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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 25, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CST

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you act like there was a disturbance among the folks, they were concerned about him coming in as a blogge testr dating me. let him say what he wants to say. when you run the pitches disruption at the conference. it was one of you. >> we are watching a live news conference. michael brown family and family attorney speaking. >> really does not make sense couric >> that is like all of the folks who like me on facebook to a cuss me out. it really does not make
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a lot of sense. media reaction those caught on videotape. killer of her cubs was not going to be brought to justice and was overwhelming to her. we'll have a responsibility to protect the community michael brown sr. is here speaking on behalf of his family. you all saw his psa where he continued to bask foask for ca alm. >> then getting devastating news of a prosecutor who was supposed to go and represent people like michael brown
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but accused michael brown. that is the motion of it. we tried to move all the focus on because of say and nobody is going to condone violence. people against0 of noto do have to geta sense from the prosecutor of what the votes were? >> when you come to put on your case. you do not put on your worst case. you put on your best case. does anybody think he put on his best case? why
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change the rules? for 20 years or so he was the prosecutor he did grand juries. he recommended charges. he did not go dump everything out. he said he did it this way because it was fair. for the other 28 years he was on fair? to not change the rules on >> >> and washington president obama awarded a prison hundred freedom to the protesters. the killers were not indicted by the state. >> last night as a cover the protest in front of the ferguson police station. all of the
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defense weapon i was there. >> expected to be stopped there by the police. it was wide open. we saw no state troopers. >> d. fink the authorities let ferguson burdo you think the authorities let ferguson berliburn? >> to the first part of your question because i think the second question has been answered. the first part of your question. most of the media if not all that are here. it has been a legacy of his civil rights movement that you all is said to go to the federal government and cannot depend on states.
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>> we are not in a strange place we hope to meet would be in a different place. it is not strange. i think it is interesting that on the day that there were given a medal of freedom was the day that he decided and the dark hour to announce his state's decision on the michael brown case. and eight years ago today shawm bill was killed by police in new york. all of these things come together. i say that many of us this is not our first ordeal. we will deal with this. >> completely
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inappropriate. god forbid your child is killed and then you get that. in the manner it was announced and some put a camera in your face. what would your immediate reaction? to not condemn them for being human. i think michael bronzino has stated very clearly that they want people to be safe in a responsible peaceful manner. we're not going to keep dwelling on this because we're trying to focus on the issue of getting the system corrected so we do not have people feeling so frustrated that they have to go marched throughout the night for simple justice. >> there is another
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way. other than to explode and other than to have not reached like that. many of us are condemned. we're the vehicle to try to address these things. we are considered incendiary when in many ways we're the ones trying to show constructive ways to get justice. after you burn stuff down, then what? >> if you burn down buildings you achieve what? >> a fire. he did not get justice from michael brown. that is why we are here this morning. manny the system to meet us halfway. >> we condemn the violence and looting from last night. we also condemn the filofax that happened against michael braun.
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>> you of the election in this conference of the family of michael brown. mom with civil-rights leadealong with cil rights leader. >> to the grand jury system. prosecutors of sole discretion over those proceedings and how they're conducted. sometimes they are saying that this particular prosecutor choreographed the proceedings to achieve a certain outcome. >> that is a valid criticism in the aspect that you can criticize us. >> the evidence is put on as put on by the prosecutor. they have a point in saying that the police officer was not really cross- examined. the other side of the coin is that is not how our system has been working since gone. this is a way to
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charge someone with a crime or it is a way for a grand jury, the people sitting there to decide that there is not even enough probable cause. that is apparently the decision that they came to. the fact of the matter is they did not seem to understand. there was not a trial. and the simply an agreement by and longfellow americans that are called the same way as a regular jury to determine whether or not there were even grounds to charge. they found on their own death or not any. to the prosecutor cross- examine the police department? probably not as strongly as most people would have liked. there are no defense attorneys there. there are no other attorneys but the prosecutors. they
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have a great there. the system has to change completely if we're going to put people in there to cross-examine. is just historical. >> the cow's back to english common law. >> the of the naval to question jurors. >> we have heard all of the evidence. we felt pretty much in agreement on this case. >> that is up to the jurors. their names have not been released if they come forward and want to talk, they certainly can talk. >> we will have to see whether or not any of them are going to talk. >> obviously they cannot even get nine to charge at this particular point. this prosecutor right room what he
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did is something that none of us have ever seen before. albans only has released all of the transcripts and all of the medical records from this. i'm sure his hopes are that that will settle everything now. your findings of people are seeing some people wish that there is a trial. this system of laws. . once the supreme court finally said something. we're all stuck with is whether we like it or not. i think, for if i may just say this i think what we're going to see out of this and i'm so tired of the use of the word transparency is easily seen which usually seen in political campaigns. that is a factor you have a public defender, a former judge who has almost all minorities as
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the public defender. >> just in two weeks the chief judge is having a meeting for the media and some of the public to go over the details of having cameras in the courtrooms and cook county which i think will give the people who are looking for transparency the ability to see whether or not somebody is getting a fair trial here it i applaud those things. i think that is something that could count the is in the forefront. there's a lot of things that have to be done. >> >> through >> >> through bureaucratic.
