go on to score three more. four goals in the final
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20, they give the fans in this standoff before their next trip. >> sinden a football, the patriots win, the running back had 199 yds rushing. four touchdowns. federal agents crashed three n-f-l games yesterday. they searched the visitors' locker rooms, and looked for evidence that the teams' medical staffs might be giving illegal drugs to their players. the inspectors also asked for proof that the doctors, for the 49-ers, buccaneers and seahawks, were properly licensed. no one was arrested. packers fans don't need another reason to drink, but they now have another way to get it done. lambeau field is the first n-f- l stadium to offer self-serve beer. the two machines are on the stadium's third level, in the lambeau atrium. first you show your i-d to a worker and buy a "beer card." you use the money on that card to pay by the ounce.
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there's no price difference between getting it here or from a beer vendor. self-serve machines were also used at brewers games, earlier this year. it's all about speed. >> i like however buddy could fall in line. but not really. let's take a look. i may have seen it from afar. i wasn't part of that. but get ready for the high temperature on the in the low 20s today. 13 degrees this morning. windchill below zero across many areas. it will barely be above zero. major you bundle the kids up. no significant snow. but we do have light snow potentially coming into tonight. could make rush hour slick. >> customer to come, the market is in washington illinois following a families recovery after a tornado hits one year ago. >> and the update on america's
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only cases of ebola. >> and find out why this tv news anchor wore thethe president cae
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beheading of another american hostage, pure evil. >> chicago's first and only female mayor is laid to rest. >> and what awaits lawmakers as they return to springfield for the fall session? >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. how low will it go? let's check in. >> not a record in terms of our low temperature but for the high temperature it could be a dubious record. one of our cool ones. you hate to get the high low. people don't understand and they don't like it. but today we will only be in the '20s. we are expecting 17 right now. a building elementary its 17. these are some warm areas, nine degrees in the kelp. when chicago reading and nine as well. current windchill - 4. zero in the union. it goes
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without saying, bundled the kids up early on. it's going to be a very cold day. satellite composite shows snow limited across portions of the mississippi and ohio river valley. we can expect some flurries today off and on but that is it. 19 degrees at noon. even worse at 5:00 p.m.. wind gusting 30-35. making it feel like the single digits at best. tomorrow's high temperature only 20 degrees. >> chile. still trying to get the work done in this cold weather. an accident in elmhurst and york and grand that just gets picked up. we do have crews on the scene working to get that out of the intersections of cars can make it through. but for the construction work, a huge closure at o'hare blocked off until 5:00 a.m.. another 30 minutes before that opened up that's what they are working on the fly over bridge. the huge
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project to try to squeeze in the construction early on. another hit with a look a your numbers coming up. >> the wake and funeral for former chicago mayor jane byrne are being held this morning. tonya francisco is live at saint vincent de-paul church, with more.. tonya? >> good morning. the her family has strong ties to the church. her grandparents were early parishioners, her mother went to grammar school here and the family lived in the area not far from here. this morning as the hearse makes its way to the church the body will stop by in front of the family home. this is where she grew up. up until recently, her historic election had been largely forgotten until a newspaper article called attention to it sparking in number of honors including renaming the circle and to change in her honor. she was
4:33 am
propelled into office when the mayor had failed to clear the streets and cost the city to be shut down for days. she is credited with starting what is now known as the taste of chicago and her strong stands on gun control. also remembered for the three week stint during which she lived at the green in hopes of stemming violence. she had also to deal with strikes by the transit union, firefighters and teachers and she ended up losing their reelection bid in 1983. she never held office again. she died friday after suffering a stroke last year. she was 81 years old. this morning's service will feature a large presence by her family. nieces and nephews will be pallbearers and greeters during the service and a daughter will also have a members during the ceremony. after the procession the procession will make stops