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nearly 80 people in ferguson and st. louis or arrested last night. in a decision to not indict the police officer shot and killed michael braun. about 300 protesters clashed with police. officers in riot gear used tear gas cupper spray and bean bags. demonstrators burned more than 20 buildings as well as two police cars. they also blocked traffic on a major interstate. more national guard soldiers are under way in case things flare up again.
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>> the decision not to indict officer wilson comes after they listen to hours of testimony and sifted through thousands of pages of documents. >> like many other highly charged cases reactions from the public of the widespread and diverse. that is to that decision by the jury. >> michael brown family did not speak to the media today. the father did attend the news conference. family supporters are also common for new laws to help prevent episodes like this from happening again. >> proposal for the michael brown all. every police officer and of the american city and say ihas a video body can appeared to be transparent. we will not have to play this game of
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witnesses' memories and seek a grand jury proceedings. it would just be transparent. >> the calls for robotic cameras brought about by the family's reaction to the grand jury decision. they're the only people who have heard and examined every witness and every piece of evidence. it is very unusual. >> because the eyes of the country are of the matter part of the evidence made public after the decision appeared to show him in a medical examination after the shot and killed on armed teenager. one officer wilson testified said after his cup brown there is a confrontation during which wilson was punched in the face. further testified that he and brown scuffled and and out of the police car. saying he felt like he was fighting with
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wrestler hulk hogan. all of this plus dna evidence was presented to the jury for consideration. >> decisions on a matter as serious as charging individual with the crime simply cannot be decided on anything less than a complete critical examination if >> the the thing else is not justice. anything else is not justice. >> from witnesses who said they saw the shooting. many of the same witnesses at mellon said it did not actually see the shooting. some are running frofor cover. the 12th person jury consisted of six white men. >> determined that no probable cause exists to file any charges against officer wilson >> demonstrations
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popping up in cities across the country reaction to the decision has become a center of much debate. >> the scientific evidence examined by the grand jury combined with the witness' statement supported and substantiated by the physical evidence tells the actor and tragic story of what happened. >> conflicting testimony from 60 witnesses to testify under oath about what they saw or need to be true. >> after all of that the jury was able to reach a vote not to take the case to trial. the decision has proven to be controversial. it is nonetheless the wall. >> the attorneys for officer barron wilson also issued a statement. they said officer wilson followed his training and follow the law. we would encourage anybody who wants to express an opinion to do so in a respectful and peaceful manner. >> protesters are packed inside of city hall angry about the number of
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police and security guard shootings. these demonstrators and are planning to leave anytime soon either. live with more of their demonstration. >> it is an act of civil disobedience that is growing. outside of the office of mayor emanuel. less than 24 hours after the grand jury decision in ferguson members of a black youth project charging them a year to help end what they called police militarization. >> cousins of demonstrators with the black youth project 100 are taking part in today's protest action. >> group claims a black person is killed by police or security officer every 28 hours on america. about 50 members plan to stay inside of city hall
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for 28 hours. >> participants are falling to keep things peaceful refusing to criticize violent actions of others elsewhere. >> that is righteous anger. see it as righteous anger. we are every single person who was out on that street who is a part of an ordinance last resistance. >> earlier this morning dozens of protesters marched to city hall from state and jackson. they paraded through downtown for about one hour. many say the protest actions are sure to continue until they see more accountability. >> he said an upstairs has now grown to about 100 people. most are
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saying they did not plan to leave until tomorrow. city hall is usually locked up at 7:00 every night. security and police cleaving the building. it remains to be seen how police will handle the situation here later on. >> president obama returns to chicago later this afternoon to sell his immigration plan. the president will meet with members of the polish community at the copernicus center. will attend the roundtable discussion on immigration and deliver a speech. the mayor will also be there. estimated their 16,000 poles living in illinois illegally. >> the pilot who crashed his plane into the southwest side home reported having engine trouble just before the deadly accident. that is according to a report released today by the national transportation safety board. small cargo plane hit a house near midway airport two weeks ago. the report says
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he told the midway control tower that he was having issues with his engine. >> to was cleared to land and was never heard from again. >> no one inside the home was injured. tsa has announced an overhaul of the air traffic control system. >> goes to prevent lengthy outages. police 90% of service is restored. >> the bulls with closer to full strength. calorie counts coming to a restaurant. the latest of the new rules. we're talking to a turkey expert. yoco