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in front of depaul university and a friend of her longtime home on chestnut street before it proceeds to the cemetery. the week begins and nine a m. back to you. >>and we will carry the funeral of jane byrne *live on c-l-t-v and stream it live on the web, at *wgn t-v dot-com . the funeral mass begins at 11 a- m. the white house is confirming that isis has killed american hostage peter kassig. he was beheaded on another i- sis video. andrew spencer has more. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. several women have been robbed on the street in logan square since the first of the month. the first attack was in the 33- hundred block of west belmont... the most recent one, last we discovered that they had if we had discovered the head position of unclear weapon and we had to run an operation to get it out of their hands, then
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it you can anticipate that not only would the chairman recommend me sending ground troops to get the weapon out of their hands, but i would order that. >> fifth westerner to be beheaded on video since august. his life was threatened in another video back in october. taking a look at the other top stories, several women have been robbed on the streets of logan square since the first of the month. first attack on the 3300 block of west belmont. the most recent one last thursday, in the 34-hundred block of west diversey. the attackers target women walking alone. so far, the victims haven't been injured. today marks the one-year anniversary of the tornado that levelled downstate washington, illinois. it's been a year of struggle and recovery for the town's residents, as they gradually rebuild their community. they've adopted the slogan "washington strong." and they credit their churches, and a lot of help from chicago and elsewhere, for washington's comeback. cardinal george presided over his final public mass at holy name cathedral. he will officially step down
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tomorrow when blase cupich is installed as the next archbishop. george will lead a private mass tonight, where cupich will knock on the doors of holy name to receive his stole. the bears won at soldier field for the first time since last december. jay cutler threw for 330 yards and three touchdowns, including two for brandon marshall. the defense gave up a season- low 243 yards, with two sacks and an interception. the bears beat minnesota 21-13 and snap a three- game losing streak. illinois lawmakers find themselves in a race against the clock this week, as they return to springfield for their fall veto session. the democrats know that republican bruce rauner's election as governor may interfere with some of their goals, if they wait until *january to act. so they might try to rush through an increase in the state's minimum wage... and lock in governor quinn's income tax hikes before they gavel their session to a close. the state department shut down its entire e-mail system over concerns about hacking. a senior state department official says there was evidence a hacker may have been poking around.
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but, they say none of the department's classified systems were compromised. the state department still took the unprecedented step of shutting down its entire unclassified e-mail system this weekend, so technicians could make improvements. there's no word on when the system will be back up. the only ebola patient being treated in america remains in "extremely critical" condition. doctor martin salia has been at the university of nebraska medical center since saturday. he was too weak to walk off the plane. salia is a u-s resident, who was infected in his native sierra leone. the hospital says he is getting every treatment option that's available. salia is the third ebola patient to be treated there. the other two survived. a latino advocacy organization in chicago is trying to help a father of six get a new kidney. isidro secundino is from michigan, where his family still lives. he has been separated from them for three years, so he could receive dialysis in chicago. secundino is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. his wife is a match, and was prepared to donate her kidney
4:38 am
... but then she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. the children are asking a living donor to come forward to help their dad. >> i am asking to help my dad did it to kidney. >> my dad needs the transplant. asking someone to help my dad. >>the league of united latin american citizens is trying to help the family find a donor. most people on the nation's organ donation wait list, need kidneys. getting another glimpse of the probe that landed on the comet last week. this picture was taken shortly after it touched down. there's a shadow under it. on the left, it just came up after it landed. the moon is now in hibernation because the solar panel is being blocked from the sun. it's shadow is under it. philae is now in hibernation mode because its solar panels
4:39 am
are being blocked from the sun. there's a chance that philae turns back on, in a few weeks or months, when the comet gets closer to the sun. >> of the ever tried to throw a touchdown it's not easy. the the year sharp is going on. unfortunately, this is typically one of the most spectacular meteor shower speaking tonight. cloud cover not a very good year for us to take a look at this year shark if you see outside faith in those stars. italy sit on video probably. today, we have 13 degrees. wind of the west of 15. dew point sitting at 6 degrees. much colder than normal. it will be cold all day. today and tonight and tomorrow, near a record cold temperatures coming our way. 11 degrees in waukegan. 12 in bartlett. down towards kankakee its 13 mi..