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gross said he was worried about fatigue after missing four games with a hamstring injury. as to get out there and play. the bowls starting lineup for just the third time this season. came back for a two-point lead in the final minutes. >> back down a point with 30 seconds left balked at the other end. therefore the put back and only two points of the night. scored 18 points and 45 minutes. butler had a game-high 25. 2 and 2 on the road trip. they are in denver tonight. >> chicago bears' only have a few days to prepare for a thanksgiving day showdown. it is unclear if they will play. what is clear and as the bears seem to play better in the first half of
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the game. they've gone six straight games without a point in the first quarter. only mustered 6 >> it has been disturbing that we have not been able to move the ball away we would like to move the ball earlier in games. that is a fact. just based on where we have been over the last five-six weeks no doubt about it. we have another opportunity on thursday to move forward and we're going to do everything we can to get that done. >> beeline nitro but for in the half. scored 13 of the team high 18 points. and the first five minutes of the second half. illinois and wins 89-68 and approved a 4-0. cubs fans can now buy pieces of wrigley field there were removed from the ballpark. the
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first phase of a $575 million restoration project. >> there of the new bleachers and the bullpen's will be moved under the bleachers. seats flag scoreboard titles and signs are available at the web site. also for sale the flags flown at after home wins. other items authenticated infielder. >> live music
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what strikes you is the warm tone to the next couple of weeks. called thanksgiving on the way. we're going to warm up on saturday. even warmer next week. tuesday next week sees temperatures approaching 60 degrees around here. our feathered friends are active in anticipation of the upcoming cold season. he also gripped some
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cardinals in the backyard. >> >> increasingly energetic. eye- catching wave patterns and midlevel clouds. like this one right here. the photograph up in carpentersville. just after dropping her husband off. or when cabrera says this looks like waves on the ocean right here. you get these wave patterns to develop. here's a live look outside. we've broken the club suppled which we opened the day. texas has a little sunshine. it is cold in the wake of the big windy storm. for all of the talk of warmer weather we difficult things getting have a cold
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thanksgiving had. >> the coldest thanksgiving in chicago since 1989. here's how the snowbound up yesterday. dixon 4.4. 2.4 apple valley. little over an inch and a half. that is kind of interesting. we've had more snow with the 2.2 in. on the books for november than the eight past november's combined. it has been a different start to the season. >> is our other area temperatures from our weather but network. look at the snow up on the edge water beach area. there is the view from downtown chicago of the clearing. here is the snow kind of melting in the sun. this is westport high school. the
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grass was green there. in plainfield you're starting to melt the snow a little bit despite the chilly temperatures. there's the view from louis university. as a 29 degree drop in just a midnight to midnight. . only 19 percent of the lower 48 is covered by snow. the warming that has gone on as artists are taking its toll on the snow. a big storm that is going to lay down some heavy snow. here's the little clipper that we were watching. the looks like it is on the southern route. maybe turn wind off the lake. bringing some flurries in. we're actually near 50 as the day started. a lot of wind brought the cold air and.
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>> already the planes are in recovery mode give it while it is chilly here the warming has started out west that signals low thirties for tomorrow. compared to the 25 at o'hare. some single digits of list. 14 now the windchill. 11 mi. per hour west wind. like snow plowing into michigan again. this is snow on the ground that emphasizes the fact that heavier snow fell north and west. this will ease of us know. this next weather system is pretty shabby looking. we have some adviser is downwind of the lake. these are blenders storms and watches and warnings. winter
12:36 pm
weather advisers for their little clipper coming out of the rockies that may give us a couple of mixed crops tamara. still not totally without sunshine. this makes the point. 2.6 in. of snow is what is down at o'hare. >> you'll see a cloud just go to the area with much of the snow to the west. what may happen as with this high in this will positioning like that it could come down the lake and bring us flurries on thanksgiving day. look at the warm-up that comes in on saturday when temperatures ought to be shooting into the 50s and mild pacific air comes in. if our models are correct it brings several mild air masses. the think we will probably see the cold come back. if we could get a couple of mild spells in the next
12:37 pm
few weeks that could really bounce the temperature averages. >> a few bands of snow showers over the snow belt. sunshine and 31 with wind at 12. turning partly cloudy. partly sunny but a slow increase in clouds later in the day tomorrow. snow has been taken out of the forecast. thanksgiving day mostly cloudy blustery and colder. the coldest things giving since '89. looking over the thanksgiving temperatures that they presented to us from past thanksgiving. i thought it had been colder than that. did not realize we had to go back to 89 to get a 31. it does not seem that cold. that is tolerable. >> a great day for eating turkey.