4:40 am
take the wind and the temperature and mix them together you get the wind chill. three degrees below at o'hare. 6 blow at dekalb. do what you can to stay warm today. lots of layers. don't stay outside for long. 21 for the high. that's it. typically 26 degrees warmer than that. tonight down to 10 degrees. tomorrow, 20. snow comes with a warm up to 29 on wednesday. >>still ahead ... the days that are better* than black friday.. for scoring sweet deals. plus -- marcus is in washington, illinois, seeing firsthand one family's efforts the devastating tornado, one year ago. that story, next. and -- new at five -- we'll tell you the most dangerous jobs in america. the answer may surprise you! once there was a girl who always mixed and matched. even in her laundry room. with downy unstopables for long-lasting scent.
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and infusions for softness. she created her own mix, match, magic. downy, wash in the wow.
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wthe rain... the mud...c northwest. ba bam! it's there. the outside comes in. [doorbell chimes] its a swiffer wetjet. oh, i love this! i could do this every day. sunshine is overrated. now we can get messy. friday, taking a pause from record gains. the dow dropped 18 points. nasdaq gained 8. s-and-p up rose a fraction. black friday has become a tradition among shoppers looking to save big bucks... but it's actually not the best day for deals. shoppers don't even have to wait until black-friday to get the cheapest prices.
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according to adobe's online shopping forecast, thanksgiving is the best day to score some online deals... discounts for toys and electronics are at their peak the day before thanksgiving. and the best day to shop is the monday before thanksgiving when inventory is stocked full. here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... a russian television station claims, this newly-released photo proves that a *ukrainian jet shot down a malaysian jet in july. but experts who examined the photo say it's a fake. it's believed, flight mh-17 was shot down by russia-supported ukrainan rebels, with a surface-to-air missile. 298 people died. the experts say it appears the russians took two separate satellite photos and forged a composite picture, to try to shift the blame for the mh-17 disaster. lifetime's biopics, "aaliyah: the princess of r-and-b" didn't
4:45 am
beyonce sister was married this weekend. also attending the event was her son daniel. it's her second marriage. >> a t-v anchor in australia wore the same suit for a year ... and, no one noticed. karl stefanovic says it was a silent protest against the sexism his co-anchor faces on a daily basis. he says she is constantly scrutinized for the clothes she wears, how she does her hair and make-up. he switched up the shirt and tie, but wore the same suit for 365 days ... and, not a single person commented. it's been one year since a not one person even noticed. >> with this first came up you look straight to the girls. >> >> i thought the offer was changing. but you had a right. >> we should protest the men even have to wear suits. why? >> you can wear your casual friday note has. what are you complaining about? >> i am all for you guys wearing
4:46 am
your one-piece suit. >> man should be wearing tank tops. we could've been behind that one. >> one year since a devastating tornado struck the town of washington, illinois. marcus is in washington, with one family's recovery hasn't given up on finding some very special letters.. lost in the storm. we were here one year ago. driving up we noticed the change right away. it's night and day. >> a learning process. but that i mean not enough workers to do the work that needs to be done. >> we have the exact same architectural plan. it's nice to
4:47 am
see it go up. >> it looks fantastic. >> it was beautiful but first time it is beautiful now. just different because it has the mark. but the front door and piquancy we put in the tornado bricks. that's a brick they had made in memory of that tornado. and we put it in our house. >> why? >> because as people come in and i want them to know we are ok. and this house is a house that went through the tornado but that's just a memory we will have. it makes us stronger. if nothing else, i hope my kids learn what's important is that you give to other people, put them before yourself, everybody did that in the community. everybody who needed stuff went first before themselves. that is what it's about. it's not about being all about yourself. it's
4:48 am