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announce a sweeping new rules about when the machines to post calorie counts. callas must be displayed on all menus and menu boards. of the nutritional information. the new
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rules are part of the affordable care act. health experts say the new requirements will help combat the country's obesity rates by showing american summit calories are hiding in their favorite food. >> feel like christmas tree and pennsylvania will remain through the holidays. told yesterday about their resident complaints in writing pennsylvania. and ruin the holiday spirit. was not the first choice. the city originally planned to get the street from a farm. and that selling and a 50 ft. spruce. protista to have the tree replies. officials gave them a reprieve. >> is a big ornaments. make it look good. it really is an ugly tree but there is a solution to a lovely tree. a think they can do it. >> me of the tips and tricks for preparing the best
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thanksgiving turkey at. thanksgiving turkey at. >>
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we have great tips to prepare your thanksgiving bird. >> every year i know you get 10 of panic calls. there is always someone who doing it for the first one. those of done that before they only do it once a year. we forget in between. really the turkey should be the easiest part of the thanksgiving meal. what are the most common mistakes? >> going to be fine. keep it simple. most common mistake is he
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over think it. just like this on iraq and on covered. brush it with some oil. it is not hard to prepare a turkey. >> the depends on the wake of the bird. i love that that we can chat with people. or should people stick the thermometer/the most important thing is thawing the turkey. >> three places we can check in the breast should be one i70170. near the cavity is to be 180 in the side. if you choose to put stuffing into the bird, 165. i would
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never eat one that was not stuff. it takes much longer to cook. >> nothing in the bottom. we're going to put two-thirds. the piece of the aluminum foil. we're going to place it on to the breast. that will allow the thighs and legs to cook. i know a common mistake people make is that your surfing and now you set down and eat cooked all day long. that is kind of a safety hazard. want to make sure those leftovers are safe to eat. we do not want to leave it out of the of and for more than two. how
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long do you wait? >> a little bit of rest time 15-20 minutes. it is going to make it easier. just a few minutes. 15-20 minutes will be good. this year you have an application that is not necessarily talking life to somebody. it has great tips. >> it is free. downloaded to your device. that way if you're in the grocery store you will not be ready in 50 minutes to get ahold of us. you'll not be fumbling around on the web site. this >> of the recipes is the gold and mashed potatoes. if you've made mashed potatoes before start out the same way. -add up all together. it is
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quite tasty. >> double cornbread dressing. a little twist on classic corn bread. >> little onion and bacon. low fat and healthy. classic dressing. bacon until it is a warm. about 40 minutes. you're always so helpful. the numbers are on your screen there. i have a couple of these recipes for the couple of these recipes for the potatoes.
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it is nice to report that there is some sunshine in the chicago area right now. it is chilly. kind of a moderate brand of cold. it really better stuff. way up in canada. windchill is now make it feel like 14 in chicago. they're
12:56 pm
not going to be near the issue. a very light winds during the day tomorrow. on thanksgiving the wind picks up a little bit. here is what is interesting. see that when a complex of to the west? >> if you look at the satellite imagery to see the clouds streaming off the pacific, that is mild they're coming across the country. the jet stream brings a cold air and on thursday. watch how it flattens out. always look for it to get wade v.leafyleavewavy >> watch how it warms up on saturday. on sunday there is some shallow cold there. a very cold air mass up north of us.
12:57 pm
>> the cold air hangs up. here's a look at that little clip burgling south of us. there is the thanksgiving pattern with wind coming off the lake. the precipitation is out west and north of us. a couple of little they spikes to 50. >> to a chilly thanksgiving. may be the coolest thanksgiving since 1989. 31 is not intolerable. >> we are leaving you with jazz musica you with jazz musica >>
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