about taking care of others. i just want a new appreciation for my neighbors and everybody else. >> he had words to say to this kids that i can never get back. >> last year we were talking about the letters you have lost. tell us about those. >> my brother was 39 years old when he passed away from stage for colon cancer. before he died, he wrote the letters to his three children asking me to give them those letters at some point in their life when i felt it was appropriate. but the tornado took those letters. >> people may say a year later there's no way you will find them. but even as recently as this week you are finding things. >> this was a wallet that was returned. this was found in late spring from a teacher. she said she was a teacher at fieldcrest
4:49 am
has school and one of her former friends discover this wallet in the field to and she's glad it's finally found its owner. this is a picture of our kids that were found basically in a went to the library yesterday and some have returned it. i will never give up hope that somebody will come across these letters. most of this was gone. we were here. to know the power of mother nature is something i can explain. the magnitude of this tornado should have killed us. but it didn't. i honestly believe angels were watching over us and got what shall rest as well. >> i remember when markets first did that story. items from last year's storm have been found all over the chicagoland area. if you think you've found any small items, you can contact
4:50 am
the washington library. >> 50 tornadoes just in indiana and illinois in that storm. the fourth biggest outbreak ever. don't forget the bears game last year that was the game we fog wouldn't even be finished the bears got the one done yesterday and now we have cold air sticking around. lincoln, 14. nine in streamwood. nine in fox lake. we can expect a temperatures to be way colder than normal today. you have to look for the jan. and feb. type of gear because it will be that cold. much colder than normal. for high temperature is 21. that is 26 degrees cooler than normal. light snow flurries, today. down to 10 degrees today when chilled below zero tonight. 21 on tuesday. i can't wait until wednesday when we hit 29.
4:51 am
we to warm up for the weekend highs in to the mid-40s just in time for sunday. >> let's look outside at the earlier accident that caused a bit of a delay and york and grand. and if you construction projects causing the delays. jane addams heading westbound from high 190 over to the tristate. that will be squeezed down. picked up in another week. should be finished early november. getting close to seeing in number of these major projects on the close to wrapping up. elton o'hare, eastbound completely blocked off from mecham. should be picked up in about 10 minutes. should be improving their around 5:00. >> time for today's early bird special. what is a male turkey called? larry, clark, tom? if you know the answer log onto w- g-n t-v dot com slash contests *now. you could win x. the winner will be chosen later
4:52 am
today. bill cosby performed shows all we should know that by now. coming up, what bill cosby says about the decades old sex crimes against him. so far, you're horrible at this, flo. yeah, no talent for drawing, flo. house! car! oh, raise the roof! no one? remember when we used to raise the roof, diane? oh, quiet, richard, i'm trying to make sense of flo's terrible drawing.
4:53 am
i'll draw the pants off that thing. oh, oh, hats on hamburgers! dancing! drive-in movie theater! home and auto. lamp! squares. stupid, dumb. lines. [ alarm rings ] no! home and auto bundle from progressive. saves you money. yay, game night, so much fun. fifth bill cosby performed shows
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4:55 am
all weekend long, despite sexual assault rumors. the rumors from several decades ago recently resurfaced, after several women admitted to being intimated, abused and raped by cosby. the comedian refused to talk about the "decade old and discredited," allegations. the famous tv-dad was never been criminally charged. too refused to talk about the decade old allegations. >> it hasn't been a good week for bono. first the u-2 frontman's rear hatch flew off his private jet mid-flight... and now, he's been injured in a cycling accident. the singer fell off his bike during a ride in central park... and requires surgery. the band had to postpone it's scheduled appearance on "the tonight show," until bono makes a full recovery. >> humane not want to see it, but we have to fill the time.
4:56 am
temperatures today only 21. much colder than normal. typically we're 26 degrees warmer. some flurries come today. tamara's high is 20. wednesday, 29. >> coming up, we go live to washington illinois for an update on recovery following the devastating tornado one year ago. >> and breaking down the bears win over the vikings. that's win over the vikings. that's next.
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